Czabe and KB talk Brewers playoff exit


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Headline Love Child of former Belgian King Prince Albert Wins Right to call herself princess. Wow that's quite a meatball right there come morning k b how you doing fine I know. I didn't know there was an actually a Prince Albert I thought it was just like a jewelry decoration for parts of the body. Actually I'm sorry. King. Albert the second cares Alberda but I must add Prince Albert on the line or fats. Have you on my list today everyone. I have. It's something. We want why would you want one of those things right there. Do they do that at Clare's teak and they do that at the mall? Answers as. That's yeah. Exactly Anyway Good Morning Katie how we doing how is your ought party last night as the brewers are now officially haute. Says the Kennedy would say of the Major League Baseball Playoffs Dr. Dario non, Armand, jumped in kind of commandeered it so. Which is fine with me. So they. You know they entertained everyone while I set back drank was boy he watched game. On the second. Dario. went way too hard at some silly thing that didn't really matter. Wow. That's new. We did all the effort. Yeah but still he he insisted on winning some fake competition for the CHATTY EST on Zoom Party no. No we didn't do that. I. Mean it wasn't a competition but Dario was. He thinks everything is but dr so Dario jumps in right and he's up in at Miller Park. So He's getting the live as it happens feed. All I think he I think and we were all streaming and even everybody else someone's on Roku someone's on the APP. So it's always a little bit off. But. He did take great joy in letting everyone know what was happening eight seconds before it actually happened. To the point. Of course yours. Joy In that. Yes. He would. Leverage is the fact that he sits in a slightly privilege privileged class of everybody else he's not with the peons. He's got the stuff ahead of time any wants to leverage that that's that's perfectly brand for Dario Melendez, which is fine. Fine with me. So we just sat around we sat around we had some cocktails. We we had some fun. But went to bed one but so he wants to do. Yeah, we're probably going to do more of these, but I'm not going to be in charge of. 'cause I could've easily gone to band at eleven. Game last night, it was such. These last few games it was so different than. The last two seasons and we were talking about this through and I were talking about on the show is that the last two seasons? It was like all right down to we got this. We got this no big deal down five. We got this mom here comes here comes Yelich Nah. No big deal y'all ducks in the pond. Here we go, and now it's was just like. When does our she'd come up? was. CPI. But when right in what? When Ryan Healy? Is Your cleanup hitter. EU Don't deserve to go on I mean the white flag right there. You're talking about a team that at that point was duct tape and chicken wire, and you know bread ties, it was put together with whatever you could put it together with and they still were they were in it last night they were in it two nights ago against a out that. They were in it. They. Were in I, take no shame from I don't think any brewer fancher take any shame from how they perform these two games. But you're right the last three years and of course, the team will say you know when they start pitching season tickets for next year, they like come see the brewers they made the playoffs three straight years. You know the fine print is well three years ago was a thrill ride of a lifetime. Two years ago was a one and done bitter disappointment of a game that was in hand and then dropped, and then this year was a should've never been there. Playoff. season. In which you had nobody left by the time the playoffs we're not the twins. They have not won a series in the playoffs since two thousand two I understand that but it's been a pink pink pink stair step down last years the last time the twins won a playoff game was two, thousand, four there when the first game series against the Yankees and they haven't won and just to give you a point of reference two, thousand, four was three years before the iphone ever came into existence wild. So think about that. There's a years of. Years of absolute failure but you know what? You can do this it's twenty twenty. That's all you have to say that's twenty twenty. You get a hall, pass the whole world anything you do you get a hall pass Not. Everything. Twenty twenty. He's GonNa Twenty Twenty Y'all as I like to say that's exactly it and so. Whatever you know. SUITOR sent out a tweet yesterday morning basically apologizing to brewer nation now grant. Wisconsin Nice and everyone's like Oh. Don't worry about it. You know we're proud. You know yeah. Did a good job. You know we appreciate it. It's twenty. You know so it it's here Geneva casserole. Over to the house. and. It's like come on Josh. Josh. You do your Wisconsin accent which is course born and raised warned bread. have. Come on Charlie Barons. Come on jump in there. Christ. It nailed. Hell I grew up. I grew up north highway twenty nine I went to school go or went to nobis. So as not went to school to nobis crate why? No? All those guys. went to Nabis. But the Wisconsin nicest. So true that you know there's no need for suited to apologize. Now there's there's not. It's like in when you're playing in a partner match you and your guy, and you're playing terrible you, Mrs Short Pot like Oh my God and you buy instinctively apologize but I always say this and one guy played with meteors go game. This line goes unless you did it on purpose don apologize nicely. Miss that three foot on purpose. Trust me. I would never do that I just I'm nervous and I suck. He's. Unless. It's a Calcutta, you get big money in the team you're playing against. And you're right that it would be slightly different situation. But no, I mean sooner unless you did that on purpose which I know you didn't you don't need to apologize. It's. Just hope they get it fixed. It's like what the hell is with Yelich. That's the one thing that is the big. That's this story. Big meatball right there. What was this a one year? Pandemic. Sure. They get. It probably was whole monitoring it. You just got done saying both of you that it's twenty twenty and that you can use it as an excuse for everything. Oh. Yeah. So why worry about Yelich? Doesn't that know him to. was sure no one's going to get that of seven because at twenty twenty, but you still want to know what the Hell's going on. Someone. Said last night at zoom call. They think it might be that niece still. Don't. You always blame injuries even though there's very little to connect a knee injury with being unable to hit a curve ball suddenly unless it's your base, you know you base your legs where you're stepping and things like that right and you could be compensating for something. You know who knows I don't know I'm not a physiologist. You know he's under contract until twenty, twenty, eight now and a deal that escalates up to twenty, six, million a year pretty quickly by them given that he's only in his age two, thousand, eight season he could be a lucrative trade. Oh, it's. About that, don't even go there this early I go there now if you. Have let's package him with Rogers and Janas. Why don't we just feel at three way bigger outdid altarum them gather. Around. Do. You remember baby yes. Do you remember the night of the three kings? Things at at Pfizer a year and a half. Oh Yeah. It was rogers and yellow watching Jaanus. Thing on the court And not all three raining MVP's but rogers former multiple time. MVP. VP's up in in the suite, the basketball court MVP, the night of the three kings and Danika. Up Don't you did. You see did you see her quote? She finally came out and spoke out about the Bronco Oh. Man Oh boy. Oh is one of these. Do I need to buckle up? Oh, wait hold on a second wrong one here. Here we area are we got her quote was something to the effect of. That quote here again where she says you now I got I've learned a lot. This she said it on. qube. So there you go. Oh my God. That is somebody Josh Qube paid her issue related Zhanna 'cause they're like look we're dying here. WE'RE GONNA, lose all our money on this venture. Do Do something to get a headline plays and Anything to get people to Download Qube of dying here, go ahead. So her court was the next guy has his work cut out for him because my intuition my standards boundaries, my wants and needs are off the charts because I've gotten to know me so much more. So it's going to be so much more narrow and specific and I think that's the challenge with the relationship where do I sign up? Sign. Yeah, that's what I want after. He sounds fun. I want to go into more lockdown. Tell me that isn't gonNA. Walk up traffic her. Get her walk through that list that laundry list of non negotiable demands. So My My standards. My boundaries. My once. And my needs my wow. By away wants and needs they're different. A is what you're saying a want. You don't need a need you need a one is just I want this as well. Yeah. Yep. Intuition Yep. Now, applying that Rogers raised all of those standards. When she says, the next guy's going to have a lot of work cut out for him. Or is she saying that she realized how much Rogers trampled on her boundaries hers? Right, does it really matter look guys in trouble? No matter. What do we really have to know the psychology behind it, but it's funny that we get to this thing because my wormhole. Is All about this is one that I stumbled on. It's unbelievable. With again Ika. Thoughts are all right. No problem. Save segue. A smooth segue. Ron Right I just have to advocate. Quote here to go go ahead and I said this at the beginning of the last relationship I was like look you either grow together one grows and one dozen or you girl apart I ever experienced growth Reading reading tiffany check change. You say the next guy. None. Kaby. The next is going to be he's GonNa. Be a bull rider in a Rodeo it's five seconds to the bell an out. Is GonNa. Realize this is an unconquerable woman with needs that cannot possibly be met. So I'm going to get in for a fun time at a good time but not a what longtime. Oh, that's right that kid. Taking off the fire suit don't look at me, right Basically basically Denecker has has signaled the fact that she's knock it off any man willing to meet her demands. So it's going to get a string of guys that come in tourists and leave as soon as the kitchen gets too hot. Okay. Moving right along except weekend wormhole except for this guy. So what happens is now I'm at the point of the airborne grading Selby Computer for eight or ten hours, and then the algorithm spins and that's how I discovered this stuff I got it running in the background this rhythm. The Algorithm of Hulu or Netflix or whatever. It just recommend stuff while the fact that this was recommended should be embarrassing but this show called marrying millions. And it's all about. Like peace that people would no money who fall in love with people with a lot of money. And I don't care about the other couples but this couple I do it's a guy named Brian in this woman, his allergy lane or what I don't know what is going. Careful, Gillette. But you. Just world. It's Gillette. She's like working million. She's worked. She's were millions and this guy is worth nothing. You GotTa play this and listen to this guy. Is. Fine. I had a one man party. I partied in the theater in the basketball. Court? Drinkable foods and. LATRONIC system. That's just joking I didn't get back. At a good time. Yeah. My girlfriend's rousing lots of questions about you. They don't even know me well Sweetie I. Mean you don't want to make an effort to really go check out more show podcasts at the Game M. K. E. dot com brought to you by landmark, Credit Union and Landmark Credit Union. They offer better rates and lower fees like a home equity line of credit for just one point nine, nine percent APR locked for twelve months current variable rate at five percents APR visit. Landmarks Cu dot com for details about credit costs and terms. 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