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Support for NPR and the following message come from American Jewish World Service supporting human rights advocates worldwide as their respond to covid nineteen and defend democracies learn more at AJ WS DOT org. Live from NPR news I'm Shay Stevens Vice President Mike Pence and California's Senator Comma Harris are set to meet tonight for their only debate of the two thousand twenty election cycle NPR's Scott detrow reports on what's shaping up to be a formidable matchup. Vice presidential debates are usually not high impact moments of the campaign, but with President trump having spent several days hospitalized and with the oldest person ever elected president running against Joe Biden, who would claim that title from trump if he wins, there's more focus than usual this year on the second spot on the national ticket pence by March was viewed as the winner of his debate with senator. Tim, Kaine for years ago and Harris is a former state attorney general. Now known for her sharp questions at Senate committee hearings due to a corona virus outbreak at the White House. The Biden campaign has asked for plexiglass barriers to be set up between Pence Harris and moderator Susan Page Scott Tetreault NPR news president trump says he plans to attend next presidential debate democratic rival. Joe Biden has suggested canceling the event of trump is still contagious biden campaign yesterday and Gettysburg Gettysburg Pennsylvania calling it a reminder of the cost of one of the bloodiest battles for the nation soul. We stand here today a century and a half later after Gettysburg. We should consider again, what can happen? When equal justice is an IED. When anger and violence and division Are Left. Unchecked bind again promised to unify the country if he's elected. FACEBOOK has manning groups and accounts associated with the conspiracy movement known as q non details from NPR's Hannah lamb over the summer facebook introduced steps to curb the spread of the baseless Q. on conspiracy theory believers he president trump is waging a secret war against Satan worshipping pedophile but facebook was widely criticized for not going far enough to stop a fringe movement that in some cases has fueled real world violence. Now, the social media platform agrees it should have been tougher and has updated its policies. The company says it will remove facebook pages groups. An instagram accounts that represent kyun on a facebook. Statements has enforcement has begun and is expected to continue in the coming days and weeks the QN on conspiracy began and far-right online forums and is now spreading internationally. The FBI has called conspiracy driven extremists growing threat. HALLAM NPR news president trump is ordered a halt to negotiations over another round of nineteen relief until after the election. But says, he would sign a standalone bill for individual stimulus payments. Trump also tweeted a call for an immediate congressional deal on a payroll protection plan for the airline industry tens of thousands of airline jobs are being cut because of pandemic related losses in the industry. In pre market trading, US futures are higher following losses on Tuesday. Asian shares are mixed. This is NPR news. A federal judge in Idaho says, Ronin virus relief payments cannot be withheld from people who are incarcerated. Ruling gives the agency until October twenty, four th to reconsider payments for those who were denied or had their money intercepted solely because of incarceration the decision could clear the way for the release of at least eighty thousand checks totally more than one hundred, million dollars. The US surgeon general is facing an upcoming hearing on criminal charges that he violated Corona bias restrictions in a Honolulu Park Hawaii public radio's Bill Dorman has details surgeon general Jerome Adams was in the wrong place at the wrong time he came to Hawaii in. August to help with a federal program of surge testing during a spike in cases of nineteen at one point, he was taking pictures in a park on the island of Awas who at a time. When all parks were closed when will we lose police? Officer cited atoms for violating an emergency order of the mayor of Hana Lulu a local attorney says, Adams misunderstood the law and will respond appropriately according to court filing. A remote hearing will be held in two weeks for NPR news I'm Bill Dorman in front of Lulu Hurricane Delta has weakened to a category three storm as it approaches. Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. Storm could strike the US Gulf coast on Friday. Musician Eddie Van Halen has died at the age of sixty five van Halen's guitar skills propelled his namesake band and to becoming one of rock music's most celebrated groups. I'm Shay Stevens. This is NPR news. This message comes from NPR sponsor them who continues to expand production of the respirators. Frontline workers need globally and is on track to supply two billion by the end of twenty twenty more at three m dot com slash covid three m science applied to life.

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