Hour 1: Chess Not Checkers


And for a laboratory today we are just a day or two away from the return of Dan Le Batard was on his honeymoon before the wedding I this is the Dan Le Batard show with two spot casts a me now has it in studio would it be to am anyway even with the aid of a time machine I don't think he's bound by the concept of time my college roommate he's sleeping he's thinking it's two am is that Dan hasn't gone asleep or Dan is already up there's really no telling him no matter what time he's in I always get a text at the same time I really couldn't pin down the time difference between where I was he was just because there was no consists anyway accepted only needs is thirty seconds of deep rapid eye movement sleep and he's good I think that's what Dan is doctor strange plus he's not good any idea when he's coming back or if he's coming back what's going on here I'm starting to get two am text messages in email so he's back you can be incredibly empathetic and also not kidding doesn't have his consistencies but he's back to Ah that's the Friday outfit you're say took them forty eight years to wear pants regularly to work and since then he's been showing off with the the group tax so he doesn't know who he's texting who's in the group tax who always waking up like he has no idea nor does he care same pair of pants you don't you don't think Valerie would have got him something some some vacation attire she did he didn't wearing wasted around the Pacific Rim because of the time difference no a two thirty am tax means. Dan Is back in Miami and back on his normal schedule actually that's earlier than usual that's what I was GonNa say accomplish their yes I wanted this diggings at two am texts feel now you I know what you're thinking normally this would mean he's still in Asia or murmur I didn't hear Rumblings Murmurs Dahmer's my bet have you guys heard the murmurs that I'm Mike probably knows and my he goes down like a very inconsiderate God well no he's the most considerate guy I've ever met my entire life when it comes to texting yes that's the one that's the one spot for him yeah he can be both start the show there so you had the raptors over the Pelicans in overtime I was a fun game would have been more fun with Zion Williamson and then you had the way M three four five six you know I mean you you just never know you never know what he's what he's doing what he's thinking he's always thinking I mean we even the threat to the tax I was receiving Dan developed a time machine and was in the future and tried to contact present day us what time would he in one zack from Lebanon since he's been gone and it was make sure that Mike Golic senior massages your gluts that's that's fabulous clippers who were trailing early one twelve to one or two of the Lakers and Ameen said something to me right before the microphones went on he said Kawhi Leonard is Michael outfit that he's been wearing oh absolutely saying about fit he's GonNa show he's GonNa come back here with that outfit on the black sweatpants black shirt with the Lebeau hats he I think he does Doctor Strange I think in the comics just takes like micro naps yeah like for thirty seconds he is like in rem leather equates up x means he's back we think that we say one last week at like two am and I was like Oh this is the time change but I get these two am text when he's here so how is it that I'm Buchen right here both turnaround here book three pointer here in transition I was I was mind blown because what it is that you know 'cause early is what show is known for but sports happen. NBA happened I mean is here to talk NBA The NBA did he actually wanted it's three thirty four eastern is when I get because that's usually one am my time on the West Coast and I get a Dan Levitan out the blue I'm with Mike I've gotten him at boarded nine thousand nine hundred sixty Michael Jordan that I've seen it a hundred times when I saw in the second quarter of the Jordan right there that whole okay you guys had your fun that's what I did for you I know basketball I'll teach you basketball expert in basketball the Black Cat Michael Jordan but anyways he retires he goes to plays baseball comes back and he's not unathletic but he definitely doesn't have that same feline quickness and explosion that he had clinic he looks exactly like what he is a guy who grew up watching Michael Jordan on Youtube over and over and over again and try to emulate that and that's the closest thing I've ever I've ever seen what's that time was a concert by the white man should have life you for late all the time one thing we know for sure my college roommate's it one thing we know for sure is he's still wearing that what he's doing when he's at his APEC student it's Shoulders Square he's facing the basket these jumping straight up and down and that's what we saw last night why Leonard Wood on sorry I was trying to get facts apparently Michael Jordan didn't even know this this was his nickname and they patterned his shoe after a Black Panther Paul who's more in the know about Michael Jordan the Michael Boarded seriously I think this is made up by you goes this is all you're looking for We're not like this thousand six Dwayne Wade aided by the refs no very year no no aided by the refs did remind me a lot Michael Jordan was explosive quick he was catlike they call them the black cat he went everywhere news they call them the black cat was never heard any yep gave it moving this is the one time you should've played that silly believing song that was a one time are you blaming somebody I'm blaming that stood out ah Michael Jordan Cologne was wafting over on the aided by the rough smart but not in terms of the game the game like nicknamed the Black Cat I've heard some black I've heard Mj his erronous can we put that on the poll did you know that it Michael Jordan was referred to as the black cat I've never heard it before this I'm not talking about you media guys I'm talking about inside Okay Yeah Michael Jordan I hope you're saying that I mean if you call them Jordan wait who's better than Jordan you gotTa have a theme song to let people know stuff like that because I think you should just play the theme song right now no okay never mind moving along goes all all accurate that's the only time I ever watched some play Basketball Jordan get a shot off from anywhere on the courtroom rise out take a jump shot his rise up of the guy that's guarding him and hits the it but you're making it seem like it's anyone I can call legler and he would do legs would know he would have legs with no okay anyone who was around that don't don't call these young people you got it I google that has confirmed that he was known as the black cat the man will actually says only the people in the note to write about that it wasn't this Google a company she knew it wouldn't be easy to find someone to grow her team that's why she went to Ziprecruiter Ziprecruiter doesn't depend on candidates finding you it finds them for you it's technology identifies in his career so what does he do you. Re- patterns is getting models game after more on a mid range after incredible footwork and balance right no matter just in less than two weeks with results like that it's no wonder four to five employers who post on Ziprecruiter get a quality candidate within the first day see why Ziprecruiter's effective for what he said Oh yeah we played against them and every time you're going to turn around I'll be you know I almost block them I'd be right there and he just hit anyone's again that's Michael Jordan this is of all sizes trust Ziprecruiter for free at our web address ziprecruiter dot com slash Dan that's ziprecruiter dot com slash. Da Ziprecruiter all the applicants she also use ziprecruiter screening questions to filter her candidate so she could focus on the best ones and that's how Gretchen found a new game artist com slash Dan ziprecruiter these smartest way to hire geico presents. Munster Counseling Dracula tell me how you're feeling no one understands super easy to switch and save hundreds on your car insurance Donlevatar what I've chosen to do for a living stupid I've dedicated my life lean like a like a cat with the ball yarn that's what he's doing and that's quite Leonard was doing last night it was tremendous peak. Kobe didn't give you the same oh only these no one will even let me into the House I knock knock but they ignore uh-huh what else I look in the mirror don't quiet the close I mean you know basketball I wholeheartedly agree this is an extension of what we saw in the summer quite Leonard it's league now he's the best player on the plan honey seriously examples the nicest spending on yourself guys I appreciate the character banter the magic with the more supercharged offensive game and he played defense last night well well here on the Dan Lebatardshow Schefter is GonNa take your MBA calls a mean we'll take your football cal Ooh we're adding a wrinkle are you excited about that I'm excited are you a little bit I am at times he did play the events and I was like Oh that Patrick Beverley going in for a lab how fat shriveled up in the fourth quarter right Google this well let's try to find inside basketball it's they've ever referred to Michael Jordan is the black guy all of Charles I mean it will be dummy that's why he was the greatest ever he would hit that shot and then he tells the fenders you were this close or if you just jump a little higher you would have gotten that one he's teasing he's consider myself anymore if you don't see yourself clearly can you really expect others to I'm having a breakthrough it's not easy to be a vampire but with Geiko oh about it a couple of things about our fantasy league and smart move you not joining it I get a daily trade offer from Juju gatty nervous I'm nervous because every four boys reminds me that I don't know anyone's name I played when I played fantasy what you guys last couple of years I skipped this year but last couple of years shot at a pretty high percentage and always in control and there were a couple of ones I remember could TVs Colo Paul had a really good contest on the baseline and it went in any way reminded me of now that we were waiting on that I mean he did took eleven and by two points Anthony Davis Lebron James that let me tell you that Danny Green on the team that has Anthony Davis Lebron James is people with the right experience and advise them to apply to your job so you get qualified candidates fast Gretchen posted or jobs on Ziprecruiter APP said she was impressed with how quickly she found F- last night I had mine a couple of days ago I got Jaanus at four and four who in top three top three was five to with Andy Dalton Tony One hundred points with a red rifle this week that speaking fantasy though billy had his fantasy basketball I'm radio download the vivid seats APP and enter Promo Code. ESPN twenty five at check out to get ten percent off your next order don't buy any seat because he may not play that many games I think people look at it as clay being out durant no longer there steph trying to reposition himself as Asia leading score knock it out here hiring can be a challenge as Daba co-founder Gretchen. He'd know discovered Gretchen need to hire a gay martyrs for her education. You have someone better than Jordan I mean you have so much better at basketball is better than Mike your mind I would say this while I was watching the then he blocks he does so many things wouldn't that be more valuable than Steph who really gives you about three categories it's an MVP is one of the best players in the NBA. We kind of forgot just how good steph curry was Kevin Durant was having a cup of coffee they're not winning championships. Yeah it's weird to me because amy and I thought to myself is the closest thing I've ever seen Michael Jordan on the other end I saw Lebron do stuff and I'm like what about Lebron I said well Lebron doesn't really play like Jordan though now eh ethnicity or anything I know our Williams for the Los Angeles chargers and that'll be it and so now would make up names like Rabin Yo Williams Brazilian but we didn't baseball I play every year football play every year so I have guys that have done things for me in the past and feel some sort of loyalty to I didn't feel any of that yesterday and fantasy basketball anyone using very concerned about your NBA draft they don't even care about using very concerned about your fantasy basketball address oh no not concerned I was excited but here's the get a vivid seat lot together today get a meal has in is it studio Adam Schefter is GonNa join us at noon eastern it's a tradition unlike any other thing I had it's been a long time since I've played basketball right so I don't have like an attachment to any of these players which was good because to me is guaranteed production the guy never gets hurt he she's like seventy percent from the field and he gets to the free throw line and any rebounds and steals told you forever it's why inferno my partner is playing a game of chess okay he doesn't draft need Ho get need later he'll figure it out free agency played right I would have a big night from a wide receiver and that's why I won the the week and someone's at all who is your performer are Williams I have no idea what his first name sorry we had Aaron come in for draft workout and Apollo was telling us about and he went to he was a councillor Jordan's camp he said I think I could have got Jordan join us on the show or in the league does they get the same and they're so lopsided the offers are so low he's given you all his garbage for one of your superstars lie I was just going best availed why wasn't taking any risks I wasn't taking any chances and I feel like I did pretty good pretty good my draft you can't trip I need it's it's is my first Rodeo it's unbelievable I mean I reject those things before they even open them a unbelievable and so you have that you had me at five to with Andy Dalton has they put it on the poll have you ever thought about John Collins where is he now plays he's always been order back wow I don't know how to make pick ups in our league we have a day where we can make pickups I made a pickup today was stuck with Dalton again arrival seriously nice inferno playing a game of chess what is everyone else playing checkers You got to point that out I figured it all you just said he's playing chess I think everyone knows will make a trade best player every single round and a discussion will figure it out afterwards and that's why we've won like six nine years I am hearing rumblings that he might return tomorrow a probably Friday rumbling that's odd saying you've heard the same rumblings correct the top three in yours I got you on it's a four also so my draft went Anthony Davis Stephanou cat the Steph one is so risky why to swimming in a pool of Stupidity Stugatz I was the perfect career choice for me these are show with Stugatz on ESPN ATLANTA OH clock cemetery yeah Atlanta back to the future reference inferno wouldn't take a hawk except for trae young outrageously expensive little blue pill is now generic which means you can get the prescription medication to treat he d at affordable prices and makes it extra affordable you pay just thirty bucks for a good question it's up to James Harden steph curry Karl Anthony Towns That was the top three so I get Janas at four what about you billy what I say he's playing chess that means we're all playing checkers you know maybe everyone else is playing chess at the very No one else is playing chess just know the person the listen I only have a five category six category leagues very basic okay so therefore guys have different values depending on what you're what you're leagues up ability you seemed and this is not a in this show aim free time for some ads never really thought about it I have no feeling I've got some feelings but we have an address it's the best player available now the best healthy player available to the state is at chess just how do we feel about John Collins for a while that's what the playoffs have stashed away stashed away for the playoffs. Yeah what a nice little thing there what a nice thing that stashed away for the players yeah I mean I can tell you that I would never touch a guy who's GonNa Miss Twenty to thirty four to seize it no he's not drafted stash. I play chess when everyone else is playing checkers every and I'm like listen I don't need this guy early on in the season this is for the end of the year this is my June gay little drafting statutes chest Richard McLaren online physician competition only available at the physician determines prescriptions appropriate such clarity which full details anymore to safety information hey guys canoes he's played Jagger's IV no playing. I'm playing I know this I got you the fourth pick second round Bradley Beal Oh nine to value third round Russ I was a little bit on the fence and you go in the third round yes there are there teams in the League for ten there's ten teams Russia's still there and then I took Zion with my fourth pick but that's a long play I realize he's not going to be supply and right now get your first doctor's visit totally free when you go to four hymns dot com slash. ESPN five that's right free zero co pay no expensive appointments no awkward face to face conversations to get your prescription hymns connects you doctors online who can evaluate you and if appropriate prescribe your ed medication and a pharmacy on the Dan lebatardshow appear via the Shell Pennzoil performance line and now your sports interrupdate world series game won nationals defeated the Astros five to four MS dot com slash espn five Donlevatar Yo Chicken Times Stugatz Mardi gras this is because I'm watching last night I'm thinking Dot Com right Mike why are you whispering trying to have an NBA Conversation Hey sports twelve one or two Anthony Davis Twenty five points ten rebounds five assists Lebron James Eighteen points nine rebounds and eight assists and finally a Paris Zoo you by the new Shell v Power Nitro plus premium gasoline now four levels of defense against gunk where corrosion and friction last night I'm trying to have the conversation we have an NBA insider and all you keep whispering into my headsets is take talk this business this business showcase a mysterious new organism last week dubbed the BLOB which looks like a fungus but acts like an animal the Blah has almost seven hundred twenty six food this thing has no mouth in stomach you know these blink motion activated security cameras amazing right well homes wings and healed it's up in two minutes if it's cut in half I don't know why we went out twice that has seven hundred twenty six Dan went to Paris it has got easier because now blink system started seventy nine ninety nine visit blinkprotect dot com slash Dan blinkprotect dot com slash Dan rather latest headlines and information no mouth no is no stomach yet it can detect food and digested the Bible was has twenty six's can move without legs station about the raptors I still heard it oh Mr Weiner you said that you had quarterback issues starting Andy Dalton get your team still has a very good record if you have any intentions of winning so you need to go to this exclusive address for him dot com slash ESPN five that's four hymns dot com slash espn five for your free online visit F. O. R. H. I. The sportscenter on Espn Radio all throughout the day I stand corrected Vanfleet is tied for the NBA scoring lead he died with his teammates Siaka us right better he's really good and then lead if he can do something close to that if he gave a twenty points a game at play that efficiently like he did last night Toronto's a chance to be very good any of these fat isn't as good as it was last year there's not a whole lot of depth in Toronto not right now but they need help they need Stanley Johnson and Rhonda Hollis Jefferson step up a little bit on Soto three for four with three RBI's and a Solo homerun NBA Opening Night Raptors beat the Pelicans one thirty two one twenty two in overtime Fred van the championship. You should probably fix your quarterback ails yeah I offer you a solution to those ails Mr Weiner Okay I'm offering you Carla Marion Carlos Hyde for one we should let the audience know there's a parallel conversation happening I would like to explain why it is he is whispering tick tock into my headsets nonstop he did it the entire commercial and then you have a second with thirty points Danny Green he is third in the NBA Right now in scoring twenty eight points per game we'll technically he'll be fourth because whatever access to free agents again I have Tom Brady drew brees Philip rivers and Kirk cousins if you want any of them just send me any trade offer accept it really yeah I don't care anyone yeah on Andy Dalton and Josh Jacobs until the end of the hour to accept this deal wow Mr Weiner wow I mean not even a C. O. B. You're giving me C. O. H. Dan Le Batard show with these two guys on ESPN radio ESPN radio is presented by progressive insurance. The Dan Le Batard show with Stugatz not only that he's he's closing the the the window the window is shrinking Mr Weiner Eh billy why are you shaking your head Mike is how it does allow down discussing business I cannot I could come back with I can't make you an offer I can't I can't take your counters Mr Weiner Volk the power of veto yes veto the commissioner no but I can veto a trade right now saying hey this isn't fair wait early dark or sutton for any one of those four why does he get the solid I'd like an opportunity to get the solid so this is I Playing a game of Chess Algorithm Calamari is one QB seven in fantasy this year seven okay so I know rocking with twenty thirty four points five rebounds and seven assists the leading score in the NBA right now clippers illegal lamey green second lakers I I got Kyla Murray and my badge does is fantasy numbers state okay so Mikey says he's consultant on all things fantasy the deal that is in your inbox or suffer the consequences of having to fight in a finals with Andy Dalton. If your quarterback as a reason we're talking like this Mike's on the fix apparently I love it billy why are you shaking your head don't get strong arm here with terrorists that I'm not going to get strong arm to your okay I can't figure out how to pick up you're not getting strong on so long as N. D. Dalton is your quarterback you know who has a strong arm Weiner Conner Murray but I always break in the middle of that conversation trying to have with you about the raptors he thankfully by the way whispered dig talk into my headsets because I no longer having a conference it would seem there seems to be an Casse within amidst they're putting up giving me library I in your response let's talk what's your record Kyle Mary Not Great Okay I'm five into the red rifle once I figure out how to log out and log back in I think he good as of late and fantasy that's if you want to make it plausible right idea that you can't trade them for for Brady because everyone would veto that breezes probably your best bet trade according to the metrics no but not according to Mike AC and that's those are my metrics you know what I want to happen I want Mike eventually we can't just vote and we're just going to allow any trade commissioner on this was the Commissioner Lorenzo Jove hurt for Philip rivers in keeping them for next this is descended into chaos because why would you aim low and say why don't you ask for Brady he's he's going to do it anyway a hard network out I have a nicer window though I mean it's nicer and I feel like he's GonNa give me till the end of the show at least until the end of the year if you really open door GonNa do you offer me that fourth guy that I'll never play four for one how can I turn that down right I mean he offers all the bells and whistles like he offers you all the decorations and I made out to give you a joke who right now for any one of those four quarterbacks he's out for the year bill threat that's why no one has a quarterback because you all of them tick talk Mr Win

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