The Merriam Webster's word of the day for September tenth. Today's word is pell-mell spelled as to hyphenated words P. L. L. Hyphen M. e. l. l. pell-mell is and adverb that means in mingled confusion or disorder. It can also mean lean confused haste. Here's the word used in a sentence. When the final bell of the day rang the children bolted from their desks and streamed pell-mell out the door into into the school yard the word pell-mell was probably formed through a process called? Redo -plication the process which involves the repetition of a word you're part of a word often including a slight change in its pronunciation also generated such terms as bow helter skelter flip flop and Chitchat yet. Another product of reapplication is shilly-shally which started out as a single word compression of the question shall I for pell-mell the the process is believed to have occurred long ago our word traces to a middle French word of the same meaning pedal men which was likely a product of Redo -plication Asian from the old French word men a form of midday meaning to mix with your word of the day. I'm Peter Sokolski visit Mary in Western. Dot Com today for definitions wordplay and trending word look ups.

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