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Best Of (NBA Draft, Kawhi Leonard's free agency options, Lakers, Kyrie Irving)


Welcome to the podcast. I'm your host Jenny. Taft. This podcast is a condensed version of today's episode of undisputed handpicked with the best segments and discussions skip Shannon. Let's go. Happy TGIF in welcomed. Undisputed live from Los Angeles morning. I'm Jim halio was to get Mayland and Shannon Sharpe. Good morning. Day. They'll worry about what I got g's let me just have to Libby. Have must be this mine skill you. I don't want you to look over here. I don't want to put anything over here. This is my side of the table. You don't see me looking over there. I have never seen you do this much research where the for stopping this show which should indicate you're in trouble today. And by the way guys, Zion last night, he wanted the note. I look he was not being very. It was very clear copy somebody else from sixteen years ago. But that's one of my business. I don't think he d. We'll talk about and skipped. Yes, sir. Here we go guys. Let's get started this morning and we're going to begin with the draft to the surprise of absolutely no buddy. The Vallecas down in New Orleans drafted Zion Williamson number one overall last night. That was basically a law for much, right? And the next two picks equally. Unsurprising Djalmir rant, what number to the grizzlies in zion's. Former Duke teammate, RJ, Barrett. Third overall Knicks Shannon. She's three college stars. Who do you think the best pro career? This really tough for me. Skip Todd idiots because you think it's a slam dunk. I do not. And I was looking at it skills. There've been fifty three number one overall draft picks only ten have won a championship with the original team that drafted them. You gotta go back all the way till the broad. Okay. So in looking at these rosters, but for me, I'm going to say slightly, I believe John Moran because right now believe he can do more things than the other two guys jock and not only score the ball. He's the first guy says they started take keeping this to be a twenty and ten. So he reminds you a lot of Russell Westbrook with his athleticism his ability to get to the rack and finish at the rim. He they better shooter than rust. And the thing that I like most about him skill is that he allows the game to come to him, if he needs thirty he'll go get thirty but he won't fourth okay? If you need to get fifteen twenty this, he'll give you that, but he won't force it. I love that about the guy RJ bear watching him. Sometimes I thought he forced it. I thought he was he sped himself up trying to try to do too much. Maybe you know, he heard all the praise and everything that was going on around on me some of that on. You finally made a good one. At a Zion. The thing is guilt for me is that looking at his game. Three quarters of his points came in the restricted area and thirty seven percent came outside. So the for the started moving outside the paint. That's not a good side. And see you got up say coach K because at the end of the game. They always put the ball in RJ Barrett's hand or maybe he put it. I don't know. College basketball is about the college coach. It is NBA basketball is about the players. We're at so coach K was putting it in his hands for reasons. Okay. Now Zion went to the better team. I believe he has the better of the two three coaches that they got these players. But for me, I'm gonna say job Moran slightly, because I believe he can do more things earlier. His game is tailor-made really because he can shoot the basketball. He scored shot. Thirty six percent from three point line rust in the year. He won the MVP, only shot thirty four percents. Now, the college frequent line, there's a little closer, but for me, I'm gonna take gonna take job slightly because I believe right now because he can do more things than other two guys. I think J R J Barry is just a score. So for me. I'm almost John Moran. Okay. Are you suggesting that Zion also go to the better team with more help? Yeah. He don't have that. Absolutely. Okay. You look at Ingram yet holiday, Lonzo ball Payton had, like Nate nine triple doubles. Yes. I believe he went to the better team ABSA Lutely one hundred percent. Although I will remind you that drew holiday was there for six years with the skycam, Anthony Davis, you love this guy, Anthony Davis. He's transcendent and withdrew holiday as his side, kick or maybe his co-star, if you wanna go that far, they, they were together in the games. They played. They were sub five hundred. So, so you say all the good saying he made how many all star team city may may one of the pelicans for the pelicans he made zero. How many how many make one longtime ago in Philadelphia how many how many defensive teams he may? Well, the any good. Well, he's pretty good. I'm not sure made an all different. I think I did make one you what. So here's the point. I love John Marantz point guard skills. I was on the record to you after the Marquette game in the incident bolaise. I'm sold on that part of his game. He is ambidextrous in his passing to the point that is I watch him. I forget, whether he's left handed or right hand because he's right handed, but he can play left handed just as well as he can play right handed. He is a gifted passer. He's another one of those. We've had so many of 'em lately. It's starting to be twice or three generation instead of once a generation because, now we're getting too many lonzo's, and, and Joz and okay. So it's a couple of generation, but he's one of those guys can't teach it can't coach it, and I will give you this his explosiveness at the rim is Westbrook, and I will give you that he does shoot it. Well, but I'm a little concerned because it's trae young like it's feet on the floor set shooting. He doesn't have to me a jump shot. Maybe. He will teach himself one. Maybe he will be taught one, but I'm a little concerned because trae young has a hard time. Getting his shot off at the next to another guy that USA shot. And it doesn't get his feet up the ground. You know him skip Bayless feet face feet. Seven inches tall as Lonzo ball, this kid is six two ish somewhere in there. So here's the bottom line to John Morand in the games. I watched at Murray state he played little to no defense. You are talking, you're making case he's going to be better than a kid who's now New Orleans pelican, who will make multiple first team all defenses and will win multiple defensive players of the year in the NBA, and that is I n Williamson multiple this kid. I have not seen in play any defense. He doesn't even try. In fact, maybe he's watching LeBron and he decides, we'll do it as you rest on the other end of the floor. I o. All save all my energy for often. God, this may five percents first team all. Okay, once upon a time, but again, Josh just coming of age, so the LeBron he knows over the last three years plays. No defend what guy you know, skipping NBA history was playing defense. Fourteen fifteen sixteen Michael Jordan knowing wouldn't did Michael without of the league, play fourteen years. Remember eighty took four years off. That's none of my business brought in his age thirty four season K do LeBron was h thirty four last year. Michaels aged thirty four season. He made I team all NBA defend my team at age thirty four. How do you do that as thirty four? Lebron play twenty thousand more minutes. Oh, so he's running out of gas how many excuses do we need? I thought he was iron man. I thought he was miles ahead of Michael Jordan, in understanding, fitness and nutrition. Right. You know, already know fourteen at thirty four LeBron. I mean sixteen at thirty four for Ron and thirty four will Michael only. So the guy you just made a case. We'll be better than Zion is going to night after night have to face the Westbrook's and the staffs, and dare I say the Mike, Conley juniors and he's will have to. He's going to get terrorized by those point guards in part because what did he refer to himself as I love joy? I think he's a good called himself a point. God, I'm the remember Chris as excuse me. Kris Haines said your point. No. I'm on the point. God. And Chris had asked him like what point God head? Oh, okay. You don't think the westbrooks of that haven't made a little mental note of God's oh has LeBron James? Anthony Davis auto, does what he got to go again against Paul Georgia's. So you still sticking with that better than Zion. Okay, let's do RJ, shall we? Yes. RJ Barrett is being dramatically overrated by Knicks fans because I'll give you this. He's a Carmelo Anthony type. But he's a poor. Man's carmelo. And I don't even know what to make of Carmelo's career at this point, because RJ Barrett is a ball hogging ball stopper. He is a high volume shooter who makes a low percentage of his shots, you love that because I don't love that again. I have a fairly small sample size but I watched very closely Zion RJ Duke, big stage big game. Right. Starting off the Kentucky on opening night who took over the Kentucky game Zion. What happened in all three big games that I watch big games, gun zag at Maui happen to watch this one, because I did. I watched very carefully. Zion has the clutch, gene. I'm not so sure about RJ. I see zero gene him. So he'll shoot it. He's. He will jacket but I don't know about making these shots because every times I had the ball in his hands in key situation such as one forty one left against Gonzaga. He made a jump shot is like a twelve foot jump shot. He can't shoot. I don't know. He made that one twelve that tied the game at eighty seven and that was the only shot that Zion took down the stretch against a very good Gonzaga team in a big stage game at Maui in the early part of the season, last four thirty less shot that he took RJ in the final one forty one of that game took four shots and missed all four of those shots and Gonzaga hung on to win that game. How she Moore who went pretty last night made a shot. And in that game RJ was nine of twenty five one of four from three four eight from the free throw line. I don't know then how about the UNC game it costs. You another case a diet do but in the tournament what happened down the stretch of that game. You remember that one? Put back. Oh, he put it right back. Didn't he but it was a big put back because it put them up one in down the stretch RJ took two shots and miss bolt of them. And then with twelve seconds, left Carolina, intentionally felled RJ, and send him to the freezing line. And at that point Carolina was down only one point and RJ bricked, both of he missed both of that killed you. They found it Michigan state. He had a chance to tout ballgame. You're going to get there. The third. What happened Ziya one forty one. That's the magic number here, too. And made his last shot. He drove it and banked at home and that put Duke up three points at that point and down the stretch. R J missed too late shots with fifty seconds left in twelve seconds left, and they were open shots missed a jump shot and the three point shot. And then to your point, he had a free throw that this is it to tie the game. And he missed the first one he made the second one but he's gonna have to make both of them where he tried to miss tried to miss it in the win. But you keep telling me about all this about, you know. Zion and he made this shot, and he made that shot. Now we saw what happened to the number one east when their best player who's probably gonna win the MVP couldn't make outside shots. And they built a four around the restricted area. It he couldn't get there. He tells people what happens. And your point is my point is until Zaire's and outside shot. Okay. Zion Wilson last year. I don't know how this made maybe it's a fabricated stat. But my stats sheet said he made thirty four percent of his three point shots. It's pretty good. RJ made thirty one percent of his three-point shots. And he's supposed to be the shooter of the to score. Oh, the score of the two, by the way. RJ from the free throw line made LeBron esque sixty seven percent of that number. That was exactly. Well LeBron's about in this topic, I don't know why he's just sticks in my head sixty seven percent when somebody across the table bet that he would make eighty plus percent from the free go next. So guess what? What last year at Duke would you believe that our j Barrett average taking five more shots game than Zion did in a suit light? It was nineteen to twelve RJ over Zion. So I'm making the case. I did yesterday. I think that RJ actually hampered Zion. I think he handicap Zion, and we haven't seen the greatest Zion, because he's just kind of going along for the ride, and he's such a good kid. He's so unselfish to a fault. He deferred to a fault to a kid that he's obviously, but they look like they're I don't know what's the background of it. But they look like they're very close. Friends to me agree bay. Hug it out after every game, they're always very close to me. So the point is to a fault. He's deferring to him when the go-to guy, the driving force of the team was I on. So if Zion has a little more of a green light from Albany, gentry. I'm looking for much greater things in pro basketball than I even saw in college basketball, and zions going to have one huge advantage in pro basketball. I think he's gonna play every possession pro basketball like it's college basketball, which is not cool and pro basketball he's going to play as hard as he can play every possession. And you just don't offer. Confined that, and when you will that with six seven to eighty five of explosive leaping ability, unlike any we've ever seen you're going to get extrordinary numbers over time. We'll see what it, what happens hard is going to be playing when he has to go up against LeBron. He has to go up against AD and Kevin Durant, and Paul George and Kawhi Leonard, and we'll see how long that lasts. Okay, because you telling me about job Mirant, having to go to collies Rosa Steph in the day. And granted he will. Okay, but you seem like just do gotta go up against cream puffs because the three and the poor position is very, very strong way alive. And well in the NBA you know what Jaanus doesn't pack near the physical punch. This kid already packs, I'm talking about bowling ball punk talking about knocking people out of the way, Yana knocks, nobody out of the way because once they built that wall, and they put number two right in front of them and then they put those three mountain men behind him. There's nowhere for him to go because he has no mid range at all. For what are you gonna do on, who have even left a mid range, the Jaanus? I disagree with. Just wait. Just wait. I saw lots of mid range, I just didn't see many opportunities taking all the mid rank to this yoga with hanging around the best got no problem with that lady scripts, never say, okay. No, no, no. I'm gonna make my strengths even stronger. So I got no problem with him hanging around the basket. Getting put bags dunk. It letting the ball up. I got no problem with that. But don't pretend like he could take people off the dribble aren't the bag. Could there's a reason why coach K who they find time national championship head winning it? Coat put the ball in RJ bears hand in late game situation. How that turn out. It was just wrong is flat out wrong. I called him out for it. I'm not hindsight, ings did I call him out. What are you doing there? The reason why he kept doing it. He he's privy to information. You have which the I got a chance to see these guys in practicing one on one been late game situation. One guy can get to the basket and digital into other guy can only dish well. Our godfather was Steve Nash, but it's not as fathers goddamn beggers father, we maybe it's different conversation. I don't know who so RJ Barrett has the better one Aycell game because he can handle. I get you Zion. Hails at just as well. He just doesn't play that way. RJ's a slasher, but you gotta be a finisher if the next level. Yes. So for the Knicks he's gonna be another classic Nick player shoots twenty five shots game. And he averages twenty five wouldn't go nowhere, Dennis Smith and Kevin Knox northbound away. I mean moody. I mean what what is do. Frank a Nikki Leah. Nikki. I know Neil Akina keenum wasn't supposed to do. Well, go get twenty five shops, again well in two years of these K D And Kyrie. We'll see. We'll see. We'll, you'll be die storage option. Maybe maybe you're a poor man clay, Tom, okay? Maybe he would know he can't shoot a lick like that. He can't shoot. No, I'm just saying okay like a third wheel. He he'd work third wheel, but is going to be the first wheel the second wheel and the. We'll talk about this with David Griffin. Well, they don't do that. Okay. Well, I'm doing that. Good. And he can live up to that. And he it's this is the classic case of one guy makes all his teammates. Better Zion, Josh J RJ makes nobody, John? That's all he does is make his teammates. They're going to have to cover for him on the other end of the thing is not. You bigger seem like Murray state talent and do talent comparable. No. Can you imagine the Dhamma rant head RJ bedhead cameras had those guys? Okay, I got you. But look, they destroyed Marquette. They just and yeah, he would Joe do bad. It was destruction. And then what happened the very next game what happened, they run up against Florida long at lettuce physical nasty and what happened nothing happened like they just got taken completely out and again, he didn't have much if any I will give you that I still love the kid, I still like the pick. But there was this was a one player draft in the one who live you hit the lottery. You got him period. End of story lift me all the we one hundred twenty nine teams selected number one, it would have kept the pick if the leg of the number one overall pick. What's going to happen? Skip Bayless June. You can try to if you like they go train to New Orleans for true for drew holiday, paying a D. And now you can have gone, you can have Lonzo ball and Brandon Ingram. But we get into guys in return. So don't pretend like they're gonna trae LeBron where they're gonna trade a Magic Johnson new. I get your point. Exact you said it was a two player drown. I mean one wasn't okay. Any team would have loved to have Zeina. Okay skill. But if the lake is get that pick their moving then don't believe he was the guy. How do you know that? So what this has nothing to do with the Lakers, and who's to say the Lakers, wouldn't said, now, we good, we won't ADM holiday. I'll give you this right here right now, if you gave me a choice for LeBron James as e inner cities last dog about two good years. Sure, I'm gonna go with the established day. That's all I'm talking about. No. I'm talking about. Long-term imp-. Packed because listen, Zion will have twice the long term impact that John or RJ will have twice. He'll have. I'm talking about offense defense making team better being the face of the franchise. The driving force in the franchise Zion. We'll have twice the impact those to be out and they're both just nice players. They're really nice. He'll be out of New Orleans, six years. Okay. Well, so what's your point because he's going to go somewhere else because they're gonna pay him the max. He's going to be a bust. No, no. He's gonna be there. You're going to be there. He's going to be on the biggest stage. Okay. Well, that's fine. But maybe he'll fall in love with the stage you can do great things on little stages. Right. Who wanted to number two, that's a little stage according to you wouldn't it somewhere up there. And can. Whoa. Oh, hold on. Do you understand what can wander? So now he's going to be better than a two-time physically of the year. Time skip their bare few plans to have limits resume this guy's unproven are on the board. You didn't. Zion? Remember, number two got drafted stolen by the Spurs with the fifteenth overall pick to go play with Tim Duncan monitor nobly and Tony Parker, coach by Gregg Popovich, that'll work won't it. Okay. So his resume came from that noted. Yes, it deal eighty he went out on his own branched out on his own he had no shot when he came in. He was all. No in chip England the shot doctor the greatest shooting guru and coach in the league rebuilt his whole shot, and he paid us back by stiffy skill. When did you did you you fell in love with this kid from like the first time you saw him you gotta go on one time about a girl a million crew? Stop folded love so quick. Let it play out do see my job. Maranda the Bom, I told Arnstein on our very first date. I've told you this before I said, if this goes anywhere, you're always going to be one eight of my job. I told her that, and she said, okay, accept. No aren't hi this. Because she accepted it and it's still treated this day, but it's a good one, because I nobody else gets any whatever I got left. She gets it. So you only. The job is ever harass. You get it all you get the one. Barrels job arrack or. Speaking of relationships, the one between on the city of New Orleans. Officially begins today has his introductory press conference, three o'clock central time in the crescent city. Victory frayed because we're a little. No, no, no, no. Imagine this your favorite team is playing you're in bed. The snacks are ready. Your remote is in hand, but you can't get comfy. Avoid this game day catastrophe by upgrading your sleep environment with an adjustable base. Right now, during mattress firm's fourth of July free, free, free event, you can get an adjustable base to pillows and mattress protector for free. When you spend just seven hundred ninety nine dollars. Not only will these free bed accessories upgrade your sleep game. But you'll enjoy the real game two gentlemen. The next topic free to debate cli- letters week of awesomeness continued wrote that. See this standing ovation Toronto Blue Jays game. Obviously everybody in Toronto wants the upcoming free agent to resign with the raptors but the claw certainly has the luxury of options reports Kwai will likely take meeting with the Sixers surprise. In addition to the clippers mix and nets Shannon. What does this tell you? Oh out in the one doing it. Almo he big Trudeau who the prime minister he bigger heels right now. I agree with that. So I'm enjoying it. Yeah. I'm gonna take whatever I want to I'm going to Blue Jays game. What's going on in Toronto this time of year? I'll be there front and center, I'm Cain. And so I'm going to enjoy this kill betas. Why wouldn't he? Maybe he's taking Vange of choline, and dine as they call it when eat free. He just going to stay there for a while eating free until July first amount other than he'll do that, though, too. You do not know what that may is going to do. He might stay you know what I'm going to enjoy this. I'm gonna take you up on that pin house gentlemen, pit house writ Breton long was he stays, maybe he's living in it right now? But he might he's about to get Vic living. Lewis, best light look. Why it it doesn't mean a hope hopefully Toronto, raptor, fans does not see this as an indication that he shows up in a Blue Jays game. That means he stayed. That means he likes baseball because remember lashes gift he went to a dodger game with the same outfit had a dodger head on dodge had a Kershaw. Jersey. Been meaning it doesn't mean anything doesn't mean he'd go to side with the Lakers this year or last or any other time. Yeah. All that means. Hey, maybe likes baseball. He's enjoyed you. Don't know if you'll ever be in this situation again, so fifteen minutes of fame. He going on so good. He have loan at fifteen minutes he'd been on the big stage for a long time as a finals MVP two-time defensive player of the year. He bid famous. That's what hurts you so bad. Indeed, hurt me. I haven't lost one son. Yeah. You actually tell you what you won't even call the man his name mom named Hawaiian. You call them number two. What kind of food is then not only number two main about to be number tutors Toronto watch? You don't you don't know I do that. I know his history. But you know what? I mean the only thing that surprising is that one of the report said that he's thinking about taking a meeting with Philly. We don't know where this came from. Whatever put who now, filling might be sitting in the catbird seat and enjoy Embiid. You talked about a formula with defense. They got there'd be onto something that clearly, they beheading shoulders above anybody in the east, and they'd be deal with, because I believe they would represent the east. They would be tough to deal with in the Western Conference, but it's kept he's going to do is due diligence. I, I don't believe I. If I knew if anybody knew what he was thinking skip, you could get a better understanding what you don't know, because it doesn't say anything on the who you talk to maybe talk, the Dan is once a week once a day. Maybe once every other week, I don't know. But no one knows tomato doesn't know everybody's what Jerry wears an indication. There's no indication lease career given indication that is the net. Nobody has anything and this Philly came up out of the blue but I take nothing from him being Toronto. Blue Jays game just that he'd love baseball. And he came to. Okay heaters, hang the, the new king. No, no, no, no, no. So you're king. Dethroned wait a minute. Hold on. He came on. Yeah. Going well they play. We'll dick okay, you're on deck my turn. Thank you very much, my favorite moment of yesterday's when I saw a picture of number two at the Blue Jays game and get to what he was doing the picture in just a moment. But the good news was that three days after the parade in Toronto the victory parade. He was still in Toronto, and I was a little surprised by that, because that's three days in which he could have gone home to southern California with a new home. Okay. Well, okay. So that's why I said, that's the good news. The not so good news is what he was doing in the picture. I saw at the game. He was taking cell phone video of a guy who doesn't play for the Blue Jays. He was taking it of wait a minute. It's my trout. He's he just fanned out. He's taken sell video of my trout and thinking you're better than that. You're out there being okay? But again, would LeBron go to Tom Brady game and be taken video of Tom Brady throw on a pass. I don't think you're bigger than they probably get a pitch them before the gang. Okay. We'll that's the point here. You can fan out and go meet him and get to know him, your lit, okay? But you're sitting in a box seat, and you're like taking video open opposing star. And where does that star ply? Oh, he plays for the loss. Angeles, Laker, Los Angeles angels of Anaheim Los Angeles angels, as a Freudian slip because I still think he's got a shot come into the Lakers. You never know that is Mike trout. And help me out. We're number to grow up a ha-, or you just pointed out. He went to a dodger game. We're in a dodger hat. So he was in Toronto, but you go and you're taking video of the opposing team's superstar, and he is a superstar some people making the case. He might be the greatest baseball player ever. But it's the equivalent of LeBron James going to an Indians playoff game once upon a time wearing a Yankees hat. That's the equivalent of that to me. I was a little offended by that. Like, really? Clear the Yankees. Hey, he grew up in the Cleveland area. Riot grew up in the Georgia area and the Yankees fan. Okay. Would you go to a Braves game in there in the World Series against the Yankees? I don't know where to a brave game when I was growing data put me in the game would terrible when I was growing up really with terrible. Murphy was good though. He was. Okay. So now we get to the Sixers report. Now, think about this. If you're a raptors fan, you're saying, okay, if you wind up with the clippers or maybe shot, the Lakers, I can deal with that because he grew up there. And if you're a raptors fandey say, look, uncle Dennis took over all of his affairs, uncle Dennis lives, New Jersey and he badly wants him in New York or new with the nets in Brooklyn, and you can live with that. But all the sudden we get the report that the Sixers are going to get a meeting that's the ultimate disrespect to raptors nation because the Sixers are the biggest threat, I don't care what you say if Joel Embiid had been healthy, if he hadn't had the flu or double flu or whatever he had and bad knees. We would be having a different conversation. They might be the NBA champs right baby. Whatever. Okay. What happened to them all? But they're the biggest threat there are bigger threat to me than Milwaukee. That's just me because I think they're better because Embiid and Simmons just give why go Eastern Conference, so yard Fritz. So you would leave the raptors to join forces with those guys and Philadelphia, you're going to take a meeting with them. This is this guy all over this is who I told you he was ultimate disrespect. I would be furious. If I- Rafter fan I've just been furious. I throw my hat, and then I throw it my breakfast. I'm sure some of them are furious. But guess what? That bureau, assumingly the you finally coming back. Oh, yeah. So he owes it to himself while learning fulfilled as obligations. Okay. Ronald around. That's exactly right. Live alone. He didn't look the way he made the lucky shot in play thestreet to keep these guys out of it to keep the Sixers out of it. And then you're going to go join them after you beat them. My what if all? Well, we know about. What would you look down upon more somebody that beat them? Join them or somebody that loves to join them. I don't care about anybody else. I'm just talking about thinking wouldn't care about that. I don't care about what, why wired you know, what, look what it tells me he said. Now, the report said he's gonna meet with Toronto, possibly Philly the nits and the Knicks. Maybe the clippers. And so what did that tell me if he's willing to meet? He's interested somewhat. Charlotte's not getting a meeting, Sacramento, Memphis, not getting a meaty. Okay. So you should feel again, you should feel good, who doesn't fit in that picture. The Sixers they fit in there because he said they might take a meeting from Toronto on that list, don't worry. It's obviously, it's already on the okay? So, don't you need a meeting with Toronto? You know what Toronto might want to make some more considering I might wanna few extra pass. Okay. Might wanna pew seats on the plane. Okay. Lifetime pass angels. Upset I might want a few more concession skip. All right. That's fine. So what if I told you about this from the start low basketball character? How did he hold on basketball care, too? They made him everything. He was in San Antonio. And then he said, I quit. I quit ideal ideal but limited limits matatus they work skill. At the end of the day is not about money. It's not about anything. It's about respect. Do you value me? Do you think what I bring to the table is good enough that you're gonna treat me right? Why didn't feel like they valued him because they're willing to send him out there as a soccer official lamp? He says, I'm hurt. They said, no, you're not go play. So he's like y'all showing me lack respect Meyer. Appreciate okay. Skip you took me into you took me with the fifteenth fifteenth pick. Neil? Okay. I repaid tenfold now. Given my max deal. Gimme that. So I don't think wait a second. You miss a lot of games. Okay. So we'll always have is. Okay. So I don't know why you would want him my guy that missed that kind of time. Told you good riddance. I'm good. No, no, no. That's not onward and pop came to San Diego to meet with you would because player Charito he ought. He gained you remember you, you listed Moscow seventy three game with anthem quad, injuring said he had a wrist and he had elbow. You back. We don't have to list. Exactly. So why would you want that low character is replay no talking gap? Why would you want him on your roster because you put so much time and effort into making him the player that he was, and he was obviously talent to start with, but he had no shot they taught him to shoot they taught him how to win. They taught him how to play professional basketball. You couldn't have greater teachers than Tim Duncan mono or Tony. Day one, I'm turned his back until oh, I'm so happy for oh, I am so happy to wanna championship because they take the high road as opposed to the low road that he took out of town, though. You guys get discussed this all morning. We want to get to that one. There. Hi, everyone Jen hail here with a quick word from today's sponsor Rosie's, Roth these are the everyday flats for life on the go. They're stylish comfortable and go with everything from yoga pants to dresses and skirts. 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'cause he's shorter and athletic and can don't go over big guys outside of that, though, job, ranch, a true point guard like is see the floor he can run an office. He's got great passing ability. He's different from those two guys I like him RJ Barrett. I think he'll be a score in the NBA. I hope I'm wrong, but I see a volume score volume shooter. Puts a big numbers. Maybe not on great teams. Hopefully I'm wrong about him and he becomes better than that. But I'm going with ion as the best player of these three he's ASI the everything that he has, like, I got the intangibles. You see last night. He was so comfortable in the spotlight like he was smooth. He was just like, you know, like he been there. He's whole right out. Well, he went with the white, I like that, too, like cream is. Creed was he mimic? And I Ryan that is cream on white today. Ream technically skip your career. Okay. But, you know, LeBron's was bright, white white, right? Why the white? This is a tuxedo shirt that he's wearing with an open collar. I don't think it's mosh it all. Go ahead. All right. Anyway, he's got the tangents. You've got the work ethic. Right. He's got this infectious. Joy about him when he played never seen thing like right? -fensive -ly LeBron, who became a tremendous defender wasn't defending like this even his first couple years in the league. He's got he wants to defend and their offense. He can handle the basketball. Well enough. He's got pretty good court vision, people talk about his shot being broken is, is not broken people talking. Broken. It's got a decent floor. And look, he'll improve he with his work ethic, he will work on his jumps. I Blake Griffin average less than one three point attempt for his first six years in the league he took seven a game last year. So he will approve what did I keep telling you ESPN about Blake Griffin at Oklahoma? He stayed two years. I watched every game he played. I never saw him make shot over thriving. That's God's truth. Three feet up. He had no shot, but he didn't work on earlier. What he's a pretty good three point. The. Nope. So's Aon can become a three point shooter. He's got a quick first step, today's NBA four floor so spread who had to get to the rim and finish over guys. We know they'll rerun into break with Lonzo. But here's the thing people miss about Zion. And I think a lot of people that aren't sure about him. He's unique. He's different from the majority of today's young stars because the majority of today's young stars, dominate the basketball, they grow up with the ball in their hands. All the time at Duke. He got twenty two and nine off the ball RJ Baird had the baller trae Jones had, like he was off the ball. I love that because that'll make it easier to play with other guys. I think he'll be able to fit into a system he will have to dominate the system. And so, I think that's what's throwing some people off, like, oh, we're used to seeing, you know, the number one guy always have the ball and create for everybody else. He doesn't have to do that. That's almost like an old. Old school guy. And I liked that about him. So I think is going to be the best guy with job because I like his I love all the guys game. Everybody has something they can do really well. I agree with you RJ back and put the ball in the basket. But I just think it's gonna take ball shots in order for him to do that. At the level that the knick fans. That's a shame the Knicks. If you didn't nobody, where the Knicks drafted like, Georgia so bad. He was fighting with terror. He want Lee with hugging, and take it like couples fight this, there'd be their best news at summer that this would be reduced by getting RJ. Barry probably that's it. He's excited about that. But when I look at job, Iran, I love how he left the game come to him if he needs to score twenty twenty you need thirty thirty five. I'll get you that too, but you might be fifteen cents. The game comes to him. I'm not so sure RG Baird ever did that because it seems like would win. Ziya started getting go. Oh, y'all talking about him too much. I hear you over the Dickie BIN you over the guys talking about shrimp. Get a couple of three. Let me go to the basket show. You what I can do. No. Let me miss a couple. For me. I'm looking at John. I'm looking at his shot chart, he made seventy nine basically he made eighty percent of his shots in the restricted area outside the restricted air. It was thirty seven. Now, we know I know agai that was supposed to he he probably gonna win the MVP 'cause crisper are both for Chris all we got. He knows it. But the other team that won the title they built a four around the restricted area they would let him in there and everytime. He tried to give you say they had or clo- you need help. But he said, okay. Just in case Kate need to always three help. They you had. You had big Mark Assalyah Serge Ibaka, your uncle. This standing tidgy. I got shot blockers galore three of them trying to get the booking ham palace the kitchen wouldn't have been there. That is correct. Well, we'll see Zion gotta develop a judge show. That's set shoddy shooting through that ain't no flat just like through that got Virginia in the stands throwing that in the stands. What, what big man shoots jump shot from three? They all shoot. Lot of AD. He'll take it more than than Janas will. He's not worried Jaanus or bins Benson is way worse year. Not that bad. And plus, he is John Moran is a freaky happily. He is freakish. I mean he he he's in that Russell with cloth, but he can shoot the ball better runs. Ruskin only dream, he's a fifty percent from the floor guy. Russell, never Peter present before thirty four percent clear from three point land. This kid shot thirty six percent. Although the college live with a little shorter and I don't wanna get too hung up on the college life because I know a guy shot forty one percent in college and barely can shoot thirty percent right. Nine here we ain't gonna talk about the New Orleans right time to my. Threes. How about clutch free throws? Can you make though? But anyway, I'm going with what he does in New Orleans next year. I'm gonna take John Moran. And plus again skill he's to eighty five and eighteen was he gonna be at twenty five? The New Orleans should already have him a nutritionist. Really, we're hearing that baby fat and get out of that, babe where you have we're Arkley Barkley slimmed down a little when he got him with. He's the he's lived on the two seventy Barkley. So he with commander's palace. Shrimp and grits. Now when I heard he hated that is true. I give you that Shannon shock. What once again, you are barking up the wrong tree, or in this case, should I say sapling because this? I've told you before. I love jaaz game when he has the ball in his hands love it. I told you after the Marquette game. Blaze never seen thing like this. He is an ambidextrous passer. He's just as good his right into the point. I watch him and I forget is he left handed now. He's right hand, but he plays lefthanded just as well as right special stuff. I'm concerned about the shot because he has no jump shot at six feet two. When you go up a level into the next league as we saw happen to trae young. You start having issues because you have to start shooting farther and farther out there, 'cause trae young shoots a set shot. He has no jump shot either feet on the floor set shot. Go to Chicago. But again, can you win with cable and? No. He also got a shot blocked more than any point guard. He just got blocked. The Spurs blocked eight shots. One night at Atlanta, they blocked him. Eight times in one game. I come on. On. I'm just saying I'm just saying, if that's part of your repertoire feed on the floor can be blocked at the next level. He doesn't have a big rise up and jump shot. Like Steph has or any clay, or any of those guys. So the other problem with John rant is in the games I watched he played little to no defense. It's an afterthought to him. Meanwhile, the other guy were talking about Zion is going to win to me, multiple defensive player of the year awards in the NBA. That's how good he. That's how dominating he is on defense. Haven't started on the offense just on that alone. I'm taking on just on the defensive end because if I like job, but he referred to himself as a point God. It's, it's really not that wise, when you haven't dribbled one dribble in that league to say that to do agree. And then you're gonna have to you have to defend the Westbrook's defend the staffs and defend the Mike, Conley juniors for what it's worth, and, and it's hard man because every night you go out there and somebody's wanting to I can just go on. Just in the west because they're gonna wanna torch you Lonzo had to go through this, but it wasn't long those fault. It was his father's fault. Right. And Lonzo can defend at a high level. He started to figure it out very quickly. So now let's go back to on zion's everything Chris said he's a dominating force without a dominating ego. And we haven't seen that in a long time. His teammates love him because he is unsettled fish to a fault. Now, let's go to RJ RJ average eighteen shots game to zion's thirteen shots game think about that. And in conference play it was nineteen to twelve so RJ Barrett is overrated to me, and I hate to say this for Knicks fans because he's, he's a classic. Knicks pick. Will you get over excited about a guy who's a poor man's Carmelo Anthony? He's a high volume shooter who doesn't make that many shots. He's a thirty one percent three point shooter and he shoots a whole bunch of threes. And again, every time I saw Zion in. A collect situation. He made a clutch shot every time he didn't get the ball that much. But the other guy only NIST in such situations. We talked earlier about the three big games Gonzaga Maui, then North Carolina ACC tournament. Then Michigan state in the NC double A's down the stretch. I don't wanna go back into the gory detail RJ just disappear. He didn't disappear. No, that's not true. He just shot missed, and shot missed in those games like crazy duties wanted. He wanted. He just didn't liver and Zion would get one shot and make it and it counted against North Carolina because it was the winning cutback shot. But then down the stretch of that game they fell RJ and send him into the free throw line to clinch. It would have made it a three point game. And he misses both of them and he missed the free throw against Michigan state that would tied the game. Right. And. In the game at Maui. He's trending all afternoon because he took four shots in the last one forty one in that game and missed all four of them. And it's like gives Ziona chance because Arnold hill cash man. Well, we got a skew like I said, I'm not going to the coach K. It's great coach amount of question him. But for some reason, even those ion Kip coming up a diet RJ back kept coming up empty at the end of the game. The kill putting the ball. They did doing that for reason Christmas. They're trying to tell you something, but you don't want to listen to him here, right? Well, maybe the Knicks should be listening. I don't know what he was getting ready to prepare to what eighteen nineteen shot fading perfect. Evian what the Knicks may have if they don't get Katie and kyri or change. Right. Then they need to hope this kid becomes special and build around him. He's their future if they don't get the rent. One last point to your Janas point building the wall in Zion. Not on the wall and be followed him out. He be as predictable as that is young was he's quicker than yawn us. He's got us quicker for step than Janas to me. Plus, is they say light in the rear end Jaanus is a little light in the rear end. This kid is hey, the MO moaning on this, you know, he's either coming down as a point, or he's posting. I am. It'll be that's the benefit of being off the Bali won't be all on him to create his own euro step. We. Eurostat from half court and you don't get on you. When you wait to eighty five and you run into those mountain men, and you just knock him out of the way he was knocking kids out of the way. Level they grow me. We'll see they pay but they're grown today. They're not some grow may go get done. This girl man body, already do different twin collagen MBA. They play the mortgage. Okay. To issue a train table. They play for mortgage private school tuition. Kid that new one. This one guys. Ways core. Pool is not a bus ways core. Pool is not a taxi ways core pool is not the metro in DC writers ways core. Pool is not a slug line. What is ways carpool and new app lets neighbors co workers and fellow commuters ride together to work and home fast drivers say Hello to that express lane and get reimbursed for gas riders. Gin affordable commute and help save the planet and carpoolers get to know their neighbors and co workers a little bit better. And ways core pool is smart. Not only does it match you with people who are going, your way, it connects you with people who you'd actually want to ride with, so you can commute smarter with no headaches people. 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What the Toronto Raptors demonstrates by can can we not say they didn't prioritize it. They miscalculated. They didn't do the math. That's what happened, not that somehow we didn't put the right emphasis on it. They screwed up right right calculator. Did not write that said the Toronto Raptors demonstrated to us that this, this model of big three or a top heavy tea is not necessarily the model for winning championship. It's not a necessary one. Let's put it that way. Leonard Toronto Raptors demonstrated that. But if unforeseen circumstances, Rick now, come on, now, we champ, we Katie, not injured in Klay healthy. Do we believe Toronto is the chance and then that model is out the window? Okay, but you had what you say that you had the Philadelphia seventy Sixers as a top heavy team in terms of superstardom. Is not sick and hurt and sick and hurt. Ilise gonna win that seat. Okay. So. I'm not so sure about that. Because because here's the thing that we've seen with the way the game is played injuries and guys breaking down is now part of the game. It's part of the equation. So your depth and versatility, honestly in with the warriors as much as we think about them being superstar, heavy, what has made them a dynasty is the fact that they had depth and versatility and that those pieces those top pieces. Steph curry is not your traditional superstar, Draymond green Klay Thompson, wouldn't be as good elsewhere those pieces fit, and they supported each other. But ultimately, it was the Andre Igwe dollars and going the Shaun Livingston's when he could still play. That's what made them distinctive. The Lakers have the opportunity to set up the same thing. Yes. They don't have enough for another max player. But they have enough to go pick off guys that are quality role place, players elsewhere, and alpha amino, for example, you're looking at teams that are capped. Out that have quality players that maybe you can give them a little bit more money. That's a little too rich for that other team. And now you're not only taking a piece away from them. But you're giving yourself depth and versatility bottom line is Lakers, have enough star power. Now it's a matter of can you shrewdly pick up the veterans who have already made their money, the Trevor reasons the Demari carols, the guys who made, they'll just come along to try to win a ring, and then find those mid range, guys that are making six seven million. If I offer them ten or eleven is that going to be enough to join to doing the band that to me is how they put together something that is going to be even better than they are right now. JJ Riddick parents put that to bed. JJ Radic is so settled in with his family, and they allow him to commute from Brooklyn to Philadelphia. They love him. And he loves him his, his part in the chemistry of that locker room. I don't see any way. He's going to next you know what's on your dating. Roles you can have it, Jerry lamb sell her. You know. But anyway, here's the thing you could say, well we didn't prioritize we miscalculated. We still got the house. We overpay for. But guess what we still living out, we have Anthony Davis. And there's not another ten of that will start in the twin in nineteen NBA season. It has better than what we have RIC Bucher you say that, it's, it's a rental purchase though. This is what scares me. They better get it done this year. Or next year we get that both David Griffin is now the GM of both the New Orleans pelicans and the Los Angeles Lakers because he controls the future of the Los Angeles Lakers, draft wise, mall. We gotta do is win the title and we don't care about them draft picks that the game. That's do you remember who Corinne was traded for to Milwaukee? No, you don't because he won title, the Lakers. Do you remember that question? Junior bridge. Junior bridgeman one of them I against businessman. Yeah. I think you almost two hundred win is a lot of guys. Yeah. So he did wellpoint yourself outside into all off the full, I guess we should away with that. How you doing real? Well, get look, they have Anthony Davis and you can put pieces around, if we could get while you're going to love your tax for what you might not have you got twenty three million of quiet needs thirty five. Whatever he means you, pay it and you're going love with that. Because you're sure you guaranteed. This is the one issue with Kawai and the possibility. I know that the Lakers think that they have a strong shot at getting him. I did a piece at the beginning of the year, the yin and Yang playing with LeBron and I talked about that, and he said I don't wanna play with LeBron. I wanna compete against LeBron. He's, he's beating me in the finals. Once I've beaten him in the finals wants, that's sort of that. You didn't beat him the fourth option. Stop saying you beat, you know, you the Spurs, the Spurs, why were you coming around to my side of the deal? He thought he was the finals. I don't know how we don't know how you know what, you know what I will take the free event fleet. Okay. Why you could come join us that we will kick AM. Would you go somewhere the visuals harbor to stay with these aches because we will give a bunch of people headaches, mainly eaten interesting. So back to your first point this bizarre to me, an ironic that rob Pelinka committed, what to me is a fireball offense and just completely miscalculated. It's so bad. That it's laughably bad. They're back to laughing stock Lakers, you screwed up everything you could have done a thousand things to, to maximize your cap space and maybe you would have shot at number two. But you didn't. And you didn't even address that there's a four million dollar trade kicker on a contract, that you could have dispensed with if you say, hey AD think about this, but you gotta get it all you got to clear those. Buttoned up. You can't do it post-trade after you've announced trade. So, but to your point, I'm gonna give you this one. You still got the house, you still bought the house. It's got all kinds of flaws in it. And I don't know about the backyard because you don't have any grass in the backyard, though there's no flaws in the house. Give this the problem we got the make the mortgage. We calculated the, the bone is that we were gonna get all right now, I gotta make one quick point about the raptors because they weren't a bunch of spare parts Casale was a former defensive player of the year and that was not a good move. That was a great new trade deadline that made them what they were not the number two wasn't great. But Siachen was already on the verge of stardom. He's going to be probably the most improved player in the league by vote this year and kind of Larry. He was a five time all star. He's got a spare part and he came up big a couple times in the final. Okay. Fred vanfleet was already established as. They're closer. He already was last year. Their coach was coaching the year and got fired last year because they were a good team rice. So glad you brought that right? Because that's the one big hole in this argument that the Lakers are on their way. And trust me, I've just talked to GM's over the last couple of days, and they're all jumping on the wagon, they're going to be Western Conference champion with garbage Chevy heard you want to write on. But here's the issue, you have LeBron James coming off a significant injury for the first time. Yup. We know Anthony Davis is injury prone. He is you can't have any of that those guys have to be solid all your own. We will. Then if you're going to go and get the Trevor a reasons and the thirty something guys that have the experience and the basketball, I q to play with LeBron, you gotta make sure that you find a way to keep them healthy. And then with this whole bull, you bays, you need Frank Vogel, to be able to keep everybody on the same page and. Get LeBron James to allow you to coach this team. And that is the big question that I have. Meanwhile, quickly looking over his shoulder is Jason Kidd, and Lionel Hollins to former head coaches who are probably better than Frank Vogel. I don't know a tie Lou and everything. Okay. You could have Lakers have the opportunity they gave themselves shot where they didn't have one before. But there are still at least a half dozen hurdles that made me say, not so fast. I'm not so fast, Shannon. I gotta see what they can put full together. I happen to be a great hurdle. So we good. Well. If you had, if rob Pelinka had played the cards as any GM would have played them, you could have number two on your team. We miss out late. Urban was expected to be one of the top prizes, a free agency but maybe not anymore. The New York Post reports the nets are having second thoughts about signing kyri if Kevin Durant doesn't come with them to Brooklyn reportedly. Other teams also backing off their pursuit of kyri after mercy season, shall we say in Boston, where issues teammates and coaches alike. Rick euchre still with us this morning, finish your prediction. How does this play out with Kyrie eighty? This is the most amazing aspect of this off season. Kevin Durant is the injured player and Kyrie Irving is the damage goods. People have more questions about Kyrie Irving and signing him by himself than they do waiting for Kevin Durant for a year at this stage because they look at what he had in Boston. He had the opportunity he's the guy who has the ring. He's got young. Talent. He's got veterans like Al Horford. Got brats got all the pieces that he needs and somehow he screwed it up. And so when you have teams now that are looking at Cairo Irving, as being the Lone Star, the bus player and the leader of the team, they're having second thoughts. If this was Katie healthy and kyri, Katie, where the package, the nets and the Knicks would be fighting to get that package together. But the idea of having K D not available for a year and kyri being your best player and setting that template, that's what's causing second thoughts. And so as of right now, it's going to be a matter of if Katie says to either team. Look, I want Kyra here. I'm coming. If you signed kyri that pushes it over the finish line. But if the Knicks or the nets have any opportunity to say, well, what if we got Kemba what if we got? What if we could get y if he would take somebody else, my senses, they would go in that direction, Kyrie has really not done himself a service by what he did over the last several service at the going to three straight NBA finals winning chill? Getting a big shot play with the best player had a situation. He wanted out of that. Now he goes to Boston. I want to lead. I am ready to lead. I'm owen? I can do this. Wall. Well way of funny thing happened on the way to the market skill, you know. Oh cavalry. He closer. He's fade. Lebron James legacy nothing. You did who's gonna save Correze packet man. Save someone else became save himself. And he's, he's preach preach about that. You know. So what do that? When is it? My turn Jerry skill book, if I'm K D, I believe I signed a two two and one, I go back knowing I'm gonna miss the first year, the second YoM able to show that I'm back, and I got step, I got clay, I got dream on that can lessen the load. Oh, you mean staying Fago to stay a two for one and Golden State? Okay. The first year he's not playing we all I believe that Katy is not playing next season. He's gonna play again when he's thirty two years of age, but he'll have Steph play dream on to help lessen that load. It's giving goes somewhere even with Rita still gonna be a big load. And coming up at coming up in the Keeler that's not an eve injury to overcome now, carry like you said, he's damage, good career ain't got nobody to blame. But himself that move it was reported that he didn't with months without talking to his Cleveland teammates. It went here. He don't two months. And now, you won't return anybody's called skip. And that was a young team in Boston. That's young team in New Jersey in Brooklyn skews me. They're young team at the Knicks. Yep. So much carry earn his lease. Now, these scale sometime giving him that ring because he can't resolve himself Atla. Brian carry really himself older level is K D, LeBron Dole's, other pantheon players. That's Icees himself. I'm sorry about that. Several points on the ones you just made. Number one kyri didn't leave because he wanted his own team, he left because what I was told he just couldn't take LeBron anymore. Okay. He was just sick and tired of all the diva act and having to defer and try to an certainly. Yeah. Right. The uncertainty is it was just chaotic. It was hysterical. Every day there was there was new drama. It was. He is the drama king after awhile, you just get worn out from it like about what you say the he uncertain to end the drama. I was told a girlfriend of mine if you're not careful, you'll become the everything you despise, the most person look counry right now. What is it the uncertainty the drama, the div attitude like she left the next day? Right. Right. I will take it away. Give away four making good points. Exactly what he always was. He is still a great clothes or not a good a great one. He still has the best handle in the game is not the leader of a franchise or a basketball team. He failed miserably in that regard, and I think he knew it right away. And he got a bad break the first year because he got hurt and they took off. Yup. And they got all the way to the conference final without him. They got to game seven of the conference final, and Rosiere was just lighten it up, and it was fun to watch. And I think it put him in a can't win this past year. So the heard that what you say and they got the game seven by he can't get out of his own way. Because when he's in a foul mood, which is up and down often every other day in a foul mood, very moody up and down. So is Kevin Durant there, quite a duo those too, but. Constantly put his foot in his mouth. He constantly said the wrong thing at the wrong time and the alienated known only teammates. But then he he'll alienated Celtic nation. Once you do that, that bridge got burned to the ground. So to me, I still say, maybe this is what I would do not what's going to happen. I think Kevin Durant should go to the Knicks. I think it would be great for his legacy. Obviously, they would have to wait a whole year, and I believe he should take Kyrie with them because I do think they love each other in a weird sort of way, and they sort of vibe off each other. They put up with each other but carries be hell bent on getting to the knits. I don't know where that came from, and I don't know about that. Yes. But you have to have somebody who wants you to, and if the nets at their young team and saying, oh, we're only going to get kyri. Why would I lose the Russell? We have great creamery. We went to the payoff sign. Okay. Would you rather have Dangelo Russell or Katie and kyri? But I'm saying without without going with you on that. I got you because they did get a nice buy. Yes. Last year. Okay to go ahead to your point about the warriors and his going back there. What I'm hearing is that Katy has some questions about why did you tell me it was okay to play? Why did you say that? I get hurt any further because Steve Kerr's told us, that's what he was told I'm going to that's what Katie was told. And so he's looking around now saying, I'm gonna miss a whole year and you told me that I wasn't going to have this happen to me that there are some that relationship with the warriors, the idea that he would go back there. That's difficult for me to see but I would push backs hold. Okay. You inside out of our view. And your doctor told you the same thing. You mad at him. He had enough people in his camp that I know were saying, don't risk will use Ray told us that. Yes, exactly. And then over the last week, this is the problem. K D wanted to play. Yes. And katie's looking at clay, and Kvant and Andre all is playing. And he's thinking, okay. This is what I should do. And they're saying, I won't get hurt and his own doctors. I mean down the line. Everybody's running for cover right now, because he got bad advice, all the way on mine, and he has surrounded himself with skipping. I tell young guys surround surround yourself with people that tell you what you need to know not what you wanna hear. And he surrounded himself with those people, and then he alliens them. And the one that told him what he wanted to hear us your plate. You can't hit yourself anymore. That's what we listened to night he done for year. It was a very expensive decision speaker, thanks so much for being here. No messy. Thank you for listening to the speed of podcast. I'm Jenny Taft. Keep an eye out for the weekend. Addition of the podcast tomorrow morning, featuring this week's best segments. Have a great weekend. Everyone. Of of mine.

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