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welcome to highly questionable id. Goodyear is maybe in somebody else's house my go junior. Also maybe somebody else's house. let's do television with burgers. Does jimmy g. to the patriots trade make sense. Oh you gotta say given a cash. Shanahan is basically spent his entire life around the nfl and his dad was a head coach. It's really crazy. What an amateur. He looked like in this press conference yesterday where he said that even though the forty niners traded up to number three in a draft where we know who wanted to were going to be he traded up to get one guy but now he likes five guys and they think they know who they're gonna take but they're not what gender any confidence whatsoever. If you're jimmy garoppolo agenda even less confidence in you and this is even after they traded up to get your replacement. I can't guarantee that anybody in the world will be alive sunday. So i can't guarantee who will be on rosser on sunday so that goes for all of us. Y'all dude that is dark we can start with that part of it also. I don't know what he was supposed to say. They're he probably just shouldn't have set it like that because you can't promise the garoppolo is going to be there because there's a big old for sale sign on him because again you're going to draft his replacement. Peter king raise the question as to whether or not the patriots would be the team to train jimmy garoppolo but seems like an obvious move because he used to play for them except jimmy. Garoppolo is twenty nine years old has had one good season in the nfl. Where is all this fate that everybody has in him. Even the people who like him would have to agree. Whatever success he's had in san francisco had a whole lot to do with everything that was surrounded gipp display last year. What nothing surrounding. Nothing they went and got a couple of tight ends in the free agency. Good for them. But is jimmy garoppolo the answer for them. I cannot see how nobody you mentioned the people who like them and unfortunately new england is one of the teams the original team that really liked him and made him this coveted prospect because bill bell had all these rumors that they thought they'd finally found the air parents for tom brady. But i think that's all going to depend on the price there if the patriots are team. That's not going to trade up in the draft. We know good dam. Sure their model. Is you know for us. You get paid somewhere else. Can we get you back for less than we let you go for and so that could start to fit into this. I do appreciate the larger portion of this quote about jimmy garoppolo how they want him for being a team guy and being an all this zoom meetings in the offseason program. That like he's got a choice is like. I'm sorry unless you're tom brady. Are aaron rodgers one of these dudes. We'll listen to you. Then but jimmy garoppolo. At least i will applaud him for having the self awareness to note. I am not that dude. And so i need to make sure that everybody likes having me around in case it doesn't work out with this job. So let's play this out okay. So they traded for jimmy garoppolo for a second round pick essentially right. They signed him to an extension. Okay and then. They go to the situation where they don't trust him because of his health and they draft. I don't know. Let's say. Mac jones here and they trade him to the patriots basically for a second round pick so they get back what they got. If i'm a forty niners player. Like george kittle. Who responded to that quote by saying. Hey i'll text you on thursday. If i'm alive which makes me wonder if he actually thinks it's funny or if he's being a smart but you got to think that the players are wondering what are we doing here because there's a ton of questions about mag jones a ton of questions about trae lands if they were to draft him and really get much of anything out of the jimmy garoppolo experience. It's going to be pretty clear that they're making sort of mind head-scratching decisions and it doesn't help when you perform like this in a press conference i don't understand what the idea of blowing smoke in this situation that benefits you know. Who's going one to you and your quarterback you obviously don't care about his feelings. You're basically telling him you're drafting replacement so might as well. Just tell us who you got because all this makes no sense. As far as i can tell there is literally one person who thinks that mac jones the guy that should go number three in this draft and that one person seems to be kyle shanahan who is the boss of everything was still works with other people and you can't help but think but everybody else is walking around. They're like dude when the world is he talking about john lynch it kind of put it out there like. Hey i make the pitch. But we're gonna get kyle the guy. The he thinks fits best for him. Which means cow shanahan's the one that's making this pick and lit What anybody else make this move. I have raised before an hour. Raise it again. You know who. I don't think we'll take mack jones over justin fields nick sabin. That's who is it the right time. For the falcons to trade. Julio jones terrified knows the new general manager for the foul because they did their pre-draft press conference yesterday and the question was broached. Bellwether not might be interested in trading. Julio jones and the falcons in close the door on that idea they left it. Good opening. I mean why. Not trade. Julio jones becomes the question i understand this. He's probably going to be hall of famer. He's one of the great players in the history of the franchise is thirty. Two years old is do big body and he played nine games last year. The question comes down to do you. Think the falcons can be a legitimate contender this year. If everything breaks right. And i just can't they make the playoffs. Can they contend for super bowl. Because if they can't. You can't assume julio jones is gonna get better you can't assume that matt ryan at thirty five is going to get better. It might be time to look at the future. Which reminds me if there's a quarterback worth taking at four in the falcons pass on it that is malpractice. It is about time for theresa trade. Julio jones wouldn't be the worst idea sometimes you gotta bet on the idea that the dude. That's getting older is not a dude is going to get better. This gives me faith that there's some sort of honesty and genuine nature or actually just some sanity in football. At least when you compare it to the san francisco forty niners situation because no four in twelve team should not be considered a potential title contender the following year. Not with major upgrades right. So if you're drafting number four there's a reason for it and if there's an opportunity to move forward from a quarterback who had the sixteenth best. Qbr which is right. Smack dab in the middle probably isn't working his way back up then. You probably want to do that. Like i don't understand the idea if you wanna get kyle pits and give it one more go with ridley and jones and pits and say. Hey even matt ryan's gonna look better than average with that trio put you know you could. Always say hey. Let me get the young stud. Who in two years is going to be super bowl ready. We'll have the right direction. And maybe we can move on from. Julio jones at thirty two years old and still get something valuable back from him. So yes this makes all the sense of the world if fought no would have come out and said nope. I think we're close to a super bowl. And i would have said you got a fire this guy immediately and just blow up the whole organization yet. No i don't think they in good faith say anything even close to that puts. this seems to be about. How much change. The falcons are willing to tolerate right now for a lot of atlanta fans. It might seem like identity change. Julio jones like mani said is someone who's really beloved down. There is given a lot of that organization. But to me all winston financially darren cap hell and they just move money around with matt ryan for the next couple of years. So they've kind of indicated right. We know what the bank says about how. We've gotta treat this position. That's why i keep looking at four and thinking. Kyle feels like the right amount of transition if you wanna deal julio jones you've got another space alien that stepping in albeit a slightly different role you can start to. I think it would relieve about fifteen million dollars against the cat this year. You can start to bankroll that towards the future. But matt ryan that number to me is too big to take a quarterback potentially let him sift through to really valuable years of a rookie contract. This team is probably still not going to be great. I don't think you're losing too much. Opportunity costs passing on a quarterback here at four knowing the trajectory of team. For all the reasons we mentioned and drafting would definitely soften the blow of losing julio jones. When you've got a big body who can play opposite of ridley or even at the tight end position probably even made him play him a little bit at the wide receiver position. So i could see that sort of softening the transition some more than going to harsh way of saying. Hey we're gonna take this quarterback and matt ryan you're just going to be a lame duck for the next couple of years but i mean it's football kind of a harsh place. They did it to aaron rodgers. I don't know why matt ryan is above it what we are seeing. How complicated. That's about to get for green bay. Because i saw jordan love trending with trade destination betting options being on the table. And it's not say ryan's gonna go out here and give you a twenty eighteen or twenty clock twenty. Excuse me aaron rodgers. nbc's in these situations can get murky. If you miss time to jump they did to brett farve. I'm just saying they do it too literally. Everybody they kinda did it to peyton manning. They did it to tom. Brady they do it every body. How should kevin. Love's teammates feel that him. Today will look when the cavaliers in this year's raptors wind up in a block of our television show. It's not because something good happen. I get a look at kevin. Love just hustle. What is kevin laguna. Just he's just watching. He's just watching. And i think he was batting it like like batting it down to grab it. A controller shuts off in k. Yeah i don't think i've ever seen anything quite like that on an nba court and love apparently has apologized to the team. The cavs say that they're going to be able to move on and all of this stuff but he is inclined toward a measure of petulance. Remind this is the do thirteen year in the nba. He is also someone who has told us about some of the struggles that he's had with mental health. But in the end you gotta be reliable. No matter what the circumstances are one thing you should be able to rely on a guy for is that he's not going to literally quit in the middle of the game and that's what happened right. They're glad you mentioned the stuff about his mental health that he has been so vocal about and been a very supported about. And so you know you just don't know whether that factors into how he can deal with this long extended losing and everything else. But i'm not going to create excuses for him. You have to be the veteran. You sign the five year extension to be part of this rebuild. You have to be the guy that people look at as a veteran there at somebody that they can follow. You mentioned the petulance bomani. He had a little while ago. Where you had the chest pass that was clearly mocking his teammates for not passing the ball and running the offense and this wild if you look at it and really break it down. It was active frustration. That he batted. He thought his teammate was going to position to get that and yet that batted ball and he did it at that point though. That's when you have to be the grownup and say okay. I screwed up. Let me continue and at least try to play hard. When he's continuing the act here. That is an even worse one and probably a suspended defense for actions detrimental to the team. But i don't know if an apology is enough to his teammates. I think it's been consistent enough for his for the last few years where they've been losing where he is not a great teammate. To have and he is not somebody that you definitely want to follow here. So cleveland definitely has an issue on. It's tough when you see that. A guy who was a championship a guy who has been in the top five in. Mvp has been basically an all. The roles in the nba can't be happy. We're at least be happy about or helpful to his young teammates. It's really frustrating to watch. I don't know if we've ever seen over over it so easily personified and so clearly personify one player's actions and i don't know if the rest of the team really likes him or if they all realize resume wise. They can't step to him. But i was amazed a listen after the game in a league. Players are usually pretty vocal to everyone. Treats this incident like john cena like no one was really giving it a lot of time air or fuel war in the game conversation around this. Yeah it's inexcusable from a team standpoint. I did it the frustration. i'm also not going to go super far in the other direction. Like i see the articles. All the wailing and gnashing of teeth about this like this is also a guy that's in this situation in the middle of this game we're talking about. He's getting beat up. Seem to have a lot more to do with the ramps than almost anything else going on with their team. But they're almost in one-two-three cancun mode. I just couldn't help but see this through the lens of that bad girls club tick tock movement. Were everyone's looking around here like listen. You signed up for all this one. You gotta And he's like a really. You don't like the way this is going. I worked for this team. This is not a great time for your boy right here. So yes. I signed up to get paid and play basketball. I didn't sign up to give molly walkaway. We've been through. The course of this sees a lot of guys have been put in bad situations brad. Bill at the beginning of this year could have wind as loud as he wanted to and people were supporting him if he did wind and what did he do made the best out of it and now they're looking like one of those playing teams in the east. I'm not saying that the cavaliers could have been something but this hasn't been a long enough stretch remember. He missed a lot of time a couple years ago. It hasn't been a long enough stretch of this must frustration after winning a championship where you can act like this and just get away with it with the weirdest thing is kind of touched on it. There he still plays for them like he is a bit outside. Like brad beal. Who's a better player in a situation like that. That either has not gotten himself out or his team does not want him out bad enough to make it happen like brad beal at least selling tickets anybody paying no money to see kevin love. How in the world is he still on that team up next on each. Hq when you see like more euro ages realize oh they just can't catch right hits dead interface. They just smile and laugh at all. Because you don't what hard enough to hurdle and you realize. Oh wait they just can't catch do you own or rent your home share you and i bet it can be hard work you know it's easy bundling policies with geico geico makes it easy to bundle your home owners renters insurance along with your auto policy. It's a good thing too because you already have so much to do around your home. Go to geico dot com quote and see how much you could save. Its gyco easy visit. Geico dot com today. That's geiko dot com question. The timbers earned this victory over the jazz choked yo. The jimbo got all the show with his. Nigeria's anthony edwards. Did some funny anyway. Check this out down the end of the game here. Jim was jazz. Yeah yeah yeah. That's a bad play there. I mean that right there. You see to go bear. Jump out to the perimeter. Karl anthony towns that right. There is exactly why nobody's afraid of the utah jazz. Because they feel like they can scheme around rudy gobert. Especially if he's going to do things like that but the funniest thing i saw about this game winner from de ngelo russell. I think it was bleacher report. Who said the game winner and had a little snowflake on the end like if it was cold. That wasn't cold. That was a layup of a blown. Defensive covers that would catch one too. I mean if he misses this he's going to be checked in a full for the rest of his life. This is just a gimme. come on. It wasn't that was that was not dane. John no i just wanna cut somewhere with the camera. To ben simmons full birdman dot gift just rubbing his hands together going. Oh that's that's your defensive player of the year got that do you question this. Five year old was assisted or betrayed by the person who is watching this australian football game with all. They told us that was australian rules. Football to four brief moment a that question. I thought he was going to tell me that. They five-year-old's play this stuff. Here we go oh ban gotta say that's terrible parroting all the way around. You didn't teach him how to cats and then you put them up there knowing that he can cats two times a terrible parenting right there as apparent all you can do is create opportunities for your to then you find out in those moments whether they got it or not. They learned an early age and probably save themselves a lot of money that maybe that kids future isn't something other than sport. I feel pretty confident that there were other times. That would have made them aware that this kid you catch. This is one of those things either. You got it or you. Don't man. I guess when you see four euro age just realized oh they just can't catch right ball hits some dead interface. They smile and laugh at offers. You don't do it hard enough hurdle and you realize oh wait. They just can't catch and there we go. He'll yeah here. We go already in the base that the part about this that we don't talk nearly enough about is horrible. Shot by dad. You're supposed to be trying to get a goal right. He's so bad at this that he kicked it dead into the goalie that happened to be his see. I thought you were gonna say was a celebratory spin. Move in the wu. Even after seeing his son get hit in the face with as the under a part of this tonight at seven ten pm eastern as in raise as a thirteen game winning streak not that long ago which is when i learned it. Been good for like three or four years now. Who knew anyway. Let's go elvis andrus. Come to the plate comes after the first pitch skies here we got there. We go sorry realize we were going to get all the way around before his base here we go okay so he's called out and go to review on this one number of us out of me. Yeah again. what size television or they look at these reviews all because it just feels like they should be able to do a better job. Somebody's right is you entry. I am i. I watched that replay so close like ten times over and you could make an argument that maybe the depth that angle of the depth. You couldn't really see win the tag on there but that's the stuff that drives me about these replacements when we've got a little bit too far. I'm of the opinion that if it's seriously close where if there's like dust by the plate or you can't tell if he touched his shirt you just gotta go with what the call was on the field and this wasn't so egregious where i'm just like all this game should be overturned or they should know just okay with a close call. Let's move on. I know i'm not intrigued. I think major league baseball needs to do the right thing here. Because these instances replay have been coming up a lot so just somehow find a way to shift the focus. Back to dodgers padres. It's like the one universal in major league baseball right now so when in doubt just give us another one of those games stop making play other teams and focus on a maximize but one good thing. You got terrible. Call but that ted tease about that kim tonight at nine forty pm eastern padres and check this out from the diamondbacks. They gotta right fielder. Name kole calhoun now. This looks like a ball that he could catch. Gotta go right young man. Got them right there. There's pound and i understand why calhoun did not catch that. That young man who wanted his name cordell halfway air. Calhoun found that. There's like wait what you just got a little bit distracted. He had to catch up by the time he caught up. Go ahead the button. Is you agree. I don't think that's true at all. Bow no. Yeah a little bit. Look i've calhoun got a lot of praise for like smiling and you know give them the fist-bump and everything else. But what else does he supposed to supposed to pull them. Boys blue and just lose his bleep in just ruined his kid's life. You know it. Just like i can't believe i did that. I mean come on. That's a proper reaction. I mean it was a whole fan. Who did it to do. Not you know the other teams people. Now goal of you agree. I just appreciate that. Our newfound court l. had the foresight here to take advantage of the fact. Powerless wasn't gonna do anything so he gave them a little ball. Sled begin laugh mistakes him and his mom. It looks like a great time for them fully understanding our they will yeah. I would not recommend leading so hard on those kinds of assumptions by the way. We haven't had a new album bill in quite a while but we might all right. That is our show. Check out gutierrez all week here on highly questionable. My goal at four to seven eastern. Espn radio janie. Angolan and check out the right time. Vermoti jones where. I reach podcasts. There we go love. Somebody adds that you're supposed to do you own or rent your home. 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