Weekend Edn: Julia Roberts fell for Mahjong went viral in China


today provide you with indepth news and expert analysis tell the story in the news you want to know welcome to today a news program from a different perspective on you're headed the good anna coming up this weekend edition japan resume commercial whaling after thirty years julia roberts fell far maggio went to my wrote in china people get creative way the shanghai garbage regulation in parts of filial stories bring more intimidation that is gration to the public to hear this episode again or to catch up on previous episodes please download our podcast it by surging wrote today or find us on easy fm or china plus in your app store today in the studio we have harming voting senior fellow at the center for china anna globalization and my colleague mulling cr ice english commentator welcome thank you saw japan reviewed a commercial whale hunting all these monday after more than three decades less than a day after east withdraw from the international whaling commission came into effect to pass decision to leave wc has drawn widespread condemnation around the road but japan's of fishery agency said he has a cap on numbers this year's coda for the commercial whaling is two hundred and twenty seven japan has refrained from commercial whaling since nineteen eighty eight all the weli has continued willing first scientific research in the north pacific an antarctic although some people suspected it was commercial whaling in disguise as well which showed on the market in september two thousand king japan's submitted a proposal at w c four resuming commercial whaling which was turned down any any meeting in december japanese government announced his decision to withdraw from the commission japanese prime minister shinzo obey said in two thousand eighteen he is determined to explore every possibility to resume commercial whaling addy earliest the date why do you think he's king to revive well hunting was the significance of the well hunting to japan party i think it boils down to one word votes the v a prime minister is a has an election coming up in upper house of the parliament which is called the diet and he wants to look very strong a lot of the support of his party are these unrepentant a right wing militarist who are upset that japan lost world war two and the the old way of life is vanished and wailing is part of that life so they may not be able to win a world war two but they may be able to win the war against wales and so that's why i think they've taken this aggressive stand just revoked i agree that to a certain extent he's using a people's nostalgia and you're right they owed a way of life and to get votes but i don't think the majority of the japanese are not really much very much into will meet now button having said that a friend of mine told me that if you go to japan in the supermarket it's very easy to get will meet you're curious enough to have a taste of that having said that there's another reason if it's not strong enough then then you know winning the votes it should be you know he is a well me loves us himself roller i don't think there's that many of them man because i believe in the intervening years a lot of the japanese people are very environmentally conscious they've been through a lot they had the atomic bomb a they've had a hooker shimon nuclear disaster they've had natural disasters with the weather and i believe that they now see wales is just fellow travelers on are earth and so i think the japanese people are much more attuned to these kind of environmental issues and while it's easy to be a tree hugger it's not so easy to be a whale hugger but biden wales deserve to be hug there mammals they're intelligent man we all we the world almost fish them to to extinction and so the whole purpose of this the international whaling commission is to bring back wales so the population can be self sustaining when they're unprotected tolsey meat is also also available in the japanese supermarkets this is just another thing you have these are the smarts you know intelligent animals it's like friends right there assistant animal communication bills get human being it actually early demographer will has been stagnant for more than a decade at roughly five thousand pounds a year about forty grams per person the year that's about a weight of have an apple right but that's a good yeah but the thing is the japanese politicians they're using these kids that willing he's a japanese tradition so do you have any background information about their traditions hearty well they you know they're fishing nation there and island nation so they they ate wales and used whale oil will fat for a long time but that's another year another age with another sensitivity and a a the japanese have moved on from a kind of dependence at one point now to being more modern more logical and i think it's a great sign but i do think there's this political layer that's their among certain people there the way leaders not not not the kids you see who were in hip closing downtown tokyo no let's talk about tradition tradition becomes tradition because people are fighting for survival when we leave or in the scarcity of food you know icelanders right people and then northern they kind of be eskimos they don't know the things you've emma's 'em kendall oil burning oil light and also to gain a protest yes end the scheme to keep warms all these but we have already surpassed that period of time you know we have been domesticating a lot of animals for the meat supply for the proteins apply so when you talk about the protein supply and talk about nutrition nutrition talk about tradition it's really obselete already only that i call us nostalgic because traditions of your identity so these things are the hardest a full a group of people before their ethnicity to cost you know to say goodbye because that's our logo that's our labor and this is our first look at all the comments the japanese people are making our territory our policy our wales and we are hunting you know why why should we listen to other people other countries to tell us stop doing something but then there are other arguments said wells is a migrant children not burns animal animals it's not it's not you know actually pushing them to the extinction right compared to they thinking of well is it really worth of keeping in passing on their traditions hearty well i think you look at tradition against the the fact that there may be an extinction of certain kinds of wales the tradition is not as important especially when you look at the consumption the figure that you gave is miniscule when you look at it so that means there's there's a handful of people people who are eating whale meat so if it was ever a tradition and it was a tradition now it's a tradition among very very few nazi people then is it worth it is it worth it to to lose this bio diversity and also this is a near the top of the food chain in it's a mad huge mammals is it worth losing bio diversity just to satisfy the hunger of of a few people whether they're hungry for whale meat or for tradition it's wrong yeah you know i have to be a little bit extreme human beings evolved we have being cussing away the old traditional traditions and picking up new ones in you know forming new habits of lifestyle for example if i say that in the good times when we were still in the forest and we used this film delays right we we don't have all the tools so shall we go back and you systems laced cutting meet all you go in progress that's called evolution so when you know that we are actually pushing the wildlife so all of them all of them into the verge of extinction i used to you willing to consume you're no longer hungry i you know i think still the bottom line is at the end of the day this is a political decision because this exemption for scientific research in wales was really the slippery slope because i think the kind of research that was done by japan and japan did kill a lot of wales under this exemption that was not about saving the whale or making them genetically stronger whatever the variables are i think it was about having whale meat and deciding which soy sauce or a which kind of preparation made the whales better so to me this is not relevant research that they i wc ended legal under peeling paintings were designed to address so in one sense the japanese are being more legally pure by changing this to the whales only within their territorial waters and they're also exclusive economic zone but like you pointed out the whales don't stay within later or the bone regarding their their free animals knows no boundaries and no rationality animals belongs to the whole world right and also her you mentioned about and he's a political move and we know that's the decision they made looting supporting all they're willing nations including norway in iceland where a willer have cut back on catches in recent years a major criticism in commercial show hounds because they are bad for their national inmate gentry them do you see any seemingly worries the from japan if it is a political decision should see japanese government is think about their major they should but the japanese government has many faces and many constituencies so there are several constituencies the people who fish or hunting whales is one of them that supports this wailing and then these old fashion people for whom this was a tradition and also don't wanna be pushed around by the international community those or others have to balance all that off but i think the bottom line still is about politics that a prime minister avi wants to not only get a more control of upper house of parliament he wants to you know you can't throw a bone whales have bones you're there you can throw away all bone to the whole population would you could throw some bones to the population that supports this and that's probably a very old and very cranky and very established a group of these militarist this the same ones that created so many atrocities against china and against america and other countries in world war two international images not that important for japanese politicians i think so this one that i'm withdrawing from the organization and i'm going to you know do it my way yeah in my way by the way a scientific sitter wailing in my eyes used to be the same sort of commercial equals to the commercial waiting because there's not much meat is needed for the scientific study and it must be put to other the eu's but this one you know by by doing such a thing you say hey i don't want to be seen as a liar animal you know i am doing what i'm doing you know this is like a statement made by the japanese polish fishing why can't you do i think a lot of this comes from japan's heritage as for hundreds of years being a closed country country they purposely wall itself off from the rest of the world and was basically pried open by commodore perry in the eighteen fifties because before that japan was closed and it was really dragged kicking and screaming into the international arena but i think they maintain this kind of old world view and i think because of that like whales they have six skins and so i think that it's kind of like public opinion per certain people in japan be damned mm thanks harvey and irma lean just now we've been talking about japan's commercial whaling coming up julia roberts fell from my jones went viral in china state way the new book you know i'm dorothy see first secretary of the embassy of to let the china it's been a no not taking part on george troll i'm telling you about the relationship between julia trying wishing you all the best welcome back you're listening to the weekend edition of today i'm gonna wait mulling over english commentator end harvey voting senior fellow at the center for china and globalization mahjong uptown game originated in china over thousands years ago is becoming a hit in new york city with the rules is simply fight for america's magellan looks sort of like domino but a place like a card game dear is to accumulate like sense either by joined the right tone or taking it from another player the game with this six biggest export from china in the nineteen twenties and has played an important role in v in reaching of morton american culture we simply a video of interview with julia roberts the famous famous hollywood movie start discussing how americans love the game went viral on chinese social media so harvey as an american telling us more about how popular if my johnny united states will you know ice a poster once that said that mahjong was a game that was played by confucius two thousand years ago i believe that it became popular in the twentieth century in america in chinatowns first because it was a a chinese tradition also would i found we've we've talked about this on this program before the affinity for jewish people and chinese and this is another one mahjong is definitely eight sinoe jewish things some say sinoe jewish bridge because jewish people have taken up mahjong with a vengeance and why have they taken it up because like chinese people in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century jewish people were looked down on were discriminated against as were chinese so in many ways both of are people all were looked at is almost subhuman end so i believe that we turned inward into are group's for social communication enjoyment and cooperation because interesting thing about mahjong is it's not a zero sum game it's a game that requires or an art art form it requires cooperation by team members in order to win in order to bring order is julia roberts had to bring order from chaos and so i believe that something the ties us together and it's something that got us through a very difficult period end for both jews an for chinese these people in america when we made a lot of money in started moving out of the central cities to the suburbs these impersonal suburbs where a few people knew each other and so on that mahjong for both groups who's really in a way racist and a waste is for people to get together and to cooperate and have fun and work together and i think it was a salvation for both the chinese people and for jewish people who move to these kind of antiseptic suburbs and it's not unusual to find people who played mahjong for thirty or forty years if you talk about china's soft power mirage definitely a huge part of chinese soft power at least the jewish people tell me whether julia roberts is a jewish lady i'm wondering if i i don't know do you know as the hari said as much influence not only rich people that also other groups but we play this game all the time we okay so and so jewish or or not and then we also play the game is that good for the jews are bad name not tell you why because at this point also struck me as it's the most interesting because the jewish community in the chinese community claim they they love macho most right although we can't include some other people from other groups right but why i think it's because i think we may in shanghai in the thirties and forties we we actually provided 'em yeah you you arrest that you gave robot yeah yeah then because they have to leave in in closed in a dangerous situation and maybe this isn't that you would social like a two things i am impressed the julia roberts was a seeing that you seek older right from chaos this is the wisdom right there there is that the lady who is the margin had whatever clash john lee angie america said i'm buying escape with the social interaction macho is the thing that i don't want to be merging with the greater society there's some people that don't i want escape but then de human nature of us is that we are social animals we still need to friendship love everything so this seems to me that kind of fulfill exclusive lifestyle you know how do you see hermit lifestyle we be only to the loved ones or the like mindedness people at the same time we enjoy friendship lasting friendship macho is like you need to be a smart and unique to be good at calculating mhm money in there and i bring in a yeah in brain thing and communication cooperation but one thing out of the commonality of the jewish between chinese is that i think some people cannot have fun without money so they are playing with money itself put a very small sum of money it has to put money in it to have fun to increase from you know me and my friend way putu humiliation units because we don't know about you lose that game any we will look like a slice of paper already faced in the waffle lost a demotion will like go out and have a tour oh i mean i'm or a cruel on the floor sometimes the reason that you continue just crawl you'll find some chinese if you las affi in it too when you're playing well i think it is the order from chaos thing chinese society in jewish society and many others for that matter have had a lot of chaos in their ancient and sometimes more recent history so mahjong is an attempt tempt to bring order from the chaos and i think that's very important and i think mahjong it's a game it's almost a religion for some people but it's a game that helps you sharpens certain skills that enable you to liv a better more fulfilling life and again i think it's a a chinese culture ends a chinese soft power writ large to the people who perform it so now were in a trade war but i i bet you of i did a survey of people who play mahjong there'll be more favorable americans there'll be more favorable to china than the general population power you're talking about suggests the negotiators starkly mahjong first phone call very good my philosophy chinese philosophy i can see from this margin game is a balance because we are a nation our philosophy if he's always trying to seek a balance between everything what is the balance the balance is that no one wins forever in the macho no a turn a winner you know sometimes you wing sometimes me weighing in sometimes we wings wings and we're talking about the second is that brain is important skill is important but luck is also very important so it's a balance of everything this actually mahjong tells me that is quite like ing andrea yes annual mind in their young yes yeah include telling us more about chinese people devotion to the maggio how much do i love my jail in china well i think we love to the extent that it's going to be a social problem alrighty in a in a sometimes i visited my relatives in suburban shanghai and some of them like fucking brother in law you know these they just eat sleep in after all this kind of routine thing they go back and devotes every minute of their life too much this actually put us worrying definitely think god when i go deeper into whether they borrowed you know sometimes sometimes it's addiction that is going to bring bankruptcy thank god that these people have on you know controlled it to the limit that they're not borrowing money from other is not an addiction get it but it's almost that margin is if you treated as and it's entertainment team and as a game without gambling that is so healthy there are people who are talking about the elderly people right they lost some of their of their mobility so they play cards and pay my gym so besides that sedentary lifestyle everything about margin is a nice thing a lot of laughter in fact he my family i remember during these spring festival we play much you always all were a senior relatives because he helps them to keep their mind shark yes end also make them to just llerena middle lanes you just six rain stimulation socializing laughing and then generation gap is narrowing because there is my parents were already very feeble but then on such occasions you know the youngest like ten year old joined the cart playing it's almost at the scene because you really need this bond funding very good thing in america actually it's also a status symbol to play mahjong there's in new york for example a very high level mahjong club and you can't just be anybody to get in there and play you have to be like a captain of industry or somebody who's well known in order to joined the club so in terms of social status mahjong is has a very high status in america and yeah i do agree that mahjong maybe one of the bridges that helps helps us get over this a train or you know i try to search very hard for the westerners the especially americans do you have similar like majid maybe playing bridge is one of them this letter other hobbies bees and the indoor games for the americans they go to the gym they go to you know all these sort of things and billy is playing these are all competitive fighting a rivalry too much you wanna watch hostility in one oh one but this one is a kind of you know i cannot leave without you you cannot leave without me this is another philosophy so from macho we can learn a lot of things actually we actually into dependent on each other i either it's an economy meal in survival in environmental protection in everything actually indeed sang smelling ziara english commentator ann harvey voting senior fellow at the center for china and globalization were just talking about my g l a heated to united states and japan commercial whaling after the break people get creative way the shanghai garbage regulation and the park is a field story spring more intimidation that inspiration to the public you are listening now it's our weekly edition of today we to the weekend edition of today on ghana and i'm joined in studio by harvey voting senior fellow at the center for china anna globalization animal links pr ice english commentator starting july the first shanghai has begun to enforcing is the first a regulation on domestic a waste management joining other large chinese cities piloting a shift to make garbage classification compulsory instead of voluntary the regulation requires people to search trash into four categories dry garbage garbage or kitchen waste recyclables in hazardous waste india mediums who fell to do so may be fined up to two hundred one that's about thirty usa dollars well company sunday institutions face fines of up to fifteen thousand do end that's about seven thousand u s dollars now garbage has become hottest topics things all kind of services jokes and even songs about it emerging spreading like crazy on chinese social media i have to give credit to are people we could always find sweet from bitterness and it makes it very hard right so milling telling us more about v garbage being craze in shanghai your hometown right what are the highlights of the new regulation i think is so complicated like you said how much pain we are suffering then how much fun we are bringing it in making the main to jokes you know you know it's something sonia an everyday i would send pictures and the drugs from from there it's really a headache to people and a long queues in the community people carrying a garbage in my inlaws over there telling me that even if they thought it carefully in the kitchen already bring this to the garbage station and they still need to sort it again because not up to standard and this very strict there if you're not properly sold at garbage of was not properly sorted the garbage collectors refused to collect them and now they mobilized volunteers in every neighborhood and i tried to do the volunteer jobs but then there are closed out they said please you know put your heart into doing it because we don't have enough volunteers because they're retired people when they so it's something people are not used to once the habits is formed then they should feel more comfortable but the rationality behind it i think most the majority of the shanghai locals they understand it because this should be happening loan loan time ago but it's never too late so hardly anything interesting you know just what's see point of doing this in china in your opinion i think that when i was in osaka for the g twenty who's very obvious to me that japan has been into this kind of recycling liver a long time yeah in new york we did something less similar and did a less yeah let's good job right and it was a real pain to sort this stuff because it's not so obvious about thee cost and ben 'cause you don't see the benefits you only experienced the cost of having the some sort in its laborious and all this kind of thing but there is a benefit to doing it one benefit is a avoiding a negative that is not being fined or in the future in china not getting a bad social credit score and a another benefit is less it's the you're doing things for the planet you're doing things for the environment so here in beijing a lot of the garbage is still burned an that burning clauses dioxins this chemical dioxins are carcinogen they cause cancer so it's estimated when beijing comes on line soon with this sorting that the amount of dioxins in the air will be reduced by twentyfive percent so maybe goes back also to the saying no pain no gain it is a pain yeah but it is a game when we do the hell actually starting from two thousand nineteen cities at annabel would be her factual level will start to classify hotel to waste by the end of twenty twenty t the forty six cities will have basically completed their ways declassification and treatment system and the by the end of twenty twenty five cities at about eighty prefecture levels will have basically foreign the such systems i china has other celebrated the implementation of a waste of sorting system nationwide it's very short period of time actually look at you know the timetable and i'm a little bit worried about how we can win in such a short period of time come up a whiz building good a recycling factories because salting a house court ever in the household is the only the first step there are a lot of others you know falling we have the capacity to recycle them and a modern factories should be beard and we even have problems when we are choosing where to butte such some factories there are protests people don't like it no long believed to know the fun out of action yes so so hopefully by chinese chinese government as being or china as a as a country has been known as a voice efficiency to if once we have a talk it's a hat i think we can fulfill it so it's a very good news extra to own i think is terrific in the in the long run as well in this is one of those things where you do need a strong government to encourage people with carrots and sticks to implement these kinds of policies because like you said it's not obvious the the the gain is over time it's not instant gratification in right now china is just at the beginning of the curve because a it has not a done the sorting yet it's beginning to as you point out and this will be the standard operating procedure but you have other things like the collection the transport ford in ultimate treatment of this stuff there's large issues involved here as well i mean at one point china was receiving garbage from many other countries leash i stole it from the united states yeah liar garbage to know exactly exactly and so that has to be addressed but china with the so many consumers now with consumers really consuming and it's running a lot of money it's a problem the china needs to solve not only for itself but frazier and the rest of the world so i believe this is a very a good step and i believe that a people in time will do this naturally when the first couple of times people are gonna grumble about it but they're either gonna realize that it's good for the environment they're gonna realize oh be in trouble if they don't source so i think that they'll take the path of least resistance and and do it and do it will it'll become part of what patriotism is all about actually 'em both of you mentioned that some people have doubt about this garbage starting a study shows wing comes to starting trash twenty to thirty five year old are the least a cooperative end they don't do a good job either end the older they are the bad her they do so how movement convinced the same same these affects heady young chinese currently dumping on the track sorting regulations on lie to get on board in real life well it's karen stewart here i said yes carrots and sticks so for young people of course young people i have a instant and disposable lifestyle everything is easy and a less responsibility than maybe for older people but this could be changed quickly and it could mean a doing this by by a rewards for people to give them coupons points or about purchasing things are giving them gifts when they recycle it for those who don't it could mean finds who are bad social credit score so i believe that those young people fall into line quite quickly maybe not happily so but you also have to realize that it's young people who were the most concerned about the environment interview link the garbage and the consequences to the environment but i think bill quickly get on board i think it's a i agree with their less responsible actually because the responsibility is not yet on their shoulders to run this country we don't have enough time to start oh no not me i will save time he's fighting the protesters conscious honor that starting i'm studying the twenty to thirty five usually after city five you become parents and parents when i turned into a mother i was thinking you know with long sort of broadened and it's a perspective all prospect effective and then vision i'm thinking about the future when my child is growing up you know smelling a breathing pollution in in in austria and then these things come to your horizon but now you're more self centered like you said i have no time you know i want to focus on my work no but when you were saying he's not i don't have time to sort of the garbage i'm saying status offered to non saw him yeah i don't but i believe that you love child we call it the milk to you people you know these young go and said i'm by how much effort you have to put in india i know arden key but when it becomes your habits when it becomes you're habits because when i was in australia it was really painful but then after you get this consciousness is just did the same thing when you you several things were there right you put the catheter it's early yet and start before the bins you ashley consumers are short these things at home you know when you get to the bend the work is already done you have this my best first home vince first i'm gonna yes on the table right now you have four boxes you have those but you know i think it's also very interesting because humans are so inventive and chinese people are so entrepreneurial that now there are people in shanghai who are renting their services is out for doing they're doing the sorting and it varies by how big the family is and what floor they are in a building and those kinds of things but i think this is very clever but i think it's socially responsible but i think it does provide employment for people and i think if people are willing and have the money to pay for it why not because then you're not only helping society you maybe helming zanu workers and create you're creating jobs where people so i think this is a a nice byproduct of this month they create a door to door service and also apps to teach people what kind of a double shooting to the ride garbage category so what's your idea about this new created jobs mommy i think it's they're not going to last very long because you know by oh yeah you know i also say you don't know but also send you a garbage daily sort of a you know garbage is it's just too complex you hire somebody else you can do it within just a few minutes but it's because you're reluctance you're not using to use it you lose it you hate it you don't like the smell your sorting it out you're also seeing them to other people but in the long run you know these kind of apps these kind of education because it's become part of your life part and parcel of your lifestyle then it will be shrunk button some may exist for example those who helped the older you know seniors who cannot do such a thing i think they're going to stay but to me you know i think a this painful things is grumpiness you will be gone in the long run hoffy year one year let's talk about it again but i but i think that people who are rich enough to hire these people right but but not rich enough to have a several i easer whatever wherever you go their own khyber the people in the middle are gonna keep hiring these people but yeah some people will do it themselves when they realize it's not that burdensome but the fact that it's garbage may make it a little less tasteful then if it were something else so you have that kind yuck thanks malian harvey just now being talking about garbage starting in china later parks affiliates story spring more intimidation that inspiration to the public state way does develop expert represented by were today keeping you will and warmed up to do the head of the new welcome back you're listening to you today a news program from different perspective on the anna with harvey voting senior fellow at the center for china and globalization animal links are ice english commentator beijing park is sparking controversy recently after using statues to tell ancient filial stories such as the sun tasting he's the father is the fifth to judge his eunice and the men who buried his own son three years old alive to say food for his mother in show t park which means part of feel piety english stone statues were placed in the garden each way the story from asia and the chinese food could that collects the twenty four filial stories of from the past the statue were intended to educate people about filial duty t however instead of being adaptation no they scared people and not even a like so milling could you please give us a brief introduction about twenty four filial stories i think the stories of being this full thousands of years already out and actually every generation has been mentioned it to us you know a generation after generation but some the specific details of these stories that's definitely out of a time i could is out of baked obselete it can be scary but with people who know the history and the culture depths of it a we know that it happened in the past and is part of the confusion ism is part of the mall row teachings he's of confusion there's some but making them into sculptures and 'em sheltie parks not only in beijing nine gene you know many other places it's actually a florist in many cities it's a concern today you know ask a modern our own people who kind of were not properly educated with the past hour legacies how could you understand in order mosquitoes were not buying your father the son the little one would keep his own body naked and feed the mosquitoes first such kind of things and also if you want to catch a fish you lie on ice river surface to melt the surface ice so that'd be official come up so that you can catch it to you know for your parents to eat and also you cry at the wrong season when the bamboos bamboos only come out in spring right now by the way when when it is one of the lifesaving ingredients in one of the chinese madison sort of a recipe then you go and cry to be old bamboos to your eyes boards out and then all of a sudden the heavenly sort of something were touched in then you've been booze was growing so these stories are really out of date and it's not suitable for today's propagation i hardly have you heard any of those twenty four stories no higher but i mean obviously we know about filial heidi martier society and your culture going back thousands of years but i found those stories quite gruesome in thinking about how would a child except those and i think that they would accept them with a huge yuck yuck factor and they get factor would overcome see ability or to teach children the values and things there ancient values but they have to be communicated in a twenty first century way and i think that this is great shortcoming if you're just gonna repeat field stuff because it doesn't work anymore in fact it may work in exactly the opposite direction you're society obviously for thousands of years has had filial piety and these confusion values because it promotes a social order and promotes a a society of a lot of people and get along with each other but we living in the twenty first century unity's twentyfirstcentury twentyfirstcentury tools whether it's a animation or a rap songs or whatever cheech these kinds of values if you want them to be inculcated internalized by young people a specially so i think they should sort those statues and put him in the right been getting rid of the good i hear good things because we're not tossing away our old tradition of practice of buffalo pyre no no no but they have to appear in a new form of you or being acceptable to the young people and if he original stories i mean these blue some story in your eyes they can be made into you know offensive see movies right things like that you know people would say oh he and the thousands of years ago you know we believed in that but then bring them to the reality philo pilots he means a new relationship between parents and children because india confucius time they required absolute abedian even my father once i had a coral isn't my mother my father tried to comfort a little crying girl like me by saying by shell boot you should remember this is our oh teaching means one abedian is better than you say orally say that i feel i feel at one hundred times when i was little i was really convinced but then after i out grow this i started to challenge in my father know when she was wrong why should i pay her completely entirely but i think they're important values and i don't think these stories and i teach people how to behave and we have so many tools these children are so good with computers and with photo shop and with all these kinds of things in which they could create their own story their own right images litter maybe ancient maybe modern maybe something combination of the two but i think when you do something on your own and are proud of it in show people i think that helps internalize these values much more than these stories and it's almost impossible to really see little pilot is one of the values that it used to be so effective in a centralized the management of the kingdom definitely very useful because there is a book that i read older book it's called the spirit of the chinese people by homing written a hundred years ago he was talking about how the chinese way the values is a higher moral the highest immoral disciplining that you you folio father i think there's a deeper understanding about the filial piety in china i think hard of confucius affil also be is that you understand your place in the hierarchy of the universe ideal ladies whizzing the family that end devito's learn how to leave well it'd become members of the wider community so you learned this from having fellow piety towards her parents ended this also the key elements of the social harmony in china you know which comes from recognizing hierarchy is an honoring it's how it's very idealistic there is only one preconditions if these people above you is always right to make the right decisions but but the reality is no it's not perfect world but in terms of your own family in terms of the whole society actually as easer there pervasive values here and as we know confucius these values will prevail because the social order is valued above most everything else and because of that i think it's important to teach these values but to teach them in a way the right way understood right the right way and i think that's something we could learn from the western countries like in united states we all know the grimm's fairytales ray talking about horror stories these not fairy tale at all at the beginning cutting walls the belly who ate the girls grandma or kidnapped and prison a young girl and drink her blood to keep youth actually grains hotel and now they have new versions united states other new urgency is changed up based on the current political preference for example they change it at some words in it like a jungle jungle because jungle is considered too dark and a could have bad influence to kids so he's a change it to forest and also this repeat exander the wolf end up become friends yeah i was sexually when i was doing research on these topics i was thinking if we really want to teach the little piracy twenty four stories to our young jen younger generation why don't we make them into good movies you know on or and then these movies will have today's reality let's see being inclusive and then movies of the best to come into into influence people so definitely we should use our wisdom i don't want to see that these a tradition of no value is up being for boston no we need to keep the good part and teach kids in the right proper except the you know i i'm told in a few weeks i'm gonna be a judge in a short movie contest and i have a review a bunch of movies and whittled down to a certain number well i think cr i would perform a great public service if you had a contest then henry people write some stories about the phil piety at the confusion value like i said about the western way to modify the or is it once were reflections on the political correctness in a star is well yeah i dunno it's a matter of political correctness i just think it's a matter of them being obsolete not understandable and are times is ancient history streets archaic and if it is ancient history then why does it apply to me or to us so i think it needs to be modernizing yeah relevant to the present and i i believe some of the reasons of those stories where modified in america some his political correctness i'm not a fan of political correctness but some are to make them more palatable easier to understand and to go along with the psychology modern psychology in pedagogical research in this kind of thing so it's not just just one factor harvey we see reviver chinese traditional cultures nowadays the for example there revival of high school and you're talking about ing ctn nylon rang and also the culture dos how do you assess the karma nita in china for our thousand year old counters i wouldn't say it's a need i'd say it's a pride pride of you're a long history of pride of the fact that you had in the in the case of his hunt food you had these beautiful objects closed for so many thousands of years that are being rediscovered now so i think when you look at the china i came to in nineteen eighty eight and everybody was drafted mouse suits and grey or blue and so a sea of of people who were not individuals now people can be individuals making express themselves they can also expressed their pride in the culture i think this is a wonderful thing some jemma all used to say let tundra flowers bloom you know i'm not against any of the phenomenons nostalgic one i think some people are trying so hard to look for their own identity in history because there's identity crisis see who i am you who am i o y n these kind of a fundamental questions so allow people to do whatever they want to do 'em as long as they're not violating laws and you know it's it's okay i think it's also very interesting as a kind of contradiction the things like hans who is hans who is allows people to express their individuality but it's also individuality of a mass culture in in many ways 'cause everybody dressed like like this at one time but i think it shows that china has reached a stage of development where people can express themselves as to you know who they are but at the same same time they're expressing a pride of their your country you're tradition and so on and so it's a win win now sense of belonging to accommodate retina yeah this group and indeed but unfortunately we ran out of time for today thanks to my colleagues mulling cr i think at least commentator in harvey voting senior fellow at the center for china an globalization that's it for this weekend addition up to date on a quick recap of today's headlines japan resume commercial whaling after thirty years july real versus fell for maggio went viral in china people get creative with sean highs garbage regulation in parks filial stories spring more intimidating than inspiration to the public

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