Spittin' Chiclets Episode 160: Featuring Rob Scuderi


Who everybody? Welcome to episode one hundred sixty of spitting chiklis presented by new after damn vodka. But say Hello to the gentlemen today. Let's go to biz. I this time out, and we're actually where are you? When the desert right now you travel on north of the border. All lock up your daughters at wives where I got a nice hot day tonight to Vancouver. British Columbia heard of it. All you. Love you longtime up there now. By the way, I want to thank her for coming on. She got a little bit of a chick. Let's bump boys. She's gained about five five thousand Instagram followers, as I asked for people to be somewhat respectful comments you under page. Some people might have missed that part after we had our nice interview with her. So as I said if you do follow her on Instagram, just please be respectful. She's a nice young lady. I had a great time with her about six seven years ago, a crazy situation happen, and we just thought maybe we share it with you guys. So I got a lot more crazy stories that came from. We'll have to tell the Bibi Jones on in coming up here weeks. Bibi. Jones low eskimo brothers would grog next up boy with dog with a sunny sunny ocean behind looking good there, brother. How are you? Yeah. It's great to be here. Still. I'm still here. In case. You guys are wondering. Little bit issue today. I'll just go into that a little later. I don't want us. You know, just tell the story right now. But on all tell it now fuck that. Let's hear it new. I want it snort snorkel snorkel in things norcal. We're gonna go snorkeling. I wanna go snorkeling. Yeah. Honey, Huckle snorkeling and rioting. All right. He's fifteen months old sometimes he's pissed off. He just wants to walk around the whole time. Like so looking around the snorkeling trips store contracts. Well, there's thirty there's twenty five to thirty people on the boat. It's four hours. I'm like, listen. I can't do that. If I wanna go after two hours knows. I mean, I I don't know how long I'm gonna wanna snorkel. I'm good at it. I'm really good at breeding through that thing. I did it when I was younger. But who knows I don't want to necessarily go for three hours. It's the third largest or best reef in the world behind Australia nano somewhere else. Maybe our teen. Are they on the water either way? So we go, and I finally figured out we go to talk to the guy what about a private private boat body. Yeah. Then we can go in when we was. Yeah. A private bomas thirteen hundred dollars. I'm like, are you kidding me? Thirty dollars in by the way, I'm like, whatever like, you know, I'll just go an extra shift at NHL network cover, this, whatever we'll go have a good time ended up paying it ends up being with tax even more. It's pathetic to even admit what happens we go out. There rider starts crying immediately. I'm talking screaming streaming crime. We'll get twenty five minutes on my way. Where's this reef? It's twenty five minutes away. Don't understand far away. This can be finally we get the stream and all of a sudden she gets she gets her. You know, she starts feeling sick too. Rough water I jumped in the water for five seconds. I saw. The sunniest most beautiful ocean along with these incredibly colored fish there was a black fish with like, oh like blue like florescent blue along the side. It was the most incredible five sex. You don't happen. We leave. We were out there for thirty five minutes cost me like fifteen hundred dollars six hundred dollars. The biggest waste of the day. You know, she says driving in still sick to do. These will be like some funding for you to talk about checklists. Yeah. Thanks a lot. I'm looking to pay all to have stuff to talk about chickens. I got plenty to talk about to make these try to laugh, so this whole days been a little bit of a disaster. But after this, you know, what I'm going to go to the golf course tomorrow. I have the NCWA games, and I'm happy as picking shit. I would've give you more bang for your buck for that bucking money. Oh, didn't even have. So she's like can I get a life vest life. I jump in six feet deep while you wearing a life vest, nor you always on do they give one of those survival kit. Like, if you're gonna be in the water for twenty days trying to survive one of those you can't even get horizontal with this frigging life's vest. The she tries go at three feet now is at our stomach hurt. It was just all she wrote. You know, whatever I'm not gonna keep bringing it up. So you saw one one fish, and that was profession one over them back with blue on the side. It was sixteen. It was black. It was like getting it was like a matted black Escalade. So let's let's play a little contest with our followers. Let's see if they can send you the fish that. They think that you saw at the Google search and find it because you probably don't know the name of that fish, correct? No, no, no. But like Turkson Keiko's area water's really bright, and it's black with a very fluorescent color on its side. All right. Let's see maybe people know, they're fishes who are listening, and I'm interested to see what you saw for fifteen hundred dollars. So. Sorry about your luck wit. But so we just got to work harder on the podcast you for your next to add this up snuck onto the alternate road game. Once you see another fish are shock, you realize how fucking vulnerably water last, but not least out produce producer mighty Grenell. Mike you had some fun with the boys Tuesday night. Little Boston at the Cali. Bruins spank, Frankie Borelli in the aisles five nothing. But like a pretty festive time Philipson one my rent on the game. So that was pretty cool to start and. Yeah, it was nice going into Frankie's barn and just spending them over and spanking him. I mean, it was it was all Bruins fans in there. I mean, the whole argument that the call is a hard place to play with singlehandedly disproved last night. It was all Bruins fans. I saw more McEvoy jerseys than anyone. It's a tough look for the for the islanders and their fans because I feel like they can only rise to the occasion when they're either playing against Crosby and the penguins or the fact that Taveras made his return because cause Avery made a comment to Borelli about how when they would play the Rangers. Rangers fans we'd go in there and take over. Well, that's a fact because they played Boston. Boston fans had a Bruins chant going and Dave post about it was legit probably with like five or six minutes left. Let's go. Bruins Shan started in it radiated, the place the whole place was Shannon. It the whole section in front of us was wearing Brune jerseys. Geez. At the tough look for Borelli. And then you gotta chocolate and other point up for Avery. 'cause he was I think Borelli shun that comment. He was like that's not true. Yeah. That's confirmation that for sure Rangers fans took it over if Bruins able to go in there and do it. Hey, shadow to the Pirelli's though, the Bradley's they had a staff for before the game. And after the game mister Baileys restaurant. It's unbelievable that guy. Is unbelievable fantastic Italian food. They did barstool radio. There's well serving pink Whitney's new Amsterdam. And it was a it was a good time. Yeah. I mean, it's a dump you can say what you want it. Cool cool viewing experience at the game. We go into the dump good for the restaurant to be nearby. And the thing about Frank is every every every game every game. Biggest game of the biggest game of my life. Like two games. You're lucky. There's probably going to be more than aids or this year. Just take real figure out every gave talk so much shit. Every game is the be all end. All you just got waxed at home. Bruins fans chanting. Go Bruins go. We want it. Another awful Bruins chant that I've heard we want it it being the cop. If they did that Nassau costing pathetic either way the islanders there might call. They're going to get worked over in the first round it's been a very special year. But they can't score. They can't play offense with these other teams like these are gonna ask you or I don't know if you were going to save it for later, but the char on Martin fight you gotta tip your tap to Martin going up against chara chara. I mean kind of leads into McGregor. Her conversation. He fucking buckled them in and Martin's. No, no, easy pushover. Literally, my next note visits funniest said that Z verse Matt Martin I thought what was really great. It was is e had some major praise for Martin after the game. He talked about them in the view. It's a good clip. We can re tweet it from the chip what's he said. I respect them. He's obviously been the league for a long time tough as nails. He's doing his job for his team. Great job by Jared, had some great things to save just about mine and told career with these dining how you know. It's a it's a dying out right now. And it was a hell of a scrap you. I mean, you gotta have two major balls step in verse Jaro on the ice like that. And I did it actually did kind of feed into a McGregor. Rowzee biz free-for-all chat. We had was actually just going to say up. I was sitting next to fight Oberg during the game. And he pointed out that Martin's wife to me, Sydney Assias or his field gorgeous, girl, but her face when when he was fighting Dana chara was like it was like out of a movie she the girl when the guy was the mountain. Yes, ain't exactly exactly you're like, you know, this dude shouldn't be fighting this human being like, he's a monster. He's the mountain. The shadow to takes a lot of balls. And and you know, it's nice that he was commenting his career and how he's he's kind of had some long jeopardy considering fighting's been been been slowly. How would you say that being dying only in the way of the dodo? Sorry. I can put a thought together they're shocker what else is new but case so quickly to go back to the Gregor in in char thing, I've been taking some heat online for it. Listen, whatever McGregor might win the fight. Fuck. But don't tell me it's going to be a good fight fever saying that Gregor would end in like two minutes where it's just like, man. This guy's got a wrestling background. He's an incredible shape. He's got ten inches in height out. Imagine his arm length is probably similar to that and fucking he outweighs and by ninety pounds. So I don't know. I I think I'm picking chara. I don't think jars got a winning mentalities fucking. He can flip that switch. I'm picking Charles day. And yes McGregor could get. It inside and somehow pull some sort of arm bar, whatever those guys the animals do if Charles to grab him by his left hand, he's one hundred thirty five pounds shower did thirty poll ups at training camp. When you're in the Bruins, I'm talking armed Schori. None of the Bank stuff where like they trainers backing day. One one one no straight are thirty. He's two hundred sixty five pound in his arms, are I can't imagine. How long there what does that your when you do your arm spent same thing as your height? Right. So the guy is machine if you were to grab McGregor and string them out with his left hand, and then drilling with the right? Everything's over. So it's the weight issue. I'm not saying it'd be impossible. But yeah, I'm guessing Charleston enormous favourite if they were meeting barn Faneuil brawl but nonetheless, enemy fans don't wanna hear it. So let's just put it to rest. It was one thing. I wish I thought last show, but is old clip from a movie, it's Bruce Lee versus Kareem Abdul Jabbar. It's I I'm not sure his game death. One of the one of the great, Bruce Lee. But he swears off a cream, it's karate style. But it's pretty cool because it kind of ties with obviously was a movie it wasn't a legit fight. I on one of the quick note, by the way, Frankie Braley the island has last one nineteen eighty four not nineteen Eighty-three might wanna might wanna know that if you're soup offend that. You didn't know their last title. He said, well, he was on the block. Eighty four maybe three it's like. I said a very tough book blurry memory. I can I'll give he said eighty four base. If you're diehard fan. These people who sleep in the pajamas like Taveras, the people who get like a new Cousy every year their team, you know, the last year title. Of course, he thought I was trying to get them better for the dough because we've been ragging on him in the islanders a little bit this episode. So I was just trying to maybe neutralize it. But a fuck them just happens when when's Borelli man, he just gets. He gets torched enough of the aisles Bruins shit. We got a little over two weeks left on the schedule on this still three divisions up in the air. But the Champa Bay Lightning already wrapped up ninety did division, but the presidents trophy. It's the first I and franchise history for them when they beat the biz they beat the oats for the one in the Gulf Coast Monday night. Obviously the team is proud of the accomplishment as they should be. But it's worth noting that sense two thousand five only two Presidents Cup winners have gone on to win the Stanley Cup. The twenty thirteen Blackhawks and the two thousand eight Redwings both of those scar. Memories for a couple. Members of this podcast. The lightning still has a shot at the all time points record would need to finish off winning eight of nine ninety six wings. Did not win the Cup finish that one hundred thirty one points. That's the record is shooting flaw. Tampa could also catch the same Detroit team for most wins in the season Detroit when sixty two that yet apparently has fifty six wins with nine go. Would you gotta say what one great job ouray, very smooth, very smooth shit that second thing we've said all your that. We really haven't talked about them that much because of how good they bet. It's like what do you keep saying week after week? I mean, I to me that makes sense. But talking about those those stats you just gave him. Well, those numbers in there scenario that they're it's it's incredible. And I think that I love my bet. I love my bed that I'm doing the Stanley Cup earlier. I believe I thought it seven to one it might be six to one it could be eight to one. I think I'm imagining the eight maybe six who knows either way. They look great. Ironically, enough people say, we're biased. I'm not even a Bruins fan people. No. I love the penguins. The Bruins probably could have the best chance of any team in the league beating them. I don't know like for some reason that matchup yet glass year they won one game and then got worked over. But they are just so good Tampa. They're so deep there so fast. Stamkos is breaking records. Koutros breaking records are teams breaking records. So they're the favorite one of the biggest favorites you've you've ever seen going into the Stanley Cup playoffs. But for some reason, I look at everyone struggling than possibly the Bruins being able to give them a series, though, this relies on to absolutely bringing in kicking them out left, and right, but right now, they're the overwhelming favorite. And you gotta just give him. Congrats kudos because a lot of those guys aren't even making that much money. When you look around the league at the other sellers are questioned you guys know what the bonuses from the league for one of the presidents trophy is at two hundred and fifty K guy. No. Is it each of them? Get a bonus. Or at least dude way more than the soup than than the than the Cup bonus. Okay. So okay, my bad. I was I was asking the question. All I didn't even know. Oh, I didn't even know they got one. But I I mean, I'm acting like I'm shirts not to fifty. But I didn't even know they got one. Yeah. I believe there's a bonus unless they took it out in the last CBA, but I know some guys have gotten them in in recent memory, first of all it's go back to that game coyotes out shot them twenty nine to twenty four so very lucky for the Tampa Bay Lightning. Whatever stammer gets the record the guy does even though it colored debut wants on a stick like is it does he really get the hold the record. Ouch, biz kosher referred to in the same game friend of the show twenty twenty nine year old Steven stamkos still young past any locale for most goals in Tampa franchise history with his three hundred eighty fourth wasn't one of his patented one time is but a nice little tip. I'll front ahead this. Yeah. Accident tip as I mentioned us probably confused in front of the net. Just like years when he's trying to tape his stick. But coyotes won fifty six percent of the faceoff sake. Dominated him all over the ice. Tampa bands of win that game four one coyotes beat them seven one at home so win the season series. If they meet in the Stanley Cup finals, I say coyotes and five so that's pretty much. All I got to say about that. But on a serious note. Congratulations Steven stamkos in the Tampa Bay Lightning. Holy shit. Those guys are ridiculous like coyotes paid out of their minds, and it was it was four one. So they are going to be very difficult to be. I think that Boston and Tampa conference final would be electric is that even possible. No, no fuck. See that listen that gets back to the deploy format. It's not even get back as people we're gonna be we're gonna be mad swearing at their radios right now or their iphones on one thing. I kinda wanted to discuss and this is going away from what we had planned was how do you guys feel about changing the point system to three for irregular? Regulation win to for overtime win in of course, one for overtime loss. I think that would just to me if you win a game and regulation should be more valuable, and and they try to they try to do the point system right now to keep things close. I actually think that it would allow a team whose navy back. You know, eight points with ten remaining to actually have a chance to come back because if you're giving more if you're rewarding teams to win and regulation, they're going to go for it. So they would actually have a chance to run the table and catch team 'cause like some teams like just hang on for the point and regular season towards the end these three point game. I mean, what if you? So what if you didn't even need the three and you went to for a regulation overtime? Shootout win sorry to regulation win one fern overtime shootout win. And the loser gets nothing for. Yeah. I think that would alternate Louis B. I like the three to one set up just because I feel like if you go all the way to the end of shootout, you deserve a point. So that's yeah. So whatever I mean, I'm not here to argue your point about the I just think regulation wins should be worth three points. There's gotta be more value in that than than winning shootout. Well, there is a little bit. They have the regular the w but that includes overtime, so the regulation and the overtime wins. They do matter more. But that's only tiebreaker scenarios, you're right. Right. Even that wouldn't really bring some food for thought. Or what do you think about euro style? I just going to say, I think that's very similar to shocker I think they reward you more for the actual when I sound off the top ahead headed sounds like a good idea biz. But I know what you see with these things when you poke around a little this seems to be some detriment somewhere along the line. But yeah, I I don't know. I don't have as much of an issue with the points right now. I like the shootout I just seems like people always wanna take with the point system. But yeah, I I don't know if they're gonna do anything for it actually did not we just had to GM meetings. There's no plans anything points going forward. So I think what they like about it. As far as league standpoint is keeps more teams in the race longer smells more tickets, which if it's a business, I agree with that. I just think from from a team. And point. And and in for some teams who get hot late who aren't that far behind? It is hard to make up ground. They mean, if you're five points out with ten games remaining, you gotta win fucking eight or nine games. And then hope some teams are going less than five hundred. So you know, I mean people are gonna probably kill me on my math. But. Notice anything bad. But I wasn't really listening match. Yo. Going back to stamkos real quick. I video caveat. Once again released a nice statement through the team. But he said that he knew the record was gonna fall the first time he saw stamkos take a one time in practice like how long ago ten twelve years ago. He said I time each time. That's it. My records getting broken. I thought that was interesting stamp goes also set the record in his seven hundred thirty seventh game in his eleven season. Three fewer seasons almost three hundred games than any average in point five two goals per game Correa stamp goes. And it's a six season with at least thirty talks, you know, we had a couple injuries a few years ago. So it's nice to see him get a swag back and break the record. Stamkos. Also the first time. I met him. He's got swagger. I mean, I met him in Vail. I actually met him at the golf course. I think I'm talking Nike shirt. And I keep belt. He looks like is this guy Nike rep from the tour of any looked, you know, he's suddenly something about him busy. I know you've met him you hung out with them. But I also thought it was interesting to hear him say one of the people. That really helped him the most. I think he's one of the people to one of the first to really believe in him. I'm assuming you met at the NHL because obviously it was a stud growing up, but he said rip talk it now, and that's pretty cool, and that kind of explains a lot into to phoenixes of Arizona success, excuse me. And that's why I keep bringing him up for coach of the year. If they get in the playoffs. I even with the Cooper stuff when we talked about that. But interesting quote by Sam to bring up a coach of an opposing team granted they were playing them. But just to show how much he appreciates talk its efforts in in kind of pumping them up wall. I believe when berry Melrose got fired early into stamkos is first season. I wanna say talk took over as head coach. I could be mistaken on that. But talking to such players coach he's gained some some big friendships with guys that he replaced allegory look him and Kesselman. They're like good buddies text all time another example of it is is Clayton Keller. He's you know, he's had a solid year end up making the all star game. But there was some spurts, you know, in his sophomore slump where. He would go a little stretchy games or he was struggling. And he he's he said he would text talk. If you'd say talk like you might sit down watching some video of me. That's like it. Maybe it's becoming more common now. But it wasn't that common back. Then we're there is that texting interaction between players and head coaches. So, you know. You know, he's he's the type of guy you want to run for wall through a wall for and you saw after he he broke the record. He actually pointed to talk, and he said, thank you in talk gave the nod and talk doesn't want the praise you know, he'll talk to him in the hallway after game. No tummy sticks. Talk. Hey, how times have changed? Scotty Bowman was having guys having the guy in the hotel guy. Sign a stick. If they're coming in after curfew, and that's how we find out. We've mentioned outside find out who's coming in late. It's gone from that getting a Bellman rat you out Iraq guys out for you to coach Texan a player to talk about watching watch clips. So that that's our our style. It spitting check. Let's get a little bit more the personality involved in. Hey and keep in mind man, like talk it had his experience with the head coaching in Tampa. He in fact, did take over that year for berry, Melrose. So he had berries nail rose head coach of a team that that's when Barry Melrose said that he goes, stamkos ain't ready. He can't play. And then and then he got fired. I think it was what like sixteen games into the season. I mean stamkos finished with twenty three goals, twenty three assists. I mean, a guy was eighteen years old step in the league and up those numbers. That's pretty good considering he was getting health bombed actually interesting. I don't know if we talked about this during the stamkos interview is. Stamkos first year. They would have him not play every game. They would have him sit out some games like wore out or some yet. They would make them work out because he was still fairly small. I mean, obviously, he's always had that speed, but he came out of Sarnia, very young, and because he was progressing so much towards like the last twenty games of the season talk. If finally guys like fucking need this guy in the lineup. Like, he's he's NHL player that he had two goals two nights ago and were playing against the penguins of can he play AB? So. Yeah. So come out there opus on the power play at the top of the circle. He no he stands there. Yeah. Yeah. That spot right over there. But no, but we kind of went on a bit of a stammer ramp. But you know, he's he's come a long way. And then and then shadowed, of course to Rick talk for helping these young guys owed in find their game at the NHL now. Well, deserved a stammer. Not also we had mentioned yet we bring on retired NHL defenseman rubs dairy and a little bit with what you played with actually guys played from a little bit. He's got some good goods bobby's the Scuds when Michelle tearing loved them so much. It wasn't Bobby ORR. Was Bobby Scuds Bobby Scuds before before we get there? You gotta tell story that he forgot to tell and it was involving rookie party and Sidney Crosby, and you told me afterward that he forgot tell it, and it is fucking hilarious. Yeah. I mean, it was I don't remember the place we're at I know we ended up at like, Nikki beach later that night. This was probably two thousand five maybe six Nikki beats is covered New York City. Yeah. But I mean, I don't know maybe baby. I'll get shipped for tone this story. But it was so God, they're funny that. We were. Forced to go up there rookies, and we're forced to kind of tell a joke. I don't know if it was tell us story or tell a joke either way to get up in front of the entire team. Luckily, we had seven rookies I've talked about this before I got lucky on the money Colby Armstrong. Erik christianson Sidney Crosby much others that aren't coming to my mind right now. But so we're telling her story and said gets up and turn to tell the story and our joke either way, and he's in the middle of it, and Johnny LeClair just the whole veteran east pry benefit of these things is a little bit readies crushing wind rep it on guys. But in the best possible pass best Basel wakes us me Johnny lack show to you. You know, I love you. He probably hates my guts. I used to drive in saying either way that's sides the point so SIDS telling his joker story, and Johnny. And he said store sucks actually, go sit in that bowl ice cream. And it says like what he's like, take your pants down and sitting bull ice cream. One of those big containers. Bowl of ice cream chocolate analogy scoops of ice must've been one hundred scoops in there as it says like all right? So she oh down come is is pants, boxers. Come down just sits in the bowl ice cream. I think this is kind of like, you know, a lot other conversations going on either way. It was funny. Very quick funny. Funny thing turns out about two hours. They're sitting next door because oh my God. Look at Scuds. Scuds is over there. Mouring down on this ice cream. Extrordinary clip, and he's crushing the ice cream. Their bodies added. Must've been. He's already said come back on those and other funny story from L L A that, but he'll he'll go into that story. I'm sure he'll. He must've been in the bathroom when he said that. And then he'd probably you know, he's just like oh fucking ice cream Scuds law kit. In villa being? Sidney Crosby bought whole hairs. Oh, sorry. A little extra Gruntal cheese on your fucking Sunday. As always nice, not sure if you call caught Louis van quick set down. It was a yeah. Tall. It sallies always on the show Louis Domingues post-game sellers. Have you seen them biz? When he gets up a little pocket bike. I don't they still call them pocket bikes. It's like a tiny little motorcycle. These fucking flying down the hallway with the players watts from the ice in full fucking goalie yet, man. It's always nice to have a backup that where he's a fun guy. Joking around the room, keeping it light. Especially the workload that he gets vez Leschi's. He's he's a beast. I mean, although he demanded step in this year when when? The foot injury. Yeah. So so credit to him and also wanna touch on the Celje shoe wit. Oh, no. I was just gonna say coming was like he Luigi and Mario Carter's bombing around on that thing. But it was pretty funny. I mean either way. I've been pretty impressed by that guy. I mean, he he struggled but before, but when he played this in front of a great team, but still some awesome numbers. So he's like the guy from the song movie as long as your backup is like a good guy and doesn't mind just take one off the neck early in practice on Tuesday morning. I saw bro. But it's not, you know, you don't hit flurry in the neck. You hit Louis demand. You don't invest skew get the main yo Louis are a what's the guy in the saw movie when he comes on little trike? And he's like do you wanna play a game show full confession? Bizarre. I never saw any of the saw movies. Yeah. Not not a huge hot modern HARA guy. Like, all I just I'm not a big modern HARA guy. Although this this guy dropped get out. I thought was very innovative in good. Some people didn't like it. But of course, that's how she goes on the drop in a new one insane. Does looks crazy. I get a call. It's called us. Yeah. Phenomenal did one and Oscar for writing. But yeah, it's called. It's a family there on vacation. But there's like another family carbon copy of them. And they haven't really revealed a lot in the trail other than it's real real creepy. I the initial reviews from Sundance said it's phenomenal the movies great, which interesting to all the actors have to play both roles like the regular role in this like you'll be out. So I'm looking forward to that is just mentioned Mario Luigi. Speaking of video games on much should guys the Carolina Hurricanes latest celebration. They did a little duck hunting after the game. Do see this wit. I saw you. Look, you looked like you didn't see it or something. It was it just two guys in like the McGuire stand ho bench doing it to just I saw the two guys in the penalty box. But then someone who's throwing the gloves out in the ice. Like as if they were the -ducted was shooting down. I don't know Don cherry might stroke out if he sees this. I'm really down without one and they're getting more innovative about it. There. A hundred percent as a as a hater of it. They're getting better and better. Now, I know. And then you're just here's what here's the thing. The duck hunting was a perfect example. They have the entire arena to us as terms of the big screen the noises, the the lights exactly all they have all the props to make this just like a full on perfect scenario in terms of like having to be able to you know, being able to show all this shit. So I know I just worded that like a complete RA move marbles in my mouth wit. But still you know, what I'm saying all that stuff. Makes it a lot cooler bay. They're gonna start signing guys. You never heard of who were like insult to Soleil. They're going to be putting on the show after the game coming down from the Jumbotron with that rope thing and. Oh, I thought I got a bigger laugh at you guys for that one. Keep it real busy. We don't. We don't do fake laughs on the show. Right biz. Help a brother. Oh, yeah. Goes around comes around. Speaking of the hurricanes. They've been a nice story this year, you know, even if he's driving some people grazie they're on track to make the playoffs for the first time in ten years. A a big if perhaps unheralded pound of that success has been Jordan stall is more of a defensive specialist, but we did water acknowledge you got his five hundred reappoint Saturday night in Raleigh with the goal. Verts? Buffalo two hundred thirteen goals, two hundred eighty seven assists in eight hundred eighty three games. You know, he's a guy who had some early success with the pens wanna cop joined his brother in Carolina thought they were gonna play for a long time. But only about three years signed had nice ten ten years sixty million dollars by what you played with stall in. Pittsburgh what kind of guys he liked kind of play was fine with great guy. Very friendly. Guy comes from a great family as Father Henri. Awesome. Dude. I mean busies one of the guys you'd ask about sewing the sperm. Let them dump one of my old lady fucking hours and the other one eighty handsome, Jack bastard, he's the guy who you just. He tell strong from farming. He's just like a naturally big boy. But that's kinda what stalled us he came in. He wasn't just wide Vicki's six to maybe six three. And he was able to play at eighteen years old nineteen year old season us able to play like shutdown against anyone. He could actually like physically nobody could really manhandle him from such such a young age. So he was ready for the NHL immediately and on rookie Aaron he's gone onto this have some great seasons. And I think you don't hear about him as much Eric by more talented offensively probably is more talented offensively in has had the success as some had some Socratic success in his career, but stalls -i if you look at him like he got traded in that big deal with Carolina. But since then they haven't moved him. I mean, it's like a guy that you don't hear about often. But it's so valuable to a team and off ice. He's just a really good person. So happy for him. And it's been it's been quite a run also for the hurricanes. They've lost five times in the last forty four days. I mean, that's that's a run that shows. This is a true legit playoff team. And I think that in the first round no matter who they play. It will be exciting. I think it'll be great hockey. Now, they're very exciting to watch quick stall story. We're in Pittsburgh win. I believe you were at the dinner. I've told the story I think once before on this podcast four of us. We went to the sushi spot in Pittsburgh. It's I remember. Yeah. Really nice it's expensive. While biz lose the credit card game. The meal was like seven hundred bucks. That's a big chink in the armor for a guy who's at that time played like six NHL games. And so I give my credit card over and stalls. The ends up getting goes, I gotta go to the bathroom in came back. And then the waitress brings over Mike card handed to me enhance him his that had been swiped. So he went and paid for the dinner knowing that that was going to hurt me for the seven hundred. So just a great guy. Keep in mind, he was younger than I was aegis started buying dune. So I I think it was his rookie year. So, you know, nice little signing bonus for him. We knew he was. Gonna be there. I think he hit every single bonus in his entry level contract that I was a stud really surprised how the way things ended in pit. I thought he would have been the perfect third-line center for them for you know, till the end of history, but you want to play with his Brown. Carolina in whatever great guy wish him. Well, and that's all I got to say about that. They pick up that tab salty show to me. Also, I think still the best sushi overhead. I've had a lot of places of added a lot of places around the world in OMI is the best. It was so good that Alexi kkob. Love when he was done on the Canadians yet, his pilot's license. He would fly down to have dinner there. I was told so somehow randomly ways see the best sushi ever gonna have. It's Berg Pennsylvania, would guess that the bird. Talking about other guys who hit some mocks Vancouver. Connect rookie feed on Elias Pederson assisted on Marcus gremlins gold Monday night versus Chicago in doing show. He set the rookie scoring record for the Vancouver franchise sixty I point eat bass, the failure might have heard of Pablo beret so far. The Pederson is twenty seven goals. Thirty four sist- off a sixty one points in sixty two games. It took beret sixty five games to get the sixty points. Brought best man Vancouver's kind of have this. Unreal. One two punch fiesta the biz we talked about and the other day. But it seems like he's going to be a guy. We're gonna be praising on this show for probably the next basically life of the show. I mean five ten twenty as a replay along plays what filthy shot water bug. He has at assassin mentality where he just he just goes and goes. He he's fun to watch. He's entertaining player. And all of a sudden overnight the the Vancouver Canucks. Have a superstar funny. How quick can happen. Actually. I went to have something before we go to Scuds. No just going to say you welcome everyone who could thanked me when I brought him up before the year. And a lotta pools have been changed around the fantasy hockey world. Thanks to me. Four. We throw it over to Scuds RA. I want to bring up a quick incident here the fake dump goal by Kevin Hayes. But he gave it a little neat kick. As if he was going to dump it in and aback the defense of an off. And sure enough he ended up kicking it to the outside the play went behind the net. And he ended up Baronet out front. Now this happened. I believe right near the opposing team's bench. And they're playing L A at the time. Now, if LA would have had a watch the fake punt guy on the bench Lizanne. Hey watch for the fake dumb guys. I my job in the NHL. I would have been telling our demand watch for the fake dump and that wouldn't have happened. They would've saved himself a goal so the LA kings. If you're looking for look over the fake, dump guy, you're looking at them. Yeah. He's taken song internationally in Winnipeg. I was impressed. I was impressed. I immediately. We had I tweet flying over it works. It works a fake dumping goal. And his funny stuff. I boys let's send it over to rob skit dairy for his take on his NHL Korea. This interview is brought to you by herbal active one hundred percent empty CBD. We've been talking about they have bombs that are great for sore muscles and joints. They have the drops which are taken by mouth that help boat for with anxiety depression. They helped me sleep the they help with my anxiousness. They're just great for internal swelling as well. I've mentioned this before on the podcast inflammation is the leading cause of disease. And I take these things every day. I've been staying up on them. I also have the men's that they sell those are great for situational issues. Where like, let's say you're you don't like flying. And you just you get a little spike innings -iety. Hey, take a couple of minutes. They have five milligrams of CBS each one. They chill you out. They have dog cat treats, which are which are amazing. So check out their site. It's herbal active dot com. That's you are be a L A C T IV dot com. You can go to their Instagram or Twitter. You can message them on either for any types of questions. You have for for things that you may be suffering from to see if they can help out in those areas. So once again, that's herbal active. You are be a L A C T IV, and you can find them at herbal active dot com, Instagram or Twitter, as I mentioned biz twenty promo code when you're checking out if you purchase something for twenty percent off. So we're gonna have a swipe up for you later this week love you guys and hopefully guys enjoy the center. We are now leased to be joined by longtime teammate and myself, very good friend a lifelong jets Mets loser fan, but a Stanley Cup champion not just once onto different organizations. Rob's, Gary, how are you? But thanks for coming on spitting chiklis podcast. I am very good. Thank you for having me. So what are you doing? Now. What's up these days? We're going to get to retirement. I before we go back. What is your day to day like? Since since returning from hockey, I guess I could call myself an intimate enthusiast. So just recycling cycling through bakery goods. And and seeing how they are and rating them as such. No, I'm I'm not doing much help Mike with my kids team and been doing a development role with an NCDC team. They play up in New England a lot, but you know, say eighteen to twenty wrong that are trying to find their way to college. You know, figure out the best situation for them and move on. So it's been fun. They're they're good kids to their funds worth. That's what it's all about. I'm wondering like you did used to tell me like I'm going to become a three hundred pounds when I retire. What are you? What are you waiting in that right now, and what is your workout schedule? Like are you ever in the gym? Yes, I am. You'd be very very disappointed to know that I have been so I would I would say, yeah. I work out. I I work at once a week with free weights. And then I do I do spin class, you know, time I crush it. Yeah. You those lower body those big fat quasi or you can just crush spin class. Well, it's the only thing that kept me in the league because my upper body wouldn't get me pissed hockey right now. Yeah. You do have one of the worst bodies I've ever seen in been played with us guides. You might be you might be a worse dresser than RA. Our other co host what what's going on with the old wardrobe these days, you it's great post retirement. Listen. Well, first of the great thing about not having a great body while you play is that you don't look that bad when you stop. Very true. Kept up. You're not really know. What my well. I was I was talking about this with some of the guys over the weekend. Some of the guys that say, hey, Scuds man looks like he would still play. And I'd say I'll take the compliment. Now. The only problem is they set that last couple of years like he looks like it's still plays. Like, no, I'm I'm I'm still playing. Yeah. Still getting paid. But as far as the wardrobe source of wardrobe goes. We all know that style of cyclical, and I'm just waiting for it to come back. And I'm a patient, man. Refers the genes do you have do you own right now? Probably the same too. I had a couple of years ago light and dark a light and dark suit. Actually, I can't I can't believe I forgot to bring this up right away. Scuds is just getting back from Pittsburgh where they celebrated the oh nine the ten year anniversary of the nine championship team. I got I got many tweets. I don't people were fucking with me. And they said w- it why aren't you back for this? I'm like God damn Chris Kunitz and he scored a fucking goal the night before against the penguins of the Blackhawks. He's just torturing souls. But how was it for you? I was it to see the group of guys you you got to win that first Cup with and does the city of Pittsburgh, still love its beer. Well, first of all awesome. Was I thought it was real nice of you organization. I'm not sure if every organization does that some type of reunion, but I know it gets me forever. When that we are real pre should've that the ownership group had us back and kind of onto team. Like, I said, I don't know if every organization does. But I thought it was very well done. And as we all appreciate it. The city of Fitchburg does love it's beer, and you know, was great to see everyone. Unfortunately. Now, if you guys could make it, but I did my best to pick up the slack for those guys not being around was skills e there. Yep. He he made the second night. He I think he was working first night. But he he came down the second night. So it's good to see him. So skills, these how Gill for those listening don't know skills, e is maybe even your us kind of your what was he was your, Robin? Or was he the Batman because you guys would like the dynamic duo who were killing off all those as you guys want that I make up and that's Berg. Batman, Robin is strong. We called ourselves bits and pieces because they had called me the peace at one point. He so we call those self bits and pieces, and that's how we got through the game. But you know, certainly, our styles would kinda strange that at that it worked, you know. Usually, you wouldn't see that. But you know, for some reason we just had some chemistry and kinda ran with it. So it was it was fun to see him. And certainly a lot of great memories. So a when you're when you're going back to that team. Like, I thought marketing right way. I hadn't thought him for everyone. I saw the picture some other guys like are you shooting the shit about like hockey or was it more? Just you're talking about what's going on. Now. Like, I'm sure the night took you in a bunch of different routes. It's it's it's always a bunch of different things. You know, certainly want to know what guys up to now at you know, how their kids are doing. You know, it's nice to see, you know, what everyone's you know, into their kids. Now, our kids are certainly on age. They're, you know, becoming more interesting and more involved with other things at it's always great to hear that that side of their family. Life is good. And then, you know, the the conversation always rotates around much like it doesn't allow room it. Just swings from you know, think thing and some guy will bring a funny topic or something happened and that rolls into three more stories or for more. Whatever it many, it is it just keeps going, and you have some laughs about it. But that's that's the great thing about getting together. Every once in a while, especially since you, don't necessarily remember everything or you weren't present for everything. And when you hear someone else's side of it or something else that happens makes it even more funny Scuds is a one guy who showed up you're like oh shit. I even forgot I forgot this guy was on the team. That was Scuds. Oh. I forget I was on. No, I you know, what you remembered everybody. So, you know. No concussion problems apparently yet. But the no it was good to see everybody. I remembered everyone so was was not it was not a big problem for tonight. Everyone should make it. But it was it was still good. Okay. So who was the one guy who showed up surprise was? There was a core there. No, no sick. He didn't make it. I think it was Sikora Talbot's do plea couldn't make it certainly the guys are playing like Jordan stall bookstore pick, Marc Andre Fleury. And you know, but the guys that are still on the team came to the to the little reception that we had after the game last night and Cooney was playing for the Blackhawks so he was able to to attend also. So you know, like, I said it was it was good to see everybody. But now there's I remembered everyone so it was it was good. That's weird. I played fifteen games at your for the team. I didn't. I think my invite got must have got lost on my Email up to the junk box or something. But then it's it's called an unvested all all that news at like, a millennial thing take gender this. Let's yeah. It's it's a Seinfeld jokes so past some people's, hey Scuds, did you ever get the chance to play with biz for you guys ever on the same team together? Yeah. Really? Yeah. Well, yeah. Well, we were. We were in pit. And then back when biz was giving himself from sizes. The table was too busy with guys. So he put some lotion on star rub down his quad. Like, I got I got a guys just rub himself down. No highway, not a high maintenance go. You know, what sometimes that lines long? And you know, you're at the bottom of the list. So you gotta gotta take matters into your own hands. You know, we we played we played on. I was you know, as your career is kinda come down to a close. But you don't feel like retiring because they're paying a good amount of money. We played in Ontario a bit and sixteen seventeen. Yup. We played the American League together. That's when he was strolling around and wool, suits. I thought it's like he got the a loss and found from the great depression, just sweating bullets. I was like a are you are you trying to get a role in boardwalk empire going West Hollywood. Call after this or what? I kit the night, I was never much of a closed or so I can't I can't say anything about the style. So I just I just sit there and smile and laugh about it. Because I as much as I. as much as I wish I could disagree. I just can't never thought close towards I thought it was Kevin Garnett straffed suit. I was like a have you down? Buttons on it. Steph on Marbury on barberry special and one baby come. It did make someone them for also for big prices in a few years now that they probably actually probably him where they came from. I probably put him back to the Salvation Army. Oh my God. Hey, dude. I'm wondering actually. How how how is like the celebrations for both your cups? Like, I never even talked to you about what you did for parties where they crazy. I mean, I know there was a lot of drinking. But what was that like? It was it's fun. I mean each each place a little different Pittsburgh. They they kinda they'd won the two cups before in ninety one ninety two in their in their heyday back then so not to take away from it. But you know, I think that it was we had a great parade. And you know, it would be like a different part every night. So we went to Maria's house right after the game Detroit. And that was you know, was a ton of fun. And we had a had a blast. And then the next night was like the downtown night where we took it to the south side of mariota's. And that was that was a ton of fun. I can't. And then we went back. Tomorrow's house like an official party where a lot of the family extended family members were invited. You know? He was always very gracious in that regard and always a lot of fun. You know as usual memories. Do they, you know get blurry with the consumption. You still Miller lite all time. Yeah. It's a use it as a supplement. I take fish oil and Mela. Way all the time. Scuds? We're going to have to bleep that out. We're a Budweiser podcast. I don't know if you know we kind of days is sponsored by Budweiser Canada. He doesn't okay? Well, I know. All right. Well, I mean, I like Budweiser to that. I don't discriminate we're gonna have to send you a case. And then from then on out you can use biz twenty promo code to get a twenty percent off discount on Budweiser. Hey, scott. Scuds? How's your how's your dad doing? I got a great story about Scott dad, whereas you ever told you this. No, how's he doing first off? He's doing well. He's still playing hockey three times a week in one hockey season's over they play. They play golf together. He's not he's doing. Well. He's hanging out do. Well. Awesome. So now, I'm sure people are aware this foreign to this interview Scuds, he just got that dry sense of humor. He can really bus balls at the best of them. So the first time that my my dad met Mr. Scuderi, it was when I joined the wilkes-barre team after my season it be you. So my dad goes to game. Mr. scenarios up to and he's like, hey, Dan, Wendy, yo what's going on Iran? What needs dad? Yeah. What's on shooting? Shake gives him a Pat on the back. Great to meet you dead. Great to meet ya my dad's. This guy was the nicest guy in the world, the best guy couldn't leave to talking to my dad just being so personal making them feel. Very welcome. You know, he doesn't know anyone. Finds out later Scuds his dad slap the sticker on my bad, my dad's back that said something ridiculous. Like, I'm a clown or something made them. That's why it's so nicely. Give the fact that mother fucker how long after out somebody peel it off his back. And so me as somebody put a stick on your back. That says you're a clown. That guy was just a nice guy even fucking. Is that is that the same trip? You're dead took a who's like taking a Basset two in the morning, and then and then when he tried he was on the bus. He was late to the bus the next day though, that was actually two separate dad's trips the one dad's trip he come home with all the the dads came home to thirty three in the morning. And at that time, they used to make a stay with our dads. Now, they're like smart enough to put the dads together. Give them their own room. You see your old man's huge Bush dad comes bombing two-thirty and he's allowed his ship. But being nice he wants to allow me to sleep. Thanks that only gonna NHL game tomorrow and goes in the bathroom. Reza's after they've all had twenty five years. He falls asleep reading his book. So he wakes up like four thirty or I wake up to an absolute smash bash of noise. He woke up and went to stand up, but his legs. More sleep is fast. We went crashing into the wall and ripped off the towel. It gets. Yeah. And then the other time was we we were both late to the boss, and he made the smart decision of going on the media bus. I was forced to get stared out by parents. He was the only dad on our those refund as though. No, they were good trips because the de generally broker few. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. You said you you drive your kids around sports, these these like soccer, parents hockey, parents are as crazy as everyone saying, and you must have a few things to say if they are. Yeah. I mean, there's some, you know, at the I guess the number one thing, you can say is you can't tell a crazy parent. What to do because they're freaking crazy. There's there's just nothing. You can do, you know? So you couldn't tell them look skating. Eight times a week is probably not the best thing for your seven year old. You're going to burn them out sent him to Russia. You know? Yeah. Yeah. Seriously. But you can't you know, you can't tell them what to do. So you try to you know, I'm not against anyone. But you try to push them in the right direction. You know, make sure the kid likes the game. He doesn't like the game. It's not gonna wanna show up. It's only a matter of time before they before they burn out. But you know, like, you said, you can't tell you can't bring a horse award but can't make him drink. So unfortunately, some of these people that drinking the Kool aid. I think they're gonna get ahead at age seven eight nine it's just it's just not the way it is. You know, so much more development to go. You know, keep the kid keep pace, you know, keep them on the ice or or on the field wherever it is. But you know. There's a there's probably a limited to what you should be doing and how much to give a kid an actual life. Maybe try some other sports along the way with so when we were in Ontario that was one of the things that Scuds came to the rank Wedneday bitch about he's these fucking parents crazy mad because they got off ice workouts like three days a week. They're sending me group. Emails like, hey, I don't think your kids taking its you. Seriously. It's like it's seven years old. It's I I had a parent one time that was that asked me about how how Boston was how how was down Cambridge. It's beautiful. It's like a really fun place. You know, whatever we're talking about the area in boss generals, a great city town. And I said, and they well, we're thinking our kids go to school in the area, those, oh is it going to go to Arbor something I said, well, we'd like them to and I'm going, oh, he's gonna play hockey, you know, transatlantic like, that's great. It was like, well, we're hoping he's gonna play hockey. You know, he's right now, he's seven. You gotta be you. Gotta be kidding me. I was like, you know, this this. They got this this kid's life planned out or ready. I mean, he was he was the best plan on a team won't won't the night. But it's like that's a long way to go. I mean, we can all remember the kid that was unbelievable at you know, pee-wee's and it's not as if the kid was a bad kid get nothing against them. He just that's when he hit his peak. You know, there's nothing against it. It's just that was it. So I mean, sometimes doing on my God. Like, you've got to be kidding. Like could you please lay off this? You mentioned the pressure at that age, you know, try to pull this off looking at real estate. He's got ten years ago because even eligible college. Well, actually, I mean, you you never give yourself enough credit. It's it's it. But people do I realize how great of a player you turned into defensively just a beast. But I mean fifth round pick. You went to BC played for years, and you pretty much knew your job you played a while in the minors and Michelle -tarian getting the job in Pittsburgh. I mean, you were Bobby Scuds them. We always called you. Bobby, Scott, what's up, Bobby Scuds? And if you look back, I mean, if it had been different, right? Like what you did you go on waivers and wilkspur leaving penguins camp. And you're like, I don't even know like, I am I gonna make the NHL I have no idea at this point. Well, you know, it's it's always when you look back at critics kinda crazy, you know, to the turns you might take you know, some guys are some guys are ready for the league right away. Some guys have that poise maturity skill. What whatever it is. I mean, what you had you know, you ready for the league at a much younger age. I wasn't I needed a little more time. That's that's fine. I was never shamed. At just the path I had to take. But you know, we came out of the full season lockout and became a through the loopholes in the contract negotiations. I became a free agent. So they Pittsburgh offered me a one excuse me a one way deal. And I was you know, obviously, you're pretty pump that after you've been in the minors for four years pretty much. You're you're pretty pumped to get a one way deal. And you know, the way it happened with camp and we drafted sid. And the team, you know, they thought that we were going to be this Cup contender. And I think we lost the first ten games. And it would you know, was it was just tough. 'cause now you went from. Thinking you were going to be a contender. Now, you're fighting for your job, you know, as you guys know your there's always something to play for. It's a cliche, but it's a hundred percent true. And you're playing for your job, and you do have a future in this league. You know, I got bumped actually what's probably the wanna bump me got called up faster. And you know, I was I got cast aside lines, and you know, it happens, but I want to the plate for -tarian the team was like twenty and at the time. And then when I made some changes in pit, you know, I got the call, and I got called up and would I play play the rest of the year was pretty good year. Like good learning experience. And you'd take those things and you move ahead. And you know, I was lucky enough that blossomed into along HDL career. But you know, certainly when you look back on time, it's pretty amazing. You know, turn to take like Mark eating like he was a guy who's I think he's going to go to West Point. But I think he had a certain condition medically might have been as more or. Something that it couldn't go to using USA jail after that got a full ride in order Dame. And then signs, you know, a pretty great free agent deal out of college. I mean, not that army, you know, West Point awesome place. But you know, you look at sometimes the crazy stories that guys have along the way. And it's a, you know, it's pretty interesting. There's no there's no linear pets the league. You know for the guys that aren't labeled at a young age to get there. Now, it's true. You know, what's crazy is think back to that year where you know, the penguins brought in gone shar and that year that he thought they're gonna be good SIDS rookie year. I don't mind saying this now because gone is so incredible. But you remember him for like twenty five games that season. It was like the worst Haughey. I think he could have ever played in his life. It was they were boom member. They're just boom. Yeah. They're they're booing everybody. And we probably deserved it. It was it was it was bad. It was just I think it was one of those things that you try to throw together on the fly. You know, drafting sid was such a organizational changing thing. And now it's like instead of this maybe slow rebuild that you think it's it. You know, you get jump started with sid. And you know, like we we kind of try to throw it together. And it's tough you have data guys coming for many different places. It's tough to mesh short amount of time. And when we clearly just did 'em when individual, you know, you're not playing well the team. No, one looks good. You know? Nobody looks good. And yeah, it was it was it was all going scarves. I wanna ask about -tarian. I mean, you were in his good books for for most of your career with him. Do you got any funny? Carrion stories you can see up for us. Let's see the I mean with Scott with you. Okay. Well, I I mean, the the first one that comes to mind is I think one of my favorites where we're playing Edmonton at home, and he'll get any press because you can YouTube, but with you gonna get so we I think we lost three one Edmonson add whole three nothing. I think four o'clock had a heart. I wanna say it's three one. But I'll go through nothing. Okay. Had the hat trick. And -tarian if you look it up. That's when he went on his rant about the D or sauce that I don't know how long the ram was. But it was it was pretty extensive. So the next night we were in one to Columbus. So we go to the you know worth the pre game meeting. We they made some changes. We call the any severance. So then he said he was gonna start that night. Good guy. And before the game carrying has this. You know, epic video of you know, this terrible pass, you know. So he's going through it. And then he gives us this speech. Like, listen this guy, Danny Sabir n- has worked his way up from the minors. It's taken them. You know, you had a he had a shot early. I think and then just like I said about the linear thing. Yeah. You know, it took him a while to get back. And he's he's battled back in the minor. She's done this. He's done that like you guys better play for this guy because he's earned every single bit of this chance. And we trust me we all believe that we're not when at the speeding. So we're in Columbus mean witness starting lineup. And we had this this press play a lot of teams do where if you lose the face off the defensemen kind of jump up on the wingers, you know, to seal them off. So it's not just an easy option to get into this own. So we're, you know, warming up and everyone's nervous like, okay. Let's just you know, we got a young team. Let's get let's get down to business here. Like, okay. Let's let's scratch off last night. Gionta pocket. Sergei federov. Rick Nash, maybe jeered. Ed. I can't remember the date. So so man, what jump up on our wingers, and the defense men sends it, and it kind of I don't know it just it. It doesn't quite make it for an icing, but we did our jobs like, okay, they didn't get control. So sad. We'll comes out to play the puck and he's thinking. Okay. It's just gonna put it behind the net or make a say player, and he goes to like like he was Ron Hextall. He tries to rip his puck. But it doesn't go anywhere. It goes right onto the stick of Sergei Federov who's standing maybe at the top of circles on board. He passes across ice to Rick Nash. I mean, and it's just it's it's a tappan, and it's ten seconds into the game. Ten seconds. We had that. So that's how we start the game. Then later in the game. I I mean, the games obviously, not going well at some point with was going, maybe the fastest he's ever skated. He's going, you know, he's hustling back. You know, we all like I said, we've all got something play, or at least you're learning or something he's busting his back in its if someone put a two by four and drilled into the is that he he just takes this tower. And now he's sliding on his stomach as Marc Andre Fleury had come out to play a puck at about. Maybe ten feet above decrease. Also Sam how they got mold. He's gone. He's gone by now. So it's out and he takes out five or so it's a complete yard deal is flowers crap everywhere. Bright yellow, so you can see it with crabs everywhere where on the bench. I mean, you want you're crying, you know, your is hearing from the laughing ready, but you can't laugh because carrying is behind you. And you're going all my, you know, my God don't laugh laugh laugh laugh some of the older guys couldn't. Did it just didn't matter. I think why was there and he goes oh by God. The whole that the game doesn't go about. We lose six maybe six one or six nothing all we got into Chicago. So we flash cog that night, and as what wouldn't roommates we turn on the television. And you all we all know the sportscenter opening theme. And it's like then and the last picture on the highlights of the opening kind of montage is with sliding into flour are taking them out crap everywhere. So it was it was an interesting an interesting game that was one that was one really good story. Then what do you remember in? Montreal that game we played. Remember beijing? Steve remember, I'm going to say it's the same much y'all trip or here like just buying read. Scott says the same Scud when we were screaming at the cavity. Take us to the Ritz Joyce twenty feet. The only thing I heard about that story from the only thing I have to say is that that was completely true. But I think we actually gave the guy more money than he should've had. Because like we're so sorry like, oh you did. He's like he he's like double the money. Like sorry. You know, 'cause we weren't like screaming rude. But like buddies can you just please take us to the Ritz Carlton ready? I. Yards. I dropped. Fucking writ spot. He might have driven a yard, maybe. And here we felt we were the ones that you know, didn't understand. The Steve vision, Steve. All right. The guys the guys AHL hockey player, but he's certainly on the scoring list. So we're we're playing this game. And he's like all over the place the first period. I mean, he's dishing pox he's holding guys off. I mean, he's either he had the period his life for as Michelle probably said, we probably didn't play very well, most likely was probably a combination of -able. So we come into the first we come in. You know, go to the intermission at coach comes in. He's gonna say a couple of words, and it comes in what the guys Steve Beijing, look like wait fucking Gretzky. You know, you agree. I mean, you're you're just you're trying laughing. But he was he definitely had some some good meetings with guys I'm sure what can attest. Oh, yeah. I've told the couple of funny stories. Hey, do you. Remember, do you? Remember, the what Heatley said to me when I was doing what I used to do the Nov. My stick. Oh, yeah. When he was like when you when you like licked it he's like that's that man. I used to always have to put baby powder, my stick and Scuds. We've always doing what I needed to move my hand. And then I would have it would get to slip rates have to like lick lick my fingers and try to get like some of it off and Scuds you always what is wrong with you. And then one time out there doing, and I see Heatley looking at basically the fuck are you doing? Yeah. That's fucked up, man. What are you doing Scuds like the only one? It's clearly not the only one. But no, yeah. Tearing the are definitely some fun times. And I played for Darryl Turner as well. He's a character yet. Some definitely some unique stories that were that were pretty funny. Can't once get into LA a little bit. I wanna hear some of those Sutter stories because I've heard he's like he's just a cartoon character in the room between periods. The differences in Cup wins. I mean, one you're Mario's in Pittsburgh and the other one you're fucking hanging out with David Beckham. And and other celebrities. Yeah. Yeah. No. Well, we'll was you know, he came in. Again, was a coaching change a mill year we had Terry Murray, and they bring in Sutter for you know, definitely hardcore disciplinarian, and I like them, but he was just like super Super Dry. You know? So, you know, he came in he came on planes, Saint Louis, and would you probably remember they had Subotica and Schwartz time. Good players tough guys to play against but not not overly big definitely played big on their size, always play. So they were just kinda run around the first period where at home at the staple center, and these guys are like running around us, and they're hitting guys, you know, and they're they're dominating the period, so subtle comes in between periods. And he was like, hey, guys. I I will be the first one to go say something to the refs abouts about Schwartz 'cause those guys are run around. And I don't want anyone to get hurt here. If now I mean. To some you know, some guys maybe don't get it or going. Okay. You know, it's real nice of it. But clearly being the complete opposite being completely sarcastic. You know, they're they're played tough. But they're not really big guys. So for him to come in of these guys are running around. But don't worry. I'm gonna tell the ref 'cause I'm afraid one of our guys to get that was pretty funny. And then the the time he said he was I was having a particularly terrible first period. I can't remember where and. When you when you play like to you guys know how to line I'm on the board. So they'll have the four lines. They got the three kind of all laid out. So I was on a second pairing with doughty it was Mitchell. Mitchell Voinov me, Dewey, and then Martinez and green. So he comes in the first few goes are left. Gotta gotta fuck and pick it up. They gotta pick it up. And he goes not the guy in the first line and the guy in the third line is fine too. But are left he not pick it up. So clearly figured out. There's only three din. Let's just raise the first in that there. But again, it's like something like if you realize what's going on. You know, you laugh at it. You get the point you kind of move on. But. Every two because he's he does talk pace like this. He's like I'm gonna have to talk to the referees. It's. And he bent over on the floor and. He's he's he's hunched over he comes in is his shirts on top, you know, within ten seconds of the period. Entities hunch down as is ties hanging. You know, and he's kind of like leaning over his, you know, he's got his hands on his knees. And he's he's talking. But I mean, certainly if you appreciate the delivery. It's was hilarious. But you also got the point. And that's what you know. That was part of what made him a good coach. You know, we had him in him in Penn. Always had some good exchanges. Interesting dynamic, the odd. Couple. But it was not he he certainly kept you on your toes. That's what made him affective. And then of course, the Cup win in the celebration. I heard well, I kind of know couple of guys told me that playoff run, Mike when you guys got the eight seed, and you made the run there that like every round it was like, okay. Let's go party. Like, we're finished eight see we knocked off number one. And then you guys just kept winning the party continue, and you guys were knocking teams often four and five games. I think you only lost three three games or four games at holy fuck that whole Cup run. Yeah. No, good run. It was you know, it was kind of. The whole division at year was was really close. I mean, I think we had a terrible last weekend and ended up you know, we almost won the division. And then we drop to the seat. It was it was that close. And was like we felt we were playing bed, you know. But certainly it it just wasn't just wasn't clicking for us until maybe the last ten games. We did pretty well. We had that bad last weekend, which leaves you bad taste in the playoffs. But we just I think we just played loose. You know, you're it's not as if we didn't have expectations for our selves, where you're you just kinda relaxed like, hey, look, there's not a whole lot where the feed let's just you know, kinda go out and give it the best tried that. That's not a loser attitude. That's really what it's all about. Let's make it happen. And it just clicked and the guys were everyone's playing well, we had a good group. We had a nice mix of veterans and young guys skill and role players all just kind of click at the right time. And we definitely enjoyed ourselves. So if the. First round think we had we won in. We'd be Hoover in five games. You know the other series. I think to the series in the western might went to seven. So we clearly had at least ten days off, so coaches always gave us a couple of days off, and and guys definitely enjoy themselves. You know, you should celebrate it and enjoy the moment, and then and then move on. But we definitely had we definitely ripped it up a little bit between series. But because he had the extra time. So Scuds other than my fall in Columbus. Are there any other ones that are very memorable because I know the one that Chris Kelleher is involved in must be up top of the list at the old Hershey bar Hershey bar and we used to play in. Yeah. That was that was a great one. Because again, I think I think tearing was was kinda on his case. And he was you know, was one of those things where you're you're just hold onto the stick a little too tight. And and he was just trying to do his job. But he had this this whole laris fall. I mean that was that was I think he was the level of the boards just parallel to the to the dasher and everyone's been there, and I've had plenty of good falls. And no one was laughing harder than may, you know, at the point where you're getting up, and and you're laughing at yourself. I think I think actually when I was playing against tens you had a pretty good one. I think he I it was one of those where every hockey players been there at some point and you step on the puck. And you just the way your body is at the time. You just can't you just you just can't seem to get it out from underneath you. And he was slip several times of maintained his bounce where it's almost better. If you went down. And you know, they basically just went back and scored and then in the same game. I think Macarena was coming down like one of these plays where your defense and coming up on the play late into the offensive zone. Talks come to the belying, no pressure. Absolutely nothing. There. He just kinda just takes a half. Digger runs. Runs into the wall too on the other way goal. And that's usually what happens. It's you know, you make a terrible fall and they end up scoring on top of it. But I've had plenty of myself. And you gotta you gotta learn a last PETA 'cause I don't know. I think not not many people are pre shoot a good falls much wit night. So you got to be able to laugh at it. I think do love them to do Doughty's. Probably a he was a big fall fan. I mean did that the point now where I see a fall and right away of Mike. Oh my God. I wish Scuds is with me. Like a good fall where it's a straight up snipe job from somebody in the top row. It's like how can you not laugh at that? Yeah. It's it's it's it's it never gets old. It's just one of those things that some people appreciate more than others. And I think the I think the funniest ones are the guys that almost make excuses for it. Like, oh, well, no, you don't understand. This wasn't just just roll with. It was funny. You know, don't don't it happens to everyone at some point just. Just have a good one. Do you? Do you skate at all anymore? I play a couple of times I have a couple of friends here that I played junior with before went to college. So I'll play I'm I'm a half has scheduled guy. So I'll play one or two times a month. And it's fun. I enjoy it. But that that's about that's about all I haven't because I on the ice with my boys. You know, a few times a week, and I work with the junior team. So I try not to go three rinks day. I've learned is is never a good thing. So, but I do I could go on every once in a while those guys were were fun to play with when I was younger and and still good company now so get out with them. Well, I mean, I think that skating now is probably fun. But I mean, you at least try to hop into the rush. Now are you going to get involved offense? Or I mean, there was a time when Scuds would screaming on your wheel in the corners of forward and the officers on the deed, like, hey, hey, Scud, y'all. No, no, no, no. Because he didn't want the. No, no, I'm still, you know, we when the plane the men's league sometimes like, you know, what you're signed up for. So you can't complain. Yeah. But sometimes I still do the same thing I kinda account drift around make a breakout pass and I'll jump into the play occasionally, but mostly they're just a little sweat move the puck and enjoyed the company, but the. The schedule what the league refers to as an analytic nightmare now. So. Gonna play towards the end there off the gloss and out. I'll never forget. When you forgot the clear that puck, and we're we're we we fuck in. We're in Iowa. And and we're like, oh, it's put the veteran d on the back end up five four late in this game. And you fucking rimmed it around. I think you're still using wood sticks in two thousand sixteen and they d two d it was in the back Vernet. Luckily, we won that game in overtime. But that was my Fonda memory of you in the jungle. Yeah. Now, we'll be. Yeah. Certainly my game. Isn't you know, someone that's doing it now is just doing differently like you just hold onto the bucket of longer? And know, that's what happens the game changes ten years from now, you know, the new guys will be saying that about the guys the play the game. Now, it's just the way it goes. I was fortunate. I always considered the play my game in the air that where was useful. You know, if I was if I was playing the same exact game. Now, you know, be useless. But it was at least I was able to serve serve a purpose in the in the air that I played a the good thing about when Scuds is in the minors was the meals after the game in the NHL in the HOV the same because he just get like a sub from some ship bag place. He's AM go with a little chicken farms of maybe doesn't even have to be warm. Sometimes you know, you guys know how it is. It's just like repetitive. You know, it's a lot of the same foods along season. Every once in a while I used to mix it up in Wilkes rain, just go to sheets get surkey sub filter while wa what's the other one competitor? While was pretty solid got a great steak and cheese there, but just just a mix it up. I still did it even at the NHL is the place in deli in LA guys go to Renault that was pretty solid before games to a baloney sandwich. You're the you're the original Johnny ham and cheese. Like, I said you gotta mix up not every day. But you know, sometimes you get sick of the same thing. I mean, sometimes you're eating that meal, and you know, nothing I'm complaining about the meal, the food was delicious and everything like that. But you know, when you've had it so many times sometimes you looking at you like, I'm literally just eating this to live. You know? I just wanna I just wanna mix it up. Anything different will will be fantastic at this point. God your beauty. Thank you, very much Stanley two-time chance Stanley Cup champion Rob's Gary thanks for coming on. And I hope I hope we see each other soon. It'd be nice to get together and have a couple of Miller lights or Budweiser's. 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It'll be there on Thursday, Anita ankle biz bogeyman, dude. Now, really done. I'll shut up. So the big shadow to my buddy Josie all who brought me and Taylor Pyatt finally was able to get out of the house since he's had his beautiful newborn. Penelope. So we go to post Malone concert. I stink. Great. He puts on an unbelievable show. He's got some bangers. He I wouldn't I wouldn't put him in like the like the top echelon of rapper category. I'd actually and I'm gonna get smoked for this. I would consider him. The Nickelback of rap now before you some new people jumped down my throat. He his his wrap is a little weird in a sense where they have like a formula and algorithm the beats they're cranking out where they're not like like gangster beats they kinda like get your endorphins pumping. Would you agree? Grenell is one of those young guys. Yeah. I'm also a huge fan of his producer Lou bellies from Boston. So big his producers, Boston guy. So right. But like like sunflower in some of these other songs have a little bit more of a poppy tone to it. Yeah. Is more of a singer though. I don't think like rap. I picture him as a singer. Is it considered hip? I think he's like hip hop. Aren be. I think he's kinda he started a rapper and he's kind of transitioning into singing, which is smart because you can only keep that wrap thing going so long especially being white guy who's putting out poppy rap songs, but he lip sync the little bit was okay with that. Because when he did sing he was he was very talented. I was shocked to hear how long these. People wait to see him perform. There was girls that showed up there at one o'clock because we are fortunate enough where we got VIP tickets. But there was a gate behind us where these girls have been sitting there from two o'clock. And the show didn't go onto like eight thirty. So they just sat there the entire time to see this guy play. Now, another weird thing. There must have been a rapper that went on before him. Well, this guy came out to the VIP section, and he stood on that gaping, and he was just handing out hundred dollar bills. But he was making the people scream his name before. He did. Did you grab one you definitely grabbed one no pies? You looking at each other. Like what is like like where like hold on the back all my phone? Anyway, it was it was cool experience shutout the postal on hope people don't knock me for the Nickelback of rap comment and sure shit. They both have a song called rockstar. So that's kind of the cherry on top. We can move on. And once again, thank you to my buddy Joe for the tickets. I I actually like some of his songs and what you're saying little pop ish. But the always tired tattoo on your forehead as funny as that may be a slam my son's for through wall. It always tired on there. And you only what do you do? Like, I it doesn't matter plenty of money. Funny people love, but like Faulk, you buddy. He just looks like he stinks doesn't he he might actually heard. I've heard I was always a wives tale similar like the the old tale. Like who? Was it Kim? What was her name puppies? Girl will Kim though Kim got a stomach pump. 'cause she too much comment it like, that's the wives tale. There's a bedouin heard that about so many different. I've always also heard that post Malone like made a couple broads pass out from the smell of be. Oh, like, that's like the same type rumor that I've heard like, yeah. I think he just reeks up. He told me when he went and saw Jim James was the lead singer of my morning jacket that he actually got us a bunch of pictures signed from bonnaroo because we went to see him live there. He said that he's very pungent in the smell department. These people just third rockers they just don't care about that. And as I said post Malone. I mean, his taint area should be on fear factor. I bet you it's the stinky tank on. I put him up there with Frank Fleming from barstool for stinky paint in the league. Definitely don't want to speak in any way. Either one of those I been a rock concert in probably twenty five years biz. I'll give you guessed the last rap concert. I went to. Jar rule now twenty twenty five years don't even if he was around. Now, I saw I saw the beastie boys on the check your head to shit. I was like onto ninety awesome. Yeah. Man. It was it was that was their first album to where they kind of like really played their own instruments. Like it was the third one. Which is the pause boutique show, it was kind of a new style was phenomenal. I one of I don't think ever confessed to go into this concert. It was I wanna see eighty nine ninety MC hammer and Consett no way. Yeah. What was that? Like was he good live very white. Of course, you on that. Are you saying he didn't have the respect from his brothers? And so it was a predominantly white white crowd. Not just it was all knowing Lund's fucking ninety nine percent white. That's pretty why the crowd was white. Plus, I think we'll MC him appealed a lot. What white people? He didn't have a ton of street cred. When he was when he will. That's what I think. Yeah. I mean, you know, I I didn't see a ton of black people in that. This MC him about. Yeah. He was. I mean, he ran the fuck and Joe f- when he was he was one of the top selling rap albums of. But yeah, it was interesting Robert Parish was dead. So him show from from Dr. That's kinda cool that you saw the beastie boys. Much respect Daggs brother was I it was on to see them. We will honor. Yeah. Do one of the greatest psycho is are like innovate like a lot of like Eminem mentions them in his speeches. Can't see them anymore. Either back pox, Pittsburgh shoop aside genome outcome was hurt and Saturday's loss of the blues. He took a crush Jack from during the game. A lot of people think that's where you got hurt regardless. He's listed as week to week with an upper body injury back in February the team got a taste of life without Gino EMAS, five games with an injury in one due to a suspension the team went to and four in that time. The obviously wanna avoid slip to fired up in the eight seed plan, Tampa probably don't want that to happen to you right now say one team that, you know, looking at these numbers, they might not be a scariest people thought in the San Jose Sharks numbers. They kind of jumped out of the page, Abby. They're the worst combined. Save percentage of any team in the NHL. Not just playoff teams any team Adam grits NBC sports that are pretty good in depth article. Or a lot of stats Jones. Got respectable record thirty four fifteen in five goals against two nine one is rough. But the safe senators eight nine eight I mean, that's that's bad for for number one goaltender. A backup Aaron della seventeen nine seven again, that's certainly respectable record for a backup. But three ten three point one old against point eight nine save percentage. I can't imagine that instills a ton of confidence. Impeded the boys. You know, what the conference has goaltenders? I can't imagine to huge with those numbers. Among the fifty five goals of did in at least twenty games a season a Jones del ranked forty eighth in fifty fifth respectively. Overall, save percentage best man, it doesn't look great. When you take a better look. Yeah. I mean, we had Martin Jones to win the visit the start of the year. I thought that was a solid pick. I thought it was asleep. Yeah. And I mean Jesus Christ for talkable one team that has come this long without winning a Stanley Cup. And finally settled assembled unbelievable team in the last time. They went to the Cup. Martin Jones was a big reason why they did. So in could you imagine that now that they put the piece in place in front of him that he's able to perform playoffs with the team that they have that would be absolutely colossal on telling you, especially with Joe Thornton that locker room. Now, we don't know how much longer he's gonna play his bodies falling apart the minute. He leaves. It's a different. It's just a different or that locker room may need him to fucking step up in ready to go for this run. Because this is their chance their time is now and not, you know, I hope I hope for him in them that he can figure out because if there's one guy who deserves the Stanley Cup. I would have put Joe Thornton ahead oldie. But I'm happy Lovie got his Joe Thornton deserts, his well couldn't agree more biz. And I think there's a lot of parallels to the San Jose Sharks year in the capital's. It's the team. It's been there forever. It's a team that can't get over the hump that just can't get that that Stanley company route and form the same way. People wanted to see vegeta- winning Joe Thornton. You're right biz. It's even more. So so the only difference the only difference is that the Washington Capitals were going into this last year with Britain Hopi he'd had success in the past. They had that rock in net that you need to really trust a run a true run to the Cup finals. And with the goaltending in San Jose. You really can't. I mean, if if you put flurry on the roster to harass save you say what you want to harass care. You're eighty you know, carry price. There's a lot of goals you put in San Jose's team. You're like, they're the favorite. They're gonna they're gonna win the Stanley Cup. So either way it's a big it's a big test for both those guys. And I say both those guys ideally will only be one it will be Martin Jones. If it's both those guys there's probably an issue for the most part at some point in the playoffs. But it should be an interesting storyline to watch. And I just want, you know, kind of re up what you said biz that get your order Stanley. I feel like we could possibly without even know. Owing them get maybe a look to the Cup Cup party. No cameras. But he's like biz which is coming. Come and take it all in. I'd be out for it. One of the note said biz. I actually I didn't do purpose. But that just. You can come. All right. So are you guiding role unit? RA got me earlier in the reciprocating those locker room chirp to the core. I mean that does not go by lock. And without someone saying what is set only one of us who drank the Stanley Cup. That's all. You know, there's actually one other kind of crazy note over the past twenty five years. They've only been sixteen teams to finish in the bottom five in safe percentage. Still make the playoffs that season fourteen of those teams lost than either the first or second round of the two other teams went to the Stanley Cup. Final loss. The all nine Red Wings, which Chris Aswa? This is crazy. Like you just said about turning on for the playoffs. Osgood. Had eight seven regular season save percentage. He went up to a nine to six playoffs. And the other team was the Oilers six they they had picked up doing at at the trade deadline so that kinda wiped out the regular season. But I'll tell him in the shocks really gonna wanna catch Calgary for the Pacific and avoid plan. The gold Mike all shit, you're buzzing today. Lot of credit to. Said might pick you up. We gotta we gotta find a replacement Grenell twain roles in a run he had on that Oilers team. Lot of funny Dwayne roles and stories out there from Kalyani Sam gonyea, hor cough berry. Funny Rowley the goalie stories up to get those guys on some day. Maybe as you can join me, thanks that. We're friends as lined up the Tampa Bay Lightning rookie party one year while I was playing Zona. That's basically what I did. I played for the coyotes as a healthy scratch lineup. Other teams rookie parties at the W Scottsdale. This guy was the drunken guy in the world when I saw him with a dip, and I guess too. And he must have got his suit at a second hand store that was Kevin Durant draft suit. This guy had a five button suit. This thing it was like he was swimming. It was agriculture suit. I was how much money have you may go get a nice tailored suit for crying allow. But nonetheless, great guy would agree career. So I I would imagine seeing him that night that there are a ton of wing roles in stores, and if you're an oil fan that magical run when Chris Braga dominated role doesn't get hurt and Carolina game one you probably Stanley Cup champs because it's still went to seven an incredible game. I think Mark was it just heave marketing UC marketing. Yeah. Marketing maybe Taikang to either way Dwayne roles, and we gotta get some Rowley stories though. Yeah. What else we got one of the most underrated Stanley Cups of the century to because he was the most certainly the most unlikely Edmonton us Carolina it guys real quick. I just wanna talk to you for a second about Indochino guys. Everyone looked better with shoot on. There's no doubt about it. And feel more confident you feel better as dude walking around an ice, fresh shoot. On in Indochino is the world's most exciting made to measure menswear company. They make suits and church. To our exact measurements for an unparalled incumbent looking to get married. We have tons of options for those looking outfit their wedding party guys. Love the wide selection of high quality fabrics and colors to choose from not to mention the option of personalized the details, including yellow Pell whining, pockets buttons and writing your own mind on Graham is how it wrote is how it works you. 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Keep from the university of Maine Senator to yet entry level deal worth two point seven million balls yet twenty two points in each of his two collegiate seasons seventy I'm sorry. Forty four points. Seventy three collegiate games overall keep as a Manitoba, and he's the first of a member of the chick. Amac cremation play in the NHL schlitz, huge accomplishment for him as a huge source of pride for everyone. Back home is from Manitoba to Maine, the south Florida. So it's a pretty huge culture culture shock no-doubt, which you a little more information on him while I mean, I read the articles I talked to my good friend Billy Ryan, we talked about the coast of drove we talked about fifty sheet Bill Ryan while he's also a hell of a scope for the Florida Panthers. And he went up and watch the skit a bunch. I think he was one of the main reasons he signed there and just some really cool stories coming out of their signing. It's like this is honestly one of the best things of. About our our job. I should say when we talk about this just bringing up awesome stories from around the league. And this is one that goes back into our interview with to kinda shows how special, you know, someone like this making it's the NHL in actually getting a chance at the highest level at how much it means. People around town all the stuff I've heard about him. Great kid. I mean, he went from two years ago. He's playing in the Manitoba junior Hockey League he played for the same team to two. And now, listen I can't pronounce my own name. So let alone. Just gimme a little leeway in pronouncing. His team the old cow wiig opo opus Jack cremation blizzard, but he played there. He went to man. And when he got to main he was out of his element, man. He just like to talk about how different is when you leave home, and you leave this life that's been so normal and now quickly to go into how different his life is where he's from. He was asked by Eric Joyce, one of the guys with the Panthers. You know, he works in the front office there. He said, what's your house's address? He's like there's the rose house number is. He's like we don't really have numbers on the houses. Everyone just where everyone lives. So it's it's so different to to one into that. But when he got to main. I mean, this was so so much of a life change for him that it was really hard. And he also went there with a son. He went there with his girlfriend. He's his stepdad to to another another son. And so, you know, he's in family housing may and he's got this entirely different lifestyle. He actually bought rear four different round trip flights or not round-trips our trip home each IPE on a couple of trips home three or four times his credit card ended up getting maxed out the coaches. Well, no, no. You can't leave an in that time. He really leaned on Jordan Tutu, and he talked to too about you know, how hard it was how different the lifestyle was. I don't think I can do this. And this is a kid. That's so special in a sense that the last two summers a bunch of teams have asked him to go to the NHL NHL development camps in the summer. He said he'll go he's agreed. And then he doesn't come because he's ended up saying I needed to be home making money for my family like I'm father. I. A husband, and so the stuff that this kid's gone through and the path that he's taken. I mean, this is the type of thing where when this news broke back where he's from their kids cheering. There were kids chanting outside of school going bananas cheering for them. Happy for him. He'd sixty three cents sixty three cents in his Bank account when he went a little motion on-track busy at sixty three cents. He went to the airport. You went to the airport. They had to pay it. You know, it a couple extra bags. You gotta stick hockey Whitman as close he's meeting team in Dallas, dude he had to have money wired from Florida Panthers. Someone that works for the Panthers to pay for the baggage fees, and he got ninety two thousand five hundred dollars when he signed he's going to get about ninety five grand for the rest of the season being up with the Panthers. And he's going to get another ninety two thousand five hundred dollars when July. I it's and it's just to hear his Representative from gone. I don't have it written down. I feel bad. But a guy who's been with them a long time. And and him to say I've been a part of a lot of signings and guys who've signed for fifty to sixty. Dollars and set them up for life. But this is the coolest signing of apart on through life changing. So it's a kid that we're going to root for to kit with a ton of skills right now. What I've been told is not a not a great skater. But he's got good technique. You'll be able to maybe fix that with a little bit quicker. If we just gets a little bit leaner little stronger, he's never worked out in his life. He's just a true athlete. So good luck to him. And I really hope he gets in a game pretty soon with the Panthers because his quotes on how much it's meant to him. And how much that it's meant to the people back where he's from. This was in articles. And this was also talking to people, I know, and I mean, the fact that he comes from a place that you know, there was a national emergency in Canada in two thousand sixteen. There was a state of emergency called where he's from five kids committed suicide in in the in the weeks after that hundred forty kids attempted it and to hear that like it just like even think that number. It's it's bone chilling to think that many kids going through that many issues up where he's from and to to mention how hard a lifestyle that can be. So took to be the guy who ends up getting a chance to play. At that top level for this kid and Brady keep aware rooting for you because I don't think this is to quote, I agree though. Obviously, I don't he said I don't think that he understands how much of a different so make to to the kids and the people where he's from. So this is like, it's it's the best hockey news. You can get in. It's a cool story. And I I tell people to read up on him and read up on what he's gone through to get where he is. And then just route form going forward Faulk offers of all well, so that was incredible. I I didn't know that much about the situation but not to deflect anything from him. But that just goes to show how Jordan to pave the way he had somebody to talk to and to ask questions to because he was unfamiliar with what he was getting himself into as was Jordan to when he was the first one, right? So like Jordan to hadn't done that this kid might have quit or went home or so you talk about mentors and how important they are. There's a prime example so shuttled to our boy toots who obviously came on the podcast set the swearword record. We love you, buddy. And great. Job and just a great story and way to tell it and one last thing, I really really appreciated reading this part. He was cut three different times in a two year span by AAA team. And you know, his he ended up saying that his dad told them. Hey, if you wanna bad enough, you'll keep going back, and you know, just to hear like a father giving him that. You know, those words encouragement means a lot. I just like we said, you know, I said it fifteen times but good for him form. Exactly. It's a great story. These kids they come from a situation. That's that's a real rough one and they give inspiration hope to the kids back home show. Like you said which we're rooting for this kid big time. Switch over to the world of gambling right now. I know let's become very popular with a lot of listeners out there. I'm not should I saw this strategy that was posted on Twitter via who's the guy's name at covers underscore vagus. They they found a ticket. Somebody put a one hundred dollars wet on the island is to win the division at the beginning of the year. They were a hundred. One on November first to win the fucking metro division. Not the conference. I mean, that's a month. Then when they're probably around first place, right? They weren't doing bad at all. And it's a four hundred dollars ticket either. It's a ten dollar ticket the sellers trying to sell it. I I guess it's at pro swatted people have gambling tickets. They could sell them for a percentage of whatever this guy's asking thirteen thousand four hundred dollars for a potential which at a forty thousand dollar ticket. That's a pretty big ask. I mean, you're basically asking for a third of with the winnings would be would you do bite on that one? I would never give him that bio there isn't a chance the owners win that division. Really? Well, okay. You're going to be one of the top three teams. No, no, it's fine. I mean, they've they've kind of tailed off a little bit. Yeah. That was my hot take. And I don't throw it hot takes. I thought that they wouldn't finish the top three division. I was just saying to to buy it for thirteen grand. Like we're talking about Grenell. Could do. With the buffalo ticket as far as you could just like without with it. Hedge it you're saying. Yeah. You can hedge it like you bet against the islanders like to lose in an actual games leading up to the final games and probably make it back. And then who knows maybe end up turning that thing in forty grand. I don't know it would be a convoluted hedge I was thinking about myself you by of specially person bought it for that number. It would be tough to figure out. Exactly how you would hedge it with so many games left. But yeah, I mean, the only two points back with nine ago, it's it's not a bad ticket to hold on. But it is a tough way to hedge. Also speaking again gambling stars puck line back. Got a got a gift Tuesday night. I send you guys the video Alexander agile offers going down coming down the left wing got an open net boats. Make the game vote. Give two goal lead to Dallas fuck and Mike Kaufman froze his can stick knocks the puck away and the ref awarded the goal right away to Radulovich been kind of keeping tabs on these awarded goals are a couple of guys get screwed earlier in the when the penalties they probably should've gotten them. But it was interesting the goalie, I'm sorry. The ref right away. Call that a goal gave the puck. Back as a win which which think of that is pretty easy call for the referendum. No doubt. No doubt. If you've got an empty net in front of you. No matter what you do if you 'cause the guy not score getting the goal or should at least. Yeah. Exactly. And it's it was a no no brand. But I just Gino Benda was Rafferty probably to other team. All. But as you know, we're big puck line guys hit so to see someone get the cover on its own. Stick was was pretty funny to me anyways. I let's talk about the gambling corner. Now, we already brought up gambling this episode gambling corners. Brought you by ZipRecruiter. Hiring is challenging. But there's one place you can go with hiring simple, fast and smut a place with growing businesses. Connect you qualified candidates that place ZipRecruiter dot com slash chick. Let's ZipRecruiter send your job to over one hundred of the web's leading job boards, but they don't stop there with their powerful matching technology ZipRecruiter skins, thousands of resumes to find people with the right experience. Invite them to apply to your job as applications come in ZipRecruiter analyze each one spotlights job candidates. You never missed a great match ZipRecruiter show affective that eighty percent of employers who post on ZipRecruiter get a quality candidate through the site within the first day. And right now, our listeners can try ZipRecruiter for free at this exclusive web address ZipRecruiter dot com. Slash chick. Let's that's ZipRecruiter dot com slash checklists. That's C H L E T S. Once more ZipRecruiter dot com slash chiklis. Ziprecruiter, the smartest way to hire. Last week all should say last episode. I went to and one for plus one point two units. And it's all the max Domi, man. He flat out outhustled goodness in connected to a dumped an slammed Paul Manetti Neta gave us the cover gave everybody cover. Followed followed trope a huge win for me. No doubt. Just that other notes guys right now the last couple of weeks of the season very dangerous time to be betting. I would say to expect the unexpected teams you kind of think gonna win might not you might wanna maybe your bets back a little bit. Maybe not go as heavy as you normally would because there's a lot of a wit. Nev? What a weird turnouts lot of. We'd results this time. Yeah. So in that vein this pick Thursday, Columbus at Edmond. Tin Columbus, finally finding the form after all those deadline up from Columbus hotline. Just the park nine four unit gonna win. I don't I don't think they're going to be to to cheap of by that night. I it's tough to predict these two today's out, man. It's it's tough to do on. Columbus Klein, Friday, San Jose. At Anaheim, San Jose is going to do they can do to avoid vagus and the first Brown. I knew I just kind of dumped I didn't write dumping the goal reported this stats, but either way I like San Jose same situation potline for unit touch the money line on the game. So the goal. Hopefully, we'll see what happens, and I know no one's gonna see here this because or before the games played because of games being played on Wednesday in this episode drops Thursday but lease lost again on Tuesday to Nashville three nothing. I would hammer the Leafs tonight against the sabres. They haven't been. Rent. Oh, really? Yeah. They'll be a huge favourite. All really now. What do you think that somebody's gonna guess right now? Actually, I could probably look it up. Maybe already look it up on guessing game in in buffalo. Okay. So the lease back back with Tra with a little bit travel. I still think the Leafs are minus chew fifteen money line. I mean, they've been troubling. So I don't know. I know it's for them. Better teams the teams in the playoffs against these. It's almost better to take buffalo. I feel like at this point. Just odds wise just a little bit le-. Let's just take out completely minus one forty five. Okay. Okay. So so I'll admit that. I'm a horrific gambler, and that I was wrong here may because the Lifson playing so bad and they're on a back to back. It's not as bad as I thought. Yeah. The minus one forty five and if you want them on the puck, that's plus one seventy I think okay is I'm doing this Abban abyss are. Let's see. Let's see my first lays out. Yeah. I'm having. I'm having both. I love it. Those are great odds reliefs against the sabers right now. Yeah. The plus one seventy my only trepidation would be the Leafs ton to play for the probably figuring that it's gonna be tough to catch Boston. They're they're basically kind of locked in that cokes. It's not going to be treated like that. Yeah. Good point. Well, and we have to give a little shuttle to knee land or who's produced at a sixty two point pace, the past two months. I've been a little bit hard on them. Of course, I mentioned with tummy sticks thing he hadn't had the best start to the year. When he when he after he finally signed a only Marna Taveras at Matthews have scored more among Fords needed six weeks to get up to speed, but has been he's sense. So that that was actually a tweet sent out by Myrtle. Who were you know, I figured I'd be able to sneak in will complement for Neil Lander. 'cause I would you say I've been a little hard on them. Yeah. Those veteran and you gave some credit. That's how we always give credit. How we do. Yeah. How we do. I you said before the show you had a story about feet you wanted to shale at the voice with the crowd. Yeah, inc. Very interesting. So good pal Rudy where except barstool sports one Asheville championship at Denver. I was at the bar with him on Saturday and. Every night. And so he he recently had gone on the caller daddy or did a video with the caller daddy girls or something on their Instagram. So he's gotten a ton of new follows so long story short. We're out the bar. And I think he posted an Instagram story in some guy replied to it and was like, I will pay you money for a picture of your feet right now, I'll pay you like like like a ton of money for a picture your feet. So we're like, you know, what we're just gonna make. This guy's day. Rex Ryan at g mail com. So we just took his he took his shoes off at the bar sent sent the guy picture. And then the guy was sent him some pretty dirty messages back, and he's like a apparently we looked at the guys Instagram, and he's a he's a sex leave. He is he's got pictures of him with like a leash around his neck. And so, yeah, that's my story about feet. This guy is Rudy just make it as you know. We're just sitting there, and we're like, you know, what we'll just we'll make disguise day. I was really take your shoes off and Rudy snap to pick of his feet and send it over funny. You say that about the sex slave? So I have a friend who works at a plastic surgeons office and a girl was coming in for breast augmentation. And she brought in a guy with her. And she was like, oh is this your husband's like, oh, we'll know is just a friend in long story short. They got closer and closer. And she was telling her like, hey, I'm Mike a girl who goes over, and I make guys my sex slave where these guys will pay her large amounts of money. And she comes over ties them up like puts gag balls on them. In just beats the wheels off these guys, and they'll pay her five six hundred bucks to come over for a few hours. And then she leaves. There's no like no sex exchanged. They she just beats the fucking wheels off put nipple clamps on. On them like search boxing, their balls. Kinda like you're talking about the one episode. I've seen guys downturn shitter pro into that freakish all think about all these single guys single older guys. Go to Thailand. Yeah. I know. Like, the the, you know, the stuff around the house like he's like a handyman for lack of a better term this guy. He told me I go over to Thailand every year. He's like sixty years old from Ireland on my Jesus for doing Iran. Yeah. As a lot of fucking creepy shit that goes over on over the drilling painting. Please did you say poor people. Go to tricks Zell. You wrote not knowing on on on on. I didn't. I did not say that it was it was the barstool radio clip chirping Ryan for going to Turkey Keiko saying that's NHL island that's on NHL players island. It looks pretty NHL. The me. I mean, if this isn't that might be the dumbest thing Dave's ever as this place is NHL as it gets. And by the way, Saint parts he brings up Saint parts golf course there. You think I'm gonna go somewhere where there's a golf course. I mean, I'm here. Spend thousands of dollars to go scuba diving. I'm under the ground. I'm like the guy from little mermaid under the dick it from me down here at bed where it is weather under those. Always. And that's and you think that this isn't an NHL place or cough. Dave, Dave, just works. Dick off I'll give him credit. But he's so miserable that he's not on vacation as often as I am because he's like, I'm still growing my company. I'm still growing my company. I mean when he's done I've reached a level where I'm happy. He hasn't good for him. When he's done. He's going to be doing the exact same thing minus the two episodes of chick every day. So he can sit on Keiko Solly wants along the little rant there. Are we talk about that cash? Maroon fight reverse Tommy's, fix the old buddies going out. Date. Yeah. They had the dinner before the game to write biz. I believe so yeah, he's a couple of gamers say they were getting a little era -tated with each other was getting pumped and in cast step dot kassy's been one of the bright spots team this year, I post on Instagram awhile back just congratulate him when he got that deal. Always really turned his life around, you know, he's sober and really happy for him and his family, and he's really he's twelve or thirteen goals this year. And he's gonna be going the playoffs to more. Maroon so good for him little delayed chiklis bump, but I think that about wraps it up. We're gonna win over quite a few topics with NHL PA plays politics drop that Wednesday morning will address that next episode because the worst some categories that will little off the beaten path, you guys might appreciate Sola. Everybody have great weekend and enjoy enjoy your team. And before we leave just wanna wish the UC. Irvine ant eaters who are the thirteenth seed in the south bracket of March madness all the luck in the world. You know, I love we got northeastern. We got northeastern you missed anti. He's I don't give a shit, dude. You think I'm not cheering for team called the ant eaters? You're fucking high. I actually thought you meant the team we have to go to Vegas. I'm Huntington hound this week, though, scumbags over northeastern. Let's get us the Vegas, boys. Let's call. Let's get to today. Fourteen or we're screwed I panicked. I'm sorry, boys. I fucked that went up I went up you could've picked who. So we when we got to pack. The cameras are on I go up and I go to pick Belmont because Belmont the best pick and apparently picked Belmont right before me, I wasn't paying attention. I had a lot of people around me. So I panicked. And I picked pick northeastern they're playing Kansas in the first round. So you could have had another ten or nine seat, and you north east and all there wasn't much left on the table. I was one of the last guys to go. But I probably could've got better pick. So you're one of the last guys to go Belmont went just before you. Yeah. I think Belmont. When no one really knew what they were picking. I'll tell you who I blame I blame Brett Merriman. Merriman was in my ear. He's a northeastern lump saying they got this guy Vaas up going the you mean the guy who had us take the Pacific coast. Highway instead of taking one that would get us there three hour sooner. So we're we're staring out at the ocean in the dark. A moment. If I have a moment around Brett where I just kind of like, you know, your does off and they deja bit. I would look at 'em. This is the fucking kid wanted to see the sunset on the Pacific Coast Highway cautious an extra seven hours gret. I love Brett big breakfast to quick things on the marshawn comment of him being great for league. Some people are crying and shit. He's eleventh in scoring. This guy's on social media trolling his teammates have any time. It was crossed the line. A couple times with some dirty plays. Licken guy's face. Yeah. I don't condone that he's made mistakes. But he fucking brings it to the edge. And every time his names mentioned your skin crawls, and you stare at the TV, and you yell and he's a polarizing figure if you don't think he's good for the NHL than your moron. So fuck you. Don't message me on Twitter, though, message me on Instagram kiss my ass. Brad marchand. Good for the NHL every everything in movies. You need you need the good guy. And you need the villain and he's a villain. And I fought in brace that because he doesn't give a shit, and he's entertaining his Faulk if you lick me in the face. Yeah. I've been thinking a little bit differently. Maybe depends out, but how many fucking Molly capsules I had in me. I guess. With already based on last lasting quickly here. The US program thing I made a comment comment them on how they run their business. That is not the only reason why the amount of NHL that are US Boerner on the rise. There are other factors. I just didn't mention them. I mean, let's look at the the fact that just more kids are signing up for minor hockey United States. Let's look at the fact that that hockey's becoming so expensive in Canada. And that's the reason pry less Canadians are signing up, and there's less Canadians at the NHL than there used to be what are some other factors? Maybe some a bunch of Canadian hockey players people in our country three hundred million people, but more more and more signing the hawk result. Right. And then I would think that all these older hockey players who played in the NHL who now settled down these NHL cities who have children nowadays, become coaches. That's gotta help development. So there's plenty of factors. Just mentioned one people people assume because I mentioned one was only. The reason why the United States in the last I think in the last nine years since two thousand ten the percentage of NHL hours that are US born has gone up eleven percent while there's a lot of factors that contribute to that. I mentioned one get off my fucking ass. Don't tweet near Instagram about that when anymore. Busy doesn't like it lay off every pass. See pick. Guys. It's a pleasure talking next time. I talked to be stateside I'll be back at the end of March and golf season's coming up. See? From me. They were on. That we. For. Happy as.

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