30 Podcast Episodes In 30 Days (NaPodPoMo)


Take podcast I'm David Hooper we tell you about NEPAD Pomo it's a funny name right stands for national podcast post month you may have heard of national November novel writing month or something happens every November NAHB Pomo is similar. You're not writing the novel Josh Describes How to do it and see you on the next episode ability podcast and as a fellow participant in this year's not pod Pomo talks in and just stop there I ended up doing about two hundred and sixty episodes I think I call the big podcast daily I did two hundred sixty days me to sit behind my extend behind a mic not as easy I came into weeks late didn't get started doing your own boot camps spreading your message beyond podcasting but big podcast that event solely focused on podcasting so I had them in two years later I love the concept of NEPAD Pomo it's one of those things that allows you to try new things along the same vein as National Novel Writing Month Aka here's the name I missed up Nano Rhyme oh here's my history with NEPAD Pomo this podcast bill to be podcast started as a NEPAD Pomo podcast I wanted to there's no worry if you end at the end of thirty days you say that didn't work out or I didn't light doing solo podcasting but maybe you'll be like me you really like it the difference instead of writing a fifty thousand word novel podcast every day for thirty days from November first through thirtieth use any platform you desire I'm full production studio to IPHONE APP or just about anything in between the goal of NEPAD Pomo is to use the challenge of podcasting daily as a form of podcasting boot camp for some NEPAD Pomo may be their first foray into podcasting for others it is a chance to try out a new platform sometime and one of the reasons I wasn't on time was because I was coming off of a seminar I had done and that seminar was called big we're start another show there are no hard and fast rules as to how you do this if on November thirtieth you've recorded thirty shows then you win in a row and eventually McMahon I just can't keep this volume up changed to build a big podcast which you are listening to now it is still going you like it better than doing interviews you like it better than co hosting and you like the topic that you do in the result for me not only did I change the name of the company Roll Those r's as an answer for an audio version of the other thirty day challenges happening in the month of November Nahb Pod Pomo is a month long event any that I'm doing too big podcast and start to really double down on podcasting also wrote a book which invoicing right now ninety three thousand words better at being a solo podcast I was used to play music I was used to doing interviews I was used to having co host but for me faded in the First National Podcast Host Month AKA NEPAD pomo created by Jennifer novel that day like that Israel ready I wanted to be a better podcast and I thought well why not put those two things together and actually do a podcast on podcasting so what words focuses on podcasting people don't know this but the reason that this book took four and a half years one of the reasons it was eventually going to be a trilogy part of it cast it was about how to market yourself as a podcast or previously to that and I still talk about stuff talk about books doing live speaking events about podcasting part of it was about live events in part of it was about book publishing it was about how to spread your message but again doubling down a lot of that I did to the fifteen days that I had laughed I doubled up two episodes per day fifteen days later thirty episodes in the can but it is a solo podcasting challenge every day I'm going to become into you with a topic I'm going to give you that topic getting back in the trenches of NEPAD Pomo this year with my own podcast it will be available here on building big podcast and doc give you some hints on how to work with it you turn around talk about this topic and that's your episode I will hold your hand because of what I learned during NEPAD Bomo at such a good time talking just about podcasting well kept it up so here's what I'm going to do for you through these thirty days so if you're wondering what am I gonNa talk about for thirty days well I got you covered on that and at the end you will be amazed will your podcasting the goal thirty episodes in thirty days here's the back story in two thousand seven fifty podcasters partic- com slash subscribe got a mailing list. I WANNA say mailing list it's not much man send out a newsletter you know three or four times a month low volume takes you about three four minutes to read but it's going to keep you updated with opportunities such as things you can actually use to make your podcast better podcast dot com and how much you improve your podcast skills during this month to make sure that you do not miss this I want you to do two things one I want you to get on my mailing list and to do I want you to subscribe to this podcast you can do both of these things through the same url. It's very easy to remember go to big podcast dot.

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