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Michael Felder


The Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the right time. My name is Bomani Jones. Thanks for listening. Wherever you get your podcast raiders review give us five stars. The only goes for stars. I'm inclined to believe you are a haters that time a week where we do our interview and joining us this week my man the greatest in the history of McClintock AH Middle School in Charlotte North Carolina also check him covering college football for stadium. His name is Michael felder man. I am just doing my thing. I'm trying to survive Chicago. Has the Hawk arrive because it's a little breezy in New York today it hasn't it's actually unseasonably hot today and I'm GonNa. I tell you what the winner doesn't bother me in Chicago. It is the summer that I think is the worst part of Chicago because they don't understand the concept air-conditioning. Oh Gotcha 'cause a summer Chicago's pretty dope. It's dope when you visit and people have their windows open restaurants Toronto like Oh. It's patio season. You know it when you said that you know I got to connect you with Mike. We can make it better but I would love to connect with Mike now I will. I will take take care that we both have something that we saw the other day that we both found to be interested and I don't even feel like I need to set it up so much to go ahead and play that I feel like I have a little it'll credibility and knowledge about this when I was at the when I was at the University of Florida. I think my Jersey who was one of the top selling jerseys around the world it was like Kobe Lebron on and then I was right behind them and I didn't make dollar from but nor did I want to because I knew going into college. What what what what it was all about. I knew going to Florida my dream school where I wanted to go the passion for it and if I could support my team support my college Diploma University. That's what it's all about but now we're changing it from us from we from my university from being an alumni where I care which makes college football and college sports special to then okay it's not about it's not about we. It's just about me and yes. I know we live live in a selfish culture where it's all about us but we're just adding and piling it onto that we're changes what's special about college football and turn it into the NFL were who has the most money. That's where you go. That's why people are more passionate about college sports than they are about. NFL that's why the stadiums are bigger in college than the are in the NFL because it's about your not it's about your university. It's about where my family wanted to go. It's about where my grandfather had a dream of seeing four to win an SEC championship and you're taking that away so that young kids can earn a dollar and that's just not where I feel like college football needs to go opportunity in the NFL and College Football Ooh. Boy Mike Heated Yeah Yeah I you made me really mad at nine thirty in the morning. When we think about this just I mean there's so many things has won this whole idea. We live in a selfish culture now. which lets on a macro problem no the idea we live in a culture of corporate culture now where so many corporations are taking money away from people. They've got to look out for themselves because nobody else is going to and then when we get into the college sports aspect of it. I say this I was a preferred walk on it. UNC UNC who is GonNa Gray Shirt and then be on full Scali and I didn't get the full scholarship because they fired the DB coach and the deepens according to that wanted me brought it new guys but here's the reality. I didn't realize I yeah that's what they fired Jim. Fleming and Dave huxtable doing it good job. NC State for people who know the idea of gray shirt and gives you come in and pay your way the first year and then you get scholarship the next year and didn't happen for me. Okay I still love being at UNC UNC. Was My dream school you. I turned down other scholarships to go to UNC NC was the school I wanted to be at. UNC was the school Ah Family Dream that I would go to and all those. Those things are all in line with tea but my family could afford for me to go to college. Yes all in line with Tibo but the difference is I saw what it was like like for my teammates and I play football with a guy from Anson County who said I would've never left Anson. If I didn't get scholarship I played football with dudes who I put money down on their cell phone bills. I knew that I know that they need money. In College. I put money down on cell phone bills. I took to the dining hall because my family could afford for me to have a meal plan outside of the facility and to see them. Go through that into. I don't know that there's guys that are sitting part of their their mill. Check back back home to see guys that are trying to support a child to see guys that are trying to live and to think that they don't deserve money. They should just do it for four four to help the coach pocket more money to help the university pocket more money to see that just I look at that from Tibo perspective and it feels like he's not a part of a team name and I can't name names and I feel bad saying this but they when's the last time we saw picks of Tibo at one of his team's weddings was the last time we saw we heard people come out and talk him outside of football as somebody that people really look up to or work or aspire to be outside of fans of media like were were his teammates at that are defending thank you same thought I did is like man. Did you talk to any of the guys that you went to school with right like any of these castes that you play. What did you have any conversation with them about what their motivations were to get into this what their circumstances were how they got it because like he played at. Florida like this isn't quite like playing at Notre Dame where you might be getting a different set of cats. No no no you can do that are asked to win. Sec Championships. You're you're you're playing with boos from APOPKA. You're playing with those from day. Cownie Johnny they listen. They didn't even think that they were going to college and they had the skill that could get them. There and it's the the idea that compensation is GonNa kill like I dunno like I'm GonNa tell you what though I don't. I don't Wa- I don't watch that. NFL on Sundays and it's not me taking a stand for Colin Kaepernick. It's not being taken a stab for against. CTE is taking a stand for anything other than I'm not watching football offer free. I'm not watching football for free and I listen. I'm a low level sports analysts. I'm not watching for free and the idea that he's happy seeing his jersey. Be Up there with toby. Lebron's is insane to me. That's that's great. You gotta give them. Chippers dogs says it. That's not the way the game works like. What are you said. That part is like you. You know what I didn't care. I was like Yo Yo people must got paper. Man Like that like that that to me is what they came down to. Hey you're people must and I mean for real deal paper because my people went broke but I'm not looking at that. It'd be like wow what an honor like. No no no no like to me. The Jersey game really got exposed when Jay Bilas did something that I'm surprised surprised that I and others had done which is you Google Johnny Manziel Zell Jersey and appoints you to a number to Texas A. and M. Jersey which is technically a Texas Jersey but it's really a Johnny Manziel Jerry so they're gonNa tell you is not a Johnny Manziel Jersey but their their search engine optimization is going to point you to the Johnny Manziel Jersey that you were looking for which the thing that is not a Johnny Manziel Jersey Forget. The Jersey game got exposed to me. When I'll never forget I was number twenty one my freshman year and then we brought him. Mortell fact actually was a four star safety. He worked. He wanted to be number twenty one so they were like hey loser go other number and I was like well. I'm not going to be a number of the thirties. I'd rather have a double number. Double Number was twenty. Five twenty five was running. McGill he was are running back and they were selling his Jersey and I was like you guys where Michael Felder Jersey. I love the thought of your family crowd all wear number twenty five years and then be like who was running. McGill right never heard him playing in the League for a little while. He was a fourth round pick yeah he. We talked around. He works for the past. Oh He's still the department he works. He works for the Passenger Scouting Department. I still talk to Ronnie. I'll never forget that hey. Let's get real. I was in I'm with you. we went back to dorm room with some friends and I smash Goldfish all over their their their carpet and I literally said I'm number number twenty five. Don't you forget it and walk out and hey. They thought it was Ronnie. You don't look like Roddy at all. No not at all. He looked running is built like a tank. Tell them number twenty five here that is vase because I think you and I've talked about this over the years of your time Carolina. I do feel like for a lot of people. They don't have have a grasp on what the time demands really are so this idea is hey man but you guys are out here. You know these guys are getting this free education. I'm like Eddie defying two words education and Free Yeah. It's you're paying a lot with your body and I find it interesting to go into the CPU discussion that people are are so concerned about about the NFL with Cte but the reality is. I'm far more worried about the college kid. That's on the third string in guys. That's on Hustle team. WHO's running down on kickoffs eight times on Tuesday to a double team or who is doing blitz pick up the full active act. That's doing blitz. Pick up period for the defense. I'm worried about everyone that's I. I'm worried about everyone. That's on plays offensive. Scouts 'cause if you play scout team on offense you're getting destroyed every every day get hit far more than an NFL practice and we I think a lot of this is what we're sold the idea that it offers no quarterback should be the face of concussion discussion no quarterbacks to be the face of Cte discussion. There's the reason why the guys that we've seen have the biggest issues are offensive and defensive linemen and linebackers and running backs and it's because every day they're putting their face yes. They're they're going. They're going face to face with somebody. Face to face face masks the chest they're hitting their heads consistently and those are the guys that have the biggest issues issues and so if you're not gonNA be in everybody talks about. Everybody loves to spend this quote when they talk about recruiting. All you know only one percent percent or whatever the percentages of you will ever go pro. Everybody's going pro and something other than sports fantastic. Well guess what I've been getting my brains beat in for four years or for five of yours for some guys having a little bit in the bank or having a little bit tell my family would go a long way to making me feel a little bit more comfortable so that I I can go out and start my going pro and something other than sports the CT part is very crucial to me in part because one thing the the point that the NFL I believe believe they've actually made this in litigation. If has point I would make when this thing goes to court is. How do you know these concussions are hours right like it's not like magical you start getting concussions in the NFL amazing using how we compartmentalize these things as viewers based on what the media tells us to do because there is not the same groundswell around concussions and colleges there is and we ignore now man is fake concussions over there? There's dues run down field on the kickoff team into three guys over there too like like like the NFL's argument is you don't know if these are hours. It's actually compelling because people get concussed a lot along the way yeah College Highschool It's a it's a big. It gets tough. It's a it's a brutal thing. I think Boston University is the university that's kind of the leader on CPU right now and they pull the guy that played at Snow College never made it to the NFL in his brain use us in his thirty s maybe forty s in his brain but like somebody that has advanced stages of dementia so you don't have to play even big. D One for this to be an issue so it's one of those things like I and I. I think that I am in a unique position because I'm someone in. I'm open about this. This I've battled depression in general in college through high school or high school but in college and you see help me get into sports therapy and getting into therapy really helped change in my life. I'm in a unique position because I early on was able to recognize where things were going off the rails for me and be able to battle it and I there. There's not enough help for other guys because when you get to be thirty years old and things start to happen to you. It's really scary especially. If you don't know what you're doing and for me going through therapy as a nineteen year old a twenty year old a twenty one year old twenty four year world I was able to recognize triggers have build a toolbox essentially of coping mechanisms and like I know this this is in my head. I listen I ran down a field every Tuesday. I used to run down full speed into Madison Hedge Cock and Molly Brown and and they both weigh two hundred fifty pounds in destroyed me every day and it was. It's a thing that I know exists. It's just a matter matter of how you handle it and we don't and football obviously as Macho as it is. Nobody wants help. Everybody can do it for themselves but talking to the old teammates that played in the League talking old teammates that didn't quite make the League There's a there's a small swell for people to get into a little bit more therapy happy because if you talk about things you can really figure out how to make yourself how to make things happen and that's why when people said was so idealistic and I was it's just like Oh man. What about the actual world right there. We're talking about like the actual players usually go. The reason this is so great is because they know the reason is the greatest because you've got a lot of really Lee talented players and people have been doing this for very long time right but this is like the passionate around is because the grow yes he did did that was just a part of that is just like Oh. I can't believe that you cannot see this beyond your own existence and think happens when a lot of people like I'm frustrated about people who cover college football ball and have such so they relate so little to the players that thanks so much about the players beyond what they do actually on the field because I don't feel like you could actually be around these dudes and know anything about where they came from and the majority view still be that these guys should be left broke yeah. I'm with you on that. It's I think it's disrespectful and quite honestly. I think it's a little with discussing how little a lot of these people in big media or national media understand relate to the players because let's be real. If if it's not a feature the reality is it's not they don't care and it's frustrating to listen to an AP voter talk about out like to listen to what AP motor talk about this who has never met this kid and that's one of the things I love about doing recruiting if they get a chance to go out and beat some of these guys and I get to talk to him. I get the follow them as they grow up and to see them not to see people who don't care they do not care about any of these kids and and and I know I'm in a weird spot because I played football and I relate to them on the we played football level and I've been in your shoes level and a lot of the people we'll just went to J. School and they don't relate to them on that level but man it really does. It Burns me up to the idea that if you I think the best part about college football or the part that you think is the most unique about college football coaches. You are really really. You're bad for the game and your bad for the sport. They loved the coaches. Dave really really and what's interesting about. The love of the coaches. Coaches aren't nearly as interesting as that used to be no and the coaches that are interesting. Mike Leach I mean he like are we. GonNa pretend like this. Guys hasn't said a bunch of wild conspiracy. Yes what what are we doing. It is interesting because he look. He says fun Quirky stuff but I'm just like Yo. The coat wrote like where's my Barry Switzer said the other day because we're talking about is if DAB addicted like Barry Switzer. I'd have a whole different attitude about him an Clemson. It'd be wearing clemson close if I could get those guys giving give me a Jimmy Johnson like I'll take any of those cats. All these dudes like Harbaugh for all the criticisms there are at least I find him to be an interesting brand of maniac all right. None of these other cats are interesting at all yeah. It's that's the way that I feel. That's the way I try to talk about. It was like who cares like we know what he's saying. Hey I'll tell you what you WANNA talk about EGOMANIAC chip Kelly Baby ooh the humbling the the last five years have had to be humbled for him right one would think you would think but then you listen to him talk and it's not humbling all he's still thinks he's the smartest guy in the room. You're Owen three buddy. This is the thing is he actually might be the smartest this guy in the room but the problem is that people who aren't smart as him started doing a lot of the stuff that he was already doing and now it's time for him to come up with something else and being the smartest guy in the room doesn't matter of everybody else gets to cheat off your paper and they have so now you gotta take this to another level like now. Mattis Mars do in the room. We play music at practice eighteen points per game fourteen. That's it from smartest yeah well. They scored fourteen in every game for the smartest guy in the room for a guy who thinks that he can and I know you're an economic sky bow yes so oh. He thinks that he can create. He thinks he can create demand by shorting supply of scholarship offers yeah they only they only announce offers on the eighth of the month yeah eight club eights. They only do offers on the eighth of the month. That's the only time you can announce your UCLA offer. If you have one dog you're UCLA yeah. It's not Stanford Stanford Stanford only what they don't do a day that they offer but they only they all Stanford offers the smallest pool players in college football because they do a lot of research I do a lot of talking and then they finally extended offer in their hit rate is incredibly high but UCLA UCLA you might you should be Nebraska right now. Were you offer them yet. Like at least Stanford is like I always feel like this. You crack me if I'm wrong. The biggest thing in the Stanford is sell it and I think this is smart and it kind of informs my I disagree with David. Shaw about things. I play compensation and stuff but I see why he feels their way because they're like. How would you like to go to Stanford Hanford right and I cannot even. How would you like to play for Stanford? We're getting guys that already would like to go to Stanford and now I've got your ticket for how it is that you can go to Stanford. Ucla don't work like that yeah. It's not the same and I I love their their recruiting hashtags intellectual brutality although they did look very slow against Central Florida and and goodness gracious this is reported team is very good. I think Stanford Stanford Five 'cause what Stanford does is they find kids that fit with and the fit for Stanford is professional parents who recognize the value of Stanford and have already got their kids started on the AP or the IB track and we'll go from there because if you haven't started this pat you can't catch up your junior senior year right so it's a it's a very interesting thing and then I will say this. Don't anyone that thinks in central Florida's top seventeen is an tape person the I haven't seen them play this year. I do like the idea though like I remember when all the schools from the big east of the big twelve wherever else it was none of the really capture cracking like they'd had before this including Miami and a part of that was the big big eases Light Statue of Liberty Tired Poor huddled masses. What can you play football. Come Emma Noel Devine. You cannot seem to do the fact that West Virginia brought in Pacman Jones and Chris Henry in the same year. You're like I can't figure out why these other people don't want these guys. Come on down. Come on down. We're going down the West Virginia. Go on down to Florida. Central Florida is already in Florida. They are one of the fastest teams in in the country. I don't understand what's going on with their this tangent but I understand what's going on with their pad uniformed Combo. Are they getting like the B uniforms from Nike because everything for them. It's a little bit too loose. Their shoulder pads are too big but they are super fast and Greg McRae's monster running the football football they got a true freshman quarterback Dylan Gabriel who set every passing record in Hawaii and that means beating out to that means beating out Mario to that means beating eating out McKinsey mill and he said every passing record in the state of Hawaii and he's out there and just swinging it around. It's unreal. This is a team that outside hi to Clemson Bama Lsu Ohio state and maybe Oklahoma this year and I'm not saying Georgia on purpose. I didn't forget them. Just so you guys now useful for best I would I would slop. They certainly look better than a fourteen. That's right number nine in the country and central Florida's staffer avenue interesting comparison because I think I've always said about Stanford was that Sanford's in a place where they can get big and they can give fast but big and fast is where they don't really do so well and central Florida's. What is this like how fast we'll work the rest out after fast. We might be able to make you big but we can't really make you fast faster but we can't make you pass once as we get your three squares a day. We can get your big. We get three square meals a day. We get you on hard gainers. We can make a little bigger but you're gonNA stay fast and that's all all they do. They run so hard. I Dunno everyone's like yeah. Lsu took him down in the in the in the whatever game it played then who who cares but the reality he is. They still look fast good and they're going to continue to look good. I think this is the best team that they've had and this is after essentially going undefeated back to back years. Three squares point goes back to Tibo stuff. That is important is something I think a lot of people do not realize is how many of these great college football players these these athletes college is the first time that they have gotten three square meals a day like when you see those guys against seventy five pounds it's often because they've never had three square meals a day and I think I think that's the difference between Florida Georgia football in Texas and California football is in Texas. These guys are in real weightlifting programs. They are are usually not always but usually eating more but Florida and I think what was the end is in there too. I think Florida Georgia Louisiana. We've got guys who anyway they might have one. McDonald's a day or they might have won their mom made a thing a day and they have to eat the leftovers but these kids get to college and then all the sudden they explode into something different and yeah. I think you're right. I defer to go to school at that in Florida. I think he's a home school kid too. which is that is very has no idea how the world works at University of Texas where where we get the most overdeveloped prospects anybody gets Gary Patterson is like hey you over there young man? You look a little hungry but you played football. I can make a AH yeah and guess what I'll play safety in high school. I'M GONNA movie down the LINEBACKER. I'm GONNA feed you a little bit more. Guess what are your big Boy Yup. It really fast switch gears just a little bit here with you. Talk about something that I don't even know if we disagree on because you know more about these things obviously than I do. However jalen hurts. Is Liquor really really good man. I know you are not the biggest. Jalen hurts backer but he's looked really good. At least it looks really good to me. How about that. He has looked really good at doing the same things he did. It Alabama I think the differences he's playing for a team that does not have a defense that they trust as much as Nick Sabin trusted his defense so when you look at his passing chart this is the thing that I and this this is the thing I implore all people anyone listening look where what where he's throwing the football where because most passes is our ten yards in down. We get into twenty five yards and up. We're not seeing any any real rose that far and then throws that he does make that far. We have coverage bust against Houston where we've got a wide open. CD Lamb then. We've got a bunch of under throws where he lets the defender get back into the picture on a guy. That's why and it's not an issue of to me. It's not an issue of I guess the here's the reality when you get it into talking about a League football teams. You have to make people cover every square inch of that football field because if you say hey you don't I'll have to cover pass twenty five yards that means they're adding to safeties into their coverage pattern in the shallow in in the underneath and then defense. It gets a lot easier that way and jalen hurts. I just don't know against Tcu. Maybe even against Iowa state against Kansas state what this is going to look like if you you don't take them. Safety is out of the box because they're worried about you going over there. How much of that gene is Lincoln Riley scheme around and I don't mean to be patronizing there because I do think that that is really really good at this but you know we we ascribe a certain level of brilliant coaches and assume that they can fix just about anything you can't. You can't turn them into a guy you can't turn them into Baker Kotler think about how many times we saw Hollywood brown or CD-ROM catch the ball sixty yards down the field and then just dancing to the he's not he's not GonNa do that. I mean we're watching. We're watching a plus up version of Nick Marshall. I don't know I don't know I know I know you don't that's the thing is that because I mean hey they went to a game and Nick Marshall Right but Nick Marshall. I felt like me and him. It was kind of similar throwing the ball. Well well yeah and well again. Go if we could. I I need to cut together. A tape of Jalen hurts his pass over twenty five yards because they're all target their underthrown there. I mean literally. There's an incompletion against Houston where he throws the ball down. The pros the ball down the middle one high safety. It's a fake screen. CD-ROM fake blocks gets up field. He's running down the Hash. There's there's nobody to the right side of the Hash and then there's a deep safety in the middle of the field he throws the ball down the middle of the field short so the safety who CD-ROM ah past is now inserted into the play able to break it up when you throw it deep to the right see lamb turns pivots safety has no chance to get it. I could have done essentially it's the same but the opposite of what Joe Borough for the court that the post touchdown against Texas throw the guy across the field away from a defensive back and now we don't have to worry about getting inserted into the play it is because I'm curious because this seems to be put a ceiling on Oklahoma and I met you minutes of teams before but the words that you think have a legitimate chance at winning the championship 'cause i. I found it interesting that you love Georgia out of there and my worry about Georgia is hey man three straight years ears. They brought in five star quarterback recruits. Jake fromm is good but he is the least talented of the three and he's the one who stuck prompt from the mud baby like I'm. I'm not even joking like he's from where my people at from he's from he's from. He's from house to counter so those boys relate to hit. You know what what I mean right. We saw the same issue with hundred Johnson coming in Jacob. Decent Hundred Johnson aren't that dissimilar in terms of getting into that locker right outsiders going into a locker room with a bunch of just a bunch of dudes that grew up on their MOMS corn bread and and it's really tough to relate to that I think Ethan is I think feels as the most talented than eastern and then from but from has this I think I think part of it comes from being a baseball player. Ability the resiliency to just step back up and get back in there and get back into the box and go play but the other big part of it. I think is being from from there. He's of that place. I don't think that that can be undervalued. The ability that he has to step steph he walks into that locker room and I mean he's from. He's from minutes away from Perry Georgia who's from Perry Georgia. This is one fun thing about going to university is like. Oh Yeah I was got a girl's phone number from Perry Georgia Georgia every couple of years because because that's where my family's from and then my mom's family's from Hawkins Ville so my parents might even be related that Tehran though is he from the mud but that is not a arm. I fear like I've heard people say that the problem they got right. Now is chemistry with receivers. I'm like I think chemistry is part of it but they also got a quarterback. Ain't got must've been are he. he has a strong arm. I think it's more of a coaching issue in terms of trust because you gotta gotta get reps to really trust him throwing the ball down the field but they never do it and I think pervy smart is really stuck in this Alabama from two thousand eight with John Parker Wilson who gave way to who that AJ McCarron next or Greg mcelroy Angora. He's stuck in stuck in that he stuck in that. He stuck in that mode of these. Hey you know what let's play with a limited. What's women would our quarter. We ask our quarterbacks to do and we should be able to win with defense defense a defense also similar to the Alabama from two thousand eight to two thousand probably fourteen where they didn't get to the quarterback really consistently because they just played rules what ball and they stopped you for one yard to yard game and then played coverage and you weren't able to complete a pass and the new Alabama obviously they rush the passer Sir obsessively and with Georgia. We don't have a consistent pass rush which I don't know if it's GONNA matter to Notre Dame team that can't get guys opened up the field but the reality is Georgia to me doesn't belong in that conversation because their offense is an explosive enough to be explosive explosive you know to be Oklahoma and their defense doesn't get to the quarterback enough to be Ohio state or autism explosive enough to be honest either you point honest and then they're not complete enough like these other teams in terms of being able to get to the quarterback but also being able to score the football like LSU Alabama Alabama clemson joy to head office coordinator they were happy with. I don't know but I tell you what I think. They're happy right now that they don't have chaining. Yes yes yes. I do know them being happy like hey. We got Brash Schottenheimer out here. Thank goodness right like they does. They're good for their good for Living Guy. Go I just I don't know I am but I don't. I don't know like I know that Coley wants to open the offense. I think the issue is they. Don't I don't think what's his name is going to let them do it yeah and that that is interesting because the thing like what we talked about with chip. Kelly is a huge differences between him and a guy like Nick Sabin. We're Nick Sabin. has these ways that he wants to do things and at every turn his looked around and been like. Oh looks like we got to do something else right. I think there's a story that went around that Sabin was talking about a check aftermath Zahn job at Auburn and was just like. I don't know what I'm GonNa do this. A lot of points about Jack was like well. You'RE GONNA have to score more okay. Guess what we're GONNA do now and saving adapted to that. It's a massive change and a pain that he didn't want a change. He didn't WanNa make but he did it because he recognized. Oh clemson's endeavour wants to score forty all the time so my my whole game put my whole world is completely different and I think that curry smarts not there yet and we'll see what he does but I don't believe in this Georgia football team you can't you're not going to run run the football fifty times a game and that's going to be how you win this how you WanNa title because people are GonNa at some point stuff that box and if you're not gonNA they're gonNA put eight or appropriate night in the box and they're gonNA play coverage on the outside and if you don't believe in your quarterback enough to challenge them you're going to have problems and you and I say this is a couple of people who really would not mind having a team that just ran the ball times. I'd be good with that. It would love it. I'd absolutely love it but we have a so far. I have a tape though like out on we we did a online secondary and Clemson. Would I think clemson versus Georgia would be one of the biggest there's mismatches of supposedly elite teams in college football because they're secondary can play man to man coverage and they can get to the quarterback and their linebackers are gap sound that we're in trouble. You're in trouble Georgia because we can tackle you all day. If you think you're going to get the ball the slipped twenty times go make place. It's not going to happen and guess what I've got my man Nolan Turner in the back end who out there to a race whatever you think you were going to do with your tiny. I don't think people properly appreciate like what Clemson is doing being there in and granted like in-state recruiting doesn't mean quite the same thing that it used to an hour and a half away from Atlanta Atta but this is still like South Carolina's not supposed to be a state. That's big enough to have two schools and one of them be this good. This is some real little engine that could type stuff. The little engine just decided we're going to pour zillions of dollars into football yeah It's what they're doing is really special. and I think the the most special part of it is how many guys transferred from Clemson right because they I don't have attrition the way you have it in Alabama the way you have it at Georgia the way that you have a high state. They don't have this attrition guys with the exception of Kelly Bryant for the most part they they have guys that are willing to sit on the bench to wait their turn and I think that is for as much as we kind of make fun of Dabble and whatnot. I think there's something special about that. Culture is something special about that place that lets them do that. In in when I think about I think about executive Thomas Right Thomas Chase Young Chasing Ohio state right now is probably going to be a top three pick in Xavier Thomas. Yeah ten tackles for loss as a backup player a year ago and just was he was fine waiting behind feral Brian waiting behind those guys get his her and now he's just just about the he's exploiting. It's really wild to see the culture of the football team. Oh and by the way what sort of Biljana going go like what sort of insane things are happening abbari Rogers this spring but I'm gonNA tell you Amari Rogers towards ACL March twenty six. They said Oh he's probably GONNA be out for the season as surgery in March or April. They said Oh you might we'll be able to come back for the playoff. Which is obviously we know? The playoff is in jail. They might be able to come back for the back half of the season which okay he'll be here. He'll be available when we get to November he's probably GonNa miss the first month okay so he'll start to play in October and then he played thirty something snaps and we to what are we doing. I fear the answer the questions like those. It's such a legitimate thing to ask like. How are we doing this. How is this happening but you made a good boy. We double about Clinton. I haven't those guys transfer. I got a heartache here. It's not even that high. When you think about it he's boys. There'd be transferring so do they go play more as hustling backwards right here. Oh No no nope love take some time under oath unless other people absorb those hits right that those are the people put up those bad medicals when they go to the league. I have no problem waiting around to my junior year before I started getting hit a couple of times a couple of hundred times a year yeah. I think that's a I think that's actually a really good point. I will say. I don't think that transferring is an epidemic the way that a Lotta people keep saying I'm very tired of hearing 'cause this gracious transfer the right. I think there's a lot I think I think it'd be transferred. You've made a decision decision and I think about that. I had transferred and I think about how it's not easy to transfer offer in terms of picking all your stuff up moving around who likes to move right. Nobody likes to move. Nobody likes to to meet may make new friends and lose. Your old friends and I don't think that's a reality that many people consider when it comes to transferring so when I look at this I think we they are legit. I think guys are trying to make us guys are moving to make their situations better. I think that we also are seeing football's. Not they do you can be king you could be you can be that. What's whatever comes below king you can be the prince at one spot and then you get to another spot and guess what you're the prince here too or you might be gesture. It's not easy to go in there and just think you're going to assume control. It's not easy at all but I do think has need to realize that playing a lot helps. The scouts with scouts is kind of like when people go in looking for record deals right and you go in. They play demo tape. They let it play for five seconds. You know within five seconds whether they gonNA keep going. I feel like there's a lot more that that goes on in football evaluation that people realize like Oh look look at that do right he was the backup. I wonder why he was the backup. He'll start for me and then you'll probably Wanda Brolin but these cats especially in the sec they show up with some tattered medical records boards man because they're getting the hell beat out of them for three four years down there in college in those I mean those are miles those miles and miles by the way they've been logging for free free miles. Yes absolutely not free miles that you and I get when we travel for work. No these are these are these are these are levy on bell. Oh my God you got three hundred carries this year my like. I ain't doing that not for these prizes yeah so it's it's tough. It's really brutal to watch like Jonathan. Taylor right and Wisconsin would running back they give him the football so much and and he's GonNa get to the NFL and I mean through this year. He has thirty five carries but yeah three hundred seven carries a season ago three two hundred ninety nine a fresh his eight years old two hundred ninety nine shares in the big ten yeah. That's actually something like a little perspective from you on this again. Somebody who play ball all the the level of soreness and stuff that cats are having even after a college football game like those next two days they look miserable got hurt. It hurts yards back between the cold and massage. You GotTa do all that stuff to try and get ready. It's a his brutal and I don't think and I say this is someone who like. I love a massage because I I I was used to getting them in college. Because after week of practice I hurt and that wasn't even playing a game a week practice and so these guys are getting they have to get you. GotTa Get up like that's why they're trying to use these hyperbaric chambers in cryotherapy in the whole deal to try to get ready to play. They're using the platelet replacement whatever it likes procedure to try to get ready to. It's it's hard. It's hard on your body is rough and that's why I've got arthritis in my hands and then my knees and these these guys are more playing longer going to have. They have all that stuff too all right. I had to ask you this because I'm obliga- Hey Dad is I chose in the day. I asked him about it. I found about Texas man. I'm just curious man I don't. I think I've been more disappointed at defensive secondary that I had high expectations for in a long time they are. It's not just that that they're not good is that they are doing things so poorly and we're on Friday. We'll take the lie that drops about Texas secondary but it's about their whole defense but Texas is secondary to me is the most disappointing room. We have two guys that when you have. BJ False cadence turns a freshman all American Brandon Jones with a lot of people thought would foot with the first round. The reality of the situation is they're not getting the job done but I think it also starts up front this idea one hand washing the other right where the defensive line should get to the quarterback to help your secondary out so you can play coverage accept each piece. He's all three pieces of Texas. Defense is about functioning under tight Orlando to the point where everybody's trying to help everybody and nobody's helping themselves they cannot and I get to the quarterback with four the get to the quarterback with three. So what are you have to do when that happens. You gotTa Glitch so when you have to blitz what do you do. You're taking people out of coverage so now you're covering. Maybe with a single high safety but you're also playing some zero. You don't have a safety net over the top. So you get you blitz because what Oh we're Texas. WE'RE NOT GONNA get there with the woods so we don't get there with the blitz. Even so we've taken two guys out of coverage were playing man-to-man. The the quarterback doesn't get hit with the blitz. We can make throws and I know it was going to go. LSU super talented. I'm not talking about Lsu. I'm talking about Louisiana. Tech talking about Louisiana Tech and by the way Toby Boyce number thirty eight DB beaver Texas Jay Moore Smith available blitz with BJ foster. He comes up foster misses the tackle JR Smith sidesteps it steps up in the pocket delivers. Everest throw across the middle on a little dig route cornerback goes to swipe at the football doesn't hit the football receiver catches it runs ten twelve more yards field the DB mugs for the camera. The incomplete like does the incomplete signed for the camera as the guy runs ten more yards. What are we doing. I was hoping you might be able to make me feel a little better about things. That's it's not actor. I'm GonNa tell you what playing Oklahoma state not convenient walk in the park. I mean no. I think I saw something that said they haven't beaten Oklahoma state in Austin in like ten in years. It's brutal they got the number one Russia and here's the other part play action if Texas doesn't blitz so that's a first and intend Texas doesn't blitz if a team runs play action their linebackers no they have to be involved so heavily at the line of scrimmage that they are selling out even when they see hi hat from the offensive line and okay for people that don't know this. It's Hi Hat Woah. Hi Hat means the often. The white stands up and they go to pass that low hat. Ah means that they are driving off the ball coming at. You and I don't know if Texas isn't talk to regards but they aren't reading guards. It's so play action means the linebackers are now you know one yard away from the line of scrimmage which leaves when they should their one yard away live from alleged scrimmage which they should be ten yards deep in coverage but if you're not even coverage with safety's worried about giving it the big play now now we've got twenty five yards for the offense to play right behind the linebackers in front of the safeties and I think we're GONNA see teams. Take advantage of that. Tyler Wallace loves the deep slant and loves the takes. This is GonNa be a problem yeah. Thanks thanks for nothing nothing at all. I know I know I know Oh. I like not in denial. Here's the problem I got and this is what happens. When you team has hit coat that you don't like right if you're like you might be an unfair when you being critical about these things because I really don't like the head coach that they have right now and all I ask is where my head coach. If I'm not gonNA like you to at least coach well instead. I'm Dr Yeah. I feel like they're forcing this longer thing down my throat not that. Etlinger is in good but they're just doing too much right forget. This ain't Vince young this Colt McCoy. I don't even think it's Chris Simms like don't don't don't do that. We don't do good on what you do is be good. Just go. I like Fam- A lot and I love Brennan Eagles whose finally coming into his own for this team after you know a very slow started his career as a wide receiver I I think that the not having reliable run game is a massive ish. That's a humongous issue right like do you trust this is. Texas team to pick up two yards when they have to see and to me being able to run. The ball at Texas is a no excuse sorta the situation me like this school. We should be able to run the ball. No matter what happens I don't care about their and not have one offensive. Lineman drafted in the last ten. Let me this schools. You always be able to run the ball. How can you now run the ball wall. Tell you one thing so. I don't listen to the game audio usually when when I watch on Saturdays I listen to podcast but when Michigan State plays because my wife was in Michigan state she needs to have the sound on to hear it they happen to play at the same ain't timeslot as Texas and Lsu and so I'm flipping between those and the announcer mentions Texas is offensive line is doing a good job because Claybon Jason and Lsu's all even to wine and then they show an ice. Oh shot cosby and it's just him holding the guy nonstop and this offensive line is not gonna be able to watching that. Oh they they know that they have to hold which means they know that they can't move people off the ball and they can't control the line of scrimmage and that's a real problem is you can tell me happy on the way out right. I don't want the big things wrong with me. We're in an eagles going to be a first round draft. Pick the wide receiver spot. He is really special is truly special. How in college is even better seeing. This is the problem. I want to tell me that and once you realize he's not fast and that every throw it was going to be more of a back shoulder throws over the the top Bro. You sit on the back hip and then you're able to to bring those plays up and so that's why that's the reason why so what they need to do. He's not Jordan Humphry right. He's not not I miss him. If you get open you can run away from people you you bring him across the field and he's with Johnson he is very much Tesla Kwan Treadwell in terms of being able to go up over people and take the football away but people have. It's people have settled into the idea of. I'm going to make sure that I can combat this past so I think they've got to retool their strategy with him. I think what they should do is they should hitch people to death with him and let him be a monster in the shallow in terms of guess what this little five nine hundred seventy five pound guy. I get it you understand you can sit on my back hip and make a play but guess what I'm GonNa Start on the fate. I'm GONNA stop running. Stop route cats football and now now it's just me and you and miss phone booth and I'm GonNa beat the hell out of you. You do that a couple of times. The guys start to get worried now. You can find opportunity over the top but I don't think they've worked hard enough to set that up. I'm MSU one last thing will be glad to hear somebody. Anybody don't matter who does a really good fun play. It might not be up all right now. ooh Or Jamar Smith Louisiana Tech. I really do like his game. I'm going to go with Cuba Hubbard at Oklahoma state. Oh running back. He's from I didn't even think about that. He's a he's a Canadian running back and he got there and wasn't sure what to do. His first year and then we saw him start to take over as their primary ball carrier last season and now I think he's just he's a guy that they have split out to play in the slot. Someone they lined up in the backfield. He can run the interior. I mean what he did. Oklahoma where he just destroyed destroyed guys ran through tackles was last season was amazing and I think he's going to do a lot more of that and I'm really looking forward to watching him. Obviously for your sake. I hope we don't do it against Texas but I think in general he's going to be really special like man. I'm GonNa tell you right now. If we I hear getting shut down by. Canada is asked me to go do something else like if they if we can't if we can't stop Canada underground out even understand why we here I'm serious man you telling me that I need to watch out for Canada. Is that how far Texas fallen. I mean then people from them estates. That's close to Canada. I understand you might not be able to tell the difference but we can't be out here getting regulated owned by Canada have and as my mind thank you still have a mullet I've seen a mullet in person. We were at event together. It looks worse person. Canada mullet coming to Austin. You'd better wake her with people do do though right. I mean like other than thirty dollars to get a haircut all I did not his will. I love that I love that. I'd actually tell somebody Saudi about this. You've heard the story about the time I was at the Blade Journalists Convention and I saw some twenty one year old walking around with a Mohawk and Waldo to them and get hair right now. I love that he did not the go-to haircut. You still owes me twenty bucks but I tell you the last time the next time I saw he was at work will Chris Blind and cut very go. Wow here not really worried about Bush taking my haircuts for haircut spot. I've still bugging the T. boat. I don't all his billions. Begins is like thirty bucks. Get a haircut are more period sire because you're an adult joke haircut yes. Yes and I also feel like about away. If you don't go get the haircut you being disrespectful to dead right now. Yeah absolute your hair. You can grow back that terrible haircut get a real one one for once and then growing back. Mike Gundy's a guy that I thought when he got the job would be somebody that I would like and then he just kept on talking nonstop and he has any as the mullet so it's a you shouldn't have a joke haircut. We're all adults. Yes as my daddy put it. You're too old to wear your eccentricity on top of your head. That's beautiful Bingo. Meg Jones did did rescue that is Michael felder. Check him out at stadium and you all over the place man. You know you've got here at hidden elite eleven camps all this stuff around these parts man I am. I'm really enjoying my actual job. Now I get to work with two amazing ladies and Kristen Bell Bony and Amina Smith and I get to do a little podcast with IMG sports learfield slash IMG now college sports now get to go to a couple of camps and watch recruits play. I get to do a little high school. Who for all staff so for as much as I don't like my living situation. I like the work that I'm doing. What did I see video of that and I was like wow this is. The Muslim brand failed thing ever it. was you in those ladies talking about some television show was it real real out slacks or I can't remember what it was now. It was all my goodness. Yes it was something it was something of the trashy TV that if someone were to say hey who decided that this is what they're going to talk about not in our point nine percent of the people would say one of these women and I know damn well felder. This was felder one one hundred percent me. This is the content you reporting to do pulling up now yes now. Would you rather dance. Oh Oh it was Kristen Balboni sideline hit that's right you did with he would who. I didn't realize what the UNLV nor and she did the cell phone and we had a nice breakdown of the shuffle and Balboni being a just her dad thing. We talk dancing in general girl but we do have a We do basically have a real housewife segment on the show now and we also we pick a song every week that represents a team and it gets. It gets pretty wild man like I'm having I'm having fun. I I saw that and I was like Oh yeah putting all those years years in he house to use this bridge the gap and meet New People. Oh yeah which was which was Kim to a donor what the school with Catherine Airing House actually that's right. I knew I knew what was what was one of the fancies that you would school with. Oh Yeah. He's all together everybody. That knows anything about you. It's hilarious the rest of the I guess you'll just have to grow all like I don't know. If any of that's fine but you could he tain we are and you know this is also entertaining there it is. I thank you so much for joining us here and I think everybody else to join us here on the right time. Do think a couple times. Sweetman gave Bassein handles everything behind the scenes. Thank you Sir thank you again to Michael. felder of stadium also be sure to check out the latest. Roge- body chatted with Clippers coach Doc rivers and heat coach Eric Spoelstra. Remember subscribe at the right time wherever you go your podcast rate is review US giving five stars you only give it four stars. I'm inclined to believe you're a hater and we'll talk to you guys and a couple of days. Take it easy thanks for checking out the right time with Bomani Jones podcast you can listen or subscribe on the ESPN APP Apple. Oh podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts the right time with Bomani Jones.

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