Ziyech Wizardry Leads Blues to 4-1 Win over Sheffield United


you can feel it marching toward us off in the distance like a thousand traore as its international. Break time folks. And i'm a little depressed by it but on the bright side i am going to craft emotional. That chelsea can actually win the premier league and the moroccan magician might be the player of the season i'll get into that with our neutral observers jam-packed showed it. We got the match day. Live squad jenny to also makes her chelsea mike up debut. It's an exciting episode. We'll recap everything going on in the premier league. And i will be homer the likes of which. You've never seen llamas thaddeus mccotter swag chris wittingham the neutral observer. Now you're gonna have to rein the because. I am majorly excited right now. Chelsea of scored more goals in any other club in the premier league and akim c. h. We knew the service was good. He had that moment. The champions league varieties against chelsea but most people would tell you. They didn't know much about this player. Outside of that. Brilliant run that. I hadn't champions league. What a terrific player. What surprised me is also the work that he's doing defensively. I did not think he had that in them. This is a hot take. I think he legitimately can be player of the season. Not just for chelsea but in the entirety of the premier league. He's been that impressive. It's been such a difference maker remember. We still haven't seen chelsea's best starting eleven presumably and now they're within striking distance on the top of the table. You're gonna have to talk me down man. Because i am on chelsea's probability of what in this primarily here chris i'm super excited and free the prevailing feeling when i was watching the gaming and sheffield united was so they can see early right one nil and i never felt that chelsea learned that much trouble whereas a year ago you would have felt. Oh man it's going to be one of these kinds of matches you just don't feel that sense of chelsea don't have enough fear and as you mentioned z. As part of that reese james and bench. Oh well at fullback are part of that. Ten abraham is scoring goals for fun right now. You just have this surge in quality and attacking quality and i agree with you completely. Leads it because it's not just about the things that we knew about him. It's the things that we didn't know about him. As you mentioned the pressing just that kind of audacity to try a bunch of different things on the pitch and trying to combine with his teammates. He just has a certain amount of i. Don't give a bleep about what he's going to do out there. And that's just a certain amount of quality that chelsea didn't have last year save for christian pulisic in the restart period was just that anything can happen with that right. Hand side and look billion for instance at a really good first match with arsenal. But he doesn't do that every week right. And he hasn't kicked on for arsenal. It was kind of the same thing with chelsea whereas you kind of expect that even hockey has eighty nine minutes. That have one good one which you'll create a gilt-edged chance or someone and that for me is just a complete difference in. We're chelsea where a year ago and it hearkens back to what we were saying about. All these signings. Frank lampard brought in over the transfer window. You just keep bringing in quality and you increase the probability of special players doing special things in exact moments that you need them. Maybe they'll be some days. Even though i have very little evidence that they'll be match that he doesn't have it cooking. But that's why you have team. Oh verner and now. Tammy abraham in that mix. This wasn't a player that we could count on towards the latter part of the season. And he's tap back into the november form hell. He's playing better than he did. Last november tamie abraham has been quality. I know we sing his praises the last episode and one player that we didn't really give that much credit to because there was so much credit to go around. Is reese james. Obviously we've saying his praises plenty on this show. But i was super excited about the left wing combination of chills pace meeting with christian pulisic paste on the laptop because of injury. We haven't really seen it just yet. But let's give a little love to that right side right now because they may not be as pacey but the service coming in from that right. The interplay between the two is starting to look good chelsea. They have so many ways they can beat you. They had other ways that they could beat you previously but it was never defensively and we knew that the streak was probably a little too difficult to sustain the clean sheets. you're asking a lot of mendi. Sheffield united come out and scored the first one. I wasn't worried. I wasn't worried. That would concede again. You know how that match against sheffield united went last year once. They scored one. There was one mistake in the midfield and that was all she wrote. I have so much faith and confidence in the back line and tiago silva nominated for player of the month. Thirty six years old. Ben shapiro also part of that back line infusion. This is really special right now and chelsea legitimate shop because of injury. Maybe cada break there with liverpool. I ve always maintained that. Maybe they're on a downward trajectory but what helps to accelerate. That process is the battles with fitness that they've had in the long term injuries. It's there for the taken chris. This might be a year ahead of schedule. Which elsie and. That's something that we just weren't really anticipating just because of the strength that liverpool of show thought chelsea make step up. But i think we've seen them make several steps up in the last few weeks just in terms of what the feeling is when you watch him and you're a fan. You can probably describe it in. I can't even though we've watched every chelsea match for a year. Now right you just kind of get that sense of watching them every single week of. What were you thinking. When games happened. I really did feel after they conceded early. Now chelsea got this and the other thing that you don't see as much is in that sheffi united match a year ago and the restart period when they lost away at bramall lane is when they did. Go one kneel down. They felt they had to press right and commit more numbers forward and lead themselves more vulnerable in the counterattack. It didn't really feel like chelsea. We're unbalancing themselves to go and try and get a goal and several goals in this game just had to keep doing what they were doing. And that is such a step up. And i think that's again and increasing quality a massive part of that and verner as upgrades for me are massive and i mean bencher will as an upgrade if you just sort of said that chelsea left-back position in two thousand nine hundred twenty. The chelsea left back position twenty. Twenty twenty one. It's miles difference and we talked about price and we talked about. How frank lampard clearly wanted this player right and you had to get the signing right because you're spending a bunch of money on a player at a position that's not really the high money position but if you can solve that problem with one signing and you know every week i name the team sheet benca well leftback. He's going to play brilliantly. That is such a huge upgrade where you had a year ago and now for me. Football is the ultimate weakling. sport where is the weaken. the site. I don't know there. There doesn't appear to be obviously a position player on the pitch that isn't delivering at a very high level. Right now i guess the only weak link is maybe there is still some skepticism that they fixed this offense. Because i'm so little worried right just because of what. The last two years have looked like particularly last year in the start of this year with how shaky kepler was and i know tiago silva benca will. It's not as simple as just keep your changed. It's also not very fair to kappa. But but i mean he has the highest save percentage in the premier league. You've gone from the lowest. Save percentage in the premier league to the highest. That's a massive difference maker man and the other thing too is the quality of opportunities so now edward mendis four games in the primarily leaving out the champions league numbers later four games in the premier league. The expected goals against is one point eight so that means that roughly. There's about one half a chance in each game that the other team is getting and many as outperforming at one point eight expected goals against he's only allowed one goal and that's that's among the best in the premier league already like for example. You look at sam. Johnston tops that number for west brom goalkeeper. But he's conceded. Sixteen goals in the is expected to concede eighteen right. Just there's a barrage of shots for me. It's just there are no chances created against right now. If not going to trust anything that for me would be. The thing is that when they played southampton in that three three it wasn't just about kappa. Right southampton created some great chances in played right through chelsea so unless that goalkeeper solidity is just permeating through the team. And it's just an entirely different team because of the goalkeeper behind them at some point. They will concede more chances but right now from a defensive point of view. It's staggeringly good. How do you stop this attack of chelsea. How do you go about stopping the chelsea attack right now because okay. They've gone from conceding two goals. A game maybe two one. And that's all she wrote when you're going up against chelsea you're not going to stop them from scoring twice. How do you stop this attacking side right now. There aren't these defensive minded parking the bus teams if anything burnley towards burnley up most suppressing which means they're gonna be gaps in that back line that you can expose with chelsea's pace and options right now and the service so many different ways to beat you right now and it's just ultra exciting. And maybe i'll just be muttering while chelsea lift the premier league trophy. I so didn't get to see chelsea's starting eleven because that is a very real. Okay i wanna. I wanna have argue with you about this. Though doesn't tammy abraham figuring chelsea's best starting eleven right now. I know that we're americans you want christian pulisic to be involved but we're in my america. Had chris you trying to open my eyes to the fact that maybe chelsea's best starting eleven dozen feature christian pulisic. I mean. I think it does still but right now we have to say that abraham is involved in chelsea's best starting eleven and tambi abraham involved team verner has to be involved and so where is room for christian pulisic. Now does that mean that christian pulisic when he gets back fit is not going to play not at all. But abraham part of chelsea's best starting eleven right now making it angered facing me. I don't like this. I will give you the tammy's been incredible. I'm not as crazy about team on the left. Even though he's coming on as a left winger right now and he's finding the back of the net and he's learned how to play with tammy let's not forget. How good christian. Look i know krasnodar but let's not. Let's let's pump or breaks. He was handed the number ten for a reason. How about this. If you find yourself down in a game which right now as a chelsea homer. I never envisioned ever happening. Legis say there is a shocking red card vargas as dirty and we need a goal scoring punch. Someone's going to find themselves out of that. Starting eleven right now. We didn't have scoring punch off the bench last year. There was no scoring punch. William was out there for a reason. And if you look at his premier league scoring record it really isn't much to that argument but it was all chelsea have now you. You might find matches where you have the likes of. Tamie abraham off the bench and christian pulisic off the bench. You wanna give timo verner arrest. And god knows he deserves it they were scheduling time for him and then christian got the hamstring injury and this battle with corona virus. Obviously maybe forces some respite care habits. It's a totally different chelsea. It's a totally different chelsea and credit to the manager for figuring it out this to challenge at aside to not get it straightened away in the attack. We knew that the struggles that cohesion time training fitness of that will result in goals. But they didn't need that much time along the back line. This was a matter of two matches. Many in their two matches. Good the pairing of zuma silva so on the left which i mean not only is he thirty six years old in a new league but he's not playing what is regarded as his best position. And you don't sweat it. People had that in-draughts ready to complain about now up primarily player of the month arguably the leadership the cohesion the fact that i'm just not nervous. I'm not nervous right now. Watching chelsea when they're playing outside of the top six clubs think about all the matches that we had were born with us and west ham in burnley and these very difficult matches that chelsea had along the years with defensive-minded teams know exactly how to lock them up. I think there's a collective gulp from those defensive-minded teams now because this is just such a potent attack and in some ways it's mirrors what liverpool aman city of felt like for the last three or four years. Is that you just go there. And you don't expect anything to happen right. You don't expect that you're going to get goals. You don't expect that you're gonna stop the other team from scoring and there is this feeling of strength from chelsea that we have not been used to seeing. You mentioned the way which the manager has got it right to me. I think the biggest thing that he's done this is gonna sound a bit. Ridiculous is match language through the spine of the team. Because if if you want to build your defense around silva and he doesn't know english yet then. The communication has to be really important if a french goalkeeper. If salvo played in france for six years you know he he speaks french. His partner zuma's playing partially because he's playing really well because he speaks the same language as geography silva and holding midfielder ending. Golo kante that is french right. So you have this level of communication in defense. That i mean who knows. Maybe communications is a reason why the defense has been bad in recent years and he just wanted to get everyone on the same page because you know that at least that group of four players can communicate with each other. You know that jorgihno the multicultural man of the world is going to be able to figure out how to communicate. Even if he doesn't know french yet he bill probably learn a language and be able to figure it out soon enough. Like i do think that that's another big part of how the managers are. How am i going to put each of these players that i want to succeed in the best position to do so and i think that's a another kind of hugely underrated portion of this excellent points. I've seen that on twitter. And i honestly think there's a lot to it because we saw a bunch of communication breakdowns with kep back there but i will remind you there are plenty of lineups feature to back line of marcus lonzo and aspirin quetta and kept back there and they speak the same language and it was still a fire. Drill in a lot of matches and by the way has also speaks french. So he's going to be one of these versatile plug and play guys. That's how we liked him entering this season. Which is tough obviously for the captain to swallow but it speaks volumes to the type of leader and team player as for the has look. It was a bit of an unsettling time for georgina to and he's chelsea's vice captain and he is slotted in there. You see team. Oh taken the. Pk's these are absolute professionals and it helps that. They speak multiple languages in georgina in aspic weta and if the report of a winning side then they'll cease being polarizing figures as the not so much anymore i think a lot of that has died down because of his professionalism but man these guys editor could it become co favorites and icons for this club if chelsea actually do get some hardware here and this is a legitimate conversation. We're having now with chelsea as we enter the international break. Look there's plenty to discuss about this chelsea side and we are bringing in loads of guests to talk it out with a smash they live crew is going to be coming up next and jenny to you've seen her on. Cbs champions league coverage she'll be making her debut here on chelsea miked up could have a conversation about how things san here with men and women seem told. Her revenge was on our mind against everton. Chelsea women both teams men and the women argument for cohesion impatience and talent because man both these teams are absolutely loaded. We'll get into all of that fun stuff but next semester they live group. What every minute of every match download the fifth fan the official chelsea at chris. I'm super excited about our next guest. And i really hope for those us supporters. That aren't familiar with what exactly it is. They do become familiar and they go seek their stuff out can watch them on the sand app. You can check out the facebook. The official chelsea facebook and youtube channels to see what our next guest do. Great work we're talking. Abby joe and zack from match they live. It's match live crew. They you guys so much now. I don't want to do the same thing we all say. Hey how's it going at the same time. Especially they prioritize audio. So we're just gonna go around the horn here a little bit. I'll start over with zach. And zack you bring the youthful energy on the show. I tried to. But i'm feeling might especially when i play the grass roots stuff like the i'm feeling all sorts of creaky. You actually relate to the young vibrant energy on this team probably better than anyone else on this zoom right now. Not chris wittingham because even though he's the youngest one in zoom he's got the sensibilities of an eighty five. I'm gonna go to you. Frank lampard is really connecting with these players. He's someone they grew up. Idolizing what is it to these players to be able to receive surreal instruction from chelsea's greatest player ever and he's not that far removed from their own age. Say the compliment. Thank you very much. Yeah it's a is pretty nuts. I think for them especially for lice of mason mountain. Towns abraham maury. The boys the boys you kind of grew up in the uk and will what shing frank lampard in now every single week perform the best level possible and now i just getting told what position. They're playing this week. How pretty being training and it probably makes them probably resonates with them a lot more than That's not saying that someone like say christian footage whoever as resonating with them. But it is definitely a memo. Is this guy you know. He played for england especially for mason. Who's now playing on eight row as well he saw. You say you can learn from the best bet frank lampard. He's literally telling you what to do. Just do what he says. I'm pretty sure you're going to school and assess we've been saying enduring even more say but yeah for the young guys especially i mean they know. Frank lampard means the chelsea primarily. There is really a person to learn from. Now we're all in this content game and there's a bit of a sea change right now. A very young team when i first started becoming a chelsea fan and watch those seem like grown ass men when i'd go and visit my friends and their dad would come in and i'd be a little scared that was essentially chelsea's entire team so now we have all this youth vibrant energy and you guys are content creators a bit refreshing for you a bit of a different thing for you guys. Speaking to all these kids over there you gotta stay up on the twitches. Manam sound old. Right now you've got to stay on the twitches and yeah the twitches and the and the tweets and the ford nights. I'm sure it's a lot easier to relate to these players than the likes of which were we were used to in the past. Is that the case for you. Yeah i think so. I think you feel a sense of pride. Don't you any just relate to the mall when they've come through our youth system and they all that much more relatable because like you say the chelsea's of the past i mean we've had some world class saved styles people that you can't even believe applying row team whereas now there's rule homegrown talent coming through. I mean that's exciting for us guys unexciting on just because yeah you do Nights that much will joe. I think in terms of this group. I've gotten to know you a little bit before we started going with this interview. And i think if anyone can tap into that emotional home khomeinism on this zoom like i can. It's you. I'm getting carried away with what i've seen here recently that all the signing seem to really become an online right now i actually have legitimate title hopes watching this team. What's your takeaway as we head into this international break. I'll be honest with you. Mike getting fox to do that thing. We step back a little bit I'm started the first game of the season. Bryson off. i think you know at the end of the postmark chalk said is the first towards but genuinely the moeletsi comes together. You do see that because like hobbies looted. You've got woke loss. Plays that you had yesterday. You know when you about fruits of chelsea teams have won the tights when you have a really strong spiny talk about check terry lampard dropbox. Go for that. Now you've got you've got to you've got mandy. You've gotten to canada. You've got christian Abraham plays the Change in player. No did not same role of course different rotor to make chelsea what we expect from really does it feels it feels sometimes when you see people talking about liverpool manchester city your little bit on kay you carry on talk about them because quietly on about business and if you've seen over the last few weeks everyone criticized frontline in chelsea conceding goals we fix that in in the to what we didn't score any goals scored enough goals then adding three enforcing in four side. Ever ever everything they want. Set up everything they wanna say about jokes. He chose to go. Yeah fine you keep doing that. While people are talking about other teams i think quietly and happily for once because it never quite when you're chelsea liam i'm happy to business on genuinely do believe that we are real johnson sees zach. I wanted to bring up. A couple of mentioned already christian pulisic. Let's address the elephant in the room. We are american english. We're talking about erector elephant. The american we're talking about the metric system before we started recording so From your perspective right christian pulisic is just a player at chelsea for us. He's our great american hope. How have you seen his development particularly that restart period this season. He's dealing with injury. But how how have you seen his development chelsea. i think he's probably more than just a just. The planet chelsea like personally because a very very vulnerable. I knew new nathan about him when he a dortmund as well and since he's come to chelsea may have had a bit more slowest maybe doctrines the league wherever but especially after that re stop periods he was arguably the best player in the squad we can. We got we relying on you. Think back to before the as well against early when he pathak hat trick. Everything about him has the capability of being a world. Trust plan and there. There were several pricing chelsea's called Possible that things have been said about chelsea g. Today we signed but part of me thinks that not just appreciate with mace and mountain. A few on threes jiang's Just to mention a few but there are still well crossed possibly woke up at players. Dan have already been there. Last season was signed to develop. He still really really young. I think forget as well even though he has been playing for years. Now the champions league while with dortmund's he's still really really young and now he's he's either. Come this battle this this injury. The psyches reoccurring but weddings when he's on his day. He's playing to optimal level which seems to be improving month-on-month especially like it was before the race. I think back to the us on tastic even in the fa cup final talk about result but before and he looked like if it goes gonna happen is gonna come from him. And it's very exciting to kind of know that that left flank when he is fully fit as hayes. I'm not really anyone can days takeaway from him. There was a fair amount of skepticism. Anytime in american like we feel that we were actually over in the uk when they signed christian pulisic and we heard some of the criticisms and to be blunt with you there fair because they still need to prove themselves on this international level now since then christians really opened the door for a lot of americans play on superclubs but post restart christian as you said. It seemed as though there were certain times. It's just christian. Bale out the only way that you were getting the goal is five through some tackles flash speed have one touch from and then you do the rest and it was in that span of time that he really earned the number. Ten has the chelsea supporters base. Really come around. On this player we were talking about the tactics of football. And how he fits in and and we all appreciate the skill but this a bit of a sensation over there in the uk or still some mild skepticism. Abby there is a lot of love the sage. I think i think he's going to be the first big american football star in the primarily. I think all our fans are really excited about him. But also not sleep in the major of people like gary lineker do much today ahead that we ended up to him. I think people are just watching him play in. How can you not be. He's one of those players that's just a joy to all he's got he's creativity and as we've alluded to he can create something out nothing brooklyn brundige you are. He's going to give the european. Rafe causes trouble. Yeah i think he is just showing a welcomes play. He is so young. So i personally call way to heights that he reaches over the next two years. Joe i wanted to ask you just about the shift in mentality. That watching chelsea has kind of under really in a period of three weeks because they play a three three with southampton. There's mistakes at the back and there's issues and then all of a sudden from one game to the next. They can't stop keeping clean sheets when they go a goal down to sheffield united. It looks like they're gonna comfortably come back and win. It feels like the feeling around chelsea has changed in such a short space of time. Massively massively i think i think you've hit an island the head thereby mentality. I think you know we talk about tiago. Silver and the impact that he's had not just on the field off the field. You know when you've got a leader when you've got a presence like that the younger players can look to the spin- don it. That's one eighty caps for brazil. Pirate well cups when everything. There is to win pretty much power. Sandra mannion knows as a phenomenon. So when you've got someone that you can rely on an old song you know you've you've meant Can obviously he someone will. He carries the hopes of american. He plays each kind of the main guy is it. was he's responsibility. He's got out that leadership trait and sign you. Go through the team He's done it for a long time a Zig beforehand beforehand Twenty-one captains live acoustic for most of the season nausea you. Go for the human is that there's so many lead many characters in front end pod spoken about that in buying stolen out for a while so so i think we will will quietly confident that when frank put a team out that he wanted to win these players will come back. We're not even talk show on zee. Share is just magic. But but when when you've got all these places are coming back together and all of a sudden things dots walk. i think he's i think he's a mentality. Saudi thing i think she chose all of a sudden of gone about things have started to click. Things starts working confidence. They once once you go edward menu. You've been phenomenal in goal than the back fulfill comfortable when the back full of a consistent Backfire because james asks the question can come into change mark but for the five play then midfielder front confident and then it really does rallies through the team. I think the shift in kotla weeks is probably been shift. That has been coming for a long time. But i think he's probably. We've only just seen it recently. Because france at the luxury of selecting from a full complement for the first time. Zaka close out with you before i properly close out and geek out over music with abby just briefly going over bio i have so many questions because once i saw bbc radio one. I got massively excited. But joe touched on this before. About how the criticisms of lampard like. Oh you can't stop conceding. Then he stops well. You can't score. Well he stops. Adam remember last year. There were always these marks in the road. You can't beat. Only he can't beat spurs. We were at that match at spurs. It felt like the ground was very unstable. But frank lampard has met every challenge so now now that they keep saying you can't score you can't stop letting other teams score. I'm kind of hoping someone tells us. We can't win the premier league this season because franks about to prove them wrong again on this player just as manager because we know him as a player he was able to overcome all sorts of adversity and all sorts of doubters. But now frank lampard the tactician and the manager seems to be answering some questions. Yeah one hundred percent. I think he's proving it with every game. Now i think people forget like it wasn't an easy job to come into chelsea is one of these clubs in the world let alone in england have such a such a big fan base. Then you add the fact that he's one of the biggest players who have played older crops are whatever happens. He's putting that legacy that has on the line again. I'm ben you have the fact that you've just lost. His best plant has a combined you play as many transfers and at he's been going not using the youth as well and successful. I think back van originally if you said chelsea would get full when the champions league and bring on Three everyone was of any did it and any smashed it and so now he has not really shy. That if you think back to the first game loss lost four near old trafford Traffic nunu a privately. Bateman the fa cup only gonna social against all snow. He's really starting his tactical prowess he realized he made. He did get it wrong by. Not starting georgina when we played them. It was happy to make a substitution before golf time which is normally like a thing. Do and site. I got it wrong and then we won't win that game so i think he's really signed to to come into his and again i think people forget he's also really young in the manager of the managers role is only manage voice. Third year people talk as if he's been doing it for years and years and years law capable mentioned that ali is is iago. He's been managing for nearly a decade. Now so i mean there's little digging. Their program made by. Yeah i am. Part is really really coming into his. I mean with a tough tough kind of break k. Till christmas now we faced a a decent amount of them have taught hof teams like also spies As well and if he can kind of if he can guys games and also make sure we're beating the no-doubt opponents newcastle ben. I'm expecting a great christmas. We had pat nevin on our podcast earlier at at the start of this whole pandemic and he's got music credential secretive music credentials and it's a fun story there but abby you have outside pat like the most music credentials out of any guess. We've had here on chelsea mike. Wbz radio on siriusxm for very long time. And i would always listen to bbc radio one in here in zane lowe break new music and your breaking new music out there with a younger team that we have now a chelsea once again my boomer self trying to connect to the youth right now are have you connected with any of these players over music and if so what are they listening to and that chelsea locker room you i would love tonight. I don't know if the boys can offer any insight into what's being blasted out in the locker room moment but from following them onsite shows there are some players that have not the music as well. So i'd love to play with them at some point. Tammy biggest music. He's he's been on hold was stones. Am and a lot of really cool rapids. Come in three right now. But yeah i need to. I need to go through their record. Collections ray. Maybe that can be a challenge when things get back to normal. I'm gonna sit down and taught me with them probably can sing as well. Connie top. he's got seen funchal right every annoyingly side yet. How is initiation video for villa swazi as a cop out there he is he has got a voice is good. Isn't it the town. I was really surprised. Amazing amazing. I gotta check it out. Joe fleming's abby mccarthy zag lab. Thank you so much for joining us here on chelsea miked up remember. You don't have to watch live to support what they're doing. We get numbers on this thing. Folks in this chelsea content check out the official facebook the official youtube page go to the fifth sandeep. Watch what these guys do over match. They live they put our tremendous chelsea content. And hopefully it's not the last you've heard of them on chelsea miked up. Thank you guys so much. Thank you this is to call. You're listening to chelsea. Mike special treat here as we close out our show. It's just banter between you. And i chris. But we bring on the wildly popular jenny to jenny. I love your videos that you do for at chelsea f c in usa an a star turn because he immediately this. This shows you the reach of at chelsea usa because mmediately you go from doing those videos so week later. You're on my tv screen doing champions league coverage as messy on the ij stories. I'm like what is happening right now. So jenny quite the sar in our industry by jimmy choose sock because she's blowing up and proper blue cross blue. Oh loves chelsea. So let's get into it because jenny. I need someone to help. Sort of fire me up a little bit. Although chris would argue the help. I love the energy. You bring you bring the energy. And i probably you know maybe got the champions gate because of chelsea f c. Usa were so popular. Maybe that's what it was. It's it's gargantuan the reach of this club. So i will be very careful because i don't wanna pose this question because we've already done our interview segment and you're just a pal here. You're here to support me and talked me through all my emotions and feelings. So i just put this out to you. Tell me how many points shelter. You're gonna win the primarily by. Come on what you think. We're gonna win i actually. I'm curious you think we're going to win. Journey in the earlier segments crafting. The it's there for the taking especially with what happened liverpool now. I would argue that. Liverpool was bound to dip anyway is given what we saw after project research. In fact that their form was. Just not sustainable. You can't be that good that long at that age chelsea. I thought were maybe a year away and this might be a good time for manchester city to maybe pick up on. Some of the points set liverpool. Start up on when i see. Tammy abraham locked in the way that he has. When i see ben show who a lot of chelsea fans were skeptical about entering and now he's been incredible the side. I was obviously a little worried at age. Thirty six at ti goes silva must have enough. I mean there's a reason why you're getting into play like that on a free transfer. There seem to problems with the goalkeeper that stretched just be on kappa but now edward mendy just strolls into the side and now has the best primarily save percentage jenny. There's not a lot of quantifiable data here to tell me to actually come down. Listen listen i've heard you many times. Get very excited. When i heard the pod way back when i hear the excitement in them like this is it for us but things don't always check out that way so the difference now okay i think is i have this overwhelming confidence in franklin which i don't typically have and i think and i don't know whether people that are more so into the technical tactical speak will appreciate this or absolutely hate me for it but i as christmas care about the human. I am like such lead by human lead by empathy type of human and frank does that for me and i think that as previous player that can get the best out of your players for me. That's got the best out of me. And i think that it only goes up from the confidence growing between the players in france between the players themselves. I mean the team seems to continue to combine. Continue to grow in terms of wanting to be creative together and trying different things that i think chelsea can only go up. I don't know how you look at the human aspect. I think that frank has something that other managers. Just it's different. I think he really genuinely does care about the human morrisseau journey to echo your point he can relate to these players better than let's just say roy hodgson or someone else. These players that are of a certain age that they grew up watching him and then growing up watching him was like four years ago. That's how young these players are. That also is how quickly. Frank lampard has ascended up the managerial ranks. But last year frank lampard was extended a certain level of credit that maybe sorry wasn't because of his legendary chelsea status but when the criticisms came in it was very easy to point to. If you're a frank lampard apologists and came up for the guy he didn't make any signings. They lost their best player. He didn't he didn't hand pick any of that back line. I know that the sats were damning but now you see with one window just his influence his ability to identify talent and men. This team is poised not just for this year. Because anyone can tell me. Look you're good but it's gonna take some heartbreak some suffering. I get that fi-. But i will not stand for anybody pushing back and telling me that we're not at the beginning. Something special here. This is oh this is going to be overrun with four four. A while and that was always a plan and just to kind of round out like the thing. That was the big question about lampert. If there was one is that you can sort out the defense. They conceded three goals against southampton immediately. After the game the stats was like sixty. Six goals conceded in the premier league and forty one forty two games. And it's can. He set up a team to defend done the last six weeks. Pick up five clean sheets and give up one goal to sheffield united like. It's it's incredible. How in the space of weeks. And i think jenny when we started the conversation. You like really. I don't know. I think it's really just the shortness of sample right. It's only been three weeks of play like this where they look like a title contender but still we're watching the sheffield game and i texted the both of you like chelsea win the league and i think that's a legitimate conversation that we're having now and look they're only three points off. Leicester what are the two points off. Tottenham like the primarily table is not daunted. Chris we're not the only ones having the conversation even like not chelsea people are questioning. Wow this team has something and and you. You mentioned that back line. It is the fact that there is more consistency in a back line. And that's all we've been asking for that's all you really want and you have it now. And the attackers i mean. I think you're right mike. I'm sorry that i called you out and said are you think we're winning now. There's definitely the beginning of something. Honestly the people in my life that push back on this notion as a group chat with london is blue guys and we love the london's blue guy But look when nick enters room he's not exactly like rosy right he kind of has his own his own stick and he's not joining us on the why not us train and i think if you're pushing back on this it's because you're holding onto something that you saw previous that this new core especially along that back line i understand. It may be too much too soon but either way you're not going to call my excitement too much nicolini. You know winners. You actually played on the national level for the mexican national team and you know wing play and we started this conversation in the first block about key. I wanna get into it a little bit more in depth with you because you know that position better than i do just gas bag here but i think that there is a real case. This is gonna sound nutty. Because i already have handed chelsea the premier league but i'm ready to also ahead a key player of the season. I think it could be that important. And for player with such incredible service to be able to look at kai habits. Tamie abraham now. Who's incredibly on form team. Oh varner christian pulisic we. Chris and i talk all the time. About how as we are by how instinctual he is. I think ben chihuahuas now. Some of those backpost runs is showing you that it can be in the right position to an embarrassment of riches and targets for kings. Es to pick out there. I'm wondering what you think about. The moroccan magician unlucky fan especially after this last match. I mean he did wonderfully. I think i mean. I don't know how point this out my video. Now that i've mentioned it. But when you see the ball that he puts in he just picks like not event. He doesn't look he may be peaks. I don't know what school this was Or was it just a ball verner he. He just picks his chin up and he did it the he did it against chelsea four. I x his body positioning. I know there's a lot of cool screen caps out there but he plays coy because he has supreme confidence that he doesn't need the stare down the target or give any inclinations so where he's going with it is quite confidence and it's really impressive. You give quote about this to the chelsea website. Said i always look at them. Before i played the ball usually eye contact is enough and you can see you work well two time. He's got this little glimmer of like just this. It's almost like mischievousness. Like i saw him out of the corner. And i played it in like. It's just kind of ridiculous kind of tell telepathy to have with a group of players that you've only just met really now mike. I think he is the perfect woman. You said in fact you can tell that he has that specific incident. He can see it. Just a ball's if he whips in so perfectly placed and he just peaks like i'm trying to find like maybe he saw way before nope he just peaks in. It's enough for him to know exactly where it's going to be the speed that the players going to get to that while at the exact time i mean. It's just it's beautiful. It's beautiful to watch. Are you getting ahead of yourself by saying premier league player of the year. I don't know but it's exciting. Maybe just slightly considering. I think he's just played his second full primarily. Maybe i'm getting ahead of myself. But one of the things that i've noticed and we saw this at other positions and the and the goalkeeper shis competition. It makes the team better. I think james is a service actually improving when he sees what teams is also doing on the right. There's competition on the training ground. Because i think one aspect. That reese james a service could improve. Is they look beautiful. Coming off the boot right. I mean they're powerful and he's just missing target sometimes but to be able to finesse. I think re sometimes too often goes for power and being able to be on that training ground with the likes of zia's there's going to be a bit of a competition between those players on that right side to provide the better service. You don't think they're hearing it from players in the locker room and tammy and team you guys the score goals for living. They want the better service. He's going to figure out what team is doing. Well and he's got to try to replicate that more often if i was in the box and both of them are sending across this. I would tell. Reese why you hitting it so hard. You're going to make some questions. Alexia although kerr zuma's probably not hard enough capped. Jump in the air ricocheting there. I'll put a hole in the net. Just be flames like it's back to the future tire marks. Just keep working them in the one thing. Though from research standpoint is that. I do think the one thing that he can learn from would be that as you mentioned makes that i contact. He knows what he's doing if feels. Like sometimes reese puts in a great cross but it's kind of like in the hopes that someone would be there rather than expecting someone to be there. I just think that extra mental aspect of my services to meet the moment not just be a great cross for the sake of it. I think is probably something that he can probably pick up onto. Yeah it seemed. Like reese and this is no knock against reason please. If you think we're that podcast got us mistaken. This is ray shames. Miked up often. We love the but i do think that maybe he's a volume player at times volume shooter and he just thinks if i keep whipping it in their eventually. It'll connect sometimes. It does. But i think kimes maybe has a little bit more patient. Obviously the player also a little bit older right so he has a little bit more experience in these things and his vision seems unparalleled right now given that he just needs a look up or a split second and see the entire game in front of them. And i think it's only gonna make reese james that much better that's why i'm building my case up for teams as premier league player this season. I want to talk about the women's team because this is really the first full season that chris wittingham at a dive in headfirst being able to watch this chelsea women's team now. If you're chelsea diehard supporter. I am no excuse. Get on the bus now because this team is good much like the men's team is getting more cohesion. Gelling more and more chemistry and has all this amazing talent and hayes in the women's side to the exact same thing. Avenging their fa cup loss against everton over the weekend chelsea look primed and ready to get some hardware and that one will not have anyone. Talk me down on. These are the super league champs. Lookie there i'm with you there you know. I want to admit my ignorance here coming into this. I knew sam kerr. And that was about as much as i knew when i started this gig and now i'm such a huge fan of all of them. I mean cornell harder is insane like she'll have one goal which absolute amazing goal in this match What looked the seventh minute of extra-time. What is the proper technaglass extra time anyway. I mean such a beautiful goal but her movements are also just like tantalizing the proper term to watch the way that she used the game. S while you're thinking about intelligence you thinking about dishes she has it all and obviously you women's player of the year that's not an accident and there's a reason for it but admitting my ignorance i knew sam career and i didn't really know that much about her and now i'm such a huge fan. Oh my gosh and the results we can were amazing for us. I didn't even realize until. I pull the women's super league table. There is a big actually top of the table clash elsewhere in women's super league in an arsenal men. United beat them one nil and so arsenal. Who for me were the standout team of the women's super league. They dropped their first points of the season and so chelsea right now are three points off manchester united with a game in hand. So they're right in that title. Reysen you kinda need those results elsewhere to go your way if you've dropped results with chelsea have early on in the season so a good result elsewhere in the performance for me beth. England was probably the standout performer. This match against everton. And it's funny because whoever is chelsea striker is going to be graded against a curve a little bit because the chances they create are so good. There's like an expectation that the chelsea striker. Whether it's kerr or beth england or whoever is going to be like expected to score six times because like and it was funny because beth england's go twice in this match and even so the commentator is like well. She's let herself down a couple of occasions in this match when she gets right like the expectation is five times now. I feel miss for not mentioning bethany england. What an aggressive player. I mean the way that she she goes after. The keeper goes after the last defender. It's she's so hungry for it all the time and you see her reaping rewards for that aggressiveness. And i love it. I love what. I'm seeing on both training grounds especially with taming abraham rising to the occasion on the men's side and we had an a hazier chelsea mic'ed up and its survival of the fittest out. There you play you show me what you do on the training ground and i'll find ways to get you all in their mid multiple players on this women are playing out of what is perceived to be their natural position but there are still finding ways to make key contributions all pull on the same rope and share in each other's success. It's a beautiful thing to see. Let's actually have some fun here with jenny and invite her into some of our benchmarks here. Chris let's get the mail bag going and have jenny to answer some questions. Well the unfortunate thing is that the first question is already been asked and answered by yourself. Mike is from ad carefree underscore. Jam cam hakim. Houdini can he get premier league player of the year. Now my my. I didn't get a chance to respond to that. I would say hurricane probably has a case right now doing some very good football right now at the moment. Although chelsea to actually do play tottenham coming up pretty soon out of out of the international break but the other question comes from at max shop nick. He writes. Where does billy gilmour fit into the squad wants. He's fit and it's funny. Because i was looking at the chelsea twitter this morning and they've put out some video of him smashing a ball into the bottom right in the bottom corner in training so he is back out there. Do you think we've seen some changes in this midfield. Where does he fit in. And just in terms of getting back in whether it's in that coach position that mount position even in the harvard's position like there's so many different ways that you could use him in that center field. One billy gilmour. There's only one. Billy gilmour chris the melting of skills jenny. I think you're going to be with me on that. Because when chelsea were shrugging shuttling this season it seemed as though the pivot just wasn't working the partnerships in midfield we just can get the right combination of players. Now much of that was dictated through injury but right now a player working himself back from injury that melds a lot of these skills. His service maybe not quite giorgio but outside of giorgio second-best in that midfield to be able to cover ground not quite contact but second best in terms of being able to cover ground in that midfield although ms. mount might have an argument now that he's a fulltime midfielder. It would appear. Billy's i mean. He does a great defensive work. He has good vision out of that midfield. I think there's a clear path now. County is holding it down right now absolutely holding it down but you gotta give that guy is he's getting older and he has and lord knows he's been dealing with more knocks. This is just yet another weapon for frank lampard to have another young weapon to be able to give guys some nights off save their legs because injury soon golo content really on did any realistic chances. That chelsea might have had for making the title chase a little bit more interesting. I'm super excited about billy gilmour also coming online. Now i'm with you mike. I think that for me. He's he's definitely going to come in more depth more competition which as we we spoke about is so important and is what is breeding success and causing the growth of the team. What i started right away. Now that he's off. Like no. I think he earns his way up and franken said you know he. He picks based on training. And so i trust that if he starting it's because he's had a great week of training echo those sentiments in just to push back on all harry kane here. The neutral observer. We're going to learn a lot about tottenham right now. The books sat on josie marino. He's got that that locker room buying in joe's a year two but if you've seen their most recent matches and sing with spurs where we forget their europa league struggles. It's it's pretty amazing to me. But the next couple of matches coming up for tottenham man city arsenal chelsea in between those liverpool. Coming up on deck. After that we're gonna learn a lot about tottenham. I know their fans are excited and are talking primarily. they're having the same kooky conversations we're having without any of the self awareness. Because they're taught them but if tottenham can survive this upcoming stretch i'll buy in on having those conversations. I'm always going to have a fair amount of respect for their manager and especially their manager in your to next season's when the wheels fall off. Yeah well yeah i. I can't wait for that to happen. But i mean canaan son has just been so good together. Cain is seven goals eight assists this season. If you're if you're contributing basically two goals a game and you know they're they're winning at the death because of him but you're right. I mean it's been a soft schedule for them in recent times but i think harry kane right. Now it'd be probably runaway player. The season although i mean jimmy vardi dominic lou and they've got their cases to before we wrap things up a little bit of news and notes as we head into the international break christian pulisic has joined the us. Men's national team for training gregg berhalter really spoke positive things about christians ability even though he's dealing with an injury at chelsea to be able to be there in training camp and be with his teammates. It's really important for the chemistry of that team. Even if he doesn't get out there on the pitch one thing that we'd like to do in this final segment chelsea. Mike sometimes highlight some of the great supporters clubbed. That are out there in this great nation of ours. Chris who we have this week. Well mike you've told the story before about the a. blues but this is actually a subsection. I guess la is such a big city. There's room for two clubs in that town. This is chelsea in la nineteen o five. This emission comes from richard west. Who's actually in a pop group. Known as mr see from the pop group of the shaman. An they've had a number one smash you're playing before the program for us as an international deejay and techno producer a londoner born in obviously in england who supported chelsea from aged eleven starting in one thousand nine hundred seventy six seventy seven in the second division of the old english pure images reading mister. C's weakest pedia right now. Mr you being mr the that makes sense because your name is chris. I don't know where someone called. Richard west gets off being called. Mr see. i have my questions but also we're also going to take your word for it here. I sure i don't. I don't think many people are pretending to be mr see. I will absolutely accept your explanation. Proceed telling us about this. Wonderful supports club. Can i make us emission. That i want to be mr c. Instead of the neutral observer other the pod henceforth come up with a banger. Ebeneezer goode and you could be called to whatever you want. If mr c is who he says he is. You can do whatever you want. You can replicate that kind of success. Either way mr c. Moved to la ten years ago joining the la blues. He claims that he taught them. All the old school songs with his help says the blues one best supporters chapter of all premier league clubs in the entire usa. Although after the blues moved they decided to start their own club. Chelsea the east side of los angeles and he says they have the best dressed chelsea pub in the world. Many bespoke flags that that have been made noisiest supporters in the world. He says due the pandemic they have met for games on zoom. A but once the are they'll be back there but chelsea in la one of many supporters clubs in the country and apparently one of many in los angeles. Now i don't think this is. La galaxy l. afc type of hostility. So i think we can all look around and say. Hey we're all chelsea fans here. I spent time with the la chelsea blues. I'm one of the founding fathers of that whatsapp group so shout out to dexter and the chelsea blues. I had a great time. Sweating out a match against bournemouth next to you guys. And when i say sweating out. That's quite an early start out there in. La porn from the brow. Just saying i have respect bourbon early in the morning. The hell no previous. It was a previous leg. All i see okay. Yeah i mean i mean. Sometimes four am local time kickoff. I don't know where you people find the strength out there. So thank you so much to the incredible support out there on the west coast and jenny. Thank you so much for joining us here. On chelsea mike we plan on having on many many more times and continued success. Love watching your work. Both on chelsea f c say and with cbs sports covering the champions league with all that being said. Oh it's our pleasure. Jenny you never have to mention it. Now we've all agreed to kim's. Es player of the season plan for the chance to into this international break with one residing hope and that is health. Just be fit because it does feel. I think we're all in agreement that chelsea at the sort something very special here so please know knocks a no nonsense international break home and we get back into what is now. I believe a title march until we speak again up details.

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