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And it's time for nicole sandler's what's news from nicole sandler dot com and the progressive voices. This isn't it worked. It was another night of chaos in hong kong. Thousands of anti government protesters blockaded the main terminal at hong kong's airport for a second straight night temporarily stopping flights. Here's more from c._n._n. The new violence coming after hong kong's airport was shut down by protests for a second straight day. Jake the crowd turning on suspected chinese spies and ramping up anger against what protesters call police brutality chinese authorities have blasted the protests tests as signs of terrorism over the past week. State media has shown videos of chinese military drills on the mainland less than twenty miles away protesters. I tell us they're undeterred. Does that scare you know if parents president trump responding tonight oops he did it again. Trump made a ridiculous threat this time about new tariffs on chinese goods that would hurt the american consumer particularly hard and then he backed down off off of it this time he announced that he delayed the plan until december fifteenth so prices on toys cell phones video game consoles won't be affected during the christmas shopping opping season but i thought china was paying for the tariffs n._b._c. Stephanie rule has more. The president outed himself today he very clearly he says china paying us billions and billions. Will that certainly doesn't make sense if today he's now postponing tariffs and citing the christmas shopping season that that being the case he's tacitly meeting. It's the american consumer who pays for this so the president is pushing these tariffs why because being mr market is is more important to him than being the tariff man and we've already seen equity markets pretty volatile. You mentioned those banks earlier the c._e._o. Of goldman sachs two days ago said it's the trade wars that could push us into recession. The new york times is reporting that aids several key senators in both parties have been meeting with senior white house officials about gun control legislation the senators involved pat toomey republican of pennsylvania joe mansion sorta democrat of west virginia and chris murphy democrat of connecticut. Their staffers have been meeting with joe rogan's domestic policy council and white house legislative affairs director eric uland roland stay tuned. We're learning more about what happened. The night jeffrey epstein died the two staffers and manhattan's metropolitan correctional center tasked past with watching the accused sex trafficker on the day of his death falsely recorded they had checked on him every thirty minutes this according to a report in the new york times times a source cited by the associated press said surveillance footage showed the guards had failed to make some of the checks recorded in the logs. This comes after the two guards guards were placed on administrative leave pending investigations by the f._b._i. And the justice department's inspector general the m._c._c.'s warden was also temporarily early reassigned. We're also learning more about one of the workers who was supposed to be guarding epstein at the time. Yesterday we reported. The employee was not a fulltime corrections officer. You're now a person familiar with the investigation tells n._b._c. News that employees had been a corrections guard for seven years. He then accepted different job with better hours but routinely took an overnight shift as a corrections officer to get overtime pay. The source would not say whether the employee was one of the two place not administratively meanwhile the new york times is reporting the two staff members guarding epsteins jail unit fell asleep and failed to check on him for about three hours then falsified records. It's to cover up that mistake. According to several law enforcement in prison officials with knowledge of the matter to law enforcement officials telling mec- news investigators are looking at whether either i either or both of the employees on duty who were responsible for checking on epstein were sleeping. They say no conclusion has yet been reached epstein who was arrested for the alleged. Sex trafficking of dozens of miners is thought to have died by apparent suicide in his cell and in campaign news former colorado governor john hickenlooper luper is said to be in discussions about ending his presidential bid. Yes and entering the race for his states. Republican held senate seat. Potentially giving democrats are strong candidate in a race. They really must win in order to have hopes of retaking the senate in two thousand twenty one. Oh and tom steinmeyer the billionaire bilionaire entrepreneur and climate change activists. He revealed on tuesday that he has inexplicably reached the requisite one hundred thirty thousand individual individual donors needed to be included in the next round of debates democrats have until august twenty eighth to qualify for the debates happening september twelfth and thirteenth in houston austin star who has been a vocal proponent of impeaching the president is also on the cusp of qualifying with polling he has said two percent in three separate polls needing just one more to qualify nine candidates have already reached the donor and pulling thresholds and will partake in the debate with <hes> tom steyer and two others. There's former hud secretary julio castro and representative tulsi gabbard reaching the donor prerequisite. Stay tuned. That's just a bit of what's news for now. I'm coal sandler. Appreciate these reports nicole sandler show. I hope you'll consider making contribution. My work is one hundred percent listener supported and i can't do it without your help. 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