The U.L.C. Podcast #15 Body Pillar, Nutrition


They. You'll body should be treated as a temple. And just as saying goes, you are what you eat effectively making temple stronger or weaker. It should go to show that what you eat will your appearance and dictate how your body functions. This is one of the three parts of the body pillar in the four pillars philosophy. When elaborated on today. It is my hope you can leave here with a new understanding of what you're eating. We are going to go over the overall important nutritional diet and various aspects of what you need to take in for a healthy lifestyle. Let's explain the fundamentals of what it is in your food that you eat. Let us nor the process chemicals for today and talk about the literal components that are digested. They are calories protein carbs and fat protein is what your body uses the repair itself, not just muscles. Either. It is a necessary aspect of consumption, many people get way too little of it. However and committed that you take protein with an hour after workout. So your body can use it more effective or meat or plant based protein is good for you meet to be hard at just the time, especially for people with Cincinnati stomach. Or certain blood types. But both are useful meet actually is absorbed quicker than plant protein like ham or p so helps for post workout. However, it should be said that your body's recovering for about forty eight hours after a workout meaning you need to consume it consistently throughout for maximum recovery. So slow release plants may end up in your favor. Carbohydrates are the enemy. Well, not really actually took me. A while to realize how important is especially from my own personal diet due to the sheer amount of exercise. I do I kept losing muscle mass because of their essentially like a fuel source at dinner sugar that your body takes time to digest. This is useful doing high intensity movements cardio in your body to burn off a bit of calories, but mainly carbs, keeping your muscles safe and not consumed by embody for its energy needs. This could be looked at as a negative. However. Because of you're trying to lose fat, not wait, then bouncing the right amount of carbs in a day. Let alone before workout can be hard. This is why some people lose fat, but not actual pounds off their weight the pin on your lifestyle could be good. Or bad fat? Now, this is the enemy well sort of as there's different types of fat. Yes. I know there are different types of the components. We've talked about, but this is more prevalent, especially for those of you aiming to trim down to size the goal here. The minimize the amount of fat you consume, but more importantly to pay attention to the type of fat as some fats, go directly to the body storage and make you fat while others, go through the Justice system smoothly. Saturated fats are the ones that aim for when consuming. This is why coconut oil is so sought after contrary to the current popular relief. You do actually need animal fat to have healthy brain that keeps the neural plasticity stronger and adds a bit of padding in a matter speaking calories, actually, save this for lives as many people do not understand how simplistic yet also complicated for some people. They are literally energy that is it how much you consume will constitute what your body uses. This is why dietitian say to go into negative calories. When you want to lose weight or conversely, eat a bunch of calories. If you want to gain weight say for muscle. Problem is many people don't actually do that. And they stay at the same physique because of it or perhaps even worse exercise. The key components everything we've talked about today and the underlying theme of the United living construct this balance after all in this case does not just refer to balance in the traditional values we talked about. But the balance of what you eat and exercise, you do as activity is to take heed on what your next meal is and what you can do to spice things up or more importantly, changed ingredients to something that was more substantial to your diet overall. I think this will cover the basics of nutrition for the time being and there's any questions on the information today. Please feel free to reach out to me and you'll see with any questions of nutrition in relation to self development. One little note, I've been having issues with my recording equipment, and they're spent skips in the audio. When I check before I post, I have not heard anything. But if you are listening today or near podcast, and you hear an audio skip or some kind of malfunction, please message me, so I can get it fixed. Thank you so much. That is for today's podcast have a wonderful weekend.

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