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Hello this is me warner welcome to power principles the podcast episode forty and I am talking about five my favorite artists hi everyone I I have in big bold red letters at the top of my script to remember men going to my website me warner dot com to the subscribe enter your e Mail and then every Monday you'll get a little view on apple podcasts which I know you do you need to go to the library button which is at the powering mindset many of you are already subscribed to my weekly Monday message but if you have found this podcast another way I highly in reading her newsletter ever since I highly recommend listening not just for MOMS and dads before everyone there are nuggets of self empowerment and realization really scan you over so thank you for that review my friend I'm glad that conversation was helpful your baby is beautiful learning how important reviews are that the algorithms that Google uses really depends on the reviews to help them come up in search engines passionate about healthy mothers that the world is only as strong as its mothers if you would like to be the review of the we Sunday burst of inspiration called the Monday message I keep it short sweet to the point also Monday message subscribers are the first to know about any book line Russian it helps the podcast to be found in the search engine and I know it takes some time and I know it's Kinda confusing if you want to leave a review and slowly put me on a path of postpartum recovery which my husband and I didn't even realize was an issue until after molly talked with us I have been listening to her podcast and I'm so glad you're finding nuggets of self empowerment in these podcasts and there will be more podcasts to come about postpartum recovery because I feel so all down and keep scrolling down and you'll hit the bottom and it will even delay for a bit and if you just wait then that rating and review box will pop up so it's when people are searching for podcasts to listen to so you're reviews really help people who are looking for something inspirational or have a particular that was so nice it said me an iron neighbors and she reached out to me a few months after having my second baby a ten minute conversation Monday message I keep them really short an inspirational I like to think that they're just a little boost a little shot in the arm to start your week off with a good bottom of the screen when you click into your podcast app you click on library at the bottom and then it's going to list several of the past episodes and you need to scrub let's dive into this Super Fun topic today I love artists I believe that art is the sauce better I also want to give a little plug four my weekly newsletter that my friend mentioned in the review every Monday I send out a short email called in-store for everyone I remember that conversation yes I do kind of have an eagle eye for new MOMS I take go to itunes or apple podcasts give me five stars and leave a comment telling me your favorite episode or why power principles the podcast has major life a little bit which is any news announcements and special deals coming out so lots of good reasons to go to Malaysia Werner Dot Com and subscribe for the Monday email message French people and not just French restaurant owners but just practical day today cooking and what I houses and you know life would be like dry mashed potatoes or dry chicken you could get the basic neutral Of Life I lived in France for a little while a hundred years ago I was a missionary there and you all know that French food is delicious Shen but it's the sauce that adds the spice and the flavor and makes it taste so good I love artists I am I'm grateful for anyone who creates and shares on any level doesn't have to be professional so some examples that when you live in France get to be in people's homes which means you get to be in people's Kitchens and got to cook alongside many learned is that the secret to French food is their sauce and I learned how to make incredibly delicious side the Friday night and share it with us and not be embarrassed about it and when two years later I still remember that night of entertainment he had taken the time to learn the skill but I remember feeling grateful that he had taken the time to hone that talent and that he would come come readily to mind when I was very I married my husband and I attended church congregation with only newly married college one guy that did a magical comedy routine around the Campfire I laughed so hard that night my stomach hurt for three days not readily available to see or find so we know it takes some time thank you for everyone who has done that and they want to share a review of the week that came in days afterward it was awesome and he wasn't doing it professionally I mean he was probably he was in college like the rest of us were and he was probably steady all felt so united and connected around the campfire that evening I love Comedians I love humor you know those friends you have that you love there weren't any children in the congregation there really wasn't anyone over the age of twenty five and we altogether went on a weekend campout and there was to be around because they are so funny they have a unique way of seeing and saying life you never know what is going to come out of their mouth I believe humor is an art another thing I love our accents I don't know why I love accents real I haven't seen him since I I don't even remember his name but I remember how he made me laugh and how we tests before I had approached writing as kind of an academic skill as something maybe more sterile and certainly seeing some like something like bioengineering or something rather serious and I don't remember what got him interested in doing magic and comedy or cents on a dime and it is hilarious I love conversations when she gets into mood and suddenly having an international talk with an Irish Lee is creating art developing artistic skill requires practice daily practice I could go on process was to learning to play piano I had to sit my butt in a chair for at least an hour every day and plunk away the keys the or a German lady or a Scottish man and I don't know why it's so colorful and entertaining I think being able to accents is an art of course I love writers it took me a long time in my writing journey to think of writers as art accents or imitation accents with the Internet and social media it seems our world is becoming more and more monochromatic and I like that around children with humor that adults can appreciate thank you for creating art that I actually enjoy sitting down to watch with my kids for me life without artists would be a black and white outlined like blink coloring book when I and at first came out wasn't very pretty but little by little over time it got better a ha- that is on about writers that I love books that have changed my life so I'm not going to or that would be an entire podcast itself I do want to mention artists so many thank heavens for Pixar animation studios thank you pick are for creating animated movies look back on my life on raising young children it was my encounters with art that added the color to my pages and I feel that way about nature yeah I didn't view myself as a writer as an artist and what finally gave me that a ha was realizing how similar my writing but you know that when you're around them your belly is going to hurt in a good way I'm really grateful for people with a good sense of humor I if I would have survived mothering young children without Dr Seuss and Betsy Lewin her book click clack moo cows at that time recreate for children think the heavens truly for artists who create for children I do not know through how about the gorgeous language and illustrations of dawn and Audrey would the napping house king bit goods in the bathtub keep and click clack quack so darling during cronin diary of a worm and diary of a spider those album if you need an upgrade to the ABC song while learning a little geography go check out they might be giants alphabet of nations the world we realized that we are more similar than we are different but I hope we don't lose our accents I have a friend who can shift into which makes sense of course because God is the great artists and being in nature is to experience art I feel extreme gratitude for artists we're here sorry nursery album recorders that sound like you hired Donna Reed to seeing straight from the book of Mother Goose accompanied by a few basic piano chords I said original over the top fund of the other thirteen tracks I can forgive track number seven Oh and did you know they might be giants did a kid auto tuned lip sync have mercy on US mothers whose mental faculties are already as fragile as the threat of Justin Bieber's relationships I o n Oh I love those books and I would read them by myself even if I didn't have a child to read them to I could sit with those picture books on the couch by myself and read them who create clever engaging fun music for children I am not talking about that. CD OF MARY had a little lamb sung to a strong of a guitar rex catchy tunes and comedic poetry set to music how a Tony and emmy winning performer creating children's stories and music I don't know you didn't have to you didn't need to and yet you did and for this I say John Lithgow thank you and I mean it stranded musical mental fortitude remaining in my brain to John Lithgow and his children's album singing in the bathtub. Thank you John Lithgow for witty pose you have your place in the world and you are certainly better than nothing but goodness if I had to listen to your menu in the car one more time I would have our personal favorites were from the indies to the Andes in his undies and he never took a bath except on Sundays and the classic Song Big Kids scared the heck out of me on my life Josh Grogan you know Josh Grogan the gorgeous voice in two thousand one Josh grow had released I said that I would name five of my favorite artists which is really hard to do I mean it's harder than naming five of my favorite children I can eat five of my favorite children with no problem it was amazing over the top fantastic number two number two a favorite artist who has had a big influence up to the dinner table than they have dollars in the bank account I think every book CD and Song I mentioned we discovered through our public library you raise me up they loved that song and they would sing it at the top of their lungs little five and six year olds all the way a home from school and then my brother passed away and on that album was the song fly me up to where you are B Youtube the older version I like the older version better than their twenty twelve upgrade it's better it's better than the remake and here my harked at the drive-thru of the crazy house and checked myself in and kids BOP please with your aerobics cise top forty synthetic if John Lithgow for all the reasons mentioned above and did you know he did a one man show for a little while it actually came to Provo and then he did on Broadway and we friends with kids if you want a squared a fund in your day ask Alexa play John Lewis goes album singing in the bathtub or youtube it happens when someone eights art from their heart that it is carried and connected to the people who vertu think who has gone onto their podcast APP and left me a review I forget to do that I forget to talk about reviews and you need it and that song healed my heart my heart needed that song I would get in the car which was a CD that we just always kept in the car and album and we had actually purchased the CD and I remember carpooling with kindergarten and first graders and they would seeing Devin Brittany Nathan Michael and Zachary see but naming five of my favorite artists Oh so hard to do but since I said I would I will and number one I'm going to go in Syria thanks to the public library the lovely building that houses all this art for free which is the best price for young families who have more toddler showing it just happened to be in New York and I was so looking forward to seeing it and it ended like two weeks before we got there. I'm really bummed really bummed about it I am sure it mutiple song about loved ones as angels and that Song Wasn't the reason I bought the CD but I think there's this miracle that would get in the car and drive and just play that song on repeat and my heart that was raw and hurting and missing big kid scare the heck out of me much better when John Lewis go performs it go check it out I don't love the triple at Song But in light of the and my brother that song just soothed it was the bomb was healing and you know what I'm talking about you know how when you to experience grief that songs become powerful and I believe that I believe artists teachers mentors come into your life when the little poetry and see a fine picture every day until next time by my friends have day jobs and they really go out of their way to keep creating and performing their art they they live in different states from each other one of their original members passed away from cancer and they just stick with it and just keep I don't know how anyone could ever heal through grief without music after that I created a grief playlist but when I have a chance to see them which I do go to their concerts I hope that they know and I will tell them that they have been such a fun soundtrack for off but I do know that I drove I cried that music was the wings of my healing get carried it soothed you know what I'm talking about a group six men I actually went to college with them they formed while they were in college they got together while they were in college our life for my family they are the soundtrack to our gardening they are the soundtrack for when we set up the Christmas tree. If you want to know my favorite album uh-huh their kids album which is called kids stuff it's called kids stuff I think it has a picture of a rubber ducky on the front and then their Christmas album creating a beautiful piece of music that soothed and healed my heart during a tender time K. number you would call it a playlist now it wasn't a playlist then I actually created a CD from different songs that had been soothing and healing her she's lovely and get this Richard Marx yes Richard Marx of right here waiting for you fame I'll be right I bet you did not know that Richard Marx wrote fly me up to where you are so my thanks Josh Grobian Linda Thompson Richard Marx for performing and creating an I love it and this is not a kickback like I don't get any promotion they don't even know that I'm talking about them they probably don't even remember me if it's padded but that was the best gift that I could think of to give to people who had lost someone and I need to mention that asides that just make them so fun voicemail love voicemail and number four I'm gonNA lumped together the piano guys me when I experienced grief and I would give that to people instead of giving flowers or when I gave them a card I would give them this. CD Lund's their jingles one is so good and their jingles to they have a wonderful sacred music acapella hymn arrangements and if you ever get a chance because they're six men not mail like you send a letter voicemail hilarious and what I love about them is that the and Lindsey stirling I remember seeing a flyer out at Thanksgiving point in Lehi Utah Advertising concert given by John Waterfall there in front of the actual waterfall at Thanksgiving point and such a similar thing happened with Lindsey stirling she just perform I've been doing this for twenty plus years now I know how they are because they're my age they're getting old because they're my age they all getting a thirty dollar ticket and I'm really sad about that about missing my chance there especially to see John Schmidt perform his piano number this Josh Grobian performed the song but do you know who composed the Song Linda Thompson who I know nothing about but I'm I see them perform in concert it is their humor it's their witty interaction with each other and their sarcastic see now that I think about it that was probably illegal probably broke copyright laws I'm so sorry come arrest me I actually could use some time alone in quiet sell best and they are so great if you've never heard of them go to their website voice mail it's mail m. a. l. e. mail like Schmidt and it was something like thirty dollars a ticket and it was outdoors in their gardens which are beautiful at Thanksgiving point and I remember wanting to go but I had something that we can and so I couldn't go fast forward to now and the piano guys sell out stadiums you couldn't dream named at any local venue that she could perform in and in both cases it would have been so easy for these groups to not here waiting for you ever an Halama heartbreaks we'll be right here waiting for you yes that's the one pursued their art really it wasn't practical what they were doing they certainly weren't mainstream either one of them the piano guys were doing class AH good enough violinist to go big time I mean that would be pretty easy to believe and that her act wasn't strong enough to be a solo act geico music I mean who pays money for classical music right and Lindsey stirling was told by the GT judges that she make it work they knew they probably weren't going to get a major record label so every morning I listen to Lindsey stirling and the piano guys repave I'm going to have to go with this this is a group favorite this is voice mail do you know voicemail this is an occupied but I'm so glad they didn't I'm so glad he didn't quit I'm glad that they didn't listen to the feedback and that they did what they figured out a way to on my morning Yoga play list and I'm so thankful for their work their perseverance I'm so grateful that they thought through all of the self doubt their music in their talents be aside Gingrich's find as well too I I love people that do are as side gigs have unique to offer the world number five last and certainly not least is Alba Redan listen I listened to lindsays violent her energetic violin and I listened to the piano guys I listen to their pirates of the Caribbean arrangement and it really don't give up your day job and I think it would have been so easy for them to not give up their day job and to just have there an episode about that exact thing about buying your ten cassette tapes for ninety nine cents and then how he goes on to cheat the system I can leftover Abba songs now I'm an Aba fan and even I was thinking when the sequel came out what songs didn't so that was getting the Aba tapes in the mail plane them rewinding them reminding them to my favourite track over and over and over the soundtrack of my childhood not because I owned any of their cassette tapes but because my oldest brother did and if you will genius took completely unrelated series of songs and created a story line that became the musical Mamma Mia on Broadway then the unbelievable genius to get a Prequel to Mama Mia using out as well as the public doubt and everything that they had to go through to bring their art into the world and I am daily beneficiary of it again when my brother wasn't home because he didn't know that I was sneaking into his bedroom and listening to his Abba music then fast forward years later and some g little slutty here a young girl with back toback sleepovers and three possible fathers and you can absolutely judge me prudish here but the story sounded a little too loose yes I am talking about Abba that nineteen seventy's Swedish rock group I'm a child of the nineteen eighties an Abba was absolutely no but both of the groups have shown me that becoming an artist is becoming more of who you are and tapping into what you have tear Abba songs and once I saw the movie I absolutely had to agree so Abbott and the Mama Mia movies so of course my oldest brother went to the musical and when he told me what the plot line was I actually thought it sounded kind of scandal as you know that she needed to hook up with a group to be part

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