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Downtown. We have cloudy skies seventy one degrees. I'm Alexa. Olson Newsradio wham eleven eighty next news at nine thirty breaking news when it happens anytime another hour of the Bob Lines, very show starting right now on Newsradio am. Thanks so much ma'am. I appreciate that Good Morning Americans and hello. My friend It has been a challenging time. For All of us which can make sometimes forget about the fact that there are people who are facing real challenges, and having real victories like talk to a couple who know per channel, but more about that than you and I from shoes me Rhonda quake. aren't to be joined by Tracy and Dwayne. read good morning. Folks welcome to the broadcast. Hi Bob. Good morning now, Mrs read is in Toronto quite. mister read. Where are you, please? Cosa Springs, What are you doing there? Here for a rea-. been wonderful staff here now. Get my body stronger her. Back backed up by four. Sushi's at home and he's a rehab. In Clifton Springs a Mrs read how how long since this man has been there with you at the house? since he's been here with me. We. How long have you been apart Alex? He been away. We have part since Hasn't been home since December thirtieth, but I did get to see him in RJ. When he was there, he moved over to the Rehab mid March just right when they started with the restrictions with the Kobe did. So I have not seen him other than twice. I have not seen him since March Gracious. please. Tell us the story. What happened how you going to be in the hospital back in December? He well, we're I to tell you that Dwayne what state of of himself, but he is an enduring husband, a father of three girls and Papa to six grandkids. With the technical technical director at Roberts Wesleyan College. We were on break between Christmas new years. Around the twenty seventh of December he starts out. On the twenty eighth, which was better day he went to our daughter worked urgent care now. He went there to to watch. The had the flu. He was diagnosed for flu he did have the flu strep. Be I'm sorry. Be Listening of the diagnosis. Home Tamiflu so that was the twentieth. The, twentieth and twenty nineteen, just like the clue, he acted like he had the flu different than just body aches and. Different things like that, but it just very cool by Monday the thirtieth. I was over watching my grandkids and I call the checkout him and he goes. I can't agree. And I'm like what you can't read. And he said I can't break so he was sent rj by ambulance, his oxygen level of the seventy nine. That was two days after he got diagnosed with the flu. By that day that evening he was intimidated and on a ventilator. Insensitive medical you. Also during that time was also diagnosed within that. With strep, a as well. viral and bacteria and ammonia is what they call it. at that point on the thirty first he found septic shock was in a drug induced coma. Paralysed in constant office. Day! He had very little chance of survival. He no organs were working. He was on full Mac like poor in on the act machine The fatality rate at that point was very high and they were telling us to amputations were likely at this point for his feet and fingers. And that was from the bathroom, Presser. That need to keep him alive. Keep. Is Organs working so? That's that's how fast that happen. My my gracious. BEBE! That's his condition at that stage. What? What's your condition like? At that stage? We're speaking with Tracy and dwayne Reed from Ron Quake, I. Mean you've had this he. He's become so dramatically ill so quickly. Your life has exploded in your face ma'am. What was that like? Well I went home to, and it took me forty five minutes to park my car in my driveway. That's how much of a man I. I couldn't figure out how to park my car in the driveway to come home to shower real quick to go back, but that then New Year's Day I came home, and you know we are a couple of faith. We have you know we're Christians And I remember walking in the House and saying I'm mad. Asthmatic God I'm walking out saying this. You're going to take him out with the flu. Really just amazing man it's. GotTa Kated Servant of the Lord you're GonNa. Take him out with the flu. This is silly. This is not a way to go, and and you know I. Angry. I was angry and I. I I had faith up until I had to use it, and then I didn't have it. So I felt guilty, and I was mad. So I had a conversation with that guy would slowly in this was all within the matter of a couple of hours when I was home. I was just pacing. I felt my knees. If he times, it was a math. And he was. It came over me that no I started thinking about the thirty years. I've had with Lane and how grateful! It was to have a cry. Have the gift of him. And how can I get Matt at Kahad when he visits gift for thirty years. You know and I so I turned my anger into gratitude pretty quickly and I. ACT ON. If he could please keep them alive. He got it over me for thirty years I. IT would be my question. To Take care of him for the rest of our lives to keep them here. And I begged him begged him. But that was my anger team and last back quickly. And just by the time you cook shower with back, you know the ICU we we camped out there. He and his three girls You know I was just I was just now just trying to live it moment by moment at that point, and that's exactly what it was like. Because things change minute by minute with his with bad. It's true true. Tracy Reid is being about her husband. A DWAYNE who worked out at Roberts Wesleyan. College struck with a whole bunch of bad stuff. Real quick. If I put you on, hold just for a moment will be back in the rest of their story in a moment on Newsradio lamb eleven eighty. Looking back friends welcome back wearing to speak with Tracy and Dwayne Reed. They're out of Rhonda quite. struck with the flu in the Monja at a horrible viral infection, he ended up the New Year's Day of this year at Rochester General to be honest with you on the verge of death well. When you have a loved one who's in the hospital? Your life style now rotates around that hospital in caring for them. Whatever that like? How did his illness progress ma'am? we stayed there as long as we could in this little room off of On the floor of Medical Icu, we live pretty close by I, live you know within five minutes of Archie H so We got to know the staff I fell in love with everybody there they were so. Inspired by dwayne sisters. -sition at. He woke up from from. All. The medical school. That's correct. Yes, uh-huh, so he as he was waking up. You know we were able to. see that he was having slow progression. However, every time there was something good that happened. There was something that was a little bump in the road. And that's what we would call it and he ended up getting toxic shock as well and toxic shock. Syndrome and that has attacked skin Kenya. Still shut down. He was on constant dialysis. I was at the hospital every day every morning and every night. Because I have I watch my grandkids as well so I would totally work around that, and it became my new normal and pay with that I got to see him every morning I get to see him every night and we quitting music for him ways working with still kind of in a comatose state. I played our wedding. And we had our date nights. I would call our night. so that was like yeah. That was my Armel and. This is the new normal. came. Things changed and we had to adjust to another new like when he got moved over to Rehab, and I couldn't see him. That was exactly the time that the restrictions were in place where. I he moved over without me. So he moved from Archie over to put some springs on his own, and that was heart that record breaking INCLUDE, thanks! Clifton Springs it and and they they have since done job, but Clifton Springs was one of the first places to to have covert in an institutional setting in our region. Complete meaningless tangent. What? What is your wedding song? Our wedding, fungus, everything I do I do for you by Bryan Adams sure, would it be? Would have been. Perfect for this time to just. you know I do want to say something about the kroner virus involvement in in Dwayne diagnosis. I did at the hospital before he was moved over to Rehab. I, said you know. Now that we this is linked. Kobe was introduced here in the US at this point, and it was. You know kind of a bill. In March, so I said you know. Once the copen play a role and what happened with? And he's like well. He's like I. Don't believe so because he was tested positive for be, and he was tested positive for strategies of both too, we know. But I said. What is it possible he could have you know you know? Contracting Kobe's like during the day or Maybe a little bit after. And he's like well. No 'cause they weren't doing the testing, then for the antibodies. So I asked three have we could? Get hit antibody testing done, so we could just see, but they don't have that they're so. That's one of the things that we. We don't have a real answer for. Barton should of course they should, of course get that done. You know AH, for for peace of your mind, also for an understanding of this disease in our community. You know if if he did have it earlier, that would improve our understanding. What Mr Reed? dwayne Reed we've been speaking with his wife. tracy. How did this all play out on your end? The the returned to consciousness and such and the discovery of the extent of your illness. What was that like from your perspective pleaser? Well. Much beverly. I. Because I would. But some of the I remember as I have. Was when my wife would come in the boarding so. Her hand, we're still call. For being outside, and she was groped by four hats and I got. Was, the most wonderful billy. You don't first thing in the morning I. Always feel when she was there. You know 'cause. I feel that cold and across my floor. And I just loved it. That I can't I. CAN'T BE KYLIE and I'll say out. And other thing that they also knew because. The reality is that that. Will matter walk my disposition was. If I hadn't had good care would've taken out much longer to recover. Because I just. The Naples cover a lot faster. The many people thought it was. You know some of the things that I experienced art. especially. Those. Bobbing. What are you? GonNa. Do what you gotTa, do they? Have to come off and off I don't have the choice in about it. I'm. Not GonNa sit here? Twice here we gotta do. I'm, still. I still put up. She'll go up every. Chance at all I mean I'm still here off. Seven interesting else for sure I mean. ups and downs. Depression and Wash five when I would just my. Lakes and I believe I got to the point where. I'm looking for. That and what's coming I enjoy doing puzzles Savi. For! I'm definitely not the best data. Georgia. Something about it, they. Let me stop for the news if I could, if you folks could hold on, we speak with Tracy and Dwayne Reed and again from arrondissements. He is struck with a series of of a very difficult illnesses about the time of the holidays. He's lost his legs and his hands. has not been home To New Year's Eve or whatever but tomorrow is GONNA. Be a big day for the region. We'll find out about that right after the newscast, which is next on Newsradio wham eleven eighty. Back friends welcome back I hope you been able to follow this conversation. If you missed. The first parts later on Sam Schreier will podcast this of course wham eleven, eighty dot, com and on your iheartradio. APP and you can listen to the whole thing there we're speaking with a tracy. dwayne reed wonderful couple out of a Rhonda Kway he worked over Roberts Wesleyan time. Just after Christmas struck with look like the flu, but quickly cascaded into a series of of decidedly life, threatening maladies. He was at RJ. H until March has been over at Clifton Springs at the Rehab since then. Again it was a fight for his life, and through the course of it He lost his legs, and he lost his his hands. is so you you mentioned. Just before we stopped for news. The, you wrestled a little bit with depression. Your ear bride, she mentioned the you. Guys are a family of faith, and that she had a moment there where she needed to talk to the Lord about this it. What role has your faith? A played as you have responded to this, and and we have your feelings and emotions Ben Please sir. Depression was short lived. It was very short list because. You know I I serve I serve doubt that. Doesn't do things by accident. And the fact that. I'm still here. I, know my pastor mile. Trade Different Times. Yeah, I'm still your, you know God. Can Change and I try to I. Don't know where I I. But I try to buy the mantra that as long as could come on. What are you going to do with it? And I want to the Lord. Joaquin. And even though I lost my leg I lost my hands. I I'm still here. And I still have a purpose and I still have a raise. Your. Passions and I still have desires. And Although I I. Would miss my arms and my legs. I know that I have a new future. I don't know how this on old. because. Every day be attaching author day. Stuff is GONNA be. Just quickly. Things in life. Which I took for granted. Trying to put on T. shirt. Everybody everybody every day people put on their shirts and their clothes. For get struggle now. just putting on a T. shirt I was exhausted. Head to that call everything else. And it just. I slept with no problem. So, these are just SPA accomplishments. That every day. And Not always stumbling coming home tomorrow. Now. TV. Does come home tomorrow. The tell us. Yes! He's coming home tomorrow I ask. Free. been so blood. Can't even? The most important. Had so much love, support and prayers from everyone you know we can't keep our heads down when they're holding stuff all the time, and that's been amazing. And I did tell Dwayne because he was saying he's very handy around the house. It's like why can six success, but I can't anymore, and if you don't have to struggle a little bit and I said well, you know what you know what it could our hands. We don't know how to use them. You, have the knowledge. I have the hands. Let's do this together. We'll things you'll. Yeah. You'll teach me the eighteen. Necessarily call ourselves. So eighteen going to be back in strong starting tomorrow. We're GONNA have good days and bad days. we do have An awesome sense of humor, you know we. Huge, that is huge. You know trying you know. Without, training on how to care for dwayne because of the restrictions. It's going to be eating. We're back. But Bob I do WanNa I. WanNa tell to share this, too? And I WANNA thank you for the opportunity to share our story, but I think when I took away from this is something. Everyone could really take part in and probably this would help in these times that we're living right now. It's just amazing how this kind of coincides and people can actually walk away with this you know. God taught me obviously patients, but also to just take the next breath. Take the next up. Don't don't focus on too hard on the future and what's going to happen in the future? Just take the next. Take the next step finding even the smallest amount of joy while living in the unknown. which is what I did a whole month. You just never know what's. was going to bring, but finance that small amount of joint every moment If we're grateful for this moment and we aren't thinking about the next. Keeping and continuing to give his job that I kept trying to take control of something, I had no control over. He knows what he's doing. and then just peace in knowing that God is in control. And I think those things are important right now for. Abby wants to kind of walk away with. Tracy read her husband Duane after being in hospital rehab for more than six months. He's coming home tomorrow. It tell me about the the homecoming there. Lot of people in the community a lot of people. You know in love you. are pretty focused on this. What what will tomorrow be? What will happen and what will it mean, please? Yes, we are well. This is a big deal. You know it's just. It's a huge deal. and it's perfect timing because people need a a good story. People need a homecoming. Right about now. so tomorrow I'm thinking at three have We should be a forty five minutes away, so we should be arriving around quake between eleven forty seven fifty something like that so before you five, we'll be going through. We asked people if they would like to participate. They could lined the streets of our neighborhood And they could just kind of come out of their vehicles. And you know we have reached shirt. We have the cultured. If you have those, you can wear those and disappoint him, and we're going to pull in the driveway. I'm GONNA pull them out into the one of our house and Ben. At that point they could dry and say hi and greet y'All clause obviously practicing, you know safeness, this is nothing saying your vehicle driving. We have a call back at the end of our road, so it's perfect, so turn around. and. Waving and show your support and We're just really excited. We're excited. This is a day of celebration. It's a day of celebration. Zor a facebook page or anything where people can get. There's a facebook event called Blaine coming. And you know it has the address on their We'll becoming an dark, dark bluish. Yes, it's under my facebook page, but I think it's public so I. Think anybody who takes doing homecoming. Still. Let me, put you on hold one more time. I apologize for that rudeness. I appreciate your patience journalists ner back with you and just a moment on Newsradio wham eleven eighty. Back or speaking to a wonderful couple, moronic kwait, Tracy, and Dwayne, reed he was struck by a whole slew of pretty serious illnesses right after Christmas. He has been in the hospital well till March and since March, he's been a rehab, and of course, the COVID there's not been contact between these folks of any significance tomorrow. dwayne comes home, but he comes home. Home a different man in his heart in his body, he is know had to both of them. Come to grips with their faith, a apply in a new away be strengthened by in a new way, also Mr. Reed has a consequence of his illness lingering physical impact. He's locked his hands. He's lost his legs. a big a welcome home celebration for them tomorrow. Dwayne it. The look for dwayne homecoming is always say Ma'am to get the details. Yes swings homecoming. Well, here's the deal tomorrow. We'll be the big thing you'll be happy. Ob Joyous, there will be tears, and then it's going to be Friday and you're going to have to start a new life a new way in your old home. What what what do we think about all that? We have to do. Or not accessible to accommodate me when I came home because of my new needs. And we've actually think plush for the new home. So that all of Mine My. Not only am I. Probably Hope. I guess is the only word I could describe it. Also. Your House so everything's new. To me, it's going to be excited Trepidation because it's going to be something new for us. I fear. Nothing. We've mind. Really find. Exciting. Too Long. To. Disappear. No you must be go skydiving already. I'M LAKE Let me know it can happen. WHAT THE HECK! They're worse ways to go okay. Let me, ask you this Ma'am the you made a promise. It will deal with the Lord there that during that hour of doubt and The Lord has paid. His part looks like and now it's your turn to pay yours you. You're ready for it. I am I am and we. I talked to the lawyer about that and She knows he knows that I'm going to need his help. You know I have Dwayne. Who has the knowledge of how to CARE FOR HIMSELF? He is just so smart, and you know I used to him showing me teaching me I. Mean You know I've been with him since? I was nineteen so but I know that we're going to have bad days. I know I'M GONNA. Be Nervous. You know I know these things but I. I. The Lord I know I, said to the Lord I know you're with me. I know you're with me and I. Know You're going to help me. I'm not doing this alone and I will never go back on that deal. Well. I have hard days. F- Louis I will. I be overwhelmed corn? But that's natural. He gave us those feelings as well so You know I. I never never. Will you know ever regret having that conversation with him Because I think they're not just doing with any purpose I think I wanted to. Absolutely. What are what are your goal? Sir, what are you? GonNa do. I. Not. CAME UP WITH Especially, church. On Life. I hope to show how. Waste. So. Getting. All. saw. So. Young. Outstanding outstanding. I, so appreciate you talking with today. Sharon, A. Experiences, but you're wonderful. Example you've given us a gift. Thank you. Very good at Tracy and Dwayne, Reed have a glorious time tomorrow. Welcome home Sir and all things. And keep us posted on how things go, won't you? Absolutely appreciate it. Thanks for talking to us that's. That's Tracy and Wayne. read of Rhonda Equate and He will be home tomorrow back with you right after the news, which is up next with Joe laskey on newsradio, Cam eleven eighty.

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