The Sneaker Box Episode 56 The Nike Air Zoom Turf Jet 97 Barry Sanders


You're listening to the PODCAST DETROIT visit. WWW dot I'd passed in Troy Dot Com before information. You're listening it knowing the was up. Detroit is definitely in the building via headphone Stereo Speakers of courses assist Jones. The African Caesar and we are quite interesting conversation before the show. I don't know if he wants to repeat what he said but I didn't notice I didn't know you were colorblind. Oh Yeah I knew you blind to color but I didn't know you were colorblind. He he would know what color we all worry. You probably never became all Caucasians as soon as he got them colorblind glasses. He noticed that we're all black. He would just to show shit what this is. Why why is it so much I thought I was a little full-size Ron do? uh-huh launching platform cowboys got his own. Show I let me guess. Oh thank you you so benevolent I know yeah. Of course we have dunks the resident junior show since we just aren't racist note. goes How many negative reviews we got for being racist like specifically being racist? Probably got more now. Once episode comes out I gotTa fill and IT'S GONNA go up cashew exponentially you as a racist racist you don't everyone besides dunks is racist. Basically and I'll just like exactly he's this way guru call me the new white power best best them racist undertones for that though no auto is you have to of Oh overly offended people. I don't know if I could think that dumb 'cause you can't think that hard hard all the time. Oh I can't be offended by everything that comes across my my news feed but some people have we do have a new review. This is a positive one was a is a five star review. This is a shutout the Cherry Lawn I love. The show gives me through my workday. I love the other life subjects. They talk about. I wish it was a live show to keep it up. Ohio also issue alive show and then I noticed I noticed. A Cherry loan is black because they put like four blackface up bet that yeah so take that dunks because if he was done that'd be just for like wait a minute. You probably wouldn't wanNA see a video because we can see what I just did. They make those emojis he's in Germany might have to download a buck. That might be able to do before you look into it a sometime. I get the sneaker talk about promise And of course we have the contrarian Gino who's just has to be that one out of ten that's disagree with everybody but other than us. Oh you got to the four zone. Is that the actual drake ones or yeah okay. Well not. Much of a difference. That was such a letdown. I mean the only difference is that's honestly I didn't care for them when they came out the first time or when they come true be I did kind of like how I think it was a shock drop upsize it were instantly scrambling ahead to try and get it. Of course I knew about Soco. If it wasn't a shock scribner they would've sat more the fact that it was a shock. Drop helped push them. I think that and just the fact that You don't even have time to think. What is the fact that they put? Drake doc drake may think later shot shaking panic attacks screen greenstreet computer images moving around on the sneakers et Cetera. I guess I like is this shaking. Like earthquake is a phony shit Well yeah so no. Yeah we got. We often get accused for being racism. I know I know our cause grew was racist no gurus clearly raises and he just acknowledge it like. That's the first step right. It is acknowledging. What did he say about the people that make the make he he uses his as and voice? And then it's like no. I'm mimicking the people that still don't like but still still that makes it sound like only Asian still because you're only using one dialect. You're not these will have a universal language. There's no language shout out to guru being racist not here to defend themselves. The white person I vouch. You guys are not racist we go yeah. One person on our realized of not racist about racism doesn't cow we are yes I saw him take a deep breath like no. He seemed reluctant to come Cosa. It's a friendly show. No one's really races basis. Thank you know one little. Doesn't it come away. I will admit depends depends. What's going on in the world and once again? I think you know black people we get a chance to. You know we get we get to be that way sometime. It's called balancing universe. I finally got my forty S. I'm you know to get it somewhere. anyway so sneaker topics Nike is the latest brand to show show that they really don't know how to treat women. There's this big story about this one girl who was part of their organ project. I believe No I think some type of track thing on. Nobody's heard about obviously. I'm surprised I've I've done under surprised. that he he's like White Francis like he just knows and we have yet to see you saying we have episode Hologram. It made you a drink in doubles remember. That's episode bathroom together. We were getting. Oh yeah there were no don't my parents don't holes the bathroom. Sorry Mr and Mrs Duncan Jordan's what are your parents. Think about the box. What's understand yeah? I think they're just glad that I have illegal. It'll hobby sounds Yudo man. Hey Man as you might be black. That's the real by assailant here. That you get the best answer. Twenty ninth day. Yeah I don I might be a good run yeah anyway Topics Under armor is in Deep Shit with Fez. Like what's funny because once again it goes back to a couple of years ago where you know the. CEO's basically play musical physical chairs and usually when those happened when those moves happen is usually some type of salacious story to follow and an armed amorous guy fires with the show. They were rearranging their revenue cooking the books basically to make it sound like they were making more money money than they were sorta shareholders and whatnot in the end Nike obviously had this story about the Oregon Project. And how they were treating their female track star which is so fucked up Studying reveals their most ECON with a list of conic sneakers in the past decade. I'm actually I'm curious to see that I haven't I walked I will. I will admit I walked into the story. Okay the experts at stadium. Good this you know. Let me guess let me guess lists considered iconic prion does on. There should be though I. That's the thing I I am. I'll give it that. I am open minded enough to admit that that will probably be on the list. Melissa that'd be tough five mopping I can be nonbiased not not to put that on. The list are good if you ask them okay if you asked me to make a list of iconic sneakers them our list of personal speakers those two who different lists Gotcha and if it was J B S Son Amar is beyond refuses will be on there. Oh Jordan's that'd be a few more lists like this just for him to be like just just difficult. He will put one on a fusion. Eight prior tonight. Yeah that might have been the worst one. I wasn't using sixers because they lengthened Lega. Six eight was horrible. Because it's like how. Why do you have an Air Force One bottom I'm on the bottom of some Some equates and even like the shape of the shoes just awful I hate them even going on his path because his light stuff. I don't WanNa see or think. Think about I mean of the something that you don't WanNa Finger CEO by man other than I. That's what I I don't think we're going to keep going down that path. Let's children you know. Why would I want to go down Parker collection coming up so children singly? So which is a letdown thing. So yeah I mean overall I gotta gotta like any of them none of them even the four teams like the I like stand standup. Probably the only one that I like is What's that the Air Max? Air Force. One Not Alice there was no. There was one of nine details. Like last year's air force tissues our first one is due to the more. I see the more I I mean once again. I couldn't get away with wearing those. But and that's and I think that I hope you wouldn't put those. Aw Aw was a woman's shoe doesn't matter it doesn't stop me before I Yeah that's true. I will say though but I will admit that I do think more so than any other collection. Somebody's shoes do seem moral women's shoe. Going that efforts one is another shoe in there. I think says this fondue now skis believe I can see that. I feel like those are more like women's shoes. I don't think too many really do they're going to go after them but once again when I stopped another man from doing it I mean the only Suda dues probably GonNa go after anyway. It's going to be a fourteen honestly. Not a rose. Element defy the I. o first woman shoes I ever saw. It was like I'd wear those. Where the Serena Williams dunks and like five or six or something tonight think Oh? Don't get me wrong. There's a women's shoes okay. Did a technically I should. I can pinpoint the moment I was like. I'd rock women's shoes. The context here in that sense as a non-smoker probably you probably do the measure on high heels. Let's see waterboy the flashback of the coach knows in his mind. He's talking. Yeah the the phone is like unplugged and these themselves himself and stuff. Yeah Weird dunks. He's the coach from waterboy Thanks guys what are sucks together. It's better anyway We're talking. I'll even over talking about. Oh the most iconic sneakers anyway I made I mean like I say if I made a list of my own personal but I'm like I said I could be. I can remove myself enough to make a list overall. I mean it's just when you talk about iconic of the decade. Yeah and so many things I kind of forgot about to you know just like yours is long-term. Yeah that's why I say like I've seen you know some other podcasts shells. Let everybody Kinda like best shoes of the decade. I'm like I don't have the time you have to go back so far. I'm trying to remember. There's no trying to remember the issue of the year ear to say I can barely remember that came out I was gonna say I just don't have the time against much. I Made a plus the other parts like you. When you talk about missile nobody icon exude for the decade? You gotta also try and push yourself back in the frame of mind or what was going on around that time when you came out. Yeah so so you really. Oh you can't do that and I feel like you know people's taste change like I'll be the first one we talked about. This shows a two thousand nine the joy in two thousand nine when I first came up the get him out of it. There's no point in talking about them because they trash. Most people still feel that way. Yeah but I've started to come around at least a certain Colo Colo as the hall of fame Away is I was getting hit man. I was starting to hit the lady killers. Know here's another negative sexist. Just like Nike. Exactly just do it. No I I was turning his Were arnall shoes and I mean like I mean and that's the thing though like you know. Sometimes they'll tell you do change especially as you get older So anyway that's just my two percents And then finally issue. I think these issues that came out recently is turning to wait says that the most iconic Kasuga decades spoke by vote Windsor mid so no okay you know you know how everybody around time any hype shoot comes out. Everybody says artist of the year. Is that the best of the year is this might be the decade Lca. Almost got cinnamon vanilla colors blue making French toast hand vanilla laser speed of seat. I can't wait till I had this in hand. Oh go south to you. I mean Gordo's off many white less true anyone can during Easter I see again. I think that I mean come on you. The only wear one day of the year. I have a ton of shoes. I only wear one day. You're if even who his bread eleven. When he was traveling it was the worst snowman missing fall? Color way to me so it has that ready Brown and stop calling us. It is the yellow what you called Vanilla software. He's flirting with the yellow. is like the pound cake right butter and margarine and butter sweeter and sweeter US Roussy. I never have that shoe line. That was like for baking. Yeah it was called like pastry or something. Yes Oh yes oh yes. It wasn't for baking. You didn't have to cook in those shoes. But they were all named after Lake Sprinkles Lake. Yeah yeah not I mean that was a AH popular shoe line when he launched them as I was actually pretty. Don't want by the way. I think there was a couple in there that I liked light my early retail days. We sell through those like crazy. It's funny lady was hot back then so that on the collars breath breath. We WanNa we talk about. Iconic Shoe censoring happened. I just I never capped. What is DOC? Carter's yeah I thought it was like. I think they still wake my. I mean I thought it was coup but I didn't see the high one homeboy that was coughing like every single color and I was looking at what it is not that serious. I knew then I was like estes. Just as bad g UNIX Hits the worse was when Nellie in with the with the dirties I'll tell you only contribution to human history to Joe that's it. There's a great video on one of the greatest videos of all time. Obviously you have yet to see it. You never seen the video I can. I think it would change a life. According to them I I went back in time in the future on sort of He's revealed it just like you watch the video right now right now. Watching wasn't the right now. Yeah he's he's pulling it out. Yeah that's that's going. Those great knows great now as it should be like in a library Congress. I believe you should be there. That's great it is up to a thriller. I mean that was like the video. I feel like that changed everything I could save go where I was the day the date and time. It's like certain historical events had like where were you when Pearl Harbor happened. Where were you where the titanic sank? Where were you drill was released now? Home Ause Dart as my homeboys always basement Oklahoma Levin chill when they were drills sales Anyway this is the sneaker Bach show because he didn't know this change in the show hit drill pockets. Jim podcast live from the pocket. Studios are part of the family. mixture of finals on social media follows twitter at TI radio followers on Instagram at these reasoning about underscore radio and follow facebook by looking up this Nigga botch radio show page and make sure to call in so I show on air with his comments and questions every week. Seven thirty eight thirty thirty. PM Eastern Standard Time dollar to for a six seven seven eight hundred three catches live on air. You can always leave us a message on voicemail line with sneaker related topic you want to discuss you want to respond to something. We sat on the show instead of leaving us a negative review. Just how lettuce on a voicemail well By down the same number two eight six seven seven eight hundred three and we'll pick up the best messages and address them when the future episode Actually we got another voicemail so I want to get to that but I get to our fantastic release previous week brought to you by minimal allay check. Everyone's favorite new clothing brand between sneaker. Here's a hybrid like If you look at address down from time or dress up from a t shirt and joggers the minimum layers the apparel brand for you. You get quality street. Where with other street where where prices head to M N M L L A forest last? TSB to check out the assortment of Apparel Use Promo Code Checkout to save yourself an extra tim. percent off your first order Minimal A. He's been a lot of sneakers. Complete the fifth spending a lot less than look like he's been a lot more and I know there was some issues with people using the code over the weekend that had a lot to do with the black Friday sale. That was happening over the weekend. You know then they WANNA have both sales coincided at the same time so black Friday I was president and so now I believe that the Arco is backed up and functioning so so when you talk about black Friday like dessert what do you see discounts. Okay so you don't even see Green. Oh He's as great Razu money-making raise this. I spent my black Friday driving around picking up like easy. All Day shoutout footlocker dicks Dix. I know but when you take it all context x-xi nobody's fast for just land on that spot. That did you not tell Dick to this. Their website is no protection. They don't know what they're doing. No condom has no protection and instead of getting a lion you to show up there two days before and just raise is your hand and they'll walk around giving out responds walk in the morning. I'll get in that Dick silent raw dog. Yeah you uh just just cream white cream pie or win some easy you get butts shout out. Dick's well actually prizes. We added Dick's logic destroyer at addicts. So did you go to multiple Dick's no actually. It was the only one in Michigan. That has them Roseville Roseville that Roosevelt Dick Aches big. I didn't realize how they just get lost in the Dick Man. I was really trying all that matters is so I ended up with a lot of black. Eases expe- I gotta ask this question. Because I because they just gave up on the whole sneaker I'll try I swear on trying to save. Can we bring this back. No no can. We're GONNA come back to Earth not because the transfer hard to like appeal to the whole sneaker culture thing 'cause remember it was the score has stuff on there. Yeah okay. So they had. They went by the score offers right and then he went by the change. The name to the wind. And we're responsible for that because we changed the name Dick. Exporting goods did changed the name to the win so they were trying to go specifically towards the whole sneaker market right let those sneaker head market and so they went initially went by the the score and they immediately after Archer to Chicago when by the wind. Okay the reason we went by the okay. The reason I changed the name is because we were doing a live show there and they left it up to us to kind of make our own What did he call the commercials? Can't something ahead. The quick reads for this this and so me not even. I'm trying to be funny. I said you score more with Dicks like using the whole score thing. Wow more with dicks saying saying it over and over and they got like allows speakers and stuff and like people were like laughing and I don't even know what you know the one time on trying to be pure and not the dirty. I was just saying it like I thought it was a good catchphrase. Well in your defense. You didn't choose to name the whole store chain dicks Dick's when I don't know why they did that. I immediately and not a single CEOS like he know Ryan sporting goods or something. I feel we should like adult with PD and see why they're caught Dick's and so pretty. Somebody owns the name. Richard so Richard Sporting if I could champs mistake might rick. Sporting goods slowly was Richard as good. That's like Dunham's I feel like is named. After last his name is done is probably open anyway. Discount after the show. I forgot her name but she came to me like yeah. We be the change that quick ribs talking. It was funny because it rains. You're caught it like immediately. You know I- Ranjha was he so you know he's already there what I got tedious. A- The company was established by Richard Dick Stack nineteen eighteen. Forty eight so his first. Name's Richard and his middle names. Dick Dick Dick. Stick your Dick Stack Double Dick Dick. Yeah I think we just lost. The whole male audience hooded out. Nothing ever beat the time. I would old grandma's running around the grocery store looking for her husband whose name happened. We Richard it just seemed to be lives falling around behind it like it doesn't get better than this enjoy world grandmother that I wanna give vinegar baths to yeah. Hey Story bars off just walking out right now. Point of the story Dick's getting limited shoes. And they're easy to take advantage of so they're hos- Roseville takes. Yes so she came up to me. After the live event we do something with that quick. Racial at the you know I was like what is wrong with you. Don't get it so she rented again to me. No you don't get it. Yes losses does you read it again to me then I was trying to get it. I caught it right. I was just kind of like. Oh that's what I've been saying. I hope you didn't like yes. You like. You said the whole all the time like people were like laughing and Oh my God. I didn't mean it like that so like not that long. After they went by the win was made absolutely no sense. The win but I'll the indica loser be losing dig while on that note a winning Dick. Oh God Number five a a scoring half guy way to any references References to what Dick all right Number five we have a new balanced fifteen hundred Liverpool football club. Okay Definitely don't shoe is basically is like all black leather Was Go accents. Donkey doesn't see that. Even he thinks the way. I don't even know what issue this isn't on my radar. That's up five. Never never my job I have. I'm surprised new balance. Isn't on your radar you only move Have never owned a personal pair. Rarely really. There's some that I've liked like the Bodega no days off the island declared a limited release nurse. GOT TO BE Super High. I mean come on is ducks but should not the issue of God who else talking to While Nike doesn't have to be hype Adidas. It doesn't have to be hype. New Balance has to be hype. Y It's it's just got the dunk wasn't like a limited release. It's still really. That was one of the first ones caught my attention. Probably due to the high-pressure looked at it analyzed it social point if it was part of a hyper lease but it will still release they dropped. Would you stick to the Bible. Yeah Okay so show me show me upcoming pairs AL enough out. If I'd consider I'll ask balanced will send me like just a run on the upcoming releases we can make this segment and the one time. I like a pair. We can rave about it. But I'm like seriously going to do that for rundown like a commercial. Okay let's see what happens Say so anyway anyway. Some before that. The Women's urgent eleven metallic silver I don't honestly know honestly did not see the the didn't foresee the amount of women going up to the show I really didn't I didn't think it was that spectacular and I don't think they're gonna age will these are going to be some off. Y Yellow is looking shits like Phil Remember to anniversary. Eleven Guy Yeah. That's that's exactly what I'm picturing all right. Now let's just yellowish get it in looking like stains. Yeah and then the silver does not age at all I still have mine. They didn't yellow your eleven's digital world. It's been a long time. Yeah you know. There isn't a box of really an and tapers. I really don't take that great care my shoes but you still got. Yeah what the hell. I'm too busy vote ONA. Aw College two thousand I can definitely after a seven for sure. Yeah because I was worried. I know which champs door? I was working at a time when those two but I'm also I'm always leery of all white shoes especially these eleven. Only all white eleven is the Columbia's because Louisiana versity elevens. I was at the age of one all in East Lansing and with a buddy who had some puppies and we literally gave someone a puppy. Happy to cut them in line to get those journal Evans. Awhile Yeah I use Baden back neom basically no listen just training dogs for place. Doesn't line walk around a little dogs just to ask party whose Karen Puppies that is the angle of never thought to even that's why certain certain pre as Biden who thought of that it. I mean. Obviously that took a level of creativity. I'm actually impressed by that. Also nigger heads off pit bulls. I don't know of animals at all. I don't like being caught a sneaker. Hit so what because I want to take care of appreciated appreciated dog. I'm not gonNA appreciate the dog. Just don't want one dog. Take you know I I will over in like play and then I get to leave you. Don't having no do you ever done No I don't but my grandmother had one basically from when I was little so I kind of rule I can't imagine not having a dog Y- came I can't imagine how it was so damn we'll opposite sides of that yeah yard all over. Their Swipe. People playing MS was frantically. That was just like a human thing. No Fuck No oh fuck forget straight on that yeah now need a dog to survive abby. Okay exactly you just give me kopecks cool as the Roman noodles traded dog or Rama Noodles. Hell Yeah I can I can. Yes exactly me. We'll get them on there. Aw Yeah I've had. I've had dogs destroy a lot of shoes. That's reason enough like right. There is one reason alone. Yeah that's twenty reasons. Why they WANNA the dog? You just gave me one. It's still worth. It does not use me. You look if you lucky if I just give you away. That's the Louis that's the worst I do. You got paid to take care of my love. Jersey pseudo what. There's another negative review Michael Vega. Let's say I'll get dressed up in the hole it's August. The Jersey Industry talked about dunks being racist and not seeing color we talked about digs for about ten minutes at auto the vows his addicts accepts owed. Now we're talking about Mike Vacant might make shit though he was like big was the mail. I'm sorry as you lay dog. Mike Vick was listenership. It's funny because my asthma. Audie Murphy. Somebody who who did he murder. Not What but who knows why I think didn't didn't Plasco pro-birth go to jail long for should've yeah accidentally shooting himself about but didn't vicks are more time or something like what you love the Animal Black Dude. God do I do. y'All y'all like animals warning people don't show up for sure. Yes they're people. I mean here it is right here we just laid it out right there. This is the facts now. He just broke fisheries of mystery. Right here we are. We always Nuba but now confirmed without a doubt is that it was ready to I love it was neither one of them. Are Crooked. Smile known fact people suck a lot. We do kill cats I could strangle. I could strangle human with my bare hands. If need be I can never heard animal. How do you know you can do that night? Assume but how do you have you done it. I wasn't gonNA say Melt American's psyche. You know the moment and if it came down to it did they anybody. In the heat of the moment over. They're going don't necessarily want to go to Chicago now. On what moment is going up as him being in a car for the black people number three we have the undercover especially like seven twenty pack. I tried to go after the Ellen's okay. So here's what's funny about the sneakers at right so Saturday I try to go after right. There was sold out immediately. But then I go on today. And there's pairs readily available massages and once again. You've always told me this. Like people will snatch them up there. returnable sore cancel. You have thirty minutes to cancel missile. Were they don't even bother ship them. So it's good to kind of hang on stickers up later that day or even a couple of days later because I like Saturday was sold out today. The Spurs available. Also you tell me Number two the fragment in class special edition thank you for one low brushing up here. I did not what it's very you didn't get them. I did not get the clock again. I didn't get the blue. I didn't get the black. He's still isn't letting you the why was all right. You didn't get the color ones. which by the way the only clot shoes owner? The thirteen's yeah. This is the only thirteen I that like just like the only five light goes off whites coming out next year. No I like the the The Wolf Gray fives and those were. I used to use those to walk my dog. Don't tell troutman rushing out because it was a similar color. You look like that Wolf Gray and I guess is that I wanted to say like we. Like my scribe. There's downs leaking late. I was the this is the show. Play a beck bring his bag. Whatever makes me happy wearing my shoes is what else do I just want to jump? Man chastise it is it like or or damn near bought to pull up on another thing on change of mind but just having jump may just sit there and just berate you for like ten minutes is just entertaining entertaining enough for me to Kinda WanNa sit back and watch so as at least two minutes show. I don't plan that's fair and the number one. Why and also mad? I had two opportunities to get this shooting in the Nike Arizona. Turf Jet Ninety Seven Barry Sanders. Are you had two chances. Who Chances and as soon as I got on Nike's website 'cause it went on the sneakers out? No it was Nike. Plus I dropped out like twelve thirty and I had a friend who works at the Lions Aliens Seem shop gave me the heads up but I was riding with somebody's and that's hey riley when people because you're at their mercy but whenever they decided to leave spy why why people don't like people lubar arteries either going to they either want to stay longer. You WanNa stay career really WANNA leave so our the just drive. 'cause I can leave when I saw had I driven law I would have been able to get my car and then go but then we're that way so I thought okay we're going to Nike plus There's only two thousand pairs may something. Okay side a chance. But I didn't take into account you got a bunch of people here in Detroit a bunch of non sneaker people that wanted to just because it was very sanders decided that in had like I think was like two three hundred pair at the Uh at the lions game seven two items. Yeah somebody was telling me that I think it was If you were like a season into holder you kind of have first dibs To get them home as I said I did like nine how many season ticket holders I mean because on lions even though they are still one of the most valuable franchises because we they have such a support of fan base. I like actually debenture that. But they're not one of the most valuable friendships really. Yes I want a better. There was at least up to I can name. `Bout fifteen franchises. I think that are worth more than lions bears okay. He doesn't watch sports so we're not exactly. Here's it's the duress animal PAG uglies released a a week Mid Ticket honestly I really easy is up there EASIES You get the dita's zone buse This particular Calloway onyx legend Incas shock. Rare that's trash. You got this new shit. This nike or was one rebel. I don't know if this is twenty of US double expert as I say. I just assumed supposed to be some type of Roman numeral color sharp everyone will take a chance this somebody's glonas US joy dot com right now and actually look up to shoe. The Nike Air Force One rebel x this How Nike decided that this was worth releasing a do not know? Let I'm really struggling like uh-huh what what who's on the floor. The red leather ones no She she halo the woman's release but that's possible. There's like a Sherpa Bass terrible as the Wifi here. Great Insurance if you're waiting for it I mean we haven't seen it yet but the name sucks I'll see. Here's all I see is a bunch of white are usually colored. Definitely I know you do okay up there all women's releases and they're the same silhouette the ones that are here here. Here we go. This is still loading shy. Start my top five. No no not at all. The images showed yes scene. It's worse than I thought it would be shredded. Some frigging muppets. enthroning housing in this looks like some kind of street. It looks like sesame. Let me know that reminds me of remember. Those super boots that are a little wind was wearing like a flamboyant Chia pet like it to even the souls back the souls saying Jeez to yeah whilst we grow just water Aubrey daily. This is our garbage like I'm trying to figure out who not only made this uber. Who approved it? I mean look at half to sit. That comes out anyway. I would. At least shouldn't surprise. I will at least say before you fire them at least wait till after Christmas but definitely in January they should be cleaning the desk because this is horrible. Horrors honesty's orval. There's not one isn't it. Isn't it wasn't a another another parody of the rebel twenties or execs. Whatever they're supposed to be called wouldn't like the green color one that didn't have all of the first of all it was like a thank seaweed greenish blue colored vaguely? Remember what you're talking. I'm on a couple of weeks ago and it's always says sold out on the out bomb. No okay well. It says the Saturday anywhere available against Nike's buying his own product to act like soda buying incidents of outlet. I asked the one part. It looks like a mattress. You a ton of the shoe. It looks like a mattress. Is they made this or you can talk about. Shoes is true Ayush Iraq. Does he would think about it. Looks like the mattress bathroom. Exactly how would that. How Limited are they? Now o'clock this is one of those two hundred pairs. If it's then I have no choice but to go for it. Someone's GonNa want it. That said no choices. Live if there's two hundred and trump man's gonNA hate. This is listening whether I like it or not. If there's two hundred pairs is all right. Let's take it back if I no one's listening in cares about with this topic I want. I want feedback on this. But if we're all going all star weekend off wait five shop exclusively at all star weekend. Guaranteed thousand dollars. You gotta just pull out your phone. Click purchase if you if you stack extra goat. Would you guys do it. Are you asking me honestly. Yes no because you know what I would do out because I look at it from a perspective. I really want certain things because I WANNA regardless of the result prize so I look at the results so much so much more inflated inflator than your average item it's literally like but moving mito tumors money so it's like I mean real talk so yeah sit on the comedy man. No I'm making fifteen sixteen twenty an hour. You put your hand in your pocket. I make more than that. Yeah you know the The I actually I pay stub bullet point and Rob Black Air Force. You guys just do. It is a good friend to me and go for my size. No that's more justified. You're not taking advantage because I look at it like you don't because I look at it I look at it like you know what I say with three phones trying to do it. Flo Yours please. I'm looking at it like I'm somebody who really wants us to go after that shoot. Like why cock block them and even more media if the whole cast all Gates Limited off. It's all because of dunks saving the day for everyone. I'm a swear to God somebody giving you GonNa get off way. It's because of my information and I I mean I've been a reseller before some are do it. I'll give away 'cause it cost me get that if somebody gave me a pair I give them away. You know there's no cost me look if if it's an actual like legit opportunity get it normally Theresa fucking why not. I'll sue for but it's not like I'm doing wanted expecting. I'm living for the people that want to show so I'm not GonNa take that opportunity away from nobody and I'm definitely getting. This is now now now. If it was like all right well I I'd get what you're saying completely right but you got someone like sitting next to you. I'm going to steal the opportunity. It's not like it's going to go to someone who actually wants to shoe ever over. It's like it's like this whole vegetate making a very good case not targeted Chicago because all this money if there it's true it's like all these vegetarians think that they're making a difference by not eating the underlying thing. So He's trying to is there some of the negative possibly can and one will look if we won't be Rice's let me be no prejudice against vegetarians necessarily adnia pretty much. This is years ago. I think because we live this black kids in the school is going to make. It is GonNa make a difference in the front of us now this bullshit like he didn't go to college shirt. So my top five we got into. I learned Rosa Parks King We got the black easies. We got the black. The black clouds got reflective latkes. We have those those those May Song Chateau Rouge mids. I know that's number one yet. I'm loving those shoes and sentiment by the way I got got through salt. There's one more shoe that that a lot of people miss and to actually good store you guys will like this I don't know who. He is but warned Lotus him. He's like a customized or something so he released a limited dunk low which was based off Jason Voorhees or the Jason Horror films and you posted. Yeah so it's not an official Nike Product and he posted there are limited in a bunch of people bought to resell and then posted that there was eight thousand and people started cancelling orders orders saying they didn't want it because there's no resale value so we cancelled most people's orders and only kept a thousand of them. Now they're going back up so resellers are pissed because he changed the numbers and then ended up making them a thousand pairs anyways. What is it? I think it's genius senator. Like his like little travel off in the market to buy one from as knowledge into one thousand nine and I I ordered and then after order I find out like three months preorder and I was just really crappy. Yeah that'd be my top five That'd be number one. I gotta say I'm looking forward four to three shoes weekend. There's like fifteen shoes this week. I was over for me that I personally would know. Yee's are on. That list is to Amani on years. It's too right there. I think they're doing away at the store or something black because I want that high top on the low tap and then I want the dorm breakers fourteen and then I want those Fearless ones the clots or the the This zoom high tops zone. Okay those should be decently recently. Zoom Heights look like issue like some Shittu flashy now I wanNA three but Donald. I already know I'm not gonNA be able to like stickers. You'd be lucky to get one you got your back. Surprisingly not only foot action is getting getting the fearless and the class. I don't think the locker or champs or use Bayes sent me a whole lot harder for me yellow for one company just decides like No. We're GonNa let these companies giving me molehill technologists. Laura's I'm trying to the closest foot action that's getting in Chicago and I'M GONNA try. I'm absolutely GONNA try and rig it but it's GonNa take some skill skill. I'm still not listening. No they are if they are always going for youth point. Next time you guys got him. I'll see I. I actually came down getting S. Matsuoka footlocker. Thanks ducks. Why won't I just went to the fair line? Footlocker take my mom and Dad Mom and dad fair line to get Black people because you can only do so do I've got my name. I've Got Alex. Exhale exander Alec Ale in at some point any other names you know to keep walking in there so it was like though it wasn't bad Assign like in terms of rigging the reservations philosophies pretty easy but they're not getting the fearless Jordan's are definitely want Rosa. Want more I want to say is the was was the was a lawman many many year to store in Atlanta or something. Yeah I want those electrons trump. Then there's the door breakers is the ones okay so I'll get you a sightless. 'cause there's a lot of shopping sites getting them or social status is going to have a lot of stock yeah. It's almost like cheating stealing doing your homework and bots haven't been doing well at all I'm trying to. I'm trying to get get him to admit the onstage Lor Giannoli lots are good good but like there's times where it doesn't work and it's just like I'm still going to run it but like it's almost like losing money Johny putting in proxies and time knowing it's not gonNa hit trying to stay hopeful anyways good to some of these news Experts I studied good. Say that the sneakers were the most iconic sneakers from the last decade And they start with two thousand and ten and I can't remember what exactly release them two thousand ten but I can't really argue against this so two thousand and Santa got the Nike Brian South Beach a Nestle released in two two thousand ten years. That's the most iconic shoe failure that a I feel like when the eight one that Kinda like kicked off basically that I. I can't really argue against that shoe. Still talked about to this day. I can't think of any of the two thousand eight two thousand also also two thousand Samsar. Yeah that's prior. Yeah I I mean again. That's too many goddamn shoes. Like how am I supposed to remember on though Two thousand eleven the Nike Mag on the you can argue that okay. He's going 'cause I remember like everybody. Bunny Mount Layton's people not wanting innocent as one issue. They was fans of the movie and there wasn't even fantasy fans of movies. I feel like that's one of the shows are kind of kicked off the big the height Bee's draw to everything. There's no one s up has value. That's a shoe meg. I mean right. No it'll be an issue I made again and I'm not saying like in terms before parliament. Just a regular shoot is that the power was seat US saying like okay. You've got people that were into movie. You Got People that love sneakers man you got are people s Man Shoes from movie and his limited. I think it might be worth money. So see it was the next shoe you twenty thirteen now. It's all sorry twenty twelve you got the neck area easy to yup so far. I can't really say this with list list. I think this is where I start disagreeing. Two thousand thirteen aerodrome Three LG Eighty eight. Wiseman doesn't thirteen all in that. Was the shooter earlier got for that. She just sat there like it wasn't a true. Og feels like yes. Nike on a back where it said Jordan on the we also to me. That's just typical drawer. Rank kind of giving you some what I'll give you some of what you want and not all of it. Well let's I disagree with that. I know John Man probably agree. I'm just trying to I mean now you said like twenty thirteen. I'm trying to just see what are released eastern twenty thirteen Twenty fourteen. They said that was the most iconic word that was the context of the year. How how Oh? Gee I'm not saying it wasn't overly onto saying what iconography is the main occurrence. It is. Listen I mean I see. CHICAGO HIGHS Without Russia ause. I mean true. Okay got art. What royals all? I'm job trying to find some I just I refuse to let the Jordan brand. Classic urge ordinary was. What about the bugs bunny eights? Oh great fires. The run brand classic Jordan ones. That drought years like five. Hundred pairs may only dropped in the east coast. The black and gold joins. I gotTa Jump Man. It's like forever bothered by. I feel like that's more a conic. Man That's what I'm saying I'm going through a an about the man limited as I. Just think that shoe blacks hold the based on the the urban legend of the black and gold during one that allegedly released. He's back eighty-five for like a friends and family release saw like that woman. That's what made it from me. You know not so much. The availability Twenty fourteen. Not they say that the most iconic shoe year fragment design aerodrome ritual on high-energy. Probably I think the I mean even like I'm sorry to even go back to like the twenty thirteen things came so at the end. That's when that's when the gamma eleven's came in with how people have shoes based like taking off to like a big come. I Love I since now. Yeah I'm tending. We wouldn't that be the most iconic shoe to allow your. I don't know how because like I said. Issue like literally drought like the second to last day of the year. What a never I fragment? Pardon me account with I mean. They got account for Sava Mike. So I duNNo. I mean US another one again. I wish I wish I taking the time to see what other shoes released that year. So so I can kinda like mass as we go through the list us. Measure join. 'cause I refuse to believe what was up. There is yeah I I kinda got an issue with the last S. Two pairs Twenty fifteen dealers audibles argue that it was booming back for sure. Now among argue it was like it was like the dunk in my opinion. It's like constant coming out of new color way with the story or something that was going to say deal with that with the I deal with the enemies. He's yeah and then I just butchered him. I never liked that. MD's the in on these. Were I like the the thing I like about the. MD's was that was the first that like with the joggers. Adidas is literally winning. Didn't know how to. Yeah Hey I agree with you. Like Twenty Twenty fifteen. I get an argument from me. Twenty Sixteen Dita's easy three fifty busa the two Beluga once again. You'RE NOT GONNA get argument for me. Not Be unbiased enough to be like that. Was the shooter year. I'm shocked. Was that twenty sixteen. Somebody I know argues face now. Or whatever even also more pairs made more money however this is going on for resale value on hyper ship And I guess that's what I mean when you say `I conic is not an sally so much on. Oh I we say connick on. This is one of those. Sometimes you just know like I mean I think Ray Charles connick but I feel like that word iconic is could be getting lost in in context. Yes maybe if we death sneaker released that year the athlete as a difference iconic investor to the for things right. And that's why I said like especially with the with the Beluga easy to and with the ultra boost right. I do think that those are iconic for those years. I'll give you an example. Milam arose iconic. She wasn't the best actress. Okay James Dean's iconic. It wasn't like a macho man. Muslims great resume exactly a back and watch wrestlemania three against ricky dragging steam. But it's one of the best matches okay Hulk Hogan and the ultimate warrior better lose. Let's hear you wanNA bring Washer to wrestling. PODCAST say man. Oh you'll Francis example because they're assigned person is that. Oh that's why there's no way Housi- say uh-huh Cogan or they've four. Moves Splash Electra. Yeah get my ass beat for the whole match in a body slam finisher. Wh what everybody else does in the first five minutes in the MED is his magical edge of all time razor Ramon Shawn michaels ladder match greatest metro. Also there's one Oh okay. We're talking to any wrestling match. Yes undertaker America Helena sell. I'll say that's the most thrilling okay. What's again that's iconic but okay we talk understood wrestling? I going to say the IRA match between Shawn Michaels. That's pretty good 'cause you can keep my attention for a a four hour. I mean I'm trying to think. Oh there's the braveheart stamkos Lawson match way you know he passed out from the sharpshooter. That was as agreement. Brea had a lot of good Mexico's the one you have with Mr Orcas Bret Hart and you ought to actually wrestling matches Especially Uh br say Bret Hart and Ric flair like Ashen right matches. I know about the whole harm. This is Brian Pelmet. Keep gymnasts keep only bonus British pool. No Oh could wrestle. He wrestled. He wasn't entertaining. What what I said the British bulldogs? Both of them are great as attaching individually. I was GONNA say Britain dynamite. Kid Come on Chris before being what what John Wall fucked up for everyone he did. He was another way. He was a great wrestler. I never forget do I never uh-huh did the whole tribute show. And they're like a week or two full details game on like I You never heard about crystal ever again and not. Hey Dave pull. You went away with it. If they won't put him in the hall of fame they won't put them all the fame and they've or macho man. You know. Take Stephanie. We're more swim to you. WanNa Custom Macho Man Shoe now. Like the little frill Some of the best interviews my favorite one. He had his back header name. He came in with his back turned and was talking to the wall. All it near the end he did his thing and you could tell he was high on something because he was like what we're just going off like. He just took a deep snow. If I did not I swear to God whenever I watch the interview I think he does do a little nose up up like Oh man that little bit right there was on the. He's one of the best characters of all time and his brothers one of the worst. Oh the genius I'm Ali Leaping Lanny Papa alone it's gotta be the worst is not worse than ripples get David Flair. I'd Rather Watch Virgil Virgile Wrestle. Also this no I'd rather watch too and shot out. Shot out the version two honestly. This is one of my favorite characters on instagram. I've met original chill bitter instagram. It's like hilarious. Because he'd be pulling up like these random photos like him in the interview. It'd be like yeah. I was telling Hogan what he needs to do at this point. Take us as a vital member. Nobody remembers you but if we wouldn't remember that she was part of postal needs. Pay To hold million dollar man spells. That's exactly exactly what he did. It sounds pretty bad now. He was he was a steve to his cabin candy. That's what it was. It was just on my belt. Setup standing M I'm Ashleigh Virgil anyway payout away. He was icon agree but I can't. Yeah Oh y'all love Y'all love the speaker or you think Greece will we love complex. Original right they come with so many original ideas that they're launching a sneaker marketplace. Oh I saw this. Yes whatever it is. I'm trying to sell on it. Yes of course. He saw an article written by Sir Fisher for axios dot com complexes building a sneaker marketplace in editorial APP under under the Socal at the brand Sneaker content has become one complexes strongest franchises. And they're looking to grow the ECOMMERCE business. Allegedly fifteen percent of complexes Julie revenue in two hundred million dollars now comes from commerce accomplices in talks with all of the major sneaker marketplaces that includes stock as go flake nightclub stadium goods. I mean I can't believe that I don't WanNa be inviting them in. Yeah I was GONNA invest or they're gonNA fuck it up often. Yeah I don't see why. Yeah anyway we'll be like we need like they're doing pretty good on their own. Hopefully they went introduce like toys and baseball cards though. Maybe they would sticks like street wearing sneakers and our cars on his art cars. Cram boxes like spring coming from cranberry. Just be rid rid the sudden idea watching. Do Yeah exactly how you give them. An idea is to get by man about supreme grants. I think that'd be fitting for me though until designed on his own Box It'd be Roi already that would make you excited. I was already. He's already been Nanna. China is the woman's released a few years ago I had any is right at trash The Senate suspected a launch next year. Now a feature a mix of commerce in in high quality sticker content I- qualities. Okay this high-quality sneak certify. Your biggest show is watching watching. Other rich people bought Free Shit. Let's be real like cut it out. IRA like Iverson is really gone by Reebok's and was really going and buying Nike's making his own as an aside. I know that the news episode just put up his Damian Lillard. So let me get this right so let me let me. Just get this right. P. J. Tucker gets free Nike's just aware Mona Court but EMINEM has to pay for his Got A BIOS airmax. Ltd's he's and Draymond. Green has a Nike contract and he has the Shutoff dot because kids are gullible and watch anything nowadays. It doesn't make good. I mean it must have some form of success. It's still on people newly records. Yeah but then they stopped. They want a grammy. I think there's nearly dunks there. Yeah I never had those. But that's my point though. I the silence right but let's because something makes money doesn't necessarily mean that is good. It's not necessarily at school. It's not mutually exclusive. That's all. I'm saying America Mary Tyler after complex though Shit because they're too busy stolen anybody else's shit. Well I'll tell you guys what I've complexes listening you guys need someone the sweet I'll help you guys steal everyone shit on on that note you brought this move. I WANNA say tune in next week will so you guys postcards from Judah replace tender applications You gotta be Jewish and you gotta be able to take Shit Birthday. We kind of where you at it kind of Bikaner Rigor Oh. I never finished his list that we go back to the list. Twenty seventeen they got off white. Urgent Ones Okay. Twenty seven th was that the Sean weatherspoon this came out not only eighteen. Probably Eighteen Will this phone. I made sure honestly after she was rated but whatever twenty nights and I have a big issue with Sokaiya Nike along Waffles. It should have been the blazers but I like both this guy's from up there. I couldn't see how it's unique is hell because it's not just the color silhouette it's mashing shoes together. They were either one of the skies that I- conic since they've already established a red heart so blazers sell dunk sell. No no one cares about waffles before sky. So this is what I'm gonNA say though since they've already established at Retro 's can make the list. There's no way you could tell that this is better than the playoff eleven. I can tell you that you could say but it doesn't you don't even believe it. No exact think it was just unique enough to push over over. There were going after they were doing like new shoes or like our collapsed nuke labs I. I'll be like okay. Maybe you can make argument. But since the Richard Three Oh gee four for full deform may the list then the playoff committee delicious. That's the closest to the OJ foreign gotten since the nineteen ninety six and the reason I say that is because one is already in a conic shoe so do you going back to his. Og Form just like the threes Da and to twenty thirteen and then three. If you can make two point nine million pairs of shoe and I still have. People anticipating is the painting it like is going to be limited release and have basically sell through. Then yeah kind of pretty much checked. All the boxes nineteen well well. This year in the first pair fit. The guys came out last year. That's another shoe Say I fear guidance bones when I feel like a while Lugano those issues. That's only nineteen 'cause that's what I'm saying. I would not nineteen sure but the the bones and the blacks to originals. Yeah quite a while ago I mean I was just sound but it doesn't. I'm just thinking in my head like I feel like there's something that's more conic than the Sokaiya waffle waffle racer. Yes definitely kind of warm going on exchanges. You're right. I don't know why I didn't say earlier. The Travis Scott's on I'd give you know this I would travel sky one. I'll give or the sixers. I'll give you the sixers over. The skies argued one between between give you the sixers over one over to one of the guys again. You say iconic the Travis Travis Scott thing have people going out buying boxes of racy puffs. Is that for you guys to know you can have. It expires probably next next year. Now don't even know that no more but I will say this I do but rec- shit no you dot rice. Excuse retreat. Cereal is always the bow fact. That captain crunch frosted flakes always a good goal to cocoa pebbles that smacks on Eko same-sex Raisin Bran swiping Ju- surreal saw. Aw I'll starting to think more and more coming I've got this good. Pomegranate Blueberry is all about as fiber. Yeah yeah no I'd say I would've. I could give you any of the travel schedules over the sky's easily as I can't easily iconic honestly I am well that's my personal preference however I soleil hair too much to do about it like I've heard more to do about the drivers Scott's then yeah I guess that's fair they're they're actually bringing this guy waffles bag for like a winter version or something fun. I'm not it's it's literally just white and black over again so because I feel like I've seen him before I think I think when it first came out it was though it was unique. It was like a twist an hour. There isn't really because it just feels like an extension of white I say I don't get off point fives from I get like hybrid. Vibes feels like an extension like is like the presto double tone this this whole deconstructed there. My undercover dropped a pair shortly after known even cared about them. But there's similar vibes. I thought another I got home. I think that's that's another should've economize go undercover. Join them over in China but it doesn't fill original to me I guess is the right way to say I've seen it before so I don't really get our give them too. Much credit vandalized. It's on it's. It's all kind of feel like that. Would almost every collaborator. or I think the shoes for for two thousand nineteen. I mean aside from that where the Travis Scott Highs and the CACTUS plant a flea market vapor maxes. I can't wait to see a wise lists for the royal rebel. We do. I've seen about today and having some trouble with it. 'cause I'm putting skate shoes on there. I'M NOT GONNA lie. I haven't thought about essential last week. The son with the genome. They got all about this. I think about it but it's GonNa be interesting to see off light dunks. That's it garrity. Nobody's GonNa fight you over that you're going to be the only one probably December that's all my folks like. I still see shoes and I'm going to go after them is it. I'M NOT GONNA lie dental sixes. I promise you it really hard to me. One of those only beef. I wanted to twenty-six Twentieth Not Dylan the twentieth only beef with their shoes on a he'll when a jump man is black if they made that rare element I perfect but you know a splinter out of that or maybe even like a collage stitched knees maybe like a tan color yes The Brooklyn Nets and goat have reached a bill on their players. Entryway an argument by Chris. Melon for SB Mesa. The Brooklyn Nets have partnered with go on a brandit Barclays Center arena. Entryway wave the players arrival last year. The for the first time ever the NBA loosen restrictions on marketing. entryways permitting licensing deals like this one between the two The Nets and goat will also create free grain free gang content highlighting the shoes gear and other accessories while ago. Nick centuries-long Areso dropping. Maybe they're doing. Some supreme shooting sleeves. Do Go I guess. I don't think they have supreme which I was confused about now that they're selling street whereas well Anyway other go accessories worn by both the mets and visiting players starting with Kyrie Irving signature line highlighted the new Carrie six. So there you go with that To do some stuff about Nike as anybody tried. This new resell APP caught a poison. That's the reseller nine even heard of it somehow Well spos- supposedly poison though. I don't know supposedly three times three times. The size of Steinbeck's an article written by today. I was in China or something something yeah. The resale market is producing fast growth in China. Sea Gorgeous expanded out there. They know it's say seventy nine out there your millionaire so trading any platforms like poison or poisoned whatever. The annual volume was around two point. One billion dollars Jesus that's more than tripled. The valuable stock eggs poison is also netted. Why did I pleasure in exactly? Boys designers also netted hundreds of million dollars investment from foreign and domestic investment since watch launched this year so shoes shoes. It's crazy to see all these huge companies getting involved in sneakers and resell. I mean it's like why game like this ten years ago and giving send me a chance. Yeah well here I am shooting waiting for all of it to just finally crash and burn killing for anybody who's not really into sneakers thinkers to kind of move on to something else sucking to snatch up shoes all won a lottery. resellers are leaving sneakers to to focus on like tickets again or funk os or dumb shit like that yeah so so so in about a year or two dunks will no longer be apart his podcast. Because I've always has been into sneakers. Resell was just my way of adapting. It wasn't like my entry point. All right I want to get into this story about this. This story about Mike In southie toxic culture of the Nike Oregon Project. This this is just bizarre. But we're GonNa Talk Shit about Adidas and all these other companies we gotta keep it one hundred and we talked about Nike to Article written by Chris Avast was sports illustrated. Wow the real real. I counsel awesome. Nine former Nike Oregon Project members extending back to twenty two thousand eight validate claims of the abusive toxic culture. Under Alberto Alberto Salazar female athletes bodies were fair game to be demean publicly in authority figures appear to lack certifications on a recent video update published by The New York Times from high school track. Fina Mary Kay clan. She suffered mental and physical abuse. Under the supervision of Disgrace Star coach Alberto Salazar as a member of Nike's Oregon Project an elite professional training group based in Portland and owned on and operated by Mikey and from two thousand one until October of this year. Mary a breakout track star. Twenty thirteen world champions ships says she broke five bones Mr period for three years at suicidal thoughts doodoo disorder eating. She developed under a birtles extreme. Strange training methods Nine former Nike Oregon Project members were contacted about the culture under a borough and validate. Mary's claims former team members. Now describe the program. In retrospect as a cope now leaders from the Anti doping world and even birtles defacto successor is. Coach are calling for a third party investigation of the Nike Oregon Project. Now Mind you. This is pretty much this pretty much. This story came on the heels of Mark Parker Ruins selfishly yell so right just strategy contact of course. Alberto Denies Most of Mary's as allegations looming. What else is saying that? Her parents were deeply involved with her training during her time with the team Bertel even says that he consulted with Murray's father who was a medical doctor or medications and supplements that she used a burglar denies giving encouraging or suggesting that any athlete take any banned substances He continues to dispute Mary's account retreatment by Nike Oregon Project Coaches and staff while acknowledging that he may have made some inappropriate comments while apologizing for those inappropriate. Comments are Berta continue to dispute the notion that any athletes suffering any abuse or gender discrimination Wa Wall performing for the Nike Oregon Projects. Would you say inappropriate daily. That was not abusive. Would you call it He went on to say that his athletes were encouraging. Or uh-huh. Sorry he went on to say that his athletes were encouraged to achieve their target training weight and performance wait for peak performance while maintaining an overall good well-being who will Mary lost period because of her disordered eating and sought medical assistance for. It are Bertel burt so a doctor who do not treat the underlying hang issue during April Twenty Fifteen Murray says that Birdsall received her father's permission to bring her to a physician for a checkup now. Why is brutal ticket hurts? Surfacing in our father I don't know sounds weird to me. A BERTA was in the room. What was he in the room? Why is he in the room with his fifteen year old girl Brussels in Iran with Mary during her appointment Murray says she did not undergo any full physical examination was given his physician? Sample Birth Control Appeals. That are Bertel to her. will cause her to lose waterway and Gary Period Back Thou Muster Murray tell her parents about the medication they are not to take any which. Why weren't you WANNA see? I think parents too trusting of anybody nowadays. May We learnt that now. Are Kelly documentary. You would think right Let's see our virtual even wrote directions on the box. Okay so the doctor prescribed. Is You something but your coach rights further directions on the show like what he's not a doctor. Why don't you to take four right? We'll lose extra way right Was Murray has retained to this day but has never open so she stood out. She got the receipts. She got the evidence I guess. He's does the boxer. He wrote the directors on during the twenty fifteen indoor track and field session or seasonal. Sorry Dr Charles Kane. Mary's Father Complaints Roberto about the way he discussed gust is daughters. Wait with her Alberto Kazan's that he was never told by Mary. Our parents his discussions are her weight were abusive and that he has a lot of frank. Discussions about way with all athletes leads. Both men and women in a statement are brutal said at the Nike Oregon Projects Support Staff included in the Tristesse and a sports psychologist. Here's the kicker but there appears to have been no licensed nutritionist. I- psychologist on staff. And I gotTa tell you that as a huge difference because I know as Trish in I get tired tired of hearing people talking about well. I've done electrical work for years. Okay that's like saying I driven on the road for years but guess what you get pulled over about a believes and you know license. You're probably GONNA get arrested right. There's a reason we have a license because that determines whether or not you have the skill set to do this professionally just getting away with it for X.. Amount of years doesn't mean that you're actually good at what you say you're good at. It just means you got away with doing it. Well Ten thousand hours Sali's count for certificate. Typically well you have excellent hours to get like Trish. I think I have to have like eight thousand dollars suit you know I went through an apprenticeship at one so It does annoy me. I had to shut okay real quick. I don't want to take over this story but I had to shut down one. Do I was working on wearing guy. He was intimidated. 'cause I was only there with a license and I was younger now. And he's talking were all he would just go out his way to talk about his experience is if I cared or anybody else care and he kept making it a point to talk about it. Okay see the difference between me you is. This is your ceiling and this is my Florida. This is the worst like Basel we do. This is the best you could possibly do. It is all based on the license right and so he kept Turpin Autho inspector desperate to came in there and basically reiterated what I said and from that point on I. I had such cushy treatment because in order for them to do any electrical work done through me again license in Austin so uh and not to mention he put a four eighty panel under of those known a League every time it rains is say thirty years of experience tells you to put the forty generator. Forty panel is four hundred eighty volts. So okay yeah I would damage us. He pulled four hundred eighty volts underwater. You Ain't got an attrition to kind of figure out what happens next so what happens next boom one day. It was raining. Him and other people are like running late as a fire. They got tarps in hand trying to cover this because water is pouring love it so under once again. He didn't have his ten thousand hours in apparently Anyway getting back to the story There have been no license. Attrition is or a psychologist on staff Nike claims that they aren't aware of any specific staff. Ethelbert Roberto referenced. Okay this is your project though. How are you not aware of anybody? Should keep tabs on is you is your project. It is Nike's name on this project. You can't just leave it to our Burto to run this thing and then when it goes to shit like what we didn't know you don't get to act ignorant you don't get the claim like we didn't know as a defense like you're supposed to know anyway Bertel name three three experts that he said were available to athletes as resources. Mary does not recall working with any of these specialists and may two thousand fifteen. Mary spiraled into depression self of harm. She has struggled in a fifty hundred meter race at Occidental College. An are burchell wait. Same Term Front of other participants after the race. That same. Might Mary informed Alberto internationally. Renou sports performance coach. Darren treasure that she was cutting herself and yet they both ignore this cry for help. Dairy was referenced in media reports as the team. Sports psychologists in two thousand thirteen sports illustrated profile follow Mary. Dairy was also cited as the team's residents sports psychologists who sat in her interview. Why are people sitting in on Doctor's appointments in interviews besides appearances beyond me but anyway even on the now defunct mackey Oregon Project website? There's page was once title. Darren Treasurer. PhD Sports Sports Psychologists so this do just giving themselves fucking degrees and licenses that he doesn't have during Treasury. It's not a licensed psychologist the very next sentence. Maybe it was Honorary Degree University of Phoenix and his pajamas. Most former Nike order project athletes discovered there was not a license was not licensed as a psychologist only after leaving. The team Nike mackey says that they have no knowledge of any previous concerns raised by Oregon project athletes regarding dairy who remains as Mikey's the mental performance coach. Why is he still there still there? He lied to. You already told me. He was a licensed seasons psychologists undefined. He wasn't or at least he allowed you to believe that he was without ever. You know correcting that assumption Monkey just want to be sued that's tells me Dairy tired of some scattered Ayla. Hello Darren has resorted to using semantics as a defense saying that psychologists term associated with the State Lake State licensed practitioner. I've never been or practice as a licensed psychologist. There's no such thing as licensed psychologist motherfucker. Is there a licensed psychologist. It is that license you know and if there is you don't have one quick bullshit and trying to act like they're semantics to be played here either you have a license doman civilised inside the one or the other guy stupid okay anyway. He goes on his always referred athletes to the appropriate professionals. When issues news of counselling or clinical nature arose? That were begun my training. Well why the fuck do we need Jew then we gotta send them. If I got a similar to a professional national who is licensed. Why are you? Why don't we just bring that person in in the first place what? Why don't we make things simple heart? Why don't we take Grade School Algebra and turn it into college calculus? Why should it feels like why this is so simple? Like if I'm Nike Nike. Okay one you give us a list of people that's going to be in your staff will do a background background. Check ain't no it doesn't check out. Okay we're going to step in and we're gonNA bring in our own people see also was see I was. I literally just read the story for the second time and I came up with that and like what two seconds seconds and yet. They're getting paid millions of dollars. Maybe I missed a lot of money to make decisions. That had a hard time trying to figure out whether whether or not we should pay the guy who pretended to be a licensed psychologist or actually get an actual licensed psychologist. That he's sending them to anyway because it's going out of scope because he doesn't have the fuck he's doing imagine a contracting to come remodel your the house this is outside go. We're going to higher electricity. We got a higher special contract was licensed to come in and handed us. There's also let's go. What the fuck you for? Why are you here? Get Your Shit and go to ask you to come. Do some of their school work for me. I've Elisas I know what I'm doing. I'm not trying to pay extra poll permits and deal with the city and X Y and z though someone that can do something the house burns down and you'll get that assurance and they ask you all those questions and you don't get the money because you didn't go through auto steps the glad that you did. I tell people all the time. Did you get what you pay for allegory with that skill Labour energy. And there's a reason for that. So I got Mediocre Crib Comedia- okafor Bloomfield hills walls crooked and shit he still bring him over smashing very good. I know the marble floors ores are starting to crack and Talk Shit Outta here get Outta here would you say to the walls. Are Cookie get crooked. I seen a mouse in there before its ads ads and cut it up. Thirteen hundred square feet and my mansion. That's just that's just a wing of the house. That's not even counting the whole house The Dilemma Emma. Mary says that Darren didn't refer to the outside appropriate help. She said that when she told him about her cutting in yourself he left to struggle through it alone. You're right there. This isn't the only complaint for Elliot had about Darren. They have said that a Bertel one at every team member to work closely with their in some cases there will be the last person that athletes was before stepping on the track and intern. There were this share private conversations. Yeah Yeah with them to our BERTA. If there's thick sneaker head chicks who feel the need to talk I mean we give him our hotline number. I'll talk to them if serenity just giving you an instagram legal It'll be a fun episode championship for Nutritional Needs. Mary says she worked with Colleen Glide. I Julia who has a PhD in health and Behavioral Sciences has worked in the University of Colorado Denver's Department of Medicine but she is not assert. She's not a certified nutritionist. PhD in a bunch of sheets. That does not fuck you. Matter when the constant attrition why is he there. I have a licensed electrician. You're not gonNA come in. I'm not a plumber. I'm not a fucking millwright. I'm not a whatever else carpenter. Cataldo could once again. I'm not he now license. WH- thing though a license and one thing does not mean that it it relates to another like license to drive drive a high low. Exactly exactly. That's my point. That is the very plano who do h fact so. We'll still do like electricity work and they should. They don't know Shit. They know just enough to get your furnace going. Yeah sounds about right. Band is Celestino. He ain't got no he and that's all right that's why he's every morning while my fingers blue cry because you didn't hire a real interest to Mackie's understanding that she was just a consultant. What's again the passenger off as a consultant and on the Oregon Project But in but they're having her actors of notre she's a nutritionist. And the summer of two thousand thirteen colleen contacted contacted Mary her father. Dr Charles Saying that Nike Oregon Project Staff members like her to do in the traditional assessment. Mary's father approved and was copied on emails between tween Marianne Carleen that included diet and nutritional advice colleen never presented herself to the case as a nutritionist. But she never says she wasn't either that the Charles says has he was under the impression that Kali was properly certified to perform an attritional assessment providers daughter with nutritional advice. He said that he didn't do a background check on anyone because he believed that because they were working under the umbrella of Nike that there were going to be what they were presented as. which what anybody would assume but apparently you? You should not assume that Nike or anybody else. I love the regarding anybody else on sound like now I do not fuck this up right. They couldn't wait to read the story. Really let me read it in July Hit the James Bond shop to get those cameras. Were my Last Sunday because they work for Nike that they will be properly background checks so he would not do it so After the release of Mary's video out there former Nike Oregon project athletes provided the own accounts of birtles does weight loss of session Canadian. Marathoner Cam. Levin's who trained with the borough from twenty three to twenty seventeen confirmed on instagram at the coaches were obsessed with Mary's weight loss and the apologize. Not Speaking out. Great Knowledge Glad you could make it to instagram. Michelle Story Olympia they thin written written high. Who Wrath for Brito from two thousand nine to twenty fourteen shirt a condo with Mary where she trained in parts of the Utah's highschool? Where's your father in it like once again? Where are your parents at Mary Costs Stilling Day. Cliff bars to sneak away her own because she was afraid to eat them in front of Roberto. The unhealthy culture and Nike Oregon. Nike's Oregon Project was allegedly in place before Mary joined the team. Amy Yoder Begley Computer for the United States and the ten thousand meter two thousand meters at the twenty eight two thousand eight Olympics in Beijing and trained under a Bertone to twenty eleven when amy now so decision to leave the team. She initially planned injuries. And differing views. With Alberto I had a on how to rehabilitate from now Following Mary Story Tamie now says that. She was kicked out of the Nike Oregon Project. Amy says that she was that she was too fat and had the biggest but on the starting line graph when he says that she cannot get right. Then thank you need the. Irs is fat coaches or something to see the girl on Latino assets to family honestly About to get a negative review you while amy says that she cannot publicly comment comment about the USDA's investigation into a brutal. Because he did not personally. Witness are take part in any of the violations nations that he's accused of But that she'd be at first hand experience with what Mary described her update Keurig router recall the a two thousand and eight. US Olympic track and field trials in park city. And remember our Bertel Tale telling amy that she had no shot and that she was too fat. CARAS husband Edmund was also president. What does this do you talk to my wife? That's the way we're going to have some problems. I'M GONNA get a gold medal for breaking face so let me see well. He's he's. He was also present to Angie was fat. And so you just listen to this cares. Husband was also president and witness the repeated criticism character that they they were hung up or her but our Bertha was obsessed with the fact that hung out of resorts. Yeah I need a visual We're worse I'm blaming sees for this one immature dusing here reading on an episode dating. Now we're talking about ass hanging out short it's data recalls similar conversations between coaches about amy. He said that they will joke about Hamas wasted gay Nathan saying that very successful but as you're still vulnerable honorable to ridicule and criticism like that Steve. Men is an assistant coach under Roberto from twenty seven and two thousand twelve also confirmed amy's account. I love all these dudes with there and nobody said anything. All these coaches are training during a breaker down not for the actual supposedly. I didn't catch what. She's an athlete. What she play? I don't even know anymore. Yeah that's that's all I know that's the biggest thing I know about. Amy colley volleyball or something. Steve recently review records and founded Amy's Betty Betty Body fat percentage was eleven point one using a hydro static method or twelve point four using scam calibers which he estimates is around the lowest women can go without impacting her health. Steve also remembers Burto. Saying something about amy like her ass was hanging out of of the state says that birth. So amy that he was done he was done with her and that he was tired of fighting the way issue amy counter by saying she. Dan gained any weight birth reply that he didn't care were away. said he knew that she had gotten bigger. St This says it was followed up with a bizarre conversation about about amy's jeans size and if it had gone up because our but was bigger there's a lot of Zimmerman. Steve also caught hearing similar comments. When Cara Gouge it was returning from pregnancy? Steve says that a Bertel will comment on the size of her breasts in front of other people and in practice Cara her husband. Adam confront these comments Adam. What the A fucking you don't WanNa talk about? What's again I would have to go out? got a gold medal and kicking his ass right in. Yeah it would have been an event just because the Aspen would have been so thorough that the Olympic had no choice but to Hammy. Somebody's GonNa look like an Olympic Olympic style as Labor Shit really say in September the US Anti Doping Agency Band Roberto from track and field for four years years after finding that among other things he had traffic and too strong a borough assess filed an appeal with the Court of Arbitration for Sport. The following only month Nike's shudder the Oregon Project Roberto's former Assistant Pete. Julia will continue to coach some four former organ project athletes. Pete was an assistant with the team during me Mary's tenure. Mary says that Pete was present for many of the same comments from Roberto and does not believe Pete is fit to coach in the future which I would agree the stand there and listen to Nash Not Satan. After winning. Mary Story said upon reflection. If you go back in time hill to do something different or more supportive which most people say Africa for their part. Nike's making some leadership changes. Wow allows that number styler Although they denied the top to the scandal involving a bird on the Oregon Project Mark Parker stepped out stepped on January succeeded by Nike Board member and service now. CEO CEO John Donohue Catches and Steve Magnusson. They have not been contacted by Nike and regards that. A reason allegations made by Mary Kane. Amy Yoder Begley. They thin whatever whatever his name was and Cam. Levin's contacted Nike Antonio Investigation underway. Maria's calling on Nike to open a cell phone outside of education whereby Nike would commit to turning over all all the emails between Nike Employees Members of the Nike Oregon Oregon Project members and outside doctors or consultants are former athletes and coaches content about sports illustrated the story so that they'd be willing to cooperate with an outside investigator into the Nike Oregon. Project in a statement Nike. Alberto have both noted that might Mary had had expressed interest in rejoining the Oregon project as recently as the spring so trying to put it back on her and make his not that big of a deal. I think as messed has done that was pretty much a deep thorough stories about the rest of the show. I didn't realize it won't be that long but Once again it just goes to show their like Nike is not impervious to Shiva other razz. Find themselves into under armor. Half the party's Adidas is apparently racist in Portland and Nike has this year so not go under Armor Starts Donald. That's open one last Iraq before maybe we could take all the broken athletes from Nike to serve under armor for a signing bonus. Boy looked up all of these athletes in they they trashed are exactly the long distance runner item to the anyway. I'm not no dogs episode to forty one or two. I'm forty two I'm sorry to forty two And we won't be here next week but will be here the following week for two forty three so we won't be a best of yesterday. I didn't know there'll it'd be a best off the heads up you know we'll see you guys until we love you we up.

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