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A chart of Tuesday is Tuesday. October thirteenth twenty twenty twenty seven minutes after the hour. Welcome to the show Harvey Morning Show Features J. Co host Barbie Cologne, where you get your morning started right place on earth where you get you to start right that chat room is wide open or if you love to call the numbers five, seven, zero, nine, eight, two, six, nine, five, zero broadcast iheartradio radio DOT COM Sean Harvey WanNa Show Dot Com fan radio station comedy Worldnet radio, or podcast platforms right here. This one on facebook live only place on Earth where you get your morning started right? Why not? Barbeque alone on a turn up Tuesday bobby good to see you and good morning and how are you? It's good to be seen Sean I am doing. Here in Bethlehem right now, we were cast live till you from is fifty two degrees. The highest going to be sixty, four today. It's a little rain low wet outside it's going to be cloudy for the rest of the day is going to dreary guys but nonetheless, it's going to be a great fifty two in Strasbourg sixty four, the high also cloudy with light showers today in Newark New Jersey fifty four degrees going to a high of sixty three today light rain this morning but it should start usher stopped by nine ninety e, but it's going to be a little cloudy. In. New York City fifty five right now, I'm going to a high of sixty one light rain this morning, but it's going to stop raining but it will be cloudy for the rest of the day sixty, eight, Atlanta seventy, five, hundred high partly cloudy this morning. But the sun is GonNa come around nine am and it's going to be a beautiful day for the remainder of the day in Miami is seventy five degrees eighty eight will be the high clear and sunny I'm jealous sixty, one I'm sorry, forty six in Chicago sending for the high and clear. and. In Los Angeles, it is sixty eight degrees for highest going to be ninety three today and it's going to be clear and sunny. That's the weather half you are wasn't looking like where you are coming to you live from the Sean. Hannity show featuring, Sidney. J. Will you WANNA start right exactly where you get your morning started right we have the morning buzz everyone and I guarantee you guys before nine am this morning your head will be buzzing. That's why you hear so stay tuned for that. We also have front page news with sending Jay Where we'll give you the news locally nationally globally, and you know how I like it from the hood. So stay tuned from. That s the city wnyc at news is going to be off the chain today Bobby Witt's do have force and we will have some harvey had split your stay tuned but listen don't go nowhere. We are in the building. We are here on a turned up Tuesday God bless each and every one of you guys, telephones telephone about Shahabi more show featuring a wake-up team business page like that page you get notified each and every morning. When we go live and join our group room I. Believe we have one of the hottest group rooms on facebook but what we're doing right now when we come back, we're GONNA shout out the room where's the heart set in the chat room more than buzz after that but what we're doing right now, we'll go back to the morning drive DJ role. Let's go the one on. One. Each obtain Chroma comedy were on that radio Monday through Friday seven. To Ten am. Hey. This is Senate Jay from the shot Harvey Morning Show featuring the wakeup team catch us on our radio. The. Call Them. So here. I am I'm. I. Must. Come on back. God bless each and every. Tuesday. October thirteenth. Twenty twenty thirty minutes out the hour. Thank you thirty five minutes out the our back. Show. Cine Bob you any place on Earth where you could Shimon Start, right? Why not RADIO DOT COM. IHEART radio show have you WANNA show Commun- radio FAM- radio PODCAST platforms facebook all. Bobby real quick cindy good morning my a Barbie. Real quick. And clap the got a green drink. What is this morning Kale Spinach? Banana. Carrot Mango. Tropical, right. Locally a little bit. ooh What Times that bathroom break. Crazy right. After the cleansing here in Buffalo we were cast last you from it is fifty two degrees. The high will be sixty four today. It looked like start raining and maybe a little light drizzle in certain areas. It's going to be cloudy for the rest of the day and then Strasbourg fifty two degrees sixty four for the high also cloudy. With, light showers this morning but it's going to be cloudy for the rest of the day. That's where the half when you are once look like where you are Cologne come and said, you lie from the show army WANNA show featuring. Will. You started. We started right. We are back in the building a shout you mentioned his name, but we have to I always keep mentioned his name, but I want mentioning. Cindy SHYLA DJ role. Of envoys. There's a little weird this while we were here on time we were here and we cut the. We cut the center, cut the system on time. and. Something with this stuff something always just. After after I do and I do after that, I got to give it to Jesus of Rome. You know what they say Sean Technology will work usually if it doesn't, it's due to user error. Say. Go back to the recording. The recording nine. Cut It on and then something happened in Rome. Rome is right. This the weird part about it, he has a teen view. Rome fixing this thing right now as we're talking, I could see him fixing whatever he's doing. Then, I see another pitcher like he's gotta be doing this in his bed. Like I. Don't think he has an office gear right now sitting. The. WIFI neck. So he's got his laptop you send the bed is dark the news is on. The news is on. He's probably up, he's probably in the kitchen. Is Not yeah. That's That's where I imagine Dj. Out One. Kitchen. Island. Put that like one light online. I as a Little Cup of coffee and he's just And that's what is he's done. He'll probably go back. I think no. I. Think. He's I. Think he's a morning guy my my my my vision right now is his wife is laying next to a new misdeed. She's probably sleep. He's laying next to what the laptop do rag went ahead. The dog in the dark right saying maybe the TV's on and he's doing his thing and he's doing it very quietly. That's my pitcher. Wrong with which is he? No sweet. Welcome Thank you. For Your Service and we we appreciate Sin A. Roundup of shut up shut Russa love we appreciate the each and everyone guys on Tuesday for coming out and listening to the show you could. You could listen to any other radio show and on earth and you choose to come here each and every morning to loot new listener God blessed Llanesa Ronald Please many anyone there's no. Of. Guilty Linda has a whole serious job. About about. You're right. Career, right like I've never city in my city about welcome people in the chapel lever lows. Leslie. Time and energy to everybody in there and hey, divorce city. I never had a career like serology. Exactly These folks. Show. Round Up last night, our beloved Prince Cox, Pause Blackheart sent me a text. Prentice rile do. Last just before the of. Classic You know we were talking about the quarterback. The cowboys, this young man's Day. City broke his leg is broken ankle. We'll talk about that briefly yesterday we're GonNa get to he said he said it broke on a lie the dickey. From everybody else. It was just his foot was going in another direction. Yeah. I'M GONNA have to look that up on. One of those would you see your when you see the human body do something like it's not supposed to? Talk. To you. Know. I'm. Not. More, happening. Not More. Than you can imagine that pain. The I I looked at it as like something that human beings don't really see on an everyday basis. You. Don't see on my break day ankle in a foot goes in number direction every day. So you're not immune to it. So when you look at God. City. Zach. He didn't. Adapt I'm sorry that he got back. was. Up for a contract extension like your boy from Ma. CAN'T CITY The young guy. I remember. Champion Nick foles. No. Not Focal Point. Does the guy they won the super bowl last year's any. And then gave four hundred million dollars in. Patrick. Mahomes right like he got a baseball. Team and I remember that coin. It was said he secured the bag, the coin and the rest of his life right real and he did that over the summer and fall covy right YEP right? Right. It was some other of football players, a quarterback Senate, the Babylonians they secured their deals as well. Right? Data insecure his dale. So he's like a free agent no one year guaranteed contract with WHO with. And they're and they're just starting into their contract. Get into it now sitting before. You. Re this reminds me of. You ever seen that movie Jerry Maguire From Ninety six part of. Odd. Have you seen Jerry? Line for line though I don't know. But I know it's like a sports. Agent. A romantic comedy about an agent and Renee Zellweger, right? Right and it hasn't shown siree. Cuba gooding junior was in it right and Cindy and he was a player no kidding. He was the player his name was Rot as well. That was character I will never know how background. But that was the seat when he helped me you help. You help UNLV. Remember. That city was a top of the line agent and he lost on his client. He he had. He had picked up a a Cubans gooding junior's character rot as well. Right? Right Rodney Rot as well. This guy. And his wife you know this is wchs named the. Character name was more seats, his well, but the. African. American actress was a name you know everybody knows is Except you? Know I know I know her character name in the movie I don't know her real. Actors, name continue name was Morsi Tis well, as soon as she was encouraging wife because what happened was the Arizona Arizona cardinals offered Tis well. This horrible contract. Like for three years. Nine million dollars like it was this nothing and the wife convince. Rod Regina King Regina King. My black. My blackness. Regina King was like. You're not signing that contract. That's what she said to him. To. Rot and I was like wherever you need me to do and he played without the contract for the year. But then at the end of the season like this incredible game, they make the play. Awesome. Blah Blah Blah, you know he was like hero guess what the Arizona Cardinals offered him this major contract. That's what you've seen in the movie and he's the God he's being interviewed by the guy talking. By the way. The Arizona cardinals just came in came in with an offer for you towards twenty five, million dollars, two years and he starts crying. Take. My wife with my wife. I love you and then he's getting somebody. This is wally. Chat will. Count Blind. He. He goes. I'm getting somebody. I WANNA. Thank my agent. Because my agent. Chevy. I love you man because Jerry by. Client Cherry had no money. He was done his his he had married. Renee Zellweger the marriage was you know it was up and down a little bit because he was struggling but once tidwell get that contract. gave him that Uh. All the superstar started coming back started getting all his work back. See the movie was nominated for Five Academy Awards I seen it. But I. When did it come out? What year this? Lady six being disrespectful. Okay. I was like. Or something. So. Easy? So I probably seen it when I was like fifteen, probably end the movie. Jane Las and maybe I'll watch it today in the in the movie should watch city in the movie right in that. Big Game. One. Catches the ball in the endzone does he gets knocked out. So everybody thought he used flus on the ground sleep but remember he had no contract. So if he got hurt, he was done he's done but cine he snapped. Why would wait? Why would you be on the team with no contract causes Senio. You listened to say cine his wife said they offering who contract 'cause? You're playing without one. Yeah. You can't. You can take that rest you can play with other existing contract. You had the same thing with Zach goes back, Zach that that the same thing with that daggs Zach. It's the same thing goes back to him. So he had this BS contract in the movie. Right. And then. He he he's a hero, the game, and then they offer more or less money. So he played the year with the contract. Right 'cause the wife set. You are worth more than this put. Moving. Yeah they've they've seen. Now, sitting this goes back to a that right He's got the guaranteed one year contract, and this is what this is leading to with this whole shot the woman. Thirty one, million dollars Barbie yet a little over thirty to thirty one million dollars guaranteed this year. So he breaks his ankle and if you make thirty to thirty, one, million dollars, you're going to be fine. He's twenty seven years old they said they had made him an offer, but he declined it because he wanted to be. It's the same thing saying he wants to be able to negotiate. Look at you but listen now they're not gonNA offer them anything you're talking about off he declined it. Yeah. Right. That's the thing like. Any family or something like that. That's the same thing with Jerry Jerry. The same thing with Jerry Maguire they rot as well. He declined the contract right and played in late and he got hurt but he was. Recovered this guy. Broke his ankle his six months he can't even do anything for six months. Saying these twenty three years old now city he gambled he gambled and he declined the contract. But it still doesn't make it right because a lot of these quarterback Sidney J. They got these guaranteed contracts with the extension. If he got the contract that would mean even if he was hurt, he'd still be good. You have a certain amount of money. If you saw four hundred and seventy, five million and he broke his ankle, they'd be like, Oh, you broke A. Hundred thirty, five, million, we take fifty, million off he broke ankle. But it's money is still good right? You still. Clauses in college but now, right what's going on with city this one hundred and seventy, five, million dollars on the table and he'd outlined he declined to the Dallas cowboys don't have to sign them now. This quarterback tobacco fun of backup quarterback. Cowboys right now sitting the cowboys they won the game the way. that he broke his ankle. But what if the cowboys don't sign this young man again who've rush? That's not him Cine cine. That's not the backup quarterback to Dallas he played in the of he used to play with the Cincinnati Bengals. Dangle Sin City. Then bring all up for the rule out to say where's the loyalty. SEANEY. Save it. Hit me out out out. gave me out saying the Dallas Cowboys hold on the Dallas Cowboys don't sign this guy because he. declined. The contract. That's fine. That's business business, right. But what about the you cowboy fans? You people that root for this team. At The Dallas cowboys don't do right by this young man. And you still cheer for this team. When they even if he took the negotiation of the table. And you still a cowboy fan. And this twenty, seven year old man of football player. He can't get his money city technically after this year they don't have to give Ono Sean now no no city. That's my fear because that's what these teams do city. They don't have to pay him no more money. They go all that of that money declines. They don't have to pay them. Exactly. So why are you saying that the fans should be down with the cowboys if they decided not to do it first of all, that's a business decision and all players don't be loyal to the teams they'd be going. To. Other. If I'm loyal to a team. Is it because I'm loyal to that? So? It's not it's okay that they don't pay him. What if for no other team picks them up city broke his ankle doesn't matter. So nobody should be loyal to the NFL anyway because they're racist. Okay. Have you. Off the backs of black men exactly. They don't do you. Why no support there. They don't pay Dak. Prescott take all that money and. There should be no matter where we will this is all that money and start building the stadiums they should take that money. To fix the Electoral College. This stupid knees. Look out. You care about that press kind his ankle. About. that. Putting them anyway, we still need to be sitting Oh. You, WanNa talk about sitting. Has No. Loyal. Their bike side. Excuse me. We do need to be entertained. We go. It's TAP. Their now, I'll tell. Donald trump is your president. We need COMPO. Window football, we need football players. We need top down to be injured and the top place need to make that money on Sundays? Their. Play. Pay Dot dollar. Hotel rooms. Excuse me please screaming we you. Care what they do after they get off the film Weenie entertainment and Zach needs to be paid for this Sidney. J. Pay Him what is cash out you pam. So. All you. Dallas. Cowboy fans. You should burn jerseys. Oh. My Gosh. Bermuda? If they don't pay this guy. Sitting. All do white quarterbacks all white quarterbacks getting money you here one the galvanized for the white quarterback the. Bax again no way he blade he's Black Yeah Oh. That's why. We. City, we need even police. You talking. Even Buddy was why don't we go to justice in this country? Maybe. Even, if we got justice in this country Donald, trump on it, we still need to be entertained. Football we'd love football. Discount needs to get paid. Okay. He took the contract off the table cine if the Dallas Cowboys Sodas skyway and and no other team picks them up at twenty seven years old. He's done. That's because they wasn't trying to pay him his words. And you're GonNa sit there and tell me that you callaway. You've got to advocate for this and cheer for the Organization is doing away. Okay. Going on out here in this world, but we still meet cocoa know what's going. On exactly what's going on here and I've been affected by my whole thing is the. Side is GonNa give him his money. Coin. Paid thirty, one, million dollars he said he didn't watch it. Because they wanted to pay. When the payments worth he was worth more than one, hundred seven. All hundred fifty, million dollars. Well he got the right team. At Dallas. I days. Worth Goto. The seahawks are something like. Okay look at what you're doing. I see. Southern. Food Shelter Room She's Chris What if you go back to the Jerry Maguire I hope he got a degree or SOM- you got back up. With the Greek. Sport. No not. Twenty years old. that. That mind that I hope. He got a new balance dealer something I could guarantee. He's not gonNA get a job meka thirty one. Dollars endorsements, Sydney. Let's play for Shaoguan City. Let's play devil's advocate. Now let's go back to the Jerry Maguire movie long movie. I'll tell you about this. You know I seen. She's safe it seventeen years ago sitting carry on. Now with if you would, if you, let's put you in that role as Jerry. And quarterback now a Dacca's done. and. He turned down the contract would you go as an agent? My agent. The agent has agent my. Sydney, what you're going to do for you boy in Dallas if you was his agent right now, if I was his agent I would be like brought take that. What were the what were the terms over the next two years within one year? The what he got now he's had a one year deal, but then they want the. Five. Seven. For this. Year the agent now agent. This is my agent. See what you got would you go tell you boy now? And remember football is a very competitive sports you at all these all these young men in early twenties. He. Does this thirty five quarterbacks waiting to take this guy spot? And at the quarterback, this guy, he used to be Barbie look of this guy, he was a he came into the game he used to be quarterback of the Bengals last year. Oh. Andy Andy. Andy. Sending the guy's name is Andy. Andy. Backup. Now Andy Dalton Andy Dalton Siniya Andy Dalton. City would've takes the cowboys to the playoffs sorta like the same thing like. With What he wants to go right city. That will be messed up if they get to a better deal than that Prescott he was doing now that'd be I'm trying to use the owner cowboys. US owner of the cowboys. And Andy? Dalton. Took you to super bowl to Babylonian and one. Cowboy fans going crazy. Are you GONNA sign. DAX. To. This. New Contract, with two hundred, million dollars for whatever years I'll have to wait to see how his recovery is going I before I made the decision. I was signed I would try to keep my my backup, give them some kind of deal feeding some peanuts whatever I mean ultimately got to do anything else lined. Bobby don't know all the information. Asked me that question actually what I'll do. On Your own if the cowboys your backup quarterback. Johnson. Andy Andy. King, but Labwani Guy. What that? All this. Gets you to the? Super, Bowl. Super Bowl Bam. Do that Prescott from do. With the I'M GONNA I'M GONNA give Andy Bonus. Whatever he was because he's probably making minimum wage. Spotty million dollars before. I I'll give ten, ten million. Yeah. Thank you bro. For Win, the Super Bowl for me the down get another two of a backups and I'm not gonNA sign your boy for two hundred, three, hundred, million dollars. Rockaway I'm not doing sitting the owner of the cowboys won the Super Bowl with Andy Dalton the Babylonian. You got two hundred and fifty million dollars on the table to get the other guy that got the air cast on. But you have won the super bowl for the first time since years. I mean, I don't know how long it's been cowards. I don't jets Super Bowl. This is a hypothetical. This year. Cine. This year yes. The new quarterback now. Okay and that's his out. Right and my scenario is with the cowboys win Super Bowl. You as an owner of the cowboys. Would you? Go back to the negotiating table for the other guy back to know I'm not going back to that your. Like your time I didn't WanNa pay worth to begin with now after you broke your ankle and have been on your behind for six months I'm going to go back and give you more money. Does that sound logical? These people would Pay The white boy more than blackboard. I mean, that's probably what they're going to do. Not the owner of the cowboys but in your hypothetical. Know Probably. GonNa drop this dude. We gave him one hundred US analysis. And this is the point that I've been making from the beginning of this conversation why these people shouldn't be getting into bed with these racist organizations. This is why this is the beginning your whole life into your good years listen this is. Good at game. entertained. You Like a piece of cattle. Guess what we did. We did we did the same thing to him because that's the sentiment right now in every. City issues. You had. People Suharto. Also logical. PERSON WHY WOULD I? Need to the person injury exactly as recovery. Point. Whether you're black or why he say. Now. Sitting. Dalton now? meaning. We all feel this way all the other NFL teams going to feel the same way. Exactly. This is what I'm saying so. I. Don't want this to happen to this year I. Hope He has a backup plan go through some else prentice is talking about the NFL is filled with a bunch of people who are doctors and lawyers and they have all these other side hustles. So I'm sure he'll be fine. Go do a charitable organization, become a sports commentator gig creative bro start making some viral videos like I don't know. So what about the cowboy fan? What the cowboy fans are GonNa be, cowboy fans because. The franchise quarterback, Right forget about this guy well, again, Shawn and goes to argue a fan robot player or are you a fan of this team question about hold on we'll be right back on morning drive. Hey guys it's wide. Reaching obtain a comedy where net radio Monday through Friday seven. To Ten am. This is Senator Jay from the shot Harvey Morning Show featuring the wakeup team catch us on our radio. The. report. So here I am I'm. Dying. Must. Church. August morning show features Cindy J. Long call those. Social Media Platform. In. Dj. With the day. Rome. Game. 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That's right and you can hit us up on facebook at the open house radio show featuring DJ Rome and Ms d doors are always open and we'll see you after the open house. It's. Michelle Harvey show featuring the wake-up teen you want to have a good time may stop stopping at the IMU located eight Thirty One south Delaware Dr here east of his. The American cuisine in a twist on cocktails on Wednesdays and Thursdays do incite also Fridays and Saturday here this move south of a local artists featuring jazz or are be when you stop and make sure you tell them to show show censure. D. Jane. Balls. Dow would. Do Okay we're back. suze cine safe to say that we had turned up on. Tuesday October thirteen twenty twenty fifteen minutes after I walked back showing watch out features cine jalen phone calls Barbican. We morningstar right only place on earth where you get your. Chat rooms opened up please call five, seven, zero, ninety, two, six, nine, five, zero, seven, he guess what? We shout the chat room. Yeah. That's my favorite part of the show. We will show the chat rooms. Some love. Without these folks, we wouldn't be around here. That's right and I can say collectively that we all family right that's right. Yeah. The family like we don't. We can't physically CD's people but spiritually they here right sending any. Just retail right. Like everybody in the chat room is in this room right now. It's like a spirit I. Feel it. Is LLANESA Rondo and. That is the Chad need to see the hearts in a chatroom right now is young and the in the bill young, and that is in the building Wanda Santiago. Shepherd Bill Wanda isn't a valley one in the building She was she was. Yeah she is. She just put some heart they didn't. Pay. Certain. After. That city let's go. With. A Win. Win Hearts at. Red At. Heart. Flu. Hey Hey. Hey. Hey Town they. Romaine. Take. A heart set semi. Let's go. To work. The heart set. Along With. The heart. Word. Hey. Hey. Hey Foldaway. What turned down. Outlets. Game. Okay. Hearts that semi. Let's. Walk. Away. Hey were. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey Hey Hey. Hey Hey. What's Hey, what's going on down fo? Turned down for a while some people haven't been out while. Over. Here lag tear Dow way. Club and studio. Zach went to get back on stay why? Show coming the show last week and Poughkeepsie. Last Saturday night. Shout out to those. poughkeepsie. It was. So now tells us anything I'm lying I was. Almost, going towards Albany is. I know. I would've been this way you hear me I wouldn't in any way. Below Right I WANNA have that option. I WanNa know where you don't take actions from us. How long? Can you tell us where you're going to be what don't you want people to come in and see your comedy? But. You don't tell. People don't come your way this the people from the town listen. Cindy way before. I went out to new. York to female promoters, right African Americans sister's doing a pay during the real big up there sold out. The show was three hundred people. But because of covid they had to break into two shows. One fifty one fifty two, point, five, hundred. Wow. Is a black owner of the venue city. The African American owner two days before the show canceled the show. So, three hundred tickets. Oh Wow. To cancel the show. The my African American owner didn't want to do the show. We just freaked out. The Italian people across the street said, don't worry about ladies we pick it off. Oh well, go ahead. Did it? But I don't blame the Black Guy. Because maybe the Talian Guy can get away with doing that. Maybe the black can. Maybe. They would have shut him down tickets liquor license. Talion. Got His uncle's on the board maybe so I'm not going GONNA get mad at the African American Guy I. I feel a whole struggle which you, Bro. But the Italian shout out to them they run the town they're allowed the young ladies to do it. and. It was this assessment show. So those female promoters, great job, and thank you Italians for. Letting us. Do the show because the african-american dude he was under pressure. Liquor license and I'm not even mad at him. Well, he was following the guidelines place holes five hundred he's doing three hundred doing right but not only that they broke it down to one fifty, one fifty. The five hundred people if the place holds five hundred. One hundred fifty people in their at at time. So what he's only taking baby showers right now. But this the Italian guy he said, don't worry about it. We gotcha and it was right around the corner from the place saying. But I'm not I'm not mad at my African American owned maybe there's he doesn't have those strings in. I don't know that before he's advertising his. I mean maybe. Two days before the show exactly now. He should have known that he shouldn't we take. We're being sold. That once they reached one hundred. You know whenever that was that. If he started getting African American African American sisters was like we never doing business with this guy, again. PUT, shot out to those folks men show the town came out heavy everybody had the mass on. It was a good look and sitting ready get back out here and tell these jokes. Like I'm ready to get out. Here. I'm. Jomie to like it's just. Unbelievable. But I'm I'm ready I'm ready to laugh I'm ready. Okay. Open Up. We're ready. Laugh on. Allowing, you ought to do here not still. Together we stick it is nonsense now. Is Not, only that they wouldn't even let me do the drive through parking in the parking. Of that need to get it together. It was China keep us a New York and New Jersey outside. Spiky they are spying on the. Terms. Of A get hot spots. All that's coming back into play. With. Always hot spots. Tomorrow High. Hotspots. Changing, he will take the voice shut up to keep those talks coming Chapman. Please if. If you don't want to take the vaccine that's coming out God. Bless you. Way. UMASS. Right. But they're gonNA open up this thing in the next four months they're gonNA hope when the next winter after the winter springtime next year, there's going to open up everything. Harris say she said if trump says we should take it. I don't want to. Say that. is on now but if JOE'S THE PRESIDENT SENDING Would you take it then? It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. That's what I'm saying you have two choices in this country, you will take the vaccine. Or you wait your mass. But know that in the next six months, they're going to open this thing up anyway. So lets. People without this. I listen. Radio, I'm ready to go outside. and. I'm at I'm at a danger zone at fifty five or sixty, five cocoa looking for people like us. But it's time to open up. Its about to cold. That's what I don't understand I see in New, York all these like little response. What are you going to do in the winter? Cincinnati there's GonNa be on the gloves on. Get Cold, immediately You, know refund. Refund keep those hearts come. But who's in a charity we have. Della Andrews and the bill good. Morning Delo. deborrah free ninety nine Lesley is here hey, deborrah Natalie's her in the building. Good Morning. Shout out to a AC- Lynn. Ruin a hey crystal. John Cochran. It's in the building from Fan Radio Hey, John. Good Morning. The show be x is here hager going into Vanessa central is in the building. What's up in the Sean brought out of Hey. Good, morning. Who was here? Oh you culinary William, take you good morning to you. See Linney is here Hey Charles. Lamar Ford in the building shutouts who narrowly right Hey Natalie Komo warning the savage is here Cam Cavo. What's up? Girl Hey. ME. Kyle Pharma is here what's up Mikael Hey? Josh. Hold on. Video driving. Yesterday I. Thought it was really Nice. Taking that song and. You're driving descending. Does you have your seatbelt on I didn't see people. Okay cool but it was really nice. I like the way you edit video and all that that. That was though. Finance making it. Look good. It was. The jemaine enjoy the videos. Just, mass last night to that song. Didn't have that in the platelets. Or some other things? Okay. Are you getting tied up over visit? I'm at this point in my relationship I'm Tanya now. No haven't gotten there yet but not not too far away. Now, I'm curious coming. Tiny the rope. Kick you. Get Mad. Up Special. Rope or regular rope. One Rope Oh from Amazon. Today, day you get. A good deal. I over? The rope. Broke she's likely to go. Through. We asked. NASA. Be No a little bit about the. Royal. Chapel. CHAPEL BE NASTY WHAT got. My computer. I. Put. NASTY AS A. Chat Room that's put on one in the chat room though. Bobby one. I'm. NASTY NASTY And I'll be. Waiting like to keep it keep it clean. Really. We have. Did. He. Didn't get it. Johnny Jiri Mo- Wocka Crawford. From new, Zealand shouts you international your name won't be. Johnny. J. That's a lot. Of reading every day, you come back though we appreciate. Did a great job announced. Julia Gillard charges property was subject. Was Having to build their apprentice cats. Hey, boo. Robinson, should he get getting princess riled up which will? Over there lying drew Williams. Just popped their sub drew. Welcome Trudeau Hey thank you for tuning in. Your name look from does injury. Drew Tasers here too. But drew Williams he knew I, believe. Welcome to the show we appreciate you watching. And listen. So, come on back share with your friends. Please SHAUNA. Beaming is here what's up showing a hager? She just POPs in who else we have in the building younger nut hey, good. Morning I'M GONNA. Hey playing some good music facebook to the of a day. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA play. Play some music he went on live. He was DJ he was playing old school house. Music. And on all like he was in his crib or something like. You'll these deejays they go. Any craven. Or they got like a little. Yeah. There's a little section in the room in their crap, right? Thing is like I guess like like here. I guess you don't. You can't play the music loud especially if you live in an apartment building so I think he's here and everything headphones like how we hear it because how can you blasts music like that and you live in? Like we'll. have. Cool. Neighbors. We have a neighbor like that back in the day like just plastic music when I lived in the Bronx Moore Park East tremont avenue. Little tenement building right across the gas station. Right Dan Hood. City we lived on a tough law neighbor next door blasted music all the time just all it was just the worst neighborhood like the neighbour from Hell. Was it music you like? Yeah. It was music was regular music, but it was just like that. Time just so disrespectful. But then out of nowhere they moved. Well, they have to get the boot. Veneta George Henry's in the building. Valerie time. Hey valid. Rigamonti girls. Building. Once again especially shot. Veneta George for the gas. Yeah, yesterday. Mr Diggle. That was that was awesome interview. Oh God. The beautiful. The Shepherd is here. Hey, wander good morning to you. Next will be next to next. Ken, black is here head Cam. Hey can yes DJ Roman has hey rose has been in the house for real he still in the house. He's right here. In Computer Ganz. Has the ability to shut us off right now. Mark is Mr One EMOJI. This here hello mark is magic. He's argue with misdeed and he just click a button by accident and then we're all gone. I, taught took out the government with the show. Rose gladden is here. Hey, rose good morning to you. Divert methods is in the building more diverse Jessica, Wilcox Hey Jessica Running Jessica Oh Jessica. She video on her page of porcupine. Is that really your pet or is that something you've found outside? Sorry about That were was it was a porcupine that she's had a new part of our family and I don't know she was like being funny or if they really have a porcupine as bad. Because who knows that legal? saw that certain animals you're not supposed to have. Late. I. I don't know I can have anything. Exotic exotic animals will not exotic. Porcupine in the wild. I've seen a possum but never really question is when the last how you've been in the house. where I live like the wild. POCONOS, yeah. We am I thought we were on hollow road the other day we saw a bear. Okay right. Right up into the trees saw. Barbie big this. We'll see her even daytime because they'd be out but you know the bears you have to be cautious now because they're about to start hibernating out getting their food and getting ready so yeah hey, keep an eye out. There's Fox's there's. Even. Where I live on Park Street by the park in east, Brunswick is our little bunnies hopping around you. was wrong if you. Like the wow that's like the seren-. Gatti's in the Congo's where you see like alliance killed. In Lyon. The POCONOS. Right. Up there, there were four. Years ago. Pocono. All those up there. By Alpine now in and all that big bear and moves like in Africa where you see those documentaries. Animal. Elephant like. Shut out. The POCONOS since the POCONOS. Week is to get high and go back home. GO-TO Poconos, and get drunk and get pregnant. Go back to New York City. That's the POCONOS. Well, we have. Wildlife. Wildlife Up. There is wildlife and I talk about the Pocono because I lived there. Please, totally for five years of their live there for. A year five years. The poconos nothing going on. Got Caught Dot. Best. On the POCONOS last year. What I'm saying is Komo Star and you're saying that they don't have wildlife they don't even have they don't even have cell phone surveys of the. While Saint, telling having a cellphone service of the certain parts of. Predecessor Danny is. Really why? You have bunnies where you live. We see. All of you know he's out of New York I don't think. So right you have over here running around. Here yeah we do. We might be the beginning stages of the while. You're you're the best thing I? Got One. Have Three bears behind my house on hollered a saw me every year they used to come out they live there. So dead bear in the road. Right kill by car was so sad. and. That's when I was move out to the Poconos I was so sad it was magic. Is guys the best debt. And then a few weeks later. So it story seeing where when I moved to that Stupid House that was three, hundred, thousand dollars only worth twenty, two, thousand dollars got caught up in that mortgage fraud. Scuba. My credit for five years had to get an attorney's scrape. Senior that that did that dead dare we finished out there all. The deer was dead in the driveway half in the street and half in the driveway in adult Dea Barbie. The big the biggest. Dear you can see was dead in my driveway. Just moved to the poconos ninety. Days. I called the police. Are called nine one one and I said. I did I didn't know who are call. Animal Control. That they said, go to patch up the animal control. Animal Control Guy. Goes Listen We'd be out there tomorrow. So you gotta get this deal. They call me the next day. They were there. There's like we can't. We can't move the data because. The. Deer is in your property. And half of the the road. So we can't do nothing, but we do with those some line morning. Now you better get Dan the. Property. So I'm in New York working. And I'm like. Are you serious right now? So I get to the crib. Night and there's all this lime covering the deer. There's a whole white substance all over his dad and he goes don't go near the line. Let's do an Muslim children. Since the next morning, the deal was a skeleton. It was dissolved. I took whole and dragged it across the street. And throw it into the bushes. Then I come to find out Barbie that these guys The independent contractors for the. Department of Transport. Barbie two, hundred and fifty, two, hundred dollars an animal. Dependent on the size of the animal. So you get an adult day out there now highway it up three hundred dollars. Madge scuitto today. Hey. Hey Hey. Coy you can. Forget about Bravo very well. I. Was out there I'll kill two days. Let's get this money. Three hundred dollars for an adult beer now sean. Don't God knows how much be adult bear. Be a dead on twenty two. They should have they should have their own workers doing it. That's crazy. Not Have Contractors out in the contract is they're picking up dead Rodeo, qualification that have to be you just have to have a truck. Pick it up polly a license trump would be but then what are they doing with the dead animal idea? Sitting would you would you pick up a row? Kill three hundred pop no day. I'll do some good about the busy season. Something else. What would you pick up a? Out there if I ever follow hard time now three hundred day. A day. No because that's why he? May I can do what we even they get that would about three of them. Three hundred. SESTAK. One. Touch it. Won't be the smell that Oh. Yeah. Because some of those things I don't. I can't. Pick it up I fall apart Gerson he's not. Bobby asked me if I would also join. Money three, hundred dollars a day. Per dear weaken got about five of 'em. On on on. July and said there for twenty four hours already you Roll up to the daily loaded. But a bus are they Touch roll up one on them like Halo Buddy. Ticket home. Was Shot Hades. Say because you remember the week hey, chat member the week on Yes. Hey. Are you enjoying being chat? Remember of the Week Buddy? That's right. The Queen. Is Here y'All Zion antler within the building Good Morning Diane Dj Smooth Flavor is here. Hey. David Jackson is in the building morning. Nicole. Harris. Here shutout to Lydia go hey. Good. Morning. Good morning you. Neuroma Joshua Hare about good morning. Panorama shall. It's in the building. What's shells? Juice for you girl. Show me on yellow net is here good Morning Tanya Hey Tanya the godfather of soul tracy raise here. Hey, tracy good morning. Routines is in the building and happy birthday drew. Refer to you. Marcy ramose just popped in good morning. My Sia. Yes Nina keeping it. Classy twenty, four seven. It's with a girl. Well, you may not know here. Hey. I S Audrey Jazz in the building. Good Morning Audrey Eric Ranges here. Hey. Who Else we have Diane Hall. We say, Diane Hall is end up building was that. the Real Sakina Scott is here more name. Concise Asha. I think her name was good. One girl go hey welcome to the show. Appreciate you watch him. I will message you back about that interview. Julius dillashaw is here Hey Julie is. Who else we have here drew Williams I said you Williams here, Micro Anderson Hager that you FA my. Oh yes. To want to see more end the building good morning to wine the. Who has we have the net net Nassarawa we see. Oh. Let me get together. Let me moving over little Holo at all. Then you go girl. To us we have I, think that is all the name that I have for right now if you guys are here, well, let's get started out. You just say, hi or something here for the next one city. Yes we truly appreciate. Is You WanNa make sure that you stay connected with us on social media there Sean Harvey Morning Show featuring the of team. That's the page that we broadcast off right now please make sure that you like and follow it. You'll get notification every time we go live on this page. We also have a group page on facebook. It's really a lot of fun to Sean Harvey Morning Show featuring the wake up team Group on facebook. So make sure you join at fifty friends because it helps grow. The group helps grow the show rose on Instagram Sean Harvey Morning Show. We're also on the iheartradio APP where on. Radio. APP and we're also on comedy worldnet. So make sure you guys check us out and like this video and throw it on your wall. Thank you Bob and thank you send you. These shouts were sponsored by FAM- radio please download that APP where we do. We'll go. We'll come back with front page news. Sydney says, well, we do right now we'll go back to the morning drive. got. Made. Hot that. Much. uh-huh. Science. Moon. grabbed. The one want. To. Those. I'm happy. A. You. Nice. Monday. Off. Only. Known. Thursday, if you WANNA do show morning show Sydney Bobby. Good morning for the poor. Head I was special tasks pressure partick. Give a big shoutout. To Eric Farmer. Bobby. He said you missed him for three days in a row. Three days is seen. Let me see. Pray out to it took my band before the break. I'm talking about like the last time we are in and stuff he said three times in a row. So I WANNA give a big shout out to Eric. please. Be No doubt be ex would be next. So where is Alex the. Eric Farmers British champion for the last three days, and we didn't show them out. I. Believe his name Acid Diane hosts because he's gotten down after Diane. Maybe, he just. something. Here That is to say, hi. Diane Ailey Denver verify that I said her name I don't know. Maybe. The most important thing is that we appreciate you for. A lot of times folks I care about the chat with you know. A lot of folks. That's what I'm saying I want to thank you for for going the extra mile and call manages to ensure that you know we show Eric form of some love because a lot of times like we say the names. We say so fast. Sometimes it's partly my fault I interrupt you know what I'm saying so it's not. Is a lot going on put I appreciate you. Do. That's what I do. To show. So my whole thing is. You right like Bobby pobably said it I'm. Day and I'm interrupting so blameless for me. I'm blaming me. Time with Allison. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute where we'll go way way. Before, you do that. I wanted. Eric? Formula. Chapman right now. Okay? Eric. Shout to you, Bro Eric would be XP next be next to be X. it's coming from your point Shonky K. Street. Ego. Shine you interrupt me. You know I have adhd nine. Remember what my now from what you said something about is from his check. Oh right. 'cause the. Listen Mickael Farmers said that he wanted you to. Announce that semi Jay. Is Not available. The lamb is off the table put your cutlery down. Okay that's it. It. Good not one day and he said two hundred dollars a day. So Mickael, he said he was supposed to do that way. I'm going. Back to sleep. You Win Barbie. I thing you know listen he said she going to win. Hundred dollars a day. Later. Okay I beg. On those coins. About Holloway's maybe. I will give you two hundred dollars a day now. I. Would mind it. He said he's not available. Barbie. Get Your Ghana's wait. Oh That's just. Marquess Pin. Today. My House. Love. Sitting in one of the. She is not a bell. flerfu. HEARD CJ is off the mark. Lamb no meet. Here. This guy better. Get it together. This is. This is this is been beauty of. The poor less is. More not only this this is. A very intelligent young lady. Now she put she hits us with the. School, with the Okeydoke. She calls in with the life with Eric, Eric. Form of thanks to us. Having so so we go. We go from Eric. We go we go. We got the farmers involved. Go. Eric and focusing on that because we want to show love and here come the Gut Punch. Out of. Them starting right now I've known I mean blindsided like the the stomach punch. Dover Now. Maybe Mickael was saved soil ingests, which is fine. Now. Is. She she's. Putting the don't do that to this young man no. Way That's nice. On put your money on. About that what she's saying but no. I. Think. Oh, my gosh. Shot. That's not listen. It's not necessarily just joking. Trying to be all diplomatic in every day you're not. You're not million. Billion because. You whether you want to. Send the. Talent I. Hope. You. Get into my Louis. Vuitton Fund Fun saying. into. My drill. Holes. First of all just won't. INTERFERE WITH REAL LIFE I. Talk to Lou I probably would've forgot if you talk a little more votes. In the house. She's not joking because he would. And the reason why? Did. Not. Joking. Cindy said. She made her point with a lot of passion. Actually she started talking. Free Ninety Nine SEASON? Job Did you get that money. Did you get your coins? Right. Now. Do Your. Comedy. Comedian. Get people to laugh. Sign. You have some diplomatic crap today. Can you say that you work? So you how it's done Sean. Hannity. Bird no not. WHY DOES EVERYBODY Mad? Go side I'm not gonNA. To Send Me. To? Say. Assume you. Okay A barn up technically I'm not a okay I get on the show every morning by ten and they had. Really. Do. Is Not as easy as before get on I'm maybe it's just me abby like. It is 'cause I'm trying by sometimes I'm on an actor here y'all. Come on I can't hear you. Rolling with it. 'cause I don't WanNa see like no, it's me. Go. Back in. Time that you're on the wrong show in the wrong. Watson. And I still appreciate you for that. Show that they know. I would. Like to get mad because you might get mad and everybody I know why they not responded why not get a word this is what we're doing. You wrong. I had ptsd remember when I got locked out the show any and everybody was trying to get the in yet though Dobbin. No stop any dark like you don't know. The Borough Glock me bombing fake wait a minute now. I remember I had blocked first of all you either you are or. You know. act. Are you are you? Okay right now. Meditation. Meditation. The foot you need a meditation class. Neck I want you to meditate again. That brick city Buddha. Gordon. Guided I want to I want you to. Meditate more time. Matter of fact would. I mean when you get off the phone right now, I want you to step away from the screen. Now what you're going to die. Capitol. Wants to go in the bathroom which. Would cut the lights off in the bathroom and I want you to take a moment right now just being. In the bathroom. Even. Even if you don't know what to do. So. Bathroom. I want you to I want you to take the vice. Wherever, you listen to this this show you whatever device on which is turning out. then. I want you to go kart excuse me then to go in the bathroom. In the bathroom and what you dispatch yourself in the bathroom. First thing. She said that's boring. Roster. For TV Don't maybe. The. Bachelor Party. Had An accident. Okay. Relationship. We should come wisha comfort area. Now's when it's time to smash yourself was that. I. Don't manage myself anymore. I served. Van Damme Mac down now. Out. Smash. And she's getting unemployment. Let's. I, am. Working or my business as well. Agro Okay we can't do without. We can't do this show with. Lava. Shady Eighty who's good nobody's being you know yeah, I got embiid. Unemployment. Right. Sumiala's corner. Tell you about something else but you answer. Can't, use call. Other that other of coins coming in. Worry about the Bora. Again Chilean she good with the ball Goblin. God bless God bless. God bless everyday. He does as day visit peace out God. Bless. Him Gotten this. Before. Time. Yes. Okay. Walking. Turn on. Right around. Now Bills. You got the front page to show. Can't. Pay. Page News. As long as you. Do. To shop. Yard. You got the page job. y'All. y'All. y'All y'all come on Y'all that was. That was good y'all come on down. Since I'm having to do the news and they did you my other segment but We'll have a better day tomorrow cheese ever Sean. That's been. This is the second day in a row, but it's It's fine. I'M GONNA. Do the news 'cause I'm GONNA, keep us on track now it's fine. But. You play the music for barbarity did from Asia. Do. That again. The coronavirus. Whole Week. Home. What needs to hold on Sheboygan Attacking meet Dan here. Hair we. Show outset in here. Your need. I can't even go on lot. One of this whole thing wrong. At this. By New No way I could sit. Oh how? Does this toy. A space. What is hot lights and? Sit here. Is. To. Say. Shot. Every fall jumps someone me. Joe, saw me. So. Well, you need to stop making. Tighten up over there. People want to be saying. But IT'S A. I don't even know what's going on in that poll. Very and of the city. Business. Trying to keep the show from not being. Poor teen. Teen Center. Shuns. A Little League team. Listen I. Got Thick Skin. Believe me alone today Sean stresses. Still, won't trying to keep the. City's being great door. I've sent in this new quarter right here. In. Corner. Out Your spouse now Has It. Just saying. J.. Picking. Picking on your y'All I'm sitting here. arthri fees. My knees saw fire. Drill loan fire in. Could barely walk to the Hawk and you also. Running. And I'm not. GonNa be. What Men. So here, this A. Here, sweating the back. Button. Killing me. Sit down. Shut. down. Yeah because you. Can't keep time. That's why. Alone. Oh. Shut doing this before everybody so Here's. Here's man. City. The. Great campus. Thank you. I. Hope this is. The campus on me man. ME. Taking no medication these I went to next Thursday. Sin. Cocaine, Bang. For My. He. Needs. To David. How many gives you some? Today. Going right to the dispensary. Tired of this show you WANNA show seaborn. Good, morning you need cracking up. Know. y'All got a backup. Shonka right now a little time now. Your guy his. Fresh high and he ha-. He cannot get high. So I had to come in intervene right now. So let's calm down. You know we love you I love. You and nobody messed with my Sean you. Know Me. Charlotte. Are. To us and we ain't going back. To that. You're losing. Over here. I. BY THE HEAD Over new. Jar Take you about. Like, rockstars. Over here. Somehow. You. Could. Spend. Had No one. Great Show if she let me know my girlfriend live in but kids. answered. Nets out. The. Needed to get now. He's got it. Down I can't stand. Against like that. Mouth. Yes they got. Back. Yes, they got the backup remarks. Watch on Shana. Aroma, some people can dish it out. I. Can't. We got new people dead. You don't need to see him going to. act. Like. The company show. Confidante and. I love you knew people yod did not. Write your right Dan, y'all got the right show it just the wrong time. Sorry. Do. So. Hey I'm just saying. Don't. Let it happen again. As so you just want me to carry on after that. All right. Right. I'm just letting you guys all know. The first thing I'm GONNA start off with is talking about the corona virus. Because drug maker Johnson and Johnson. Is the I'm sorry they have advanced clinical trial of its coronavirus Thaksin's. Bobby. was. Nicole. From the. House. that. Your. Check the. Good, Bro Good. Don't let the election pressure go on for that. When the women in the room is a certain amount of prosthetic news that they are expected to have. You know what I'm saying regardless of not SEAN member, we have to remember that the lamb is no more. So now we just got brother. I like my dog can hey brother. Hey, brother can land with you. Because, this and I'm. Linden. Commute. Going to. Tom I'm taking you out. We're going to have a drink if you don't drink with the what take. Anything. From. Founded brother would. Be. Man. Thank you. So looking good on the show today language. You gotta come with a minute now I was going on. You're ready. No. To hear listen. I really. Like I said a lesbian. I don't mind keeping my word so. You know I'm a Few things you. Sean today. You know I don't know if Tuesday but I definitely feel good. Okay I'm to do the news now city. You know you gotTa do something extra for the Almighty tonight. Coming. With a wonder woman outfit. Birthday on his. Birthday of fifteen man. Cine the birthdays. Cine. What you're doing, you got to do something else any I have some. Yeah. It's GONNA be Great. Great for him for his birthday. I might have to bring something else through. Johnson and are advancing their clinical trial. He gotta be a hiring. Yeah. GotTa be like this is my friends I liked he hiring. Its second. Three rotavirus vaccine phase three that birthday next week. Lovey. Sweet it's this Thursday right this Thursday this. Could. Happen. Do it. I have a great stuff to do. Not The regular, we have great activities planned. Okay. All good clean fun don't care. It's the second phase. Of Their Corona virus vaccine trial to be paused in the US. Experts saying it's not entirely concerning or unexpected for the adverse. Effects even serious wants to appear in larger studies. So I guess that means if people start dying, it's OK. Several countries like Russia and Germany are seeing record daily numbers of Cova nineteen cases Definitely they're saying there and parts of the Tristate area the cove in thousand nine numbers are approaching the early peaks of like earlier in the year there's another second wave to worry about their saying a new report claims there will be another surge of covid related mental health devastation. As. Well, increased isolation intention coupled with poor access to tax mental health. Treatment Systems could lead to more tragedies like overdoses and suicides. So definitely telling people to reach how to your support system if you are so quarantining, there's those people that you know are still shut in or just working from home. So they really are not really having to leave or getting outside very little. So that does have a big impact on your mental health. Kids are home schooling doing virtual school. In the search right now we've sounds. I'm just saying and it doesn't look like this is the third time that it's being pause. It doesn't look like these clinical trials are working out. So this but we're going. On, it I bless Second Amendment keep washing hands God, blessed you got all these freedoms in these liberties the COCO is going nowhere. It's GONNA be a cocoa season everybody. Going to come, there's going to be like from from from January to April. For the rest of history. Because we just don't WanNa Win Matt. So I don't know why he's serve the surges here. There's no sir. Second and third way there is no second. Reading. We. were. In the wave is going down. Only, one wave everybody is going up and down. This no surgery. This is it. In the way this is the cocoa accepted. Cocoa. Viruses here. It's not going away because we did this to ourselves. And we politicized it. Suck on aware man it's unfortunate folks on die. Mass. Yeah. Now, the winner cine this is the first time in my fifty, five years I mean the third quarter. I'm scared a winner. Because it's GonNa get cold somebody's GonNa have a coast GonNa Steve. They're gonNA have to cocoa land on my shoulder. I'm coming outside with football outfit. Don't plan being around many people skid. Yeah, you'll be inside anyway. So that'll be good to. Election early elections have started in some steaks. And it looks like they're already having problems technical glitch at an Atlanta voting super site. And long lines around the state plagued voters in Georgia. Election watchers have long worried that technical problems along with pandemic protocols and reduced polling staff will create untenable situations for discouraged voters. Because that's the big thing that people that are like on the fans like, am I really going to are just GonNa, go to work or do that with these you know waiting in lines or then when you finally wait in line and then you go to place your ballot and then the computer's messed up like why would they stay until you fix it you know what I'm saying. So these are all things that just interfere with the voting price process California's dealing with another problem. The State's Republican Party. Has Been asked to remove unofficial ballot drop boxes place at least three counties. Such actions are illegal since only county election officials have the authority to oversee ballot dropbox is. So then how did they get there right? In New York Nypd has told all union members to prepare to be deployed for protests before and after the election possibly into twenty twenty one if a winter promptly and securely decided. They've been saying nothing is going to affect the vote voting is going to be normal as ever. People just need to go vote Kerala. Report saying. Well. If. If why are they saying this? Would you ex bobby next city? Would you stan officers two hours vote? Yes shot I was. Three hours, vote. Okay question. Stand on law for eight hours. I need to get the, question office. Will if you get your injections to next Thursday twice second. Sitting this is going to be like. You on skin goes eight hours, and then you get there and the. The machine is broken any you need to wait another hour and a half for them to fix it in order to cast your ballot. You. Could. Of, course I'll stay there for twenty four hours or would you file a melon? I'm not mailing in I'm going to, I'm glad I'm going there. Why wouldn't you trust a male I wanna I wanna I wanNA show you don't trust the good old. Do but I wanna I wanna be I WANNA be in the action one go down the I want I wanna see people. See the trump supporters I. WanNa see the by supporters want to be mix I am so sick of seeing the trump signs all over my committee. You shouldn't feel that way. Now you can pick and choose your friends. Now they're just making it obvious who voting for no I, don't know these people, but they're probably my. Judge, my kid's teachers. The people making my breakfast sandwich. As the problem. My nurses. In a turns up, Tuesday I have A. Really turned story for you a dentist accused of slicing the neck of her ex fiance's new girlfriend with a razor blade. Oh I'll I'll go on. Lico crew forty, two of new Rochelle who is a? Dentist was arraigned of this week for charges of second degree attempted murder three counts of first degree assault, two counts of second degree assault, first degree, unlawful imprisonment, and criminal possession of a weapon for the alleged attacked. Apparently. This doctor who worked at a dental practice in Stamford Connecticut. Law. Actually took place a few blocks from where her and her ex fiance were still living together. So I guess wherever her Yeah there's a to the dentist is a female okay and her fiance are still living together. In their house. So but I guess they're not together and his the woman that he was seeing was leaving the house. So, was he had another woman was dealing right? He had another woman that he was dealing with right why had this fiance right but it's his ex fiancee. then. Galileo cohabit. Oh Yeah. They're still living together. That's how Malaysia Wow. Yeah so Right so as the victim was driving away after spending the night. She's saying that the Lady of the dentists. Lunged from the back see. And slice the victim's neck with A. Significant. Possibly permanent damage to the neck having. The whole time as relatives. The victim Tan was also cut from attempting to push her away but what happened next is the crazy part. Went. So after she slices her she runs right right When neighbors came to aid the girl because she's like outside like right She returned the dentist lady. She comes back moments later and pretends to be concerned. Crazy Crazy. And so the police were called the girl is like. ME. She's now. She's bail she was arrested and accused that the see she's now out on bail and scheduled to return to court on. November second. So she has money okay listen. Northeast. Girl. Thank. His his his reverse now tripping over the peanuts not trying to kill her. His Nets. Korea like you're going into that you sitting in a car I don't know what's going on. So you and the eggs are separated. That's why like there's a fine line with that. This is nothing is normal and there's nothing wrong cine with a couple breaking up and living together until like say the Lisa's expired I it it just makes sense, right? Okay. Maybe you're in one room is persons natural. To Me Right Yeah But. It's the fine line. Now when you officially broken up is the relationship is over but you're bringing somebody else over to the crib. Right that that's a fine I like. Being a little arrogant. In Connecticut. Connecticut. Brother used that was. That was the wrong move to make. You shouldn't have anybody over there if you're. If, you're not together in your living together until the lease expired. Seeing this girl. Fine I, get it but. Even though you. Men and I'll mind we like you know what we're not together I'm upstairs downstairs we not officially over some bring us something through. That is not the right move even if the relationship is over. EVEB each party doesn't want to see another individual in the crib. I think maybe she was like coming home and like seeing her there or something I. Don't think he brought her over when she was there I hope not a best coalition. Anymore. They've been her in my house. It doesn't move out. It doesn't matter how she got there. She's just in the house, right so the girl that the Dentists Yeah Shelly crews forty, two years old she got. Great. So she blacked out. See blacked out because they'll tell them what he put her through regardless with the break-up. All. Right right. where she gets into the young ladies car and wait for her to come out how long she's sitting in that car. That's what this woman needs to spend the rest of her natural life. In jail. Yes she she. Right this is premeditated. I don't care how emotional you get and how. Upset you are. Bodily harm like this is not necessary. And then you come back to the scene of crime. We know is you anyway she? She did favorite on him 'cause we know it was her anyway this regular woman with a with a job easy to find. And you did all of this and guess what if the young lady recovers which we hope she does. And what if they? What if the the ex-fiancee in the the victim get back together Now, you're in jail for the rest of your life. Yeah. She got stitches on the neck I. Don't know if I could be with him after that I'm just right. Of course I'm just. A Guy. attack. You. Oh, you got some unfinished without I'M GONNA go. To. Venice, she's in jail. She crazy. I I WANNA parts know. Sydney would. Have you have a blackout not like that like. have. You been situation where US so mad at a man that just stop in a young screaming. Know. Bobby have you ever been in situations where you just? Knew didn't do all this of course, but you found some news cheating whatever and started out doing stuff or just. This losing your complete mind. That means yes. So, yes. We. saw. Bobby. I saw is so. Did. So. With my ex wife when I found out, my ex wife was smashing my. The Dude on the basketball team, I told you. And she was smashing a point guard. On Tina. Go Yeah and I found this out before championship night. Because I came home, I was missing for two or three days. I co- stepping is who Cal Jace I was golfing three days. And I come back and she's like y'all going over to she told me me in such a such. And the next day was a championship game. Senior spazzy doubt and crib. and. Went to the game, play the game and looked at this dude, you FM my wife of the whole thing. Will I go chop some women's head off. Not doing that. This lady needs to spend the rest of her life in jail. Sit. That's it. She was well. Known to twenty five years old I. Know You're going to cut this woman is throwing in back her car and then come back. The must have some incredible painted. Where you know. We'll know when I found out my ex was cheating on me that would have been the time for me to Spazio but. I was six pregnant so I was trying to like keep it together. So I never really ended up. I don't what men or women especially with men but you gotTA. Like men come on Fellas. City saying. He didn't do it. I'm just I'm just. Sitting. Dating Dominican girl back in the day these Dominicans Oh my God. The ones that was giving me Bass. Dominican, me gives bath. The Jesus the the crucifixes in the bathroom you looking at Jesus. While she's giving you a bath. And I mean she's bathing you showing. Sydney. She broke up with me 'cause she thought I was cheating on now. Was it just the one time I didn't she? Bobby I cried like a baby. I cried on the train I. Cried I. Cried I cried for this woman I. Didn't I didn't go that bobby clone and take a razor blade or knife and go back and cutthroat what I'm glad you did it. I. Didn't I didn't try I don't understand why. Cine non out of these stories are always men victimizing the women now is a woman doing this to a number woman. Pilot. Phase, if I saw. You got to go to jail you that might get a fine point six. Vailab showed little maxim keep out. Right so if if you man hypothetically Mess. Around with just shake and you saw chick coming out building. You're not gonNa go after her or you're not gonNa go, after, him we'll everybody. Anybody these. Bobby Golly by the commodity. Rose School Bar. Now plan which I'm so fast that in my life now banner day data got the. Okay. So let's fast forward now. For you now if you was in a relationship with this, hypothetically, if you saw your man, you went to your man's crib. Female comes walking out the House six o'clock in the morning seven o'clock in the morning. The new bobby was Jus-. There'd be no words with her. And access to verify my suspicion. Says she's. Oh that's what we doing. So. No confrontation with her. So she gets in a car. She goes back and then we're going to get if he don't get some lungs. With me that whistle. Cousin. Okay. Okay. He get the lung. Okay I'm only because. I have too much and I cannot have hobby read Bob Mueller. Is a small Harris go make paper like local? Whoever is a small town Barbara? Hello Xyz, you will not get that satisfaction. Senio beloved is coming over to your beloved house AiN't J. and Chicks. Walking. Bobby Cologne is is taken a higher road singer. She's verifying with the lady she gets in her car she's going. And then bobby says she's GonNa give the lungs to the young man I like that term. In this situation, the young lady come to build it for we take a break. Out of his house house uses they've seven o'clock in the morning you know what it is and you spoke to her, she verified that she smashed. ACTOR SINGER Do you want me to answer I I. I'll give you a chance to think about. If I came to crib. Ado was coming out of a do coming out. The CRIB. Six o'clock in the morning after smash beloved. I'm. GonNa. Lose. My mind. The dude whatever just did that you smash. Thank you sir. I'm going there. I know has nobody curses somebody out. And I'm getting my stuff. Or whatever and I'm audited. Do Yeah. I know I'M GONNA for. Sure leave. And Yeah like I'll do the yelling all that it's I. Know It really all depends on how I feel. I might just take a picture where homegirl and send it to him. 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St Jerome, I want to do another. Let's let's let's do quick. He says, WE'RE GONNA. Come on come on. Into the sports we out hear that. While we wanted to talk about real housewives of Atlanta. Quote Unquote. Gate that happened as Cynthia Bailey, Bachelorette party. Yeah the. Yeah I would measure. Yes. Generally, watch and Smash Cynthia Bill Our Watch Youtube smash anyone show on. Now Apparently. Porsche and another woman. Tanya, she just came in a couple of seasons ago Tanya Sam. She's really nice like we'll be. Well. Okay. So Cynthia had her BACHELORETTE party. There was another stripper. There was a male stripper involved very nice looking man. And supposedly, like everybody was having fun time at the Bachelorette Party, there were other instances of girl on girl action Supposedly, the cameras caught some of it like outside like I'm like in the living rooms and like the common areas like people getting frisk gay but apparently when the cameras laughed Tanya and Porsche and the stripper. Went into a a room and continued on the Party and allegedly that you know the people's that they heard Moan scream some laughs coming from the room. They have. They haven't address this They haven't addressed anything. They went online to say You know just like some. Some stuff I kinda threw everybody. What that call subliminal 's where it's kind of like did you do it or not? The. Alleged male stripper whose name is Bolo. Is speaking out. He claims he's a professional and did not engage in any sexual activity with Porsche Tanya. He said to whom this May concern. I'm not just a stripper I'm V stripper. I built an entire brand unprofessionalism and it don't just stop here y'all I. got fans followers and supporters that's been around for years that can attest to that. Okay. So but there's audio supposedly of this and it's rumored the cast mates are trying to stop production from airing it on the upcoming thirteenth season. You can fake, you could say audio show me to the video. Yeah I mean time. Yeah. WHO supposedly Canadian she's went to Canada now and she's apparently very upset that this could be you know air now. THEY SIGNED THEY SIGNED AGREEMENTS FOR UTAH. Porsches said, was I've been single for awhile now. Portion was very. Wait. Wait wait. A while now. She sorry Barra. Grande. Dope donated over his. Day. Best. The heavy have all break but see good. Listing Gave real real up here. So that's what's going on when that I thought. She was I think engage with that guy but they broke up because of some some. Eighty he did. Yeah he cheated on her yeah. No? Matter. Who It is. Together but I separated. Yeah I don't really house. He's ugly poor shallow for that. She was trying to get that brand leave and that's what data she wanted to get a baby and she got her baby. She wasn't in there for no love or whatever. So. shoutout to them on that very representations all the ladies Porsche appreciation. I I don't know why she would do that. But. The Canadian listen you Sam time. You're saying you want to fame and you want the glory. Part of it. You know. So you know if you can't contest them airing anything of this on the episode, you signed an agreement young lady porters already a veteran this and there's Listen to all these ladies a beautiful. God. Bless a Dabbagh narcissism all over the place because you have to be that way to be on this reality show it's not really a reality show a lot of it is acted out anyway. But you can't sit there and now you're in hiding from the production and you live in Canada because you got you as turned up you had the Hennessy and you know alcohol has a lot to do with this and you know when you're ladies get around Mel Body guys you guys lose your mind. You know what a last night been strip wouldn't allow them to. When the last time? Polo cable route you. Around one of my ex friends was a former stripper and he. Right so So party. I was used to listen for extra question I used to host Mel Review Shows Without Beloved Cameo Yeah, bring that back I, will you know cameos? So Bobby, I know everything that goes on these these these events. With the fellows and the ladies Bobby will use around Bola. Let's call him Bolo Guy. He was dancing around. Did you touch him of course right right by you but when you touch the music and? And like I will smash touch. Oil City. It's been a minute for you but when the last time US round. Fell in love with stripper back. Together, you and your girls are together that you started following his. Sitting. Sitting we'll start attention a guy who did you touch them in a lustful way like I was smashed you touch or use like checking out a body part. Cassini when I used to win. Cine when I Hold the hips or cine. Win. And Bobby when I used to host these shows with Cameo our beloved. And I ain't mad at the ladies. There go there go straight go straight start there start touching the chest Cindy J.. And then they go down to areas. And I'm sitting here. Just watching this I see. The not, these guys I use the word. Asil professional dancers. And sometimes the men would come to the show and the men will go into another room. We have a private room for the men why they ladies were out there doing thing right and some men would have they ladies going to that private room without even seeing the show that didn't make any sense to me. But right before the record from my experience senior, your ladies are touching. So tiny cameras say me and my girls going out to the club Bobo, Bosch male strippers I know what it is honey goal have a good time be safe. Don't don't do none. Accident some going your mouth. Because I've seen that I've seen that now. Dance, Song Certainly, I have to. Come. Stellar exactly. So you've seen it. So you know what it is. So that young lady you smashing and then and you gave them consent to fill more than their show. Have you WANNA show cine barve. Hello. Going House gone? The coach. To call was up. Hold on. Hold on hold on coach city. Ending. Just really quick. Foreign he's a rapper. Fabio foreign his name is five Sabio Yeah. So yeah he's a he's a well known rapper. Paid. Look up his music. When you have time, it's a song you've heard. He was arrested Bergen County jail records been arrested in Edgewater New Jersey. This weekend and he's still behind bars They're saying that he's been accused of purposefully and knowingly causing bodily injury to another person So the details of his rest were immediately available but they're saying that he has not been granted bond so. He's raised his rise to fame is coming. He had a cipher between him and Mulatto for the double xl Freshman Cypher and they both took shots at one another. and. He's gotTA claim off fashion. They're not saying. Housing, bodily harm, but they're not releasing him by. What is that like an assault charge saw should be able to get bond for that if you're in a New York. The rich rappers moved to edgewater right there. Right next to Lincoln tunnel or biggie smalls and all of these little. Brooklyn and What what it is right underneath the Lincoln. Tunnel. You have to go behind the Lincoln Tunnel and then this whole community out of. High in condominiums Lau rich folks live in Edgewater New Jersey. All black rappers go through their moving edgewater. Well, I guess he was there and acting up and but they're not releasing him but that's really sad because it's just maybe he can get bond for that. Well, it's just Thing by dentists. Cuts delays throat she's out on the rapper FAB fabulous. His name is kicking up about me volume. Sorry they follow the story. No doubt. Coach coaches still there. Have, hold on go do something Bob going to do the sports and Barbara I'm going to take a break. Okay. So while I am introduced sports and Jews going to interject with the sports because he's this is Judy Cho everybody coach. Hey. Coach coach a sports guy. And you are you drew Williams from the Giro? Yes I am okay. So let's clap houses sportsburry Cologne. Coach you can interject once you go. People are upset with Lebron James and they are accusing him of throwing up disrespectful gang signs during the Laker Championship of. While Him Lebron and one of his players I guess special handshake. He's one of them while according to Chicago Gang. Those handshakes are blood signs, a gang science. So they are howdy upset and they want the Brian to stop throwing up gang sound is called dropping rakes from staking. Right right. So Lebron used to be a gang right now Lebron. was gangster gangster hold on hold on it bobby listen. Head coach. No no no. No. Lebron Lebron James on his way to being a billionaire right now I don't think he has time to affiliate himself gangs or anything. Ending, did come up I'm more positive. It was inadvertent. It was yeah it was like. Were Part Barbie these these basketball players, they have all these hands size, hail, kind of things they do. Those was funny. Even my daughter's Ahe different handshakes that they do that. So. I can't keep up with all the bummer but I'm I'm just saying. In an advert. You're talking about a billion, right it's not like basketball ABC's where they got a little coke then that they go to. Different basketball this is like. You know he is a multimillionaire he he owns a school right gotta school. You know, usually on school. To School. With the next this for the scores Barbie. The, Lakers won the championship. Do you right Brian Brian Mvp now what's going on in a Jewish going on out there like Cindy right usually win folks when the championship they have a Paradin doing Orlando Kobe now. What are they doing out there in Los Angeles for that celebration right in how doing it Out here we're celebrating but China. Say Colgan Saves Nobody's you'll get gathered out but you see somebody else for the lake is Jersey owner or lake is hat on give them a little bit. You know you know some people were crying because the coby coby passing away from year. This was this was just what really meant something yell other people were just walked in the fact that now tied with the celtics getting seventeen, seventeen way and. You know if it was a lot going on, there's a lot of abortion. Lebron's fans they just happy that he got his fourth one cadidate proved everybody you know everybody was crying. Coach Coach Review crummy. Beyond it yeah I try to love that. I. said. To. No. Doubt. Laker Fan, right? Yes. because. It was like that one solitary share like Denzel Glory. I drive. The NFL Football. To chargers lost in overtime to the Saints Twenty seven to thirty. Yeah I it was pretty good game. Chance to watch it 'cause I was sleep. And Baseball we have to aren't they in the playoffs my. Players Right. By so the Astros lost to the raise. To Four. And they lead the series to raise Tampa Bay rays leads series two, one, two, two, zero the braves wine against the dodgers five to one they lead the series one, two, zero. Listen listen a coach before we close out the show. We had a discussion here I seen this morning about. Dak Prescott right yeah. He left we're going to give a coach. Thanks. Barbara. I. Want here with cashew and say about this same. Remember he he left the one hundred and seventy, five million dollars on the table. Rice, any with the guaranteed thirty one million dollars man no contract. And now he's up to compound fracture ankle's done. Sydney and I said that we if the cowboys going win on Super Bowl that we weren't gonNA re uprise any right Bobby said Dad's she wants he has ankle hills and then maybe check right Coach through what is your opinion of Mile and Prince Cox no poor said that the Babylonian quarterbacks always get signed they always get extension. There's no problem. Better money and they get better money. Coach first question he left the hundred seventy, five, million dollars on the table because he said he was worth more. That's the first question the second second. Should've the Dallas cowboys re up even when they when he's a recovered. and. The third question will be, and then we're going to sit down and listen to the third question is, will another team this guy up? Right. Let. Me Answer these questions in reverse I. After after his cowboy contract. Unless something. Happens where he comes back like a bionic ankle or so. Nobody's. GonNa he obsolete himself out of the League. Is. To be honest. He he said he was he got wanted take that contract because she was worth more. Now. There's no reason to pay much just seventy, five million even if he comes back and he's pretty decent, he's not one hundred, seventy, five, million worth. So no team is GONNA look ahead painting he's damaged goods. To come back, win the Super Bowl on his back. Anybody to say you know what I'm seventy five. Right just to get back to one, hundred, seventy, five, million on he was rookie thought he was too good for anyone. Not, even now coach what about the same we talked about loyalty to the team loyalty to the player. What about cowboy fans like say if the cowboys that we not paying, we're not give me no more money. Cowboy fans look at that as a disrespect like to star quarterback. And why would you root for a team like Bill Sydney talked about it is business. Football, they making money off these African American players. Should a cowboy fans? They'll be a cowboy fan though Zach. Away. Yes. One hundred I wanted to believe it. Don't get me wrong. Don't get me wrong. That long has he been the quarterback for exactly. quarterback. In for nobody to be. Baker move. Think about if you in a relationship for three years, the outbreak up, you forget about John we're like, okay tumbled on. The. Dragged out. Of Work you had at least at least as a union, even when a championship. You know. I'm GonNa tell you. They were more hurt when Tony Romo retired then they will be losing Prescott. He. Composed while. Now even especially, let's throw that scenario into semi. Before we go ahead let's clap the coach. Coach hypothetically. Cowboys Win, the Super Bowl was named Adam. Don't Andy Andy Dalton. At the cow, it's like they did with this guy of Nick foles. Yeah. The Cowboys GonNa win the Super Bowl and share with Andy. Would that be would that put the nail on the coffin for Dax for his horrible Karesh? Fair. Fan. If any ultimately wins the super bowl where the cowboys. That breast is GonNa be on broke three. THIRTY FOR THIRTY I. You'll see him. In a sweatshirt stone. Would've? Talked about mad I had it all. Well thank you so much a coach can quit. Hey, check me out on CW ANC. Yes the comedy World Network Sports State could check out right this. For Dot Com also radio DOT COM I'm on there as well. You check out the podcast ball court and let's ticket we'll talk about shoes and Georgia does whereas on brand I just want to go ahead and put out By not. Get too. Greedy. One is always a pleasure talking with. You have a break show and take it easy is break chilling. Last, time on here. Bobby was injured how you feel. Great. I'm black. Guy. Great. Shock Treatment that Cold War? Doctor for Greis at South Lockwood told me once a year. We appreciate you. To you. Next week it's been a pleasure. I'm every morning. Have a great ones eight bobby appreciate. You guys catch me off facebook. Robbie Cologne because own designs by be Cologne stylist on instagram designed babe own snapchat. J It's me you can find. These. Semi underscored Jan Instagram and sending Jay on snapchat the ease the three Sean have your facebook comedian show Harvey on facebook off on Instagram. Great Show today we see you guys tomorrow God Willing wit Wednesdays. Now we're GONNA head over to the group. We're GONNA stop. Thank you guys so much. See You tomorrow giveaways this Friday. Let's go. Way. California. Come on. Guys, it's. Happy morning show featuring the team from A. Radio Monday through Friday seven am to ten am. Hey this is sanjay from the Sean Harvey Morning Show featuring the wakeup team catches by heart radio. And Thanks. Single. Block. Curry. Mrs. Don't Warner be. So here I am I. Wrong. Turn. Texas. Room. Now? Bio

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