Hour 1: Clever Gronk?


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Go to stamps dot com before you do anything else. Click on the radio. Microphone at the top of the homepage type and Dan, that stamps dot com. Enter code Dan, great news. There's a quick way you can save money, switch to Geico Geico could help you get great coverage at a great price, and it only takes fifteen minutes to see if you could save fifteen percent or more on car insurance go to Geico dot com today and see how much you could save these. The Dan lebatardshow with this through got spot cast. Texter writes in here by way of good morning, I walked past Kellen Winslow junior when he was drafted outside of the triple a. after heat came known was around and I simply said Hello and has response was bleep off. Now, I don't know if that story is true, but. A lot of you have stories like that about athletes or maybe not like that, but something within the realm of athletes disappointing you when you approach them? If I had to bed, know Madam money, that meant something to me. I would bet that that story is true. Would you? Yes, I would bet that story is true. Yes. Okay. Just based on the guy saying. Yes. Good. So before we get to the things that we want to get to today, including these insufferable, Baldwin family siblings that have infiltrated our show. And now it's a shell game where this Daniel Baldwin is throwing sisters in here that I didn't even know he had in order to keep this losing streak of his alive because all he does is lose loses every week, and all he's doing is disputing. The last week's point spread over getting to a tie right, like he can't win. And so we want Alec Baldwin and to be done with this. But instead he just ruin. Our ability to fix our record. We'll get to that at ten thirty. But Mike Ryan told me when I came in, we have clever gronk sound. That's an oxymoron. What gronk put the more on an oxymoron. You've got Conor McGregor and you've got Jalen Ramsey. So when I say to you, those three things, which do you want right now because those are three, those are that's the top of the food chain. Radio sounds sports. You got rob gronkowski being clever which is just a shocking allegation. Mike is making right, and I'm still trying to process that. So I missed the the final two. Can you give me those again? Jalen Ramsey I think was one of them. I can't believe that grunk has sound like that. I don't believe that either I, but Conor McGregor is the third one. One of the maybe the greatest talker in the history of the fight game outside of Muhammed Ali gimme some gronk man. Gronk clever is what you want for. I've never heard it before. Okay. So the patriots were the patriots. Again, last night, thirty eight points and rob gronkowski was in the middle of everything because the patriots trained to polar bear to catch footballs. And so here is the sound of gronk allegedly being clever. I don't wanna put it. I don't want to give away the joke on the front end. So see here if you can spot them, this sound where grunk is being clever when he's talking about Julian Edelman, we just got Julian back. He has even practice west and he did a great job today. It just shows what kind of juice he can bring to the locker room what kind of juice he can bring to the crowd on the game. So it was great to have eleven back. Is he doing that on purpose? You don't know that he's doing chairs. I can tell he's doing it on purpose because of how. Guys, guys, how proud he sounds of himself. Listen to against listen closely if you were not aware. Okay. The patriots team that has had some allegations about cheating in its past. And by the way, feels like last night's game. We were sort of forgetting that element of it, which is the patriots really hate the colts because they're saying, really, you think the reason that we always beat you is because of how we put air in the football, you snitch. And so last night, the patriots just end up clubbing the colts, but they got back Julian Eshelman who there is no dispute about this. He cheated and he was out four games and that was back and performance enhancers and Mike Ryan is claiming that juice is the accusation. I just don't believe that rob gronkowski is that clever. We just got Julian back. He hasn't even practice west and he did a great job today. It just shows what kind of juice he can bring to the locker room what kind of juice he can bring to the crowd on the game. So it was great to have you haven't. Mike says it found her start giving. Put it on the poll was gronk being. Subtle and clever guys. One does gronk ever sound so lucid. This is clearly something he rehearsed juice twice. Mike, Wendy's, rob gronkowski ever sound subtle like it's so you think subtlety is the specialty for him at sound subtle. He says it twice, and this is an organization. Wes Welker went out there and made a bunch of foot jokes after the Rex. Ryan video came. No, and the west gun to huge trouble with the foot jokes. Now we gotta get that sound though. Let's get that sound fine. The sound of Wes Welker just after Rex Ryan, they were. That was great. It's one of the greatest press conferences ever because Wes Welker they're just been a foot fetish controversy involving Rex Ryan that only existed on the internet because it's not like ESPN could be reporting about how Rex Ryan really liked feet in a sensual man. I was only being whispered about on the internet and then Wes Welker before that game just managed to use feet and foot in in just about every answer he gave a so we will get that sound for you, and I'm a similar to that. That's how gronk shoehorn juice in there twice. Never sounds that clever. He sounds so proud of myself, but he's not subtle Mikey's. He's the guy who makes sixty nine jokes in less after them and not subtle at all the kind of guy that would call steroids juice. That's true. This is I appreciate you making this a topic that we can argue about today because I did not hear that the way that you heard that I don't think of gronk as ever subtle gronk if he is trying to hit on somebody. I believe that begins with motor boating and then escalate. I think he stumbled into a funny line. A funny joke. I mean, Lord knows I've been there. I mean, it happened tangles every time he makes a joke on purpose. You can't write, you can't have it. He just starts laughing. He snicker. We just got Julian back. He hasn't even practice west and he did a great job today. It just shows what kind of juice he can bring to the locker room what kind of juice he can bring to the crowd on the game. So it was great to have eleven back. See he would be the kind of guy that would be like, see what I did there juice. Giggle and if you were to hurt rehearsed it, he would have stumbled over it. All right. Let's just play that Welker sound. Now this Welker and a lot of trouble in an infuriated Bill Belichick that you know when they're trying not to have any distractions, Wes Welker thinking about Rex, Ryan, sensual internet foot thing. Everybody's been their best foot forward and you can't just stick your tone, the water, you get your foot up in the air and wanted to go out there and just put your best foot forward. Barry's got great feet. We've had some younger players really step up this year. You know he's good feet. He's another guy is a great feat. You bring your best Ford out there and making a happy just does go out there and and being good little foot soldiers. You definitely have to be on your toes. That was it. That was the entire press conference. There was no editing there spend their best foot forward and you can't just stick your tone, the water, you get your foot up in the air and wanted to go out there and just put your best foot forward. Barry's got great feet. We've had some younger players really step up this year, and you know he's good feet. He's another guy was great feet, you know your your best Ford out there and and making a happy just us go out there and and being good little foot soldiers. You definitely have to be on your toes. The foot in the air didn't make any sense. He was on a roll day, but it's like you put your towing the water and you put your foot in the air in the reporters. That'd be like, wait a minute. So which is better Mike Jalen Ramsey sound or the Conor McGregor. So we were gonna have Jalen Ramsey on this week. I don't know what happened there. I could talk to that dude. Raines previewing. What happened. I know what happened. Dan happened. What happened? What happened? Tell me what happened do again. I ruined in other on the phone right now. She didn't distract her for making a passive aggressive county. Aggressive, aggressive, really was aggressive, can make passive aggressive or aggressive aggressive comment. Even like just answer Larry, she's busy doing work and it's like, what did I hear over there? Did you guys botched my job again? You don't know what you did to Jalen Ramsey. You have no idea. I, I love Jalen Ramsey there's nothing I did to Jalen Ramsey that's not possible. I've never seen a bad word about Jalen Ramsey. Possible, although now you know what I heard Marcellus Bennett is mad at me. I heard tell us tell us fine. Yeah, it's more Sella's Wiley. I can't believe it. Let Philip brought his little brother on our mission into orbit. How long until it got there alone we get there. I'll learn until we get there. No, I can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with gyco. What's this button? Do? What's this button? Do what's best button do this. Don't believe that Geico could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. Donlevatar the gronk sprayer are gronk who scores and seven's hallowed be thy brain kingdom dumb. Thy will mix rum on turf as it is in heaven. Stugatz he does this day our daily meat spread and don't forgive us our trespasses as we don't forgive those who double cover against us, lead us directly and repeatedly in determination, but delivered that sexy body from evil for spikes in the end zone with great power ring you glory forever way. Man DC's live at our show with stugatz on ESPN radio. So we've got some sound of Jalen Ramsey and we've got some sound of Conor McGregor. I want to hear the McGregor sound I he fights again this week and he's been swaggering all over the place through the press conferences. It's messy. He keeps the energy up man. He somehow manages to really keep the volume up on selling his fight. He's just extraordinary at it. And you, you may not know who he's even fighting and it doesn't matter. I wanna see Conor McGregor fight because of how he talks up these fights. What a good job he does talking him up. He's an underdog tomorrow. Is that right? I didn't know that. Yeah, man. It's really good and we haven't seen this guy in the octagon in a very long time who's he fighting could be, oh, there's to God's contribution to this as gods. His analysis on most things these days is never heard of it. I haven't seen any money want me to tell you. I mean, be better. Can I tell you what's his name? Be. Cubby. Okay, babe. So we will get to the Conor McGregor sound in a second, but just one one. I don't know how to throw this out to the audience. I don't know how you guys feel about it. But this Daniel Baldwin thing is beginning to irritate me beyond reason. Because he loses every week. I've been making fun of him as the fifth Baldwin, even though they're only four. The beef started by calling him the fat one. And now he's had a run of losing. That's never been rewarded around here just because his brother's famous and I, you know, he's sitting here in this thing and last week was bad enough when he brings on one sister. I've never heard of for the audience to pick games based on mascots who would win in a mascot fight. And now he's bringing on when I thought, okay, we'll finally, it'll be Alec and there will be done with this. He's not bringing on a second sister. I mean, Beth at Baldwin. This doesn't bother anybody, but me, no, I love it man because Qantara we gotta quad and it's all about getting to the quad trade. I don't care which Baldwin comes on is also gonna. Watch rain every week. Let's it what happened. Who was that. What was the. What am I? I don't even know what a quad train. Is that thing out ever? Daniel does. Where you you make a better, you lose it afterwards. But it was funny because you made it what does the word quad train? Even mean? I thought it had something before it's a of for lines, especially one having alternate rhymes. Oh, okay. I didn't even know that. So Daniel Baldwin. Thank you. Is smarter than me as well as more handsome and fatter, aren't you a writer? I mean, yeah, that was my fault. I put it on the poll game at lebatardshow. Do you know what a quad train is? Let's go ahead and play that Conor McGregor sound as he fights. BBB, whatever you think is sound is going to be erase that from your mind. This week's turn that you're not gonna expect, but he's great. Should never take information from an informant. You should keep pistons from the informant at all times. That's the friendly way appointed. His manager is snitch terrorist rack and not see. I go with the heavy kale and I will go with pale. He was pulled off of a flight from Cairo. Egypt to New York City on September, eleven, two thousand and one. He was cut with five possible. It's in his possession. He tuned in foam untorn on the people that he was rigging. He is a don't even know who that man is in this country. Everyone here notice people facing all these immigration stuff. On the way over my own people faced in my family. It's stopped at the airport, and then you've got these men with such a crazy background eilly out the Z's and he's running around free bench believed to be honest. But hey, don't ever take information from an informant, and that's what mine is on his rap posit. And I'm going to get him on Saturday night. That last sentence of sales and come watch me the the terrorists pupil on Saturday night. I'm gonna came on Saturday night, but beads in trouble. Man. I have never heard ever in all sorts of weirdness throughout history and boxing press conferences. One side accused the other side of having terrorist in their midst. I could go into heavy detail and I, I will. I have no idea of any of that is true. We don't know if any of that is true. He wouldn't say it wasn't true, and it doesn't matter. Just keep going. I could go into heavy pale and I will. I will. Heavy d d too, was heavy. What wait a minute, and let me hear the whole sound again because the end I will. That was shocking. That was shocking, plot, twist. I'm going to go into detail here. I mean, I I, the things that happened in in fighting, press conference is a ridiculous. You could say anything you want, like for example, someone's a terrorist. So I'm just thinking, okay, that's not the right word to use their, but boxing has no rules Conor McGregor, say whatever he wants and he will. And so you get into one of the wig. I thought I thought that he was just going to accuse him of being a terrorist and we know the fight game can traffic and they'll racial profiling, too. Great profit, right to great profit. Mexicans against black people is the one race war that's still allowed in this country. Do you ever wonder why they're always fighting on Cinco de mayo? I mean, goners set up that he is fighting the terrorists. Well, this is it not only is he fighting the terrorism, his manager manager, yes, but beeps manager. So could even I believe he's rushing really? Okay risky. So what I was floored by though is not just that he went, I could go into detail and I will. It's the details that immediately followed that we're crystal clear each more shocking than the last. You should never take information from an informant. You should keep his from the informant at all times. That's the friendly way of putting his Manitoba is snitch terrorists rack. And that's I go with the heavy detail and I will. I will go with. Heavy kale. He was pulled off of a flight from Cairo. Egypt to New York City on September, eleven, two thousand and one he was cut when five passports in his possession. He tuned in foam and tune on the people that he was walking. He is well, you don't even know who that man is in this country. I'm sure everyone here is people facing all this immigration on the way over my own people faced in my family. It's stopped at the airport and and that. And then you've got these men with such a crazy background valley at de LA's and he's running around free at banks believed to be honest. But hey, don't ever take information from an informant, and that's what that mine is on his arap faucet, and I'm going to get him on Saturday night. I thought it was merely insensitive racial profiling, but now he seems to have some details. Slap you in defaced with money, godforsaken Baldwin's or next donlevatar. Listen, the unfortunate thing with the dodgers. They have a good office. They have tried that mess out there every couple of days as a mess in the postseason. Oh, go ahead. You got the postseason numbers to God's just describe the greatest pitcher of his generation as a total mess. Total mess described it. Look at the postseason number. You're right. He's five hundred pitcher in the post. Well, seven. That's the wrong stat or how about four point three. That's the one that's more damning which would be Eric about the rings. I know you don't look at any other number other than the rings and he's a ring average zero point zero zero that these donlevatar show with Stu gods on ESPN radio. A lot of important people having birthdays today. Barry Switzer is eighty one years old today and happy birthday to him. I don't care. Good luck Neil degrasse Tyson is sixty today. Happy birthday to him. I don't care. Good luck trace Armstrong Mariola muse Steve Miller. Trace Armstrong is fifty three and so is Mary o. Lemieux happy birthday to him. I don't care. Good luck. And that's all the famous birthdays that we have. No, no, no, no, no. We got another one my bed, Steve Miller seventy-five and happy birthday to him. I don't care who good law. All right. That's enough. Let's get to it. That is all important. Birthdays everywhere in celebrity today, Daniel Baldwin joins us now with his sister Beth. I love. I love listening to you speak. It really is. It's so well thought out your show. It's like watching romper room. It really is. It's great. It's grape in me out when you go to your test. We in whisper voice. Am I over? Listen, let me tell you this voice has said many, many things that you've been hearing for years. The I ever say the card, the American Express card don't leave home without it. I mean, I've said some big, big ads. I have enticed your fiance to buy colognes for you. My friend and perfume that she wears daily. Both thought it was Alec and they couldn't afford Alec. That's what happened. The look. We sound a lot like we looked kind of like, except for I'm I'm a little rounder. So with that said, believe me when his career took off and they got his brother sounds just like him and he's half the price trust me. I was okay with that. I very good absolute. I was absolutely okay with it. So what's happening down there? Boys, you're losing again. Yep. Listen there. There's a new way before us. Now I've bought in my sister Beth because as we were staying with the siblings and we're using Aliquippa dangling that low hanging fruit in front of you for hopefully not next week. No, it's next week, either way if she wins or loses, she's not coming back by yourself. If Alex not coming next week, neither you? Oh no, no, no. My friend, you must examine the rules by which we engaged. If she beats ties Collins. The rules if you every week. With every chromosome you brought on, you're still here. Let me tell you something you bring up. My Jacqueline has nothing to do. Of the show so. So I beg your pardon? That is not what I was bringing up. I was saying that every Baldwin has been on here including and forgive my delicacy here, but because Beth, I'm sorry, I've never met. We don't know anything about each other, but your brother is concocting a national fraud that has taken over our show. He is seven eleven into, he's ruining her entire season. Are you gonna fix it and how are you gonna fix it. But we let me tell her how you're going to pick because I was, I was really Jane, went with the mascot beating the mascot. Okay. That that propelled us to one two and two with you disputing one of the loss of cheated. That's okay. You're going to do what you have to do to sell your show. We're going to do what we have to to be victorious. My friend, so swimming. So. Even with you here when you hear this technique because I turn around and I told Beth what we're doing Woody here there. So Beth God and tell them you're technique that you, you told her what we're doing, why can't what you just get to the pixel right. What but I didn't. I don't know what visual and you did a visual. I need pictures of the quarterbacks. Get the picture is how she's doing that said anything about football. I like the giants. That's all she said. All right. Okay. So how you gonna do this? And she said, well, whatever games have pictures of all of the quarterback, and then I'm gonna look at the quarterbacks and I'm going to pick which team I think wins based on the picks I goes by who's more hands he goes, Nope. It's just how I feel when I see the picture of the quarterback. So we're going to test this right now. I'm not gonna tell you who either one of these people are. Okay. On the back is the name of the person. Here's a picture of Dan Levitan and gods, and I want you to look these students. He's so hot. That for sure. I definitely choose. I love this family name. And I love the name bet. I mean, so this is we are kindred spirits up telling you. I love this family. I do. I love this family. We're Long Island people a couple of mementos, just cutting it up about that. They coke c. c. sorry, but imaging already. I know this time for celebrity prognosticator Ness, win some money. These I pictures of quarterbacks are going to be hilarious. These people out of my life of the bulb hairline minus seven giants at giant, not Alec I want him giants at Carolina minus seven. Who do you who do you have? Okay. Jacqueline there's and Cam, who do you like giants? Okay. So wait a minute. What. You don't Beth your. He doesn't look like you want him to look. Listen, it's not just about how they look. It's the vibe I get, I, I'm choosing giants, get the vibe the next. She does like that vibe. She's got one of those sedated brothers and he's got the same kind of face falcons at Pitt, minus three and a half Pittsburgh who'd he got gimme gimme the picture of Ryan and gone. Okay. So these two who got I love you, Atlanta. Wow. Staunch dole is Ryan over Ben. That makes sense or not very favorable, all know. And it's, it's been, you know, there's stuff in his bats that glad anyway, Green Bay Detroit, Detroit plus one who you got. Oh, you gotta see, you go see the two pictures. We have been a million dollars. She's going cheese, and she won't know what that means when you see this model. Yeah, I know. What did you see this picture? Look at this picture is beautiful. Green Bay. She's grove along as you say. Erin, beautiful dolphin. I didn't know. Dolphins Bengals excellent timing dolphins at Bengals minus five and a half who you got just show her Dalton, she'll go the other way. No, you know, hang on. I don't know about that. Hang on. Let's see what she does. So here's his picture. Did you lose your pictures? Daniela had one job. I got a lotta pictures. I gotta go through say, I'd take it dolphins at Bengals. I got. I got a redhead fantasy. I'm going to go since. A big, a big upset. Natty. All right. And are we doing that stupid rhyming thing that you always love to do that annoys me when you protect your fall into a train to what you're talking about, you'll be leave. I train strum the great wide. Each time for Nostra Daniel. The vote is long before the skins, a team in search of three wins ranches come and ranches go, but on drew Brees, put all your show. Great. Heaven has been. What happened? Okay. The dust to my eyes. I until I make a pick. When they do you probably lost again, like every week around. Prediction to outta here. All the Baldwin's is my prediction suit. You'll hear from another Baldwin for the rest of the show, and hopefully for the rest of the time out of here. They pay day at these day. This family man them wonders for our. You don't love this family. I mean, you not love the ball, many Texas ready in here. It's stupid to call this feud. I get you want to act cool saying you're feuding with the Baldwin, but all you do is bleep their bleep when they're on. I mean, that's two dots. Does he do them to get out of here? I do donlevatar the praises pouring in via Twitter at lebatardshow your interviews would be better if you knew how to ask a question hashtag, sad makers to God's. That's right. I'm maker of sad like that hashtags sad maker. You make that I am. I make people send then become happy about their sadness. I am hashtag sad maker DCC's live at our show with Stu gods on ESPN. Radio texter writes in is ESPN making you guys promote Baldwin's show. I really don't get why you guys find this Baldwin bit. So funny. He's. Something that happens around here quite a bit. There is no consensus on what's funny. So some of the things that you find funny, others don't find funny. You don't get to be the governor on what funny is Alec Baldwin does. There is consensus on the quad train being funny though. I've eight, I'm sorry, there is consensus is full of jetting here via text and Twitter, a lot of people objecting, just like I am to the ball. I'm not alone on this one. You guys are more alone than I am on this. Plenty of people getting infuriated that we just talked to to Baldwin. I've never heard of before five weeks ago. That's an Jane man get with it. Did you see what happened yesterday? We've been talking about guys changing teams and Jimmy Butler and the power in basketball. Did you see what happened with Kyrie Irving yesterday, know what happened? What was cool for Boston fans because he's just standing there with a microphone walking around the court. And he says, if you guys will have me back here, I intend on resigning and everyone applauded, and it was a happy time and and as long as you stay, that's good. I would have liked to have seen it go the other way because kyri if you're going to be different different. Get up there with the microphone and be like, yeah, not sure if I'm coming back, but thanks everybody for coming out. This should be fun year though. I mean, that's interesting that he did that that he committed world seems like he committed to the boss. He didn't convertible commitment. He didn't commit he plans on committing. Okay, go ahead. There's a chain hardly will that had to be nice for Celtics fans to be an attendance there and have the news broken that way instead of by, whoa, JR or some agent. It must be nice to Celtics fans to think that they are not going to lose Kyrie Irving. What I do think is funny is the idea though of Kyrie Irving immediately signing, hey, if you guys will have me, I'd love to stay here and then Dineage flipping him for someone better. I'd believe it more if whoa, Jackie got out on the court with the microphone and said, kyri wants to stay here next year. Then kyri himself saying then I would believe it would you it'd be a more credible source is wold. You're more credible, basketball sorts put it on. The poll game at lebatardshow is wold. You're more credible basketball source on Kyrie Irving news than Kyrie Irving. So Mike, we have more Conor McGregor sound or does it and begin and end with him accusing. Bubby manager of being a terrorist rat snitch. I could go with the heavy kale and I will. I will go with the heavy detail. So do you have Jalen Ramsey back there because he's right now the best talker that we've gotten football. Right? Is there a better talker than Jalen Ramsey? Do we have anyone in the sport who's who's a better talker than Jalen Ramsey? He's done the unusual thing of going the other way and it's not merely trash talk. It's trash. Talk on trash. Talk that I've ever heard where he's willing to tell you that guys on other teams by names by name that they stink. This is a tremendous game. We got coming up on Sunday, Patrick Mahomes and the chiefs going up against that Jags defense and Blake Bortles going up against the chiefs defense now, what happens? That's right. That's right. Blake, Bortles God, I, it is so frustrating to watch them play because they just do this just to keep him three and four yards out. But here's Jalen Ramsey and here's what he has to say about the game. We're all looking forward to anti kill because that's a great matchup. I don't like how whoever has made it a matchup me against hiring. He's good. For what he does for their team. He may all pro as a return specialist. Let's get that right as a return specialist. His rookie year. He went to two pro Bose as a return specialist, returning specialists, two years. I, I may all pro in my position as a corny, went to the Pro Bowl as a corner. So it's not a wide receiver versus corner Macha so we can get that out of the way off off bat. Prices need careful what you wish for. I mean, if you look at my film, what do I do every week? I play press right every week, no matter who I'm playing. So. If you won't smoke, it will get there. I have. I have very rarely in the violence business heard a guy who's that comfortable just smoking people publicly. And how unafraid is he? Everyone in the league doesn't want to cover that tuned.

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