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The Permian Basin is an abundant oil and gas producing area. Already one of the world's leading oil producing regions the area in West Texas and southeastern New Mexico could nearly double crude oil production by the year twenty, twenty three. But who are the leaders behind this economic powerhouse and what is their story? This is Permian perspective I'm your host Krista s skinny. Sponsored by Baker, Hughes who recently launched a new and reimagined Baker Hughes Brand as an energy technology company, they strive to make energy safer cleaner in more efficient for people on the planet. Allow everyone. Welcome to this week's episode per perspective. So nice to be spending time with you as always and I just WanNa thank you for listening and your car and your office during your workout. You, are I'm actually sitting in my office in Midland Texas today joining us via Zen caster is the executive sales manager John Hammond. He is the executive sales manager for drilling services at Tally Energy Services John Thanks for joining us today summer of beer. We'll thank you so much. We're going to get her interview in just a second before we do smog WanNa. Thank everyone who has been cheering our podcast with friends and family and colleagues. We've received such nice emails from listeners all over the world and of course, right? Here in the Permian Basin and I really appreciate each and every one of you and especially those who stop by give that five star review on Itunes we love seeing those but most importantly, I'm just grateful that you appreciate the information and that you're listening and learning each week just like I am. So thank you for doing that or John Hammon is joining us today. Have you been doing? Oh, it's been great. You know really join the new styles and fashions with with face masks. These days is that it's been fun. It's definitely different times different times. Yes Unusual area yes, and the thing is we're all going through this together. We're all here for each other and I and I think that's what I love about the podcast is is that we're getting to hear how how people are transitioning during this time. So I wait to hear your story with tally energy services, but I tell us how did you get into the oil and gas business autopacific question I studied engineering in college I served my career with slumber J. I guess really the primary reason why I gotta go visit it's offered the opportunity to travel. The world a little bit. So I started my career slow Jane worked in. About four years was great experienced, tremendous opportunity the exposure to Scotland. In particular within when you're in your, you realize how much times just on a personal level was recalled travel well, transitions Brazil were an offer projects offer Zil, Internet, for about three years. Came back to the US at into consulting in software development efforts in entrepreneurial neural projects that GonNa found me your new talent organization. That's just it's. A lot of fun you meet all very interesting from all of the world is probably the most international business that I can think of I was finding the also people are are always salt of the earth in. There is a great great career choice for me out for sure despite all the channels revisit this year resilience is run industry for people and I always find that our experiences really helped. You know give us that different perspective in you have really received that by going International Brooke has that been like because you're now? In Houston and of course, doing business here in the Permian. Sure things are a little bit different than maybe being in Scotland. But that experience I'm sure has helped today tell us a little bit about how that has shaped you to be where you are in your career. Well, the word used his perspective I think it's a tremendous opportunity to get to meet lots of different people travel replaces, but also see that while food navy different than the you know the terrain, the geography be different. There's really so much more similar battles that. It makes you feel understand we're all really kind of this the other goals, similar attentions whether you're in the freezing cold haughtily, rain of Scotland, the hot dusty windstorm of a There's sort of unifying things you see across everyone you meet in Economic Asia an interesting perspective keep things if you'll be Zindler outsing absolutely. So then you switched, you said into more into a consulting and entrepreneurial position and that Brady to tally talk a little bit about what tally is doing and how it's making willing gas businesses thrive for also debris question up to talk about what we do. Tally Energy is integrated oilfield. Services Company. So we have we offer technology services across the drilling space, which is where I were completion space as well as production. So it's a tally is busy was created on the acquisition of eleven companies of last few years. So really fantastic technology France. For example, drilling the drill services business where our all time we are off our flagship is premier directional drilling which. Stabbed rain drilled several thousand wells the base over the last few years, and is a great flagship business force withdrew inside the Talian how I came joint. Allen. Was Me along with the are this offer company called Dynasty? The does you three D. operations really real operations or GIO. Syrian well-placed wins during opposition and so kind of Italian idea. Would be to repair established successful brand businesses with cool technology hopefully when you combine the two together. What, what's expression? The whole is greater than the sum of the parts around of what we know what we're trying to do it in a lot of what's the hotel are tallied focuses we want to help our make that wells and so let's providing. The operators with the right speed the right size, the right priced technology purpose in the premiums. For example, the kind of market the we want to service the customers that we try to tailor our offerings round and it's a it's been a great learning strange to me. I was listening to your other podcast, the guy named comments of. The smartest guy in the room? You're in the wrong room. That's that's never problem for me. I'm never in the wrong room. So it's been reopened learn a lot about you know the drilling business in general and just how he's done in the Bermuda in it's really kind of awe-inspiring you. In with scale out things of progress in changing proved in the times in the speed was operations happens much faster efficient or visiting got is really quite staggering. I love that analogy John, I'm never in the wrong room either some. Technology because technology has changed so much sure since you when you first got into oil and gas with slumber J. Tim now, how has technology really helped? Inch aged benefited your customers now with tally and with with drilling with everything how I mean how how do you see it benefiting customers? Well, this is an interesting question. It's an interesting thing about perspective you know what was working for slumber J. was. There was a hundred thousand employees. It was enormous being of the company and it still is of it was extremely large then in. At a huge amount of RND development budgets in the way that they went after markets what I think as technology advances my personal theory is technological advances really kind of help democratize opportunities for people who are willing to put an effort putting the work and so. We can with our company if we don't necessarily have the billion dollar are but we have burst mark B we developed in improving enhance erade onto the work trying to drive that performances in in be competitive in operate it much more for a much lower cost of acquisition costs of exposure to really cruel technologies, and so we don't want to over engineer things, but we always wanted to prove things in iterating and we have to call the virtuous. Circle of continuous improvement where you're you said a plan, you communicate that plan you act on the plane, and then you've got review the your performance against it and always trying to make those small incremental improvements whether it's technology or processor training development people. Those are extremely important things to, and so I feel like it's just we made couldn't done this. You know twenty years ago but through the development of of new down hole technology within DVD motor-manufacturing polymers and the. Rubber, in the are the most of us all things Kinda come together to allow us to deliver performances really really breathtaking given the circumstance giving up. Some what have. Learned working here in West Texas and drilling that you know maybe maybe surprised you coming into this market, is there anything that is made different for some of it may hasn't been here to the Permian well, I'll tell you that I I remember it as clear as yesterday. The first time I would midland was about eight years ago and I flew in from Houston and I got off the airplane was in my car driving from the airport hotel when there was three drilling rigs lit up. On the side of the highway thought is the cruelest thing I've ever seen because normally in my in my previous field experience was universal for long journey where the GONNA helicoptering off offshore to a rib but just didn't have the the immediate exposure to to the actual drilling operations. I. Was that just the for me is a fantastic thing. was on the Great Place Right? I. Know It is kind of shocking when literally there is a regular backyard. So it is it is so cool and I think. Doing here in West Texas, it may be similar to other places in the world, but there's something special about West Texans, and then that is the people for sure and just the willingness for everyone to help each other out what kind of help would you or or advice would you give someone that may be is about to start a business here in West Texas? Maybe just moved here. What advice would you give to them? I would tell you you're absolutely writing the people were sexist fantastic folks. There's a willingness to help. There's a friendliness in a in a warmth. I can't think of time where I've had a uncomfortable conversation with a stranger in West Texas they're just really friendly people and there is a certain amount of length of heritage in there's like a cultural history of these families and businesses and entrepreneurs. Bits and I think you get the reputation. Sufficient happiness is a very entrepreneurial place. There's lots of people see a problem see an opportunity they wanna you'll start company in in address. And grow as a result of this. It's just. A lot of parallels between American, entrepreneurism frontier mentality still mathis itself in in West Texas because it can be a challenging place. It's hardy. It's the hardest place to live in candy. It's. Like now challenging market sued Near respected about XS and I think that there's also the. Field is we have not yet succumbed with the demand for credential ISM and you know you have to have a fancy degree in a fancy pedigree is if you have brains if you have. To work hard willing to. These up in the dirty go efforts. There are a ton of opportunities still exist in oil field athlete particularly in Texas absolutely what have you found to be the most challenging thing about what we've been going through as an industry in oil and gas during this? For me, it's just the level of uncertainty. That the difficulty the plan on what do we expect the future to to look like what's the demand effect of the COVID? From the fact that we're. Home, it would not fly on airplanes were not. Not, using energy in the same way that he had asked not interacting with people is doing about in the past and there's a lot of uncertainty as to how long it's GonNa go on what what what does the new normal look like? We make plans out of reach, make investments in physician ourselves to be. Strong and healthy going forward I think. Sometimes we get told that shouldn't wear masks in should wear masks, and then there's always difference with mixed messages that. Feed into an underlying level of uncertainty about the future I think is, is probably the thing that it's ours everybody. Say That you can suffer anything if you know exactly when it's going to end. The indeterminate nature things what makes it a lot art up to to work through? That is so true that really is right now we just don't know when it's going to end. We're all hoping soon we just don't know. Is there one thing like one tool that you've used during this time or whether it's a business tool or or otherwise that is really kind of helped you with your team members to keep you wall on-track because if You or anything anybody anything like me I should say, sometimes it's easy for your mind start to wander during the day, and then you have to get back on track the InFocus because there is so much uncertainty. So is any one tool that has help oriented Funny but it's shameless plug for Microsoft I. Think we we been expanding our users Microsoft teams over. And have found it to be like our. A good way because we've got on mining got people that were people in West Texas with. That south Texas Houston, so we're of spread around and so it's a great tool for us to. Keep negated share files, share information, and work collaboratively, and then we have weekly meetings as group at long meetings regular basis as well. Just you know keeping communication in, it's funny big the difference between a phone call and I originally grown to appreciate since I also all the Webcam but there is something nice about seeing some woods face when you speak to them. Is never going to be the same as in person meeting, but there is something nice about being That kind of helps approximate you know. We're used to. I think that's been a really good thing for us on reduced to kind of keep your body Luke gets Kinda chat ribs and things that can go on a new your own smashing I couldn't agree more. There is definitely something to you know to see someone in and to see their expansion, and that's why usually I do my podcast in person but today we're having to via's. Time it it still nice apple take a phone call or ABC. Cam Or facetime over a an email or text any day just because it's so nice to hear someone's voice right and. To, feel that connection. So I love that I. Think it's a great plug for Microsoft's. Based on that to save your check writing were were. Customers. Won't take a chapter from what we will. CHECK THE ENDORSE I used to say that you know a face to face meeting is worth ten phone calls in a phone. Call is worth tennis. You know in the sort of like the efficiency negation how much you can get packed into what's communicated between people. We travel we get on our planes. We travel long distances sometimes for. Know an hour or two faced facing are actually because it actually is a more efficient way to communicate general, and so I think using webcams things occur situations is the best approximation for something like that. I could not agree more. What is the one thing that you want our listeners to know about tally and what your goals are for the future during you know not just during these answer times but you know what is your goal in general for your customers at tally energy services what it's in our timeline we are we we save all time. We we sit. We think about it all the time we begged into whether one out for us make their wells I think. Today's in the uncertain future market I think that's where we're GONNA BE IN Sounds kind of trivial, but it's so much baked into that that mentality, which is you know how do we? Work more efficiently. Had We. Extract willing to ask more efficiently. OUTTA weeds you know. Given the certainly this front of us the more efficient yet the better we can make the work that we do count. The better will be insulated and protected from from the variability in the uncertain future things. So from a kind of. Technical operational standpoint you know we believe in. What we do helps our customers mega wells on. Ways of you do that as we believe in, you know cross-disciplinary team. So correcting downloads, communication styles of exists organizations whether it's between the you know a very famous and long-standing traditional and gases these competition between the drillers and geologists men how? Friendly. This vinas sometimes it's the more important than who knows what they're doing more or who complains about the other hand more strongly. And then awful. Lot of stealing the drilling guys were completion guys you know all those kind of. Friendly, but maybe not always certainly a opportunities for gravitation technologies and services that bridge those gaps so that and we will observe whenever we do that. Well, it really does unlock lot value in really helps our customers away. So those things kind of get us the most sinus able to really do those kind of crosses Larry multi technology configurations that yields Lou insight or help reduce the cost or in glimmered ways those kinds of things that are we that's what gives us jazz up. Excited really kind of central to the the tally energy. Business thesis analogous specifically where group that I work with on a day-to-day basis the guys premier directional among best ritual ruling service companies, Americans Day. I think it's I. Think. Two? Thousand cloudy or forty nine wells been operating there since twenty twelve in an advocate of experience. A lot of really good customers that we appreciate a Latin and enjoy work from that we learned from and that we. The appreciate our. Suggestions for proves authorizations and things, and and also the thing that the that I would say is that we care about our community to give them our people were big supporters of the oilfield I disagree organization been a a big become foster those guys for a long time we Ganda goes their signal and helps or your their their fundraising efforts. Visits is really really good program and effort It can suit it fits with our corporate Italian of YOU WANNA be want to be helpful and supportive of the. Community in general absolutely. Okay. It's time to get personal. This is the Barbara. Tell us John what is your favorite Boker podcast that you're listening to my favorite book? Well as funny. So my favorite book of All Times is the alchemist the by pollock William it's just. Right now it's a great book. I make my kids read it. You know give gifts a lot. You know something silly. It's. It's a great book for me in the less the I don't want to spoil it for you if you're not too far into but there's a great lesson about the boy who goes to is fan world and vice about. How to pay attention to the spoon, but also the oil in this boom also don't miss all the wonders Rogers. Is One of those you know outer. Zen Be mindful of the details, but also keeping perspective on the bigger picture and the beauty that the s offer. That kind of resonates with me a lot a reluctance story, and also just the the notion that she wants of the net enough. If you will work hard enough for it, you know the whole universities fires help you get it. I really liked unit and that's a it's a kind of A. Cool Way to think about the world into thinking about your efforts in focus your mind on your was care about was trying to try to achieve. Yes. I love that I'm so excited to finish it I'm about halfway through my my son who is an avid reader he's in in college be a a junior this year in college there in Houston actually rice and. Said I said what book one book do I need to read this summer and he told me the alchemist and so I'm Lebanon it's a great book. So thanks for suggesting that and not spoil the ending for. was. The other one that I read recently, which is great more. Business in sales marketing is. Similar name interesting enough. It's called alchemy in. The Garden of choose relook at upside. The also the the proper credits, but essentially, it's a book written by. Sort of human behavioral scientists. WHO's also advertising executive at the big firm in the UK and he tells his. Business examples of how will we think we will we say that we want customers and where we actually want very often her are completely different and they're like, well, we we actually want in our minds that we use our logic intellect try to justify it. But like the reason why we actually choose something over nothing really not based on logic very often at all, it's it's really. Cumulus something else in our in our human software which the in one of the examiners it gives if people are waiting for an airplane were train or or bus understanding, we think it will want as a train that comes on time or airplane is never late. We're actually really want is to understand how long do we have to wait the there uncertainty the how long have to wait for League for situation stabilized same thing if you're the big difference between being told that your flight is delayed or your flight is delayed, ninety minutes is an enormous difference in your sort of satisfaction is a customer and you're feeling about your your upcoming flight because you're giving. These sunken restaurant than you consider, plan your life. If you just have this sort of in indefinite glades, you just suffered all the time and so they did experiment where people who were told how the delay would be actually had half the wait time as the Hebrew words one review will be waiting ninety minutes. The other people reveal were told to wait at all urge is GONNA delay. We're giving a specific time espy for how long they weights and in the experiment they only waited forty five minutes but the people who had to wait ninety minutes or much happier much more satisfied with their child's feelings because they've been given an estimate, it was much longer delay twice. But it didn't affect their peace of mind or their sense of the quality of the journey because yesterday. was accurate in other the other group were determinedly waiting for five minutes. Like a really interesting insight through look into al-Qaeda's thing about things on your from a sales for service standpoint how can we use that information and make sure we're communicating where s worse? Helps ease that no sense Yes that is so true. We'll thank you for those suggestions to great books. I hope everyone gets chance to read them and thank you for sharing that. What about the most important lesson you've learned in life The most were less learn life is you have to tell the truth and you have to own up to it. When you make a mistake, I was a young field engineer and I made a big mistake and was very error in I had two options I could sort of tried to defuse the blame or pointing or somewhere, and just inanimate is L. Mattos. nope not through this. Is really my fault. I, should have been prevented isn't. My fault in I found out I kind of found out after the fact that that was the stunning response that people are not expected to hear from from from you'll feel is near and that it actually was the the only thing that prevented me from getting fired for my for my big mistake owned up to tonight. Hilma look this this much group I own. Rights and that was. It was a very lucky experienced related to be young up twenty, four, twenty, five years old in to learn that lesson see the impact and value of integrity in. Owning. Up to mistakes and that was a that served me. Well, concert have made lots of mistakes and also. As is the is the most important ethic also supposed to implies like what sexist were your word matters mutation matters huge amount. So Notre people with respect being honest about. When you're screwed up in your what you need to fix it is not unanimous mistakes, and so I think that kind of mentality is appreciated certainly places like army. Respects reputation kind of honor goes still still matter is still count in good wet on I think that's such a great point to make because we all make mistakes and if not, then you really are you know, are you really in there or you in the arena because you're GonNa make mistakes and I think owning up to them is so key in. and. What a great lesson the learn at such a young age of twenty four to to go. You know what? We're all GONNA make mistakes and they're gonNA really appreciate the honesty rather than the cover up in. So I think that is just a fantastic lesson to share and to know that it's okay. You'RE GONNA make mistakes minutes. Okay. That's how we learn. Elvis Michael Jordan Wayne, risky One of those guys I think it was said coach Y'all Miss Hundred Senators shots you don't take out Michael Jordan guest. I love doing right. So you. Pick. Shots for them when you miss. Handle. That situation with with integrity and honesty you'll probably be just fine. Absolutely will speaking, I, love quotes. So what is your favorite pok? Okay. So it's it's the coolest on my Lincoln headers while is it probably is my favorite time in its by Eisenhower. I think when he was still general in World War. Two and he said in his experience battle plans are useless. The battle planning is indispensable and it's one of those things i. feel like sort of wisdom jeans you can pack in a huge amount of useful information to a few words in it's what he says is so true is it not? So seldom do our plans go exactly as we thought they would. So you could have the the notion that we don't need to spend some planning but the reality is that going through the planning process allows you to think about different things and win those variations in in the plane happened you're better prepared to deal with them to adjust the pitted and come out still successful even if it doesn't go exactly how you you drew it up on the playbook. That's a big measles planning preparation whether you call you digitalising success were pining for success, but also going to those processes that are processes, Veggie for whenever things go awry, and that might my husband and I always tell our kids to write it down in Pensacola because sometimes at a racer comes in handy. Because the clan. And then you just Yet. I know your kids Golfer by golf. pensyl-. threat. Next question. This is just in general. What are you looking forward to the most right now? Oh, man to like hang out with. People that I might my friends family coworkers in a group in a way that we're not like paranoid that we can't shake hands that we have to. Stand socially. I would I would love to be plays. Were you go back to the? Comfort level of people in in person not just on the selfish Will tell me something good. What's what's happening in your life? Tell me something good. Let's see. My son is thirteen Lacrosse player and they won the championship determined last week in and at the very end of the championship game. Coast matching. Four to three and the other team was coming down the field to your threatening to score in someplace defense, and he made an interception and. Ran The ball downfield around the clock. In this dramatic, an championship game type fashioned is predicting tangled. That's awesome. Congratulations. Getting way I know if you like. Your kids play their sports and there's It's fun to see them do what they love to do and how exciting ending that is that is awesome. Congressional Elections Shot Using House. Finally is there anything that maybe we haven't touched on today that you really were hoping to our listeners would get to know either about you or about tally that you wanNA share I guess. Very simple level. Are. Drilling Services. Businesses we invested ten million dollars to our disabilities. Last year, we had a really world facility a headquarters Houston where we do all our maintenance. And Service and manufacturing for are really drink. Women are are super high quality. Mud voters are blisteringly fast systems maintain manufacturer Still Houston is really beautiful and unfortunately we can't we get invited person to do jurors like used to, but we have done a very cool three d virtual rendition of the shop and would love to be able to do A. Teams goal where we can walk it through reversal of facility and kind of show you what we're all about and so only perhaps demonstrate Arkham. Equality are to building good equipment and then obser- service deliveries has been really exceptional. Laden were just want to be as useful as we can't choose many people who are still operating in these times. ANTASTIC. Well, thank you. So much for sharing today I've really enjoyed our conversation and learning more about what you do with your company and just I appreciate all the words of wisdom you shared as well. How can people get a hold of you if they would like to talk to you further while Lincoln's spot you're always trying to in this sort of Danish, raise our digital profile. Are Digital Pretty might say so you can you can find new premier directional drilling DOT COM. We could find his tally energy dot com where you can find on the link Dan. We already put posts out there sometimes refining sometimes you're technical, but we try to be offering content as much as we can to free to reach out to me in in Anne's. Leaped in or orients meeting mail at John Dot, ammend, tally, energy, dot, com wonderful on. We will definitely post those links in our show notes Sean. Thank you so much for sharing with us today. We appreciate you wish you the best during these times and beyond, and just hope to see you here in the Permian soon so I can forgive can't wait to the mid Olympics much don ruins or the Christopher shoot. Thank you. It's now time to announce today's community MVP and our MVP this week or my good friends Natalie and cargyll. They recently made a major donation the cargo charitable foundation just donated one hundred thousand dollars to the West Texas Food Bank. The car are so kind in their donation and just an amazing couple Ed just love Natalie to pieces and their hearts are just so giving. So congratulations to the foundation for being able to help so many people this is just fantastic for those of you who know the West Texas, food? Bank. They've been feeding families in Odessa Midland and the entire West Texas area for more than thirty five years. They are the largest nonprofit nongovernmental hunger relief organization in the Permian and they are proud to distribute in donate purchase food to children, families, seniors with the help of more than eighty partner agencies, and of course, this one, hundred, thousand dollar donation from the car gals is truly amazing if you know someone who needs help feeding their family or if you're looking to donate to a wonderful organization here in West Texas please visit. W. T. X. Foodbank. Dot Org. Well, that concludes this week's Permian. Perspective the story behind the oil and gas leaders in the Permian Basin a very special. Thank you to. Baker. Hughes for sponsoring. Permian. Perspective. We can do it without them. We appreciate them and all they're doing here in West Texas. So remember my mottos dream big believe in yourself and never give up you make it a great day. Hey. Everybody Alex here with the events on deck. So do do occur circumstances. Of course, we are not able to have any in person. So I've nothing of that nature to update you guys on but we have been hosting some virtual events. So obgyn is wanting to offer free webinars, live happy hours, etc. During this time, since these events are not scheduled out as far in advance as in person events, we would like to keep you guys updated the facebook Lincoln and twitter so be sure to. Keep checking on that and we'll keep you guys posted on anything we're offering it has been free. We want to offer you guys value during this time that we're all at home. So please continue checking in joining us for these virtual events. We are looking forward to seeing you guys whenever we're able to have in person event and hope you're staying safe and sound. Tune in next week for another episode of Permian Perspective a production of the oil and gas global network learn more at www dot org, g., N., DOT COM.

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