Win Florida: The Pam Keith Interview


Let me tell you something about the power of money when the money goes the power goes. And there's always somebody with more money than you. But the power of conviction and moral righteousness stays the course. It can't be defeated by short-term goals that don't work out. We stand on the shoulders of ancestors that thought and their power when they had so much less than we have right now. We have been taught and told that people who have big titles who have a lot of money who have a lot of Time. Access to government that they're the powerful ones and where are the ones that are to be stopped on what that's about how we think. And, it's the way we think that makes a true. What happens if we change the way we think? What happens if we stand up stand strong and said, you know what we're common for you. And there's more of us. Welcome to this special episode of Gasoline Nation. We have an exciting guest today I'm thrilled to welcome to Gas Nation Ham Keith Pam Keith is the Democratic nominee for Florida's eighteenth congressional district, which is right next to Donald Trump's district where he hosts born spies at mar-a-lago a pam one, the twenty twenty primary with eighty percent of the vote a record for this district Pam the daughter of a U. S. diplomat and a former US ambassador she was born in Turkey and lived in Morocco Syria Brazil and several US cities before going to high school in Oakland California and attending my Alma Mater UC, Davis for her BA and master's degrees. She then attended Boston College Law School where she was moot. Court champion and made law review her desire to serve her country led Pam to commission into the US Navy as a Jag officer. In one, thousand, nine, hundred, five, she served for four years including a tour as officer in charge of the Legal Services Office in Bahrain. Miss Keith later served as the first Jag assigned the navy task force on computer network security. She speaks French Spanish and Portuguese when elected Pam, will serve as the first black female better in the history of the United States Congress a we're so grateful to have her here and I just want to add a Pam Keith is one of the dozens of candidates I've been supporting in this election. Her campaign just happened to reach out to me because we have a incredible podcast tear gas nation where we like to give voice to a lot of important issues we're going be going over some of them today, and we're honored to have that I wanted to share that I did support this race like supported so many in this election cycle and I'm happy to put that out there and proud to endorse Pam Keith for. Congress. So welcome to the show Pam. Thank you so much for having me. It's just a true honor I'm such a fan of yours and Sarah's and this whole podcast it just. Keeps people informed in I just I'm so proud to be here. Thank you so much. Will we are so thrilled to feature your story here. It just speaks to this moment in time where America is emerging through these, these fires has a stronger phoenix because it just gives so much hope that someone as as brilliant and progressive and fearless as you are you're spreading your courage out to others by running in Donald Trump's mar, a Lago district. So tell us what has that reaction been like from Floridians there. You know that's trump country. Right I will clarify that. Due to the wisdom of the Florida legislature mar-a-lago got Jerry. On the upper side of the line of my district, it's literally less vitamin. It's outside the district and I did check because people were telling me that it's in the district and I'm like. Out of water. But it literally is a three minute lesson three minute walk from mar-a-lago to the district lines. So it's it's just right there and what that tells you is a little bit about the weirdness of this district I. Think the listeners need to know first of all, what Florida's eighteen is all about and why it is such an interesting district. So it encompasses the northern portion of Palm Beach County. When you think of Palm Beach Cami, you principally think about these really wealthy gated communities these golf communities mar-a-lago goes for the most expensive real estate in the world right there on the Atlantic Ocean in. Palm Beach County Palm. Beach. Island Jupiter Island. extrordinary. But then you go in late. Right. So if you go west from there, you get west. Palm Beach, just sort of upper middle class. Then you even west of that you get into oil Palm Beach, which is a lot tirees also liked it communities but now you're starting to get much more working class middle class. People blue collar white or gray color, and then as you move further inland towards like a job, which is in the middle of our state there you get cultural it's a completely different population there. Right it's migrant workers and it's people who work in agricultural factories like sugar factories it is heavily Latino, but it is not Cuban Latino it is Bolivia, Ian or Guatemalan. Sometimes as well and quite a bit of Mexican as well But so so it's a very different looking teen population than you can get mine any data broward, and as you go to the district, the next county encounter is Martin County and Martin County is like Much much much more red and it is much much much more trump read. 'cause there's a lot of red in Palm Beach County too but it's sort of wealthy. Northeastern, coastal wet, which is a different shade of Red than the Martin Kemp which is a very, very rare. But it also has a component of blew. It just has more red, but the more red is redder like if you you know what I mean Super Program someone and then you get some sentences county and St Lucie County above Martin County is just this really interesting mix of it's more blue collar. It is one of twelve counties. It's more democratic than Republican and has a a historical and well. Contained black community in for Paris where I live and it is a black community it's way more. Had as I'm GONNA say insular, but that's probably it. Just it's a historic community. Everybody knows everybody is very different than like our So many people of color that pocketed throughout the Conti here, all of concentrated one area, and then you have a lot more teachers and firefighters folks like that. That are these sort of blue collar, gray collar and a some wealth along coast. But more of a Democratic County and more of a mixed income and racially diverse population they are in cincy county and so that mix. Mix for a very difficult lead on this district. Cook report has it as plus for plus five are. And that's just along party registration lines. But it's like one hundred, sixty, thousand people miss district that are non-party register and they go. Very much with momentum. So, this district has been won by a razor thin margin by Democrat. It's been raised one by twenty points by your Democrats. It's been one by a Republican by ten points and all that's happened in the last six. fx Shifts in population that's shifts in momentum. It's not really swinging see-saw. Go Down, go ten points read or go twenty points. So the latest polling saying that it's swinging four points Republican currently, that's not a lot given polling. Raiding right the general is a deep plus five pulling is quite different right because. Joe Biden is leading district currently by eight points while Cosby seventy turnaround between Hillary Joe the antipathy. Towards Hill is not translating to jail. Why one thing I'm, I'm I really meager point out because this is something that's been under discussed is Saint Lucie County was one of the counties that we know now was targeted by the Russian election hacking that they had success infiltrating election systems in Saint Lucie County, and now you're telling me that Saint Louis. County also happens to be a historically black county. AMEX. Sales account was the perfect place to explore because it has an African American woman as a supervisor of elections. It is a diverse mix population with a significant black population, but it's not white under sort of magnifying glass at Broward Dade Orlando Tampa. And it has historically because of its breakdown of population you could sell just about any kind of election outcome you could sell a narrow d win a narrow our win big D win or big Arwen at any one of those would be considered plausible in this district I WANNA get to talking about your story and what got you to run but I also want to point out 'cause the election hacking story is an ongoing story I know are being hit by a lot of major breaking news, but I want to remind everyone that on the front page of the New York Times right next to the big. Tax Donald Trump tax fraud bombshell was an article on the very same front page that Russia's continued to hack our election systems and I want to point out that St Lucie County being a historically black. County. Targeting Black Americans generally was a big part of the Kremlin strategy and attacking our democracy in two thousand sixteen. So that's something we ought to be vigilant of so. Pam. So in terms of your your story what inspired you to run. First thing inspired me. Is Listening to my inspiration, I've only only twice in my wife a by. Had a kind of funny that made me feel like I was moved called needed to make a certain. The first one was during rhyming King I was a young woman trying to decide what kind of career I wanted to have, and during those Rodney King. Hearings I was glued to the TV but it was also kind of screaming at the TV about with the lawyer should be asking what they should be arguing and I had this kind of a ha moment like, Ooh. I should be lawyer because my family had been in water. So I was like I think it should be. and. So once that kind of hit me, it was like, oh I'm GONNA put everything I have into being a lawyer and I did what I didn't do with planning how to pay for law school that was a different. But what I did do with plan to get in and I did and I had this vision of how I wanted to you know what I was going do. So that was the first time that had a risk like this really strong sense of called something and I just did it and I knew that that was like move the only other time in my life that I had that kind of feeling. Was Watching Marco Rubio give the answer to the state of the Union in one of Barack. Obama's state of the Union and he was caught him out and sweaty, and he was like drinking water in the middle of the speech I mean it was. and. I'm listening to the content and I'm looking at the performance I'm thinking how is this guy a United States senator house impossible. and. It hit me. Because he ran. Because He. And that. Was that second time where I felt like Ooh, this intrigue me I'm pulled to this. Now I didn't act on it at that time like because who does that but As something I was working in house at a large large company when the biggest producer of clean renewable energy in a company called the exterior and jazz working in house with, and they were going through all these changes they were making changes in the legal department and I'm sitting here going to well. Okay. So why would you WANNA go? And it hit me that I really wanted to what would treat me but I couldn't put aside there's this idea of going into politics and using all this experience that I have to be the advocate of people. and. That was Kinda my like road to Damascus moment like once I decided that my rest of my life is going to be advocating for the people advocating for smart policy. And using all of this experience knowledge case, whatever I'm going to use it in service to my country into my people that was it, and there was really nothing I was willing to give up. In pursuit of that not that I knew I would have to when I started right? Like I was be so much easier than it actually is. But once I decided that that was my that was my past than I just got on a path and it's been you know four solid years of of crawling over glass to get your bed. I just stayed with it because it just feels like what I'm supposed to be doing and and I feel like too much is given much as we fired. And who better to put your talent and your energies in your passion service to than the people of the United States. So that's why I do it, and that's why I feel like I'm willing to stick it out when it's hard. That is exactly right. Mark. Rubio grasping desperately for water in his nervous a state of the Union response this little kid up there shivering in his boots and seeing those guys and just thinking yourself if they can do it what's my excuse and the way we're going to take our country back is flushing these idiots out of power. It's about rebuilding the system by US becoming the new system, and that's GonNa take a lot of brilliant fearless progressive people like yourself standing up and saying. It's my turn. Now you've had your chance you you. You got as done this destructive path. Let's go and that's what we need. We need so many people from Dogcatcher to city council all across the board is running for office period. We all need to become the new system to save ourselves. So what advice do you have for somebody listening? WHO's not there yet who is just? Doing their day job and they don't have their voice because I think one thing you and I could have an early show about the power of finding your voice and how your voice does show up for you. Once you decide to claim it. But so what advice do you have for someone listening? WHO's not there yet but we should be because we desperately neither talents right now. I have three pieces of advice, his advice number one. You are exactly who you. There is no such thing as a model for what it looks like to be leader. There may be a model for it looks like to be a politician, but there's a model of what it looks like to be a leader what you are in this very moment as you're listening to what you are right now is exactly what we need. We, need you because you were unique, you bring to the table only. In the most unique combination, the things that you've been through and and have experienced and are passionate about and the way you feel about the way you think about it is absolutely unique to you and it's down. Bowl. So the first thing I say is you're awesome. You're you and you don't need anything else. The second thing I will tell you is nothing in your background no mistake you've made. No, no error is unforgivable if you're willing to own it and you're willing to say, Hey, this is what I learned from it the concept of of like, Oh, I can't run skeletons in my closet. Have you watched the GOP lately? They have most cemeteries in there right? There's nothing done that for closest they've got mass graves in their closets they. Like exactly. So the notion that. Some steak that you've made or some bankruptcy or loss or whatever you know. Carson. Even if you've been in our fridge, that's not dealbreaker they're probably whole bunch of people who can relate to your story as long as your story isn't redemption story gross story or less learn story than than any mistake can be forgiven if you honest able to communicate which got it and why that makes you a better leader. The third thing I will tell you is always tell yourself. Yes. I don't have no my low to yourself because the whole world tells me no and I don't need to add my voice that course. So I don't. I always tell myself. Yes Am I. Bad, ass. Yes, am I smart. My hardworking, you got it. Yes. I tell myself. Yes. All the time and I know that sounds kind of trite. But as an African American woman in this game, we tell you you get so much feedback that you're not white bright not a good bit or not a team player and you know I'm not I'm not a team player. I'm a team leader. It's a different concept. I'm building a team and I'm the leader of that team. So I always tell myself yes. Yes. Absolutely. As I can do it and the last thing I will tell you. Is that the hardest thing about doing this is not policy. That's the easiest part. The second easiest part is getting out and talk to people about policy that to extremely easy. Because you're passionate about in which you're passionate about comes naturally. But this game at this level is ninety percent patronage and power ten percent policy if that. Politics at this level is principally about who thinks they can control you who thinks they can get something out of you who you have to partner with and parlay with whose support you can glean. Who has a pet issue or a person that they need something done for? It is horse trading, of Paulo, and so if you understand that. You are way ahead of the game because that is something I absolutely did not understand when I started this. I was this bright eyed bushy tailed person was like, Hey, the powers and the people and if they vote for me I win, that's true. But the people will know anything about without resources the resources always tight power. and. So you need to understand that that doesn't mean you can't grow your power or generate your own. Andrea here has generated her own power. So has ever Kinsey or they've generated their powered power speaking their truth by speaking their voice by developing sense of expertise and people wanting to be validated by. When people want you to validate them you are now powerful. So. There's a lot of different ways to build power, but you have to understand that the blocking and tackling of politics is not policy. Its power. If you understand that you mentioned everything. That's incredible. Thank you so much. That's GonNa, be a gas station classic. Tutorial So whether some issues that you are hearing a lot about in your community, what are what are voters saying to you like what's the temperature there on the ground? I mean everything is rising and falling on. Cova covered response healthcare related to Co, bid job losses related to Kobe. Unemployment. Benefits related coded Florida has a unique incompetence and immorality around unemployment benefits and the difficulty in accessing them It was by design Republicans believed that it was perfectly correct and morally sound people into unemployment benefits, systems through payroll deductions, and to not be able to access those benefits when they need them when they get. Employment, they thought that was perfectly morally sound. And so they created a system that was designed to frustrate confuse make people walk away. and. Give up before they actually get a check. It as depicted as confusing as onerous as possible, and so because in their mind, the only unemployed people are people of color. And they're willing to cannibalize people who are not of color by the way to her people call. And I'm going to say that it is intentional for that purpose because that's the lexicon and the narrative that they use around. So I'm not making an accusation that they haven't already admitted to in various and sundry ways so. There are very, very serious issues. This is a state that relies very heavily on tourism revenue and seasonal resident revenue and the corona viruses dampening. Very significantly tourists coming for, and there's really no way to backfill that revenue in our budget. You're not to raise income taxes in Florida because we don't have an income tax. And there's only so much. You can do with sales taxes before you stifles spending. So your your options are real estate taxes increased, which by the way, the Republicans detest or just cutting services to bare bones with problem is that Florida's a barebones services stay to begin with so it's like a really. Really Weird budgetary situation here and I think that the governor's mansion is is doing everything it can to try to not bring attention. chewed the budgetary consequences of these choices. And what about climate change because you guys are right there on the water is that an issue that comes up? Do you have a lot of conversations concerned conversations with voters? So it's interesting that you raise. My district has the Saint Lucie River that flows through in the St Lucie River is a natural river but a man made connection was created between the St Lucie River and the Okeechobee like a trumpy. Saint Lucie river is a tidal brackish river like a job is not obviously not salty right Polluted to the nth degree, but it's been very, very big buried. Very Shallow Lake. Imagine it is like the world's pond. Historically before they put their hands on little toby expanded and contracted with rainy seasons. But then eventually people figured out that the land around like a Kobe was really really fertile land because at constant Contracting and expanding of water loose sediments. Sediment is excellent. Robust Earth, which to grow stop. So they put a wall around Lake Okeechobee and said, okay, we're what to use this land for cultivation. The problem is a shallow lake that's supposed to extend twenty put a wall around it. What happens it goes up and down instead of out in. The lake goes to a certain level of up. It just touched overflow bat law that Levy and it floods the land around it and that of course you know kill crops in the end. So we now manage the water in and out around Lake Okeechobee around the needs of agriculture. And that decision has created an untenable situation with watt management where when the lake gets to a certain level, they release water into these days on our side. It's it's Satan she never on the western side, it's the coolest hatching river that flows into the Tampa Bay right and they fled those waivers with water from jobe. Now, even if the water in Lake Okeechobee was clean which it's not but if it were, it would change the salinization level of the same river in kill off grasses of wildlife in it does right even if it weren't polluted, but sadly, it is bearing pollute right? Because it's got the runoff from Orlando it's got every cultural. Catalan shooting runoff from the. Central part of the state and and it has pesticide runoff, and that pesticide has chemicals phosphorus that feed blue-green algae. Creates algae. Frothy Slimy muck. And that Muck goes into the rivers when they released water from the lake and that makes it's stinky it's noxious. It creates a grotesque smell It's dangerous and we've had cancer clusters in liver issues related to people who are around the water and so then. It. Also be fouls this beautiful, extremely expensive and valuable riverfront and beach front property once it flows out into the ocean creates red tides right when we're red tides come on polluted water coming from the. Aren't. So it has these really serious ecological consequences. So we're in a constant doubtful in south Florida figuring out how to not have algae in our rivers not be changing the Ph of our rivers and moving water where Mother Nature intended it to go because back in the day. Water, from the Lakewood flew into the clicks. That's what fed the everglades. So you put a wall around that the everglades start to dry up and get saltier, and that is exactly what was happening. So if you're an environmentalist like I am you were concerned about the problems with feeding during water into the everglades, the problem with not enough water into the everglades the problem of drying up of the everglades worried about diesel salt level in the river you worried about the Riverina Environments Laguna Bengals the manatees waterfowl worry about all that. But if you're a phony environmentalists like my opponent, the only thing that worried about is the the muck on your riverfront property. Right. So I am the person that understands how climate change is affecting a blue-green algae I talking about civil rise in the affected that's going to have on our beaches, and of course, the value of beachfront property, which will right I'm talking about burning of sugar cane in those sugar fields south of the lake and how that's putting pesticides in air I'm talking about you know sonic boom mapping on off our coast to oil exploration, which has a series of. honorine wildlife and memoir by behavior like. That stuff I deep deep environmentalist. My opponents only care about that river right there. So He's a what I call micro environmentalists. He's environmentalists only on the micro portion, of St Lucie River that's. Right exactly right it they don't rich people don't care until it affects their their Yeah. A So so tell me about your opponent Brian Mass he got into a bit of trouble. Ironically there's there's some comments he made on facebook that the. Crowd would go after him for where he was talking about a fifteen year old girl. Could you tell us a little bit about Brian Masse the Republican Republican opponent and his Weirdness Ryan is in second term he is an army veteran was combat wounded in Afghanistan from lost legs and An IEP D He is what I call the perfect political chameleon when he thought it was in his best interest look like moderate. He sounds like a moderate when he thinks it's in his interested sound like a trump worry sounds like a trumper. If you think it's in his best interest to to take a position, he'll take it but he will never stick with anything that harms his political power. He's not like I am deeply morally committed to anything right? Like he's deeply morally committed to his own power and his own power rises and falls with the will of the GOP with the will of Donald Trump so. That's the truth of kind of Houthi he governs but his mastery if he has one is public relations and he is the master of Glossy Flyer Stat tell narratives they're not true but they look really good and they are very persuasive to the mind that is subject to that. The other thing is that he was. He, he he shares the same kind of misogyny in white supremacy of the rest of the members of cheese, and so that shouldn't surprise you. But it was a it was a sharp contrast to spit and Polish hero image that he's got all this time creating finding these facebook posts where in one he was encouraging his now campaign manager who is vacationing in South Africa to have sex with as many fifteen girls could because he thought it was legal. So Brian Mast. was promoting pedophile sex tourism in a foreign country that he probably in his head that was shit shithole country right because in a shithole country could you have sex with children and that's what he was promoting was was sex child tourism in even in a joking way, it's disgusting because that stuff actually does go on I lived in Ukraine I kid you not as a common sight when I lived in Kiev I would see some big old western white man with a cowboy hat. On the street, talking up some young Ukrainian girl's Ukraine for very long time and to this day is a sex tourism destination where western men flock and it's disgusting how they treat it like their own personal candy shop, and in this vicious system, children are extremely vulnerable. So even joking about this and normalizing et with a joke like this on facebook whether or not use joking whatever he can however he wants to it's. Deeply disgusting. It wasn't a joke in the sense that he was trying to be funny, right like he was. He may or may not have believed that his friend would have followed up on it. But Brian really wants us to be about his words in this issue here is about as thoughts. Words like that reflected certain kind of mindset. And that's very mindset that allowed guy like Jeffrey Epstein to succeed as long as he did and trafficking teenage girls right under our nose right here in Palm Beach County. Right. So our ad out right now that just hit the street today I think yesterday. Is Putting those words against Jeffrey Epstein's face and saying, no, he's not the one who said this because it would make perfect sense did. Vina's Williamson. So how is he different Than Jeff? Maybe. He didn't execute it. He did build the whole international winning around it, but he is certainly encouraging men to be customers of Jeffrey FC now. That's the sickening thing and keep in mind he was on active duty in the military was married at a kid. This is very bizarre thing into my way and the other comment when he was sort of. Saying that good pickup line for managed to say, Hey, don't turn this rape into a murder. Really, that's that's that's what you think. That's hilarious. To. Meet at the time, he was a senior enlisted person in the army. He may have had women in his unit. He may have had women who reported to him or worked with him. It's not like we don't have a sexual assault problem in the military based on the abuse of authority like we do. So the guys who do that are guys who think like that That I, get to use my authority in my power to silence you and intimidates you after I insult you. That's what happens in the military all the time. So clearly, Brian eight part of the solution because he's part of the problem and so you know I'm looking forward to our debate on Monday. We gotta get you in there Pam. We gotta get you in Congress that this guy has to go. This is so dangerous. It's the mentality it's the culture it's the normalization. This is what we're up against. okay. I, I did want to mention to your listeners. There's actually two Republicans on our ballot because we have one of these. Cuban. On conspiracy theorist running as an independent Florida we have closed primaries, which means that people who runs non-party make it to the November ballot. And so We have this one conspiracy theorist named Kate W Miller. WHO's just? Over the top. NUTTY LIKE He's the one who claimed that Patti Labelle is part of the deep state and that she's being paid by source to Barack Obama back to the White House he claimed that John Say is not black and that she's a white woman from Italy pretending to be black get attention. He. said that the reason white women joining black last night are so that they can quote unquote fornicated with black men. That's how Wackadoo Guy and he's heats Ryan because he thinks Brian is insufficiently supportive of Second Amendment Rights. Got Eight the NRA what. But apparently. Right. After Parkland Bryant took a hot minute to advocate a you know a fifteen band and when I say hot minute, he stayed on that topic for all of eighteen seconds. The NRA. called him on the carpet gop probably said, hey, will pull funding if you don't shut up he back down into his never mentioned it again since and Parkland happened while. I'm the candidate that's totally program control like everybody knows that if between now. It'll only take two or three percent of the vote to go to Miller for Brian, bean yield trump, and that's already happened. my gosh. Okay. So this is fascinating. Your district is is such an interesting national snapshot. Let's talk about Florida in terms of what's going on cross-border because you ran for you a set in Florida you've been in every corner of that state. You've been talking to voters and a lot's been happening. There was that referendum that was passed saying that former inmates can indeed have the right to vote in obviously voting and that right to vote and run for office as a sacred right should never be taken away and taking away the right to vote period whether you're in your prisoner not should just absolutely never happen, and since that was passed by voters in Florida, giving a former inmates, their rights back. The Florida Gop reacted by saying. Okay. But not until they pay their fines essentially enacting a poll tax, which Michael Bloomberg then swooped in instead of all, pay it off. And so he's paying off a lot of those whole tax fees, but then the system in place to hunt down how much is owed is so archaic that is even difficult to confirm in many cases how much is indeed owed so it to resolve those cases as difficult. And a clarify abusing. Andrea. Important. On in Florida we password for randoms only passive. They passed sixty percent sixty, sixty one. So we passed that sixty seven percent of the vote which takes. Dollars in millions of hours of wrote because you can only get it on the ballot massive petitioning have something like one, hundred, sixty, five, hundred, seventy, five, thousand Titians that are not only signed but verified which takes millions of dollars right. But it's the principle way that we get around the legislature that has been gop controlled for twenty years. So if you want something that second thing is that Giradi snow is that Florida has more things that are felonies and just about any state out there like you said inmates but that's not accurate many if not the overwhelming majority of these people who have quote unquote value convictions never spent a day jail. Right. Never were in aren't violent offenders of any flavor many of them have non violent drug offenses marijuana or whatever, and many believe it or not. The single biggest thing is driving on a suspended license. If you've gotten enough driving on suspended license than it escalates to a felony in the in the state of Florida. If a check bounces of two hundred and fifty dollars or more like two, hundred, thousand, one I think it is that goes from denuded felony. That's what it means to have a state that criminalizes. That poor people step into it makes them felonies. It becomes one of the best. Inherent victim voter suppression tools there is. and. Then when we vote given the rights back, then they create descending, it's not fine because if you're find court, it's in your judgment that she'd been five hundred dollars and you have to pay five hundred dollars in court coffers right? This is enes right the cost for the bailiff, the cost of the court reporter those are not placed in your documents regarding what your quarter was. You have to go to the court asked what their standard fees or for one day of litigation or whatever. and. So. If you were convicted fifteen years ago. How you find what the proper fee was for the half day that you were in court. That's the reason why we have an eighty five thousand requests backlog to ascertain what the fees were. Let alone pay them all. There are some good judges out there especially in some of our blue districts in God. Who have just decided that they're not gonna go hunting and pecking, and they just assess a fee of community service. Or assess a feeble dollar. Because they can do now. But just getting the paperwork to get before judge is. So it was the most effective voter suppression tool. That the GOP created and they did a very effective move to keep their two one in play. Despite an in contrast to the will of the people before. It just so reminiscent of the two, thousand, Florida election. Katherine Harris did a massive voter scrub leading up to the two thousand election Florida which helped tip George W Bush into a victory in Florida they targeted. Inmates or is always black people are always targeting black voters. It's so reminiscent of that. I think that It has been the GOP playbook for years that the way to win is to suppress the people don't agree with us. And it has been the passivity of Democrats for years. To let them do it. And to not make about it. And to not. Criminalize it. And to not insist on media attention on it and to just consider and just to be natural teeth about unfairness and wrongness you think about what happened to Abrahams Georgia for the good of the state of good of the country to the good of the district or good of continuity stability. Blatant cheating was tolerated. And the problem with Michelle Obama's perspective when they go low, we go. Hi problem with that is that when they go low and we go hi, the low road becomes the preferred road because there's no obstruction to we have not put in structured to to suppression. So they keep doing it to get better and better at it and it becomes more and more effective. That's the truth the truth is. We let them do this. And what you're saying is we need to criminalise voter suppression if it were left to me you mess with somebody's vote not only do you go to jail pay a massive fine but you lose your right to vote forever it is a permanent to ever voting yourself because it's not an injury twin individual it's an injury to the democracy to me voter suppression voter election fraud is an injury to united, states. Americans should be treated that way it should be on par with treason if you are intentionally taking a boat from someone because they don't even. If you are intentionally perpetrating a fraud on an election results to get something you want that ought to be. Right up there with the most unforgivable crimes against your nation because it is exactly that a crime against your nation, not just against black voters why you're it is a crime against the intention, the founding fathers of this country, and it should be treated that way. So in terms of the current state of Florida, it's a swing state. There is massive voter disenfranchisement as historically has been, and there's also election vulnerabilities as with election hacking as we saw in twenty. Sixteen. With all of this combined, what are the chances of Biden winning Florida and how could Biden overcome all these obstacles? It is very hard to say. I don't know if you know who she's a data person statistics person she dives in just is really deep analytical on things that are going on. Her tick is that Florida is Biden's goose. I think I agree with her we have what we need here to win in terms of votes but we have execution issues and we have focused issues and we have resource issues, the Republicans treating Florida like it is. The Alpha Omega of the election they are outspending Democrats five to one. The Democrats especially, the donor class are obsessed with the Senate and widely. So I'm not saying that's wrong. I'm just saying it's ubiquitous. Which means that because Florida doesn't have a Senate rates cycle we the wicked step childhood much cycle. We only have three what we consider competitive pickups. We have to sort of border. Just outside of what we could do competitive and then we have one major when they were defending an in Miami Debbie murky so Powell that's it. That's a total of like. Six out of twenty, nine, electoral seat, twenty, nine seats, and of those six only pamphile are drawing money from out of. Joe Biden's team make up the difference with hundreds of millions of dollars while even if you were to say your Bloomberg money as as can be playing here, but it's playing in Orlando, Miami Dade and Broward, it's playing in the big media markets to buy ice. and to some extent I guess it's on minting other kinds of spending but the problem is that big campaign that gubernatorial senatorial that would do all the work of organizing volunteers up down inside sideways that is missing. And to the extent that the Florida Democratic Party is doing. Grassroots work and it is it's doing it principally with respect to voter registration and vote by mail a distraction. It's not doing in terms of getting candidates names out or connecting voters to candidates mind. So this is the problem we are building entire state turnout model on the degree to which. People like or don't like trump invite it, and that's beyond foolish because as we found out last night, the narrative between trump and binding can change on a dime last night being the trump testing positive recorded right throws narrative of the presidential into total whiplash chaos right. But it I'm building what poor and name recognition and brand with the voters in my district on the safe harbor for them. They're here for my success. And it's my campaign that's organizing all that. So we have six hundred volunteers that we organize and deploy to get people to vote for me but also at all. Right and that's not dependent on the mood nationally. That's dependent on what's going on on the ground here locally. And not having that local ground builds is just incredibly. Foolhardy and I think just certain extent that was the mistake that the Hillary team made in Florida and I'm seeing the same mistake being made now in. Florida is unusual in that. It has such a diverse pocket-sized minority vote right? It is not like Texas where the overwhelming majority of Latino voters for Mexico or Mexican heritage. Here we have a totally different. Attitude and background from the Cuban emigrants and also win those immigrants came to Florida because there's a they came in the twenties and thirties air completely different politically the people who came during the Bay of Pigs time who are completely different than the people who are coming now. Totally different voting issues. You know we have dominicans who think very differently than Venezuelan. Very differently than Guatemala's complete, radically different worlds. And we don't seem to have the kind of pocket-sized messaging that's effective with that kind of diversity. Haitians. Don't want to be viewed as saying as native black shearer neither by the way to Jamaicans Bahamians and don't confuse Jamaicans with. Bamyan. Trinidad and Tobago immigrants like they don't WanNa debuted at the same. So the tough nut to crack in. Florida in terms of mobilising from the ground is that it requires not only tremendous amount of resources. It also requires a tremendous amount of local knowledge and pocketed communication which the party never seems to be able to unpack. It seems to have this when size fits all Latino engagement model that works in Nevada, but really not work here. And that's why a congressional and gubernatorial. Provide. Local intelligence about how to talk to these pockets votes. And that's being just completely cannibalized in this election cycle because we just don't have that big eye-popping race that brings money to Florida. And on election night, it Florida is in the read column what Does election-night Look. Let's think about the strategy of the GOP here. Their goal is to put Florida in the red and then attack the lake counts Midwest states who are going to be counting ballots after election day, and they're gonNA try to force courts to stop the counts throw out those ballots say that they're fraudulent or whatever they're building that narrative right now. Right now that narrative. Right so Florida's in the blue column on election night none of this stuff matters. Right they're not GonNa win if Florida's in the blue. But the whole thing is now in jeopardy if floors in the red. And so when I'm on call time calling donors all over the country and saying, Hey, we need your help here like. The congress is good. I'm not giving Congress I'm only give to the Senate and Joe. And get that literally over and over and over and over again and I'm like yeah. But Florida's still twenty nine electoral votes. Don't think of me as a congressional candidate. Think of me as the Senate candidate for. Because, this campaign is the one that's going to do the pocket-sized. Local savvy work to turn out those votes. and. If that's what we need to win Florida than this is the campaign that's doing that. while. How can people listening get involved? How can they get involved? Help your campaign first and foremost go to the website got more dot me. But second of all, go to facebook we have a great facebook page I hate of, but we do have facebook page Cauca go PAM Bolan tears go pam volunteer status how you can interface with the campaign by doing texts devoted we are very, very best protective order we have no Cards, we have letters to those in force. We have own dating, which is incredibly impactful. We are campaign that will be getting on the ground knocking and being on the ground in the community I know there's risk involved I know we're GonNa do everything we can be colored safe, but we're just not what you foreclosed the most effective way to involve people in politics, and that's to believe that are candidate actually give the dam. And I'm do. We're going to be. Out there. So. If you're interested in that, please go pam volunteers of course, resources, resources, resources we got to pay ten this day and age. And so if you have a few spare box, you can go to pam key death L. Dot com website, pm Keith at L. Florida Dot Com and give it to you can. If it's five dollars. It's impactful if it's fifty dollars, it makes a difference if it's It makes a difference. Every contribution is an active resistance. An Act of salvage of our future. So a one dollar contribution is a one dollar drop that he loads the bucket towards allocation of our country and enough jobs look fills the bucket, the bucket tips, the scale, and the scale comes our way. So I feel. Did thing that's going to save this country is us Isn't going to be the courts. It isn't going to be the media. It isn't going to be the Congress secretary, the Senate it's going to be us. Everybody has to deputize themselves as a warrior in the salvation of our country. Because nobody else is going to judge you. It's up to us. Thank you so much pam key for that urgent reminder grassroots power is the only reliable power we have left. So please go to Pam Keith F., L. F. L. for. Florida Pam Kief F. L., DOT COM, make a donation, go to the facebook page and make some phone calls sent some tax. We Need Pam in Congress and we need to win Florida Win Florida, save the world exactly and win Florida and better yet helped me win. A progressive black woman deadman will walk over the mar-a-lago on election night until Donald Trump he's fired. Now isn't that delicious Video or it didn't happen right Pam. So you are amazing and thank you so much for all the work you're doing it so inspiring and we're excited to share your message with the world. Our discussion continues and you can get access to that by standing up on our patron at the truth teller level or higher we want to encourage you to donate to your local food bank, which is experiencing a spike in demand. We also encourage you to donate to direct relief at direct relief dot org, which is supplying much needed protective gear to first. Responders working on the front lines. The US China and other hard hit parts of the world. 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