Aversion to Broccoli May Have Genetic Roots


This is scientific Americans sixty seconds science. I'm Christopher Dodd Yata. If you have heart disease your doctor might tell you eat more vegetables. Also a tactic that has limited success getting people to change their diets his actually pretty hard. So these are lessons I would give over and over again and I would think won't Myers is so hard to do Jennifer L.. Smith is a nurse researcher at the University of Kentucky who now has a preliminary answer about why changes so hard it might might depend on your genes specifically whether or not you're genetically predisposed to perceive bitterness and therefore bitter veggies her Broccoli is definitely one of them They tend to be cruciferous vegetables like Broccoli Cauliflower Cabbage Brussels sprouts asparagus. If you ever took that test in science class where you put a piece of paper on your tongue to see if it tastes bitter you might already know your bidder status. What Smith did is take saliva samples from one hundred seventy five adults known to be at risk of cardiovascular vascular disease? She then did genetic test to determine whether they had a copy of a bitter taste gene variant. She also had them fill in a questionnaire about their eating habits after after controlling for factors like age gender income and so on Smith found that people with a copy of the bitter sensitive gene variant. Were just forty percent is likely to report eating. A lot of Veggies Edgy has where folks without the gene variant. She's presenting the results this week at the American Heart Association scientific sessions in Philadelphia. If these findings hold up to two more testing Smith says perhaps doctors could advise patients with this gene variant to avoid the most offensively bitter veggies but to try the others or perhaps certain herbs and spices aces might counteract the bitterness. She says of course chefs already figured this out with cheesy Broccoli but for heart patients. The better flavour might not be a favor. Thanks for listening for scientific American sixty seconds science. I'm Christopher Indonesia.

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