Starting 9 Episode #83 - Evan Longoria


What back to starting nine episode three? My word. Wow. Why all can you smell it smells green? What's that smell like a city, smells, the different? Green is a different. Cash monday. Not even the dollars to smell that that fresh cut grass smell hotdogs, some Bruce keys. Dirt under the spikes, right around the corner cigar small I always associates cigar smoke with with baseball season two. Maybe it's a Boston thing you always get those fat Italians on Yawkey way smoking stogies space ball season. Baby. Can't that's not a massive west comes thing. Yeah. No. You guys. You guys are smoking some different stuff. Baseball by the time this podcast hits the interwebs baseball season. We'll have already returned. First pitch will have been thrown across the pond migraine green gold your Seattle mariner out there. Browns crew. They'll be getting it on. Yeah. Five thirty AM in my reading this correctly, five thirty five first pitch. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I mean. Ball. But I love sleep too. I might just catch the highlights. It's I dunno. I feel Jay you're gonna wake up for this. No. Oh, wow. Yeah. You. Yeah. Your fans, and actually that's not. That's actually, not true. I have to get up anyway at like six thirty or six forty five. So now that I'm talking about. I probably will just go ahead and get up. Yeah. I don't know. I mean, I I wa- I probably will. I'll probably wake up and tweet like a couple of innings just that everyone sees how dedicated I am. And then I'll just go back to sleep. On. I'm just going to power through stay away. I think you sort of just gave yourself away in a believe your investment now. I'll just schedule some tweets schedule tweets for like six forty five. Holy shit. You see that? Yeah. You should you should. And just tag me in all you see. Schedule. What see the depth on that slider? It's crazy. You're that chart. Evan longoria long on the podcast today as the spikes up tore content continues to seep seep out of the library that we have stored by the way, the YouTube channel officially launches on Thursday. But if you go to the YouTube page, I think all you have to do is type in starting nine on YouTube, and you will see a full interviews. Every interview that we've released so far on this podcast. The full length interview will live on that YouTube page. So that means no-one are not oh that means Trevor Bauer in my cleven jer that means Luke Voight that means that Evan longoria. They were all there on that YouTube page right now everybody everybody air body forget to that. Evan longoria interview, though. My trout, and we're not gonna we're not diving deep into micro yet. But we can't just start the podcast with an elephant in the room that elephant ask contract. And that's not a knock that is just talking about the size of this twelve year extension. Kraut got nice of him to leave money on the table too. I thought, you know, realistically, do you think? We'll just I I want to answer this question before we use a little tease just a little tip of the iceberg conversation piece. Do you think that if Mike trout waited until twenty twenty hit free agency that he would have gotten more total dollars on the free agent market? For the years of free agency. I'm going to. I'm going to say I'm gonna say, yes, I'm gonna say, yes, I'm going to say, yes. From who? I mean, I feel like somebody finds somebody finds a place lines. I think we could make some room for that guy in the Rosser like, yeah. Because there's nobody that you're saying goodbye to if you're any organization that you're not okay with welcoming Mike trout as the replacement. Yeah. So I mean, like, you know, as far as who there's there's that's a that's a knee jerk. Like, I don't have a good answer for that. Because there's a lot of what if you know like you can you can make a lot of things move around. So I think I'll say this much do I think might trout gets a half a billion dollars. If he hits regency. Yes. Jay. I think he would have gotten more than he received. But I don't think he would have had half a billion. I do think it's amazing that this contract is universally regarded as him still being underpaid. It is it is. I I didn't. I basically didn't see any take counter to that. Well, exactly. And that's like I said it was almost like people were just across baseball people were like. Well, thank God. It's not the fucking Yankees. And that was it. And and we just you know, you just can't keep your head down. And you kept smashing your your chicken potpie a done deal. Yeah. So I was fan graphs. I I love fan graphs. I think it's when you use the value tool to see what a player was actually worth based on their statistics. Here's what I came up with. So if Mike trout micro last season, it was his best season statistically, ever, how much do you think that that season was worth in dollar form? Like as as far as what the av is these days based on what based on what the market is right now based on what his statistical production was in twenty eighteen what does that acquaint to in dollars? I'm going to say twenty million dollars. Eighty five million dollars is my guess he was worth seventy eight point six million dollars in twenty eighteen. In his career, flew twenty eighteen he has been compensated seventy eight point three million dollars. So he was worth last year. Basically what he's been paid in his entire major league career. So if you take all those numbers what his production has actually been worth to this point through age twenty six season. Mike has been worth four hundred ninety four point five million dollars. That's what he's actually been worth half a Bill. Yes. So I guess I'm not I didn't understand the question that wasn't like based on the contract, or what the contracts are being handed out. Yeah. No. It's just take the numbers. And if you what is that actually worth based on production? Yeah. So he. There's that again, do you just always I always lean on he's better than half the people in the hall of fame right now right now, he's already accumulated comparable seasons. So I have that as well. I have some names for you Dallas right now through his age twenty six season. Mike trout's career wins above replacement sixty four point three. These are some hall of famers whose war is inferior to Mike shouts. Dave Winfield sixty four point two. Jackie Robinson, sixty one point four Harmon Killebrew sixty point four Mike Piazza fifty nine point six Yogi Berra fifty nine point four Vladimir Guerrero. Fifty nine point four Hank Greenberg. Fifty seven point six then Mike did this past all of them by his age twenty sixties? That's ludicrous. Just just that puts it in perspective. Nobody I mean, I'm not gonna say nobody. I'm sure I mean, I don't know. Maybe the kid Griff who knows? Had eclipsed hall of Famer to in route to his career not not not at that age. No chance. I would say I mean, maybe I'm maybe I'm way off there. What I looked it up earlier today. So like, obviously the like there's been so much done on Mike trout, generally that it's hard to find like new statistical angles or like, hey, this makes him sound really impressive or whatever. And maybe this doesn't I don't know. But I was just looking at different stuff since he debuted in twenty eleven so obviously is twenty eleven season is irrelevant to what I'm about to tell you. But that's when he technically debuted since he debuted he has bas- basically twice as many MVP votes as the next closest person in baseball. If you add up all of his first second third, fourth all those all of his finishes in the MVP votes. How they do it point wise. He's number one and me go Cabrera is number two. And it's not even close about it. It took. I mean wrap your head around this people whether or not you value the statistics that embodied the award. It's okay. Triple crown it took a fucking triple crown to be won by the F or mentioned megi Cabrera to to not give my trout in MVP that had to let's the kind of performance that had to happen to not win another MBP. Yeah. I was actually going to say that was. That one that was Miguel Cabrera winning back to back triple triple crowns NBP awards that that first one the year that he won the triple crown and perhaps on justly when the MVP Dow's is first of two by that point. We're talking a generational hitter. Who it's like, all right. If we don't get like trout's going to win this for the next fuck in fifteen years, we gotta get biggie. His one before he gets into his thirties. We may never see a season like this from Maggie ever again. So I get it. I get because I mean, imagine I mean he does have to but at the time he had zero. So imagine having Miguel Cabrera be this generational hitter pools has a boatload of him Miguel Cabrera just never winning MVP. That'd be a little bit weird. You know, for sure what thing I wanted to ask you guys indiapol- Hitchens as we understand the life of the contract any apprehensions moving forward. What are what are you see? As far as cracks something. I think about defense. I think he slides nicely to like a corner outfield spot because the defensive metrics. It's not that. They don't love my coat. It's just they don't know what to make of my job. If you look at his his defensive run save year to year. It's like, he's he sucks. He's great. He sucks. It's it's every other year the defense in the eyeball test. You watch Mike Shotton a nightly basis, which we do not everyone does which is unfortunate. But we do he's an elite defender is no way to say otherwise. But the defensive metrics would tell you every other year, he sucks. He's great. Let me say this. I'm not posing the question because that's what I feel. I'm I it's it's it's I guess twofold, one because I I think for him to have taken an adamant stance on dressing his defense. His throwing arm is accurate things. Like, he was like, I'm I'm just be better. I'm going to get better at. That tells me like, okay. You know, what he he cares? He cares about that. He doesn't want that stigma attached to him at all. And the second thing is like the the defensive metrics. I'm I'm out on them as a whole I would have to say because we haven't found a proper way to value ridiculous athletes, and because of the defensive shift that gives guys value that don't necessarily deserve it as well. So it's it's you'd it's random. It's I don't know. Yeah. I we're gonna do the full Mike trout thing. That's that's just that's just let's just eat it. Let's that's what people are downloading this particular podcast for Evan longoria and Mike trout. Fucking getting bread say at Dallas Saint bread at up. Check it. Need that on a t shirt? We're talking on radio today about I asked Kevin do you? Do you? Listen to podcasts. He's like, no. Because like, I don't wanna get like other people's thoughts and have them become my thoughts. And I was like being around Dallas all the time. I don't necessarily get his thoughts but fucking start talking like a mall time from around him for two. Like, Mike Chow said that was my tweet Mike show the extension of house. I check it. Going, bro. That was I fucking lost my mind. I started screaming in the house, and my grandma was like what the hell is going on. And I was telling her like. Are you gotta understand like this do just almost got half a billion dollars now? And people people are like kinda like did he get what he was worried that? She's like what what is he who is this, and I was like Mike, trello, and even my grandma was like. Like, she almost see it in my book and grab she's not follow. May. She was like what was was tied to him. Nice. Boy, circling back to the question asked you guys if my trout hits the free market, he definitely makes more. But I don't think when you're talking talking about north of four hundred million dollars the fucked is like an extra, you know, fifty million seventy whatever it is whatever the number is whatever he could have gotten extra at what point are years. We get it, dude. Your grandkids grandkids grandkids grandkids are going to fucking private school like we know that much private schools. Yeah, we get it. So yeah, I think Mike shot would it comes down to is. He loves playing for the angels loves the the ballpark of everything about what's going on over there. So yeah, I if that's what you want. If you're in a place where you're happy cause. Everyone's like, well, why why did you go to a market where he could win? It's like, dude he signed fucking twelve. Year contract. Who's to say the angels aren't going to contend five six years. You know, it doesn't now that they have him locked in. If you're the angels. Now, you're sort of looking at well how we build around him. And it's not like, you it Mike show. It had an extension before to where you weren't looking at, you know, the three years of service time that three years of arbitration. Then what do we do? Do we build around a guy? That's just gonna leave it free agency. Like, he's he's already played. He's already been in the big leagues for eight years seven full major league seasons. He was in all star in all seven. He either finished first or second in six of those seven full seasons in the one year that he didn't he finished fourth because he was fucking hurt. So it's who's to say that the angels can't now turn around and be like he's here for his entire career. Like that. This is it he's a lifelong angel. Let's get this guy to Kobe again. And actually give them a shot to do something. Once he gets there. And let's not sleep on the fact that you've got the world's best baseball player as well. As the world's most inning Matic baseball player in show. Oh, hey, Otani and pairing those two as a selling point over the next for over the foreseeable future. How you know the the life of the contract with Otani, and then again, twelve years with trout like there's there's two pretty cheap pieces right there that you can you can be excited about and I even I was tweeting with a guy G R E G lower case g collie about about this. Like, hey, I feel like the angels are going to have to be aware of putting pieces around him. If he's going to stay there because let's be real, man. The fuck and halos are still trying to figure out if they're going to be the Long Beach halos. Are they going to be the Newport halos the marina del Rey lows? Like what what are they going to be who are they going like they got a lot I run out. And I feel like that's that was kind of. I was like. Wow, trout, somebody who kind of you know, appreciates consistency. I would say, yeah. And the fact that that's up in the air. You know, I don't know. Yeah. So there's two different sort of angles that I wanna hit on with this whole trout thing. Number one, everyone gets on him for not being marketable or the it's two things. It's major. Everyone's like major league baseball doesn't do a good enough job marketing might show that's probably fair, but Mike trout doesn't necessarily want to be marketed. He's not going to give you that's a cloned question, bro. He's not going to do that. He's not going to do the backflips. He's not gonna flip. As all the things that you love about Bryce Harper. That's just not my show. And I feel like if now through eight major league seasons going to his ninth if he were to start doing that you like well now, he's phony. So Mike is Mike chart is. And I don't understand the whole in. Don't talk to me about the market. As Ken Griffey junior was the face of baseball for a long time in Seattle Pacific northwest. But baseball fans, and I hope you guys come to appreciate this. You can have your Cup of tea. You can have your, you know, your don't want to say straight laced. But you can have your plays the game the right way guy. If that's how you view, Mike, trout and love everything that he does. And you can have your Bryce Harper guy who's unapologetic and is himself at has grown up at the big league level and shouldn't be chastised to the extent that he has. I mean, I've been critical of him as far as running stuff out. But then I also remember like the day after he was benched. He's in the game. Or I it might have even been the later in that game. He ends up trying to square around in. But just trying to make up for like. Like almost recognizing acknowledging. Hey, my bad like so you can have your your rebel face of the game. And you can have your, you know, straight laced face of the game. You don't have to pick. Enjoy the both. Yeah. And I get it. If if you're a casual baseball fan who can't just appreciate Mike show for being the best baseball player on planners. If there's something that you need extra from them. I get it because we're used to the face of baseball being even when Ken Griffey junior all due respect to him one of the greatest players ever play the game when he was playing was he the best baseball player. Like, yeah. He certainly had a case for it. But these playing in the same era as bonds. So if you're playing in the same errors bonds, guess what you're taking a back seat to Barry. Lamar. That's just a fact, but with Mike trout, just try to appreciate him for what he is. Because to have sort of how we've broken it down. He's already surpassed hall of famers by his age twenty six season. And depending on who you ask. But if you read up enough about age curves in baseball your age twenty seven season is technically the. First of your peak seasons. So in two thousand eighteen we saw the best season of Mike trout's career. Does that mean that we've seen as best season because I don't think that we have. So appreciate him. While you still have these peak years in front of you. And I thought what was really great is around the league today because he is that type of player you have guys like Kris Bryant and all their stars in the game. Being like, he got everything that he deserved. He's worth. How many how many times have in any sport? Are we talking about not just a guy getting a monster contract? Not just the guy becoming the highest paid player in their profession or the highest paid player. This is Mike trout the highest paid player in professional sports and people are saying he might have gotten short-changed. That's how fucking good, Mike shroud. Is that's insane to think of and they're not wrong. It's not about being shortchanged. Rather as you just alluded to guys across the game talking about what kind of duty is what kind of character is when you're probably conceptually faced with the amount of money that you could potentially put away. It's Mike trout who's probably making the decision on leaving that fifty seventy five extra mill whatever that whip cream would be on top probably the one going now. It's all good. I've got my cherry, and that's here for the next twelve years. All Bryce Harper. I'm here for thirteen brotherly love, I don't I don't even want to give you the idea that I want out I'm here to bleed in sweat and cry and celebrate with you over the course of this contract. And I don't at any point in time once you thinking, otherwise, so it's all up out of all of that move. Exactly. So that right there take that folks. As as your Tako message of what these guys are actually. All about the sort of competitors. One. Does it quietly puts his head down is shaking hands and kissing babies behind the scenes making people's dreams. Come true. Whether there's a camera in his face or not, and that's your Mike trout, and that's the guy who doesn't need to be sold because he sells himself every morning. He bucket wakes up. And then you've got Bryce Harper who gets your kids excited about the game of baseball gets you ruffled up about the game of baseball and get your Granddad pissed off about the game baseball. But nonetheless has gotten all your asses in the seat in front of the TV to watch said game baseball. So appreciate these young men because they've committed to the game they've committed to their teams. I hope that you can commit to them. I like that like that Mike out is not Bryce Harper. And that's okay. Because like you said Bryce Harper the type of guy to bring in that audience. So, hey, I'm checking baseball who's this guy? Oh, it's my I'll fucking watch this guy. He's awesome. But when you look at these two contracts that were given out. In the past. I don't know. Call two three weeks. Whatever it was. Is it crazy to you? That might trout got a hundred million more dollars than Bryce Harper. Because I don't think that it's that crazy. It's like that's Mike trout is in a class of his own. There is a tier beneath him. And then it's just everybody else. And when you look at where Bryce Harper fits into that we're talking again about a generational talent. But then it's like this sort of gives you the perspective where the angels weren't like fuck if we really want to keep them. We get a blow it out of the water. Like, we're talking about my trout potentially making more if he had tested for the agency. So when you look at Bryce Harper getting three thirty Mike Trump getting four thirty that represents the gap between Mike trout and everybody else a hundred mil more year less. I mean, come on. It's just not even if there was ever a conversation. That's what like your face of baseball conversation feel free to have that debate. As we kind of did not a debate. But just kind of a look inside of as far as the best player in the game. If you were questioning what the industry felt or if you request at store at minimum. How the angels felt here's your answer. I'd be curious to see and all the yahu fantasy leagues where Mike trout goes if it's just ninety nine point nine nine nine nine nine percent as the as the one one and who is taken well as the first pick. If it's not my trout is obviously someone that's that auto drafted or is just an idiot. Or is there flee their favorite player is Mukhi bets? Like, I'm taking Mookie. There's just no that's why I'm excited to play in our league with you. Because I know that's what you will be doing. If you somehow I won't even do that DAL horseshoe out here. That's a blatant lie. That's a blatant lie. And I can't believe anything that comes out of your mouth. If you're telling me that. What would I can't believe is that when you make that move? I will be selecting Mike trout, and that's that's a mere matter of your matter of moments away from because base is is right around the corner. Which means you folks need to get your ass up and sign up for Yahoo. Fantasy baseball fantasy app is the number one mobile app in fantasy baseball and it's pretty much the official fantasy game of the MLB. Check this shit out. Yahu pro leaks public leagues, this is where you play for cash, folks. Give gimme the loot. Best part is Yahoo handles all the money for you. None of those Commissioner headaches. Now, they handle all that biz by in for twenty bucks up to a rack doesn't matter. 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They've already thrown first pitch. So factor. Those performances in and make sure you go to Yahoo dot com. Slash fantasy baseball to get your business. It. While play a little pepper here. I do I'm hitting Dallas is kind of turned into a little like woes of major league baseball. He's kind of letting you know on Twitter that he knows. But he's not telling you what he knows. So if you're not falling Dow's braiding on Twitter, and you're a baseball fan out say now's a good time to do it. Because he's again, it's almost he's just dropping little little Easter eggs is let you know with. I'll let you know. So, but if you are in educated baseball fan, you can sort of figure it out between the lines get your that's not you know, what I mean. That's not my job. And you can you can appreciate this more than I think the listeners even Kannur anybody that might follow me because I'm texting you stuff. And I'm texting J. Hey stuff. I'm texting other guy's stuff before it happens. And then you see it unfold and you're like. Okay. Yeah. That's not my Essy's. Not my job, not my jams. Now what we're to do. So what I'm there? I just enjoyed that. You know, enjoy that information I joined that accident. Actually, just left a comment on my Instagram picture, and they said, what are you going to actually start breaking news? And I said that's like asking a quarterback when he's gonna start catching passes in the end zone. It's just we play the same sport. It's just not my job. That's not. That's not what we're here for your for. Now, we do but GIO Gonzalez lefty going to the Yankees. This was something that just flat out made sense. I was surprised it was a minor league deal because you know, that the Incas are going to need them. You know, you know, that it's going to be they they could lose use a guy like Louis Sessa in the rotation because Sobat the is down Severino's down. I mean, you're going to need a guy like geo like he's not coming in to just wait around in extended spring training report to a minor league camp, you're gonna need to right out the gate, and here's your gonna eat him out of the gate. But here's here. If you I'm sure there haven't looked at their schedule. But sure there's off days involved in there that's going to allow for rotation manipulation early on. They're not afraid. I would assume to deploy a bullpen game in an effort to to kind of stave off until the arrival of GIO. I think that mess with that in spring training either yesterday or the day before fiddle with that the only thing there is and this is what leads me to to the point. I wanna make your is Batanes. This is not going to be ready for opening day. So you don't want to you don't wanna bring those young kids up and have them make, you know, make a start or whatever started to maybe geo isn't ready. And now they've got to go into the bullpen, or you know, who knows what can happen, and you would hate to just start them there instead of out of performance out of necessity, and then kind of create a hiccup so GIO make sense. Not like he's had a ton of success out of the bullpen. He's done it. That's that's the only point. I make it's veteran who I think can sort of slide in and out if that were the case pretty wild. A guy who threw one hundred seventy one basically we average innings is taking a minor league deal like a week and a half before the season starts for centrally. No money. That's why that's why you know. I forget who it was. There are some probably John Hayman. I'm just assuming the dumbest reporter that. There is somebody said see look may Machado and Bryce Harper got their money, the system's fix it. Wasn't. There wasn't anything wrong with it. When you have a guy like geo Gonzales getting a minor league deal for peanuts. I mean, something is still wrong with the system. It's basically the equivalent of that person guy or girl that you know, who. You know, when it's re- like a cold day in the summer unusually cold. There's a water you mean global warming. Right, right. Well, okay. This is just one part of the entire world. And it's just one day say the other two names right now kaikal kimbrel. The fact that I had a great three last night. If you saw the fact that Adam Jones, what breaking bad reference, I said. Craig kimbrel is still waiting on his couch like Huel. That's one of the breaking bad theories. Was that the it was Steve Gomez and a shack Schrader, they're just like, hey, wait on this couch, and we'll be right back. And then they both actually never mind might be a spoiled people that spoiler that won't spoil anything, but he just got left there. Yeah. It's your turn ING deaf more than viable options in my opinion into heap items. And that's just not right, man. Edwin Jackson Christ is still just not even come on. So then if he's still out there. I remember a podcast. You're like, yeah. We can't afford them. Why don't they just throw a minor league deal at like the did with geo because Geos obviously the better pitcher, and he's still taking a deal like that? Because guys guys especially Jack's position with the money. He's made the age the family, you take it to the house over over dealing with the rigors of season. So I understand where these vets are coming from cargo is going to the Indians. Jay, I'll give you the floor in five seconds. My only take on this is what an idiot for leaving chorus field. You look at those home road splits. His opium is like well north of nine hundred thousand cores is opium on the road is like seven something. It's it's gross on the road. I don't know why he would ever leave unless the Rockies just flat out did not want him back. There's zero reason for him to leave Colorado. The sense I got is that it was just kind of over between him and Colorado. Like they have a billion. Guys, who are like sort of outfielders like he is at this point. So I'm just not I think he was a redundancy. And I think last year was kind of like, let's bring him back and see see what's going on whether the magic can be recaptured. And it really was not my take on this is that it's it's a nother sign of what was an incredibly frustrating and depressing off for the Indians. Like, this is just to me him and Hanley Ramirez are just not acceptable answers to let's try and fix one of the on paper least competent outfields in baseball for a team. That's trying to close a seventy year championship, title gap. There was an article in the athlete that was just incredibly depressing by Rosenthal. The other day about the like the Indians may start entertain trading door like as soon as this coming off season. Like if you are already acknowledging that you can't keep Fran or won't keep franscisco indoor three years before he becomes a free agent. Cancel the season. Just cancel the franchise. Like what like, I know. This isn't about cargo but cargo to me is just like another. He's a sexy name or a name that used to matter. But to me, he's just another guy that is only available because of how little money the Indians have to pay him to come. Sure. No. That makes sense. And I'm not going to go down that rabbit hole. I think we can get to that later. I'll just say this about the addition he joins a fairly left-handed outfield in a fairly left-handed bench. Right. I mean. Yes. Bowers Neko, Greg Alan is a switch hitter. But I mean, he. Luke blow is the only is the only right handed hitter in that outfield by wins above replacement. He's been worth point to war over a thousand plate appearances over the last two seasons. So that's not really more about cargo as much as it is about what are the Indians thinking going and getting him. And is it more just about that name and that cheap factor? Yeah. Like, I guess if he's platoon properly like there's a way you could extract a little bit of value out of him. I just I just feel like they were actually like high performing outfielders who are variable for not that expensive of financial layout. And once again, just the bottom of the barrel here, even if cargo was an outstanding player half a decade ago. We'll go ahead. I was gonna say, you know, who's take I want on this next topic. Yes. I know who take you. Remember, our old friend of is from the digital show. Yeah. I would love it. I wouldn't love it. I mean, I I don't remember as Twitter handle. But I could probably find it. And there's there's gotta be. When we released this podcast. It hurts. This hurts man. This hurts ROY the plumbing not great, Michael Fulmer TJ walk L least. I mean, it's it's a year and a half. So I mean like now that it's happening right at a start talking sucks. Yeah. No. It does suck. So yeah, you're talking about potentially missing two full seasons of this. Which is not. That's that's that sucks. That sucks a lot. It's brutal. I mean, you talk about a dude who was just sitting down talking to the guy you could you could since the site -ment just the man he wants to compete so fucking bad so bad he wants to compete and for that to be pushback now or another I mean. Dude. I'm just speechless. I really am. Because I go back to last year. And I'm thinking at some point in time this had to have been on their radar. No. Yeah. Because wasn't he his name came up? Theo tried to there was there was never anything confirmed, but THEO is rumored to be flipping. Or attempting to flip Kyle Schwarzer Schwartz was the name for Fulmer, and then that might have been like two years ago, but the love Schwarzer, and then there was also a rumor about the Yankees kicking the tires on Fulmer. But then that's when sort of injury concerns came up in the dip in velocity and everything. And that's what has to be so frustrating for the Tigers perspective, right? Is that like in this post Cabrera ver- Lander I know Cabrera is still around but the post core of that group title run, they're they're being really good like Fulmer was kind of guy that the fan base could look at as a guy who had already reach. The major league level. And who is like, okay. This is the first sign of what could be our next team. Right. And like to your guys point they resisted. And who knows how real they were what they were offered, but they resisted multiple overtures to trade Fulmer and get additional future assets. And it's unfortunate because Fulmer is basically if you look at his career, he's basically an asset this statistically has been headed in the straight wrong direction. Reasonably since his first year, I looked at it. If you look at your a minus which adjust for like park and all that kind of stuff in twenty sixteen. He was twenty eight percent better than league average in twenty seventeen. He was thirteen percent better than league average. And last year was ten percent worse than league average. So. Hey numbers guy. About last last season. Because fucking ligament was hanging quite clearly that's all part of the picture. I'm not saying he's incapable of pitching what I'm saying. Is isn't it? No, it's not what I'm saying. Is that? She is typically worse basically since he stepped into the big leagues. This is. At once I buck and boats for Christ's sake was an all star. And he's getting worse. No, no. That last season was about as arm not fucking working and him still making twenty five bucks starts. I would say the ability to be healthy and pitch is extremely important for a pitcher. You would know you would know that. That's why you're here with us. You're absolutely right. This is my Buchan hill, but I've made do and I've been able to recognize that this doesn't put an end to him. And it doesn't define him for me. This is kind of like the autopsy here. This is telling you why the season went the way it went this. What will if it's for? Sure, I just I didn't like the way you were coming off. That's all I'm saying his loss has actually gone up year to year since twenty sixteen. But there was a there was a point in time where there was a dip in last year. Yeah. Yeah. But I'm talking average fastball velocity year over year. It has gone up. We met colts are being looked at and things like that are being assessed when there is a dip. That's when people start to think about an acute injury. Like, oh around about this date, this timeframe here. This might have been when the injury occurred. So that's when you get the pictures taken, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But. Line this sucks to the point that perhaps in eloquently laid out earlier. Oh, I think the the problem for the Tigers here is that. Yes. You have an asset that looked really promising in a part of your future for whatever reason he is now a little bit less promising and the real upsetting part is that by the time he's actually healthy and back pitching. The Tigers are essentially going to have to make a decision about their future relationship with him because their team control of him will almost be over anyway. So that's okay. It is absolutely okay. Puts them in a tough spot. That's all in what's already a very tough spot for team without much talent. You just wanted to make sure we understood this guy who went from rookie of the year was an all-star and then had a shit year because his arm was barking and he pitched through needing Tommy John at some time. And that's where we're at today. So a thank you for kind of cleaning that up. Jay, no problem. It was really well. Said the first time, but I wanted to him. Seekie buying tickets can be complicated and confusing, but there's a simpler way to buy with Seekie. Seek is the smartest easiest way to get tickets to every type of live event, whether you're catching your favorite musician on tour shopping for the perfect gift or searching for a last minute deal to see your favorite team. Seek helps you find the best seats at the best prices fully guaranteed. Nothing beats being there in person for the biggest plays of the year, and seek will get you closer to the action for a great value. You know, better, you know, better than anybody jeered. 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I can confirm that happen that when the Red Sox when the clube didn't put the bats out that one day. That. Yeah. A single solitary fucking hit. You remember Jared had already drowned and chicken fingers or stay all of up to your tits barbecue sauce kid. That's honestly, the number one thing I'm looking forward to is the steak kebab and the dibs. You just you just wait, my friend because I'm going to be I'm going to be introducing you to this to this new hamburger this dude actually won the this cooking competition last year. It's a fucking deep fried hamburger in a ball. You're going what? Yeah. Going to blow your mind, corrobos blow your mind. Well, I am certainly not opposed to having my mind blown, and my mind will certainly be blown during the end at least preview when I have to mind something good to say about the Marlins. Let's start with the Braves though. Yeah. Let's do it. I think it's pretty simple for me. Pretty simple short and sweet. What are the software season's gonna look like base? Pretty much Ozzy Kuna. What are they gonna look like, that's that's it? I mean, you can. At JD. You got more cake back. These guys were pivotal. These guys were pivotal kunia and on in Ozzy. So the book is out. What do they look like what does that? What does that look like I'm right there as far as goes, I am right there with you. There are a few people that fascinate me as much as what they're going to bring this season. Because everybody went into asked year being like Ozzy Albee's is hot shit, and then he was hot shit and everybody was like see he's a star. Let's wash our hands of that and move on. And then when nobody was looking or very few people were looking he basically went into the tank in the second half of the year. And I'm not I'm not I love the guy. So I'm not being overly critical. But like, it's just fascinating. Because his on base percentage ended up barely over three hundred three nine or is. He a good player that you want while before he becomes a free agent. Or is he a franchise caliber player we're gonna find out? Okay. So it's interesting for the second half. Because like I said the book is out and how do they adjust? How do these kids adjust to what we clearly saw Ozzy adjustments being made to him right for sure. Fair to say, absolutely. For me, you sort of touch on. It's gonna be Josh Donaldson. I wanna see Josh Donaldson being healthy. The interview is probably going to be next week. Josh donaldson. The starting night interview that we did with him at Braves camp. We talked to him. I don't know if he's talked about it on the podcast, but you mentioned going vegan. So trying new things to with his switching of his diet. Trying to stay healthy. I wanna see on a one year deal something to prove. Hey, don't forget about me. Josh donaldson. What is that guy? Look like, and how does he change that Braves lineup to where you have. We mentioned a kunia we mentioned Albee's FREDDY Freeman we haven't even mentioned yet in the Braves discussion. Yeah, let's throw that fucking name in there. What is that lineup? Look like one through five because Nick Marquette, we that was a guy that was MVP candidate in the first half of the season faded, obviously because of played all one sixty two. So how do we sort of look at this Braise lineup? How does Josh Donaldson? Change. How maybe a guy like FREDDY Freeman is pitched like FREDDY Freeman's game elevate is even possible for his his game to elevate in the more. That's why a kunia is. So important is because think about that sandwich. And that's you know, FREDDY Freeman at no point in time is he being pitched like an aide whole hitter. But my point is if the guy behind you is somebody they feel like they can dispose of your somebody. They feel like they don't need to address. They don't need to put themselves in a bind here. So I'm gonna go fishing biking. Get you to bite outstanding. Maybe you don't hurt me. And you just flare one over to the left side. And I'm good to go 'cause you're standing on first anyway, and I've got the double play in order behind me. Or I've got two outs with no damage, and I've got the young kid who I've got the book out on its early. And he hasn't made these adjustments in the off season or in the cage and spring. So let's fuck. So that's why JD is important, but I felt Acuna was important as well. Because JD your boy, our boy he has links to that lineup as the resident. Pitcher in the on the podcast. I'm gonna go with Sean nukem. Listing looked like a breakout candidate last year three point nine zero overall, which is obviously solid, but it was four point nine one over the final nineteen appearances and six three four over his final nine his big issue as a minor leaguer was free passes the issued four point eight per nine innings in the minor leagues. He's at four point seven per nine innings through two hundred and sixty four innings in the major leagues. I once one of the most fascinating scouting reports. I ever heard was on Sean nukem where they said that they don't know how he's going to improve his base on balls because his mechanics are already so smooth that like he's he's sort of already delivering the ball as officially our affectively as you possibly can. And so like, there's no like mechanic cleanup to kind of get him to deliver more strikes. I'm not a scout. But I always that always stuck with me. But from what looked like a breakout to really kinda crumbling down the stretch. I'm interested to see what they get out of him. It what's going to be kind of his second full season. Now in in major league baseball. That's the Braves next up on the list is the Washington nationals, and I feel like we've had this conversation before where we pretty much across the board. Agreed that if the Washington nationals do not have Bryce Harper in twenty nine nine are they still a team to be reckoned with? I think the answer is. Yes, the answer is still. Yes. Now that we know Bryce Harper is not coming back and one of the big reasons for that. Is once Soto go gives he is he comparable to Bryce Harper. Could he's the typically be better than Bryce Harper in twenty nine hundred. And I think that the answer to that could also be yes, we saw how good he was not relatively small sample. It wasn't a full season. But it was it was enough. To know this kid is a is a special talent. But it's sort of the same points that we made about a Kuna the same points. We made about Albee's the book is out on Soto. How does he sort of make the adjustments to the adjustments? But the. Rot talent that we saw from him to go back and watch his highlight reel from twenty eighteen. You're like this is not a kid that came that came up to the big leagues and had a stroke of luck. This is someone that's going to be a special player in this league for many years to come. So I'm interested to see what he's going to look like poised to drop. Dick, km's, no doubt doesn't hit cheapies. That's for sure. Earns. Can I say one nugget on him before Dallas you say yours get in there? So fan graphs has the zips projections for two thousand nineteen up Mike trout, obviously, the clear number one in terms of weighted on base average. Right. Do you wanna know who they have is number two in all of baseball in wilda make it tasty on soda. Trout one Soto. Harper Jose Ramirez, JD Martinez. Aaron judge Christian yellow Mookie Betts FREDDY Freeman. Number two. He's one of only two players projected have an a woah above four hundred. Which is I mean, whether or not it happens. The fact that the stats are telling us, it might be possible as fucking crazy given where he was at when we were recording this equipment podcast entering twenty team. That was not only tasty that was so tasty. So to it's. A workshop. Yet. You know, what I'm going to take it back to the mound. I do Jay. I'm sorry as our as a resident as a resident pitcher, I appreciate your takes. But I don't mean to steal your thunder. No, not at all. It's about Corbin Sanches. That's what it's about. I think is can these guys take pressure off of max and straws who I think we have all understood income come do, except there's probably going to be a physical delay at some point in time. There's going to be something that needs paid attention to. And when that's the case they have the guys who were like Tannen Rourke hundred eighty plus any type guys to to whether those storm can these guys be those guys can they help the the elite arm of the NFL Baxter's are can mail. I believe they can. I'm excited to see it. Because I mean, Jeremy hillocks is also a guy who what he was hurt last. You got hurt with a wrist wrist, Johnny or something like that something's wrong with his wrist. But he threw the ball well through the ball decent. So I feel like with the addition of Corbin, Sanches, sure. So I'm going to piggyback off that because mine was also on a ball Sanchez. I mean, I just think it's he is inherently fascinating in that. It looked like he was out of almost out of baseball, and then is like eight somewhat desirable free agent commodity this off season like he had to he had to take a deal. Nobody wanted him last year. And now you went through a twenty eighteen season where he posted his highest strikeout rate highest swinging strike rate since twenty thirteen his highest ground ball rate is highest or his best home run rate and is best v since two thousand fourteen and he made it an approach change way. Fewer fastballs because as the league velocity overall wind up anabol- Sanchez's fastball velocity went down. And I'm not saying that's why he made the choice, but it logically it holds up and he drastically reducing reduced his foresee matuzici fastball use and increased his changeup us. So I'm interested to see like whether that's a change that can sustain itself. Like is that an approach it's going to lead to continued success? The stats would suggest that it does. But but I think he's fascinating in a rotation full of high level arms. This one's gonna be interesting. The Philadelphia Phillies not much going on here. Yeah. Not a whole lot to pay attention to you in twenty nineteen with the Phillies. We can move it right along to a team. That is interesting. The marlins. I feel like if if we're talking about the Phillies all three of us could pick something different. We're going to leave something off the table that should be talked about which. Yeah. Your. Let's switch up the order. Jay, go first, Nick Panetta. Okay. So I didn't take the low food. I guess, but we all free probably tried to do the same thing as well. I mean, we've talked plenty about Harper. Everybody knows JT Muto's good, whatever. Nick Pavetti to me. He's the most fascinating guy in the rotation because we know Aaron Nola is a stud, and I think with all due respect it Dallas. I think Jake Arrieta has settled into the number three number four zone of his career. And I think Nick Pavetti is kind of the swing pitcher like he he could be the number two on the staff in my opinion, yet a four seven seventy are a not very impressive last year. But if you look at his fifth it dropped from four eight seven two three eight zero which is not only much better. But obviously huge gap between that and Ziara. He raised his K rate and lowered his walk rate, which is a desirable combo to do. And if you look at his overall strikeout rate it was the thirteenth. Care rate for any qualified starter in baseball last year, yet a better strikeout rate than Aaron Nola and a better strikeout rate than Corey kluber to give you some perspective. So there there's like he's an unfinished product, but the pieces are there for him to develop into, you know, maybe like a lot of people clamor for them to sign. Dow kaikal he could be kind of like the number two number three that Kyko would have provided and he's already in house. I'm fascinated to see what his looks like. I know that when we when we came up on the Phillies, if you're Phillies fan you like all right talk to me about some of these new guys that are coming in talk about a guy that was there last year. Skains? Oh, yeah. The secto stinger going to talk about race Hoskins because I think that we still haven't seen how good this guy can be. I think now like if you sort of look at the middle of that order you got Bryce Harper hitting third. You have Hoskins hitting fourth JT hitting fifth behind him. That is a meaty middle of the orders. So he's got protection behind them. He's got Harper in front of him. What do you thirty forty doubles last year? Thirty five homers around there. Have we seen the best of Reese Hoskins? No, we have not. And does having guys like Bryce Harper in JT real Mutoko Eiffel tower in him in the middle of the Phillies. Batting order does that make him does that put him in a better position to have that breakout? Sees I mean, it's like you can talk about breakout season is his major league debut was a breakout. I mean, he was hitting home runs at a historic pace. So now, if we changed the entire dynamic of this Phillies lineup are we in a prime position to see a monster season from Reese Hoskins think the answer that question is. Yes, I like the answer to that question. Love it kids. A fucking stud start I have to go a little different route here, you guys have touched on some some just absolute some, no doubt. There's these guys are going to be great. I believe this individual paired with some other individuals that were added to the stale near in the in the bullpen. I'm talking about sir rant than eight Dominquez. That's what I'm talking about. Jay. Do that. That guy was so good for my fantasy teams last year. He's just he's disgusting. These disgusting. David robertson. We know what he can do Sarangani Dominquez is gonna is gonna be a big part of what David Robertson can this bull pin? Specifically is going to be a big part of what the Philadelphia Phillies can do for reasons that Jay mentioned because you've got Nick Pavetti sort of circling the lagging on rotation slots in terms of bumping up ahead of an area. Who as you said Jay is settling into that back in mid back in rotation. Sort of presence been Alaska's we're gonna see how he bounces back or not bounce back. But fuck the do got smoked in the arm by the by the liner. So. This rotation has got some as has definitely got some fire to it. I think that when it doesn't that Bo pit is going to be called on is going to be relied upon guys like Morgan Ray Rama's, but Sarangani Dominquez trying to think if I wrote anything down on him. Yeah. Eleven and a half k per nine sub one whip nine three one whip last year over three to one k to walk. If dating seventy four punches he keeps the ball on the art as well in the crackerjack that is. That is what is that citizens Bank? Or whatever the hell it's called. What's a Phillies? Join called says this Bank citizens Bank park beautiful park. It is never been homers four homers. So that's a guy that I that I pay attention to he's filthy, and he's a pivotal. He's in a pivotal role in that Bokan. Okay. That's. That's the Phillies still left a lot on the table there. No mention of Andrew mccutchen probably gonna be the lead off hitter over there. The Mets the Mets Dallas. Why don't you start? Oh, meet the Mets step. Okay. What's going on at first base with the New York Mets the kid who's have a hell of a spring Pete Alonzo? But they got dominant Brown has well, excuse me. Dumb at Smith Smith. Sorry. Take a look at these numbers here. Dominic Smith over three hundred thirty two plate appearances at the big league level is slash line is to ten to fifty nine four zero six with a sixty five o PS fourteen homers. Ninety six punch outs. Eighteen walks last year and three Pete Alonzo slashed to eighty five three ninety five five seventy nine for collective opium of nine seventy five. Between two and three eight thirty six home runs. I just end they're both young. They're both young guys. So I'm just interested. This isn't a I think one guy's better than the other necessarily. I guess I'm just interested because the Mets I'm tired of talking about the puck and Mets pitching staff. Zach wheelers had agreed spring. He's throwing the ball. Well, he had a great year last year. Like, I love to see what this. What this this situation on volts or how the situation unfolds? Michael conforto. Love it. Michael Conforto last year. I want to say when we did the previews for last year. I want to say I talked about Conforto. Maybe taking a next step. And then obviously, there's the injury circumstances. We didn't even know if he was going to be able to come back pretty serious stuff injury wise with Conforto, but we are two years removed from Conforto playing in one hundred nine games four hundred forty plate appearances a nine thirty nine Opie s in all star selection in two thousand seventeen obviously last year went the way that it went. I think we can sort of pinpoint injury. As a main reason, why would love love love to see a bounce back season from Conforto because he is that good. And if he's one hundred percent healthy. There's no reason to believe why we can't see another north of nine hundred season from confer. Although he should be. Now, the David Wright has has written off into the sunset. No reason. Why kid for can't be the new face of that Mets franchise? I agree, man. I think he's the best. I think him being the best offensive player on that team is they're formula for success. And to your point about the nature of last season. Two fifteen three thirty nine three sixty slash line through July eleventh to seventy two three sixty five thirty seven over his final three hundred eight plate appearances. So I think there's a lot of reason for MS and there he was my pick to hell. Yeah. That couple starting nine guys just lining the Marlins. The fuck in Marlins are we are we is let me just before I can pick something. But before we sort of getting to that is is there anyone here on this panel. Who is even mildly enthused about something that's going to be going on in Miami this year don't fake it. Be honest. Yes, I am. If Curtis Granderson can stick around or is sticking around. I wanna see the impact that he has on Lewis Brinson given literally going to be leading off this year who Curtis Granderson. I would imagine he would be leading off for the Marlins why? Because Lewis Brinson is is I mean, look, the dudes athlete, and I think I think that is at least a storyline to pay attention to if you're a Marlins fan because you're going to get a taste of Granderson as a player, you're going to get a taste and sure whatever on the backside of his career, but the human being that is Grandy is a treat, and it's an honor to be around. So how can he help shape? Lewis Brinson as a player that's about it. That's what I mean. For me for me. I'll follow that up naturally because my guy was Lewis Brinson one ninety nine to forty three thirty eight in four hundred and six plate appearances list that last few that came with a really crisp one hundred twenty two seventeen strikeout-to-walk ratio. This is a guy with an eight forty eight oh PS over twenty four hundred plate appearances in the minor leagues. And we I think we can all intellectually understand why the Stanton trade happened for the Marlins to get rid of all that money. But the reason the yellow the reason the yelich trade happened was because they wanted to infuse their team nominally with young assets that were controllable they need Lewis Brinson to pan out to justify the Christian yelich trade, especially now that he's coming off and MVP, and obviously there's a lot of physical tools with Brinson and a strong defensive center fielder. So you don't even need him to break out offense to a huge degree. But they need to take a significant step from what he did last year. He's just gotta be better than this. There's only one player in baseball. All who had a lower waited runs created plus. Tuck. Was fifty six. Chris davis. That was Chris Davis. So. That's that goes for me. I'm gonna I'm curious to see what team Starling Castro straighted into. There's going to be a team that at some point needs a middle. Infielder, Starling Castro is probably your guy. So I'm I'm really looking forward to seeing what team wants Starling Castro to save him from the grips of the Miami Marlins. Who does the stop say sterling Castro ins backup in Anaheim angels uniform? That would be super exciting. Hey, Dallas filming right now. Why don't you the grounds crew would love to know what the good folks over at lumber Lindor doing for baseball fans out there? Some pretty unique gifts that we've received. Actually, it's displayed right in front of my not to brag seventy five inch TV. That's on my wall. Lumber land is changing the game right now. Yeah. These these dudes are dialed in Garib abyss diet the fucking. I've got multiple cubs from these dudes one let's be real I purchased some on my own before he ever even met these forever, even knew them. But they are they're doing magical stuff with baseball memorabilia bat specifically, obviously, they turn your favorite bat into a beverage holder book and Cup keeps it nice and frothy. There also doing great shift these signature series. They got one for our boy Longo players signature series. They're putting their faces on the mugs, mugs on mugs. Folks. Lumber land that's l u m b R L E in D, lumber go get these fucking mugs in your mug. Outstanding. Interview with Evan longoria. Of course is brought to you by lumber Lind. The here you go. Evan longoria of the San Francisco Giants, we'll see. Longoria all of these different. Cisco giants. Let's let's let's start there. But what is it like now having played for the Tampa Bay rays, and we all know, what what you know, what it might be like raise. What's it like to play for the fan base that shows? I would say what is my second interview session. Whatever you wanna call it with the borstal crew. And you guys are off to a better star. Because Portnoy called it the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. He doesn't over. Yeah. But did you score was if you didn't do a decimal point if you don't like a seven that's risk? Oh, no. I get with this. I pretty sure give six point nine. Like, I I rated it really high. What she was just wearing. Me for that. It was pretty pizza, and he actually gave it I think pretty good review too. But yeah, I think I gave it anyways. Yeah. We're so word you guys are off to better start. It's it's great, man. Like Tito, San Francisco's obviously completely completely different than than Tampa in pretty much every aspect big city big faster pace outdoor ball. Or like anything? You can name is just different buffet Headley Hagley at beta bay, but it was fun. Last year was tough. You know that year was cut in half basically with a broken hand. Just at that point. It was like I felt like I was getting my feet underneath me. And then I you know offered a month and a half. But this year like I will say I thought I was going to be comfortable coming into spring last year off move live here, you know, those going to be easy, and it was a lot. So for the next decade. So this year's like a lot like nobody wants to talk to me. Now, like, I'm cool. I really don't have media care. You know, it's like not that. They don't care. They don't wanna talk to you every day. They don't ask me how you know. It was touch the dirt as a giant first time, whatever. So it's big. What was that? Like because there's a lot of history. I grew up grew up in California grove Stockton grew giants fan. So I appreciate the history of the game the ballpark and all that should candlestick to AT and T Pat Bill out its four core own whatever the hell you, but you see some of those greats walking around because you yourself when we look at the Tampa raised him the reason we look at that roster. The history, you are verbally entrenched in the history and the start of of that organization. Transition hop about this bail over here on the west side. And now you've got folks like Willie Mack that guys like we'll just the list. Barry list goes on and on. What was that like kind of jumping into that kind of? It's it's cool. It's it's it's really cool. I mean, you know guts like you said varies at the park quite a bit of Willie Mack was around a lot last year and Willie Mae. As they're pretty much on a daily basis to and so you got guys like that will Clark said coming and going, and it's completely different vitamin, you know, I'm definitely proud of everything that I did in in Tampa. But you know, you're talking about twenty, you know, twenty two year, whatever, you know, twenty. Twenty two year history. And I was there for almost half of you know, to go to place where you know, got one of the original teams that you know, it's been around for a hundred years. And so it's it's definitely there's a different field the clubhouse. There's different Bora. Like, it's you know, stuff that friend shake did you shake not a Sabang Garner's hand BUSTER, Posey's hand were they like still sort of that back a little I feel like unless you like it. I don't know. Let's use like a lady to you. Baby doesn't give you that day. He's not that way. He's not that way at all. But he like yell site will kind of has push this big stored just farm like looking at fuck chopped retreat. And he probably will like if you you know, you don't wanna cross that guys out on that. But no, he he's, you know, he's a he curates that image. Really? Well, sure. And it's you know, I think it's a it's a part. Him like it's his what he does. And it's really what works for him. So he's going to be around man super competitive. Like, these guys, you know, they've had a ton of success. They've really done something that, you know, the last thing to do was really probably the, you know, the nineties Janke ninety thousand Yankees, and and, you know, their dominance that that they've shown is he's a huge part of Basra's huge part of it like those cool coming in, you know, being with those guys for the first year. Did you know that Madison Bumgarner girlfriend made mess Bumgarner? I heard that is real pretty sure real probably not going to be the one to ask. Know, I'm not bringing that up. Yeah. Care, though. So you're talking about the history, you know, talking about the giants in the raise and say say the giants or the World Series this year, and they would have guys like Willie McCovey a back door to first pitch vary bonds come back to throw the first before World Series two thousand eight when they're going to the wealth for all time race games today as it. You say you're an all time. Great ray. You mean like two other nineteen like they went to the World Series during the two when you were in the world. You're not gonna take real balls, which we. I can't even like we have. Getting it's too. Obviously feels like it was. We'll talk in rocky. No, he's on the team. But yeah, it was like. I mean that time period of mind. So like it went so fast and rig years. Like, I do anything like tend to forget a lot of it because you're like pretty focused like internal, you know, it's it's tough to like get like extra linked to really like so everything in when you're just trying to like get yourself in the place where you compete every day, and as a rookie man, you're just trying to grind your off till I get, you know, just a plate well that it's it's really tough to like so Paul in. So every time I see Videotime time. Well, we can totally understand you wanting to bottle up those memories in bottle up those feelings which huddle leads me to this point here. Folks, a lumber and cope I've been nice enough to provide our man longoria with a signature series lovling bug. I showed you earlier they put your focus mode. If you're on a Moke is own buck. Remember that books. If you're looking to get this taken care of yourselves. They are completely sealed on the inside and out making them. 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Get your seizure today. So I saw you there. You're admiring your signature when did you start going from like learning cursive to this is going to autograph someday? When did you know that that was an early early early straight Warren? I think the first time I actually signed a baseball or like signed anything was probably played in a cave league. When I was. Julia chattel as it was awesome. We'll probably one of the best summer I've ever had Beijing via the first time while somebody really like wants smiled aggressor. I what better serving what it looks like I would back now like that's a holder signature. That's it's not that old. But this I mean, this is probably you know, three or four years old every year finally presented signature of by the crafts. It's pro. I mean, yeah line is Salat just was terrible. But I mean, you know, there's gotta sign so many balls than like after why just got tired of looking at like a really shitty autograph. Yeah. And I was like, oh, maybe I should just sit down and just practice writing it out what I wanted to look like, so so I gotta ask you this. Because there's some people think about. Stop and sign autographs do guys don't I picking up twenty cents pride in your pavement ship people put this on a mantle maybe next to a crib of of some sorts. They're gonna want to look nice. You've taken note of that. So is there anything to like, you know, what you pick and choose when you guys can sign on schedule type, you guys are aid that should do. But there's also a sense of pride behind this. You're not just going to slap some shit up for fifty people in a row and booby. Yeah. I mean, I the main the main thing for me with the autograph is I wanted people to be able to read in joy like as as a kid like I probably had a couple of autographs degree autographs back. I don't even remember who that new was a. Because if you don't read a number on, it, you don't really know, you know, so I at least wanted to eat in the L and some of you know, few other letters to be semi legible. So they all year long. Got to be a long you want to take a trip down memory lane right now. Yeah. I don't know what you're heavy sign about this for me. I love. Hasn't shown me. What's the pop up? So. Yeah, I. We don't have any space literally nights of my life gave one sixty two and twenty seven. I was in Baltimore. You're in Tampa. We're gonna pull up the video, and we're gonna we're gonna relive this together. Because just wasn't a tiled long night. Yes. It was. All right. All right. I'll let you control here. I think the scenario was the Red Sox one of the rage wonder you one. Yes. Yeah. He'll share grants. Shared wrestling to expand turns around seventy seven. And this game is thinking about this game. Is it didn't meet gate. No they were already in. And so that's the that's the off. Thing that might think helped us big us guys out really didn't really go to their horses like late in the game. I mean, they still he still played it pretty straight. Like, it wasn't like just cable. They weren't send. She'll kid. I'm sure that they should get. What to? Jay hardy dropping tick. Shaven meeting. Kimball up news rerun take thirty the scores. Three in the eighth Longo step. So and drops dick who side free. Ron Johnson brings with in one. Yes. Story. There is a story after. But. Victory. I won't say the guy the guy was, but we had a guy like basically fully cats in the locker like he's ready to go home like in the sixth inning. You know? And he was like saying bide every black. You know? Thank you like what a great year. You know? It's been been also our trainers eight man, you gotta get your arm exercise like we're gonna win this game. And it's like come on. You know, we're down we're down. We're down five. Yeah. Yeah. Obviously ending. But yeah. Three ships six point. Six thinking if that point we got this where within straightness interest that we mean, we have a lot of. We had a lot going for us. Right. I mean, and there were some people that had left the stadium of by and large. I mean, it felt like a good majority of the people are still there. So when we started like client back, including back it just yeah. Felt like there was a lot of momentum. At this point, just like. Have those went into pitch rotors? Yeah. But putting defense your owner three. Jerod bottle hundred nine. A year last game of the year three to Red Sox to two strikes, and and there's a double in the gap. Now, we get a tiger. And that was like, I don't even know what I'm still fucking. He had nothing to gain from the no Buck Showalter is the heaviest miniature that history of. Indeed proffered you have to catch that a lazy ass Wally pumped grove home ballgame over so now, so so they're celebrating like they just won the World Series. They will probably like sixty seven games out of first place at that point. We turn. Your point is this is like a historic night in the Red Sox. That's the last appearance of the last time. Tim Wakefield Jason Varitek all those guys. They're Red Sox career. You ended the Red Sox? Chris. It's pretty good grew today. Tito's last last. Decorate your deck with that happens. You guys don't building the CEO's. Last night is Red Sox you here. You're touching. Blood out of that. Buddy. He'll just have your second the game. You hit a crucial crucial ball to bring did one earlier in the eighth inning two. And now here you are here in pulled a hand, stay in soy. I didn't think I don't know that I had hit that gave me. I don't remember what I did. But I I was like hopefully to that overture three coming into that that second last AB eighth been over three point. And you know, you're not like to this. We're getting smashed. I haven't got it here. Right. You know, like it's all about the at this point. And so you're gonna do something big. Or are you thinking your head like guy really out one-shot your call? I was like, I'm I'm like, I don't wanna be the guy get out like just get hit over like, I'm ready to just get broken leader. And same thing. Do you remember basis? Like what I've watched them. Like, I try to think back like, hey, what was like? What was like? Thank you. I was I felt like I was running so fast to get home via it was. I mean, if sick sick party after to too. Two was actually your that. I met my wife. So she was in town for that. What she was future wife we been kinda dating for like most of the year. So she was in town better out a bunch of girlfriends. It was a pretty good night. It's called with on. She saw the show. Done done. I mean, when you think back on your career to this point was that the number one moment for you. I mean, probably personally like selfishly. I mean. Yeah, it was it was. Obviously a huge moment for me played in the World Series is the I mean do the game seven at home against the Red Sox in two thousand eight was sick, right. Try got I got hit up LeicesteR that game to tie the game or go ahead late use pitching, Jim. I think it was one to one or you know, whatever it was. But like that was like emotionally looked tougher than two thousand eleven because we we were up and then we've lost that game five at Boston that we were up four or five row news, seventy nothing seven. Yeah. We just. Yeah. So that was like we're getting ready to go the World Series now. Now, we just lost the game. We like, you know, I'm thinking back to like when the Red Sox came back from three nothing, you know, won the World Series. I'm like damn this is not the police. You wanted to do not want to do that in Fenway park. Because everybody's just going berserk. And like the next day. You know, we played another game there. I think and we went back for game seven lost the next game. What do you think thinking early? We can win this game. But like all the momentum is on their side. So that twin nineteen was crazy play the World Series. I think the memories for like his probably over all of this. What we're not quite to the offramp yet off of memory lane about one exit away. I'm gonna go grab a piece of paper. And I just wanna say shit ever. I just wanna say the next file. No, I forgot I'm not terribly proud. This is five. Brought to how this is gonna unfold here. I just there's some things I've got a ton of respect for us player. Man. I having been compete against you things that I always I will remember, luckily, we have the internet remembers things that might might not always have a piece of paper because we've been talking about big hits that you've gotten throughout your air this inches literally every day. But you know, what I'm gonna let it do it. Because I mean, how many how many has been? I don't know that you know, what we're talking about. So we're number was your tell us. That's what's he got a personal calendar. So she's souls just something we found it was will lame guy. Who's at a local? That's not even the same guy. Right. Local store here that flat. Even you your name gonna be able to tell your kids. That's you. That's looking out. There was a time in the game of Longo here. And it's mother's day. Kind enough to actually put the score card on the back of this. And I want you to take notice longoria hitting plead up out of the at the time the most powerful offense of gauntlet in baseball at the time that you're so it's the fifth inning Longo. If you can't I'm not a Senate, Kate. Plus, it's a punching go down swinging swinging. Get you. Here is you'll snack. The numbers you remember numbers of yourself. Okay. All right. I did. And. If you know how many set once you have. Not a lot. I do want to get one of that. Healing. Wanna get you? What you have what sack hit for one sec bunt before they do. You know, how many? Facing? More than sack loans, but you're actually talk you have tied one. Which leads me back to that in the fifth inning. Because I get asked obviously wouldn't all tried to bust. Ever the game was close. Yes. Absolutely. We teaching you go back to the game was 'cause I do 'cause I've been asked about this. Honestly, that's the only reason I find it even brought this up is because for nothing. So you nothing threat you square to bunt that I remember laughing because I'm thinking what the phone really right out. Like, why don't you want? You target. I was having a decent. But uh. So they asked me like when do you realize when do you whatever? And I'm like what nothing and you can attest. This nothing was any different that day than anytime. I'd base your prime. But I was on the sun with brighter, see nature cheered told up connected with earth until you for. Good that they've really perfect. But for the good swing on a ball the whole game. I would have been I wouldn't be furious. And here's why not because of the bunt and unwritten rule and all that. No, not not at all. Like, I guy who believes competitive wise, the best time to step on a neck is win his down like going. That's the easiest that's the best way to put you on your misery here to fucking help you alone. So, but you swear peaking this. I did too. Here. We are what would have happened like in your head. If you get the down because I know I would've thought I would've been I would've been okay, it's fucking fitting. There was a fifth. Never thought it just you know, I never thought of plead game up into that. I never seen the ninth inning of get to that point. So no fucking idea what to expect. But let's say you get that bugged down. Just eating change as far as yes. Yes. Like do yet. I mean, I mean you've had hit somebody s yet your career whatever. I mean there is like especially close game. Like, there is a significant change in mind said with offense when you get your first thing, you know, what I mean like there's so what we're star had hit. I hit. I that. So you don't think it? All right. Well, we're down three right here. Like, I'm leading off. Like, nobody's putting swing ball. Like, I'm trying to get on, you know, lead off and get something going. But I'm just like I think if we haven't got a hidden six innings, and it's a close game. And somebody finally gets a hit like you're like, all right? Well, we can we can go. Now, you know. But when you go up there Nobis gotta hit in in Nobis putting swing all. You're you're a lot more tense chirp. You know? I just wanted to make sure I got a question for you. But Dallas for ask question. But you your most sick sick sick? What number was somebody? There's been twenty twenty three hundred pretty good during the perfect was their point during the perfect gamer after the perfect game. Where you or anyone else publishers like, I can't believe that fucking that asshole. Because he wasn't actually good. Back. Well. Or actually I actually fake. At the. I can't remember I we got perfect game by Mark Burleigh to gay and I don't even a third one. But it was a no hitter. I think at the time I at the time of the career what I don't remember what you're his wasn't what you know. Here's I think his was the year before like. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I know because we already been perfect by him. So I was like oh early probably. Shoot. Consider. Yeah. I mean, no like, I mean just had a great day this fucking face and be like this asshole through perfect game against us. But the strong Goater play. Rescuer the arm to their believed it four Bill. That's very. I I just wanted to I wanted to take you back down that that little if it was if it was like a one time thing for me out have been pissed, but I'm like already like perfect gave here is not a big deal. I got to be like a trivia question later. I mean, I've been a part of three I've gotten perfect three times was he looks Felix. Oh shit douse rating and more early and no hit twice as they don't part of one no hitter cigars at through. No hitter through the no we got no hit by Edwin Jackson hundred forty and we got hit by somebody else to. I got a Basit break-up Brennan Moro's, no hitter. It two strikes to outs nights. Rondo. Yes. That was. Was she got hit won't play by somebody else to. I mean, like, what's it gonna sation like in fucking it? Is it just the mentality of the losses a loss? Yeah. Yeah. I mean, again, it's embarrassing. It's embarrassing as an offense. But then again, I mean. It only happens every so often, and like what a lot of things have to happen, right? Like the day that we got perfect game by future end is he was unbelievable flake. She was just like his stuff was just better than you know, like Dallas game. Like, he he pitched, you know, like he was he was here here. He executed all of his symphony more early. You know, like I felt like on that day. He was really good on Felix's day. He was just special, you know, like he could have gone out there and thrown all of his pitches around the plate and still nobody would have hit the oh his stuff was. So elect glad you said that because there is a massive difference. And I don't like it all I don't like to talk about this shit because I know my place, and I know that when you face it. I'm glad you said that because a guy like Felix, I believe that kind of stuff is reserved for it even Burley the precision, talking surgical type execution tonight. Who's you know, maybe has an idea these are fucking search. It's felix. That's just a that's just. So I got a question for you that I I've been curious for why Britain invited to a couple of times. But the contract that you signed with Tampa one of the most team friendly deals of all time the first one yet. Yes. Yeah. Do you look back at that? Because obviously what you're doing. I want the security. Do you back at that? And say if I just roll the dice guy could've done dull that. You don't. I don't I mean, again, I son the second contract, and I got paid when I thought it was worth you that point. So I can't really can't really life. If if I never signed that same contract, maybe have a different answer put at the same time. You know, anything can happen, man. Like, that's what that's what I was looking at was if like into the end of this contract in everything goes, right? I'm gonna get another one. You know, if I get to the end of this contract and nothing goes, right? Then I'm going to be forty five million dollars richer, and I'll have nine years in the big leagues. You know what I mean? So there was a win win in that, you know, twenty two year old brain of mine that's time basically never played a day in the big leagues. And and I kept telling myself you're after year, like if I perform I will get another contract at some point. I was just trying to like outplay my contract every year, then so fucking refreshing to hear and I'm glad that you're able to say that because I hate the. Idea. And I hate the notion I balk at daily when I hear, oh, you're not what are your free to bet on yourself or you're not worried about the other guys who are coming behind you trying to solidify secure their bag as well. It's like look man you ever send the perspective one of securing the bag for the family, and my family's future to like, you know, retail right now, this is the first time we really sat on chop it up like this. But you're dude who look you pay me. And now, I can go to work. Yeah. Not pay me in Alec rest on my laurels. You pay me now like build and create the Evan longoria. Who's gonna get breaded chicken titties next? Yes. So I didn't I was like the the. You know, and some guys some guys need that motivation. Right. Like guys wanna play year. Let some guys want to. I mean, everybody wants a term deal. Let's not, you know, get away from that fact, brought some guys you don't want to have that two or three years of arbitration to get two free agency because they want that to drive them to get there. And they wanna see what they can get for me. It wasn't going to change the way. I played the game. It wasn't gonna change my perspective. But I I'm always been like, I'm a little more risky now. But as as a young guy like never had money anything, you know. So I was like offer me like polish one taking right? Oh, so. And I just figured out down the line. If I play will be good who's your favorite team? Probably air Kinski. I heard include but for cliff. Uncle podcasts here. Oh, yeah. They was big Brown. I. Can brown. Do you will? So here we had cliff Lloyd on podcast before we asked him. Give us like Ricky Henderson story. Why don't you give us a clue? Again that year man might rookie year. Like, I was like probably doing way too much partying and like. Enjoying. That's the big league. To remember half the. A lot of it was with cliff man, I hung out with seriously. Like, those guys taught me, you know, they they taught me how to respect the game. They taught me how to like respect the clubhouse guys and everybody around. And and and they were really really good veteran leaders, and they embrace my friends too. I remember like, you know, I don't remember the whole story. But I would even if I did I wouldn't tell you the whole story. I I remember, you know, I had a couple of buddies in town, and we had a Dagan the next day in cliff knew wasn't playing we were out pretty late. And I point buddies like wanted to stay out, you know, and and they stayed with cliff cliff like took care of them to show them, you know, took him out whatever like let him stay at his house. And like that was for me like all right this school. You know, like he's on there. Like, he's gonna take care of my voice. And and it was awesome. And that's the kind of player, and I know this, and you go this, and I'll say it because maybe you don't need to say, that's the kind of guy. That's getting ran the fuck out of the game. Yeah. Yeah. And that is the impact that dude has in the clubhouse the officers don't even want to be Kim to try to quantify it. They don't even want to begin to try to understand what that dude could do for a young guy. Little wet behind the ears guy named Evan longoria. His rookie year kid out. Look young guys at that point the type like they need so much to our to our date. They've been so much to our game. And they're just being passed over and sent out to pasture tied up in the back. Just don't wanna see I hate soi one. It's tough. When guys can still play the game at high love real like there because there's a lot of guys that are still like, you know, in their in their window to be able to play big bubble. Enter also really teammates that could benefit a team. But but at the same time when guys like, you know, Indra free minutes is really good at this. There's there's a lot of you know, there there's a few GM's at really good at like understanding the value those guys that maybe they don't want. You know, you know, it's thirty five thirty six thirty seven thirty eight year old guy that like understands he's done playing or like, you know, just whatever for whatever reason he's not the gaming board. But they're really good f-. Reading those guys into the staff and. Not like if you're not gonna pay guys to play on the team because you don't feel that they're, you know, they're they're just past their prime their old run over like the numbers still say that that they can play anymore at least half those guys around, you know, because if you go to fall light. Just analytics side being. And again, I'm not you know, you can sail he won about it. I'm not here to bash it because I think some of the information is good for sure I think some of it also doesn't, you know, skew in the in the in the right direction as far as clubhouse chemistry and stuff like that. So yeah, just having those guys around on staff is is really beneficial as well. I'm at trust and a huge. I am numbers. I pay attention to inst- because I have the stuff all of you, whatever just think that you know, what today might not Saks gonna take care of this. Who would not do that? So I was looking for every ended up top of the way the game is changing play a little game. Fuck Mary kill with the actually. We've got the universal D H. Three better biddable. And the pitch clock. Gotta fuck Mary killed. Logically. I would I would probably like to. Makes sense. I would probably like to fuck. The universal is for year June. Psyches? That's like you married university million universal eight Trevor this really if you okay, we'll then I would marry the university because I think I think it's a good thing. You know, I think that you know, it's one of the keys to attracting a younger generation. Maybe it's not the whole peace. But I think it will. You know, it's like you only hear the traditionalist chime on that. But then the younger generation, they don't care to chime on it because they don't they're not as focused on the rules of the game yet, you know. But so I think it would be a good thing. You know what I mean? Like, you got there's a lot of people are like hat's. How would you want that? We love the way the game. I get it. But you also want see billion years and homers and like all that. So that would be that some little you would Bank like you can do it. Yeah. I just heard the the three better minimum would be the the fuck, I guess because I. I think that it would be super beneficial for hitters, and so that's why skew that we're, but and you know, I mean, if you if you're left handed reliever, and you've got you know, to let these a righty, but the left is is are the right? He is the guy that you're worried about and you gotta bring those left lefties in that guy like as a right hander. I'm standing between those guys like I'm looking towards that option to that guy. So that's that's that's why. And I think it, you know, so that's what you all by hand. Yeah. I mean, they're everybody would find a way to get around. And then what was what was the other one vendor killing the kitchen? Yeah. Yeah, killing I mean, listen everybody when you go to a game, you know lately. Like, I don't go to a hockey game or basketball game, whatever. And then I'm like looking at my watch mannequin, you know, this game's over two hours. Like, I I need to get out of here. You know, like I go to a game to watch a game. Like, however long it is and. And like and like also nobody's like holding you in your seat. Right. Like you come to the game. You say as long as you want. Then you lied juice shit. Yeah. I mean, so I just don't in part of my argument on that is a lot of the gate. A lot of the reason that the game has gotten longer it's because of television. You know, that's a simple fact like have ads we have you know there. There's breaks specifically for that. Have you been at the dish? Where the entire is telling the ready yet hold on looking at his watch, whatever. So. But yeah, I mean the the pitch clock. I think again. We would have you know, if we had to you guys find a way to to what it vice would twenty nineteen. Evan longoria, gifted two thousand eight. Time. You know, I enjoyed my time as a rookie. But yeah, I always like, it's, you know, it's it's hard like to to talk to young guys now. And like, of course, I'm gonna tell them party every night, you know, like that's ever do that. But I mean, I so much fun. My rookie year that life. You don't want to get you get one of those man like not even just from like a party perspective from like a passing baseball. No, no. I mean, I always like, I'm a big like routine guy, you know. So like, that's what his key and those guys like Erick really helped me with with my routine. And so, you know, it guide like I always feel guys like latch onto somebody man. Like, if you whoever it is that you like what you know, you like followed in, you know, when you're in the minor leagues coming up, whoever it is that you want to be like or you see yourself turning into or whatever like latch onto that guy. See what he does. You know, if that guy's me like, hey, I'm here to help you, you know, like, all do whatever whatever I need to do to help you get to where you want to be so. Yeah. Just just and and, you know, don't talk too much. Just listen, I did a lot of listening and a lot of watching and. Yeah. And that's that's. Now this the final season for Bruce Bochy. What's it like to have gotten to play for both? Joe madden. Bruce Bochy to the best managers in the game. It's it's it's a lot different trust your styles. Van pretty pretty drastic difference is invoked Boches will get only played for one year so far. So it's it's not like I say easy bowl or like, he's chains or whatever. But in this is not a knock on on any of the other two managers. I play for both. You bet. He is really really good game. Play really good in game. I I try to sit there sometimes in like fake along with the situation and like. Before like if I'm in the field. You know, what I'm like, oh, we should have like this guy ready, or like, you know, look who's coming up like guys are already the guy's house. Thinking are already getting read, you know, like the guys that like should potentially be pitching in certain situations. Like, they're already like down there with their home at like ready to go, you know. So he's he's, you know, just master when it comes to like that that sort of thing Joe, Joe is amazing alike. Rallying the dudes like players manager. We're stays out of the way Joe tries to like incorporate the group that's as much as he can't even clubhouse. So. You know, there's no one answered who's who's better just to? Yeah. Yeah. Take me through the James shields. Cocoa. Chris crawl your beverage. You don't even remember what it was about. I think there's like a hard science. I conveys someone got hit. And then it was just. Yeah. That's like the old school baseball hat. I don't think that any. I saw CoCo charging way. Honestly, I think like we just thought like side note. Coco is a multiple time boxer yet gold glove. That's why just like Edward ended up thirteenth, bro. I just on that situations. Like, all right. We'll it, you know, sometimes it's like understood like he's getting hit whatever like new. So nobody was like all right? Like as soon as nobody was ready to go to the mountain like sometimes when you know like it's gonna happen. Like, you are already like creeping in just like looks like he's ready to go with so like under control that like, you know, he kind of took that like sidestep, and then he liked to off and nobody even saw coming. He said, I'm not trying to tap. I had to sell yet selling sold the two is the in a situation like that. When when it's an eye for an eye in no disrespect to kogo. I love cocoa. But you usually get the best guy. Go wasn't the best guy. So for him. It was I hear the game or something or like sitter the second inning or that. Yeah. For him to to make that decision right then and there already had to make. I think something might have happened where like he likes spike, someone that he wanted heart at second base. It was it was it was him. It was related to think. So. Yeah, I think it was I think he'd already been hit before. Discuss. Yeah. Probably. Oh, he met him for well just on on the field. Really not like never talk to. We'll be spending time with this one question that we asked everyone of our guest is if you could jump in hot tub time machine and take yourself back to any boat in baseball history and fair witness. What would it be it? Why feel like we gotta listen like five or six games that you probably don't wanna go to wait, you of my career any any like, you go back to like, you know, you or sitting next to Abner when he's like, hey, we think about this baseball. Man. I feel like one of the most. What most like? Maybe I could start seeing awfully punishable Neil. Just that I think would be cool. But. Over here saying it's insane. Bush. Angels of interior group. Easier for us to get angel stadium for where I grew up. So. I mean, probably like. Like, I feel like I'm gonna get one answer. That's. You got to thrill belter. No. I mean, I was loved to see like the play. I think that you know, any any game. The for part took it would be would be amazing. I think like probably win Hank. Aaron broke the home run record. You'll bring for shirt, Babe Ruth home run record. Any people run on the field. Like that throws legs close lighting taught house or you can catch the ball. Yeah. That would be that'd be pretty pretty cool seat. Four. I mean shoot. When freaking coward junior broke the player you go. There you go. You know hired. I feel like those are the was twenty to fifty six or something that was two six three two. Stafford she went three one to drop the banner. So I feel like there's like like small group of games that like. Why don't think will ever see again? Like, I don't think we'll ever see that happen again. Like, I don't think we'll ever see shy play that game though. I don't think we'll ever see. I mean. And again, you know, you got some guys maybe on pace, but the pay like the game is so different now that I don't ever I think that anybody will ever break Pete Rose his record. No, you know. So that game when he wrote that record. I think trans forever. I don't I don't think. Yeah. The fifty six gaming nobody's break. You he faced gown. So so I don't know if you know this I believe, hey, believe Jody faced. Sixty seven pitchers during that fifty six minutes during phase three hundred something just ridiculous. It was double digit pitchers that he faced as opposed to what you got. Another fun. Fact now told me Ted Williams his batting average was higher over that span of dates Jody's was over fifty six give any say. Throw that out there say twenty. Did you take anyone actually hit that red seat filler? Ever stood up. Like, I try to I try to justify that with people like I've been out there. And then I'm like, well, maybe if they only had like seats right here in right here, and they just literally had a wind tunnel light hit it. Right. Rightly see it. It went it. Somehow like got catapulted out. It's six hundred people it is it is literally six hundred feet away. It's a shot. All right. Evan longoria. Thank you so much coming on best of luck to you this season, and we should defecate you ought against. Yeah. For sure Jake. You have with them. Big thanks to Evan longoria. Being part of the spikes up tour taking a trip down memory lane game one sixty two that was gonna stink for a long time. I have fought up. Sure. You did. I'm sure you did. But that game one sixty two trip down memory lane with Emma longoria that is on the starting nine YouTube page. So I think we have like a screen in screen type deal where you can see what we're looking at as we're looking at it. So definitely check that out. A search starting nine on YouTube that video will be there. The entire interview will be there as well. As every other interview that we've released thus far, but Dallas this is gonna be a five thirty up for me tomorrow. So it's kinda understandable of I'm gonna wake up tired. But normally I don't wanna wake up tired. I'm tired of waking up tired. You. Should you should be tired? Awaking tired. I got some got some for that. Do you? I do what my natural CBD. Oh, hell, yeah. Yeah. You tired of waking up tired tired of being in? I know your body aches stirred, my body body is weary every shelter. Bow river works all goddamn day long. So my natural CD has clearly been the answer the remedy shits legal in all fifty states folks him based CD is the new wonder supplement being used by everybody across the globe office warriors. Cubicle. Monkeys warriors of all types. Just treat stressing Zayed's pain, insomnia or for ins at my natural CBD dot com or offering a discount. 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I can either confirm nor deny that shed. You throw. I can't confirm a missile that I believe is still going. I haven't found he actually did the AL central preview. We'll start off with the defending champs who have zero chance of being knocked off in twenty nineteen the Cleveland Indians J it would be a damn shame. If we didn't start with you. You know, what I'd prefer that? You didn't actually okay come back to me. I will start with myself then. Not dallas. You know what? I'm gonna I'm gonna self-serve here a little bit. I'm interested to see what Hanley Ramirez still hasn't a tank. I am I am. I am I found it so odd that he was released in what may did not sign with another team. According to him now is his preference. And if you're Hanley Ramirez, it's like, yeah. Dude. You're still paying me what twenty million dollars twenty two million dollars? I'm just gonna take the rest of the year off just a little bit -cation. That's very Hanley. All right. I buy that. I kind of figured that. That was it. That was a swan song he's done. He doesn't wanna come back and play baseball. But he did he signed a minor league deal with the Cleveland Indians in one would imagine that he's he's gonna get some ABC's as a D H for the Cleveland Indians who could use some thump, but he's not he's not being dependent upon like, he's the guy. I mean, they still have you know, they have Lind door. They've got kipness. They've got Joe ram like they don't need him to be a middle of the order type bat, he's probably gonna hit like sixth or seventh. And I I wanna know what. Because when Hanley Ramirez has something to prove they're still they're still something in there. Like, there was definitely. So that the Red Sox didn't want that option to vest, which is a probably a main contribute to why they released him in the first place you go back and look at Hanley Ramirez April last season. He was the offense of catalyst of that team. He had a great April. He had a couple bad weeks. And then it gets released that was just the Red Sox. Like, this is our chance to release him because we don't want that option of us. I still think Hanley has some. Left in the tank interested to see what a motivated league, minimum whatever the fuck is making with Cleveland type Hanley looks like I still think that he's got something left. And I and I hope that he proves that. It's a I'm not shocked at that. But it's definitely a respectable. Take deputy respectable thing thing too key on on time out. Oh, we've got a Ken Rosenthal. Tweet. Brewers are talking to free agent closer critic pill. Yeah. Go back resume. The rotation. And it's not about what they're going to do. Because I think we all have come to expect what we've gotten out of that rotation. But because the lineup looks the way it does do we are we prepared because look the Lynn door caffeine. He's a guy who hits from both sides of the plate. So it's not like he can just favor one side of the other and work through this. So things being what they are feet to a baseball player. That's something that, you know. Hey, I open taking care of an out of the way now. So it's not something that lingers. Yup. Yup. That young outfield. I alluded to earlier in the podcast. That's something. That's something. I pay attention to like, you know, what's what's what's shortstop look like without outland door for the long haul. That's a major question is it not Jay. Yes. For the long haul. It's a massive question. I'm not so concerned about it for the the interim of than I just think they've got enough of a gap to kind of provide a little bit of cushion. But I think so in some ways, I agree and I disagree. But to your point like you look at the lineup and we've never seen the Indians closer to a stars and scrubs approach, right? Like there might be years in the past where missing door for three weeks or a month would have been almost not even worth talking about. And now, I think it's never been more of a potential issue because this lineup is incredibly reliant upon Linda or and Ramirez and like okay Carlos Santana is fine. Leonis Martinez fine. But like it falls off so incredibly quickly like if anything happens to endure Ramirez, you are much more vulnerable than you were in pre. Here's -absolutely, and you're also to Jared's point not relying upon but legitimately factoring in some sort of serviceable performance from a guy who was marinate on the beach for the entire Puckett season LeicesteR ship. I mean, I don't wanna say it tongue in cheek because somebody will take me serious. But I mean, the guy's name was starting to surface in like drug cartel shit. Right grubbers. Yeah. It was basically like some dude got pulled over that had drugs in his car and then face timed Hanley to get out of it with the cough, like Haley didn't even know. Like what the fuck? No idea. What's going on my buddy? What did that too? When you do that to me. I told you to get lost. I don't even Mike club Inder. I think we I think we know that the first three guys are aces or number twos. Or however, you want to describe them cleven was the breakout pitcher for the Indians last year. I think even more I mean Bauer was too. But like, I didn't really see Clemens you're coming in the same way. He's improved as Yara and fifth in every season that he's been a major league baseball. The big change for him has been harnessing lowering the walks. He went from twelve percent walk rate to eight percent last year while maintaining that elite strikeout rate. So I'm really interested to see like two hundred innings two hundred strikeouts. Those guys are really rare these days than Mike cleven jer. Did that last not you're not sure how many people really appreciate that? He did that. But to me, he's he's kinda gotta watch. Plus, he's got the long hair and the funky windup. Love club thing is pretty clear that the relationship that he and Bauer have insight some very friendly very healthy competition that they are both benefiting from. So that's a that's a big deal. The Minnesota Twins. I like, yeah. I mean, like there's there's some the twins are it's your sting. The twins are interesting. I feel like they're not a team. Like you have your powerhouses in the American League. There's the Astros Yankees Red Sox. We get all that. But if you look at the Minnesota Twins. I'm intrigued by some of the names that they've added, and I feel like I I'll let you guys go first, and I'll pick up what you don't because they're like I'm looking at scope on looking at Marin Gonzales, I'm looking at Nelson Cruz, like whatever you guys wanna hit on hit on it. And I'll pick up the scraps. We'll I'm looking at guys two of them who I think these guys need to take that next step. Byron Buxton is one of them. Next Keppler us the other. Those guys have got to do it. And I am big fans of both those dudes big pens. I mean Byron talking about a book, and platinum glove, folks, platinum level defender in Byron Buxton, you put that together. You can appreciate Jared. Good. Not -scuse me that would that would be disrespectful. You can appreciate eat elite level defense in centerfield specifically with a bat that at times has left a little more to be desired. I think the same can at least be said for Byron Buxton. So I got a just something something from him. And maybe the addition of guys like Marlin of guys like scope of guys like Nelly help these kids out. I'm excited for Byron Buxton to make this season preview every year until two thousand twenty five. My guy was also max Kepler. Actually, I'm away. I'm optimistic about a breakout for him. Actually, if you look at a lot of the underlying factors about his exit velocity his ball trajectory, all that's his keta walk rate. All of that suggests he should have had a much better season than he did in terms of keta walk rate growth, he may be fourth largest improvement in all of baseball last year, his exit velocity elite elite stuff like Anthony, Rizzo type bad exit velocity. I think max Kepler is a guy will we're going to look back midway through this year or at the end of next year and be like, whoa. That contract extension. He signed is a real bargain for the twins. I'm picking two guys. Sorry about it. Nelson Cruz not what he does in the field. What he does off of it. So I was kind of poking around at twins camp. This is Dallas had a fly home for for baby number two. And we kind of had some time Nelson Cruz, by the way that interview will be airing at some point was really interesting to talk to him about you know, when you talk to a guy that leads the majors in home runs over X amount of years. You wanna talk to that guy about what he does on the field what he doesn't box, but I was more interested because he's in the latter stage of his career, you know, you get signed to come over to this. Minnesota Twins team. I'm sure they're asking you to do specific things to help out the guys around you. I mean, obviously, there takes a lot of preparation both physically and mentally to come into a season in mash forty homers when you're thirty eight years old, but what can you do for some of these younger guys? And without naming names. This was not from Nelson Cruz. This from one of the other guys it was kicking around. It was like, you know, Nellie comes in here, and immediately it's like one of the guy's missus workout in Nellie was all over them. Like that stuff matters. When you have these players that you believe in and maybe they're not putting in one hundred percent effort, preparing for one hundred sixty two games. You have a guy come in like Nelson Cruz, Ben around the block, and he sees one guy skipped his workout one day, and he's all over that asked and their brand new teammates have have to have guys like that. So I love to hear stuff like that about Nellie already having impact in spring training. But the guy that I'm looking at Jose barrios. This was when I think I think one of the questions that I asked Nelson Cruz was like who's got like some of the nastiest shit that you've seen in this league. And he started listening lifting off some guys. And I was like, yeah. One of the guys is is in that clubhouse right there and. Yeah. I think he's another dude that untapped potential. We've yet to see his best season. And when he puts it all together, you go back and look at the highlight reels when he's on virtually unhittable. But it's a matter of putting it all together. Is this the year that he does it? I don't know. I hope it is. Because when he's going he's one of the most fun pitchers in this league to watch. The White Sox Saux the White Sox question, Mark. I'll do the honors. Okay. Guys asked. Sure. Carlos rodin. Okay, named the opening day starter, which is. Not necessarily inspiring. But it's been a tough off season for the White Sox. Carlos Rodion developing into the pitcher that they thought they were getting when they took him in the first round is going to be a big step towards maybe this White Sox. This listen, you could you could name the entire White Sox. Young core as being the the thing to watch for this team. Because to me there are very few seasons that are pivotal for the trajectory of an organization is twenty nineteen is to the White Sox ofensive Lii and pitching. But Rodion is the guy that I'm choosing his ERA in his fifth have gone in the wrong direction every single year. He's been in the big leagues. That's the bad part yet a twenty four strike out right around twenty four twenty five percent between sixteen and seventeen at dropped to under eighteen percent last year on the positive side the entire month of July and the entire month of August through nine starts. He had a one eight four eight. So it looked like things were coming together. And then they kind of. Integrated. Again, I'm interested to see whether Carlos Rodion power lefty is ever going to be a thing. That's that's real in the major leagues. I'm keeping on the bump. We told you could say you mother fucker, you know, saying, yeah, we do guy. He is your guy. Jill ludo. Full Gilio you in that quaffed ass hair. Not looking good kid. Hey, let's not walk the fucking world this year. Because if if that doesn't happen is kid is bucking disgusting. Disgusting get it, and he has he has the ability to be a unicorn I used to call them horses two hundred type guys because they don't exist anymore. They're unicorns. He can be a Unicor punch outs. He can do these things. All right. I just want to see it all come together. And I think Jay he's one of the individuals that you can throw on that list or guys that you wanna see step up or guys that you wanna see have a good year. I he's been identified as a pillar of the rebuilt doubt. No doubt. And I mean, I I think there's more to be had in the tank as well in terms of swing and miss because with his stuff, I think he could garner or swing and miss. Needs to cut back on the walks. Go. It's going to happen. He led leads to. Yes. And look, and I'm gonna say this. He led the league in walks in if I'm not mistaken. He led the league in earned runs as well. But that's not a good combo bad. It's not good. Not a good look. And he he he admitted that it's not what are you gonna do fucking tonight. But he acknowledged it addressed it. And there's a correlation with putting men on base ninety of them and then crossing home plate one hundred eighteen of them. So it's not you know, I mean that can get better. I'd like to think that that's going to get better. I wanted to get better. So Lucas, my friend just make it make it a little better. Let's keep getting better. And I think he will. Yeah. I think he will two hundred percent agree with that this. I don't know if it will be the year. But it should be the year that they tell you on Moncada. To stop hitting right handed, sir. I know that you you technically can. But you really can't you can't you're left handed hitter. And that's okay. That's okay. You on. That's okay. You got to cut down on the strikeouts. You gotta ditch hitting right handed. And I think we got something here. I mean, there's there's a reason why when he was signed as an international free agent that immediately jumped up to being the number one number two prospect in baseball. I don't think it's because you see the power that he has you see how smoothie is out there. Although he can be it depends on where he is defensively at third base and absolute butcher. Stick them at second base. He's he's eating be smooth defender. You have to have someone I take the ego out of it. Because obviously when you're what sixteen years old, and you're getting sixty million dollars or whether fuck you got his an international free agent. There's going to be an ego there. This is not someone that had to, you know, make it through high school get drafted or play college and get drafted and then slugged their way through the minors. He didn't have to do that. He was just handed a fortune. Your great sixteen years old. You're the best. Here's all this money. Great. But if you're the White Sox and you want to see him flourish. You have to sit them down and be like, listen. Hitting right handed his not for you. If you want to succeed at this level, not just get by. Because getting by is not is not what yawn Moncada's full potential is. If you want you thrive at the major league level gotta get rid of hitting right handed. You're now left handed hitter. Let's see what happens. And I bet you you see some success big time. The Detroit Tigers. Don't sit on these Tigers who's gonna take millions anyone taking Mickey taking Mickey. Okay. I would like you to go. I just five homers until five hundred and a hundred sixty two million remaining on the deal. Like, it's I want to see him continue to do. Well, I want 'cause to me like it's really hard, and I take interest and just about everything in baseball. It's really hard to find a lot of bright spots on this roster for two thousand nineteen and I I- resurgent Miguel. Cabrera would go a long way towards making this bearable. I think. I'm. Keeping it on the bump again, and it's not Fulmer. It's our friend Daniel Orse. Okay. And it's actually because of what has happened to Fulmer. It's not like a rotation. Spot is opened up, but a rotation spot is opened up, and I think for a guy who's kind of found himself in the bullpen found himself in the rotation swingman. This is an opportunity to to really entrenched himself or really solidify himself as a starter in this rotation. Whether they're in that rebuil-, whatever Bubalo, blah, hey, you wanna be a big league starter the opportunity has presented itself. If it wasn't already clearly there before what are you gonna do with it? And I think I think it's something that he could very, well, you know, because we talked to him, you know, health looking good legs or feeling good. And if his if his his groins are feeling good, no reason to believe he can't be a slap and tickling not spotting rotation. Sticking with starting nine alumni Nick cast the anos last year career year played in a hundred fifty seven games for the second consecutive season. Forty six doubles. Twenty-three homers and eight fifty four P S guess what a fucking contract year walk year. The Tigers are probably gonna end up flipping him. Actually, they definitely are gonna end up flipping him. I don't see an extension. I think they were. I think he said there's no talks of an extension this past printing. This is a guy that's gonna end up finding himself a nice home with a playoff contender. He's gonna actually get to play in front of fans that are not nothing against Tigers fans, but he's going to play in a playoff environment. Hopefully, and I'm I'm kind of intrigued to see if he can surpass what he did last year. I mean, have almost hitting fifty fucking doubles pretty impressive, especially for a corner a guy like that. So Nick Cassiano gotta watch. The royale with cheese damn you. Jay. Really? Thinking about that the entire time. Well, that's a good example of your lingo seeping into the way the rest of us talk fucking. Just sort of a bitch those good, thanks, really good. At a baritone onto c o. Cable Seta I two hundred nine plate appearances across parts of two seasons. Four ninety seven PS which sounds fake last year over seventy five games an eight oh, four with thirty two stolen bases in seventy five cams. And if you just look at September, it was an eighty six oh p s with fourteen steals in twenty six games. I have no idea whether this is sustainable, but I do know that that profile is absolutely fascinating. You just don't see guys get on base as infrequently as he does and still end up with that sheer number of stolen bases, or that's stolen base rate. So he could be very bad. And this could be kind of like, you know, maybe he's not anything or he could be one of the most exciting players in baseball. Because base running and base stealing is exciting. Even if it's not efficient all the time. And he could also be one of the most important fantasy players in baseball. Year two which is a secondary point. He's a guy. Honestly that a lot of people are saying he could win you your league. If you get get him in the right spot because he could steal seventy bases. And he is an exciting player to watch Jay in what I hope will turn out to be an exciting brand of baseball temps salons 'cause our man no tugging Dayton Moore. Put together. A speed type game. Right. That's what he wants to the ballpark guys. Let me talk about too little story about a guy named Whitmer field that is to our plus Knox forty plus bags to that guy is that's who Whitmer 'field is. All right. So we got guys that can touch the ball crops hit behind some guys put this game in motion, t- gore, pure, depth guy. Breaking here's what are we going? What are we got our? Who is it? From Mark Berman. Sources. The Astros have reached an agreement on a six year one hundred million dollar contract with all star third baseman, Alex bregman that inclu- season the deal covers this year in the three years that he'd be eligible for arbitration. Plus the first two years that Alex comb a free agent. Wow. Check it. Break. Oh. I just poke myself in the chin right now. That is. And then we got Rosenthal source confirms Astros in agreement with Alex bregman on a six year one hundred million dollar contract book. Awesome boys were lucky. I'm record the podcast, right? Probably would have dropped that on the world. Oh, yeah. Good for Alex. Fuck. Yeah. L rates pregnant looks great for pregnant. Yeah. I love to see all the young stars are being identified. Yes. They are not that. We didn't know who they were. But these are it's weird. We're starting to see free agency sort of take a back seat to how these bitter deals are getting done. How the? Teams are teams with money are finally saying, hey, these guys aren't taking hometown discounts anymore. Like, you're the days of the hometown discount are behind us. Because once you start throwing around Mike trout money where you're making close to half a Bill. Now, these guys that are going to be in the same conversation, not at the same conversations Mike show, but premier players in this league seeing what top guys are getting paid the Nolan are not of the world or they. Hey, I'd love to stay here. But you gotta pay me like I'm gonna get paid on the open market. And if you're going to be a team that is interested in retaining said players, just pay them, just pay them. What they're what they would be worth on the open market and more than likely. They're gonna wanna stay. We keep seeing. Fucking love it love to see it love to. Oh. Makes makes my heart flutter bregman. My ven MO is I think it's just Jared corrobos. I don't think there's a dash in there. I think it's just I think it's just my name whatever the start, whatever percentage. The starting nine bump gets you. Don't forget it forget about let's be honest that Houston front office. They took to heart. The numbers that are are are Nassau scientists are NASA. Scientists ran for us on that video. They were like to be real. It's probably thirty six feet away perceive. A loss was probably somewhere in the neighborhood of one thirty five north of that we need to get these hands. These is locked down like yesterday. Final thoughts when they saw the video. That's those are my final thoughts. Have you seen that video j I hadn't seen it seen it billion fucking house? Yeah. Somebody had sent it to me every it's on my time line every time. I open up Twitter some hell. Yeah. Let's spirit how next hey, AL east and L west next week. Oh, I see. New one side of the country. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I want I walked through that one big guy. Yusen producers. Just just sent pregnant of. Kind hearted message. Good. It's my it's my MO. I hope he sends you ninety seven cents for that. Chat on just I I've never seen a bigger just openly urinate in public like you did all over that with -able. We don't have to talk about it. And that's the end of the show. Thanks for listening. Thanks longoria for coming on. And congratulations. Alex pragman? Baseball's back first pitch tonight.

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