Charlie Kirk Live With Pastor Jack Hibbs at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills


Thank you for listening to this. podcast one production available on Apple podcasts. And podcast one merry Christmas. Everybody one of my favorite days of the year. I hope you enjoy this conversation. I had with an hour and a half where I was being interviewed about faith. Christianity Jesus the Constitution Liberty. How Christians should deal in politics? It was unfiltered hour and a half with Jack. hibs who is an amazing pastor from southern California does an incredible job. This episode has gone viral in many different ways and actually helped grow our podcast tremendously. I'm so grateful to Jack hibs. He's an extraordinary leader. Who gave me this platform? And I think you're gonNA enjoy this episode. It got a lot of positive feedback. We cover a wide range of topics from the Gospel to socialism Eliza to was Jesus a socialist. You name it. You are really going to enjoy this. I think so merry Christmas. 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Charlie what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Eighty Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. We are lucky to have Charlie Charlie. Cook's running the White House. I WANNA thank Joe. He's an incredible guy his spirit his love of this country as done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organisations ever created turning point. USA not embrace ace the ideas that have destroyed countries destroyed lives and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country. That's why we are here. The thank you Charlie tonight. I didn't know who expect. or how many do expect because of the rain scares rain. The driver he's from Chicago Chicago so we were talking about how brutal it is for him. Living in Chicago experiencing that weather and I told them what we we do get when the sand gets in between our flipflops chafes our toes so we do if we see the sun in this month. We're very happy in in Chicago so you have it quite nicer. Well we we do have a nice rate here because it's raining right now which is so rare for a so so charlie. We're going to dive right into. Yes I am so excited because you have a platform and an opportunity to speak and not only speak but you speak with a knowledge that is beyond your years. You've I'm sure you've heard this from people. It's actually a gift given you by God people tonight. We'll know this if they've encountered you. There's something absolutely nunnelee charismatic about you but you are a man that understands inst- things that many of the aged miss you are unique and I consider you a national treasure and I just just so look forward to your future are are desirous to pray for you to stand behind you and support you. Listen what I want to just lay out this evening and then on we go. Jesus Christ himself said that that when the opportunity had come for the citizen of the Roman Empire are just show their allegiance. A coin was brought before Jesus and it had the inscription of Caesar on that coin and they thought aw that is the hierarchy thought that they could stump Jesus with this. Because if Jesus says that you should take this coin that has Caesar's this inscription on it and you should pay taxes. Then you're going against the temple but if he says it any other way we've got him on a dilemma. We're we're going to get Jesus no matter how he answers this and of course. Jesus being God ask the people whose inscription is on this coin. And the people shouted Caesar's and Jesus said then render to Caesar the things that Caesar's and to God the things that are God's and it was a brilliant statement that left them befuddled in fact it says at the end of that moment went. They dared not ask him any more questions after that. Why because Jesus made it very clear that Caesar's Coin Caesar Roam the Empire didn't belong to Caesar? It belonged to God himself. And when we talk about that this is not a political discussion tonight right. This is a cultural discussion. This is a discussion around Judeo Christian values. This is a discussion about the issues of life and and all of that is under the jurisdiction of God. You need to understand that tonight. So when Charlie and get into this and start talking you need need to remember this stuff matters because you're going to be hearing things that might be quite shocking to some of your kids in college and you're going to possibly possibly want to ask the question. What can we do about it? So Charlie tell start us off with what's turning point all about. What are you doing short? So it's it's such an honor to be here so kind of surprised to be able to go to a church and get a warm welcome not exactly the state of Modern Christianity as I've voice seen it so this is Kudos to you and just such a blessing to be here so thank you so much for that and to be able to speak fellow Christians that are equally as concerned about the crisis in our culture in our country because it's happening in front of our very eyes and there is a crisis happening in Christianity. And we'll dive into that tonight of course so a little bit more my background not much of a background being the age I am but not exactly very long but it's been eventful nevertheless I started turning point. USA which is the nation's shins largest conservative student organization. Present on over fifteen hundred high school and college campuses. Thank you thank you. I started guarded this seven and a half years ago. My whole life leading up to that. I was very focused on doing what most high schoolers WANNA do. Getting a good school and go to college ended up getting getting into my dream school which was West Point and it was the best thing that ever happened to me and I convinced that's exactly right and I thought my dreams were crushed and everything was going to go downhill from there and boy got as a way of surprising. You when you think you've got it all figured out. Especially at that age. I convinced my parents to allow me to take take a gap year before entering college. It's now been seven and a half gap years and I could do a whole lot longer. Speech on the value of gap years and kind of the scam that has college in higher education. But we can get into that too which in parents have to be very acutely aware of how most students are getting ripped off and most four year universities -versities and most universities don't honestly care about the students that they're running through their overly inflated and quickly diminishing value degrees dishing out while teaching teaching students to hate our country. Not Believe in God besides that. It's a great place so turning-point USA's unbelievable journey throughout the last seven and a half years seeing it grow. We say we're on the front lines of America's culture. We are a secular organization but I will say Christian proud Christian vocal Christian. I believe in the Gospel. Jesus Christ at the Guy Never shy away from saying that and it's amazing. How many people that come through our ranks and communicate? We're doing ended up finding Christ when they actually find people that will stand for Truth and truth. That is originally rooted in the Bible Truth of hard work dignity freedom liberty separation Russian of powers things quite honestly. Our founders were inspired by the judeo-christian construct in the Bible the word of God and they created the greatest framework of the greatest country country ever to exist in the history of the world. We have so much to be thankful for living in this country and unfortunately our our next generation a lot of your children my peers. There's and my generation. They're being taught bitterness that they live in this country. There's one part of America right now. That's angry that live in America. The other part that is thankful that they live in America. Let's that's simple when you're not thankful for something you make no qualms about destroying that something or deconstructing that something and I always kind of joke around with people that want to deconstruct our country and our culture on Thanksgiving what are you thankful for. And who are you thankful to. And the and the honest answer is most of them aren't in fact. It takes a deliberate effort mostly by the secular left to try to teach bitterness when you live in a country with as much blessing and opportunities. We have here we. We have our challenges. We make mistakes. America's not a mistake. Make no mistake about that. America's not a mistake. There you go the fact that we have the type of fabric in this country that we have the opportunity to freedom the liberty and I'm afraid though that we now have a growing generation that is being instructed and taught to to not be thankful for this experiment and instead try to participate in the deconstruction of it. So that's what I that's the message that I bring the college and high school campuses every single day I'm I'm the only conservative speaker ever speak at Ucla Berkeley and Stanford and one semester and lived to tell about it. And I'm on the road. Three hundred forty five days a year. I love every minute of it and some of you guys might have seen one or two of my videos where I have very very opinionated but people that are constantly wrong but never in doubt individuals screaming in my face. About how horrible. Whatever they think I believe in most of its misrepresentations are but I'll tell you being a Christian in this culture where we understand? It's really a spiritual or happening in our country right now and that's the real divide even beyond all the political all right versus left. It's light versus darkness. It's now and what we cannot. We'll talk about this at length but I see a direct connection with the rise of Atheism in this country and secularism with the rise of leftism and I say that atheism is the fastest growing religion in America and the failure for Christians to recognize realize in that when people stop believing in a higher power when people stop believing in God whether be addressed Scott. And I'm Nisshin impotent. God well something has to replace yearning for meaning. Human beings have built into our our our DNA bit built into an existence is a desire to find order order in this disorderly world and traditionally we have taught the Judeo Christian tradition to our children. And now. Unfortunately we're teaching that you can find some sort of false fulfillment in a secular world and that creates miserable people and even worse. It creates a chaotic society chaotic culture. And one that is that is quickly quickly getting away from the roots. That created this country. Charlie but yes. The campus agree with you fully completely. But doesn't the child arrived on campus. Already ill equipped I mean without a doubt and so I say this I think churches are not doing enough to take declared it stands hands on these cultural issues and when we start to have men think they are women competing against women and female sports. This is unacceptable and it's immoral and by the way where all the feminists based on this is Jack so so perfectly will where the leftist media say. Where do you get that? That's genesis. Is this one one. You'd have to flip through your Bible to find that God created man and woman and it's like not that it's not exactly that difficult and understanding in understand very basic biology very basic science science in the left always likes to say that well. We're we're pro science. You guys are anti science well. It's actually the exact opposite when the further you dive into mathematics and the deeper dive in the science the more that should confirm you're already deeply held belief that God is real real and that there was a creator behind all of this. I like to say I don't have enough faith to be an atheist. I don't have enough faith to believe that everything that we know to be true. And all the unbelievable scientific discoveries that have been that. We've we've achieved that somehow. This is a mistake. Takes a lot more faith to believe that than to believe that there was a loving God behind this entire experiment and this entire life that were able to participate in but even beyond this children aren't being inundated in the culture there being misguided by public schools on the church outside of this church. But I'm talking the General Church not this specific church is confused and afraid. They're afraid of losing membership which is a bunch the nonsense and you're not running a restaurant you're running a church. Okay if you lose ten percent of your membership things so what and I use this example. I'm originally from Chicago Illinois. The Fun thing about being from Illinois is we have term limits in Illinois. It's a little different than California. Term limits are term limits is one term in office one term in jail so then we asked for our governor cell number we actually mean his the cell number so I'm originally from the suburbs of Chicago and you guys might have saw the news article recently that at Palatine high school men who think they are women are now allowed locker rooms with young women and the young women are so upset about this and of course the feminists are silent. The suburban MOMS are basically silent the school billboard taken over by radical secular leftist. But you know who else was silent is. The Church was silent Palatine high school where I went to school right down the street. The church that I grew up in as issued. No Oh statement has said nothing about this and when you have crisis is happening in your culture that are in direct defiance to the law that God gave I gave Moses and reinforced forced throughout the greatest book and the the word of God and then of course was was fulfilled by Jesus Christ the son of God and God himself then. What are we doing here? Because there's there's here's the here's the conflict happening and one of the crisis happening Christianity. Do we just want to be correct and have our own little enclave in the hills or we're going to go fight in the culture and going to proclaim acclaimed truth when it's difficult and when there's price and I find at times it's not. It's not to say that there are any any less less correct theologically or they might believe the things deeply-held but I do not believe in this particular time we're called to just look inwardly and especially when it comes to civic engagement in the public policy debate soon and boy has never been more clear choices of what Christian Christian should believe in this confused culture whether it be as you mentioned the sex education nonsense. It's happening here in California whether it be the public funding of abortions that's happening at the federal level through planned parenthood or whether it be the attack on religious liberty I mean these are very morally. Clear decisions that we as Christians can make and I'm I'm afraid that the Church's silent if not complicit with some of this stuff and I and there's there's differences between evangelical and Catholicism but far too often you find you find priests you'll find certain people and certain traditions be outwardly. 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Let's change gears a little bit but by no no means Charlie do have to take anything off the table so you said earlier and I agree and you could hear the people applaud you that the issue behind it all spiritual. We believe that scripture makes it very clear when we look at. What's happening right now? In our nation the United States right now standing opposition to globalism personified in the person of Donald Trump. He is the block block wall of globalism right. We know from scripture that globalism the rise of it it's written inscription we understand and we get that the point that I'm trying to make is this. Where do you see both off in front of the scene behind the scene? This impeachment thing going yeah. I'm happy to talk about that in. Bring it up for this reason. I bring it up for this reason because somebody might say well. What was the Bible? The Bible warns in the last last days that there's going to be a rejection of authority period just a rejection of authority that when there there was no one in charge as the Old Testament teaches as well every man does. What's right in his own is so right now? We have a nation that is taking the constitution or shit should say some leaders. That are taking a constipation constitution to the brink on this impeachment issue. Speaking to that. What's happening? Yeah what's up. Let let me just St- the same in churches. I wouldn't be and I'll just say I'm a very vocal supporter under this president. And I have been for quite some time. And if you're not then I'll try to convince so I I we get plenty of people that criticize that. And that's fine but let me let me tell you first and foremost Y I believe what I believe first and foremost Christian. Then I'm a constitutional non-american the American that I'm a constitutional listen. I'm a conservative in that order so as a Christian I believe that all of this politics and all this there is a greater calling to all of it now. That's not a substitute to not getting engaged edge in the civic debate to not getting engaged in politics and it's definitely not an excuse in fact it's the exact opposite that the scriptures say very clearly and in the theological belief that I have and that I understand all of you have that you do good works because you are saved. You don't do good works to get safe safe. And so no matter what you are in go and express your values and you and you go forth as Christian that saved by Jesus Christ God in three parts and so then you say to yourself when in human history has there been big advances for freedom and liberty for natural rights. When when was there a great leap forward because most of human history there the Roman Empire the Greek Empire the Byzantine the Chinese Empire? But when did things change and why did they really change and you look at the American. Founding is something that could only be explained as the intervention of God at how this nation was formed and most importantly the ideas behind this country the ideas of where our rights come from. Let's just start with that. That our rights not come from king a ruler a tyrant someone that was born it into an doesn't come from government they come from God this is so fundamentally transformation and then just from an objective analysis you you have to say is the world a better place because of the United States of America and the answer is of course even even if you say you don't like this country if you don't answer that question a yes or not looking at history. Honestly the most benevolent generous creative accepting country ever to exist in the history of the world we take in tap. The world's immigrants give away the most money to charity when earthquake natural disaster strikes. You don't call the Belgians you don't call the French find countries you call the Americans or something built into the fabric occur. This country is Alexis de Tocqueville and many other said America will only be great if America continues to be good and so the question is what are these founding ideas separation of powers articulated in the United States constitution where our rights come from fair and impartial judges. That don't say don't enact as judges of what they want to see they're not activists but instead instead of the law actually says the belief in a free market economy and I could make and I will make the biblical case for a free market economy. That socialism Marxism Collectivism. Some are actually in defiance a two of the ten commandments and directly against the teachings of Jesus Christ. Somehow that you shouldn't have to work and blame other people for your problems and take other people's stuff I I don't find that supported anywhere in the Gospel. Jesus Christ in fact I find the exact opposite and so with all that being all that being why I believe what I believe leave. We have to understand that prior to the election of Donald Trump and his improbable election. Almost impossible in some would say again. I think and I've said this publicly. It seems as if if that God came down and intervened at that moment and spoken to a lot of different people where two choices were so clear one side says I believe in post birth abortion and the other side says. I'm going to be a pro-life president. One one person says here the judges that I'm gonNA nominate and the other person says I'm going to continue down this path and so with president trump with all of his his flaws. I'm flawed your flood. We're all centers. But if we're all of a sudden going to remove all the centers from the Bible then you can take Samson right out of there right you take him out of the spiritual home of the. Yeah no doubt however God speaks into particular people for particular moments and what he has been able to do. Let's talk about what matters to US Christians. The life issue the most pro-life President in American history. Cindy the Mexico City policy nominated breadth Cavanaugh and nominated yield gorsuch and one hundred fifty circuit court judges who not to mention a huge issue in the Christian community is the horrendous sin of sex trafficking and this president washed down backpage dot com. Tom Has emboldened ice and the FBI to arrest more sex traffickers than the fast for administrations combined. Some we don't talk about enough. Listen did you hear then Charlie repeat that again because this and maybe you're up. Maybe you're watching. Maybe you're here tonight and and in your what. Is it the apprehensive the white female suburban women who is supposed to be anti-trump research. You know what we're hearing so repeated again regarding sex traffic. I would hope everybody in this room would be against sex trafficking and and in particular there was a website that existed called backpage dot com the stomach the earth and for years the government tried to get shut down and basically this was an online marketplace lacework. Children's sex trap was children traffic. It's so beyond disgusting and it was hosted on back servers and through a Republican led Congress and through the president's leadership the ship with vodka trump in the White House. They said we're GonNa shut this thing down. And they passed a bill in the House of Representatives in the United States Senate and the previous Congress not this Congress my goodness. They're too busy doing whatever the heck they were doing today having professors tell us you know anyway we can talk about that later but they shut that website down and with that the president had states ended the war on ice and ice by the way ice immigration customs enforcement. They are the number one agency that goes an arrest child sex traffickers which is a huge problem in our country by the which there is more sex trafficking happening in America than most people would ever believe and the arrest I finally. They're going up these. These sick individuals are being held accountable for the almost for the sin that is almost unspeakable of what they're doing in our society and this president has has directed his agencies to make this a top priority for the domestic law enforcement agencies. And that should be. There should be something that all people operations care about such as religious freedom and religious liberty. If we're honest with ourselves there is an attack and assault on religious liberty throughout the previous administration whether it be the religious liberty and religious freedom executive orders that were passed or the judges that he put replace. Do you know how many presidents ever spoken at the march for life. Just one this present at the press. The United States President Bush President Clinton President. Ace W in this is the first president who's actually been able to cut funding to planned parenthood and other thing. You probably didn't hear it in your Daily News. Not all of it. But he's caught some of it. He thought about two hundred million dollars in planned parenthood. And they're they're just in a total. They're they're upset. Good is what I say. I'm glad that they're upset. And that whole debate gets mislabeled as a debate around around women's health. There are other places that do unbelievable work. Pregnancy crisis centers women's health clinics that don't offer abortifacient or abortion services Mrs that do that sort of women mammogram and work. That should be getting that funding if we want to actually fund women's health that don't push abortion abortion as much as they do and as someone who's very pro-life and vocally pro-life I'm happy to see a president also stand on the sidelines. So I say all that and so. Here's the challenge is that president trump had entering the challenge that he had historically and I have this. I'm articulating. This in an upcoming book is trying to revitalize a nation that felt like it was in decline. I want you to understand that. This is so historically unprecedented. It's only been done. Maybe eight or nine times in world history not even American history King Justinian did it with the eastern Roman an empire in instituted the Justinian code and all but basically helped spread Christianity to places that are otherwise and never done queen. Elizabeth Abraham Lincoln Winston Winston Churchill. Who might have been the most courageous clear thinker of the twentieth century that all save Western civilization so president trump had in front of them a country that was almost accepting a descent into mediocrity? And something that I say is a Christian. I in an American second. We have to realize and recognize as America being the greatest country in the history of the world world that we're not the same morally as Iran. We're not on the same footing as some of these countries that do not have the same foundational principles or ideas that we have and so this idea and this descent into globalism is basically making America on an equal footing with countries that have medieval devaux. Islam Oh fascism as the ruling as the ruling doctrine of their country and what president trump said and he's a defender of sovereignty. First and foremost is this country plays. He's a special role in the defense of our own citizens but also the entire world and a strong America means a freer world internationally. And so what he's done is so remarkable Qabala. I'm outspoken about I get plenty of people that disagree and reasonable disagreement is just fine however what I don't find comforting. I'll say this about the impeachment. Which is were your questions started? Which is how many times have these individuals that have been testifying over the last two weeks? How many times they interrupted by protesters? None Zero Oh. How many times were the people that were test? Brad Kavanagh was testifying. How many times is he interrupted over two hundred thirty times and what I have? Isn't that one just a sample sample size of one side the conservatives that no matter how borderline unethical and immoral impeachment is you'll still respect the the process and respect the institution be decent throughout that process. Where the other side is rather machiavelli and the ends justify the means? We'll we'll pay protesters go there and screen green and shout and and I'm a little bit frustrated at that. Double Standard isn't always talked about but just from basic. You know what talk about the impeachment. You can't impeach someone when there's no crime and Jonathan Turley said it so well today testifying as one of the professors. What exactly is the crime? Here's right just you. You can't teach your president because you don't like twitter account you can't teach your president because you wish he wouldn't have won an election and you can't impeach the president just because you hope he doesn't win reelection and it sure seems that the true motives are now coming out. And here's what really frustrates me. We got a lot of problems in this country are the greatest country to exist. We're twenty two trillion dollars hours in debt. We're posting a trillion dollar deficit this year. We got prescription drug prices skyrocketing. We got trade deals that need to be signed. We got four and occupations that Aghanistan that I think I need to be reconsidered. We have serious problems in this country and the time and the energy and the attention of our representatives in the United States Congress is trying to impeach and remove a president despite having election in twelve months if you don't like them that's fine canvas and find your own candidate but use your time in the United States. Congress to solve problems blooms not politically ran. Stand against the president that you don't become so evident that their hatred hatred for him is greater than their their love. If there is a love for this country that have that they are rabid and the questioning if you had a chance to watch the questioning and everything. I don't know if you pointed this out or for it was Shapiro. Someone pointed handed it out laid it out. How many times you heard a them say I feel I felt as correct? It was my assumption. I it seemed to me all of these things literally. It's in the hundreds and hundreds where you're supposed to be unaffected finding mission and you have somebody under oath getting testimony saying well. I felt like what was going on. Wasn't the right thing to do a a low level. no-one criticizing the discussion between two presidents of two sovereign nations. These things are insane. Oh which is a harbinger of what's coming with this election. We've not discussed this this but I think I think Charlie I might share a view. I many of you asked me prior to the two thousand sixteen election. You asked me who I the thought remember. I started out as campaign and endorsing Ted. Cruz did you walker then crews and I gotTa tell I got to tell you I always watching right now. But with all due. Respect to Senator Cruz. Kim Jon UN and Ladimir Putin would eat him alive. Okay wouldn't have worked then you asked me do you. Who Do you think Hillary is going to win? Or do you think trump's trump's going to win and I told you if you look at it hands down Hillary's going to win. mathematically hands down. She's is going to win unless there's a miracle I had a little caveat there unless there's a miracle I believe there has to be a miracle for this next election. That's equal to for this reason. There's enough going on with Elizabeth Warren. There's there's enough going on with Buddha judge boot edge. Buddha judge can never pronounce it correctly Buddha. The judge Buddha boots edge edge Buddha Buddha judge Judy judge. There's enough going on where it's scary enough that if college college age kids decide to vote when Obama said Hey hey make sure you go out and vote on Tuesday. They and they went out and voted never paid attention to another thing again. That can happen again. And I don't like the idea of you know it's not over until the fat angel things I don't like thinking thinking oh the economy and the the strength and the all this is going so well of the Selections Slam Dunk. I don't think so I don't think so I think it's GonNa take another Miracle Goal for Donald Trump to get elected because I'm concerned with how. How dumb because listen we can become real real content real fast and forget real quick that concerns? You need to register to vote and we'll tell you later in the year vote. I love this church. Screw so let's let's talk about two thousand sixteen so every election has its themes so two thousand eight first election. I really was really aware of the the election of rock Obama growing up in the Chicago suburbs. Everyone was supportive of Barack Obama and that election was tired of eight years George Bush but it was more just about a very it was a movement towards what can be possible. What kind of leader can we achieve? And President Obama was a much better candidate than John McCain and that was kind of the east coast of that election two two thousand twelve. Not as much. There wasn't as much kind of a pattern or a theme. So it's not not as distinguishable twenty-six very very specific theme and President Donald Trump was the right person for the right moment so in two thousand sixteen there was pent up anxiety in both political parties. That were fed up with the establishment and the ruling Class S.. That seems to continue to stay in power while the rest of America just barely get by while middle class incomes. Go down while our jobs get shipped overseas while our borders stay day open and Washington. DC gets rich and the promises. Don't get build upon that you get these flash TV commercials every couple of years and nothing changes and so the Republicans it all figured out remember it was supposed to be Jeb Bush so he was the ruling class favorite. He was from the right family. He spoke correctly. He had all the right technocratic positions additions he was he was a candidate for the right and the left had it all figured out and it was supposed to be Hillary Clinton no matter what the ruling class would still stay in power because Bush and Clinton and things would basically stay the same. I mean we would still continue to declare war on countries. You shouldn't declare war on we've still borrowed on money. We would still not address illegal immigration when we were still nominate vanilla justices. We would never move the embassy to Jerusalem. Iran would stay in power it was basically one of the same moderate differences on tax policy. Maybe maybe but no big philosophical differences and then everything changed. When a brash billionaire businessman from New York City came down the escalator and broke all the rules he was politically incorrect? And he didn't care and I'm speaking of someone who has a Cruz supporter. Making an honest analysis. What happened someone who by the way it was embedded in the consciousness of our country for over thirty years bestselling author in the eighties and nineties? One of the top television shows ever and even in every other rap song and most Americans said. Hey who's one billionaire. That comes to mind. They wouldn't even say Bill Gates they would say. Donald Trump was in the ethos of America but then he announces any immediately becomes a fill villain in the media because he says things. You're not supposed to say. And he says them unapologetically and he says it in a way that people said well that you're not supposed to talk like that but you know what enough people said up fed up with people talking the way they're supposed to talk because they keep on acting the way that makes my life worse and so what two thousand sixteen was really about was can we challenge orange the ruling class and answer. That question was we didn't know and actually a lot of people probably thought we couldn't and so let's get a straight. He Beats Fifteen Republicans that we're all senators and governors and supposed to be more qualified. He beats the Bush dynasty and then he gets the nomination remember. It was a dropout bowed. He's not going to do it. He's not going to get there. He wins. He Wins New Hampshire goes from there is absolutely incredible and then they said no way landslide and then he the beats the Clinton Dynasty the media dynasty the deep state voter fraud. I mean it's absolutely unbelievable. Here's what happened is is the more people in opposite parties voting for the other party in two thousand sixteen people thought they were Democrats for a long time because what they saw on him as they said my job just got shipped to China. The borders are still open opioids flooding community political correctness. Nisa seeping into my church. My family my community. My kids are often college about how awful this country is. This guy says things. He's not supposed to say go. Blow blow it up because something's not working for us go there and just do what. Just throw up the tables and say you guys time is finished and the founding fathers knew knew that people got anxious very easily they studied revolutions. So that's why we have. Elections elections are pressing pressure release. Valves elections are what we're we're supposed to do so we don't have revolutions in the streets and thank goodness. The founding fathers recognized this so they put it in you know what a lot of people did they said. I'm going to go as a middle middle finger to the system and I'm just going to do it and you'll probably lose. But so what enough people said instead of being belligerent. I'm going to go vote and enough the people that were actually worked. And what's so amazing is twenty sixteen was about a a stress test of the American founders. Can we peacefully. I Changed Direction and change trajectory peacefully. And guess what that promise is no longer a promise in most of the industrialized world. I'll give you an example ninety days before president trump won in a way that was totally historic. Brexit was voted upon in the United Kingdom. People rose up in a surprise fashion and challenge the ruling class discuss what the United Kingdom has still not withdrawn from the the European Union. Everything is the same so it would be like we vote for Donald Trump and on inauguration nation to Hillary Clinton is there. That's basically the equivalent of what happened in the United Kingdom United Kingdom democracy is dead. It's all an aberration it's vapor it doesn't exist. The ruling class does whatever they want in America. It actually still exists that you can go down escalator insane things. They're not supposed to say and fulfill those promises twenty twenty will not be about about that. That experiment has come and done. That's a one in one hundred year type election. Just you understand and all of you that saw it will know the moment when some of you went to bed early and some of you said you thought going to win and all the stories that I've heard are unbelievable and I have. I have plenty of stories to and they're they're quite fun. Twenty twenty two thousand and twenty. We'll be a question of what does it mean to be an American. And what is America. That's it that's it will be a public referendum on the ideas and to this country the likes of which we have never seen before never before have we had so many people within our own country. Three say they hate it. It's never ever happened before so I can totally see where you're going on this reason. Bean this this egg that was laid decades cades ago in school. Yes is now out and walk around and it's called socialism that's correct and I gotTa tell you I used to just get so angry looking at my TV set and I would hear somebody like Bill Riley say. How could this be happening learning? How could this be happening in America and I knew right then and there rally said? How could this be happening that he had not stepped onto a college campus? In a long time. It was obvious that this was coming. And so talk to the talk of the socialist issue and go ahead and wiggle in there. You mentioned it earlier but go ahead and wiggling there because of the arguments so pathetic but people will try to employ boy Jesus into the argument that socialism is a biblical thing. How much time you got so whatever happens on college? Campuses will soon happen in corporate boardrooms in the halls of Congress. College campuses are the leading indicator of the culture. Okay we're all now having this ridiculous conversation about men who think they are women competing in sports against women. Where did that start college campuses? We're having this ridiculous conversation about socialism. Where does it start college? Campuses remedies ridiculous conversations in our country now about bathroom bills and all her college campuses. If you WANNA test out a bad idea go to a college campus. It's a great place nice to test it out. And because you have overly confident people that have never lived in the real world called professors and youth that want to create Utopia and change and try had a changing world and it's this vicious horrible unholy alliance right so so so here. Here's really what's happening. Is We go into two thousand twenty are. We're going to be a country as I mentioned earlier. Are we thankful that we are angry that we live in America Org Generation of victims. Our generation of victor's traditionally our country was one victors. You might have had a tough. Everyone has challenges but pull yourself up by the bootstraps work. Hard and make better choices now. It's you're going to blame other people for your problems right now. It's the billionaires fault now. It's somebody else's fault that you you might not be where you want to be and so this stems from the universities and I do. I do want to give a whole portion of talk getting direct advice to anyone that might be making that a choice soon because I visit more universities probably than almost anyone in politics I do nothing but university visits and talks and a very good understanding of what is and what isn't happening sitting there but I will say and I've said this crisis happening Christianity right now. We're both teaching is permeating and spreading at an alarming Ming rates. That somehow Jesus Christ was a socialist it should be mocked and it should be laughed because it's a work of fiction and I encountered this question so often well Charlie Jesus was a Marxist and I have to stop them and I say can you repeat the question because they say well Charlie. Didn't you know Jesus was a Marxist like no actually I didn't know so. Let's just start with the absurdity of it Marx wrote in the Mid Eighteen fifties these Jesus Christ eighteen eighteen hundred years earlier. So they're now giving their advocating more ideological authority to some misguided worker's Worker's rights revolutionary officer in the mid eighteen hundreds then the savior of the world. Just you understand where that argument stems from. Jesus Christ with something other than the savior of the world is just preposterous to me. Is that something other than the door and everything that we know to be. True second is this. Is that if you look specifically what Jesus Christ commanded needed to us and what he taught us about individual initiative and our involvement. It's so important to realize that. Never once did Jesus Christ say day. Go take everyone else's stuff and redistribute it and stop working and go form a government around these things. It was a gospel that first and foremost it was specified the each individual going out of your comfort zone and helping other people and so the Indivi- until you individually start to help other people and close clothe people need help the poor hold on a second. There was something very specific indifferent to saying that we all have to create a massive government albatross us. That doesn't even do a good job of that first and foremost but then also is going to take from other people through envy and greed. The second thing I'll say is this. Let's look at the parable of the talents. The parable arable talents is one of my favorites to talk about one of the least appreciated just about the gifts that God gives you the one of the doctrines of what Jesus Christ talked about. What is the teaching of multiplication is the teaching that God will give you certain gifts and understanding that God does not want you to be sedentary? He doesn't want you to be stationary canary. And he does not want you to make excuses for not multiplying the gifts that God gave you to advance his kingdom now. Those gifts might be building a business. Those gifts might be pastoring or shepherding or might be counseling to others. Those everyone has those specific gets. But what Jesus hap. And he was so fierce about this that in the parable of the talents the individual that was given a certain amount and hid basically did nothing with it was was given a community of discipline saying that you will be basically condemned if you do not multiply so you must ask the question. What kind of society? What kind of cultural governmental system would allow you as an individual to flourish and to multiply the gifts that God gave you? was that happening. In the Soviet Union where people flushing worship and multiplying and the Soviet Union. They weren't given the freedom or the liberty to do that. Do you think people are flourishing and multiplying four the kingdom mind you in Venezuela of course and and so when we Chris what kind of government structure should we argue for. Well one that allows us to be the most the most the highest and best use for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ that allows us to have the freedom and liberty to accomplish what God has called us to do. And when you are when you are on divergence civil war when you can't feed your citizens when you are built on envy and greed and in a permanent ruling class explained to me how the Gospel will be able to spread in a country where you can't even feed your citizens explain to me how that's good for Christianity isn't and that's why America has been a gift to the Kingdom of God is because more so than anything else when people are able to multiply when people are able to create a free market. Get a Konami and give them that. Freedom and liberty you're able to see individuals gravitate towards the Gospel in record numbers. And that's why when there's a hurricane a flood in an earthquake American can step up. Guess why because we've multiplied we've created wealth therefore we have wealth to give away and that sort of relationship is so important and it's preposterous to believe that Jesus Christ was somehow anything else and anything anything anything more. He was exactly the savior of the world. But this is coming out of churches this. That's right the Charlie. What's alarming is that this is coming out of mainstream of churches in America that's right Today and young people are swallowing that and embracing that. I don't know if it's if it's seminaries that are producing this but it's certainly happening in churches where this guy what you just said is anathema to them. They would have. They would have their arguments and yet it wouldn't be founded picture. That would be the feeling. It's the where's the compassionate and honestly I don't want to diminish people so here's how it's framed if you want to help people the. Why wouldn't you want government to do that? That makes sense right. I mean so a lot of these people come from a good place. Yes I will say a lot of people say Charlie. I want to help people. That's why I want Medicare for all and I want to help people and that's why I want government to do it so let's let's break that argument in two pieces. I'm first of all when seemed that's first of all it's never happened before. We're the government gives me good. Would it also. Let's let's look at any in any general never never because by default the incentive structure of government is to help people. So it's not too close. Close the poor feed the hungry or to look after the vulnerable which we are called the do as Christians and we should do at every moment we can. Instead the incentive structure of government is to push more power to itself and boy. They'd done a good job of that. So let's break that argument to two pieces number one utilitarian argument and number two the moral argument number one. The utilitarian argument government is a horrible job at everything. Let's admit that it's true. They can't they can't run the department of motor vehicles. Everybody knows this and yet we're supposed to let them run our healthcare so these are the people that we want and a lot of them are staffed by wonderful people but the incentive structure in government does not allow those wonderful people people to flourish. You know why because the good employees don't get raises the good employees that might work extra hard. It's not a meritocracy and government. It's who's been there the longest tackle uh-huh and it's impossible to fire the people that might not show up early and work late. So I'm in no ways attacking the individuals that might be working there. That are doing a wonderful job. Number two is is the moral arguments. Let's let's be honest and I say this and people disagree with it but I'll say this loudly and clearly if every single government program was abolished the Church would step up and make sure that every single person in this country was taken care of imagine for a second that if there were calls to action action through our tides and our offerings for each and every one of you and the wealth that we have created rightfully in this in this in this country and we were able to have the equivalent flint back in taxes to say we need to make sure that the individuals that were on public housing housing. They need and they have the food that they require. I know the spirit and the fabric of this country would step up because we always have. And here's the here's the other utilitarian argument of it. When you say government should go do it not not only do they do a poor job of it not only will you all have to have less money less freedom and less liberty but guess what over time it will diminish the role the church and this is why the church is dead in Europe is because people start to say? Well the government's GonNa take care of the poor right that's why charity does not exist in most of the rest of the world. We're the most charitable country in the history of the world. Because still there's a problem we say. Well where's where's the church. Where's the Red Cross? Where's the synagogue? Where's the local community center? I'm I'm GonNa go help that person. We gave away five hundred billion dollars to charity last year as a country. That's that we know if that's declared the IRS. It's probably double then how many of you have probably paid for. Someone's someone's meal that needs Uber. Ride for someone that couldn't afford it or just looking out for a neighbor that stuff's not reported in the IRS numbers that people helping people but what happens happened over time. Is that when institutions of moral stature. Like the church abdicate. That responsibility and give it to the government over time that institutional cease to to exist the church from its original charter from the letters of Paul said you must be active and involved in the community of very things. Jesus Christ said and so. That's where I say welfare-state hold on a second. Let's get our moral institutions to step up and say let's do even more to to help the poor and close the individuals that need it because I'll tell you. Government has a poor job of and we set that example. I think we should say it's a good thing when people get off government assistance and they're able to get back on their feet. That's a good day every day. That's a good thing because first of all the scripture teaches us regarding a man's of man when I say Mantis it's Mr and Mrs Man. I mean when you build something worked for something when you sweat when you get. There is a sense of value all you and participation in the culture the Scripture says if a man doesn't work Amanda Need Amen. Think of that and you talk about. I love what he just said about. The government government the government. Should I believe in paying taxes for first of all I paid all my taxes. I don't like it but I do same pay two times I pay too much. Here's the thing. I don't mind paying taxes when I flush toilets and it actually works. I don't mind paying taxes when the streetlights come on at night the church shouldn't would be involved in flushing toilets or turning on street lights but the church should be involved. How wonderful would it be if the church got up and said we are going to demand that the the local governments give us the homeless? Give us those that the hurting let us know. City limits. No those that can't make their light bill because you need to know that that can happen. It does happen in a small scale but it's a pathetic day. When the United States government has a welfare system with all the Bible liable teaching in America? That's exactly right. There should be no welfare. Send them and church should be the engine that takes care of those within. Its borders it and some people will say Charlie. There's just not enough money. It's not true. The numbers work in a way. Like you wouldn't believe that the amount that we already voluntarily give to charity already with as much as we are taxed first of all I believe one dollar to the church goes far than one hundred dollars to the government. Let's just start with that to start with that argument. The people say we're just not enough. It's not enough. If you present a need to buy brings loving engaged. Church that need will be met. I've seen it countless times. Someone that needs that might need help making car payments someone that might need getting through semester school. Someone that can't afford food that church will to step up and help them but just from a utilitarian need if you look at five hundred billion dollars given to charity if there was that called action with the Christian fabric in our country that would double that would you say to the Christian community got a double our ties in offerings to make sure that the country is fed that would double. That would be just as much as we're spending on the welfare state and guess what do you know what else is so amazing about private philanthropy and charity versus government assistance. There's a relationship there is a name and there's a face and there's accountabilities that instead of just this faceless useless welfare state that exists in DC the money disappears that someone you'll never see most of it goes away forever to senseless nonsense overhead and then eventually it gets back to the individual which by the way never as incentivized to get off of that government assistance when you go to your local church and say hey. I'm really struggling right now. I lost my job up in a tough relationship and my partner is not helping me out. My kids are having these troubles. A loving vibrant engaged Church would say day. Let's get you into a small group. We are going to help you out and we're going to shepherd you along the way and then all of a sudden after a couple of months you start to say hey. Can we help you get a job to can we can we can we. He's like why don't have skill. That's okay Tom's a carpenter Thompkin. Teach you a skill. That's where the church bills in whereas all of a sudden you're teaching. Self Reliance Eh. Then that person can help other people in Pluto. TV is the leading free streaming television service. Watch over one hundred. TV channels and thousands of movies on demand all completely free Pluto. TV never asked for credit card. You don't even need to sign up to watch free. Publicity is the easy and completely legal way to watch your favorite TV shows and hit movies for free. What are you waiting for? Never pay for TV again by downloading Pluto. Today you can download polluted. TB for free and all your favorite devices today including your phone Roku Amazon Fire TV apple apple TV smart TVs anywhere else. You Stream Italian you guys. You may or may not remember but I have to tell the story because it happened when Katrina hit and devastated the south there was there is a man here. That is a major major beef rancher. And he's got his. He's got his beef in places and and we got. We got word at of out out of Louisiana that Fema there's tons of trucks of food from Walmart everybody but FEMA had some permit issues that they couldn't open up the trucks because because they weren't this certain federal clearance given and there are people in line hungry and we got. We got a phone call from a cab of a pickup truck and the governor of Louisiana was driving a pickup truck. Bobby Jindal he's a great guy and we're starving here and people from this church God out there. Well whatever they do to make hamburgers with their cows and this church shipped in trucks cattle that had been slaughtered to feed the people in Visi Anna and it was funny because there's some federal laws that don't allow the the meat that cross state lines and proves my point right. Don't help people stop helping people. That's what we're here for the governor. The governor literally spoke to do the. You'd you and said I will have escorts get visby to my starving people in Louisiana people got fed. In spite of the government's the total strangers were fed cows in this case the most serving cows came from California. They were the happiest but they did the most. But you're right. There's there's this thing now. Look I'm still grieving grieving. America much of America's rejoicing over the two thousand Sixteen Election Charlie. I don't know if you know this or not. But California literally went backwards into the Stone Age. Yes in two thousand sixteen. We win worse. America went forward. We went backward. We only went backward. We went to bed. We went to bed that night with with people we had voted for that. Were twenty five points ahead and woke up the next morning and they were crushed rush. They had lost their election in some areas in Orange County at one hundred and twenty two percent voter turnout. That's Chicago level in California. We were we didn't have a two thousand sixteen and yet. I am unusually early optimistic. I maybe it's out of ignorance but when we see the recall effort that's going on when we when we see churches. I don't know if you heard that two hundred within sixty Saad churches up and down the state. We're getting involved. There's I know people say you're nuts. You're in California it's over you know what I don't. I really believe that good people. I don't care if you're a republican or a Democrat. If you vote right in this next election shen I don't mean right as a pun correct if you vote correctly and we're GONNA help you love this spur. California California could change in one night. If enough people did the right one. I I have some good news about California. There's actually more Republicans in this state eight than any other state in the country. I don't know if you knew the problem is the Democrats outnumber us not because you have the most population but California has a lot of structural extra problems to it despite the fiscal masks and the teacher unions running the state like a pseudo cartel and true absolutely true the the open borders order that unfortunately allow limitless amounts of individuals. Wait so you you give what he said a second ago. Those of you who are in unions you tell me you tell me that your union at Your Work Mark tells you how to vote well but am I being honest do they not influence your vote and then if a church tries to influence your vote all h e double hockey sticks comes down because a church shouldn't be involved in those kinds of things and yet the if it's place if it's fire if it's if it's the teachers you are you are coerced. You are almost score. Aided if if you don't tell them on voting voting this way and vote in such a way God help you at your school if you vote a certain way. Well the truth is you. You're I'm not gonNA tell them how you vote because of fear of retaliation. He used the word cartel they are. It's exactly what it is if you don't have the freedom to vote because you're an association when the Union and they're pressuring you that's just like Guido in what's what's his face out of Chicago well and so I don't use that word lightly and and I say it if you look at the damage that the leaders not not the individual teachers. I'm very pro teacher. At the leaders of the public sector teacher unions have done to this state. It is it is almost unmentionable because what you have right now in particularly black and Hispanic neighborhoods. You have minority youth that are trapped in failing public schools with with teachers that that you're not allowed to pay good teachers more money. You're not allowed to fire bad teachers because it's all unionized. And you had this downward spiral of failing public schools and if you ever dare have a conversation about it or mention it you get excommunicated from it altogether and so with these teacher unions have done is not only. Do they control the state politically but now they control it. Structurally through the through these schools. Where if you look at States Arizona and Florida? That have allowed school choice to happen trust. The parents don't trust the State Trust. The parents don't trust the state where you're allowed to have a parent trigger. Essentially a parent can pull a trigger if their kid is in failing public school by federal guidelines. By pulling the trigger. They say my kids should be allowed to use the tax dollars that I pay to go to a functioning public school now. What happens when you do that? The charter school or parochial school or homeschool. And what happens when you do that. Is you start to create some semblance of a marketplace in schooling education where innovative and accountable principles are rewarded with more students. Were better. Teachers are allowed to be paid. And guess what good teachers should be paid a lot more than they're paid right now and bad. Teachers teachers should be fired. That shouldn't be that controversial other thing. The fact if the California Education Asian system got out of politics and did their job. You wouldn't have this problem and this is the problem. California has got to be number one or number number two highest paid a system if the money goes into the education system maybe most maybe Massachusetts is above us. I'm not sure we're up there okay. Where's it going? Where's the money because you may be? Maybe a California teacher. We're here tonight and you're feeling my goodness I'm working tail off. I'm doing the best I can. I love my kids and it's not happening for me. Let me ask you something. Think every time nine. There's an issue in an election. Someone on your TV is going to say. Our school system needs more money. Will you approve prop Xyz Xyz because we can do more with more money. You already have the most money. What are you doing with it? And that is the thing that you're not supposed supposed to ask you see it and this state and many others and you look at a Catholic school or a parochial school or Christian school. They're able to educate a student for a fraction of the cost of what it takes to get a student through the La Unified School district. And so here's here's the fundamental question when it comes to education in our country which his do we actually want to frame this as a civil rights issue which I think it actually is and if you if you look at it from that prism the current system of public sector teacher unions and what they have done to this state and so many previously prosperous states like Illinois before they are violating these individuals civil rights by not giving them the ability to to read and write at grade level. Because you have unmotivated teachers that unfortunately feel as if they're they are prison to assist. That does not appreciate them and does not reward what they put got into it now. If you look at the one thing you want to Change Education America the one study that always comes back. It's not class size. It's not funding. It's not even zip code. It is the quality and the dedication of the teacher in the classroom. So how do you do it. That will basic market forces. You change the compensation package you say good teachers and guess what I went went to public education in the suburbs Chicago. I had some of the best teachers that changed my life and they got in at six. AM and they left at six PM and guess what they were earning just the same if not unless of teachers that were there for twenty years. That couldn't care less. That should have been fired. No motivation and took every other day sick day and it created a culture mediocrity pretty over time because the teachers feel as if they're unappreciated and they don't care in the final thing you say is is if you do not allow some sort of movement of funds to happen parents that can can reassign a tax dollars that they're putting into a failing public school to go somewhere else. This downward spiral is only going to continue. Imagine imagine right now just just think of the dynamic the politic of this imagine if right now I happen to have whatever's needed in my pocket. What if I tonight had? I'm guessing ten million dollars in my pocket and I look around town and I see that there's some land and we go to the city and we say we want to buy this because we want to be able to school of school instead of them saying wow you know what we know that you guys are all about excellence your kids you know what we know that you guys run school in Africa. Its highest education. Africa thinks kids. We know that you guys know what you're doing. That'd be amazing. We'd never be able to buy the property. Never get that through. And if we got it through can you imagine the stonewalling. That would go on if it was a completely privately. Funded school promising bringing in guest speaker educated. That would definitely got to think of it. Think about it. Think about what. This church has opportunity to do this. Church can bring in senators and congressmen and corporate executives and people people who move this nation areas to teach your kid and you would say let's start at school denied. Here's here's some money. You know what it wouldn't be enough because money wouldn't be the answer. It's an entrenchment that I don't don't know what the answer is. Of course prayer prayer after prayer we need to. We need to vote we need. We need to vote. We need to start voting voting and we have fifteen minutes. You want to do questions okay. Here's some ruled on and I'm not joking. I need everyone's attention. This is an. I'm dead serious if we'RE GONNA do. QNA with a microphone. You have thirty seconds. which was a long time to ask your question if you WanNa preach leaves the building? If if you want to goof off the microphones GonNa go mute okay. This is private property. We can do this. We're not going to waste. Charlie's time we're not going to waste other people's time you have a question if you had a good question. Get behind the MIC over here so I have one shameless plug though so applaud club but one thing is if you guys I have a podcast out. If you guys want to subscribe to my podcast on Apple podcast would really screw up in New York Times if we surged in the charts and beat them tonight. We could do it. We could beat the New York Times tonight. If you guys go tonight. Every smartphone has a podcast APP. Either Google podcasts or apple podcasts. On on your Iowa device type and Charlie Kirk show press subscribe. I'd love to have the New York Times. Wake up tomorrow morning and see Charlie Kirk show them that would give me great joy the sound soundboard. This room could get to be number one if everyone in this room did it forget about it. They'd be writing stories about it. That'd be great. Okay so sorry Dave How do get rid of the Union Teachers Union. Well so that was the shortest question. I really appreciate. Thank thanks to if anyone's in a union right now guess what thanks. The president trump appointing Neal gorsuch and the Janice decision. You can get out of your union. I don't know if you say no. No say that again if you're in a union today if you're in a public sector teacher union and by the way Oughta make a very big distinction. I'm not in the essence of anti private unions. I'm against union leaders public sector unions that exploit and use this on one do influence table enrich themselves. I'm not against workers. I'm not against teachers. Not Against Carpenter. Unions or pipe fitter unions. That is not my position at all whatsoever. Labor has a very very important voice in place and industrialized society. What the problem is is that public sector children sector teacher unions and public sector unions in particular as President Franklin Delano Roosevelt without warned have an unbelievable undue influence in our society because they have no competition? So if you're in a public sector union you are allowed to get out of that union. You are able to save the money and you're legally no longer forced to be a net union so if you haven't gotten out you should do that sometime soon so good. Hi Charlie as someone someone who I work with turning players Sam chapter president as someone who's familiar with your organization and the employees that you have that kind of thing I know that you are open to the LGBT community. My question is just as a person who's a Christian but doesn't run the organization as a Christian Organization. What is your stance on? The community was still being loving to them. Thank thank you so much for the question. I appreciate that so I get this question quite a lot and so I believe in biblical marriage. Let's start with that and I believe exactly as the Bible says it. Ah God created man and woman and become one flesh upon marriage and I believe I was originally raised in. My mom was raised Catholic and she was raised. That marriage is a sacrament. And I believe that it is sacred under God in every every sense of it with that being said and understanding biblical typical marriage in particular number. One I would make the argument that allowing marriage to ever get under the auspices of government was a mistake in the first place. That marriage basically really became something that was just about tax benefits. It's a lot bigger than that. In fact the church should've always just continued to maintain. The authority of marriage is is a union under God. First and foremost involving government. I think was a mistake. I do I do push back to some people at some point though. Were they say and I get this accusation. They you say Charlie. There is no place for gay people in the conservative movement. I get this accusation because we have gay members at turning point. USA We have some gay people on staff. And I've shared stages ages with people like Dave Rubin that are openly openly. Get and I don't I do not believe in. I believe that you could be firm in your principles and clear with what you stand for. While still saying that the conservative movement a political movement should be one about addition and multiplication and not subtraction. And you could send you can have you can have be very firm and what you say. Say the Bible says very clearly biblical marriage. But Jesus Christ you look. At his teaching he communicated and he he basically basically interface that everybody and expressed that love and was long suffering and was compassionate but clear. And so you can be compassionate and clear. So that's that's how I stand on that issue so thank you very much. I'll have this. He has the he has the ability member turning point. USA They is a is a secular organization. Remember this everybody because this is really important about the spirit of these of these these kinds of discussions discussions. He runs a secular organization with Judeo Christian values. We had founding fathers with Judeo Christian Christian values that created a secular nation. Did you know that's what we have. They believed that even though they disagreed with how Oh people might live. They were free to live with all the same exact rights. The our founding fathers wouldn't ascribe to a certain. Listen listen founding. Our founding fathers didn't ascribe to Catholicism. Did you know that read it. But they allowed the Catholics. That lived here to have the same exact constitutional rights at Charlie's not church. He doesn't he's not a pastor of a church. If there's a conservative -servative like Dave Rubin and Dave Rubin is a homosexual this is we're talking the arena of Dave Dave Rubin have the right the vote no one would say oh because there's a homosexual ruben. Camp Vote No. That's more like Iran. It's a great point you you still have to you. Do you believe in Dave Rubens lifestyle. Of course not do I do I pray for Dave Rubin. Yeah absolutely so should you. We live in that kind of. That's American exceptionalism that we live in the nation that allows us to have this freedom to live like this on a sector level and yet have religious freedom atheist even have the freedom here in America to be atheist. I does that make sense. You need to make that difference up so as a conservative in highschool surrounded by a lot of misinformed informed liberal kids. What is your quickest argument? That trump is a successful president and also not a racist. Oh Wow okay. Oh six minutes and forty seven Vincent you can heal the rest of your time to me. I I'm happy to yield to flirt. How does somebody magically become a racist just because they start running for president? That's the first question this guy was in the most public life. You could possibly imagine in every rap song going to fights with Don King and even Al Sharpton Ritchie's having literally being best friends with professional athletes owning football teams. Some of you guys might not know about that with Donald Trump used to own football teams actually sued the NFL. How does somebody that hosts? The apprentice of people of all different races is in religious backgrounds. All of a sudden become someone that is so hateful just because he starts to run for president. The answer is that's preposterous. Anyone would say Asia and it's unfortunately become an easy sheep in an accurate label to throw on him because they disagree with them on policy. See here's the thing. There are real racist in America. They exist when anyone comes across them. They should be repudiated that the the belief in racial superiority is anti-christian. It's anti-biblical and it's anti-american however because we are a decent country we've actually on a really good job of confronting that evil and it's become a minimal of a minority population in our country. The problem is when you call so much racist when it isn't in cheapens real racism. What it does is the word start to mean nothing second thing? Here's how the easiest way you ask. Very honest question is America in a better place today or the day before. Donald Trump got inaugurated January nineteen two thousand seventeen any honest observer of the analytic of the analytics and the facts. The statistics of our country will even say might hate US twitter account. I don't like the style. I don't like but America's in a better place because it is economic numbers lowest ever black poverty already rate separate Hispanic unemployment. Slow slower listen. This is what I wanted. Under under trump under trump uh black unemployment low lowest ever in three hundred years by the way. Let's to be fair by the way under Bronco. Bama it was one of the highest. Go Figure Okay Women Female Employment Hispanic Employment. This is the only thing I wanted to add. Was this shirt what are you. Why don't you go to a trump hotel? You'd have to stay there. You can't afford his walk. Walk in walk in or go look and find out how many people of the trump have working not cleaning rooms but in senior level positions and executive level positions. I challenge you and capstone that there's not one statistic not a singular statistic economically or anything else across the board. Even in a foreign policy landscape. Were not more competitive more advantageous position than we were the a day before he got inaugurated record growth. One hundred forty one stock market records being broken boasts ever black poverty at my favorite statistic. I'll say six million alien people have gone off. Government assistance and are now self sustainable under president favoritism most days most millionaires millionare's created the last three years in American history. Most millionaires more people became millionaires and less three years because of the economy and all. Thanks for the question. I shout out to the Church and the leadership. Thank you for allowing things like this and promoting the second curling. You're doing great work. I need five colleges that I can send my kids to great so I will do another other plug. I don't so I recently started a new initiative and Center at Liberty University Phenomenal School at Liberty University. The call the Falkirk Center for Faith and liberty that is designed so turning point. USA Secular Organization my passion. I'm never gonNA leave it. I'm never going to stop working towards towards it but I realized that there is also very important. Culture war happening about the in the inseparable intersection of American Constitutional Liberty and first freedoms and Natural Rights and the Gospel. Jesus Christ and WHO's fighting for that and the answer is not enough people so we started the Falkirk. Get Jerry Falwell Charlie Kirk Center for Faith and Liberty at Liberty University. You guys are going to be seeing a lot from that center exciting things to come liberties a great school. It's a terrific school Hillsdale College. That terrific school but more importantly Morton and I only got a minute fifty five. The college stick so I'll do it as quickly as I possibly can. Not everyone who graduates high school is to go to college. Let's start with that. Even more importantly I highly recommend most kids that graduate high school take a gap year. We ask our high school seniors. Hey where are you going to school. Not why are you going to school. College should be about career. Preparation not ideological exploration. I'm going to speak some truth parents and I don't mean this offensively say it slow so they get a big deal and I love it. It's it's a hard truth but it's real. It's real far too often. It is parents pushing kids into an expensive school. Then kids wanted to go to that expensive school themselves. I find far too often. And there's exceptions to this where parents are afraid to confront their neighbors or be confronted by their neighbors or their friends or their family and explain that their kid might not be going to four years college or explain that their kid might be going to local community college or might have joined the military or become a plumber which there's nothing wrong with the traits by the way our country needs more HVAC HVAC and carpenters and entrepreneurs. There's nothing we have to stop. Stigmatizing trades in our country as if these individuals individuals are less intelligence or less wise or less likely to succeed and so for parents out there. I encourage you to check the ego at the door and imagine that you can confront that neighbor. Who loves to brag about how little johnny gets perfect test scores and going to Harvard on a full scholarship and imagine looking them straight in the eyes and saying my son is not going to college? And I'm okay with that and he's okay with that if that is if you're just like I can't imagine doing that then. Unfortunately that conversation has become more about you and less about your kid exactly because none of that stuff actually matters none of that. The societal acceptance throw all that away it should be about. Is My child going to college to become more competitive to get a job in the future. Do Not send your child to college to find value values. They won't find them there. They'll lose their value. That's right do not send your child to college to learn about the world. They won't learn about the world and college. Do not send and your child to college to meet connections to meet people that is one of the biggest lies about college instead. Tell you if your kid is passionate about ministry if virk whatever it is go find someone in your local community that is really good at that Particular Bank and have the mentor under that person for a summer and learn everything they possibly can about that particular thing. Two things will happen. They're they're gonNA find out they really love it or really hate it really quick and you might save a bunch of money and they're going to learn so much about the world and then if they do end up going to college make sure for goodness sake. It is done in a financially financially conscious way. Debt is the slavery savory the Free People's dreams crust every single day by student loan debt do not take the slightly people in their forties and fifties still are paying off student. Loan debt. So so. Here's what's happening. We have people that feel like. They're being forced to go to college to go borrow money to study things that don't matter to find jobs that don't exist all because they're afraid of telling their friends they don't want got it. Oh I have to go to college you do not have to go to four year college. Guess what I never went to college. Everybody okay you don't have to go to college and succeed the final thing. I'll say I could go on about this thing endlessly and I don't want to take your time about it but if we if we look at individuals and saying I care much more so about how you act then where you went to school we will live in a better country in fact one more. And that's Ryan. How do we young people like make a difference when we're fighting against this pressure to be like going joined the rat race of going to college getting stuck into low level jobs and stuff like that when there's such a huge epidemic of like a homelessness and things like that that we feel like we can't make a difference because the taxes are so high here in California and if feels like there's so much pressure like weighing on on us there is like making any difference? How do we move towards making a difference in what should we are investor so that we can financially help these people and the Christians regions that we need to be? So let let let me let me give you the answer colleges rigged against you. The tech companies are rigged against you the DC elites are rigged against you cultures hers rigged against you. The taxes are too high too much regulation. Guess what that's not an excuse. Don't play the victim. I'M GONNA talk. I talk a lot about problems. Problems talked about them endlessly. I write a book about problems. Okay first thing you could do. I'm talking about the general. You not not necessarily you beat the best human being you possibly can be. That's the first thing now. What does that mean? That means I'm going to rejects the false promise of the secular left. That unlimited indulgence. An unlimited freedom is going to give me happiness and it's going to give me fulfilment reject that instead Ed do hard stuff regularly that makes a difference that is what will get you fulfillment. So what does that mean words. That are not talked about enough in our society discipline and responsibility discipline and responsibility. That means I'm going to put restraints on my own things that I know I struggle with that might be alcohol. Might be drugs. Might be a sexual sin. Might be whatever that is put guard rails on yourself because indulgence comes at a cost and we don't say that enough to argue. And if you indulge too much you could lose everything and we say that we say a little bit of that and guess what you aren't in the current position right now of where you want to be what I mean by that reject the self-esteem nonsense if you look at a poster and say you're justify find way you are say no I'm not if I was. Why would I be in school by was? Why would I be in church? I and if you come from the Christian doctrine abyss were all broken. We're like shattered pieces. Were horrible sinful. We need redemption really really bad back and so the self esteem nonsense. Let's go to these twelve year old to say you're so perfect. You're wonderful and ridiculous posters and it's like a smiley highly face and it's just a yellow emoji smiley face in it says self-esteem your great something ludicrous. You know what that does is it puts puts a false sense of pressure on someone that looks at it see. Maybe I'm not great. There's actually freedom in accepting that you're broken and saying I'm nothing like I'm nothing. I'm a center. I've made horrible choices. And I only have redemption in one thing and that's the blood of Jesus Christ so for you personally personally. All that stuff's rigged against you. All of these people are GonNa try to be taking your jobs that are from other countries. All that uh-huh we could try to fix that in public policy because there's only three things you need to do to succeed in America and every single person in this room can do these three things because it's around choices number one get married. Sorry before you have kids. That's number one number to get a job any job any job any job and work hard at it. Ethically work hard at it ask questions act ethically basically you will move up in the third thing you have to do to succeed in. America is just graduate high school. You do those three things and you work harder than the person person next to you. Treat people well you act ethically to try to be better today than you were. Yesterday you can achieve things in this country beyond your wildest expectations do not blame sustain problems for your current failure because what ends up happening. I don't want to have the oppression Olympics like the leftist reverence starts to blame other our people for their problems. Well I can't succeed because of racism xenophobia homophobia some of which might be legitimate. You are the master of your own destiny. It starts with making your bed in the morning being the best version of yourself and being a champion of the decisions you made. Thank you very much the the alive you need to know Jesus Christ died on the Cross for those sends that Charlie was talking about. That's what God was doing at the Cross for us. He died in our place. Jesus rose again from the dead. Just as the Bible said he would he said I will turn no one away who will come to to me. He will transform your life. We are all standing here as examples of that. He loves you. He loves you so much that he wants by his power to change you. Maybe you don't know him personally. Maybe you've had religion up to hear but nothing's ever happened on the inside. Jesus died for that sin of yours. Those sins of yours at the cross he rose again from the dead. You believe in him and you trust him. Just like Ryan's question tonight. If you keep focused on that fact that God brought you into this world for a purpose. There's no excuse that can keep you from that purpose if everything be stacked up against. You doesn't the Scripture says greater is he. That's this within you than he. That's in the world. Didn't Paul himself say that neither death nor life nor principalities or powers nor any other created created thing shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus listen. Opposition breeds endurance. It's and strength. It's the American story. The American story is a biblical story. It's God's good hand hand upon a nation like no other country has seen in the history of mankind. And I don't believe God's done with this nation and I don't don't believe God's done with California father we thank you Lord for Charlie Kirk we thank you for turning point. USA We ask you father that you'd keep them safe in his travels levels multiply. Father feels that are before him. Lord may the ground that he puts his feet on come under the subjection Lord of Your Holy Spirit's influence may be like Stephen who no one could resist his words because your spirit would be upon him. We ask you father God that you would touch in in a powerful way this great venture Liberty University and Lord. We thank you that this experiment and and this experience of what does America is ours in our trust at this time maybe we do the right thing with it and God may you shutdown. May you expose you. Silence the stupidity and ignorance of false doctrines that are propagated mouths of people but at the core are none other than doctrines of demons to deceive and to crush crush. Thank you Lord. Jesus for your love for us. We praise you and thank you in. Jesus Name and God's people said the bus you guys thanks so much everybody a wonderful Christmas and if you want to get involved turning point. USA GO TO TEEPEE USA DOT COM. That's Teepee USA DOT com. Make sure you are subscribed type in Charlie Kirk Shoda your podcast provider press subscribe button. Take out your phone do it right now leave us a five star rating and leave us a review and and of course email is freedom of Charlie Kirk Dot Com. That's freedom at Charlie Kirk Dot Com. Have a wonderful Christmas happy holidays from your friends at podcast. One High Hi. Everyone expected from Lady Gang. We wanted to say thank you to all our advertisers for their support this year. 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