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December 17, 2019


Tuesday morning I'm Jake Sherman and welcome to your political playbook audio briefing stay tuned after the show for a message from Google. This House Democratic majority was built in places like Richmond. Salt Lake City in Charleston. It was in these traditional Republican strongholds voters who put Donald Trump in the White House decided they would also send a Democrat to Washington to represent represent them after a campaign that was dominated by mix of kitchen table issues dash with promises to keep an unusual White House check and now nearly all those freshmen speaker. Nancy Pelosi's closys majority makers will vote to remove the president from office which could either be viewed as the type of Boll behavior for which they were sent to Washington or career ending. Political miscalculation in two two thousand nine and two thousand and ten Democrats made a similar bet that voters in the South and Midwest would reward them for passing bills to cap and trade carbon emissions and revamp the nation's health insurance laws instead those voters tossed. Democrats out of office and handed the speaker's gavel to the GOP on Monday house. Democrats began to test proposition once again. When Joe Cunningham of South Carolina Ben McAdams of Utah Elissa slot can of Michigan Abigail Span Burger and Elaine Lereah of Virginia and Andy came of New Jersey. All said they would vote to remove trump. There are a few ways as to look at this. If you take these lawmakers at their word there so disgusted with trump's behavior that they need to vote to remove him from office it's their duty they say and perhaps so but Congress is a political medical institution where even matters of conscience are judged for their political wisdom first of all take note that all these announcements came within hours of each other a sign of unity among a group of vulnerable politicians additions. Third leaping together. The overwhelming question is this to trump. Voters have the same conviction about impeachment denounced. Democrats do or do they view it as a worthless. Overtly political exercise. This is members of Congress at times. Get so enmeshed in an issue in the capital that they lose sight of what their constituents feel is impeachment. A case of that or do voters in these trump leaning districts. Really one congress to throw the president out of office. Speaking of what the voters want. The House is GonNa vote today on a bill to keep the government funded through September twenty twenty and change a host of unrelated policies. The bill came out it yesterday. It'll get a vote tonight. The number of issue handled this. Bill is stunning. It contains major. Changes in healthcare policy extends flood insurance re-authorizes. The Export Import Bank. For seven years I extends the Terrorism Insurance Program re-authorizes money to build the Kennedy Center and so much more. Let's put it this way if you're a company or an entity with a legislative priority worry and you couldn't get it in this year and package. Call your lobbyist for a chat or better yet. Look for a new one looking playbook this morning for politicos debate coverage or check out the debate. Eight HUB POLITICO DOT COM slash dem debate. There are ton of good stories included Laura Baron Lopez on how racism permeates everything running as a black candidate after Obama Ryan Heath writes about Pete Buddha. Judge he the next Emmanuel macron carry booed off Brown in the Executive Producer of PBS Newshour. Sarah just have a special edition of nerd casts about what it takes to pull off a debate. Trump's Tuesday the president and first lady will host Guatemalan president. Jimmy Morales and his wife Patricia. At the White House the four of them will participate in a meeting in the oval. Office and trump will participate in Christmas reception at four fifteen at the White House subscribed to playbook politico dot com slash playbook at Google. We believe the opportunities created by technology. Should be available to everyone. That's why we created grow with Google and initiative that's focused on creating economic opportunities for all Americans and the small businesses that drive our economy grow with Google brings together the best of Google's resources to equip our students and the workforce today with the digital skills they need to succeed are tools available online. And we're also partnered with libraries across the U._S.. Offering free workshops to all. He wants to grow their skills career. Business learn more at Google dot com slash grow.

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