Pucks with Bernie & Panger Episode 16- All-Star game, Surviving the Saskatoon Scare, Blues 2nd Half


It's that time again to talk hockey. It is pucks with Bernie and panger right here on scoop dating back dot com. I've Fox sports director Martin Kilcoyne with the NHL All Star game in Saint Louis for the first time since nineteen eighty eight. There's a lot to break down a lot to talk it over with Barney Federico about from the alumni game the shooting skills and the fun was had with the family it really was as a Great Celebration I guess other than Patrick Kane who was booed repeat. was that the right thing. And how close did this franchise get to. Leaving town Bernie. Fitter goal was on the team when there was talk about moving to Saskatoon. We're GONNA get into all of that our weekly visits are presented by Marie Davila's senior Living Greenville University triad. Ed Bank fast. Eddie's Bahhare Urban Chestnut Brewery Cope twenty four and B and g tuck pointing. We'll be talking with the hall of Famer Real Soon Winning a Stanley Cup is an easy with the blues. 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And we're joined by the hall of Famer Bernie Federico All star weekend in the books and I don't know if you can sum it up and one thought but you really. It was a busy weekend and for the alumni but I thought what was great was it was wasn't just about the all stars. It felt like a celebration of the Blues Franchise. It was kind of almost a continuation of the Stanley. Cup is is what it was a Martin. It was absolutely outstanding. I mean I think all the people really that were downtown really enjoyed it not only the players that came in from what a town would all the people who came to town and certainly only the Saint Louis Blues fans and. I think that's the most important thing that's what it's all about. You know when you look what was going on at Union station with the hit over thirty thousand tickets were sold there for the fan fest and The game was great everything that went with the skills so I I think it would be a huge success and I think that Saint Louis Really made a great impression on the rest of the world in this phone following weekend the Blues Alumni honored. You're out there. Friday night. Had the skates on right. You got to throw a few passes there a couple of helpers I did. It was kind of fun. I mean they came out of the blue. I mean they they wanted me out there to show support and just kind of make an appearance within All of a sudden petro came in and said. Hey No you're gonNA pass and I have not been on cases the winter classic so so I was a little concerned that I actually had to get on the skates but then do grabble stick but You know with Ryan O'Reilly it was. It was great. I mean it worked out good. It was it was. I didn't fall down. I was able to even turn a little bit but no it was. It was a great experience. What an ovation? I mean are crowded so fantastic. I've been so blessed to be here for so long Just the ovation that I received an and just to be a part of the activities in the real skills we never had that when I was all star we just had a game and that was it now. You see it's gone so much bigger and larger and everything thing to have the skills to be a part of that just even for thirty seconds was pretty special. I wonder for the players even if Friday nights almost a little more fun because they get to kind of observe their fellow players at their are whatever their best at being fast or the fire in the slapshot I mean I think the skills for even the fan base it's and of course bidding steals to show no surprise that added to it. But what do you think the players maybe get a bigger kick out Friday. I would say so if I was playing I would because I mean Fridays much more relaxed. It's really not a game. You're doing something different. You're watching skills. Does your watching other people. You really don't care I mean you. Yeah you care when you have your little part to it whether you're taking a shot or or certainly want embarrass yourself when you're in the skills competition of subtitle one down when you're skating but it doesn't really matter that point. I think that's when you really get to know the other players and I think that's what special on when you play against against guys in all your career and you don't really unless their teammates. You don't really get to know when you Get to be a part of an all star game especially when you're playing against all the other best players in the world And then you get to know them individually so that you know them in the future. I think that's really the most special part about it and That's the guy with the guys. Have the most fun with me. I heard you say that on the TV side. Did they may have been a player that I thought he was a real ass or something then all of a sudden. He's your teammate. For a couple of days. Did you experience that whether it's Black Hawk or a red wing back in the day. Would you say you know what. Actually you know what that the heat of the battle. I don't like this cabin. He's actually just like us. Yeah you know what my first of all star game in in really in in Detroit I mean. I was news on the same team of the guys from the Philadelphia flyers watching brothers and stuff. I mean Bobby Clark. I didn't like those guys but I mean to be A. It was kind of Nice to get to know them so it was kind of made a little easier. When you play the next? Maybe they were going to be so much animosity that you had for each other when you played against them so yeah I think that was really part of it. I mean I think the the big Build up was whether or not the matthew check was going to get to play with David in with dry settled the Edmonton Calgary deal. It's just a hate each other and in fact I think Dr L. came out and said he would get on the ice with Matthew could chuckle of courses first. Caller Gordon was an assistant chuck. So you can The game is I mean. We'll always have You you know the hate the hatred that you're always gonNA have that it's a competition you don't like playing against the other teams especially when you have a rivalry like Calgary Edmonton or even Chicago You don't like the other guys that I think we saw all that with cane. Even I mean people are still both booed. CAIN every time he touched the puck during the All Star game and he's even on our team but It's one of those things that you get over it and I think that's what makes the all star game so special. I thought it was really funny. And CAIN was having fun with it. I just wondered okay. You boom all night Friday Saturday. He's on the Central Division. He's on on your team quote unquote do not will on Saturday. You think it matters at all. Do you care either way. No he didn't but he did he actually got some ovation's he scored a couple of goals in that game and he actually the blues were dealt with the the central was down with three goals and then all of a sudden Keane scored the third one and tied and all of a sudden they start. Jerry yes so. They didn't think they were just cheering for the Central Division Division at that point I don't think they realized it was keen. But I mean he's Gonna I mean he said it best. He said he knows that the Saint Louis Blues they don't like him and fans don't like him He can't change that and so he's just GonNa vote and have fun and that's what he did and he's he's Alva- player We mentioned the kit. jukes matthew out there brady out there. You wouldn't have been playing. But you've been around this franchise you've been at the rink. What do you remember about those guys as little kids coming around? And were they hanging off McKenna's do you ever have an inkling then like these guys will probably play no. I don't think we did. I mean I mean. The game has evolved so much in Saint Louis. I don't think we really I started. I mean I go back to my kids. I mean we really didn't have enough ice. Yes we didn't have enough of facilities here to even think that our kids really get a chance to play the game professionally. I mean we were. This is Saint Louis. This is not somewhere in Canada where we grew up where. This is not a hockey hotbed at the time that it wasn't Minnesota or Michigan all the cold weather places so we really never had that inclined but as time has gone on and all of a sudden the buildings came up popped hopped up. And you know all this alumni in town the coaching is good and the competition from going from here to Chicago Detroit. Whoever it is you're able to do that so I think did waltz kids. Were right in the thick of that that that you know that timeframe when when all the the coaching everything was coming together so With all the time they spent with wall down rank I mean again after a what was done all the time that he spent going from city to city coaching them and helping them and getting involved evolved in so much hockey. Whether it'd be spraying hockey summer hockey all that stuff. It's not surprising media. I love the picture that they showed during the All Star game of the two kids sitting on the Board Sarah they must have been what maybe six and eight of the time and was still playing so I think that was really special and to see them. Be a part of the All star. Not only you know playing in the National Hockey League. Uh on the All star team in the National League's very very impressive. Here's the biggest crock. They don't pay rent. Okay I I know Walt knows what those guys are making. But shantelle doesn't doesn't allow so when they live at the house and they come back. They don't have a home in Saint Louis other than mom and dad's house is not shouldn't they be paying a little something at this point. No it's not drawn a check anymore. I don't think well I don't think walt needs. The Wall is okay. We'll be okay forever and it's a it's an interesting story. You know what I mom just wants to have boys at home I mean. There's there's still a young kids. I mean what Brady's twenty years old it would matthews twenty two so these are young kids. I mean these kids should still probably still go to college and they have no jobs and they really would be making in any money at all but hey they're making plenty of money and I think their next stop will be whether they wanted to come back to San Luis will buy their own house. And maybe they'll by the host for Walter. I mean I'm sure there's no mortgage on that house anyways so this is one of those things I think it's kind of cute You WanNa have your kids at home. And I think we'd be in the same boat here if we had that happened we my wife and I would love to have the boys Be At home during the summer because the off season seems to be so much shorter now that than it used to be to have. The kids would've been great. Yeah we always joke about the guy in kice basement whether it was Stephanie. Act Back in the day. David backes for awhile now. Robert Thomas I think we need a reminder. This is not your normal basement. Okay this is. He's guys are doing just what. It is a great traditional for for blues players to kind of have that especially Robert Thomas who's so young and he's around Brady and Matthew Fairmont now and they're kind of in the same boat being young guys in the League. I think that's wonderful trucks to do that. Because I mean these kids are young. Robert was nineteen coming in. I mean this is so we played junior. Robert could win in Alek back in my junior days we always had to bill it You a house we you know. We had landlady and landlord all the time they wanted us to be with older people and so that You know things would be not getting out of hand and These guys are professionals and they're making can a lot of money but it's nice to have someone you can really rely on someone that you can go to Walton. Sean Taylor both ways that they're like they're like house. Mom and dad is that if he's got some problems or needs help with anything that he goes to him and he's you know being friends with you know with the with the With Brady and Matthew economies it a little easier to go to wall tumultuous a Wonderful Guys Shan tells the same way so I think this is a great that the contracts have done this for so many of the kids have come to Eric. Johnson was another one. I think that stayed there as wall so I think that's just a very special chuck through that because that's not easy to do to have a professional guy that made a lot of money living in your basement obviously The kids must love love. Abuna I think one of my favorite lines during the cup run. We're talking to Robert Thomas about that situation. And he said I said is there a curfew and he said Walt wouldn't be home to enforce it. Compare this is pucks with Bernie and panger right here on scoops with Danny Mac dot com or visit presented by fast. Eddie's bond air. You've heard all about it up there in in Alton Illinois if you haven't been what are you waiting for and if you haven't been in a while you need to get back because it's a mood changer. Here are visits with Eddie. He's it's always a good mood. You've heard Brett talking about bread whole you go into fast Eddie's if you're in a bad mood you're gonNA leave in a good mood open seven days a week it's eleven. AM DOORS Open on. 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Needs for years being a not just a longtime resident there but one of the people who helped get that started and was part of the ownership group right now Fred and Mary Kay wease and just festive fun. People you see the fountain when you drive by Clayton road right at the intersection. Your Queens Park. It's Clayton and Wiedeman during the cardinal. Playoff runs you see the red fountains during the blues. Run See the Blue Fountain going outside. Always a huge Christmas tree. They're just fun festive people and a really great place for your senior years. Set up that appointment at Marie. Davila DOT COM. I wanted to ask you about the franchise itself self because right now. Everything's going the blues way. And if you've been around this town played for him. It wasn't always the case. Did you ever worry as a player and this. This team isn't long for this this city. I mean from Saskatoon and Harrier nast and you might have been offended the bumper stickers rumor where the hell is saskatoon brings like. I know where that is. Did you ever think maybe it's just not GonNa Work Longterm in Saint Louis. There were times that I did think that I mean. Especially that era through the Harrier Nasty era and I think once Mr Shanahan came in vote got involved. I think that was really kinda turning point when we knew okay in with Mr Shannon just loved hockey and he was not going to let this team leave and Even when through we went through the transition we went back to the Keel partners and Buri got involved in this and that but You know within the lorries When you got people that are are saying those people are even Missouri people with you know with Bill Bill Nancy Then I stopped worrying about it because I knew that they were. This was in good hands and something could happen and and I think the longer that we were here here. The League was not going to let anything happen. I mean I think that's one thing that you're bettman is is really. I think. Done a really good job. He doesn't believe in she's moving franchise because you're going to try to make it a little better somewhere. Tried to correct what you have in the city that you have and And now since Tom Stillman's group has taken over. I mean this team is not going anywhere. All of a sudden doubloon one Stanley Cup. So yes there were. Lots of times is where we were a little concerned that there was no longer going to be the Saint Louis Blues but I think that this is an eternity but for the blues now With what has happened now with the ownership group with the value of the team is working critic to my Martin has gone up so much over the course of just the last two or three years. Now now I think the cup now and makes his ranch even worth more money so I think that we're in good hands ends here and I and especially with the fans. I mean this ban bases growing and growing for the first time ever. There's a waiting list for season ticket. Holders I mean that's amazing itself too so I think. Think the franchises in in real good shape and I think the future looks very bright yet of the young fans. Now that are stepping into this thing. It's like following the bowls in Jordan or the Yankees. There was a tough L.. Stretch there they have to go back and look. They even skipped the draft one year right. What were the doors locked at the older? Well there's all these crazy stories year in the middle of it as did players talk about sentences as check and balance I mean how turban that was it for players. Yeah well that was eighty three. Yes they did close down. I mean Mr Francis Left. I mean the whole thing closed down and he was gone in the franchise was really A LIMO at the time I mean there was no draft demean. The league said no that the Ross Purina that they were not going to be able to sell it they were not gonNa let them sell to saskatoon so which really is the strangest thing that they allowed in. No one had the draft at all. I mean someone should have been draft from the Saint Louis Blues at that point in time. So I think that was really really the darkest day where we thought we thought maybe Best case scenario for us. If if if we're GONNA move they would not allow to move that. We're probably going to go into an expansion Richard draft which was going to even be worse because here. We are teammates with you. Know Twenty other guys and all this and you're gonNA have dispersal draft and we're going to all end up at different places in the League so I think that was our biggest fear fear at the time and we really went through that entire summer I remember being back home and we had a place in New Orleans is scheduled on a lake there I mean I was really kinda glued to the TV. The and the radio the whole time we could get cable x up to up there trying to find out what is going on. Are we gonNA come back and we're going to have to sell the house where we're going to end up so it was a very trying summer for us that you're in one thousand nine hundred three as alums this past weekend do you kind of look around take it. In and th- I mean it's got to be a little surreal. Just how hot the brand is right now. It really is th everybody's still I was listening to. NHL Radio the other night and look at Munich. Hockey insider Bernie. And they're talking about repeat and what the what the chances are what they need to do. And I'm like this doesn't seem real. No it really doesn't. I mean you know nationally. We were so popular here. You know I mean everything's about Saint Louis. Everybody talks about I mean of course you're defending. He's Dan Cup Champs so I mean everything's absolutely unbelievable with that so You know in the national media is following this all over the place now and There is a good chance to repeat right now and I think that's what's so wonderful about the way teams played. They continue to do you know. Do all the little things that it takes to win. I mean they're getting the right. Saving the goaltending. Good I mean and Craig Ruby. Believe I believe that this team can win. So I don't know if there's been ever a better time in the history of this franchise and I mean if they can do it again I think it's just another another feather in the CAP. All right pucks with Bernie panger talking to the hall of Famer Bernie Federico here on scoops with Danny Mac dot com or hockey visits brought to you by Triad Bank Neighborhood Neighborhood Friendly Bank folks who are happy to see a walk in and it stink when you go to a bank in their sort of rude when you walk in there. 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This is the tough part right now from now till the end of February where he is is. This is really tough hockey right now because guys are tired. It's been a grinding season right now. And I think you know this is the doldrums of of the National League season until you get to the final twenty games until you get really just about to march than I think. Everything kicks up a little bit so I think the whole thing for the Blues Right now. I think the good news is that they're in such great shape now leading the the western conference. What the six six point cushion on Colorado in the in the central so This bodes well for them when they played very well on the road but I think that they just go about their business. I mean But I think concentration zhen-yi this is the hardest time for them and there's going to be teams that are are going to try to jump on the blues early. Try to get to them quick because they maybe the blues have not gone through that Stanley Stanley Cup hangover yet. Maybe this is going to be the time so this is going to be. I think the probably the most questioning time for for for this team right now. Can they keep it together. Can they keep their concentration. Can continue to do the little things now over the course of the next three or four weeks and I think that's going to be the biggest hardest part for the players and for the coaching staff to make sure that the efforts every night and do you worry the about it's that NBA term load management. If you look at a guy like petro plays a lot of minutes and they played a lot of hockey last summer does army sit down with Peruvian. I mean not that. You'RE GONNA get a guy like petro night off but how do you see 'cause you're highly competitive guys at WanNa play a lot. How do you manage that or if you do? Are you almost freaking the player on like over thinking it. Well it's funny. Is that when you look at these ice time over the course of the really the first. What fifty games? And we've almost played. The ice time has been down on on most of the guys I mean. I think that the coaching staff has done a really good job. especially with guys portrayal of Perico Ryan rallies played much less than he did when you last year but I mean over the course of the last probably three or four weeks. Those guys are really got up to where there were playing last year and I think that's probably what they're going to have to do is probably come down from that a little bit but I mean as long as this team is healthy and it looks like it. Looks like blades going to be back. Real soon break was going to be back tonight. Humane Cougar so when you look at that I think the coaches have done a really good job. They're going to have to continue to do that because you do not want to wear them out. I mean everybody knows. This team knows better than anybody. Nobody else is that they know when they have to play well and that's really in April May and June and they were able to do that last year and they really did that after really they blew themselves out from January anuary through April. Just trying to get the plaques and stuff forget they were last place when January started. I think there are better position now because they do have Some a little bit of cushion there that if they do they still bounce back they know what they have to do they can be ready When the crunches consequential? I'm really comes in. Do you think there's less pressure. I mean they did win the cup. Obviously you WanNa do it again. They're competitive people. But I would think the freakout factor where the nerves get into a tight first round series. Or maybe you're in a tight second round series that this group isn't exactly GonNa you know crap pet as they say no. I mean they know how to handle the pressure. I mean really brushes offering. They WanNA Cup yes they want to win another one but they won. I mean Saint Louis never wanted to come up and I think that's you know that was those stigmas that this organization has never WANNA couple. That's there now. And so they are vanished Stanley Cup Champs. They know what it takes to win so oh I think that they know how to win those one goal games. They know how to win those close games down the stretch. We saw that they always bounce back well after law so they know what they have to end is basically the same team as they had last last year in fact maybe a little better with the acquisition of Falk and the little things. They've added some of the kids from your in the minor so this is a good hockey club so I I really concerned about that and I think that you know when push comes to shove this. This team will be ready to do it but that being said I think there's much less pressure on them this year to repeat than there was to try to win that first one all right final thought not as a player you go to Vancouver Calgary Edmonton. There's some downtime in there as a Canadian is this one of the players. Most players are Canadians. It's their favorite trip. The Swing I. I don't know I think they'd rather be somewhere warm. I think he'd rather be in Florida now instead but I mean again. I think this is a kind of a tough deal for the players. To be in Calgary Edmonton is really not a lot to do with real coldness and that so I mean going to a movie or or killing time. Sure they'll practice Couple of days because the two days off in between for the broadcasters broadcasters if I was there I would be leaving tomorrow night right after the game. In Calgary it'd be going to banff which is only about an hour drive away. I would've space state all day Wednesday and maybe Thursday. Yeah we say I would've. I would've had skiing. Oh Yeah I would Wenski or just even hanging out inbound facility. I wonder I don't know. I talked to two curbs about that earlier this year. I don't know if he's going to do that but that's what I would be doing. What sometimes the teams did do that take the players up to bat for a couple of days to and I don't know maybe there's not enough time this time? I don't think they're doing that but It is. It's beautiful and the mountains there so I mean that's what I'd be doing if I was there for the players probably easing into contracts to you. Can you know the players who had his own. No but it just the ambiance. The answer would have been great. You know what I bohm Easter's from Edmonton so's PERICO. So there's a you know. A Lotta guys are from western Canada's well so they'll probably have family come out and visit so up probably have a couple of days and I didn't even look today Timor I don't even know. Maybe they're staying in Calgary For a couple days I don't even know but they will practice and I it's one of those things is that it's the schedule you don't have any control over it I know they'd rather be somewhere warm. But you're not there so you make the best with what you got. Well it's a fun time to be a Blues Fan. It was great to see out on the ice. And just a great time for the whole franchise and I think that the alums guys who've stayed you guys really deserve I'll call it a victory lap for the French. It's been a long wait for the cops a long. Wait for the All Star game. I would say the weekend the love that was felt I think it was well deserved. Well thanks Martin. It was fine I mean just have the guys come in Thursday and it was a blast to see all the guys I mean it was a great alumni game to cut competitor. The first goal scored so fun times and everybody from the from all over the came in guys like Ian and read had the best time. And I think that's the most important thing and just to be back in sales Dan Lewis for them I know they had a really really always great to talk. Hockey with Bernie Federico de weekly visits here rotate between Bernie Federico and Darren Pang great hockey inside blues conversation each week. Right here on scoops. With Danny Mac dot COM presented by Marie Davila Senior Living Triad Bank. Greenville University versity fast. Eddie's Bon Air Urban Chestnut Brewery Cope twenty four and B and G. Touqan look forward to talking to all of you next week.

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