MLB Betting Tips for the AL West and NL East with Host Adam Burke


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So lots of good opportunities for you over there. It's legal to buy these tickets at twelve different states, head to prop stop dot com slash BT. Be for more details. Aren't we transitioned over to the major league baseball side of things here? Now, I'm gonna talk about ten teams on today's shows. I break down the American League West and the National League east give you some thoughts. And also what I'm going to do here. I'm going to send out my notes to everybody on the betters box mailing lists. I know I had some people that set me an Email that wanted to sign up for it. I still have some hold over emails from. Last year. So I'm going to add the new ones too that mailing list. I'll send off these notes from this March fifteenth segment here if you don't wanna be on the mailing list anymore. Just shoot me. An email. Tell me that you want me to take you off the mailing list. I will definitely do that. No hard feelings of you are somebody who's not on that mailing list. Shoot me an Email Adam Abang, book dot com. Not sure if I'll do this for all the MLB segments that I do here in the month of March. But I will do it with every addition of the better Spock. So I cover a lot of things I cover a lot of numbers a lot of statistics. Probably in your best interest to sign up for the notes mailing list here for the batters box and the MLB segment, so advocate, bankable dot com. If that's something that you want to do. All right. Let's talk a bit League West here. We start with the Houston Astros last year one zero three and fifty nine for the Astros bounced, of course in five games by the Boston Red Sox in the American League championship series season win total here for the Astros ninety six and a half last year's team tied for the best pathetic and win loss record since nineteen sixty that was a much better team than the one zero three and fifty nine record would indicate there were actually a one team than the one three and fifty nine records indicate they were a one oh nine and fifty three team last year based on Therrien win loss, which is a standings metric derived from run differential. So they were even better last year than their record would suggest, but this year, I've got some concerns starting pitching depth is becoming a real weakness here. They're very top heavy with Justin Verlander Garrett Cole. Both guys had career years last year, particularly in the strikeout department Cole. James more sustainable because Justin Verlander in his mid thirties. Now, this is a very top heavy rotation though because behind ver- Lander and coal you've got Wade Miley, Callen McCue, and Brad peacock Lance mccullers out for the year with Tommy John. Josh James delayed with a quad strain here in spring training force Whitley, just not ready to go yet. And he's a guy that was limited to about seventy innings last year in the minor leagues. So I think there's a spot for Houston here. If they want to be the team that gets Dallas will. But the problem is that they probably only want go for one year he'd like some multi-year security. You can't fault him for that. So maybe Houston s to bite the bullet and either give kaikal a couple of years, maybe two or three years or go with these depth options that they have you know, McCue was a starter wasn't very good in that role. Went to the bullpen was very very good. Now, he transitions back to a starting capacity. Brad peacock San thing was a starter Denner reliever. Now back to starting. So. These are guys that have a track record. These are guys that you don't really have to worry about from a workload standpoint. But from a consistency standpoint. I'm not sure what to expect from them you. I'm not sure if Wade Miley is the real deal with that contact management. He developed a Milwaukee. I don't know how McEwan peacock who have very good secondary offerings. I don't know how they do with having to deepen their arsenals by being in the starting rotation. Lots of question marks here for this starting rotation. In fact, could create some depth issues for this bullpen as well to the point where a lot of bullpen innings mounting for these guys as we go throughout the season. The thing you're Houston, though, is that there are no weaknesses in this lineup. This lineup is exceptionally good. Carlos Correa was hurt. Most of last year with a back problem. He should be good to go this year. L experiment was a little bit late to the party and spring training with an elbow problem. But he's a guy that I think is a dark dark horse. But a guy I liked to win the MVP this year wholesale. Obey very good. They add Michael Brantley great light up tremendous lineup. They'll out hit some of their pitching concerns, and they'll still win the west division here. But again, we talk about players to watch. When you've got several guys here in this starting rotation that you want to take a very close look at. We move on to the Los Angeles angels of Anaheim eighty and eighty two last year season when turtle here this you're eighty three and a half on. Fortunately, sa- bad news here this week coming out of angels camp that Andrew Heaney is already hurt I presume Tyler Skaggs will be soon to follow. He'd he was a guy that really ramped up the workload last year. Relative to the previous three years disappointed to hear that he's already dealing with some discomfort. You know, Matt Harvey obviously a long injury history for him. Trevor K hill is a guy that you know, he's not all that durable. Either. So rotation depth a substantial issue for the Los Angeles angels of Anaheim four this season. And also, I don't like the bullpen at all. They're hoping Cody Allen can return to form I'm not so sure about that. He's the only guy with closer experience. Really in the back end of this bullpen, you've got just an Anderson and campaigns Rosen and some guys that have had cameo appearances in that role. But Allen has to be good for this bullpen. I don't really know if he's going to be. I do like the offense. Obviously you've got my drought. You have to get off. It's Mike trout. Just an update angelsen Simmons just in bore Zach coz art should be better. Coming back off the injury. They've got some offensive pieces. But man, I don't like this pitching staff at all top to bottom. Just not a fan. I don't like the Brad awesomeness higher. There have been some articles here about office embracing analytics a little bit more working alongside Billy up ler. That's fine show. It to me before I actually believe it don't love that higher. Hate this pitching staff. And hi maime Berea who's going to get one of these rotations spots here. Three forty one ERA last year four fifty eight v four ninety nine x v. Eighty two point one percent left on base percentage. Horrible K rate below average walk rate didn't do sweet contact. So there is that and credit him for that. And it's very good ballpark to be a fly ball pitcher. But I don't love this profile regression we'll becoming and also looking at another guy here in this rotation. Matt Harvey twelfth highest fly ball. Online drive average exit velocity last year. So he gave up a lot of hard contact the angels better score at tunnel runs. But I'm looking at the angels under team under eighty three and a half. I think they'll struggle to get the five hundred again and waste yet. Another year of the prime of Mike trout, the Oakland Athletics ninety seven and sixty five last year season win total this year, eighty three and a half. This team is not getting nearly enough respect. I love this Oakland team this a season win total that I played one of my biggest plays here of the season win total cycle here. I love this team. They've got a good offense. They still have an elite bullpen despite some of the losses that they had, you know. In fact, they pick up Joakim seora they spent some of their resources on him. He led the league last year among batters with one hundred fifty bedded balls in average exit velocity against so he's a perfect a perfect couple memory piece to Blake training. They still have Lou Trevino. They still have a lot of guys that are very very solid relievers in. That oakland. Bullpen looked rotations. Not great. You know, I get it. Mike. Fires Marco Estrada Brett Anderson. Frankie Montas Chris Bassett small margins for error not a whole lot to get excited about here. But look in the minor leagues. Hey, Zeus Lazardo is going to be coming very soon. He looks like the real deal one of the top prospects in this oakwood organization, James cappelli and comes back from Tommy John this year, he should get that stock rising AJ puck is the number two prospect in this system grant homes looks really good, you know, by July or August, this Oakland rotation could look dramatically different dramatically different. I love this team. I really truly do. They've got great depth organizationally Franklin burrito. Horia Matteo Dustin follower. Guys in the minor leagues as well. That could step up in the event of injuries. Matt Chapman's the best third base defender in the American League medal sins of good hitter. Chris Davis big power threat. Stephen piscotty. They're going to sell it out field. I love this Oakland team over eighty three and a half probably my favorite season win total play here for the upcoming season. You know, they hit for power. They've got that depth. And also to you know, I don't think that this rotation will be as bad as people think, and I looked at one key guy here in particular. And that's Marco Estrada Marco Estrada last year, five sixty four ERA five forty four v five seventy nine expe twenty four percent ground ball percentage last season. Well, where was Marco straddle last year? He was in Toronto top five parks in Woburn weighted on base average on fly balls and line drives last season. Toronto was third Yankee Stadium was second Fenway was fifth of the Twenty-eight starts that Estrada. Head last season seventeen of them in those three parks. He had fourteen starts at home where he was very bad with a five. Thirty-three ERA any five seventy slugging percentage against in two starts at Yankee Stadium. Astrology thirteen runs on thirteen hits and over seven and a third innings and four runs on seven hits in his lone Fenway start. So was he good last year? No, not at all. But he was really bad in parks that are really bad for fly. Ball and line. Drive pitchers. Estrada does not induce ground balls. So I think there's some hidden surplus value here this season in Marco Estrada because Oakland's ballpark last year. Oakland Coliseum was twentieth. In weighted on base average on fly balls and line drives Texas was fourth. So he'll be a fade cabinet when they got onto Arlington, but angel stadium was fifteenth minute maid park in Houston was nineteenth Safeco field was twenty-second. So massive park factor upgrades here. Four Marco Estrada. I think four twenty five ish ERA not out of the question at all. And with this bullpen and with. This offense that's gonna play for Marco Estrada. So Marco Estrada is a guy. I'm not seeing you draft him fantasy leagues. I'm not saying you get all excited about him. But when he's in a home dog role or a toss up type of role this year. I will be looking to back him well at home and on the road because I think he will be very undervalued commodity again last year, top five parks in fly ball and line drive weighted on base average, his home park was third. Yuki stadium was second. And he was terrible there and then Fenway was fifth, and he was bad in this one start there now much better park factors for Astrada. It really even a guy like Mike fires. Same kind of thing. Even Chris Bassett's? Same kind of thing. You'll let a pitch to contact guys in this Oakland rotation, but they're a much better team defensively than they've been in the past. And also this park factor. Does kind of elevate those guys with that cool marine air and all of the faults era. Tori at Oakland Coliseum the Seattle. Mariners. You're eighty nine and seventy three last year. But there were the biggest overachiever in baseball perpetuity and win loss. And then they went on to have a fire sale their season win total here, seventy one and a half the guys that are gone Robinson Cano Edwin James Paxton, gene, cigarroa Nelson Cruz. You know when I looked at this latte from last season Edwin James Paxton combined for twenty five percent of the Mariners total team strikeouts. So they lost a lot in losing those two guys. But that being said season went down to seventy one and a half. I still like Mitch Haniger. I still like to Mingo Santana a bummer that Kyle Seager is going to be out for the next six weeks, which will take him essentially into the month of may all when it comes to his return, but still some professional hitters guys. Like Jay, Bruce, Edwin Encarnacion. Yeah, they're on the downsides of their career. But I don't think this lineup's going to be nearly as bad as people think I like a guy like Alex Smith as well. So I'll go to be that bad. Now. I don't love the pitching staff. Marco Gonzales, you're opening day starter. That's cool. He's not bad for average or better pitches. Couple of beds months last year is pretty good otherwise pitch to contact kind of guy, but you know, doesn't walk guys, and he's left handed and that always helps a little bit especially when you're in a very good park factor. Like Gonzales is a lot of people. Of course, go to be looking at UCLA Kukuchi deception high swing and miss rates in Japan. I think he's a guy that could play above average here especially at Safeco field. So Gonzales and Kukuchi, I think are just fine at the top of this rotation. It's kind of everybody else a little bit worried about we know king Felix as nothing anymore. Wade leblanc. Not great. And Mike leake the guy I want to settle on here guy. Want to focus on here, you know, for Michalik last year, very high exit philosophies against early in the season. And I talked about this in my picks and tips piece that we had a nice little run backing Mike leak in the middle of the year. He did not pitch well late in the season though. This is a guy that needs to change. His arsenal quite a bit. You'll he did throw a sinker nine percent last last year needs to throw the slider in the cutter a lot more. If those changes take hold maybe he's the guy we want to look to back four thirty sixty IRA last year, four fourteen v four fifteen expert average v necks fifties. Not a great pitcher by any means. But he shouldn't hurt this team too much, quite frankly, I don't mind going against the grain here with Seattle over seventy one and a half. I don't love it by any means. But I think that there's a big over-reaction to what this team lost. And not enough. People are looking at what is still here. I think esteem despite a pretty weak bullpen. I will be very competitive this season. Maybe they fall around seventy wins. Maybe it's a pretty good number. I'm not going to bet it personally. What if I had to take every team? I would look to take Seattle over. I just stick it. There's a little bit of an overreaction to everything that the Mariners have done here this off season. One more team to talk about the American League. West is the Texas Rangers. I won't spend too much time on them. Season win total sixty seven and ninety five or last year's record. Excuse me, sixty seven ninety five season win, total seventy and a half. Look. This is a bad team. You've got so many questions in this circle. Tation does Mike minor hold up for a second straight year as a starter? Lance Lynn in Arlington with command and control issues. That's terrifying. Ensign volquez drew smiley Shelby Miller all coming off of major injuries volquez off Tommy John smiley off of everything under the sun. Tommy, John Miller as well. You really got to wonder what those three guys are going to do. And really what? The Rangers have done here is they've positioned themselves to trade those guys to contenders and the trade deadline, and you can't really fault them for that. I think it's a decent way to try and restock your farm system a little bit. But also, these guys are very high risk with marginal rewards. So I'd be very worried about this, Texas segregation. In fact, I am very worried about this Texas starting rotation. I will say at least there's this that Jose Leclerc. Probably the best reliever. You've never heard of the closer for Texas. Very very good. At least if they have leads in the late innings. They should be able to hold those up with the clerk and guy. Jesse Chavez and also on nice little pick up at Sean Kelly now offense for the Rangers. You know, they're going to work with. No, no Marvin Zara on his launch angle. We'll see if that pays any dividends. We know Joey Gallo hits dinger's, but a lot of them are going to be so low here, I guess gerbil Cabrera's a segment pet-sitter in this lineup. He'll be treated in the month of July quite possibly to Cleveland on Shitsu off of his first good year in the last three. He's heading into his age thirty seven season. You really worry. A lot about this Texas team, both pitching wise and ofensive -ly. This is an under to me. This is what I've considered betting. I haven't pulled the trigger on it yet. But definitely look at Texas under their season win, total of seventy and a half. Are we move onto the National League east here where we start with the Atlanta Braves last year's division champs in the NFL east at ninety and seventy two their season win total eighty six and a half here. This is a clear-cut under pick for me. This is what I have played already. I do quite a bit. What they're the fourth best team in this division. They've got a good offense. They've got Ronald kunia. They've got Freddie Freeman Ozzy Albee's. We'll see what Josh Donaldson. Does if he's healthy dick Marquez ender? Inciarte you'll hunt. Camargo? They've got guys get hit. And the problem for Atlanta's that except for Miami. Everybody else in the division can hit to the differences. They have pitching in Atlanta does not, you know, Mike, Fulton averages already hurt. Plus, he was a regression guy. Anyway with a two eighty five three thirty seven fifty three seventy seven exit big drop in Bab had a big strikeout. Spike, usually you see the opposite. You'll see the strikeouts. Spike, the Bab go up adjusted arsenal through more sliders. Fewer fastballs. That's good. But you know, didn't get the same chase rate with more sliders. Got some swings and misses in the zone that I don't know if they're going to stick Fulton. So actually is quite frankly outside of the injury. The least of my worries here. Sean nukem eleven point six percent walk rate Julio, Tehran eleven point six percent. Walk rate last year for Tehran badmouth of to seventeen that was way off of his career Mark three ninety four ERA four eighty three v. He's a regression guy. They lost. Anabol- Sanchez Tuckey Tucson's going to slot in the rotation. And he could be good. But I think right now is more of a bullpen profile as he develops all of his pitches in that arsenal. I hate this rotation. I really truly do. I there's some upside in the minor leagues. There's good triple eight depth on those guys will be up sooner rather than later, probably. But man, even with Kevin Gosper who I think can be a little bit above average. I don't like the rotation. The bullpen is very pedestrian unless they go inside Craig kimbrel. That would be a big help. I don't love this team. I liked the offense. I don't like the pitching staff, and like I said the teams in this division that can hit also have pitching that puts them ahead of Atlanta. And a lot of different ways the central's very strong. The west isn't really a complete pushover. So Atlanta under for me under eighty six and a half, definitely one. That's on my radar as I said, I played it already. But we'll see if this thing goes back up again, I made double down a little bit on it. How about the Miami Marlins here? Sixty three ninety eight last year their season, total sixty three and a half already played the under on this one. I mean this team is worse than last year and the division is much much stronger than last year. I don't know how this team avoids one hundred losses. I really truly don't they're going to lose fifty plus games. They're probably a lose fifty five games in this division at least playing seventy six against these four teams. Fifty five losses already not asking for a whole lot to get the rest of the way to the Onder here on this one, right? Anderson is good. Sterling Castro is good. There's very little beyond that in terms of the starting lineup. They'll have a massive fire sale this summer with Carlos Granderson Martine produ way in Chen. If somebody wants him surly Castro's gone a year and a half left. He could be on the move. They've got some other rental guys as well. They're looking to cut payroll wherever they can the Marlins are going to look much different after the trade deadline here this year on it won't be a good look at all. And Furthermore, something else. Keep in mind. What are the rule change? There's one trade deadline now there's one trade deadline, and it's still I thirty I well, the fact that teams can't trade these waiver guys in August means that they're looking at two months of being rid of everybody. You know last year teams would decide you know, once they got in the late August. Well, I don't think we're going to do it this year, let's make some waiver trades while teams don't have that luxury. Now, not that the Marlins are going to be in the hunt at all anyway, but maybe they would have made some waiver deals because guys get put on waivers. Just in case they get claimed then the teams try to work out a deal if they can't the player stays with the team if they can there's a waiver deal. There's no waiver trade deadline anymore to end of August. So now these teams that are working to be sellers. Absolutely have to get rid of these guys by July thirty first so like taxes like a Miami. Here. These teams that won't be in the hunt. They're gonna go two months without some of those guys they've traded away as opposed to maybe six weeks or four weeks. So that's definitely a consideration here as well. With some of these. Bottom. Feeder teams for Miami. People are raving about public Lopez of loss and the increase for him solid. Minor league numbers. He's a contact management guy. I think he could be okay. You know, I like Caleb Smith and Trevor Richards both of those guys miss some bats both of those guys also missed some time last year with injuries, we enchant Dan straightly serviceable at home, but complete punching bags on the road. I would not be shocked if the Marlins only win twenty-five road games this year. I really truly wouldn't be shocked because they've got a starting staff that really has potentially a beaten up badly on the road, and they can't hit, you know. At least it holding the fact that they can't hit. It's not as bad because they could pitch better at Marlins park, but they can't hit and they can't hit on the road. They're not winning much of anything about these splits for we in Chen and hope in seventy eight innings, we enchant a one sixty two ERA get seventy eight inex- one eighty batting average. Against to forty five on base to eighty three slugging against two thirty. Whoa. Bug inst-. Kenan home in seventy eight innings in fifty five and a third innings on the road. We in Chen last year, eight nine twenty-seven ERA three thirty two average against three ninety eight on base. Six nine slugging percentage. A four nineteen wilda guest on the road four nineteen. Incredible. How bad weedy and Chen was on the road last season. I would not expect it to be a whole hell of a lot different here. This year to give you a frame of reference here last year Christian yelich who won the MVP had a four twenty two wilda. So essentially everybody on the road against we in Chen hit like Christian yelich, which is insanity. But that's just how bad we was on the road last year getting his fifty five and a third innings Slavi Asli. We may have some value at home on the road. Not at all. We're play overs. We'll play first five overs. We'll play that type of stuff against we in is on the road. Let's take a look the New York bets here seventy seven and eighty five last year eighty five and a half their season win total. Look this is an elite rotation. Jacob degrom Noah, Syndergaard Zack Wheeler Jason Vargas, even had some decent exit loss numbers against Stephen Matt's. The riddle for Mickey Callaway to solve here this year. You know, look the Mets Ed Robinson can all Wilson. Ramos JD Davis. Dominic Smith and Pete Alonso. We're going to play at first. Now, they've got more athletic bench with Jonathan Braxton won the Garas Dany head sharia jed Lowery's injured right now. But he'll be back. Todd frazier. Still, okay. If you went assessments comes back at all that's a big boost. Brandon Nimmo had a great year last year. Muggle Conforto closed out the year strong. I like this lineup quite a bit. I liked their balance like the versatility off Jeff McNeil place in left field. It's going to be ugly. But you know, really upset of that. I mean, the Mets are a decent defensive team. I guess overall. But a very solid offensive team problem is they played a part that really suppresses offense. We'll have to see how that goes for them over the course of the year here, but men outside of the rotation which is very strong. The bullpen is quality. You've got Edwin d as juris familiar, I love Robert Selman and Seth Lugo to right handers that I really like very high spin rate for lugos curve ball. You only thing I worry about is that this team is a little. Older. But really, I think the Mets have a lot of potential here this year one guy, I want you to take a look at here. Jason Vargas, five seventy seven ERA last year five oh, two v. Not good at all four forty two extra dough. So that homerun to fly ball percentage should regress to eighty five wolf against it home three ninety four wolf against on the road. But over his last fifty four two third innings held opposing hitters to a two eighty eight Wilbur and had some decent road efforts at in Philadelphia in Chicago against the cubs in Washington. So he was a guy that was hurt early on in the season. But got better as the season went along get head some decent exit philosophy metrics, Jason Vargas is going to be a hidden gem. I think at home in his starts this year for the Mets because degrom Syndergaard Wheeler. They're all going to be priced high. No one's going to bat an eye at Jason Vargas. I think there could be so upside and some value there with him Philadelphia Phillies eighty and eighty two last year season went to Italy here this you're eighty nine and a half. Look Bryce Harper is a big deal. But this was a strong lineup. Anyway, one thing at the Phillies were missing last year. I'm not a big batting average guy by any means. I'm definitely an on base percentage type of guy and then a wolf type of guy, but they were missing batting average top of the order now, they get Andrew mccutchen. They get gene cigarroa, they added that batting average element element, excuse me. And they didn't sacrifice walk rate. You know, they still have recess gins who's going to walk a fair amount Cesar Hernandez good on base percentage guy. Mckell Franko was back to league average. You know, this is a lineup that looks really really strong overall. And you're going to have depth one through eight in this lineup guys to get on base guys that put the ball in play guys at hit for power. I like this lineup quite a bit here for the Phillies. Now, the pitching staff has some surplus value guys God is so there's Aaron Nola, and you wonder about his innings increase who two two hundred and twelve point one innings last year. But Jake Arrieta was hurt last season. I would expect him to be more. Consistent, Nick potato four seventy seven ERA, but a three eighty fifth three forty two up. Well, over a strikeout parading cut his home run right down by about two and a half percent from two thousand seventeen to twenty eighteen if doesn't get this year, he's close to league average. So I would expect pathetic to be closer to a four ERA with those good peripherals Vince Velazquez for eighty-five ERA three seventy five fifth. One thing that did really hurt these guys. Last year the Phillies were terrible defensively. They'll be better defensively this year, though, not they won't be great by any means. But they will definitely be better. That'll help out this staff the season until just has no equity at this point with the Harper signing going up into the high eighties. But this will be a very good team will be a playoff caliber team should be right there for this division. When all is said and done. Finally, we take a look at the Washington nationals here eighty two and eighty last year eighty eight and a half their season win total. They added Patrick Corbin to go with max Scherzer. Stephen strasburg. Hopefully Strasbourg stays healthy this year. They also ended Annabel Sanchez an edible Sanchez really changed his arsenal around last season. Wanna put the second best average exit philosophy against in baseball behind Joakim Soria, and I'll talk a lot about exit velocity is the season goes along. But I mean think about it. You know, if you're able to avoid hard contact guys don't hit home runs with eighty eight mph average exit philosophies, you know, they just don't do it. So the most detrimental of hits the extra base hits usually balls to get hit really really hard. If you could minimize hard contact. You can have a lot of success Sanchez a guy that did that last year. I know people will look to fade him with his lower era is higher expert. But I believe in the sustainability their of edible Sanchez also going to national Stephen plays some pretty strong defense, which should help him as well. And look you add Corbin you add Sanchez bring back, Alex. You thirty beds starts from quad pitchers last year. Also, I think you upgraded from Tanner Roark with Anibal Sanchez. I really liked this Washington team quite a bit in the pitching department. At least starting pitching side. I like the lineup to even without Bryce Harper. Lots of high-velocity contact guys want Soto Anthony Don was the most under appreciated bit player in baseball and a meeting. Trae Turner guys that run guys to put the ball in play guys. Get on base. I Bryant dosier bounceback candidate like this lineup quite a bit too. Now the bullpen is my primary worry for Washington high risk high reward. Sean Doolittle gets hurt a lot. But misses a lot of bats Trevor Rosenthal missed all of last year. Kyle bear claw misses. A lot of bats. You know, the thing is like the Indians the Washington rotation will work deep into games. So that can help the bullpen out a little bit. But if injuries pop up for this bullpen major concerns there for them. And obviously you David Martine. He has people not to sold on him. So I do like Washington from a talent standpoint to win the east. There's a little bit of value on them. I their season win total over a little bit get high number when you talking about high numbers and a lot of margin for error. But man, this NFL east very very strong. But again, I think the Braves the team I would expect the ticket pretty decent step back here this year. And obviously the Marlins will be a punching bag and get Oakland over the American League West my favorite season wins. It will over bed here of the season. So there you go. There's a look at the American League West and the National League east could have to do some more baseball stuff. Here is the season getting very very close. Get makes you head over to bang the book dot com. Check out all of my baseball content. Very to landing pages the OB season win total primer and the season. Benning tips bookmark does check those out as you can also the kindle e book available, and we'll get that PDF posted over a bag the book dot com as well. So lots of baseball stuff going on lots of college basketball stuff going on very busy. Time of year, keep it. Tune to bang the book dot com. I'm ready to take the next step. I'm ready for university. That will help me advance in my education and career a university. That will make me feel supported an connected ready for ODU online. Click the set or go to online ODU dot EDU today.

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