Episode 3-23 A tale of a truly Evil man.


Alot. You have discovered the five, four two and the blue. PODCAST. Discussions of law enforcement, history issues and incidents in the Appalachian. Mountains and beyond. Hosted by Scott. LUNCEFORD retired police detective, Sergeant Author and researcher. Today's shade of Blue Story is a tale of a truly evil man. Charles Carl Panzer Room. American serial killer rapist, arsonist, rubber, and burglar. He confessed in prison and his autobiography to have twenty two murders and over one thousand physical and sexual assaults on men and boys. This is Victoria. Your producer for five four to the. Background music provided with licensed by Purple Planet Scott We'll according to one. Thank you Victoria, and welcome back to five four to end the blue. Now a couple of weeks ago we talked about. A woman that the New York Times. Said was the worst woman in the world. As kind of strong language. And you really have to be. Bad to be considered the worst woman in the world. No doubt. Well today, we're going to talk about what might be called the worst man in the world. Or? You might say. One of the most evil men. That you've heard about Annalong time now we've all heard of. Serial killers in there's TV shows and documentaries about them and Ted, Bundy is a household name. There are movies about them are movies that create characters that are. Murderers and just. Evil Evil people as the man said, truth is stranger fiction and unfortunately evil truth. Is. More Evil Than Evil Fiction. Now, Confucius once said. The small man thanks that small acts of goodness are of no benefit. And does not do them. And the small deeds of evil do no harm. And does not refrain from them. Hence his wickedness become so great that it cannot be concealed. And his guilt so great that I cannot be pardoned. There are those men who say to repay evil with kindness. But I say, how then are we to repay kindness? Repay kindness with kindness but repay evil with justice. Now, the individual going to talk about today. He escaped justice for quite some time. Late finally caught up with him and we've talked about the ladies in the room before. Especially last. Season Lady Justice. Lady Karma. And Lady Luck watching the door. And eventually, all three. Of the ladies, all three sisters caught up with this gentleman. The subject we're talking about today. Is Coral. Kinser. Carl was born. And East Grand Forks Minnesota. He was a son of immigrants. He was raised on the family's farm with five brothers and sisters. It was set my some including Carl himself. That by the age of five he was. Pretty much a liar and a thief. Growing meaner, the older he grew. In eighteen ninety nine. Carl. At that time eight years old. was sent to juvenile court for being drunk and disruptive. Whereas, we used to say in Asheville. Deity. Drunken. Disruptive. Now at eleven years old, he was again in jail for the same thing. He also stole cakes, apples. And other items including a revolver from neighbors zone. Is Parents sent him to the Minnesota State Training School. In, nineteen. Oh Three Are No face actually sent him there or if he was sentenced thereby the courts. But while he was there, he was repeatedly beaten tortured and sexually assaulted by residents and staff members according to his autobiography. Now, this was common knowledge that occurred in what the students called the painting house. Because children would leave their painted with bruises and blood. Now Carl did the painting house so bad that in July of nineteen o five. He literally burned it now. The arson was not connected to him and he ended up being paroled from training in nineteen of six. AM biased teens. Carl was pretty much alcoholic and vigil fender. Mostly burglary and theft. At the age of fourteen, he attempted to kill a Lutheran church cleric with a revolver. He ran away from home taking up being Hobo basically on the train lines that timeframe. It was dangerous move as he reported later in his autobiography of being assaulted many times to include sexual assaults on him committed by older rail riders. At the. Age Of fifteen. In nineteen o seven. He was able to fool military recruiters and was able to enlist in the army. And his career in the military was kind of short lived in a short time he was of course arrested and convicted of Larceny. And served a one year term. In Fort, Leavenworth. And served a one year prison term in Fort Leavenworth Disciplinary barracks. At that time secretary of war. And Future President. William. Howard Taft approve this sentence. And his discharged from the military. Carter later wrote that any goodness that he had him left when he was locked up in Leavenworth. In Carl took our task signing of his internment papers and putting him out of the military. He took that kind of personal as we'll discuss a little bit later. Eventually he was released from Leavenworth. And like I said, kicked out the army with dishonorable discharge. Now Carl needed to have income. So turned what he knew best stealing lying an thievery. Carl would steal anything from bicycles to yachts and was caught and imprisoned many times for those offenses. He served time under his own name and several aliens to include time spent in several state prisons and prisons in the Appalachian Mountain areas for thefts and assaults. Now. When he was in prison. Pans Ram frequently attacked officers and would not follow orders would get into fights and, of course, officers retaliated causing beatings and other punishment. In his autobiography again, crawl wrote that he was rage personified. And he would often rate men who had robbed. He was noted for his large stature and great physical strength due to years of hard prison labor. No doubt. He did have a few legitimate jobs at times. One of his semi-legitimate jobs. was as a strike breaker against union employees. When that didn't work out. For reasons. He tried to sign on board as a ship's steward on an army transport vessel. But when he showed up for the first day of work, he showed up drunk and they just. Kicked him off fortunately. Being, kicked off the crews probably saved quite a few people's lives. I'm sure that would have been a very fun cruise to have been on. In June nineteen twenty-three. Carl said he killed a man with thirty eight pistol. Pistol that he stole from a house break in of the chief of police of new Rochelle New York. He also recorded having killed a man while breaking into a home in Baltimore, Maryland? Pans Ram also claimed that once after serving time in Texas, he went to our as Mexico in the winter of nineteen ten and attempted to enlist in the federal Mexican army. But for whatever reason he did not enlist. I'm moving from Juarez to del Rio. Texas. By train, he got off in a small town of El Paso. Whereabout miles south of outside of town. He claimed to have abducted assaulted, kicked and strangled. A man and then stole thirty five dollars from him. In the summer of nineteen eleven. Carl using the name of Jefferson Davis which is interesting. A self stole a bike. In Fresno, he was caught and was given six months in the county jail where he promptly escaped. From nineteen, thirteen to nineteen. Fifteen. Carl's arrested five times in five different states escaping from jail each time. A few of those arrests were made when he passed through the Appalachian Mountains during his nationwide travels. Now on June first nineteen fifteen he broke into and robbed House in Oregon. And he was arrested when he got caught trying to sell what he stole. He was given seven years in the Oregon. State. Penitentiary. And he lied about his age saying he was thirty years old and he was born in Alabama. He was honest about his occupation now stating that it was faith. When he was asked. At, that time the warden was Mr Harry Minto. who was a strong believer in harsh management of his inmates including beatings in isolation? Carl stated that he swore he would never do that seven years and I defied the warden on all of his officers to make me. Now. He did serve quite a bit of time there in while serving at time he was able to help a fellow inmate, an auto hooker escape from prison, and while attempting to evade recapture. Hooker ended up killing the warden Minto while there he was disciplined many times while at the state prison. Including sixty one days in solitary confinement. Before actually escaping September eighteenth nineteen seventeen. After to shoot house. And assorted runnings Injuries to various individuals. He was recaptured in return to prison on May twelfth. Nineteen eighteen. But then again, he escaped once more by sawing through the bars of his cell in caught a freight train heading east. That point he began going by the name of John O'Leary Shave. Golfers Mustache. And vowed he would never go back West after that. Now keeping to his old. Grudge. In August nineteen twenty. Carl broke into. Home of former President William Howard taft, whom Carl held responsible for his Leavenworth imprisonment. He stole large amount of jewelry in bonds as well as the president's Personal Colt. M Nineteen Eleven forty five caliber semi auto handgun he then began a murder spree that spanned eight years in multiple countries with the money stolen from taft. You bought a yacht. The. CASTA. And he lured sailors away from New York City bars got them drunk raped them and shot him with taps pistola dumped their bodies near the execution rocks light in long. Island sound. He claimed to have killed ten and all sailors. The the murder spree of sailors ended only when the Costa ran aground and sank near. Atlantic. City his last two potential victims escaping swimming to shore. On October Twenty Six nineteen twenty using the name again of John, O'Leary he was arrested in Stanford Connecticut for burglary and possession of a loaded handgun. Presidents nineteen eleven. In. Nineteen twenty one, he served six months in jail in Bridgeport Connecticut. After getting out. He caught ship to Africa landing in Angola. In one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, one. After. Bouncing around in Angola, for a while he became a form oil rigs there. And true to Carl's past history. He later burned the oil rig on out of mostly J- assure meanness. He's alleged to have while he was there raped and killed and eleven or twelve year old boy. In his confession to that murder he wrote his brains were coming out of his ears when I left him. And he will never be any deader. Most evil wouldn't you think? Well, and Angola is business projects weren't super successful. This sometimes, of course comes when burn down the business you're working for. Not to mention killing off your employees. I you see when he decided to come back to United States. Right before he left, Carl hired six of his workers from the oil rigs, take him on a crocodile on an expedition by boat to see the country before he left. After putting the boat in the water and starting their journey crocodile hunting. Carl shot all them and watch the crocodiles feed on their bodies. No one ever saw those men again. After returning to the United States. Cans Ram stated that he raped and killed two small boys beating to death with a rock in Salem Massachusetts and strangling the other. Later that same year in New Haven Massachusetts. In interesting to notice that, he was able to recall the exact dates of many of his killings and put that into his autobiography. Carl claim that in June nineteen twenty-three, he shot a man with thirty eight pistol. He has stolen from yacht which belonged to the police chief of New Rochelle new. York. A different police chief than he's house broken into. Under the name of O'Leary once again in June. Nineteen twenty three, he was arrested in New York. Continuing his regular procedures he attempted to break out. And in one jailbreak attempt that was unsuccessful, he picked up course new charges. Were locked up that time. He was able to con his lawyer by giving him signing the title. Of. A. STOLEN In return for his attorney giving him wore bailing him out. Then, of course, Carl gets skipped on the bail on the but was later confiscated by police. And, that attorney learned inexpensive lessons. No doubt. On August Twenty Six nineteen twenty three again using the alias of. John O'Leary. Carl was arrested in Larchmont New, York after breaking into a train depot. And was given five years imprisonment. Now. While in County jail confessed being a Jeff Baldwin subject currently wanted in. Oregon. Three months later, he was imprisoned at Clinton prison in New York. State And released in nineteen twenty. Eight. And he has fought to have killed somebody in Maryland that summer. Now August Thirtieth Nineteen, twenty eight. He was once more arrested in Baltimore Maryland for Washington DC, burglary. Stealing a simple radio and jewelry from the home of the dentist. When arrested me voluntarily confessed to killing three young boys. The one in Salem Massachusetts one in Connecticut in third in Philadelphia. The nineteen twenty eight Philadelphia victim was identified as Alexander. Lezak a fourteen year. Old newsboy. Carl later wrote that he had also contemplated a mass killing using poison in the city's water supply most likely arsenic. Now. There is some documentation some writings out there. That says the Carl actually tried that. But in his own confessions he. admitted that he only. Contemplated it. And didn't follow through with it mainly because he couldn't get much arsenic. He contemplated also sinking British warship in New York Harbor and an attempt to start a war between the united, states and England. Call received the twenty five year prison sentence and again Leavenworth penitentiary. He became inmate three, one, six, one, four. In an interview with the warden before he was actually given his cell. He told the warden I'll kill the first man that bothers me. And the word and of course, looking at his record and. took him at his word in gave Carl a solitary job in the prison laundry room. On June twentieth nineteen. Twenty. Nine. The Forman. A Mr Robert. Wonky of the prison laundry. Voiced his opinion to Carl about his work ethics, organs, ability and speed at his assigned job. And of course, Carl beat him to death with an iron. Bar. He was. Charged with homicide and sentenced to death. Now, for all, he had done and confessed to at various times in his. Even career. It took the killing of another inmate that got him the death penalty. Carl refused to allow his attorneys to appeal his sentence. And in response to offers from death penalty opponents and human rights activists at the time that wanted to intervene. Very, similar, we have today on. The only thanks you and your kind will ever get from me for your efforts on my behalf is that I wish you all had one neck. And that I had my hands on it. That's was Carl's reply to their assistance. Well. On. Death. Row. Carl was befriended by an officer by the name of Henry Lesser. In re passed away in nineteen, eighty three. Lesser. Would give Carl money or cigarettes or money to buy cigarettes while he was incarcerated in sitting on death row. Now Carl was so astonished by this one of kindness and selflessness that after. Lesser provided him with writing materials. Well lading execution. He wrote a detail summary of all his crimes and his no listrik philosophy. He made it clear in his writings. He did not regret any of the robbery St- murders, rapes, arsons that he had been involved in, and he would not repent for those crimes. In his own words he said. In My lifetime I have murdered twenty one human beings. I have committed thousands of burglaries, robberies, larcenies, arsons, and last but not least, I have committed sodomy assault on more than one thousand male human beings for all these things I am not in the least bit. Sorry. Also. In his own words he said. I had no conscience never believed in man God or the devil. I hate the whole damned human race. Car was hung. On September fifth? Nineteen thirty. At Leavenworth Prison As officers attempted to place a black hood, his head, he spat in the executioners face. When asked for any last words he responded? Yes. Hurry it up. You hoes her bastard I could kill a dozen men while you're screwing around. His grave. Leavenworth Penitentiary Cemetery. Is marked only with his prison number. Three, one, six, one, four. The guard that befriended him and provided. Caro with the writing. Material, lesser. He preserved. His letters in the autobiographical manuscript. Then spent the next four decades after retired in search of a publisher willing to print the material finally in nineteen seventy. It was released under the title killer, a Journal of murder. And before. Lesser passed away in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty. He donated all of the material to the San Diego State University, where they are housed as the coral pans rem papers. In the Malcolm a love library. Now, Carlos referred to by many as America's most sadistic serial killer. For eighteen long years he robbed raped and murdered from one city to the next, as well as several locations out of the United States. He is more than a dozen aliases. No one knew anything about him while he lived no one came close to guessing that all the brutal crimes that were committed. We're all done by a single man. Until November of nineteen twenty. Eight. Before his death, Carl confessed twenty-one killings. He only lived for thirty nine years. In which he committed thousands of atrocities and left victims in his wake. As seen on the forward. Of The book a Journal of Murder. Pants and Ram was not motivated by sex or money. But by the hatred for humanity. Some of his murders claims were not proven, but a number of them have been after they were investigated after nineteen seventy some of his known victims include Robert Wonka. L-. The prison laundry guard and his final. Victim John more his teacher at the. MINNESOTA. Training. School. Bus Heart. Also from the Montana State Reform School. A George Henry McCann from Salem Massachusetts. Alexander logic from Philadelphia. And another Alexander you sack from Philadelphia in one, thousand, nine, hundred, twenty, three. Other murders have been confirmed but the victims names are not record and I've been able locate so far he left his written thoughts with the only person on the planet. Who would possibly be close to being considered maybe a friend. Henry lesser a twenty six year old jailguard at Leavenworth prison. A most seriously evil man. If there ever was one and there have been several. Carl, just being one of. One of the few. Thank you to the lady to brought this podcast into our second season. For more information on future podcast and when they're going to be released as well as. A list of previous. Blue Stories from season one. Of course, you can go to Scott LUNCEFORD AUTHOR DOT COM. And if you found this podcast using anchor FM. You can, of course, go to my website at that location and leave a voice message if you so wish on my website in were looking at the possibility if you do so. Including some of those in future podcast. My website Scott Lunceford author dot com where you can find copies from my books. One of the latest books the girls from gift. The alien abduction investigation, a young person's book. Where my girls from gift girls investigating fantastic things. Investigate the possibility of a little extra terrestrial activity in their. Community and What it turns out to be in the end. Not exactly what they expected, but still, very, very evil. Copies of other books can be found there as well as on, Amazon? Dot. com. Of course, I can also be reached at the contact page on my website. Suggestions comments were opposing viewpoints are always welcome and can be sent that lie. Remember in the future. Please be safe and beat secure. And it's the shades of blue from our past that makes our today's. One you have been listening to. The Fi four two and the blue podcast. Discussions of law enforcement, history issues, and incidents. Hosted by Scott Lunceford. For more information on this podcast. Please go to. Five four two and a blue dot com. or discuss other web page. Scotland's for Dorothy. Dot Com. There you will find links to the podcast and be able to subscribe for updates. And notices of any and all new podcast as they go online. Information, on Scott's. Books. How, to order them in how to contact Scott can be found in their. This. Is Victoria your podcast producer. Thank you for listening to one end.

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