Jim Jefferies: Aussie with an Attitude


I see Aaron's She was. She's not anymore. She she was actually nude. Behind me, she's got this red light that she uses and she you know gets topless in front of it and the red lights supposed to. Do Some SHITTU and That's what she was doing. Taking police La Bullshit. I've taken many many pictures of her with their bubis out in the red, light. Joe says that Aaron's Sickly that's like she's world she's working in Amsterdam. Pretty. Much Is Like I just I just smoke a joint and pretend walking into the red line. He thinks you're red light is la. Bullshit that's what he says. This is what we're talking about I know. It Joe is skeptical of everything although he does believe in queuing on so. That is what is queuing on. I've heard that reference. I know what that? That's what the that's what the entire sort of administration has been saying as well. So it's it's a narrative for your people, my people. I'm just all team guilfoil after last night's speech at the. Oh. My God. Yeah. So just to be clear I just WANNA be clear on this podcast. We don't get political but I will say that I am an independent I cannot be with one party or the other. It makes absolutely no sense to me. I, consider myself an independent thinker. Go I'm all over the place, right but I will say that that Guilfoil speech is one for the ages that was a completely insane what person saw the rehearsal of that and said, Oh, just fucking you killed crush kill it guilfoil you just killed it. That's the person that that needs to be. Fired you know. The approval. I don't want to get into politics but. I'll get into the politics. It's not political. That's no it's just the. Delivery of. Could be from anyone I mean. Holy Crap that was on another level it was. Since. Like playing to a crowd that wasn't there. Right yeah. That was the other weird part is it's an energy rooms in. Yeah. There was no reason to get animated to feel the the energy of the crowd that's going to allow you to sort of. Climax. And fucking nailed at the end. You have none of that. It's just an empty room with an echo and you're like holy Jesus. Yeah. But. Anyway. But we were talking about your wife Beautiful Erin and last week I asked you yeah about. When's the last time you had seen the movie? Indecent proposal. Oh yes. Because it's been on the last, I would say, I came across I've come across it twice just flipping channels over the last two weeks I actually. Watched I came across it when there was probably an hour and ten minutes left the other night and I watched and I was too great movie. It is a great movie and I remember seeing it at the time being a bit unnerved and now is an older man married for the second time in feeling like I have my life partner and all this other stuff I I watched I was like God this is so disturbing on so many different levels so well acted so believable. So Yeah. But the the the the the thing is with you is is you went from the Woody Harrelson character. Now you're the Robert Redford. Right, right this is what's your transitioning from age into the Robert? Redford. That's true. That's true. How much would it take you? Would you would you would you let? Michelle go be with a man for one evening for a certain amount of money now. I would you'd let Michelle. You'd love. Show yeah. But would you are wife Erin who's in the room now? Yeah. He would let her go with somebody for X. number galleons. Oh, I think in the in the movie was just a million dollars I'm saying just as can take way more than at to even be in the in the conversation with me. Well, that was I think early nineties maybe so inflation I mean I. Don't know what you're looking at these days but I I would I would do it. I mean because I trust that. Wouldn't fall in love with this man you know like. She did in the movie I I know that Aaron would be in it for the money herself. No. She's like as a josh do well, no. Yeah. Okay. Let's put a face to this money. Even if it was Josh do mel. If it was a T- for ten million dollars. Let's just say you wouldn't let Michelle go be with the man and he can have his way with her and now they can do whatever it is that they're gonna you wouldn't do that for ten million now. Does that mean in your mind that I'm less secure in my relationship than us? Exactly. Yes. To me that because you're more worried I worried about her more worried about money and you're there you're putting a dollar figure on your. Relationship with your wife to then now another man to do things to or that you would not otherwise allow. Yes, she just said she's always coming back to me. She's right here. This is the thing I know that she might go have fun and do whatever she's going to John but she's always talking about like going to the. Ride bumper cars for the night define fun. Yeah. Define Fun. That's bullshit you can't go hey, we're going to have fun. We're GONNA play Donkey Kong, and then we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA now for Lug look look look. Here's the point. The point is, is that I trust that Erin wouldn't fall in love with this person and leave me it would be purely physical and after twenty four hours, she comes back to me with the kids. I, have five, million, my bank and boom. We're good hold on she wants to say this is like a really fun theory to talk about Babe but you still can't handle guys that. I was with twenty years ago before Yank you for like one day that I didn't even have sex with you. Still get angers. Thank you. No. Thank you I. Love You Erin, that's why there's some item getting no, no, no, no, no, no no no no no I don't get angry I don't get angry at like in fun. You know I get sort of fo-. Jealous it's part of a game. She aware that. I just think that it would be stupid. It would be foolish not to go take take that kick the cash you wouldn't. Somehow your relationship wouldn't feel cheap and that as you then took that five million dollars, spent it by the way. No, she'd have to be in on it. Obviously I mean I'm not going to be trafficking my wife she'd have to be like I'm good with it like let's go. Do this I will get on a plane she got. Him Some island does she get to see him prior to the exchange of money for person? She can if she wants, it's her decision. It's Her decision. He said, does she get to do you get to see the person? Before the transaction I don't think it meant. For her hold on hold on hold on. Let me just put her on for a second career. I mean it depends. On the guy on who the guy is. Yes. Okay. So we got action on who the GUY is. Much, money. Five million dollars five now you're lowering it. I. Was in for ten no no. No. No Way. Five Mil. Ten. Yes. Sound cool now. I'm not sure. You said ten we were at ten and then you're like. Well the guys negotiating he's not just going to he's not going to negotiate against himself. In one night with five million in one hundred percent depend on who it is. Ten million could me the Elephant Man Partout Joe. Well, it would take a little while to raise the money, but she'd still pay. Exactly good. Answer. He's a liar she's not a liar and Excited because then body and wilder would get that new bike they've been wanting. I know. But by the way Michelle would I sure do it for like half a million? I mean, let's talk about your wife. She's ready to go. She would she would probably enjoy you know something like well, if that were the I'd have to say this if that were the case if she like running out of the door. To this date well, she was running out of the door and it was like I don't care what they're paying. Well then yeah. Okay. Let's do it for five million dollars in night night goodbye. Then I got nothing. then. You wouldn't care I. Think everyone is a price. Everyone has. One hundred hundred million dollars for Michelle to be to go. One night hundred million. Yeah. I. Mean is the point not the same? You're still saying no though. Yeah I yes. Okay. Okay. You're okay that's fine. Let's move on I. I can't knock you off this. You're just deeply insecure and it's still hot. Is that make me insecure? That's kind of your mind. You know that's that's a window. Because you couldn't handle. You couldn't handle the fact that another Weiner had been inside of her and that she had been with a man and has now coming back to you and you you just you couldn't deal with that part of it right? Now. I would always wonder as as I assume at the end of indecent proposal. She has been with Robert Redford for X. number of weeks or months. It's kind of unclear and then she meets Woody Harrelson she leaves meets them and the movie ends with her like reaching across a bench out on a dock and. And then you're left to believe that she just goes back to him and they fall back in love but I would I would that an indecent proposal partout starring the same people he would worry be pissed the rest of his life that a wide you leave me for that fucking long and be do you still have feelings for Robert Redford the swarthy man who has a? Million Dollar. You wouldn't. You wouldn't wonder that the rest of your the rest of your marriage. What would you tell your kids? If what would you do if your kid act? What would you do with your kids during the night that your wife is say Mommy Mommy's that a sleepover. sleepover and guess what you guys when she gets back we're going to so many cool things. Materialistic son of A. Bitch. Terrible. Hey, no I'm not I'm just trying I'm realistic. Everyone has a price. You know what if it was me if Michelle would if it was she was going to be with me your friend even worse we can talk about it. Oh, it's worse. It's way worse is that what you're angling for its way worse because we see each other and then I would. I know but it'd be great. It would be great fodder for the podcast not yeah it'd be great. So I will sacrifice the sanctity of my marriage. For the PODCAST, this doesn't pay enough that. I mean okay. We're talking about five or ten million dollars or one hundred, million dollars. That's not a podcast mafia now no, that's like Joe. Rogan. If we can figure out a Joe Rogan. Method of payment. Then, we'll talk about it maybe if we. If we if we created in an indecent proposal podcast where that's the concept in our, we have couples go do this and then we bring them on to share their experiences. Maybe we could blow that up. You know. Yeah maybe that could be something else. Yeah. Well. Let's get on that. Okay. Let's get on that sentence an offshoot of Daddy Issues Yeah Yeah and Margo and Matthew and Josh in all of our friends. The love it I mean I would listen to that. I would to first of all. Just to finish close chapter. Yeah. Yeah. If we do the thing with you who's coming up with the money because you're sure as fuck not. Yeah no I know we we'd have to. We'd have to raise raise it. So we have to raise the money they get alone could raise the money. Yeah we'll get alone. We'll go to us, Barish sponsor sponsor by. Drink Jn. No we drink clerks put up the money. Yeah. Okay. Good. Some athletic. Works Nigga. With jazz wife. I've never had that kind of energy. Exactly I looked up at the warriors. Lead agreed that I could go. would. You drop off at the guy's house or would you have a meeting place like in a park? No, no I. Yeah I don't WanNA drive you want to see the guy. Ever See. That's a good question. Yeah. I think I'd have to you know it's funny because. In. In my relationship with Aaron and even my other girlfriends that I've had but especially. I want nothing left up to the imagination. So when we when we got together I had to know everything I had to know every dude she was with I asked about their dicks I asked about sort of what they did how far they you know I I can't. I can't leave anything up to the imagination for me. It's too crazy. So. I think a lot of people listening to this will probably say Ooh I guarantee she's not telling you things I don't think that's the case I. Think I've got everything at all it's funny because you're Coz was thinking. I don't think she's telling them a few things exactly but but she you think he's got nothing left in the tank you now. Of. Sodium Pentothal yet and hooked her up to a lie detector and he said You know everything. You told me about racer x yeah. Was True as nothing more there. I really believe that she's got nothing left. There's another show there's another show. Yeah. Hook our wives you don't lie detectors. On my God be amazing. But you don't think do you do you care about the men that Michelle has been with have you asked not obsess multiple? You're not. You're not. So so there are men who you don't know for sure right? I? mean she is told me that she's now after the revelation of one more on the list I would say about a year ago. she's. On empty with secrets. So. Okay I think I I don't know why she at this point I know way too much I don't. You know. Why you? Yeah exactly. What who cares you know unless it's something really devious or dark or something that it's like a skeleton is never going to be talked about you know that's true. I mean, there's there's always that in but I honestly don't think Aaron has those doesn't seem like the Kinda girl she is set for twenty years I've. I don't know her but. I think you're probably right. Michelle think Michelle's was for sure more promiscuous than Erin. Now you're what are you basing that on? Her personality I can't wait for her to hear this one. I cannot wait for this one. Do you do you know how many men she's slept with? Yeah. I think I mean I I don't know if you say is it is over under ten I would say it's in that Ballpark I would probably I would bet the over. You it. Is Aaron over under ten. Under as far as as far as you know. plunged bars I lost the Sabbath Guy. Yeah but see then their sex but then there's the other stuff you know what I mean like it's like I only slept with seven guys right. But how many BJ's did you give during your time? You know what I mean like that to me is almost so you're. Guy There's certain things I want to know. Don't I feel like you're kind of a closet jealous guy to. Oh God Dude Yeah you act. Like you don't. Know I've never I've never pretended to be not jealous when I was in the beginning of our relationship in. A maniac you know. Just. So insecure and I hate it I maybe Chris. That were coming out right I sure. But I'm also very visual. So I'm picture everything like everything I can envision it and that's what makes me fuck and go. Right. You know right I still do but you know I'll have I'll have bad dreams about Aaron and wake up in the morning and look over in like fucking hater I know how does that work but Michelle does that to me and Mike how are you mad at me for what your mind conjured up while you slept last night what I do I was over here it's. Probably. Starting. Relaxing. Yeah, yeah, nothing but you know. But I actually. I will confess that it. It makes me Kinda Horny. When I have the bad dream or whatever look at her and I'm like God. Damn. How could you do this and then I get sort of animals in a bit con you got you gotta you gotta I'm GonNa got a little bit A. Little bit of Falwell Right. Yeah. Yes. Exactly. How the Little Saul well? WHO'LL boy? Could it be any more like Oh my God anymore on rose like this is it's the pool boys perfect. Yeah. The pool boy. It's perfect. Yeah. Yeah. I get a little falwell and and then I'm like I, need to take you right now I gotTa. I get a little. It's GonNa Bang that dream right out. Right out of your mind. I thought of something the other day because my kids who are too. They only allow me to clip their nails. Shell won't do it. She's too scared. And when you clip your. Children's nails and I did this truly Natalie I was I was the nail clipper in that scenario to. It, secure roll. It is I'm a I'm a nail tech for kid and what I see is an inordinate amount of trust that's being given to me. By. Had, maybe five manicures in my lifetime maybe less but you're really trusting that person to not just Really. You there's nothing especially bait especially baby nails. They're so soft and then the skin under I mean it takes some. Yeah. It takes some skill and when you get some skin in their ha ha ha ha, there is nothing more. It's like I violated I've violated my trust and he's looking at me like Oh yeah. What did you? A abandon by son I've band the time then my boss. offended. My boy you did what? I've abandon my boy. My boy. That's my favorite. person. To go off on that. The goal I think we're at the golf tournament we were that's doing that and we were seeing. A. were. Singing. Kids from bye, Bye Birdie. Ver this kids today. I don't know where these kids day. Today on why can't? We. Perfect in every way then everywhere. What's the matter of kids? Yeah. I can't hit that. Yeah. That's probably Foreshadow of what what we're doing right now this party. You think. Did you actually clip your kids. Yes. Yeah and he will never trust me again he looked at me, of course, you son of a bitch. Let Mommy, go on and indecent proposal date with that man. I. Wanted that skin under my nail but. You just gotTa. Fuck it up and be tough. Yeah. Yeah. I'd like to talk about my Lakers real quick because are they good or bad? Just love them. They're good man about three one. fucking rolled the blazers last night. I'm very happy about it more game moving on. Manno it was Mamba Day eight, twenty four. Night yesterday Okay Yep. So. It was a nice day for me and twenty three the day before yesterday was wilders birthday. No. Kobe's birthday as well. But. Yeah a birthday was was was cool. Germany's thirteen thirteen years old. You believe he's a teenager. We had a sleepover and his couple of his friends came over and we slept here and then we went to Crown Mountain which is a dirt bike. Mountain bike sort of jumped track and hung out there and. Had Dinner and You know I got my little teenager. God and now they're doing remote learning, which is a pain in the ASS. He's so cool. He's such a good kid. He's a great kid your kids are awesome and. I'm proud of that eyebrows should do. You should be proud I'm proud of you as a dad and you know you're. You're totally invested and you can see coming back out 'cause they're good fund interested in interesting kids. Yeah. Thank you. Man I. Love that dude, he's just my sensitive guy you know what I mean. Just like that. Just like Daddy. Yeah. But he is. He's he's got that. You know that sensitivity that a lot of firstborns seem to have and I think it's because we just coddle the shit out of them. You know it's our first kid and we do everything for them. Now you know. There now hey. Hey. How? How are you? Good. Good. Good. Thank you. Thanks for having me. Thanks for being. About my kid's birthday. I kids birthday was. Two days ago I hear your kid. And he's thirteen just turned. It just turned thirteen years, but he's a fucking teenager now and it's it's just crazy. I can't even believe it. It's on another level. Weird. It just happens very quickly your boy what Jim is. Seven. Yeah. Buses the eight. Yeah. He's GonNa be in December just east of the second grade did I Bartley they they had an assembly they will have to get his school uniform night. Lego sit in front of the computer with school uniform and because like last last year school with when the pandemic breakout Jimmy the kids were in pajamas including markets I said they've tried them by going to before official. Tell me tell me smart enough to just to do the top. Yeah. You know he's just wearing sweat brands down the bottom now he's I think he's a he's. He's wearing the talk. I think that's probably a good. That's a good idea though you know because again with this remote learning thing, it's there's there could be just so much unruly ship it goes on you know they can turn their cameras off though my oldest kid can turn his camera off and just screw around if he wants to. So I have to SORTA keep an eye on them with all that. Yeah I don't not. They get the work done on. It is the kids it's gotta be a good scientific experiment schooling actually bates being taught in a class you know to me. because. I ought not modern of my kids getting any spotter during the list. He doesn't. He doesn't seem to be bothered whether he goes to school up. He says five with. Oliver, and so excited to have you on I flipped on your net flicks. Special and I laughed from beginning to the end and I feel like you're talking directly. To me I know it's a you know it doesn't matter what comedian performer almost that we have on your all dealing with the same thing especially comedians. But when you take things on head on I as a fifty one year old guy with kids that are twenty, four and twenty one and now two year old twins with wife number two, Roy s that expression is appropriate i. I. The way you talk about really kids that. In my daughter's demographic, US is just amazing I'm so I want to send that to everybody I know that special because I feel like. Which special did you was the law? Is An intolerant talk, but intolerant was just a big story about about. Being lactose intolerant don't talk about kids in that. Bottom you talked about the next generation of kids doing sell fees and. Yes yes he's doing more than you know three self as a week you should just it. You know you look at a Selfie and things someone else might WanNa see this I see my daughter's doing that all the time and I'm like who gives a flying fuck about this selfie it's the same as the other nine, thousand Selfie. So it's that and just the political correctness that we're all kind of standard impossible standard raw held to. Do Sports for living on TV I. I'm always worried about what's coming out of my mouth and live. To One, hundred, million people it's it's a treacherous tight rope walk every time the camera turns on. To get inside much trouble on radio and now podcasting where it's at because you decide something stupid and then go like that out right Have you seen my tichy joe everybody senior till she the goes on your instagram I don't really care. I don't care. I, gotTa tell you. We've we've had a lot of additions to our house. We bought the house maybe seven years ago moved in six and a half years ago built an outdoor room. Yes. Spoiled I get to sit out there get the feel the Saint Louis Humidity get the turn the fan on again to watch. TV. But of all the editions that we've had put into our house when we put our pushy in. For our toilet in our bathroom in our bedroom. It's it's it's the best addition we've made to our house. That's what I'll say it's changed my life. No more shitty asses. No more. Should he? I mean look for anybody that's out there listening to this thing that. May Not have. Hem Royal issue. It's the greatest thing that I that I have ever experienced. Can Let me explain let me explain it real quick. Okay. So it's called Toshi. It sprays your ass with freshwater's not toilet water. 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About the Najah lls or no yeah. That was I went to university housing is eighteen or something like that, and I got a scholarship performing Arts University I could sing a little bit and. It went on when I was in between university my summer job was seeing the Australian opera chorus. and. So know it's the strain upright. You know it's not like it's Italy or anything like that. You got to review. There's only about hundred someone had to do the job anyway. So I am. So I used to do that, and then I got nodules and I. I wasn't allowed to talk for months I, think now with the surgery you can. I think I probably have some more now, but with the surgery now you you can talk like a week or a couple of days or something like that. It's like right away and they do we do then they used to scalpels Daniel threatened chip him off. And So I couldn't talk for months and I watched a lot of stand up comedy in our member deciding after that one of the first things I said, was I think of a stand up comedian because I didn't want to the job outside of Entertainment I. You know. I I've as a broadcaster. So I've had a paralyzed vocal cord I went in for hair transplant surgery done that that they put the the tube down my I did the first six of them awake, which is basically torture tell yet it's hell and then the next two I did under general anaesthetic put the two down my throat they damage the nerve that fires by vocal. Gordon I came out of it and I talked like this and I thought my career was over. So I guess I was leading to if that was going to be your thing once you get nod on your vocal chords are you thinking? Okay now now what the Hell Am, I? GonNa do with. Yeah. I I. Look you know you can end up talking like Doc rivers. Right. Guy Dr By the one. Set what happened. That is why he? No, he's been trying to get fixed. But Yeah Doc rivers same doctor as Adele Steven, Tyler Roger Daltry all these different people have been to see him. He's kind of a wizard of Oz kind of guy but but at the same time you don't. Paralyzed accorded doesn't start firing again, my career is a sports announcers done. So I I still I've had just twice and I still lose my voice on the regular and I I just sort of sort of led to accept it. Now you know with the stand up and I yell and stage I, drink a Lotta water during the day and stuff but but yeah, my my go-to wake is this they're hopeless things I and I look Like can life yelling and I can blame singing but I really know what happened. So admitted cigarettes and drugs. I can I can. Sit here and lie to you. It's because you know I I worked so hard now it's because I'm responsible. When you when you? Talk Surgery? No I did I. I I don't have enough hair at the back. You say keep doing it right and I think this is why I don't WanNa get political but I think I figured out trump's head to everyone thinks he has a kind of he doesn't have. A time backwards because they take the hair out of the back and said simony transplant but he's growing these bits on the side Dan to like he's nipples any swishes them around. So it looks like. The back. At the same thing that's what he's having a Karma on the on the transplant area, the Scott up tissue at the back of beachhead head, and because he believed that head to the top that hair on the top still there and the other one's in. That's where somebody like. Somebody like me when you see anybody on television. Do Your eyes go right to their hairline. Change my hail on I still kept. The it's it's. A Lot from a lot more bold than I am on TV and I get I, get the fibers pumped pumped in. The non agenda or the. Pumping. What I'm thinking about getting tattooed on my scalp. They shake shake. Island are going to be. Good this bits are I. Think I'll did I think I think I'm at the stage now when. I just when I hit fifty I'm just GONNA call it a diet is. Marlon Brando and everybody like I've gotten fat during Cova and it hasn't bothered me that much I think I can just do bone in fact, and just let it go. It's not like women. It's women have been lucky for my looks to begin with. It's not like that was the thing I'll still be funny, right? Yeah this. This guy for. I just I again, I mean you talk about a lot of that stuff you said one of the things I'm not GonNa fan boy you the whole time about your your special but. I've already passed it around about ten different friends of like you gotTa Watch this and when you talked about. Hey Look I'm kind of program to be fat but am not because of all, you assholes online that fat shame me and just make your shitty comments about my weight. I'm the same way. I'm the I'm program I ate like I wanted to eat three eleven and and you know I just have to have a you. Do you. Take that to heart though is that real I mean do you would you do you actually? Care about what people think well I, I'm shooting nineteen at the moment. My TV whites to two hundred, nine, hundred saw. Twenty pounds I have a TV way at the moment and I can get I can lose twenty pounds and this has really responsible in under three weeks and so I always say. Give me three weeks. I'll be ready dive, but then I. Stopped by self I will buy sell out it's grade, and then I reward myself by by aiding fucking shits food, right? That's like it's a terrible mindset. If I lose this right, I'M GONNA. Go have a milkshake or I'm GONNA go eat. Cheese steak sandwich or something like that. So I have a terrible relationship with food. You know I come from a long line of fat people I a generational. My family. So I'm actually maxine broke from my family genetics arm what you call a SUPERMODEL A. But it's so funny. It's so funny because with Comedians, it seems like there's this dichotomy. There's this juxtaposition of not giving a fuck about what people think but at the same time caring deeply about what people think and like, how do you live in that space? It's vanity. It's like fuck you you know. Yeah. But comedians that daily insecure people deeply insecure pay anybody who's occupation is a please like me because that's all laughter is like me like me like me that's doing it stages begging begging for a crowd of able to lock us and then, and then we're a bunch of who like whatever we're Austin interviews with give him a fuck. We don't give a fuck. Glad. We're the most. Detainees there up. Yeah and and as you. As you go into a lot of in this special and I'll stop talking about that. But I, I feel like if you were in that Nigel space and then he came out of you said I think I'm going to be a comedian I assume that means you were always funny. I wanted to bake meeting from the time that I was about thirteen fourteen. Actually. Did too. I've been mocked spots when I seventeen I didn't go very well, and then I called it a diet didn't do it again because dieting well, you know what I? How I expected them to go at seventeen at night but but and then, and then when I got a scholarship to go to university I was like well these sounds like an actual occupation and a thing that the government's paying for me to do and this is in my parents were happy with that may being. Comedy Clubs in Australia back in the late nineties, you know just filled with cigarette smoke and it's the same here in America. But it was wasn't a great environment to be going out to every night. It was pretty dodgy in and CY. So maybe when I became coming my parents never thought they'd be any money in it or that I would succeed in anyway like you got understand mar mother never laughed at me once. So she never. So. So when you go to person I want to make people laugh for living and they've never laughed at you it's very confusing for them. What about Your Dad was your dad supportive of it my Lafayette, my my dad's a funny guy. He always enjoyed it more than. In the early days, my dad used to come to loads and loads of my gigs and even recently just before kind break at my dad came out I'm out of the possible. I'm a father came out for a few months into disturbed with me everywhere. Yes I think he really enjoys it. He he brings these friends along and everything when I show in Sydney said. He doesn't mind if I take the piss out of him onstage doesn't bother him in the slot is I can say anything of Mike Option about him and he doesn't give it stuff. Yeah. I was GonNa say I feel like you Kinda can slough some thoughts off on your dad and make him the bad guy. Yeah The one I mean you're writing it so I mean it's Kinda come out of your head. It's It's it's some of its a little exaggerated, but it all comes from a place of truth but then there's exaggeration that goes on but my dad gets called in the last special. He gets my dad gets cold But a big at all as. An. Egypt sticks into bit a five on my God. He has a care at all. Did. You have a good relationship with your dad growing up as a kid. Gave my relationship with my father and it's still started the signs of this day. Was You know? We never said we still we still say I love you to each other like me and my son side that every day I. think that's a generational thing. But we still do these diringer mop, and now that my boss we try to find conversations and the conversations are always about sport. It's always about this. Marked football team just got promoted into the Premier League sport full and so we talked about that for now the other day you know, and then we used to talk about rugby league and a laptop stuff. So. That's that's that's my fondest memories with my dad as a child is going to see sport you know and that's why I think sports important. It's it's. It's it's the great equalizer and there's no real politics involved I. Recently, politics have become entrenched in sport, but it's something that whenever so I lived in I lived in Britain for ten years before I came here and the first thing I did was, I went to hold of primarily games because I I didn't know anyone and I. Thought. The best way to make people was when you're in a buy in, you're watching a football match to sound knowledgeable and to be able to speak in a knowledgeable way that way you can have a conversation with able inside the first thing I do when I came to America as I went to large leads the dodgers games I'd watch that Ken Burns Bicycle Documentary Tree about three or four times so that I knew everything about bicycle saw is ready to go and with his accent. Can when you talk to, they can dismiss you very quickly united. So I tried to learn a lot about baseball because that was the sport American sport that I really enjoyed. Joy American football. Enjoy is, sake and people excited me about baseball. They put it. SARS slow? And I'm like a fucking. Cricket Man. I'm like that's that's a that's a fun. That's a ten day event. It's A, it's A. Five. Day Sport rides a five days book. Baseball's three to four hours to me. It's lightning-quick. It's two five Christ familiar needs to slow down. That's unbelievable. Just picturing you sitting down and actually doing homework essence to be able to talk to people in a bar by watching. Ken Burns. Special I do it for living and I haven't watched all of the Ken. Burns baseball special which is unbelievable but I mean it is about as tedious as possible I'd say good documentary that one. In the first episode I already lie there's already a lie in it they they. It's the only sport where the defensive team is holding the ball right? That's not true. Crickets the same fucking thing. She Got Vice Posey Eilly sport with the defensive team is holding the bull. No cricket does decipher thing. So they lost being the first couple of minutes. Ken Burns his. He's stuck with it. Who Do you? Who Do you think of when you do your American accent because it's so good when I'm doing the I. Do the American accent I'm I. I it's it's always like this type of like it's easier for strides to American accents because we grew up watching your television America's got. Excellent because you've seen Crocodile Dundee and that's about it you know and so you can't really do. You like my girlfriend does. She's British and she does a fantastic Indian accent when she's doing like like acting jobs I didn't want acting job where I just thought I'd give it a go and I was terrible I couldn't do it I couldn't do it for an extended amount of time I was. Thirty seconds and then I'd slip up but I've these lung these things are new. How to pronounce Zebra Zebra. Z. I. Say I say Zebra but I I. Might say Zebra every now and again I'm not sure. Tomato I'd site tomato you know that. Sound smart. Don't. Because this is this is this the problem with the exit? The probably there's exit I can't. You can't acted. They want you for anything his. I only what like I? Like British people comply lob interest in romantic comedies which are many. It'll be a British person like I'm sorry just this pick this up for you. ooh They they they he granted around right and they daughter at. Glove actually, yeah. Yeah. You can be a romantic interest right and then you've got, you could also be a bond villain. You could like Beta chair go amish the bummed. I was expecting you like that. Right by my accent I can't be in a romantic. Oh, you got. Oh good. I love you know saw. Me and. Gaga funding account. Falcon idiot a copy of fun either all I can. Be. All I can visit this giant like if they put you in a movie with these accent every other accent I'd I'd have to explain but then my accent is going to be the rod a bit of dialogue with I go where they offer you know. He came over here, Blah Blah Blah and they make some background story where a British person they can just leave it America for no apparent reason I. Know I know it and that's it. But, that's a bit of thing that's a bit of anger on carrying around with me now I'm glad you got. You got you got you got Chris Hemsworth. He doesn't. He doesn't do these straight X large. Actors. Jack. Russell, Crowe? Russia Russell. Crowe. Doesn't do it. That's always doing the American. And who has like the Jackman. Noise does the American. Yup the. Rebel Wilson still just turns out is straight. Accent just tells them to fuck off. She hasn't done but you never see you never see like Nicole Kidman doing it American film. We always have to full I'm just saying you know it is. It is. You got to pick. Jackman never has to do it. He can always do the British accent. No whatever pose you put it. The wrestling. Yeah. He's just he's just he's so yoked it doesn't even matter. To, like who gives a shit what Hemsworth says? Yeah. If you just get if you get caught up, then you can do whatever the hell you want. Office I've I've been I've been a drink of that. But so many times I'm on stage I'm completely sorry about and people alike like I went to see show that right some go went to seize your us very drunk and you like I'm just distracting. I'll tell you. When you start detailing what the I don't even know FDA CDC whoever how they define what an alcoholic is I'm holy Shit. Twenty twenty drinks a week. Yeah. Functioning. Less than three days died makes you an alcoholic? That's cuevas to three cocktails dice at six. Santa. Drinks and she's one hundred and thirty. Does she really? Yeah Yeah. She said it really is three cocktails day yeah yeah interview. In the afternoon in the afternoon, she has three thousand sits back and has a sip and thinks about all the things he rules I've our goals dight odd be slashed at eighty something on three of those. Yeah but I said are you Jimmy you sober? Are you sober? I wish I. I've been Well, it's COVID. I'm not drinking heavily, but I drink I drink when I have. I don't drink I have work. And I have worked at the moment so. I'm about to go back to evacuate back to NBC show. I play we we were doing a multi game shy from you say we was six days out from shooting before lockdown happened. And the sets were built and you know doing a pilot or was it a it was it was a pilot but you know we we had an old cost and everything that I was I was so excited and then you know China's out how the Human Brian Woods because I memorized the script and that was back in February a memorized it, and now I went to look at it. The other day I haven't got a word of art start all over again. God Yeah you know. So yes, I. I six days out on April six doing a multi cam two for CBS was cast. We were all ready to go and same shit happened I'm I'm still waiting though they've held me and we're still waiting to shoot the pilot, but you're going to go back and actually shoot it on. Wit. No wait is waiting as well. I I'm just waiting waiting. Yeah. Just waiting. Yes. We learn a hold holding patterns well. I think I think I think I've heard that. ablett shooting out the multi games it comes in and. You know it might not be good to go first because this is a lot of protocol and stuff they doing without an audience. B- Look Works Workman I just WanNa get back out there and do stuff. This is the problem the problem with the the coyotes I was really getting into it. I was like this is. You don't have people whether I got retirement and they. What would you do and I figured out that I'm really good at doing nothing. Really. attack. Me To I I could do that. All Day edits like it's like. My mother wins blesses she passed away but she she didn't move from about forty to seventy eight. She just didn't move is lightning chair watching TV moving I always used to think man that was a sad life she could have done so much more and now I'm like. Maybe she. Cheap she watched everything was wonderful is she was she alive long enough to see your level of success on The why year ago? Right. So you get the stamp of approval from her did you get the nod and the wink and the? Shade. Yeah she she liked it but she she she didn't understand why I was never on Australian television. She thought that was the pinnacle of success and I was like I was like Momma too busy being an American TV and they're like. The shot here a very good and uncertain. And I never did a strident television. So I think she's disappointed with that but I'm sad for my mother was a hypochondriac and I really feel bad that she missed out on coverage would love this. Is Native. Love this Oh, God go outside. Go outside because the erode up, you'd never side. anyways you'd be walking out the the basket that would have been great drama for her. Is Your Dad is your dad's still in Australia I mean yeah, Yeah I. Came out here for a few months to live with. Then I went crying was just crack hitting I said, are you better get Outta here? You know it's not be better than strike so you've got on applying. GotTa. SORTA like February and went back to Australia a now it's like He plays low balls every day unite inside. They shot that down in a strike. So he's bit upset about that. You know I got rid of the low balls. I think I reopened it recently. So what's what's an equivalent? How long? How long are they? How long? How long were they together though? Fifty. Fifty s yeah whatever. Whatever she got knocked out with my brother that would be about the time line irreconcilable brothers fifty. God and he and when when, like when your mother passes like that and he is that got fifty years Zor. Relief at any point when you're alone I. mean. That was these towards yet. I'll be talking about I was talking about this before we sat down but. Before my mother died every time I father went talk my mother would say shut up Gary you're an idiot. got a site stopping and before and I used to I used to faint him and let him fucking talk maybe has something to say, why don't you let him talk? Anyway my mother was dead about two days before we realize what a bottle cogs he wasn't the guy. System of family. that. My Dad had a lot of opinions that should have been shut down pretty quickly. Now. Just dealing with Gary unleashed but that's just throw it all the ideas out there. He's got some he's got some far out ones tell you. How does Gary unleashed? Evaluate you as a as a Dad Yourself? My Dad thinks I'm too much lefty. To I'm too much of a hippie with bringing him up. I'd I'd smack enough. So I. Guess you arrested these days. Melt for God's sake. But that my dad started. Hitting guy you should hit boy you know so they could feel good about themselves. How. Do you do you have one kid Jimmy to. One Kid I plan on I'll have another one and then I think I'll call shutdown shop after one more I'll have I'll think That's it. Did you get did you get though I got the snip and then I got the reversal and the reversal didn't work and I thought I was off the hook and then. They put. They put a syringe in. That's all it is. That's the biggest farce of all time. You can have men that are you know at least somewhat healthy you're always producing sperm it. The sperm doesn't get out. So this go in and get it and then you do. Yeah I. Wish I. had this years ago but. I think two's enough I. I can't see my Dynamic K. by the time I'm forty five go have another one but look as you said man, you'll like that's what you still life changes right? Thank God Hey, thank God because I these two I've got two girls that are older. Now two boys that are younger and they're. Mean it's a lot course. You'd never. A kid no, you're never gonNA regret a kid unless that's If you. If you had ten, there's got to be one year Britain. Ted. The odds tell you Yeah you gotTa have of. that number seven was well. I have three and. We were just going to do to we had the two boys and then we went for the girl and actually got the. You know but I didn't kept to get snipped. Because, my wife had three C sections so. They could just go in in there while she was opened up and tie the tubes off. So I got lucky. I did say to her I said I did say I said look. I will do this for you in you have three kids we gave me three children, and if you really want to do this, I'll do this but we can easily go in there while you're opened up with the third kid, we can tie you up because I don't that shit makes me crazy. Have you heard that stat that that What's it called victimize More. Than double in the month of March because men, they left the light on the catch and I can watch march madness. And so. They Dhabi because. You get two weeks off your wife laid you alone. You could probably lie about it for a third week. Milk it easily. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah you can. Good takes two fucking days in. You're fine yet, well I. Remember about my son was born he was a baby it's like they want that skin to skin you know and they skin-to-skin. So you take your shirt off and let the baby lion lie on your chest right and then the body would fall asleep because of the skin to skin I always lie on the couch with the baby sleeps on my chest and women would come over and sight what a wonderful man I was and I was just watching like six or seven hours of TV Day. Fantastic. All. By gophers. Fred's income ever go. He's wonderful. Just lying there with a baby doing nothing getting handed food. Yeah that's perfect. Skin barking I want to get covered but just a little bit. So I can isolate Bobby Sofa had someone bring me food into I. Don't want any symptoms I just. I JUST WANNA be quarantined bobby so I think there's value in that I keep saying I got tested yesterday I'm like. I hope I. If this is it, if this is how I feel I hope it comes back positive I. Mean at some point you you count want to get it and become. Superman. Go everyone you want him to say that you've had it. You've had it for ten days already. That's what you want you want. This is David With Diwan and you've got a bit of a coffin water on your lungs that way. You ought. To. Be. Exactly. Are you worried? Are you worried about getting it at all? I I'm yeah I'm cleaning my hands wearing the mosques and and finally having people come over if I know them pretty well nipping quarantining and stuff like that. But it's a little bit like unsafe sex. You know to me like you know those girls that you bet you like I think this one's gotta be Orion. And then then these have you had these other. He knows responsible Boston united you like this this guy. Ways be dating properly this. Profiling your profiling. There's like, what am I friends in my girlfriend's like Nikon come but we have proof that he's done anything wrong. But we always talked to a good job if people who are neighbors can be friends with Jeffrey. Dahmer for years and don't what's going on in that house has any idea about what's going on in anybody's house once the door well, you know what I have been profiled by my family as that person you know and I had to have major talk with them and get. Into arguments like you guys think that I'm this wild fucking guy who's going out and not giving a shit because I sort of him free-spirited I guess but I'm safe. But at the same time I'm having explained to my parents and my sister that hey, I'm good and then of course, the hypocrisy of it all is to me where you know they're like, Oh, you've been around so and so and then all of a sudden there with like four or five other people who I don't know. Why is this okay yeah? When you're trying to make this argument about you being safe, you have the feather in your hat is that is that way? You. I'm not wacky. Great Point well done. That hat for the last four weeks with the fuck and feather and he's changed the feather. Now, that's an eagle feather that he got in there prior to that it was like a quail or something. Yeah. But this isn't really who I am who I WANNA be. Yeah. I know I've always thought to myself. Well, I want be more extravagant I if I had my why address like Elton John I'd go out and do stand up in a donald duck outfit covid in sequence. But saw society right. Let me so here I am. 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Did, you have to develop your act? Or did you know do you do who you were? Did you have an interracial love you back in the day that you look back on you're like Holy Shit. That was terrible. What happened May I used to comedy clubs and I had like a fifteen minute set that I used to go around England doing all the time and then I went to the festival in the editor festival, you're going do an hour show. And that sort of way you know American coming, it used to be three or four. Specials and everyone else was trying to get hard four minutes set for doing cosimo Leno or Letterman. Everyone was trying to get their four minutes down this talk for a minute. So five minutes or six minutes that they could do in a light. Where I was living in Britain was not shows to do and I was trying to stretch my fifteen minutes APP to an hour. So that's where I got the sort of long winded storytelling, top thing going, and then when I went to Montreal and the American agents sold me they're like, Oh, you should see this buggy takes him twenty minutes to do jog and I thought it was refreshing. I'm. On the cricket of. Comedy. Cracking lunch, he's GonNa tell a joke. But it is amazing to see you I mean that is kind of your calling card isn't it to start joke you divert You're you're by means. For lack of a better word your transition is is of getting. So what I'm saying and then you go back to where you were. Yeah. I. Long Stories and I've pepper in little jugs that have written inside the look stories and make it. I try to make it look like I've lost me why or forgotten something and then I'll come back. It's it's. It's a trick that Billie commonly used to do that as well was reunited with his sort of tag. and Cy. So yeah. Any content that's why I would never I wouldn't last. I get through the first round and America's got talent. Because more material just wouldn't that. Would I think they get three minutes? So something at the time of the song. and. So you gotta be a real good comic at one line to get through America's got talent and saw garlic may would never get through the first round even there's such an intelligence to that and the ability to long form. Do that? Are you sorry to to go into your process but it's It's boring to you but are you constantly DM notepad that you have with you? Do you have thoughts? On what do you do I? Go on life I've I've never written a joke down i. what I do is I have a story and I have an idea and then I mentioned it to a few comedian friends and. Bother people, body's telling stories saying they will before I take them instead I'm eric dining, cloudy Gish but I've never I've never read anything Dan because I've always prided myself and they said I had a really good memory but in the last. Three years. The memory is quite what it was forgetting things you know, and so I've started to put my find k words of jugs of comings right? They jugs out in full form you know. But I. I just come up with the premise and then I try to. Rotted on stage really is the main way to do it. You see where the funding will be in front of that many people and for the vice pop when you're on stage the audience already lock she. That's the that's the price you're going to get the best response from it to begin with, and sometimes you can mention to. Efrain does something like I've got this idea about a joke and then you got all that stuff. Very good. Then you go I'll give it a go anyway and it looks better in front of a crowd that it does one on one. So I think wanted one jugs and crowd jokes two different things you know. That's why often if you watch a stand up comedian and then you try to reiterate the judge to your friends, I never comes out right. That was my whole morning today after watching your special trying to do your act two. Different Friends of mine and my fuck it just watch it yourself I. Can't get there. You're talking about involving your. Dad. Do you see. Do you see that? Your kid is funny yet at said I, yeah no I I look I look at my jokes I've got I've got three nieces and a nephew right and they're all they might listen Stri. and I looked at the same way and athlete would look at their siblings. Children not a main like like. My son see if I was a baseball player and then I could say that my son had handle I quit nation or you could interface for good bulla whatever that'd be like he's got it right and my my son, my son's got it. Right my son's got at my son's got funny Jane, and other Comedians have come over and I'm going to have a look and they're like he's got his he's got us right. It's kind of bullshit that you make them walk around on a little stage in a suit. My I've got my three, my nephew, my three nieces early one of them have got it. Out of the four of. The other three you haven't picked up Jane and they nice kids is kids but only one of them has got the funny Jane. Dial does that one? No wait do the other. One's not no I've I've I've pulled the one. That's funny. Aside, I've said and I've said to her are so we doubt boy it's. The void. And I've said Go. Dot you've got us. You've got the funny Jane, Your Body J. Jim I want to know though I wanNA know what what is it like when you look at your son and you say, Oh, you've got it. What is that? Okay what does this some kids? Some kids when I make a joke here joke from someone else or the law that try to repeat something of TV. Though I'm going to tell a joke or they'll tell a joke and locked they'll look really proud of themselves. If you truly funny you'll just is something deadpan make everyone laugh and then you'll walk out of the room like nothing has happened and that's the difference. And you can't teach that. You can't teach that little thing in my son has thing we'll? Just say something funny and he'll just walk out like nothing happens. So he's he's got. I drop situation I'd be hazardous matches, Bait Yeah I. I'm sure. Michael Jordan looked at he saw news like that's a fairly good jump shots, right? Yeah. All right. Do you consider yourself a good dad. I think I'm good at being died. Yeah I think I do. These things that I I wish I did like I didn't read to him enough when he was young maybe I didn't do enough of that and I don't know but I definitely love denise definitely disciplined they're automatic and he's Put He's he's a good kid. He's got a nice hot a good soul and. It must be doing something wrong I. Know this much probably speaks the I if I'm good at it or not I love being dead you know I think it'd be a good daddy I a friend who is a died and he doesn't particularly enjoy being a dad eats. He's just a dad and he's like he finds it a struggle I. I enjoy it. So so that must mean that I must be pretty good at it. Are you. Extinct but then again, I, I enjoy sex as well and I've had some terrible reports. Do you work off of instinct as a dad just your intuition you know what I mean. It's just what I feel. I think. So yeah, I think. That's the only way to do it. There's There's A. There's no right or wrong Y. There are ride and runways. But like this they things things in life you gotTa Make Judgment Calls with you know if if if it's not gonNa hurt them something he's got to be a good activity for you know you can't. You can't put them in too much cotton wool. You GotTa, let them get scraped Sunday nays and stuff like that, and that really hurts when you say them forever, you push the back out for the first time in a full of the bike but you know it's a necessary. You know it's a necessary able for them to mature and and I think often the mothers will in my case, watch out she. Doesn't want him to get hurt in anyway. So she never lets him venture out in any way you not a main side you have to be. You have to be sometimes a bit of a break in that aspect where you gotta do the tough things you know in my case, that's what's happened. Yeah. Yeah and do you do you find yourself? Trying to be you know raise your kids similarly how you were raised or do you avoid owned? I did the opposite I try. Turning out like me that's I. I have executive plight of how I would like. The opposite of me neither. Because you've talked about you know there's a lot of stuff on record and easy for him to find about talking about the way you grew up or different stuff you've done or whatever. If you talk about taking drugs or you talk about sex women or whatever it is. And you do that stop in your twenties, talk about it on stage in your twenties and thirties and you never think you gotTa have a buddy. Then you have a kid and you're like, fuck there's a lot of. There's a lot of information out there that I wish my child never knew about me that I could just lie to him and then just say I never did anything like this. You're an idiot you're not a main because there's that whole thing that nobody in the world knows you better than your parents and in many ways they hobby you and your friends know you better than everybody else because they've done potting with you and stuff like that and may the side your friends have never seen you cry because I'm girl upset you but you mahmod. Out of my mind and saying. Your mom's devastating it spike weighed. Your friends have inside their the the two groups that really know the whole post and apart from you don't know if I answered. ANYTHING RIGHT THE ARABIC. But it, but it's interesting what you say about your kids sort of looking back at your life and. Learning, certain things about you through your up in through just your public persona right. But at the same time I don't think it's going. It's it will affect him or her or your children because they grow up with you. They know who you are. You've set the tone you know it's not like. It's GonNa surprise you know Yeah. I'd I go based approach and also also you guys to school with. Like. All the kids he goes to school with the like famous. Famous parents stuff like that like some of the kids you guys to school with the like. Famous rockstars that have the they've had why more documented wild times that I am so it's like. What are you got to? Each kid. 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Also, it's like I I spent a lot of qualities before but I. took the easy route, but it is very easy just like what should we do that? I will go to Disneyland that's easy and the kids are wonderful. will say a sporting game then things will go to the dodgers regarded Disneyland will go to the trampoline will pack will go to you know what I mean all these things that I could rattle off the dote and now I felt like during carpet I've to become more inventive with the activities that I've done with. And so I think that is actually brought us closer together because we really should have tried to do things like I. I thought out supplies and we've done together which we never done with him before I ended and stuff like that, and we try to do it together and we I taught him out by Gulf because it was like a social distancing sport that you could find and I probably wouldn't have done that before until he was twelve oaks stopping the main set this little things I got a bit more inventive with that I think brought us closer together. Yeah I remember when I got. My boss at Fox who I also considered like a second dad said, don't be the Disneyland at actually said that phrase to me I and there's some. There's some truth to that. It's like when you show up, you know then you're going to. All magical places just be dad and. Value to great. It's a great point and by the way it's it's not easy. You know what I mean like there's so many times where you have to peel yourself off the couch from whatever it is you're doing to engage and actually create something for your kids during this time. You know now when you're in it, you find the joy in it but. Getting to that point is not easy sometimes because you're like fuck man, I just don't want to deal with dishes I just don't want to do it right now you know but that's part of being a dad. I guess is stat he was getting a bit couch potato with me and automated I remember thinking or the two of us are going to move. Screen time I'm like. We're like we're like. I'm like we're going for a ride we get box out for. Yeah. I didn't want to go for a ride I the phones myself the guy for ride because it was the right thing. Yeah. Though, and then you hide the joyous. That's great. Man What's been your dad ever relationship with your with your son I mean or I mean. They my my my dad, we spent the three months at here and so he spent a lot of time together then and dame, but my father's speaks to him on facetime about. That once a week, my father spends. It's it's basically my son showing up these different hot wheels cars two main guy in this one's going to red stripe and he comes up and my dad. Sits they go. Oh, that's a good one to one. And then my father chats about prostitutes he's saying that wake and they night. Your Dad's only hanging out with the ones that look like they probably don't have. Probably. I. Just WanNa touch one more thing just when you when he actually came. To to the states after your mom passed and went on tour with you was that just another tour or was there something special about him being there like? Before I it was it was it was special. Yeah. It was really special because. It's one thing for him to come and say me do shows in Sydney and he comes up to the shows and then I got back to my hotel that but it's another thing for him to do the traveling with you and and and it was it was an experience that I think a lot of ans wouldn't have of America like people come to America that guides a ninety Miami New York and. Los Angeles Navy and then. They the majority of people right at. But then we were doing like we had a weekend in Denver and then we had a weight gain in Arizona Senator and so he was saying it was it was meaning what I think was real Americans. By Swiss people still excited to Maintenance Ryan person united say he fell a bit more exotic I think that's that's maybe a more fun way to do it and to do the normal prices you know. So He's meeting. He's meeting pill. I contend that this country is made up of. So many good people that just don't even hear about anymore. It's like it's just all the negative, all the nasty, all the cancel all the this country is just filled with great people. We excited that we're more divided now than we've ever Bain. No. I think most of US moderates. I think the FAA left in the fired rider more divided but most of us can see the good in each other. You. Can say that like I can understand why certain people in rural areas of Mole Republican than, and then people who lived in places like San Francisco more Derek. I understand why that has happened that way but I don't think that means it one groups better than the other. But then of gone the extreme on either side in my opinion is, isn't a good way to say this I you know I bet but yeah, we have more in common than we have different I believe that's i. think that's a nice thing to say and I think you're correct and and I also think the extremes on either sides or the loud voices and the ones that we all here and the problem is. Not Majority I just feel like the majority a woman just walked by there's a woman in your house, right? You know that. That's That's I think that's my wife. Yeah we were just talking at the beginning of the podcast about how he would on his wife off in in DC show we had we we just got under the topic of the indecent proposal, the movie, and if we would actually go through with that and I said one, hundred percent of she's okay with it. If someone wants to pay pay US five million dollars in cash and you have to go spend a night with the man. Jim Jefferies Aaron falls in love with Jim, and now you're five million dollars is. Only. addressed. That she's not going to. Fall in the movie was only a million dollars. You'd give it a lot about inflation there i. I gotta be honest here I have a million dollars so I. Go. Google Google Aaron Bartlett and just text. Aaron Bartlett that says wife Aaron Hudson and. She digs us really accents she would not want you to lose your. Australian accent. Right Right Erin I'm all over yeah. Yeah. Yeah Yeah Yeah. One question and we'll get Outta here we asked to everyone. So. If if it's a two parter, right so you're thinking about you're thinking about your dad and who he is. If there was one thing. One thing that you're proud of that. You have taken from him pimm genetically or even just a mindset. What is that thing and if there's one thing that you've inherited that you wish you could, you would do you could do without. That you just wish you weren't that much like your father. What would it be? I I'm proud of. You know I wish I could give you a a a nicer word integrity or something like that. But the thing I'm most proud of about my big for fathers, the sense of humor. It's like minded man like like without that I'd have nothing. So that, really that really I was a great gift that my father gave me and then what huish is less like. got. My Band. Bit of a PERV are probably. Like, my dad like back the. If there is a movie that had been a tits on it and he heard me and my brothers watching he would. Russia. We. Why Kids we we were watching labyrinth. You know the kids movie with all with all the puppets right There may May and my brothers in unison we all looked at each other and win. Check after ten saw. Wow that right and then my dad just came out of the woodwork like just added iway. He. Went What are you? What you should watched lab although I? And they obviously the gap laboratory. They you subset that he missed he goes. He goes relied back to the beginning I missed the beginning of my God. That's all. That is. That no their pop. That's good. There's nothing more disturbing than walking in on your dad watching porn hardcore outside for I've never seen my dad. My Dad. Thank God. He can't figure out how to work a computer Egypt as a couple of magazines out the garage. He's had since the seventies. Good old days. All right. Jim. Thanks. I appreciate you having me on the show I had a good time. Thank you very much. Thank. You very much jim thanks. Thanks leads. Daddy issues is executive produced by Joe Balk Oliver Hudson and Sim Sarnia for cloud sound engineering editing by Josh Windisch and Matt Sasaki.

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