Chris Fowler Joins To Talk Sevilla, Southampton


We've got two very different draws a breakdown on this week's edition of Chelsea Mike plus a massive match against Manchester United Glory fixture being promoted. The Voice of College, Football joins us a proper Chelsea Fan Chris Ballard. A legendary broadcaster joins US here on Chelsea Mike up all that and more Vamanos A. Swag. Right mentioned it in the Intro to draws to react to hear before a massive match with Manchester United a match that we're all a little bit more nervous about considering Manchester United look pretty damn good in Paris. Get in the upset victory on the road at PSG. Let's talk about Chelsea though. Draw that featured six goals and Trou- that featured zero let's begin with the most recent result some more positive of the to naturally because Chelsea never lead in that game. So you didn't have blown lead. So let's go with the bright spot Edward Mindy a second clean sheet in his third appearance. This is honestly unheard of given the recent form of Chelsea goalkeepers even though check appears to be an option for US slapping my forehead why didn't I have that take oh my God I'm going to set the. Internet off wire had no idea. The door was open petr check friend of the POD. Edward Mindy. Calming, influence not spectacular. However, a lot of the goals are chosen you've been conceding Chris have been unspectacular to be able to have the bait in just the routine in this goalkeeper is pretty huge and it did seem like he was a calming influence along that back lime. This appears to be the most stable of the back line options for Frank Lampard. I know he was quoted before the game saying he loves. Quito brings to the table especially from cohesion standpoint, but he can't deny the talent that is reshaped I think you and I both tend to agree with them. there. I don't want to make the mistake of taking such a macro view. So let's look at one of the things that trouble Chelsea in the eyes of many many Americans for the. Three halves a football before frank finally made the decision to move. Christian Pulisic back to the left wing. We saw a lot of Christian lining up on the right side although to me it appeared like he was playing more of a second striker role. I don't know if that's to give room for kyw habits more natural drifting into the right or to clear out room. For James. It was curious because you're asking a lot defensively of Christian Pulisic off of all these soft tissue injuries I'm a little nervous. But what do you make of Frank Lampard Lining Christian Pulisic on the right to start these matches? It's a different way of trying to get the balance right in the team. Right? So I, think the first time you play against Southampton. Gweat to behind him, and so I do think there's a little bit of Christian Pulisic? This is your wing go and do your thing down this right hand side as it does not really the bombing on type, and so you allow him to kind of lead that side of the attack whereas I think in the second, you have restrains behind him. Then I think you're kind of forcing them to pinch inside and really play in his less comfortable flank and I think even how well Christian Pulisic, boss that left hand side it really does seem. All the best players play down the left, right. The right footed players have in Maine name our place down that side Rinaldo play down that when he was a winger like generally that is the creative spot the spot I don't know why more so than the right hand side, but it just is and Pulisic was so comfortable there that I think you want to see him work off of Chiloe, which is the combination that we've talked about for weeks now after they signed him and. I think ultimately, this is part of an experimentation Mason Mount in my opinion can play anywhere. He played down the right down the left in the middle a bit further behind. So I think that's not the issue I. Don't think you're you're saying I want to play Mason down the left I. Think it's more frank must've seen something with how maybe police it could work down the right and how that might be an improvement I think given at halftime it's switched in the Soviet match that. May Be going forward. This will be a more permanent thing. Yeah. I. It seemed as so Frank Lampard notice what everybody else notice which is okay. We know that Christian COMPLA- on the right now and he did have some creative moments there in that first half against Avia but I think we all prefer Christian on the left and if the Southampton match taught us anything is we never want team over on the left unless it's for a cup tie and we're just trying to get. Some squad rotation there because that is a tried and true center forward even though he could have had a better match against severe I. Guess a lot of the frustration from certain fans why are acquiescing the left to Mesa amount if he can play anywhere why does he have to play there and I saw a lot of theories like well Mason Mount defensively for forward is one of the best in the world with his pressing and his motor, not necessarily gifted with pace, but at ten. On the defensive end that can compensate for some of your deficiencies on the defensive end and true well, lining up on that left. Why not compensate by having a more defensive wing in Mason Mount to which I say, why are you signing bench? This is we shouldn't be diluting the purest cut of Chelsea's attack because we're worried about defensive deficiencies. Otherwise, you don't sign a player like Ben Chill. What did you make of the other change that frankly and part made taking Georgina off and bringing Kovachevich on I thought that pivot worked better with Kovacic and Kante an Kovachevich obviously, we've spoken a lot about his dribbling acumen and how we can get you out of sticky situations. But defensively, and just from a pay standpoint, this might be the better way to go even though some of the service from Georgina team over ner especially in that first half was appetizing. You could see exactly what he can bring to the table but I think if. We're just putting our tried and true best starting eleven. It doesn't have Georgina in that midfield considering the defensive assignments these players must have with such attacking talent and ultimately Frank Lampard job is to find the balance of all these skills right. So we've been asking what's the best midfield to play in behind Harvard's if you insist on him is the number ten and I think as you mentioned, Georgina has a range of passing and kind of a command on the ball that you don't get from content Kovic controversy as remarkable defensive abilities to counters and kind of lead presses forward, and then Kovic has the ball carrying ability and a bit more of the passing although not as good as Jorgihno. Kante. So how do you marry all these skills? Is the question I agree with you in the sense that this game I think called for a bit more solidity in that middle because Georgina was never going to get the time just as for me the same in the Southampton Game, which is why he not a couple of balls and behind he's never going to get the time to boss the game in the way that Jorgihno in a game where you're keeping sixty five percent possession does I think without that ability to do that? That's where you need Cova kitchen that ability to work out of trouble which I think he does better and as you mentioned that defensive mobility via credit to. Them and they're approaching Southampton as well. A couple of teams have come to the bridge press. Them made their distribution from the back uncomfortable with severe today as well and severe certainly did better than Southampton to keep possession as well, and and really take the game to Chelsea. So I think they were handed a few different kinds of games. The we're used to seeing Chelsea struggle in. Southampton with their presence via press plus possession were really able to make. Chelsea uncomfortable I think beyond the fact they're Jorgihno was probably one counterattack away from being sent off. It was a situation I think presented itself for Kovic. Chris. I'm trying to process exactly how I feel about this result because on the surface. These are predicted to be the two teams in their group. Right? This is the home leg. You should win this one right in previous years. I would be disappointed about dropping points at home against via but. Via were very organized. That is a sound defensive squad. They made things difficult on Chelsea and I guess I'm so encouraged by the fact that Chelsea had a clean sheet that I'm willing to accept that trawl also because we never lead far more than I am with Southampton game which was disastrous and these are the games. Are you sort of circle on the calendar in when you look at what looks to be a pretty competitive top four battles especially looking at the top of the table now with the likes of Aston Villa and Everton surprisingly atop the table that's one that got away from you and the second goal in particular was just mistake that can't happen and I've been extremely patient. On. Social Media in the heat of the moment in my group chats even do a degree and especially on this podcast where I've had the benefit of time to collect myself but it's real struggle obviously for kept this is not about piling on to. The situation is what it is. World's richest keeper Yada Yada that Poe came and went I'm worried about the man that is playing that position and worried about my football team naturally because I'm a supporter of Chelsea football club whatever kept it is going through right now whatever it is between the years timing communication issues, new teammates, the reasonable explanations for it however, he's had three errors. Two goals this season, he has the worst save percentage in the primarily undeniably talent because of the price tag that was associated with him and he is a European champion. He won the Europa League final with Chelsea. So you know he has the credentials to be successful member of this team but for whatever reason right now, it's a struggle. Frank Lampard gave him plenty of chances and back them up in a way this year that I honestly wish he backed up last year I don't think Chelsea can suffer through any more of kept trying to figure it out on the pitch you're dropping big time results at this point because they're. GonNa come back and haunt you. This is the more competitive Premier Leagues we've seen in our lifetimes as premier league fans I can't be suffering through losses defeats draws blown leads at home to the likes of Southampton. It's not working out I truly can't make a sound argument for why you put kept a back out there now that mindy is healthy I think now that Mendez healthy is important caveat because he wasn't at the weekend he would have started. Had he been in? I'm actually surprised that he looked this good when I think the recovery time for his injuries probably looked like it was going to be longer Franklin part was saying. You know the the severe game could be a doubt. But I kind of wonder if it's a man, we need you right now because Kappa makes this mistake. Now I will say in fairness DECAPA I like you I'm always in fairness decapa guy we should rename the pot in fairness. KAPPA. We've let a lot of segments. That backpass from Zuma it was really bad that plays a role I. Don't know why Kappa doesn't go with his hands out to try and get the ball and then obviously scramble and then by then you've conceded but I do think that Kurt Zuma's mistake plays a role there as well and I think is well, we should say that even though you know Chelsea gave up this late equaliser to Southampton Southampton were on top of the game for large portions that second half they were making Chelsea uncomfortable it wasn't Just about the mistakes that kept them make also a second phase from a free kick. We've seen Chelsea struggle with that before and Theo. Wolcott just put shot through takes into and it goes in the defensive issues in this game for me weren't just about kappa although again, you see an increased sense of confidence an improvement in defending when Mendis in the game and it just looks totally different from Chelsea's point TV. When he's in the game I agree with you, Chris it was a bad pass from Kurt Zuma. Now has to be better with that pass. He steps over the ball and it goes past and then we have a situation which Christianson makes one of the defensive plays of the season for Chelsea and we don't want to talk about it. I. Don't know how that wasn't a handball. I really don't understand how it stayed in Christianson bombs in nowhere kept a seemingly forget that he could use his hands after cushion fought all the way back to make an unbelievable sliding play. Use. Your hands at the very least if you're gonNA use your feet, kick it out if Southampton is going to seize on these mistakes. Liverpool Manchester United Manchester. City will too I. Think it's finally time for us it collectively say. To fight through it, we can't live through suffering through these mistakes right now it's a very fragile point in career. I've told you time again in Paris. As the spin off his I like the kid a lot I think it's born at of competitiveness he wants to be out there. He wants to figure it out. It's just not going his way and there's something larger here. It's just not a stroke of bad luck at this point. So hopefully, Chelsea of solved the goalkeeping issues with Edward, Mendy I feel confident in them. I'm not screaming in my home anymore. So that is. A very low bar admittedly. But you're just begging to not concede more than two goals in these matches because Chelsea at the potent attack to carry you, they scored three goals. I. Probably should have had a fourth, but you're asking a lot of your world-class attackers for them to put away every chance. So hopefully, Kevin can do better and hopefully can figure this thing out and for the sake of the football club hopefully Chelsea. Don't have to suffer the results while he does figure that out Chris Fowler in American play by play legend I'm a fan of his work with college football tennis. pregame host extraordinaire and calling the biggest college football games in the nation a tried and true. Chelsea. Fan Making his Chelsea miked up debut Chris Wittingham, your broadcaster. You hold this man in high regard. Don't you? Yeah. I mean. This is as professional like if you could typify a type of grass in terms of preparedness in terms of that delivery actually I love him on tennis the way that he delivers. A tennis match for me like you put it on Wimbledon in the morning it's just it's soothing. He is exactly everything you want out of a broadcaster in my opinion. Well, let's find out if he is soothing when he's watching his Chelsea F. C or if taps into a more primal version of Chris Fowler, let's figure that out together as he joins us here on Chelsea Mike up for the first time. Watch every minute of every match download the fifth stand the official Chelsea APP. All right. This is one of the dream guests yet again for Chelsea mic`ed up hot streak right now neutral observer Chris Wittingham. I know you do a lot of broadcasting for Inter Miami and through the in your history and you've been the voice of several Las Vegas Lights. Games. Gambling addicts no you all too well from but this is a legendary broadcaster and with all due respect to you what he this is, my favorite broadcasts are on the zoom screen right now, Chris Fowler, the Voice of College football both for pre game and now just regular games. Chris Valor the most prepared broadcaster I've heard legendary stories about how and I need you to confirm this Mr. Fowler you would host college game, day without the aid of a prompter. Correct. What's The prompter? What is this you speak of? Now we we UNSCRIPTED show it was formatted but loosely I had got note cards that look something like this. I used to write in a bullet points on. This is not a game day carbon that kind of thing, and it wasn't scripted but we we got through it an you can't. You couldn't do a teleprompter a, it'd be hard to see outside the glare off of it and this the thing changed. So often that you'd be, you'd be going back to your computer and retyping we'd be wasting so much time. So yeah, we we just winged it. It was it was fun twenty five years fool people now for those with the benefit of seeing the visual aid. To this, you know that Chris Fowler is wearing a t shirt and he's feeling that shirt out much better than either of US could Chris, Wittingham but most of these Chelsea matches their on while while you were doing your college game day duties. Now it's a bit different with you actually calling the games. So how would you go about your Chelsea Weekends Given Your College Game Day responsibilities. You had a few years ago. It was hard for Game Day for sure the game to up until two thousand fifteen and you'd have to disregard games. There's no way you could watch them while you're getting ready for the show or on the show the GIG I have now. My Saturday. Mornings free and believe me wherever I. Am I'm finding a game on game day. The guy that said of there was the research appears on the show as well. The Bear Chris leaker he's an arsenal fan. So he would be very in tuned to what my priorities were. Saturday morning he would keep me up at the scores. We would give each other a hard time about the gunners and the blues but there were more people than you think who are lovers of college football but also have their favorite premier league team and it's kind of a secret society. But I, I've found a way to keep up with the Games and obviously always watch the. Extended highlights and then recorded him watching later but it was much tougher the Game Day you're so Saturday, morning games you're right I imagine you ended up becoming like a second half of the season Kinda guy after the college football season is over your all over every game but why Chelsea wh what was the genesis behind your Phantom in picking Chelsea everybody asks that they assume that I came on board in two thousand five or something I was down from the dark years in the middle eighties there in the second division and in trying to get up and you guys are old enough to remember Pat Nevin. But there is a guy named patent avenue was A. Entertaining. Very speedy guys a lot of goals and he was interesting the reason why because I when I visited London I stayed in hotel that was near San Bridge and so I of got to know that neighborhood I didn't really have a team at that point. I was just out of college and spending some time in London traveling around and sort of like adopted Chelsea because sample bridge was close to where I was staying I didn't have a team and I found out they were not very good. Not picked the right team if I wanted to see trophies raise but that changed obviously and the Root Hill at year is ninety six on wor. Great Fun. As you know, very exciting teams didn't win. The League won a couple of cups. Rude was a colleague of mine at ESPN. Covering soccer. So we always communicate be attacks tax when A. Chelsea. Got A big game, and we talked about those days and I loved him as a player and got to love him as a as a colleague. But that that's when it really caught fire for me. You know into the nineties obviously having some success and then and then you know from here on out and I had I was able to be there. In May twenty seventeen when. Michelle Bachelor I got the late goal that restaurant and that was the three points to secure the the primarily title. I, thought that was a life moment for me because you gotTa Time It upright, which match they do it can. I get there and it worked out perfectly a goal like the eighty eighth minute I. Think it was to to finally secure the points and it was a dream to be a part of that party scene afterwards. I had some good moments in and obviously you know May nineteen twenty twelve is one of the greatest sporting moments in my life as a fan I can't really be a fan of college football because I cover it, it just becomes too professional but I can be a hell of an attic idiotic Chelsea fan and I think soccer has provided me with some of the peak or pinnacle moments fan I was at a nine drop is okay. By all means. Sheryl Crow's a dear friend of arguer, at her house I came in from the pool to watch this game in May that nobody understood what the hell is watching a team from England play a from Germany what it was all about. But yeah, I mean that that was a moment that was a moment that I'll never forget the to win chickens like away nobody gave them a chance that that ranks right up there as a fan the top three moments I've ever experienced that has one hell of flex you and I were both drenched watching the twenty five. got. I. Wish. I had known they're going to win it. What made plans to go you know her but. You were soaking wet with Sheryl Crow's chlorine water, and I was soaking wet with Celebratory Beers at the local pub recipes Fatto, great? Chris House screaming I don't nobody knew what the hell was going on obviously it over the way it looked bleak for a long time and then the header goes I just had no one knew why I'm acting like a maniac at somebody else's house but it was worth I still watch that eighty eighth minute equalizer. Dog I once a month and I still have no idea how he got it in from that angle and the rollercoaster of emotions even after that moment drogba, the hero that equalize actually concedes a penalty. But. The entire time I just felt like after we got that equaliser in the eighth minute no one the road that Chelsea took in two thousand twelve being down a man against Barcelona and finding their way. There I'm not I'm not a big team of destiny guy or at least I wasn't before twenty twelve. But after that equaliser even African seen in the penalty I was like it's going to happen for us. There's the. Penalties, you had no tension in the when the penalties were taken against a German side like that. I don't know man I still it's still hard for me to forget. Moscow. Against United Map I just said please. Don't understand. They don't get it how excruciating it is to be a fan of this when you when you love a team alive, you know win their off. You're just anxious looking to concede get when they're behind it. It's like there's desperate right very few people. Outside of soccer pants can understand that specific dynamic maybe ice hockey's like that in Seneca finals in the similar nature to the scoring. But there's nothing quite like the the torture that quick through as. Well you mentioned worried that the other team might score and you're conceding that that's happening a lot more to Chelsea than it did in the days of two, thousand twelve and a little bit earlier when Sanford Bridge was a fortress. I. My Neutral Observer Co host Chris Wittingham always gives me some grief over the fact that I kind of like a little bit more anti football football I like them more defensive minded approach has. Wins Man. We I know your community give me more boring wins and I don't want to be the entertainers I mean look if you're a neutral I get it. Chris. If you're a neutral yeah Everton seventy scores five six that's fine. When it's your team at, we're not used to that, right? Mike. We're just not built for that especially at home conceding the south happens to be up to Nilanthi to and and share the points I was just livid I got my Saturday off to a bad start I mean I. Got Over it, but I not use it. I'm with you man, I I want I want. I want that Blue Wall back. There I want I. Want a strong. Shows Marino steal back for their. Chris Wittingham just can't believe preference when we tell him Biden especially now club that identify so much with success in the hardware backup that success I want to win just a natural winner I gotTa have the winds from Chelsea and by playing the south they're still finding a way to to wrack up some hardware and still add to their legacy. Even though they're experimenting with new styles and I actually saw the league final with you that sorry year was a bit of a Ro- roller coaster. What's the one Chelsea match that stayed with you through a game broadcasts that you just couldn't shake it? Oh, man I mean there's been some Champions League performances that a bit of stay with me that I that that's not through a broadcast because we're obviously done but they've ruined me I mean, I didn't overreact to the severe sharing the points because I know what happened the last match to begin the championship when you lose Valencia That's just a bad way to start it I, you know I the Champions League we all want to hang around and make a run and anything is possible. mean the Chelsea is going to be an incredible competition way the way that the leagues in Europe are a little bit upside down and the Premier League right now but I think that you just want to get. Off on a good foot I mean I've I've losing a an FA. Cup final. I came across to watch and lose to the gunners when we I was I was a tough well. We we still had a great time and they had already won the league. So it was it was offered a little bit but you don't you don't like to lose a major trophy arsenal. The ones that are happening this time. Of Year I'm not ready to fall on a sword yet, but it's those ones when when it gets cranked up when it starts to mean a lot in the spring and when they get Champions League play, those losses are tough. You know I wanted to ask you about what Chris Fowler the Chelsea Fan is like in his living room because we know you as perfectly professional broadcaster we don't know you as crazed soccer fan. Can you put us in the room with you? Is there shouting curses at the television? Do you? Behave in the manner that others, sports and soccer fans do yes. I do when I'm at home I have to explain to my wife Okay Chelsea is on. Okay. So she knows what that means. It does not not just watching another random game where I'm interested in I want to be entertained. This means a lot to me so I might get a little mental you just have to understand there might be some yelling I might be in a bad mood I might be in a good mood, but she learns to understand the National League it'll be around it. But I like to I like to fight. It's hard in the morning matches I. Kinda like the ones that are later on I split time between New York and Miami. So going down there and you know there's there. Chelsea. Fans mother texting I'm hanging out with depending on where am and you know it's it's fun I. Love to watch a game in a pub and that's that's that's obviously what what the sport is built for. It's one of the reasons why it's so globally popular, right? So but I'm a little I'm not. I'm not proud I'll my behavior in my Time. When I was a little I was a little tweak on Saturday morning. I've yelled blank Zuma a few times. I. Mean dammit. Zuma damage. Zuma. I mean the civilian. Just, terrible clearance at the end of the first half, this is not good. This is not good. If they concede there I think it's GONNA be a tough row back. It was hard to breakdown that defense the Chances Review verner decide. One of those Games wasn't liking it wasn't. It wasn't an a game finishing game for him and they were having a hard time and I. I've just about had a panic attack that is absolute. They're gonNA probably go for both these teams go through right so you don't you don't get crazy but that that's the kind of thing on the heels of what I saw Saturday would have made me crazy to concede often murphy. Yeah I find myself. Honestly being a lot more patient with this manager just because he's bought so much capital with US Chelsea fans then I would for Murray Te'o. Sorry I would get frustrated and that was also a little bit closer to the sustained run of success and there's a rebuilding now going on Chelsea and you could do a hell of a lot worse in terms of a rebuild the they absolutely reloaded they've brought in world class talent. This could be the start of another run, but they very clearly need time to gem as squad sands right now what's your main takeaway? Well, it's what you said I mean they're they're just we're. Not used to seeing them concede it's very exciting. So Fun to watch. It's so fun to be that team that has the fresh injection of young talent. Obviously guys I mean having politic on the team is just enormous for me. I mean is a guy that I liked a lot I? Mean obviously I'm a huge fan of the US men's national team and having him improve his game for that side by being with Chelsea and having him be able to prove people wrong. Who say they just signed this guy to sell shirts in America I can't tell you how many times that accounted arguments shut the up wait till you see the guy. Play way you see his speed is spoke work. His Jelly is skill with the ball I. Mean you're going to see that he bought more than belongs right and he showed right away up that he belonged I want him to get physically bully bit now but I, mean for me that's a huge part of this team is really having Christian on the team and then obviously you spend a lot of money when you get Everton burner, you expect fireworks I just as we said, I, don't want to have to win games five four and four three I wanNA have it all don't you want to have an exciting open offense dynamic you want. To have people, you want to have a team that can lock people than I think mindy getting back I mean we've all been there's a little bit we we were talking. You know it's there's an Astra, some of these performances because we got to figure out what's going on inside kept his head. It's possible to do that, and some of the howlers are just on that and some of the the results have been on that too. So I'm very glad to see many back and I think it's going to bring stability and it's nice to clean shape and not the most dynamic side they face that it's nice to have to do that right To answer your question in a long to what? Yes. I'm very excited going forward and I'm willing to live with the growing pains in the frustration head scratching moments because I think that they are arguing in in the right direction and have a foundation laid that can they can bear fruit for years to come. They'll be fun to watch. It added that one and ask a follow up on Christmas because you mentioned him in that answer, you covered the two thousand, ten World Cup for ESPN, in South Africa which is kind of like a before and after moment for the coverage of soccer in this country and I think from there, it's kicked. On and you see NBC with the primarily again CBS with the champion Champions now dedicating real resources and quality towards covering soccer competitions. But you saw the US then and it was you know the plucky Americans right? That was always there narrative on the world stage but the record is the back of Christian Pulisic starting for Chelsea but there were five Americans that appeared in the Champions League just today, which is a record. So when you see the growth of the American game from ten years ago I know we obviously had the hiccups of not qualifying for the world. Cup but it's still pretty incredible progress that's attack way to put Heck No. It's the most maddening hiccup ever. I I I'm with you. Let me let just say one thing about the twenty ten world cup getting a chance to host that in South Africa was absolute lifetime highlight for me and sitting with Alexi Lalas in Pretoria going with the Mavericks Algieria I. Mean. They're going to lose and they're going to not go through. They're going to not go through and it's going to be shocking that dot goal call. So amazingly by in dark. Goose, by probably heard that one hundred times but to watch that unfold Howard's outlet the build up and then the goal and to watch it next to Alexi guys. Okay. So he's like Mr Ed white and blue. He was dying inside and a little bit outside to at the way that match was unfolding that they were GonNa get stopped and not go through, which was obviously the bare minimum to be an acceptable result, and then they have everything changed to go from being out to winning the group with that goal was another one of those moments for me and I got to be a fan. Like I wasn't doing anything at that game than watching I did the post game with Alexi Baer both like four feet off the ground. But to go ahead and then and and then hosts that that final was just an amazing thing in. You're right for America to go from back plucky team, which was scraping inclined to find a goal and trying to outworked people outfitting them to now actually having a nucleus of young Skilling it's is it eight or ten guys on champions? League rosters I think it's as you said today though it gets even more than that. They're in the competition so it's awesome. Christian and those guys will get better for the experience WanNa close with the upcoming match against Manchester United Chelsea have of course in the fifth stand up the play predictor game, you can make your predictions on not just the score, but a bunch of different details and win prizes. So Chris Fowler looking ahead to Manchester United at the weekend these two clubs played. Four Times. Last year, what is your prediction for the game on Saturday I hope that united have a massive hangover I. Hope they go out in Paris and they celebrate the victory. PSG, which is a massive result for them champions I. Hope They Drink Champagne Overeat and then stumble back and make they can't even move on the weekend that would really be nice. I don't think we can count on that. I. Mean they're coming off of that. That's a massive results I. Don't know if they build on that I don't know if is I mean it's weird ever being a letdown for United Chelsea game but and I don't know what to make. They got some things sorted out there. I just encouraged to elicit getting closer a hundred percent many being back I mean obviously. United fans who were friends of mine and it's it's obviously. We all do that at the because they're all bunch of people that jump on the bandwagon for the last twenty years around the world. So there's a lot emotionally whenever those teams play. I'm hopeful I'm not gonna be I mean, I'm not GonNa lie to you. I mean that means more than the others I am based on what I saw today am more hopeful. All Right Chris Fowler making his debut appearance here on Chelsea miked up. Hopefully it's the first of many. Sir We hold you in the highest regard immense respect for what you do broadcasting wise and and you're Chelsea fandom it's a different it's a potty mouth Chris. Valley. Is Winning A. Milk There was. I believe myself. Yes. Kristie wind up an example but it's like I'm not saying it's PG thirteen language. When when Chelsea I haven't heard a lot of PG thirteen language to the bridge had been there either so I'm just I'm the same as everybody just want us to return to the Times. We can go in there and watch his games in person part of it is a little. It's a little bit bitter sweet to watch you know that beautiful place empty and know that it's we. Don't know when we're GONNA be able to get back there but whenever they're allowed to put fans back in there I'm going to elbow my way in there because I've been I've been missing desperately. We can do this again and we'll bring it on dominic team or bringing a few other Chelsea people I'm sure you should have you ever had him on the PODCAST DON team is. Now that yeah. Now we we communicate about that use a big Chelsea Fan. So I don't know his story where he is obviously a lot younger than I am. So you probably came into the club when they were already winning hardware, but but he is a huge huge Chelsea Fan. So Ball get together I'm sure we we can watch together at some point that'd be fun absolutely Chris Collar thank you again for joining us here on Chelsea Mike. You look like fine I got thicker. Final stretch here of Chelsea Mike Depp in an event eventful episode, we have a massive match with Manchester United. We'll get into previewing in just a second, but I want to highlight one of the supporters clubs Chris, and is this support? Is there a lot of these I've come to find? It's a supporters club actually watch a couple of matches with not one but two. I watched that famous Karabakh Cup final that Marine Patio. Sorry Kappa. added. Unfortunately Chelsea didn't come away with a cup of Cups in his match up at Wembley but my wife and I had a great time watching this match with the Atlanta Blues Atlanta Blues. I feel like I'm a family member of the Atlanta Blues I've been able to watch more than one game with you guys they reach out to us and they shared their club story Chris and remember for the people that WanNa share their clubs stories make sure to. Check out. The show notes in the episode description to find out how you can be highlighted Chris tell us about the wonderful Atlanta Blues. The Atlanta Blues are very proud of their charitable efforts beyond just getting together to watch Chelsea matches. They come together to support community their community by raising funds, donating food and volunteering for charities in January Twenty Sixteen, October two, thousand seventeen may twenty eighteen hill football trivia events to raise funds for the Food Family Fujii's. Families a nonprofit organization committed to empowering minds, rebuilding lives for young refugees and twenty eighteen there in a food drive for the Atlanta Food Bank of the partner with our houses homeless shelter in downtown Atlanta, and they've also come together to work on a bunch of different efforts kick it out and the anti-defamation League, which of course, is a huge effort within Chelsea as well. So Atlanta, very proud of their charitable efforts and there are all kinds of amazing. Things that supporters clubs do all over the country in Atlanta Blues? Certainly one of them Atlanta trying to lay claim to the soccer capital of the south great support for their MLS side. I. Think there MLS team is top ten in the world in attendance obviously pre pandemic. So if you're ever in the Atlanta area, look up the Atlanta Blues a great bunch of people to watch a Chelsea match with before we get into our Manchester United Preview Chris. Light, the crazy week that was I feel like we're on repeat here in the Premier League another insane weekend Everton and Liverpool Virgil Van Dyke the headlining story out of this match a massive injury for Liverpool. This is not the time for me to say that the League has caught up to Liverpool, but they've conceded Liverpool has a ton I think entering that weekend they conceded more than anybody else in the premier league and that was with Virgil Van Dyke a guy who you could point to and say that's a footballer of the year previously. So what does? Liverpool do now because the transfer window is closed, what are their options? Can they stop the bleeding along that back and this is now a genuine fight I feel for the top four Liverpool find themselves in one hundred percent I this from opens up the title race I know you've been saying that you think that Liverpool been figured out a little bit but given the start of everyone else in the league I thought Liverpool was GonNa cruise to this title. If Virgil Van Dyke was healthy eventually they were going to stop conceding goals. They've had moments at times although. Nothing, like this. Would they've given away goals but as you said, they exit this weekend having given away the most goals and apparently they were tied with West Brom and West Brom played out a goalless draws right now tied with thirteen goals conceded from five games and it's a big concern with Virgil Van Dyke and I, think what you're gonNA see in terms of their adjustment is then become a bit more like what they were before. Alison. AVERGE event out there which was this really open team attacking pressing because if they don't have that remarkable quality at the back. then. You'RE GONNA. Have to compensate for it in some way I think we're going to see Liverpool actually opened up even more to compensate for the fact that they don't have as much at the back Ridge of dyke was always there to put out fires felt like Liverpool Warren is fun the last couple of years with Virgil Van Dyke because the games were his open and US have a certain solidity with playing with him that you don't otherwise and so I think now that without it, they're going to see Liverpool kind of become for me more fun but also I think they're gains become more open and we'll see if they can basically outscore teams in their way towards having success they were able to do before. He got there looking at this through the blue prism of Chelsea Phantom. If you thought, those games were wide open between these two sides to be four holy cow these games that were already plenty of fine have just gotten a lot more fun and even though I know my position here on this show and I'm constantly positioned as the guy that's anti Liverpool and my mentions always blow up anytime you guys. Like, get a draw at this point it's weird but that side without allison so made a Champions League final. So we're in a very competitive premier league chase I think the story with the primarily league, all the other teams I don't think this is sustainable for us in Villa we'll find out, Ross? Barkley. Seems to be an amazing edition for Aston Villa, just two matches in we've been down that road here Chelsea and Everton's been down that road with Ross Barkley to let's see how long this can be sustained without some villa because I my questions Everton that's A. Different story I have faith in that manager they have top quality players and this was supposed to be a result that okay. Everton that was a nice cute story but Liverpool, the Champs are here to talk you back into the fact that you're. Everton. Didn't happen I think they are certainly going to be in the top four chase. Now, if you're never ten pain, you're talking title with Virgil Van Dyke Injury Jordan. Pickford, I know that was controversial I. Don't think that that's realistic. Even though if you're crazy Everton homer, you can't help but get the saucer is but. This isn't one of those teams that's going to be fighting for European position alongside Chelsea I think and those I hate playing at Everton I, hate it I hate it so much. It's a house of nightmares that now becomes a massive picture for Chelsea's top forays, the title chase and the top or race this year more than any other year that we've certainly been doing this podcast or just been talking about the permanently together seems to be in lockstep with title chase a top four we're on the precipice I feel of a very dramatic season in the premier. League. And boy. I saw plenty of tweets about how the League is opened up for Tottenham especially at three zero. But if you thought for one damn second here on Chelsea, my dad, we weren't GonNa Make Fun of Tottenham Hotspur for blowing a three to nil lead. In the eighty second minute, they were leading three zero. That is literally never happened in premier. League. History. Stunning. I cannot believe West. Ham Of all teams pulled this off spurs obviously a massive miss. Because that is a front running manager if he gets you to buy in your drinking, the Kool aid and all of a sudden, you have a lot of positive momentum. Everyone was saying I saw Arlos like so much for. Josie Marino being watched so may ring true but the fact that they can see three after Gareth Bale comes on which Nice Day out on the Greens for Gareth. Bale. three-under-par. Great to see. Clap it up. Great Story I cannot believe this it is. So Spurs -I they're inventing ways to be Spurs. That is primarily regular season result that is going to be remembered forever Oh for sure I. I remember I was actually on the Air I'd I'd I work on NFL coverage. Limi- dolphins and I to the corner of the goal winning I stood up and was fist pumping in I'm doing the show from my living room like it was such a momentous moment that Gulf flying into the top corner but it goes back to something we were talking about earlier with with Chris Fowler you and Chris Fowler Big Fan of the defensive stylings. Of Josie Marino. It's hard to pull that off now and I know that I mean there's never scenario. Josie. Marino team pre man united that would ever happen to them and that's the most stunning thing is that because it was funny, you know at this three goals in sixteen minutes Tottenham, you know at that moment. Joe's as already talking about because he's already kind of jabbed at this Oh. If I'm such a defensive manager, how are we scoring so many goals like you can tell he's getting ready like that feeling of projecting the confidence that he's got this team humming and playing well, and now it's right back down to earth they're playing in. Europa League as well and that feeling of tottenham with Sun and Kane look like two of the five best players in the League in that game in the way that they're playing right now without that result tobacco now I'll be curious to see how they respond and where they are in the context of all these other teams they're supposed to be at the top end that have had their struggles this season, the crazy Yoyo of the premier league season we were throwing dirt on the grave of Manchester City they get a pretty remarkable considering how we've seen them play, and the fact that they were missing Katie a workmanlike one nil victory over. Bucknell, who also is now this conversation is hey, topor tolley open to teams like us a surprising result there and want to talk about the crazy Yoyo of the Premier League Manchester, united, Helter, skelter all over the place I can't keep up right now they'll enter this match against Chelsea as odds on favourite I imagine given the recent form a big victory in the Premier League for one I believe, and then this massive result EPA g all Gunnar Shar does he have another overthink in him because he thought that FA Cup final and he kinda over thought this PSG madge in a similar fashion, but it worked for him Maguire not in the lineup. For that match against PSG more of the same for only or does he tolley zig again and overthink this matchup with? Frank. Lampard a manager that he was doing quite well against until the FA Cup final where he kind of played himself. Well, it's funny because in the eighty six minute you mentioned earlier like how late it was for Tottenham in the eighty sixth minute man united or one one with Newcastle and it's feeling like man they're going to drop points away Newcastle United Seasons off to a dreadful start. Then they scored three goals then they'd be parasite German away from home with as you said, only gonNA social, his tactical acumen is. Question all the time can you make adjustments? Can you do things to? Kinda, short things up you go away from home you're playing may Martin Imbaba in the the the Champions League runners up from a year ago. Can they put together a system to defend because they've just given away such awful goals at times giving up six to Tottenham and and looking really leaky defence can he showed up and he did and he put Luke Sean back three gave axel twin ab who I mean you know he's probably played ten times in the Premier League Max a start away from at psg he was able to figure out a system that allowed them to. Have that platform attack in the always going to have a moment from Rashford a moment from our she alabama from Bruno Fernandes like they have that moment is always from the spot it would appear right? Exactly. Right. It will only come the penalty spot but I think that if he can give them that platform. But when he tried to be a bit more defensive against Chelsea, Cup semifinal that they looked really more abundant, would they couldn't get the ball moving in the attack and they look stayed whereas in this game, it worked I'll be curious tactically highly sets up, but it really could be one of two different things I can set up. To attack, they can set up like that in this game and I think if they sent up to defend, they're gonNA get caught out because I. It's one of those things like we've talked about Chelsea before where if something works and they do it the next game and it doesn't work. This is the second game I feel like if you repeat that game plan that was a specific game plan and I don't think it worked against Chelsea I, think Chelsea do well, I'm predicting a draw in this match because why the hell not I just I'm not GONNA pick against Chelsea in this match I do want to take sock in the fact that. The boogeyman is dead to a degree and now only has to show the world something in this tactical matchup against Frank Lampard. I think this is another ugly draw for Chelsea I. Think it's as simple as this Chelsea do not lose this match against Manchester United, if they can keep Bruno. Fernandes. Off that penalty spot and that's the book on them. That's how they get their goals. Don't make the mistake, keep them off penalty spot and you can get points from this man tell you can win this match. There's a winnable. Match. All the matches in the premier league this winnable baby, Virgil Van Dyke just went out with an injury. All these teams are learning their teammates. It's a pandemic world and I am a pandemic will let's go Chelsea. Let us get some points in this match talking myself into a victory here Chris I'm talking myself and four three pointer I'm going for it. I'm GonNa make the prediction I'm going. To be more positive than you about Chelsea for the first time. In the history of this podcast, I'm a balanced play guy and Manchester United's balance of play in the Premier League. This season has been bad. I thought they were outplayed by Brighton. They got that last minute hundred minute penalty. I thought they were mostly pretty bad for most of the game against Newcastle and then find those individual moments. I don't think that individual moments are enough when you're playing against a fellow big succeed you need to be playing well and Chelsea. Yes. Are you know they played a nil nil in mid week but they played a couple of threes which means they can get three they can attack they can score goals I think they're going to get goals in this game. I think they're gonNA make particularly if. UNITED STICK WITH THIS PSG game plan they're GONNA make United Times look like they're not able to really get into their attacking flow I. Think Chelsea actually going to come I don't wanNA say comfortably win this game they're. GonNa win this game I'm going to steal your line to Chelsea. Oh Wow. All right. So we can't go Chelsea Mike up episode without laughing Tottenham or making two one prediction I`Ma. Go One one in this match and hope that you're right and I'm wrong until we speak again. Chelsea fans. Thanks again to our guest Chris Fowler. Thanks you for listening. Please drop us a rating of five stars on your platform of choice Andrew. Review Pod. Good Mike, your hair look great today anything at all to help boost are standing among the charts that goes a long way I know many. Of You people listening right now already done that and we thank you if you're a new listener and you haven't gotten around to that, please, it'll take two seconds pod. Good Five Stars, Subscribe Rate Review Share Amongst. Your friends will be back at you with a recap episode of this Manchester United Match, which is being advertised here. Chris is one of the biggest matches of the season you get the. Big American SAR and all the sudden Al Michaels is hyping up your game. I'm excited. This is a big fixture. The blood boils when we face. Manchester. United. For the love of God Kurt don't make Chris. Valor. Curse. Your name just just don't make the mistake in the box given the penalty and we can get three points from this match I. Promise you until we speak again everybody up to Charles.

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