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Monday, June 1st, 2020


Good Morning Aquarius today is Monday June first two thousand twenty. The Libra Moon trains the sun and Venus Retrograde Gemini. This creates beautiful cost MC harmony. An ideal day for self love, close friendships and new beginnings. This is Aquarius today. A podcast original. Today's episode of Horoscope. Today is brought to you by Philadelphia cream cheese. You don't need a horse. Go to tell you that Philadelphia cream cheese is the schmear that's perfect for spreading on your morning. Bake all made with only the freshest milk and cream. Philadelphia has been doing this since eighteen seventy to. Philadelphia schmear perfection. Let's begin your day. Disruptive Innovative Fairness is your ruling planet. A part of him influences everything about you. From your unorthodox way of living to your unconventional way of loving? Today. He dances through Torres your fourth Haussa family. You are invited to create a home that supports you, but does not confine you. Now take a moment to reflect on your relationships. What are you searching for in a partner? Perhaps, someone spontaneous fun and dedicated to a grander purpose. Someone unafraid of being their most authentic self. Now recognize each of these qualities in yourself. In many ways you will be your greatest love. Consider the work you do. And your career. Now is an excellent time to revisit the basics. What are you need to thrive? Implement routines that will support a better quality of life. Aquarius. Today is a daily podcast. Follow on spotify to make part of your morning routine. If. You're interested in learning more about your sign. Download the sanctuary up from the apple. APP or Google play stores. Get your first reading today and follow sanctuary its sanctuary on instagram. That's S, ANC T. U. A. R. Y. W. R. L., D.. horoscope today is a podcast original.

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