E3 2019 LIVE! - What's Good Games (Ep. 109)


Yeah. Good everybody. Walk them to one other episode of the what's good games, podcasts. Live from e three twenty nineteen at the game spot base. Asian out here in chick Hearn court. I got a Hello on the audience. What's up? Where are still glad to be back working with gamespot? This is our third year doing with gives notes author years. We had a great time at the game spot stage last year. And so when they reach dogs that, hey, what's games wanna come back to eat three. And we were like. Is going to be there, of course, comes up about video games but first introductions I've horse. I'm Andrea Rene joined as always by miss Christine's timer. Hello and Britney blocker, so ladies. It's the end of three. The end we made it mostly. I know. Right. Good. It's been a little strange like the three in general. My God don't too hard. They're gonna put. But otherwise, it's been really good. Good brittany. How are you? Doc, don't push the stage over and like straddling the stage and I feel like three's been wonderful. Great. It's been great. I've got this season games that I've been looking forward to seeing for a very long time. Had some emotional moments you were there. And you were there. For all of them. I was there for the first one which we're going to get into soon. So we have decided, of course, once again, to do our ten cool things we side, e three twenty nineteen where each going to pick three things even though let's be honest, a lot of overlap happening here, 'cause we agree that a lot of the things we each like we're pretty cool, then we're gonna talk about one game that really stood up to all three of us. So we're just going to go ahead and dive. Right. And we don't have much time and a lot to talk about. And don't forget next week. We will be back with our regularly scheduled show, but we will deep dive into all of the things that we saw here this week at e three so let's get started with us timer. Oh boy. What is one of the coolest things here at e three, twenty nineteen so I'm going to start with what call the lightest one. The one that I do enjoy, and I think as door up your skirt. Dippers early super blown-up escort. And that is the new LEGO Star Wars. I apologize actually forget what the news guy Walker song or saga. There's so many frigging title our words titles. We'll get you. So that, of course, is being developed by the one and only tease games known for the LEGO franchise published by Warner Brothers. We got to see a nice little teaser of it. I believe during the XBox preteen. Yes. And I went to the demo together and the cuteness overload is on point as always it is, like, okay, but it wasn't just like the cuteness. I was so impressed with the environments. They were talking about how they basically redeveloped their engines, and now everything is brand new. They didn't just remastered of the old titles because they had LEGO Star Wars games in the past. They've actually rebuilt everything. It's really. And it's beautiful. And the lighting is just like, oh, I just wanna walk around and look at things, and then I get to beat adorable little LEGO person, and, like knock things over or parents, you can mind control people into dancing. And I was like, yeah. Sounds great. All the ways you could use the four. Yeah, the forest, they had a lot of interesting things. Obviously, the dancing was my favorite, of course, because I'm gonna make everybody. Well, it's always a dance party timers around couch, co op is coming back to that, too. Yes. Oh, stateful from the LEGO franchise for sure. I saw I didn't see it with ladies, but I also saw the demo and I was blown away, I wasn't sure what to expect. The only LEGO game I've ever played where the Star Wars games that came out nine years ago. I don't know how long ago those came out. And so I wasn't sure what to expect but yeah. Seeing how open wurley it is. You can kind of exploring one around how beautiful it is like I'm in, and it was nice. The also showed us a few of the details, developers kind of put in there like, oh, you go around these corners. There's just there's little Easter eggs everywhere for you to find, and it just shows how much they really truly care about the work that they do, and it's really nice to see so absolutely what's great about the team at TT is that they take these licenses that we all know in love, but they also add all these original business story. So there's these open world exploration parts of the game and then they have what they call story moments. So those are going to be those iconic scenes that you recognize from all the. Our wars episodes, one through nine including the upcoming one that's releasing later this year and what I thought was really need. Is that they ally to essentially kind of hot swap between the episodes, whenever you want to so they have all nine of them available? And you can kind of like rotate between which one, you want to start with or which one you wanna finish with, and then you can kind of leave your playthrough in the middle of an episode, and it saves your progress, you can jump into another one. So let's say our demo they were playing the return of the jet. I do. Let's start there. But then, you're like, oh, no. Maybe I wanna go check out what's going on the Phantom Menace. You can do that to have on over. Yeah. And then also thought it was interesting how they're saying that the way that they build some of the stuff in game. They actually have like LEGO people build it. And then they put it on just like that's crazy. I want you to release all of the, the blueprints for these things to see if anyone can build them again, in real life, like just be a little star lucked. Oh, yeah. That was talking about the one to one scale of these games and how it would be almost impossible to. Create them in real life just goes. How many bricks it takes to build some of these iconic, set pieces from the Star Wars universe, so yeah, yeah, good first picks timer? X brits. Cool things you saw through dragon ball, z caca rot. I'm so excited. So this Drake ball project z for a while. And then we finally got the official title unveil and a dragon ball z action RPG is something that I've wanted for a very, very long time. We got legacy of Goku back on GameBoy advance. It was cool, but it wasn't like I mean those GameBoy advance not a knock against GameBoy advance. But, you know. Keyboard man. No, no, no, no. It's so the, the main question was okay. We know what kind of story we're getting the same story that's been told over and over again, and your eyes glass over, and it's fine. But it's the dragon ball z. Go Goku freezes Auga and his game. The demo was only twenty minutes and picked off, where rabbit, stole go on his son, and you go COO with your friend Piccolo, and you gotta go save your kid. This time right now. I just like what, what are slightly? Love. Good. Dragon ball. Like sushi roll. Oh my God. Get out of here. Okay. So obviously that we know this is we're going to get. But what the big question is, how is this going to translate into action RPG now it's not open world truly, because they have to stay true to the story. And if they open up the entire world during buzzy you're going to be able to find people that you shouldn't find because the arts ring true to the lore. But this is from what I've seen it has all the Staples all the foundation for solid RPG, which makes me very, very excited. I. During the demo you could go save her son, or you go dick around, which is actually what I did, and I was like looking through all down. Thank you. Yeah, Bernice a- priorities. Save someone. I love. No dick dick around that goes, I gotta dig around, because I wanted to dive into the menus in seed. I'm a huge RPG sound like how are PG esque is going to be so I like wrote down all the options in the menus was really, really happy. So this isn't RPG in the sense that you do inexperienced points. You do upgrade your skills by collecting these things called z, orbs, the, to get different colored orbs just kind of like floating around God crackdown. I didn't play crackdown. Well, let me whenever I didn't either of these games. You're talking about herbs. And I'm like, Ooh, I didn't get into drinking. Okay. So yeah, you have these orbs and there's blue ones to get those you have to go into the water. If you want green with you have to go into the woods, and that's how you find them. Each skill requires a specific amount of orbs to upgrade. And so you have the upgrading and there's fishing, and there's hunting, and there's cooking. I know they just like regular animals. Dinosaurs, dinosaurs, there's a star. It's a weird world. Okay. There's dinosaurs and it's amazing. So I kill the dinosaurs, and there's crafty and will like this game. Okay. There's orbs and dinosaurs perfect. Perfect thing. And then when you open up the map, you know, you see all these icons of things to do their sub quests, they're called. Then there's a main quest trainers. There's cooks. There's other things that you can go around. And like exploring, do the things that you wanna do this items defined. You can grind level up and get stronger. The combat fell relief fund. You had your key blast and you had melee. And then if you hold down LB plan on XBox controller, you have command you have. Commandments. Yes. I think I mispronounced. That's okay. You have a few other skills as well. So I'm excited because now I'm more hopeful because I do think dragon ball, the Lord can translate into an awesome RPG, if can be executed, well enough and so far, it looks like the foundation is set for it. Now they can fill what the, you know, engaging content to make it all come together nine very exciting. Good. I'm glad that you're happy because coulda gone the other way it could've said Britney the harvest moon game that I've. Yeah, we're gonna talk about bad. We don't want that. Okay. So my first pick is going to be the thing that we played most recently that I got to play hands on with Brit is monster hundred world ice born. So I was duper excited about this. Because obviously monster hunter world was amazing. It doen't dozens of dozens of hours probably close to eighty to one hundred hours into monster hundred world which is a lot for me because I didn't think I was gonna like this game at all because I've tried monster. Hunter in the past on my three s and it just didn't click with me. But clearly they changed up a lot of the formula with monster. Hunter world to make it more approachable to people like me who've always been, maybe like on the periphery of the hunting genre, but never really dove right him and something about this game just really grabbed me. And so when they announced this expansion, and they said that we were going to get hands on here. He three I was like, AVI. We gotta go play. So we got the chance to get. Hands on. And of course, I went light Bogue on because that's my weapon of choice. I thought it was interesting. 'cause the people watching us play the demo we're like we haven't seen anybody uses weapon yet, and I was like it's the best one, but I get the monster hers known for like the big hammers and the swords and stuff. What your women says I did the dual blades, or whatever they're called the 'cause they're fast because. Yeah, I like the big heavy weapons. But if you miss time that you're good. Fifty yards that way. And then you yeah. Yeah. For fast weapons, too. I didn't play much during the world, as you know, because my XBox would not run it did not. It's true. We should have got you start over on sports at that time. It was it was too late. I'm gonna move. It's true. We'll maybe we'll get you in for the expansion. So they've added some really cooling feature. So the first thing of course, the new pal coat. I'll are are so adorable. I can't even get over it. Like he's got like a little snow snowboard on the back. It's like a full snowsuit. It's so cute. They've got new armor says they've got new types of weapons that you can craft. They've got these new monsters, of course, that are all snow base the mechanics of traversing through the world kind of senior character go all the money. Win run and somebody lost relation hit an unknown. Of course, you guys know that we are live here outside at the bay station for gamespot. And we said that we wanted someone to play this giant Jenga game that they have over here. And then we totally forgot about it, until someone. They were doing it. So self leaves very silent. But congrats, I'm proud of you. Make sure make sure one of our friends of their gives you the prize that he promised to. Yes, the pros, you have rightfully one. All right back to monster hunter world ice form. And so you're moving in traversing to the world through deep snow. And when you get snow cumulation on your character actually drains your stamina. So they've added a hot drink, which is one of the many symbols that you can use in the world to help buff, your stamina, when you're out on hunt hunt chocolate, and then you have to be sure to like manage the snow accumulation on your hunter because, hey, just like shake it off Shawn when you roll stuff like it comes off. But it's like something that sometimes when you're in the middle of a fight with a with a monster you forget about it. On the fight. Right. And then you don't. I haven't played well, really depends which weapon you have, and how much Samina how much mobility you have. Because I am a light Bogan player. I have a lot more agility, because my weapon isn't as powerful, so it makes me faster. But it's also also usually weaker, I have to be more strategic types of ammo that I'm using it against the monsters to make sure that I'm maximizing my fishing, see with my hits because they are not as powerful as some of the big blade weapons are the big boys. Yeah. Exactly. And so that, that was a really neat mechanic. But really, I think Britain, I had the most fun with the trail writer like these skunk. Looking dudes. Yeah. So tailgater their animals. They're not doing so there's still there's different kinds. So the tail writers were part of the palacasino in the main game where you could get these pal coz at join your hunt, and would help you fight, and they would help sniff out things for you in the world on what's cool about the trail writers. It's now amount that you can some him that will track. The monster for you. And so when you're out in the world, you just a quick your mount your, your travel writer, and then your little buddy, just runs up, you jump on its back, and then as all automated. So you can pick up and harvest items as as he's running you to the monster. And it saves you so much time. It's like the best thing ever, the express train to the monster. Yeah. I don't really like the hunting part of monster hunter, like I don't want to track it. I just wanna get to this one and I wanna kill. Now, I don't have to worry about, I can just hop on this little creature, and it takes me to my favorite place, which is able to harvest items wall, you're on. It is like the. Like I've had games before where you're on amount. And then you have to keep getting off of it in order to harvest anything, and you're not this is just a pain in the ass walk. Yeah. We were just spam in that circle button man, I was just picking up all the stones again. Give me all. It was great in the snow physics were so good. Yeah. I mean, the game winning monster hundred world was a beautiful game to begin with them, adding all of these snow mechanics. And the, the lighting with the snow and the monsters with all the ice. And everything it just it's a ruling cool way to do an expansion, what I thought was really fascinating. When we were talking with the development team, they said that the amount of content in the ice foreign expansion is almost as much content as the base game of monster hundred forty dollars expansion. I don't remember what the prices, but it's like that'd be a justified price if there is that much constant in. I mean because I mean the campaign was awesome. And then was all this replay ability going after the different armor sets and the different weapons sets and things like that, and upgrading. I mean, I know people that are very loud motorcycle outside, is you there, people that have done five hundred plus hours in some instruments are on world? So I was really excited by it. So it was fine. It was. I'm surprised at how easy was a pick it up and start playing again. I think in my mind I had it that it was just big jumbled like you, I mess. And it really wasn't that bad. Yeah. No, it was. Yeah. Muscle memory. It's like riding a bike exactly killing monsters monster. All right. Steiner up. Oh boy. Well, I would like to talk about the coolest reveal it wasn't really cool trivial. But it was the one most dear to my heart because it had the old lady squad legion. To the back. Yeah. Can't wait to be Rosebud and only her. So in watch Jin, you can be any NPC, that's like, basically the whole stick of the game as you can recruit people, and then play them, which means you can check nuclear have an entire roster of, like old ladies. Yes, son, acid developer about this, and they said, yeah, you cannot -solutely one hundred percent that the only thing is you will be a little slow. We bring it. A mobility challenged character fish. That's very accurate way of saying it because. Yeah Britney and I had a little bit of hands on time just game before he threw technically started and as I was, I was like no, I want to be her went to her, she's great. And I did play her. But then I switched to younger character. And I was like, oh, could definitely see the difference here. Like is very noticeable when you're playing as an elderly person versus when you're playing someone who's in their twenties cause you can like sprint and do all these things. And then you're kinda just like hunched over hobbling. But they have cool gadgets. Yeah. That's what I thought was really neat about what they're doing with watchdogs, legion. Is that not only are there, different speeds for the physicality and the reversal of these characters, but they all have different buffs in different skill sets. Yeah. And you can kind of make them into three different classes that you can specialize in and sped about spider bots were great. That's what I use the most with, with the personnel supplying with, and she would just be like spider goat in that clause onto their face, like face hugger, then I just shocked him in the face, and then they would go down brilliant and just be like spider about about about. It was great. Yeah. It's going to be interesting since there, isn't one course character in this game. Yeah. See how it impacts the narrative or maybe an emotional investment that you have in this game. Yeah. I think that'll be interesting. I also think it's really cool that they went ahead and did all that work to make every single cut scene work with any of these NPC's in the world and have them be a little bit more. Unique. So like the elderly lady was like, just chilling on the bench. But the younger lady that I was playing with would stick like up on top of the bent on the, the back part of the bench. I don't like the fact that you took the time to do this, when probably with the little detail, right? The little details even though most people probably wouldn't notice or care is amazing. I've always had such a great appreciation for the work that the BBC off our teens, do and building, these worlds doesn't matter which franchise, it is, whether it's ghost recon or watch or assassin's creed. I think their attention to detail throughout all of their franchises in their world. Building is really like best in class. Yeah. No, it's fantastic. I actually never got a chance, even to play the other to watch. Don't sorry. I didn't play to watch prefer. But I am excited about this one, and I it looks interesting and I want to just recruit all my peoples. What are you gonna call your granny squad? What, what are you going to call your granny squad? I mean, the golden girls off. Yeah. I mean, that, that's just the low hanging fruit, rare take all. All. It does seem like that's a popular thing. I saw you other people tweeting about that, too. So I, I, I'm gonna get a kick out of all the clips that come once this game is out and everyone's playing it on Twitter on YouTube, and spent, like look at this the way I like did this stealth run this ninety for a really good crew to do a nonlethal run? Yeah. Right. But, but I liked it in, at least in the trailer that they show they had the excess Tasan basically, grandma. Oh, yeah. Like this. Good. Yeah. Oh man. From a nap on my bench, yet, so much swearing in that trailer. Omitted the swears which I don't want mostly because we're here there, maybe children around could be children nearby. So we'll do our best to keep this, this PG. Well, we'll definitely hear more from watchdogs legion in the coming months because it's slated for spring twenty twenty feels like so many games. Those sirens are here in Los Angeles, LA live. Hopefully it is not from watchdog chin. There were a lot of Hello. You go get him Los Angeles requirement. There were a lot of people chasing me at one point in the demo and I was just running around like a madwoman clan and just the province, so that they a lot of checkpoints and like the minute you go through one of those everyone knows exactly where you are. So I'm just like screaming going like driving, like a maniac L accidentally hitting checkpoint being like screw this drive on the other side of the road. I was also driving on the road, obviously in the UK people. All driving. I am not used to that. Yeah. I drive on the right side of the road. So I was just I think I like full on hit thirty people I eventually drove the car to the park got out of the car and ran around the park, and it worked so protect for me to you. You're trying to chase escape the cops drive your car to the park hit a few people get out. Maybe try to avoid the people. If you can't if you had lost control over everything. Yeah. There I'm all right. Let's move on to Brits next pick. Oh, so I finally got to play fantasy seven today and. Yeah. Oh my God. This is the game I had to go hands on with all share. So the demo is the same thing that we saw during the reveal where you're with Barrett, and you're out the reactor and it's the beginning of the game cloud passes at the bomb, and they have to try to escape but then the big guard scope. Scorpion comes in, like messes up your day. I had I mean, there's a few things planted the and all the clips and seeing all the footage of it. You know, you get really excited you're next to me during the square. You saw me lose my mind. Oh, yes. I witnessed the emotion during the square Unix media. Reveal. Yeah there's a lot of motion there. And that's always been great. But, like actually having your hands on the controller if feels real, it's so real in just kind of panning the camera around and looking at cloud from all the angles. Shots, do if you little glimpses. Does he squat? No. All right. He lives though he lives using that heavy sword is very heavy. And just seeing, you know, being able to paint around and see action actually moving around and see you, Barron here Barrett. And just like beat in this environment. I just like super motion reaction, not like but like it's happening, but you were grunting throughout the entire presently silently grunting today, 'cause there's people next to me, and I didn't want, like freak them out. But yes. So I mean, just actually playing it just made me this is actually happening. And I mean it looks great. It's fun to play in when the music's are playing in the background. It's like a Ray mix of the old music. It's just like so anyway, but yeah. Really straightforward them. You're just walking around the reactor. There's a few guards that you have to take down to kind of get familiar with the combat. If you testified in the combat field, the combat feels really good. I was able to pick it up and play and like do it. No problem. So the way obviously fantasy seven when I came out turn based. Yeah. And how it works. You have your ATV action time that Phil. And then you can execute attack while these lay that's not the way things are now so you have square, which is your standard attack then after you use where you build up your gauge and went that's filled up, then you can do, like braver you can do some of his other skills, like triple slash or something was one of them, as you take damage or limit bar fills up. And then when that fills up, then you get to do things like his cross lash, which is, you know, the awesome move. He ended the demo on ozo-. Good. But the combat works really. Well, you know, it's real time in the sense that you can switch between characters whenever you want me pushing down on the deep has just cloud in Barrett, who was controlling and the guard scorpion adding incapacity incapacitate never go him by using funder, which is one the Barrett spells. So I would be playing as cloud, and then you can manage your character's like on the fly or you can actually switch to them to manage them. So if you're playing cloud in your like trying to get your ATV gauge up and you're slashing slash ended. You notice that Barrett's gauge is full you are to switch over to him, or you can push arts, you in his sign a command on the fly and by pushing. It's called the tactical mode, and then it times, like almost comes to complete stop and go. But I was just about to ask actually, like, is there a way to, like slow down if I need that and it's a sweet medium, because it gives you the feeling of the turn based combat, you kind of grew up in love. But now it's more modernized. And it works really. Well, it was really easy to pick up and understand it. And the battle was really intense and religious so good. I wish there was more to see, but what does it feel like because obviously back in the day, it's all like pixels on screen like when he goes last. You know what's it like seeing him like execute these moves? It will. It's a move because it was so good. And it was so, well, done voice acting to still going. Weirdly. It's like a muppet voice, but no. But it was just so well done. And I know this is only a snippet, obviously, the first boss fight and the game. But if they can if it's quality can be kept up throughout the rest of the game with all these major moments. And again, then clouds, are you driving the whole probably? Yeah. I, I honestly didn't expect to get that emotional of I just played seven for the first time like four years ago and every planet now on my switch, but something about issue so magical, and seeing it in this form on my God. Thing about. What did you think about reveal? Oh my God. She's, she's a cool. She's so pretty such a bad ass as an awesome character. Are you gonna play this? You probably will very intrigued by the combat changes. You know, me, I'm not a turn based person. It's just doesn't get me excited until I usually abandoned, anything that's turn bays. But obviously, it's much more full action this time around, but as you mentioned, they're kind of doing nod to the turn based combat of, of your by with that tactical mode. And so I definitely going to step into the world and see what it's like and get a feel for. But like feels like it's going to be a long game 'cause they're stretching it out into these episode of things because they built so much new content in. I mean obviously a love letter to fans of final fantasy presume clearly final fantasy seven but that's not Andrea Rene, right? You like what's the suite of it? Let's get to that. You watch. What's good? You know about my final fancy nine experience with that. So we know we're not going over that now. But I'm definitely intrigued, I think it looks beautiful, and like I said, I think what they're doing with the combat changes. Look, really cool. It's so good. Starting to grant all right now. It's all good. So speaking of combat this next title, but I. Grunting instead. No, no grunting. Well, there's some kind of grunting in this game but obviously a very combat focus game and it's dine light. I'm so happy you like it. So the first time I didn't really get into because the night cycle part of that game was just was scary, scary in the volatile. Do want things chasing me. It was too intense for me. And I just had to put it down and kind of walk away from it now. Luckily I haven't seen the night cycle part of this game. Yeah, I'm still excited for. They haven't showed it, yet they gonna keep though. Yes, they did show obviously a few things in the trailer. We saw it on the XBox showcase of which was great. And then they got to see this cool behind closed door demo here at three twenty nineteen. So I wanna talk a little bit about what we got to see. I think the thing that really impressed me the most and the demo was the way that they've upgraded the park horn traversable system in the world. So I had asked a question to the velopment team, this demos, cool, but it doesn't look this cool, because it's demo because it's a developer who has gripped, you know exactly where you're running two. I was like or is there going to be a way for me as a novice player to be able to see where I go? He's like, actually you can pretty much climb. Everything in the world, like you have a stamina bar, of course, that's going to make to make meaningful choices about which path you choose to take, but they've really put work into an algorithm that kind of learning as you go. So while you're wall running while, you're grappling with your grappling hook or you're swinging rafters or whatever that kind of like guide you along. And I'm really excited to get hands on with that, of course, you know they haven't let us play the game yet. Which is a bummer. I really was hoping that this year would be the year, especially since they finally told us the release to spring, twenty twenty but I was really impressed by the demo and the traverse. Oh, great. Of course, we got this new hero Aiden. Caldwell that we got to learn a little bit more about here at e three and then the, the consequences so that was like the big thing that they were showcasing this demo at three was this game has quote massive consequences from your choices pressure. And it was really evidence. Don't fuck it up on helicopter going overhead look, it's Imerese everybody. Ladies. So what was cool about the demo is that it did really feel the consequences had wait. So we came across some characters, there was a scuffle going on between a couple different factions because the drinking water has run out. And now it's up to you to try to figure out why this overlord guy is withholding the water and to get water back because obviously waters, reporting eventually and the lifts it's with the end that storyline. There's all of these different individuals smaller choices you have to make that have lasting impact on your game. And I thought that that was really interesting because we've seen several developers, try to tackle these narrative consequences within gains before on, but sometimes choices by ladies, sometimes the choices, don't feel like they actually manner, but, but they feel like they have weight and dine light to the one of the options are the things that we basically saw was, like, whether or not you choose to trust this guy, who's holding the water or you kind of basically just kill. Him and take it. And so in the demo he chose to, to go against the sky, and take the water and doing that opens up basically an entire section of the map because it drains the water out of one area and puts it somewhere else. And then they had like a little tease of a new type of infected coming out of the ground, which believe they called the drown, but he goes around her yet. And so that was actually interested. I wouldn't unlocked if you do. Yeah. Types of infected, you may never see depending on your choices in the game. And I think that that's really interesting. Yeah. They said by the time you finished your first play or you probably won't we see fifty percent of the content which crazed. That's why all do you know not that I am going to play this game like ten times the all the content? That's what Wicky are for. Thank you to all of you Wicky makers out there, or I can just watch somebody else stream it by YouTube. But I think it's a really interesting style of game making. Right. It's like this idea that they wanna give so much content to the players and say we wanna put value into this box, right? Like we know the games are expensive. And we want to make something that we think is a really compelling experience. Not just another begins right? Yeah. We're going into this, because obviously, you were stoked. But I one you like you wanna play this one. I was kinda like we'll come to this demo. I don't really know whatever. Sure. But it didn't sound like my kind of game. They had my most is there. So I guess bar Steiner, you'll. The booze. And then I go in, and I'm watching this Delmonico's like this, actually kind of, fascinated to be actually sort of up my alley. Because at least during the day, again I haven't seen the night cycle so scared of the. Ciller. But the day was like I can do this like there is obvious around, but they're not the didn't seem like the thing that I would be the most worried about like it's really obviously as the thing that you don't necessarily like Zomba games. It's the other people, you really need to worry about world asked that during demos said, you know, I'd say you could classify the first light, this is the second one by one all said and done will also be classified and essentially said, I hope not, you know, the focus of this time around is more on the humans. And it's that's fine. I get it. That's a that's a path will zombie fiction as opposed to be nonfiction. Yes, go down becomes about the humans. But yeah, and they said about the night cycles because I want to be chased by the volatile and I want to see my Amazon to be chased by she likes, what am I even question for? Cited by both of you are like warm enough to it was very impressed by what Tuxpan show. And so it was also beautiful pretty hoes apocalyptic world. But the colors popped the lighting was gorgeous. It was just like blue shot, crispy colors textures like them. Looked really, really nice really sharp. All right. Keeping on with our ten cool things. We thought he three twenty nineteen Steiner. What is your next pick? I guess we'll go from one polish developer to another house. Good CD product read. Ooh. Cyberpunk twenty seven. Okay. Yeah. That's maybe that'll be. I, I saw you like we're making contact and really try trying to keep you were going to keep going for a second. I was really excited to hear your cyber palm. I mean that's all we have time to kill. We have to fill our work. I'll work on a cyberpunk for next week. Okay. But so we got yet another like lengthy meaty demo this year last year. I was a little turned off by the dialogue. Yeah. Felt like it was a little bit try hard. There was way too many f bombs, that's me speaking, I drop a lot of f bombs Romley. Also, we're super hung over. I don't remember anything to do with it just there was something off about it. Then I feel like yes. Fixed this time around which I was excited about the dialogue float. A lot better. They also played as the male version of the for the most part. There was a couple of times when he swapped back and forth to the female. But otherwise, the world is crazy technology wise, like. So I don't mean like cyber implants or anything like that. I made like there's no loading screens, your walking from place to place in your doing all these things, and you're having this quest progress and yet, you're not like I opened a door. And now let's look at this beautiful loading screen. Like, that's it doesn't hinder you in any way. Was, which is great. And I thought the district that we saw in his demo was really cool. So I am. Fortunately, didn't get to see the demo last year because I was busy on stage, but what was really neat is that this is a there's very distinct districts in cyberpunk twenty seventy seven in night city and they each have their own field. So this was called Pacifica. And it was like a meant to be a resort town that went bankrupt essentially. Yeah. All the money got pulled out. We're, we're banning this. And now it's just been kind of taken over by these gangs. The voodoo boys the food and bull is yes. Yeah. They singer Lee cool, and they had a much different vibe than the last gang we saw last year, which were very basically like almost cyborgs fully because they had had so many cybernetic implants on them. Yeah, no, this was all about hacking so and body modification. They're all like the bodybuilders. They all had like really weird Ripley muscles, the bodybuilders with the other ones, so animals voodoo hackers. And then the animals are like another rival faction in that area that are not normally there, but have been hired for a specific purpose. And the animals are all about body modification, and they're like the big muscle guys that honestly looked crowds. It was a little much for my personal. I think it was intentional. They looked like someone who's done Willie injections, and I, I love how they made the leader of the animals, the mini boss fight, the we saw at the very end of a demo like this beefy lady, what was her name or her name. Voodoo leaders name Berge. I don't remember what the animal's name. Sasquatch that was her name, Iran squad, ask, what she, she was massive like I've, I don't know how any physical person in the real world could get that big, but she them cyberpunk baby. You can do anything big as you want. Now the just looks better. And better, the more we see it I I'm happy that we got to see actual like the fighting the combat because last year, I was I preferred washers, just because you got to see more of the town and more like the character interactions really get that this year. But I mean I don't really need to see anymore thing. We have not mentioned, which is one of the wildest moments of the press conference Kiana Rio. Real estate. Okay. He came out on stage and was just like away. What like okay. So Kiana ruses character, Johnny silver, silver, silver-haired basically, like a cybernetic ghost in your brain is not real. And he'll just talk to them, like during the whole demo he was he would just pop up occasionally and say, like a one liner, and like speed corners, smoking fake cigarette. Yeah, I love the reveal of Kano on the XBox, and it was such a highlight. I think, you know, the memes heard round the world by this point. Everyone knows about canopy and involved in the game the way that they implemented him inside the game. It was really neat. And I think having an actor of his caliber in that game, I think is going to be a draw for people who may be weren't even thinking about cyber pong, right and going out. But I know Kiana Reeves, and then maybe that'll be somebody's gateway into playing awesome open world. RPG. Yeah. And then I also really love how they are, how they're doing like sort of character classes, but it's not you know, in a lot of other games, you'll, you'll pick your class and kind of go from there. And this one, you can really mix and match your skills depending on what sort of guns you wanna be using a lot or if you wanna hack things or if you're like, no, I'm just gonna go in guns, blazing, I'm gonna be as as possible. You really have a lot of freedom to play the way you want to, which is something that always really appeals to me know what really appeals to you. And that is the thing that I will be most interested to play around with me. Like what sort of odd specializations can do, so they had someone who was classified as a net runner, which is more of a hacking type. And then they had another Bill that was more. Forget exactly what they call that one. But it was it was the beefier like hulk smash kind assault class. Yeah. And so like the way you approach battles, be completely different ways runner might be a little bit more sneaky at hacking things from afar. So hacking turret to turn on the enemies or eventually, if you plug into the right place, you can hack the individuals and their Cybernetics and make them kill themselves. Kill each other like do all sorts of weird things or again, you can kind of go in more traditionally guns blazing my style right there. Yeah. Spray impre tankeea, bring it was interesting to see a lot of the ways that the game would also have choices that would sort of impact, what was going on. So if you win and more guns blazing this other agent wouldn't be alerted to the fact that you're even there if you are more of the, the hackery type the fact that you plug into this system means that he is alerted that you're there, there's a lot of little tiny things that will I assume branch out into something really interesting and meaningful. Yeah. Absolutely. I think it's classic RPG mechanic. Re imagined in a really fascinating way. And I mean spring twenty twenty just can't get here soon enough do so much I know like from, from January to, to may feels like it's just like packed with so many Christmas. We'll see how many slip and then we'll say. I'm realist. You are. That's hair. Should we talk about something that's coming out this year? Yeah. Let's see that, that was good summer good of these. Yes, good. It's her one day you stop you ours. Good is me. Are you done? Okay. So I got to play poke them on shield today. I don't know if I was playing sword or shield, I didn't say no. It was just like here's the thing. You're not playing the thing and the demos starts with you at the water gym. The gym leader is nessa, which sounds a lot like nest, which is like from earth, bound, well, I mean, no. Oh, that's what they're probably going for. I was thinking from earth. The. Clicking out. Anyway. I was wondering about that you get to the gym, and before you can actually get into the stadium itself where you have the crowds you have to go through a few trainers. You're there with me, you have to go through a few trainers solve a waterfall puzzled. It's very traditional poking, like all of the gyms that you go to you don't just walk up to the gym was like a little thing you have to do before you get there. And so it's a waterfall puzzle. You have it was a red blue and yellow, switch. And you had hit the switches, and make the waterfalls appear disappear, clear your path seeing into the stadium, and it was cool. But I noticed was that you have the trainers, and you can actually sneak past some of them and you have this thing called the focus meter. I'm not sure what the technical term is. But the screen kind of sorts closing in when you get more of the line of sight of trainers. And that's something that I'm super excited about that because I hate always being forced to fight trainers. Just some. You couldn't avoid, but it was, like, you successfully sneak Creston, this seek prompt issues. You have to stay far away and try to pull them. Yeah. Grow alone. I don't wanna fight your one. Poke him on. Yes. Get another one. People. I didn't make it over to the Nintendo booth Saturday. I was doing some cool stuff in a different part of the convention. So I'm just talking all this up like a magic. I was actually very do MAC, daddy up. I'm sure they'd be their fish. They go in the water. Yeah. Water, it's. Sponge, though, it may as well be. Good a spun. But at least be useful. Oh, just magic are, what are you gonna do about it? Now. Ardo stainton. I know it because dose dummy. I feel like we did I say it wrong now you're beautiful and perfect in every way. So then once you finish doing the thing with the trainers, then you move on. This was the part, I was like, oh, this is real you walk through a tunnel, and then slowly pans out and you're in the middle of the stadium, and you see the audience in there in the crowd, and they're cheering, and it's actually legit s- stadium. It's not like you're in a little tiny room like tenant surge. It felt really epic. It was like, wow. This is happening. I mean I know we poke them on. Let's go on the switch, but they have the next mainline polka mind series CNN on that screen. It looked so good. It was like this is actually happening. We're finally getting it and then we fought against nessa and, and we're not totally success. Issue here. I know. Yeah. Who's telling the truth timed out. So like technically we didn't lose or win. It just doesn't. Enough. I timed out that means you didn't beat it pass enough. We were busy like looking at all the cute new poke him on because they had yellow world's greatest. Yeah, the so yet. Working the party started with you had all of fifties. The main three new starters. You had Yam, which is the door -able electric Courtney a little heart on his, but it's a door. And then you had Lulu which is the sheep hokum on the shape bat. Oh, she's actually pretty good. He doesn't wanna slam and it did a lot of damage. I mean granted it hurts. She is. She I think normal normal, plus maybe. And he has tackled cotton. Cotton's knows not. No. Arbia thing. You get into the gym leader. Nestle just looks absolutely musing. There's already some great 'cause plays out there looks so bit. I love a costly community and her. I poke him on was a golden, which was like, okay. That's your water. I get it. But Golding like yeah, you could probably pick somebody else. But that, that being said that goal dean managed to take out a little emperors wasn't. No. It was the other somebody it was the dreadnought member. He Dynamex other than right? You used up the we used up our anchors electric type pros electric, so they're strong against the water. So we wanted to bring him out at least one of the Dynamex cork, because like the other things no one cares. So then you will the Dynamex just when it just gets it gets, it's really cool. Like I, I was really excited about this. Oh, look how big little corgi boy is. He's like little tail and I'm like. So happy. And he's massive like it would be if we had a giant Corky over there at the Microsoft theater that size and it was just hanging out being like Hello. And then the other one he she came in and Dynamex her Pok Mon, which was the dreadnought the dreaded Dynamex you poke them on their skills changed slightly. Or maybe they're totally overhauled. I'm not sure but he did have a lot more powerful skills, and it lasts three turns. And then if you decide to switch out your Pokemon while they're in middle of Dynamex, you lose it. So it's like you just gotta take advantage of it for us. Yeah. So we Dynamex are yet. And then we electric we electrified the arena and we totally overkill the golden it turned into, like fish sticks. Yeah. And it was lovely and then she brought out this, big dreadnought, which is that new poke him on that we've seen, it's kind of like Dragani dinosaur looking very big. He's water rocked hurdle. That's like like a snapper. Yeah. And then she Dynamex him and then he started. Why water guys all screwed up everyone in the party. I was just like throw out the people who are going to die anyway. Like score bunny. Get out there. Go ahead. You're flat, or we're not them. Yeah. Got to be in the vanguard. It was score buddy. Yeah. It was scored buddy. I had to leave to get to my fantasy point. So I left the fight and sign I tried. I tempted attempted to save us. But again, the time ran out, so I did what it could be another attempt you guys will be able to recreate you're better party than that, because they didn't have. I mean you don't bring. Jim, you know it's fine. But no. I mean it looked great. And it was really cool. You know it was it was. But does actually happen. We have this game on this wish in a looked great. And it was fun to play. I can't wait to get into the wild areas. You know, do the free roaming, and do that kind of stuff. I really reenergized about I was like I'm still about Pok Mon again. And I wanna play this game. And I wanna get sword because I want the cute. Those are the two legendary is cool. You're okay we can talk about something that, you know anything about. Pokemon goes over my head that I can talk about how cute pitchy is all day long. But that's about it. You will love you emperors. He's cute. But this is why you guys went to go get hands on with us. Not me. I'll link's awakening is really cute to shadow links Lincoln. Yes. I will absolutely agree with you super doorbell so many photos on social media about people taking photos of those little figurines ever given that. Well, we didn't get one we screwed up. Oh well, I guess you guys can still run over there and get it after Schorr just kidding. Don't, don't leave. Okay. So we have a couple more things to talk about. So mine laugh pick is one that I was apprehensive about. I'm not gonna I'm not gonna lie after the reveal I think a lot of us were apprehensive. So we all were really anxiously awaiting the reveal of marvels of injures. We got to see the screen media briefing on Monday night. I, of course, got the opportunity to work with the team from crystal dynamics marvel games at the three. Call Siham here. Three and so I got a lot more information. But where I really got excited about this game was in the behind closed. Doors demo. Tell me everything. Let me tell you. I am. It's so good for everybody who was here at three. The got to see it I feel bad for everybody out there. That's like I just wanted to game play because they showed such a great demo here in the behind closed doors figure. You guys know maybe heard me say, people who watch the show. I'm not really a black widow fan Dolly, like Irv never, really liked a character, maybe that's just because of the way that scholar Johann portrays earned the MC you I just kind of like never gravitated towards her. She just wasn't for me. Man has that changed watching what they did with black widow in Marvel's avengers, from crystal dynamics, of course, is the brand new original story that Marvel's overseen with crystal but it's crystals avengers game, which I thought is really a neat way to go and also like they have to go that way because the empty you ended right? Mike endgame really was like you know it's done in the tight end. Everything that's happening in the MC is its own thing. So I thought it was really smart of them to make an original story, and I think fans you know, to be a little offer of when it's something new, you never know if it's going to disappoint over. It's going to really make you feel incredible, and it's going to be awesome. And I think that obviously is going to be remains to be seen from a narrative perspective because we haven't seen very much. But going back to black widows game play. So what we got to see behind closed. Doors was essentially a longer drown out version of the trailer that they show. So you is well, so you could kind of understand how the gameplay would work, right? Exactly. So we get to see play from all five of injures that they announced we get to see some of the flight from iron man. We get to see Thor whip and Milner around the whole stuff. I was actually the least interesting to me because it's like he hopes Nash. Really balancing? A giant Barry liver in that's in that your speed a on the other stuff on my gosh. I'm having a, a blank here on the gut black. What it was the end of the demo. Yeah. So on the ship kept. Yes. That was his debut actually look super cool with the shield and like how I mean black widows, opposite way more acrobatic as a as an adventure. Then kept America is kept doing all these cool like in moves as he was anyway. Like, as he would throw the shield, it looks like it's going to be super fun from a combat perspective. But what I loved about black widow is that she's clearly like an assassin type character. And those types of combat situations that I usually gravitate towards when we're talking about a party mix of players, you are the tank, right hoax, man. Like playing rogue assassins, too. I also like playing those really nimble characters, and she just looked so fluid and the way that they were playing her her she could pull out her double pistols in using shoot. And then she could do these really cool like, moves where she could do like choke, hold on. And then her her special ability to remember what her specialize. I mean, she wouldn't visible at one point this, she cloaked like will. And I was like, oh shit. So I haven't seen any game play. So is it just you have your character? And then you have skills assigned a certain buttons. Yes. So they're like, essentially, like they were playing on a PlayStation controllers like triangles wear circle, and you can level up these characters individually in combat missions outside the main story, so what was great about being able to have so many opportunities to talk to the crystal dynamics team was, I got to Athens like what is this game? And so it's a single player campaign that has coop combat missions that are separate from the campaign. Okay. So. What I really loved about that is that it allows you to have this really cinematic narrative experience by yourself. But then you get to jump into op with your friends and really kind of become those superheroes that we've seen in the comics and on TV in the movies ears. It supports four player or a lot, cool in, so there's not going to be any duplication of heroes, because they didn't like the way it would be like, there are five, there's only one, there's only one hole shouldn't be four. Holt. Universes, multiples vitamin true. But like we're talking Marvel's avengers, though, this is not Spiderman so different. Which, by the way, I did ask them if we're gonna see spider-man's five-man across over because they mentioned, a place Asian partnership, and I was like. PS four is more Spiderman coming into morals banksia. You down. Right. And they just gave me this like wink. They didn't say no, you guys didn't say, yes. So. Confirm nor deny correct. And that was the same for Hawkeye as well. Neither confirm nor deny all all Bill Roseman said was we have more to share in the future. True believers are, so it was fun. We're getting close to the end of our time. Here's I don't wanna go into much more about Marvel's avengers. I'll have a lot more to say in our episode next week. 'cause we gotta get to our final tenth, cool thing y'all really loved egret, which was. Outer world from city and private division, clearly city in having a deep history RPG's and boy oh, boys, the demo that we saw obsidian at its finest about this game but actually see an inaction and seeing all the dialogue choices and seeing these things called companion, quest, and the humor. This is definitely one of my most intimated for next year. I am stoked. I be like we don't have enough time to discuss us, we'll probably have to push this to the next show, but there were so many little things. And we'll details that I loved, but number one being the humor, that's always in there. I was laughing lot during the two lots of puns. Indeed. Well, we'll just leave that as a teaser to let you guys know that we're going to be talking a lot more about the outer worlds in our episode next week because we all walked away from that demo going. Oh my gosh. I can't wait to play high. GO. But we are going to wrap our podcast here from e three twenty nineteen. We are so excited to be back here on the game spot sage at the bay station. What an amazing week of reveals what a pan tastic slate of games the come not only at the end of this year. But in the spring of twenty twenty I mean I don't know how I'm gonna have time to play these games. You're not know at least we have a nice sort of chill fall. I mean maybe there's some good stuff coming. I'm going to be playing a world for all of it. So it's okay. Put it in your calendar to over twenty fifth. Well, if you aren't familiar, we again, once again, what good games you can find our podcast on your favorite podcast app. You can watch that YouTube dot com slash what's good games. You could follow us on Twitter at what's good underscore games. And of course you could find a streaming over at twist TV slash. What's good games? Please do hit that subscribe button, it really helps us out a lot. We love all of our fans and we're going to be doing a little meet and greet here at the game about base ation soon as we're done. But I think that's going to do it for us from Ethan. Did it ladies? Next week by everybody.

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