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News AF | Wendys Real Life Hamburglar is News AF | July 2, 2019


for today's edition of new they have true car has been a proud supporter of rob is a podcast for years and we want to partner with them i hear all about your true car experience and you may even get an amazon gift card the kickoff you're summer we wanna hear all about your true car shopping experiences send us an email to true car at podcast one and tell us all about your shopping experience which truecard the first two hundred people email will receive a twenty dollar amazon amazon gift card so sending those emails soon we can't wait to hear from you again if you have any true car shopping experience email true car at podcast one dot com hey ready what's going on rob sister back here to talk with you about it'd be a week's most interesting news stories for the first week of july twenty nine teen here on news eight app or useless like it's on crypto assets is about to be news makes you sample some actual yeah that's right be actual factual news team is back together to talk about all of these stories that we've we've collected all week long let's go ahead and talk to are news af team first off eight man who is a very busy getting ready to celebrate the birthday of america merica later on this week the great tyson apostle there you go good yeah i've already celebrated by staying up late playing nintendo yes mario kart yeah mario kart end we've got this new and arms where they'll it'd be like of arena fighting game but you're arms are on like slinky stretch all the way across be arenas pretty fun while i would love it by he will never give it time of day a maybe i'm maybe this fourth of july i'll make a commitment to new things should i introduce danny right here i'd rather do it and this is the great danny bryson who was eight former a golf enthusiasts recycling enthusiasts always exercise enthusiasts part of a show called one hundred miles from nowhere part of youtube channel called mediocre amateur in part of the news they f team the pats apart i'm most proud of like if the news f wasn't appendage on my body my thumb i know you thought i was gonna say something else but they after my oppose both arms which rate rises above the apes while i asked willie if you plucked at a podcast at year high school reunion and he said no i had very little time up but my high school reunion i gave a three minute speech okay which isn't much of a speech how did it go a i thought it went pretty well on i actually had like an idea written out you know i i was gonna send a message to these people i haven't seen in twenty years but then with the time constraint method like why like and get a horse head in their bad morning after an article metaphorical hor said okay a time did allow that so i just got up their total a total a couple of jokes showed a video and then ended with a joke about myself mobile the joe so for those who've known me a i come from a rather well to do family in the joke spoke about like tyson i always joke about how we don't lives conventional lies because we have kind of a safety net correct tyson since we had around children since we have grandchildren are parents won't let us starved now once we've solidified that we are a they'll they'll never break us off they'll never get rid of us were like leeches so the last and at the end of my speech i told the story and this is a true story i have a seven year old son and one i thought it'd be a great parents had one of those parents who moments i came in and i said back seven would you like to do when you grow up right this is one of those moments and you're having a he looked at me and he said dad i wanna do what you do i said well i mean what do you think i do 'cause you know i was interested in and he sat there for literally a minute and couldn't come up with any i make you do i said sat down and put my arm around him i said son unfortunately finally i will never make enough money for you to do what i do and so what i made that joke only the people who know me the only people who knew me or no me laugh because they didn't understand a lot of people my wife video recorded it and a lot of looking each other like why is that funny so yeah it was it was a hit for the friday good good inside joke freer france that's kind of joked have when you're talking to a wider audience you use only inside jokes it's really that's a good good lesson for us so if i ever happened give a speech i hope i will also have some inside jokes to share chat and says also showing the video during the speech is a great way to eat up time out correctly by only read it yeah yeah i i it was a one minute video and by the time it was over almost basically done yeah now they any is a on the road anywhere already this week so i'm in northern california this price and compound where my family get together every year to be reeducated okay yeah do you have a big a fourth of july plans danny at the compound at the compound we take pictures of all the grandkids we have a lunch and we played baseball since there's enough fowley taxi field two teams wow hardball a no no we had it into the multiple years softball stuff all that hard yeah yeah a couple of years ago my dad got drilled the right here from my little brother who played high school baseball he was gruesome their fireworks danny a no no we are in kind of like dead grass single country would be terrible if we had a fire all right tyson what do you do in the fourth a i don't know yet oh yeah oh axe they were going to a are friends forever barbecue and then will pray they have like a good like view of the valley so what price just sit there and watch fireworks from down below looked down upon the massive this they laid their fireworks they're ill gotten fireworks probably a an and that's about it yeah we might go to lake today in out but we don't really have any plans we keep it simple here britain's not gonna remember audio here that earlier that holiday eisenhower you holding up in thee recor courtesy you're suffering through were holding up really well a i mean it was like a hot is it recordsetting i think so right okay for this early in the year yes a one oh six issue well it's down to like a hundred ish today okay kids there's two things rob if you've ever moved arizona there's two things you need to know one whenever you complain about the heat every single person who lives here will say yeah but it's a dry heat so it's not that bad god number two if you say the water oh like this world cactus is the true paris will be it's actually pronounced so far oh you're like get are you kidding me 'cause they're everywhere else you gonna talk about in the middle of the desert okay all right well how about we talk about a are top story at this hour and we have a couple of stories is involving a fast food that i wanna get into an we have a story out of florida which i did you think checks a lot of these florida man of boxes here as hey man broke into to eighty wendy's his local wendy's broke in was i guess intending to steal the save i'm not sure what which came first the chicken or the year of the chicken sandwich biak that he he broke into the wendy's he was eventually going to leave with the safe but not before firing up the grill an a cooking some hamburgers not unlike a fourth of july cookout you're not gonna if that safe without a good a full belly you need those calories in the jerk lifting jerk which i think the jerk and pull the safe out of the wall you you're gonna wanna be completely you need that proteins and the meat patties these cars from the bonds and then you're ready to rip a safe out of a wall not before this was all captured on video a so it was kind of an open and shut case for police to track down a thirty four year old patrick benson who was they're calling hindi hamburglar oh what's the name patrick you could definitely use something like patty patty patty burglar yeah do you think that he intended to to a cook a meal you just going into the safe or going into the meet the burner and then we might as well take safe maybe he's addicted grilling meat like he can walk by a giant fryer or or a giant skill it without being able to throw some meat down and listen to its own maybe that's how they get amped up now some people have said like rock music before they do something commit a crime rob a bank maybe for him it's like the sisley meet get some all just apt drip escape out of the wall i've seen this guy this guy was on that at mcdonald's documentary where the guy that they interviewed this guy and he and he's like the first big mac he went through the drive thru andy beat up ordered one and then sat in his car 'cause he was ashamed to you the fast food sat in his car and ate it and loved it so much i think he drove through the drive through like seven more times that day in eight seven big macs the first day they they'd ever tasted one yeah you're saying there's this guy is such like a addicted to the hamburger said so overcome with the shame no he needs to go in the club i think tyson's made a great point what did the shame of the need for the burger was so great that in order to make it look like he wasn't just in the burger he stole the safe you'll be like whoa you got arrested for breaking and entering to make yourself a hamburger something you could have done at home now you could be like no i broke in so i could eat a burger but also i stole a safe genius so he he is for some reason is that a patrick has so much shame about his you know he's got all these links and break into wendy's in the middle of the night and then just steals a safe so that nobody knows how much he loves hamburgers yeah yeah okay so wow that's a that's a real a real caper of so danny a what do fast food places need to like up the security to make sure people are not breaking breaking and entering and then cooking their own meals yeah but like a giant steel plate the lower over the grill at the end of the day that wouldn't work you gotta be something that absorbs heat or maybe something that makes a hamburger taste bad if you try to cook a burger after hours yeah should there do we need up like a like a security post outside of these a fast food restaurants do you think yeah and by the way this isn't uncommon a lot of times people breaking homes and make themselves a sandwich and take a nap and sometimes try on these homeowners clothing this is just one of those quirks the thieves have i mean as if it's not enough is still a safe you gotta go in and make make yourself a burger it's like you're calling card yeah like the yeah the hamburglar sure the hamburglar knows his calling card to make a burger yeah so for robbing you i i don't know if there's any good place though for security it'd be a set up outside of these establishment you know cracker barrel has furniture outside dares year round so stupid rocking chairs oh i guess a that's a good point break into a cracker barrel yeah they goodness a are cracker barrel twentyfour our i doubt it i would think that a bad but they closed pretty early if i had to guess yeah five thirty no most their patrons have eaten at around seven seven downey so there's also another story ah involving a fast food going on a this one involves a sauce packets danny ooh those sauce packets i'm interested in this because if you grab a handful sauce packets and walk out the door yeah restaurant is that db in a florida man has been arrested for helping his girlfriend with mcdonald's sweet and sour packets so is there a i'm sure you could come up with the word here a sauce assault by the deadly packet of saw salt and pepper okay so you assorted did that mean like throwing snowballs balls is there is there a tier system for like you could throw access someone did not get in trouble but by the time he reached a certain weight class it now becomes assault in sake pakistani light yeah of i think that's that's part that's part of it that's that's the headline here a bank that this is a man not a happy story about a man who ended up getting very angry at width his girlfriend after she bought the wrong food from mcdonald's there's always more when it comes to a florida man story yeah i am that then the headline of this a pitcher he did more than just throw up pelter whip sweet and sour packets of but that's what gets the headline here that's what makes this going from generic you know run of the mill florida man story to being national news story will defer the woman while he was placing his weight on her to the ground she ripped off a section of his beard yeah that sounds way worse pelted with a packet but good for her right self defense right but wow of section of the beard do that's sweet and sour sauce what's the best metaphor for this relationship yeah they've had their good moments i'm sure like honey mustard literally didn't fit the bill like i wonder if be irony was a really captured by the couple have you ever thrown ans sauce packet anger rob if i did i'm trying to think of what a job i'm not sure exactly i think ketchups really the most harmless sauce packet throw yeah it's like a food fight a but yeah this one this one got a this is a real fight did involve food yeah it's kind of like a garnish fight yeah but sometimes he also ubereats breached those to his house so he'll spend seventy five dollars on a hamburger mcdonald's hamburgers have doing directly to him i actually saw overeats weight that is great idea for a high end food fight over the food to your house and then throw it at your spouse or significant other that's a that's taking it to the next level yeah it does that make sense that make the super it's guy in accomplice 'cause he did provide you with the food you used to chuck at the other person could he be named in e a n i dunno but a yeah so florida florida fast food is a really starting to become a even more synonymous danny yeah florida man's honor roll this man's literal okay a this is a story about some some pranksters and vandalism man stuff that is classic news they asked a have you ever heard of blue bell ice cream i have okay a that a certainly a it's no it's no haagendazs a bud black fell blue bell ice cream is looking for a woman who has gone to a store and then is licking all of be a blue bell ice cream aiming at and then posted it on social media you wanna hear this is the woman a yes licking ice cream ice cream a blue bell ice cream leaking all you know you she licks the blue bell ice cream and then put it back in the store so she takes a cap off yeah scream that's too bad doesn't have the haagendazs plastic layer that's the difference right there before you eat ice cream you bet that's why they're the best at right yeah it's like an ice cream condom to sort this type of a gross disgusting interaction okay yes tyson a what do you make of this story i you'll have talked me through it and then get my reactions on the fly 'cause i only saw the headline and i didn't delve into it 'cause i just assumed it was just like spreading germs yeah i mean that's a big part of it is that this woman is licking the ice cream and then putting it back into the freezer case an do i i'm not sure if we know if this is if this was a one time incident or if she is cereal liquor as some kind of yeah some kind of like cross country band it just going state the state looking all the bluebell she can mhm now what the hell is this a if she's sitting as a message i dunno but this sounds like a cold soup bar scenario whichever mazes yeah i mean now i'm beginning to think that only a purchase haagendazs from here on out of that protective layer yes a b flavor in question it was a teen roof flavor but what is that like the the piece of metal in your mouth no i think it's like a chocolate in a in an peanuts a bit it's a i think it's like of anelle ice cream could some could be a layer of budge in there will order the criminal charges here is this tampering food tampering yeah i think it's certainly a criminal mischief criminal mischief and why haven't they caught her why she had just broken into mcdonalds made herself a hamburger rather than go around in secretly contaminate ice cream for everybody yeah i dunno endo what's the upside of this i do you get known as like a notorious prankster you could i don't think anyone's going to admire you for doing this this is on the same level is he a cat poop sandwich and the toothpaste oreos and it's not a prank this is not a prank yeah this is just disgusting seriously on the level of that she did distance spain where they really treat these people rough when they capture a capture them can you imagine a world with zero retail stores like driving down the street what are they gonna do they demolished all those buildings there what are we are those all just gonna be amazon a storage facility do you think that would be answered should we do we need to get rid of retail stores yes so if we got rid of the stores we no longer provide a venue for pranksters to do this and contaminated food end we no longer have to walk the streets where we can get accosted austin by pranksters who double kick us in the back in the intersections and try the fetus cat poop sandwiches so it's like a a too far right we eliminate see a scenario where they prank are food and then we eliminate the scenario where they prank as in the streets do you think danny that this is going to potentially be something like this this isn't going to become a thing right like a lot of kids in pranksters won't be pulling me i like a the ice cream licking phenomenon is upon us here in the summer of twenty nineteen oh this could very much become a thing already seat teenagers prowling around the ice cream section all they need is a little bit of a push and now everybody's ripping the lead up volta ben and jerry's giving a one solid lick input in the cap back on it's my worst nightmare there the tide pods the condoms up the nose broza which i put it in the same category still even though you guys it's the exact same category no it's it's not the condom up the nose and the tide pod are you doing it yourself this is this is the this is the dark side of pranking where now you're not just harming your your buddy now you're you're treating everybody everybody to you're disgusting lick do you know what i'm saying it's not the same thing at all yeah okay all right a be on the lookout ice cream at your fourth of july party this'll take a glance really quickly before it a beef ross just take a look and see if there's one smooth line right to the man i'm instead if they have any haagendazs you know you'll be you'll be safe luma if that ends up happening okay a little let's talk about a another person who is making headlines for bad behavior lot of a lot of bad behavior luck criminal acts on this week on newsday after an danny a we we we need to talk about that a man from sheboygan okay a top five you know funny city just say is this real okay i really had a lot of questions about the story is this really sounds like other non electric a this person's name the patrick beaming he's a thirty five year old man from sheboygan andy he is a he's been sentenced to three years of of probation a in charge wave twelve misdemeanors of criminal damage to property a for being be cereal toilet kaga i'm doing some additional research on this yeah whereas this place okay wisconsin yes it says okay so so it is a real place yes okay a so he has been a guilty of what his he what he does is he goes into women's bathrooms at his work an i guess with a with a with a plastic bottle he clogs be women's toilets and makes them overflow oh oh that's not impressive most secretly hoping clogging then with his own a friend who just has such an abnormal dumped size that it was just jamming all the toilets yeah and they told him to eat more fiber or whatever it is that would break that up and he refused to now who is being sentenced to probation now jamming plastic bottles that's cheating cheating a you don't think this guy is some sort of criminal mastermind well definitely not a mastermind 'cause now has to pay fifty five hundred dollars and a circle hunter and fifty day game was there were like what's the motive here like maybe he felt like if you clogged up woman's toilets said they'd go in there flush the toilet and he'd stand outside the bathroom and hopefully the woman run out happened dressed water went over four okay that's somebody who's got his camera in in a that's the only thing i could think of that where he just hates women so much he wants to have to deal with clock to all the time one thirty years this guy's the president was very damaging i guess the story would not damaging is a campaign not this day an age now a yet so the cereal logger i do think that he was panicking as be authorities were getting closer a yeah he probably couldn't poop it all you know you gotta he's like oh irony of that then he a really start at like ending up clogging toilets do you think danny that that was the ultimate irony where these toilets it's a it's a tragic story andy he was using all these devices to clog the toilets but then eventually he's own guilt overwhelm him then he had like incredible gastro intestinal track and then ultimately ended flogging toilets of his own devices could be one time i was at a hair salon in their silence filled out attractive women the gas and i i went in for a number one just it number one right i did it i flush the toilet clog someone else had clogged it maybe it was this guy urban early on in his career in so instead of saying anything because those super barest walked right out didn't say anything water was overflowing with a terrible way they handle the situation then they automatically assume that i did clogging with a number two i should have gone out and pleaded my case like hey i was just pain i dunno if they wanna believe me oh just being in the the toilet filled up after i flush it someone put something something down there instead of just walked out it was i could see how this guy could get a pleasure off of a shaming people would clock toilets as there is a lot of shame and embarrassment and a he could have maybe suck some joyful energy negative energy from my face when i came out of that a hair salon right in there you gotta have a situation where the water is overflowing and then yeah who a due to a running in some sort of an emergency man the panic is gonna is gonna is gonna is gonna say i never i never returned to the hair salon let's just say that that that was that yeah a you know there's lots lots of a embarrassing bathroom stories when i was running a lot yeah i was at the track running intervals once at a high school yeah but not wall high school is in session it was in the summer okay in a sudden this is when i was like ultra ultra lean in when you're that lean first somewhere near body cannot hold onto p or poof for very long ago and it just hit me like a ton of bricks i might have actually had indian food the night before i ran to the bathroom down is onsite there and it would not open they're locked 'cause it's the summertime and nobody's there and nobody was around around anywhere so i ran into the bushes like in the dirt not even in the landscaping area end pooped that's a true story but that's one way to do it all a what we call it transparency yeah all right well that's one way to avoid shade a guy the clock toilet banned it a you know you're not gonna run decree any clock to and it's on nature yeah oh boy are sharing protests thinks something do you think danny no maybe amount of like maybe he's environmentalist did he had all the ways they would be making statement you know i really don't he just got a kick out of causing people a lot of hassle and embarrassment yeah we were there any science experiments ernie don't try to find try appliance of justification for this guy is weird very strange behavior yeah do you think you could ever drink enough liquid constantly that you could constantly also be urinating constantly constantly out while now have to see deer head right now tyson a i don't think that that's how it works yeah when there's like a feeding tube that was just can constantly pushing liquid interior stomach i think i feel like that would be cheating maybe you could force it out but i think you're body time yeah performance enhancing pissed tubes okay a chicken with some by airport news some a airplane drama where a united airlines to a the not not great a that they are in some trouble after they put a kid on me wrong international flights do you think the parents flip like a fifty to the gauge hey just send a skit somewhere where certainly a that's a that's a possibility a there's a woman named brenda berg andy a united airlines up put her son on on a be wrong full light a that he was a headache for germany rather than going to a scandinavia okay he's fourteen by the way is that a good aides to travel with like was the mom just sick of it yeah i dunno a civil what she did she dropped her off at the airport and then a i mean what is it that united airlines put the were they in charge charge of the kid are they supposed to wear some kind of like sandwich border placard the says well he's not a he is a minor so we do should have had one of those things like unattended minor then had like his own little escort sometimes you see them being escorted co so fail according to news report a that she paid an additional hundred fifty dollars to have a united airlines escort her kid to be you're right flight to yes you better get the least that much back yeah a bed she ended up taking to a she ended up calling a in saying how this was hey cosmic failure cosmic yeah i don't know what the cosmos yeah yeah i think cosmo's has to do with this let's say was it made an earth failure most likely just in airline failure let's bring it down to where you this story is crazy an awesome an it's the story i've always wanted for myself without being actually put in that situation yeah like what like i said the fourteen year old boy who mistakenly get sent on a plane to the playboy mansion home alone where a put the kid on the wrong and the rams lay a why did they ever do that with home alone that would have been a great i think that might have been home alone to i know he he was in new york without his parents i'm not sure necessarily how how that happens and if he got no i don't remember the beginning part well it's a fantasy fantasy come true in in you know obviously enticements imagination and it could have happened to him when he was younger i think the fourteen year old i think there's probably a a cool adventure day the house is pretty sweet and i've got something to talk about when i go back to school yeah i guess so where would you rather be danielle you've traveled all through europe a an emmy a scandinavian countries were germany well i think it said sweden sweden yeah i've never i've never been to sweden so i'd like to go there so make that mistake for me and i would be happy now a this happened on a united airlines flight tyson is that is that one of your favorites i made an awesome joke at a delta thing they were like a a i was checking in my bags yeah and they were like okay but you know where the flight is currently about fifteen minutes late and i was like well at least you're not american airlines late andy entire death all start laughing like yeah we know were bad but there's one who's worse yeah that's the goal of every airline just not to be the worst yeah all right so a be careful of putting kids on a united airlines flight they are very sorry danny oh but they are there it's pretty it's impressive they do this all the time and just have this one mix up every couple of years seems like a good track record he did talk last week about how a if there's a lost and found a and the people they clean up be be airplanes and you know that if they did a you know this kid would have been a good thing to put into the lost and found if there if there was one that i bet this kid would gladly trade places with the canadian woman yes you will love waking up to and empty plain yeah i mean what would be a real home alone relation of the kids on the wrong playing in the fall asleep and wake up everybody's gone off the plane yeah that would open the slide danny make no no they're sure he knew he would know enough to do that the lady just again wasted so many opportunities do cool stuff okay all right a and then we'll one more story before we get to the danny's bolthole a let's let's talk about eighty a story of about eighty a rest or at least eighty a v highway patrol getting involved win eighty a officer spotted somebody's violating the rules of v h o v laying m end v driver was speeding driver of a hearse k they've never said it had to be warm body yes any driver of the hearse did have eighty a deceased person in the back end when the driver with the impression that he could drive any asia high occupancy vehicle lanes because he did have it yeah in body in the car and i kinda is he wrong no i think he's he took the literal translation a translation of two persons per car and he had another person in the car yeah so yeah i think they're using the right now now that that is not what he highway patrol in in nevada ended up a saying a you must have eight living breathing human occupying the seats in the vehicle a to be in compliance with e h o v lane rules yeah i could see the highway patrolman going and that way just because they you know they sometimes they don't see the funny things that a yeah they just fed up with it you know like i've seen blood dolls i've seen that mannequins rocket i think it has happened i where i've seen stories at least with americans or book dolls mhm yeah so it does take place i don't know how many times it's happened in this particular sheriff or however trolling but i'm sure he's seen it something like it now you but you would think that if you have a hearse perhaps a grieving family is yes by a if i would be you know far be it for me i'm not in law enforcement but i i think i would let the slide so he did just get a warning mhm so you could be subject to a two hundred dollar two hundred fifty dollar fine the driver got just a warning so i guess they it was fair enough that seems to me it'd be a good compromise pulling over time now this doesn't work and then let him go now you've educated in right assumes right right dude can you imagine being in a car with clint eastwood trying to drive the drugs around ambi like forty too much today we saw a man driving forty two miles an hour in the center lane of eighty five miles per hour freeway in like rachel check that out there's like thirty cars behind him trying to get out but he was moving so slow that they couldn't properly get around him so good it might have been recession the corpses driving itself i i guess they drive slow or maybe that's why they were any age revealing the that's what the problem was that really slowing things that are everybody else yeah interesting tyson so maybe tyson's also saying that oh people shouldn't be allowed in the hiv lane regardless of how many people they have in the car as well that a year that that that is possible it's called age ism yes not accepted in this day and yeah can you imagine a future where it's self driving cars there will be no stop lights or any sign because everybody could drive every car will drive a two hundred miles an hour everywhere they go all the time and they'll just zip in and out of traffic back in like a perfect pattern so that you're gonna get everywhere of five times faster than you would regularly yeah well you need the hiv lane at that point yeah you would end corpses could be in any car at any time yeah every cars are hearse yeah i did you did they need to get this out there i do you think the people are gonna be like guy out there like a trying to pick up dead bodies to get around be traffic laws well i have seen the exotic taxidermy is becoming a trend and that is where you get your dearly love it deceased individual in you taxidermy them in some of their favorites scenarios like the one i saw was a guy playing cards poker yeah and he was at the card table so maybe you know you put you're you're a deceased loved one a you're very old wife and he put her in the passenger seat 'cause she always love to ride in the passenger seat and talk to you endlessly and a yeah i you could see that maybe becoming an issue but not for a lot of people most people wouldn't wanna drive around with a corpse in their car you wouldn't think so and people who do want to do that should be pulled over and questioned anyway tyson didn't you say that you were one of the people that you wanna have this exotic taxidermy done to you i don't sound i don't think i said anything of the sort actually no now do we want it to be long in this space we want it to be flowing into space tied that is exotic taxidermy though in a way a day before i throw it over to you any a ball toll let me just so this is a story that i saw earlier this week a do you do you remember when a we ended up talking about be a deep britain birth birth ari the birth area is is the area birth arians say yes of course we ended how you pronounce it phonetically yeah this ruth areas darien a you remember these people that believe the people who said they don't need any food to be able to survive they're just gonna leave off of heavy breathing any energy the universe yeah this came back all of a sudden a in here is he a minnesota woman a an a she is claimed her name is audra bear an a she is claiming to be birth area and she rina's yeah she's she's like the number one birth area in but if you've read the fine print she does admit to doing a juice only diet that's what i find so confused and she says that she lives off the energy of the universe and she does forty five minutes of breathing activity every day but then all of a sudden she quickly as a as an aside says oh and i do a juice juice juice only yeah so but why why did this had this come up out of nowhere like v but i i thought the battle against the birth variances over and then all of a sudden here she is you can't fight universal energy mhm people who absorb that much energy from the universe they don't go away okay a cell all right so breath aeriens we are back in a are you just had the talk about that in just like oh wow river syrians have we been so long ago that we talked about a potential birth arians a thank you a audra bear for bringing it back a v number one of the bruce arians and that she is up to eleven thousand followers on instagram it's nothing to this day and age yeah it's like an average high schooler okay all right a danny are you are you ready to take us away idea rob i don't think we really have time for the song this week let's just a four go and get danny right into the ball there okay or why don't we quietly all just sit here for the next couple of seconds it absorbed be energy of the universe before launching into the ball right danny here here we go for a gone on line in a year long honesty you be a start a new thing called the type scenario in yeah it's an in all you do is you leave off tyson's energy mostly from that song and that's it died in the liquid diet mhm forty minutes forty five minutes absorbing tyson and then a liquid diet i think that would be enough for some also this isn't a new idea i mean i think it's come out of mining danny's mouth multiple times after taking money from her parents they're having a so those on the tyson area diet you know buyer beware okay it's a day anybody having a ball salsa 'em you know what really ruins of pitcher a read i read i is one thing but i have all people like he'll take a picture and they like someone's in the pitcher you did want someone in the pitcher maybe it's a person you wanna take a picture of her person but there's a person behind them you did want in a pitcher well there's a new app of course right i guess you could say that about anything there's a new app a lot of stories start with that you know new abc news new study new app new study new app called by by florida man reported this is called byebye camera and what it does is it allows you to remove humans from the photo mhm so to me that's it's like the perfect the perfect at because a lot of times you'll take a picture and i don't know how well it is at removing humans you don't like it from what i can tell in the screen shot in the video it removes all humans it detects them and then tries to replace the background is what it thinks would be there acsi appears do a pretty good job but really if you think about pictures a lot of times if you go to a a big nature spot like the you know the grand canyon or zion's you're not gonna get a shot without people because it's like zoo and so now you could fake you could do you could do all the instagram faking make people think that you got there on a day when nobody else was there with the help of this out because that's really what you want to do with instagram and taking pictures like yeah you've been here before for but when i hear it was just me in the universe and now you have the pictures proven celtics this app it is this v v a counter punch to these photo bomb danny yes so what would we call this the photo bomb disposal unit the photo photo bob diffuser yeah which i wonder if there's an app the puts people in we talked a long time ago about people hiring a lot of the put people in a but i mean like just as an app not like having to go in the photo shopping looking at it will add friendly faces the all your photos to make it make it make people are it's like a you know horrified fight in don't wanna be around you yeah so like you take a picture of herself at olive garden and then you take it with this app and it feels all the seats were smiling faces writes a right air you can look you give up be appearance a that you you have had a lot of friends yeah so now you could choose what kind of lifestyle you want people to think you livia you could have the loan the loaner which is this app or you could have the socialite which is the one we just discussed right so this one's for the loaner who's went to the edge of the grand canyon to contemplate my life no one was there but the win in the juniper you know so that so that individual and then the other guys like went off guard with my best friends had unlimited bread sticks and unlimited laughter that's good if you get voted out last year i could use something a that could make it look like i have like you know a a best friend hanging out with me like a link like danny icing back in the day when dan rather we probably saw each other six out of seven days of the week minimum for a long time and then win he had kids i see him like four out of seven days and then win i stopped working out i see him a hero of seven days yeah we don't when he says it like that he makes it sound like i start hanging out with him because he wasn't working out like i was disgusted to be seen with him in public that's kind of what that sounds like but okay so tyson could use this app then i'm just gonna create called my imaginary friend in what it does is it keeps me in his pictures at the same ratio that it always has been don't mean danny still hanging out the same amount or you just go through and you create your perfect ideal imaginary friend a like ravs imaginary friend and then he's there with you always he's doing the carousel with you at the local fair he's a he's partaking of the hot dog contest with you as well you know imaginary friend yeah there's an app for that okay danny a fourth of july is it make the pantheon of holidays that you are just fed up with a no actually i normally i rail against holidays but the fourth of july pills to so much of me explosions in easy one buyer yeah it's it is it really to if you're talking about entertaining a kid a box of fireworks you've got him fern our he'll remember it especially if something bad happens like a firework goes under a car or said something on fire now you're creating real memories race whereas like easter or valentine's day through those in the trash father's day set on fire but none of those are worth it this one this one has asked the power behind it okay all right so a great job today on the show of lots lots of fun a tyson a that i i know that you have been a feeling a little bit like a social media media has been a has been getting you down i feel like a you've gotten a lot of negative feedback lately about you're a performance on the podcast oh yeah they find the one single by and that you know like oh tyson you stomachs getting a little soft in do you have beer skin looks son damaged my god dammit how did you know the two things that would bother me all right please be nice tyson on on social media you to a danny yeah the guy and his dad bought yeah just like old timey days kids will never know what it was like when you could just talk shit on anyone at any time get away with that kind of yeah well you're not getting away with it a talking smack about the show okay all right a follower danny on social media he is at danny bryson i n at rob just you know thanks

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