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what is best friends i was watching the preview monitor and it went away for a second year i have hosted kind of funny games daily here with brit how you doing so good to see you we have never got to do these show together i don't think any show no i think we've known each other since about twenty ten it was a while tempted to go find an old photo of i look at them and they're kind of cringe-worthy yeah i think they're the same you know you actually look the same to i think they're all based that's how long ago so let's get to today's show of course you can always find live on twitch tv slash kind of funny games of course as well if you are watching us after you can find it on youtube dot com slash kind of funny games and listen later on podcast services around the globe but you can also be a part of the show head over to patriot dot com slash kind of funny games as you know if you're a browns member you should writing and get your questions in and if you're a silver member for this show if you're not watching it live you can get at free and all that fun stuff so i up little bit of housekeeping this afternoon because brit is special in town i think you replace me on games cast today it's good news is because they're going to be doing the resident evil spoiler cast she's played how many times four yeah four four do that on the one sitting no but i did it within about a few days i'm just i'm so excited talk about this game huber from easy allies will be here that's right that is also any i didn't even get to that but i don't know i'd never met uber either actually but i feel he and i kind of had this connection because we're always talking about risen love it very much for me i haven't finished resin evil yet so i mean in the past i have been taking my time sometime onstream but i'm sure it's going to be an awesome show and i get to check it out after once i've beaten it what five times five times before i watched show no no you don't worry so okay you can check that out later today but also remember the show is provided for and sponsored by quick and alien blackout but will tell you a little bit more about that later stay tuned for that all right now let's get into the news and what will forever is the report it's new all right so jazz up here i was talking to greg i don't know we've got two big stories for today you stories such a new but i'm going to look back on this footage and be like well i had no segues plants thanks no you're right you can't reveal yourself then why are you there you should be playing games this is leading flies very nice now i'm excited to be on the show today but as i was telling the folks before the show it's like i come from production unit we've got the prompt running all the production years great but i'm so like with the run of show what's to say shows kind of like it'll work it'll just work out also just talk about this laptop i'm wondering you talk about it 'cause you're commenting on it before the show fan it takes up your entire body this lifted it's ridiculous flexible if this is great it's not as loud as i thought it would be a little context on the laptop so obviously bring it on the show news breaks we got the run a show on it you can do a print out but that's a little old school right yeah so i say god you have like a laptop just use yours like you said you said he doesn't allow just use mine just use yours i gave you why that's my ipad okay no i'm not using an ipad like i need you swim saying these figures they gotta go wild big cable cook some eggs on that thing but quite honestly it's an origin and it's got a ten eighty and desktop relapse hobbits they didn't pay me either for it so anyway let's get into the stat is why everybody's here i'm so excited have bread on the show and talk about this stuff today and honestly some really good news for me coming from nintendo background big nintendo financials in today i'm sure it's no surprise to anybody that the switch and it's game sell very well but we've got some big numbers switch sales have topped thirty two million in total this comes from atta bankers that i intend to switch is what the story said then intended switches continuing its successful run as sales of nintendo's latest console have surpassed thirty two million unit since its launch on march third twenty seventeen almost two years i'm like yeah it's fan we that's the first thing you got to remind me of i'm just excited about switch story continues to go on that nintendo has announced the news this morning and confirmed as of now this is only as of december so obviously it's probably a little bit more than that december i twenty minutes switch sold thirty two point two seven million units and software sales for the console have now reached hundred sixty three point six one million units that's a lot of switch games out there in just two years but they did say that the switch sales missed the twenty nineteen projection from nintendo still comes from atom at says as for the intendo forecast four twenty nine hundred was originally aiming to twenty million switch console sold by the end of the fiscal year but they reduce that by about three million to seventeen million before a move on there's more detail on hold a sales looking back on the launch right knee do you remember like where you like instant believer in switch or you on shore their party partying on a rooftop having cocktails as adults place which yeah but would you think back then did you see anything like this i i hope that nintendo would have learned from the u. era and look kind of figured out what their audience wants and i was a little concern i because when you see anything portable of course intend to us and you can play it on the go you know you can play all these top games on there you think really can you really was the battery life going to be like how's the controller support gonna work but i think as we've all kind of learned that the switch is just an amazing little unit yeah so god it's an amazing that's what they just said about my laptop in twitch jet 'em gear leo says laptop is also a union tannin expecting to put a flam that fans it starts to glow in sparkle but yet honestly i look back on it and i've covered intendo for very long time seen i came into the industry for the launch of gamecube which at the time i was like this will redefine gaming know yeah exactly i don't know exactly what i believe but i was stoked handle on it but it but it was coming out of i mean yeah it was had handle on it looked like a purse the game cube purse that's all it was also purple i mean i'm sorry but you know that console about twenty twenty five million i think in total by comparison two years that was one of the notes i saw in the story is blown past the gamecube lifetime sales exciting but again i look back and i'm just like i thought i was excited but the truth is i didn't expect the games that came out of it like breath wild coming out and mario so quickly and it just being like so accessible i take it everywhere that i can and it really does it's not a console to me it's this use it anywhere so i don't know does it it feel more like a home console to you do you mostly played in bed or on a plane or i take it with you whenever i travel which is very frequently so what i love my switch for the indie titles on their common response for a lot of people because there are games on there that are imported that have been on seamer have been on playstation little indie titles that are just now coming to switch and i feel like the switch is a great platform to play those for the first time like i'm right now currently planning game called reverie which is it looks like earthbound plays like linked to the past and that's right up my alley some having a really good time with the switch indies also i want to talk about these numbers real quick go for if that's okay so back in twenty eight it was july twenty teen then president of nintendo had said that they had expected a slower year this year and then obviously nintendo's like hey we want all these we want to sell twenty million units by the end of fiscal year which is what march twenty nine t exactly there's only nine months of their fiscal year right so the question was isn't gonna be able to sell these twenty million right in the end we think seventeen yeah yeah yeah but you you'd question it back then is what you're saying because andrew and i have been talking about this i think she even has a bit with tim tim thought that they would hit that goal and i also was believing because of poke amman let's go and smash and you know mario let you whatever they can't keep naming of that frigging game we've seen three times it's a great game but the names kind of wonky yeah i wanted to believe now packed michael patrick did say that he thought they would fall just short about sixteen to seventeen million units and he was right jealous but i i wanted to believe fran i wanted to believe you know what i think it is hard to gauge though i think you know year on year i think i read that the it was up twenty percent so far so that's honestly really good but they are projecting a little bigger than that i mean it sounds like they're checking thirty or more so just a little sore but honestly it's like sure from an investor side you can say they missed their mark maybe by the end of march whatever by three million they've sold a ton of units oh yeah it's ridiculous that amount and if you saw the analysts report that came out i think it was later yesterday that xbox one it's been predicted globally have an install base of forty one million units that's going to surpass yeah it's it's crazy which has been out for the xbox one it's been out for four years longer than the swiss and a half yeah not even two years yeah it's it's crazy it's good it's a beast in terms of that obviously the software support drives everything so you need to know all the big stuff that's coming out naturally prime for recently being announced as not eating scrap can but the previous version is scrapped in now in the right hands i think of retro studios but it's gonna be a while to get that now maybe we were going to get that next year but now at least a couple years away i would assume this year looks pretty loaded for switch we just gotta no one the healthy the games are coming yeah ex as what i'm saying there's some good stuff out i played for the big hits you play for the indies i mean i'm sure play for both yeah yeah so if there's not like a triple eight like nintendo first party title out chances are going to play that game on another platform but if there's an indie title that i can just be a couple of hours it's good for the switch to travel yeah exact- that's when i played i do tend to play for the big hits but right now actually going through selassie as i never beat it you know i'm sure some people out there smash that i just didn't have the time because that's brutal but i love that on the road but usually i play for the big stuff the wild super mario smash brothers right in my alley and honestly all that alone is already incredible plus mario kart and all that so let's actually talk a little bit about those top ten sales of the games i'm gonna come back to as a quick note mario kart tour the mobile games been delayed we'll talk about that in a second let me forget but i wanna keep on the switch new so here are the top ten bestselling switch games as of december thirty first this comes from oscar dais over a game spot margaret card to locks has sold over fifteen million units that is the number one out there i believe mario kart is also the number one on three d. s. it's no surprise eight this is isn't always has been i think the most accessible killer franchise for nintendo because everybody the whole family can play this in addition hardcore fans it does bummy out a little bit we see as we move down a list number four is the legend zelda breath of the wild and in between those you've got my odyssey yep as number two thirteen point seven six million units super smash brothers ultimate that's the crazy one to think about right now it just came out oh yeah this is only representing its month of sales what it's so twelve million units it's in i think that is nash brothers yeah so i kind of wonder if that will rise above alternately ultimate those pun ultimately above it will be the most deluxe switch dials in south more than kevin shaking your head of me you don't like the puns thought it was a good fan stick those there's a lot there's a lot more of that coming chat what do you think of the terrible puns let me know so anyway that is incredible that so twelve million again legend has l. the soap just shy of that so far through this timber we'll see what january does for it you mentioned before pokemon them let's go berry exciting title big franchise that's all ten million rabin it tune with eight point two seven million then super mario party than one to switch then mario tennis aces at number nine and number ten on the top ten list is kirby star allies there's a lot of numbers today is anything on there yeah that you are surprised by or no i don't think it's a pricing to see these mario games before zelda i know you said you're kind of disappointed but it got it makes sense yeah that context that actually before i do maybe are you poking fan at all yes good then like i've always liked pogue among but i've not had the time to indulge oh so i get the perspective from the fans like wasn't quite for me because i'm a hardcore fan but congrats and it's awesome that's there but i want my how do you feel i think it's great i think it's the purpose it was you get those pokemon go players in to poke him on let's go which means another switch unit sold and then you may be kind of open up that phantom of polka monroe to open it up though that's where i'm like i feel like it was an easy easier mort while they figure out what is the version you want but you do make a point i never really got into pokemon i found myself playing it not because of the game design but because it was on switch and it was in three d. full more fully realized anyway i mean i i liked obviously we know this isn't the core pokemon title that's coming out supposedly this year fingers crossed that actually happens so it's it's a little appetizer if you will it's an app it's a little little at man i wanted to come up with a pokemon poem for that i just i don't have it ran okay so who context about why when i say i'm bummed that zelda is only at what is it number four list almost what smash old in a month well they take a long time to but i do know nintendo pretty well well and they do look at these numbers so it's incentivizing them to look at mario kart deluxe which is a port now think about that the number one game on the list was already done i mean obviously they had to do a lot to to nate but like when i look at the amount of work that went into zeldin original title and it's not that there won't be another marker but like they look at that don't you think there's a question does she think they look at it and they're like well we should crank out maybe more these all can wait a little no i don't ever do that now i say i don't i don't think this is going to change the way zelda is developed i think actually there is just a recent job hosting for the news all day game so i think all the games is obviously take a lot more time to spans a lot larger in with a racing game i'm not trying to diminish the work that goes into a mario game but it's the same tried and true formula maybe with a few different things here and there so obviously those can be pumped out a little quicker i would imagine yeah exactly and it's i'm all for ports like i want full on ports of metro prime actually maybe they can buy some time with that they did a good job pointing those actually to we you and everything but i'm all down for ports i'd love another wind waker port and so on and so on right joys man so but anyway i guess i'm not surprised like mario party is going to rise rise rises well and we sell very well but pretty interesting sales numbers on that front so let's go back just a tad to the marquardt tore news is good segue i actually hit only recently been found this they did about a year ago announced a year ago today actually yeah that's right it was on the thirty first of occas the fiscal earning stuff comes out right now fiscal earning that's my hashtag me at a twitter fiscal earning mario kart tour the mobile game has been delayed i don't know if it had a u._s. released eight yet at all but the story comes from gamespot is well and it says moore tour the smartphone debut of nintendo's hit racing series has been delayed in an earnings report yeah the publisher confirmed the mobile game would not hit its intended release window of the financial year for the twenty eighteen twenty nineteen stretch which ends in march instead the company now says marquardt tour will launch in the summer this year explaining the delay nintendo said it wanted to quote improve the quality of the application and expand the content offerings after launch and hints needed more development times so this game was supposed to come out by the end of march of this year yeah so that was original plan and obviously that's not happening so expand the content offerings after launch this mean that they haven't finalized their deal see plans i'm not sure if it's about truth be told i only played super mario run in terms of nintendo's actually i put fire emblem so actually okay that has some micro tracks action stuff but i'm wondering is it about that is it about the discussions of what is the right micro transaction model or maybe it is just you'll see or maybe there's just behind that's an easy way to tone busters oh tense for blue shell let's go that way people i'm sure chess streets will be on fire just wasn't i'm sure honestly nintendo tended to in the past i found they would pretty much say look we've held it back it's just in the same tone they said metro needs more time dave never been shy about like we're still working on the quality's important to us but i think as a message to investors you gotta be a little more clear so they do say quality but they say content offerings that so that's what i'm wondering how do you think this game is gonna launch she think it's going to be free with like one or two tracks for free and then if you wanna buy additional tracks the buck or two a lot characters that's kinda question yeah twitch chat san one bac says maybe customer apps and husky dork said nintendo said quote we want all the money that's another way to put it we shall hundred dollars says a oh that was also husky dork husky dork wow name so anyway switches having just a grand time out there tons of sales doing super-duper well we have a couple questions in here that we can take it looks like in the middle of stories cam do we kevin questions in the middle of story so to greg put it in the run-up shell okay because it's relevant so so anthony nudist says hello kind of funny games early crew this is my question with the recent announcement that mario kart tour has been delayed this now the second game that was pushed back because of the overall quality about the game about a game we knew about nothing win do you think we'll hear what nintendo has planned for twenty nineteen so far it's been lackluster and with the only concrete day being yoshi in march is there a chance any of the other games we know nothing about gets delayed as well animal crossing band neta pok mon question mark do we do we really have to wait till he three to hear this news and as it going to be carried by the indies in the meantime brit what do you think i'm surprised we never got our nintendo direction january yeah i mean it's sort it's the anniversary almost yeah like wasn't the announcement felt like it was in january the original reveal might have been early february but we're right there so i don't know what they're planning january direct do you think what could come in the next few weeks though because they do pull them out of their happy i am assuming so i don't think nintendo will keep us in the dark until he three for more news i mean they have a lot of titles this year that i think are going to get people really excited by switching you got the pokemon switch animal crossing lose mansion hopefully we'll see something from band neta you know so there's a lot out there fire emblem and we just know close to nothing about it like you said besides yoshi coming out in march so i would imagine we're going to get eight ten direct it's spent about five months i think since maybe four and a half months since we got our last one big one and obviously the longer the gop goes in between the higher expectations get which could be good or bad yeah gamer expectations the higher you let them get dangerous it never works out well yeah but i mean i will say i think they had so many eggs in the launch basket i was just blown away i would have never ever having covered intended for almost two decades had predicted that when they announced it again only two years ago wasn't even out now for two years that we'd have a fallen zelda and mario n._s. mash by now right yes nuts especially smash i was like that's going to take some time they nounce it boom they came out everything now yeah even if it has like this feel of brawl and may lay and it's just bigger and better it's amazing there's so much stuff in that game but i think they put a lot of energy of that they also you want my honest pinon here's what you think i think they had stuff in the cooker for we you that was the original plan already in development but that tanked total disaster scrap that from so i actually think breath wild well we knew that actually i think it was but mario and some of these other ones were already in the cooker for that before they came to switch was gave them this headway i mean do you think that's kind of how it's played out and now they're trying to still catch up i mean i always think when you're launching a new console hitting it with your best first party titles is always either way to console rate and always having stuff down the pipeline so yeah i think this is exciting especially with these games if we get our core poke among poor kokomo in game okay cokie game this year oh my gosh just going to sell butler's butler's it that's that's gonna be the nail the switch is being the epic nintendo yeah i mean it's got a ways to go still like we know it selling really fast will go on to sell over one hundred million or whatever the mark will will be for them because we know playstation four has done upwards of that ninety one point six something like that just as well i think within this year early or late last year but that's huge i mean it's on an amazing track definitely an in- influence on the industry i'm sure everybody right now is we prepare for the next gen console launches yeah everybody thinking how do we approach this market or do touch it all and just leave in intendo because they're not really taking out of the peace for pro and xbox one ex you know side of things which actually is very complimentary i kind of like it that way i have feeling intendo does too but i don't know what the other companies the known it's always march to the beat of their own drum it's paying off it has been so i am excited i agree with everybody is like just tell us what is happening we do need to know please i know you wanna stay excited like i love the indies but you you wanna stay excited about what's coming down the pike and do we have to wait until june i think it's a really good question antennas been pretty good about announcing stuff early and i don't i don't think so i think we'll get a direct hopefully in february where they will tease us and make a salivate yes rauner hands and use you heard it here first we also got a question from lee lee says holy crap nintendo has sold a lot of switches and to use your words and metric button of copies of smash ultimate right so what do you think is next how nintendo capitalize on these numbers do you think there will be a second fighter pass in the future with these big numbers do they need to do direct soon i think we covered that what are your thoughts on how nintendo should go from here but yeah like maybe looking at games that are already out like smashed or what are your thoughts can they extend what's going on now in between by doing anything i will go into question about smash a second fighter pass i would imagine that there's going to be more are you you're a big okay so you probably more in tune with this than i am but i imagine that smashed intimate is around for the long haul right this is going to be the smashed game that they're continually building upon and i don't think capping it i mean granted these fighters that we're seeing are like joker that's gonna be there reciting improv plan just came out a couple of days ago super cool that i imagine to keep it hot and spicy that they would continue to release some new characters some new stages maybe few new modes spirits board just recently became multiplayer compatible which is really cool so i'm not familiar with how that works i know the spirit board i think is very board yeah i'm pretty sure the venture yes right actually should mention was supposed to mention it stop the show if we've gotten anything wrong be sure to call us out on head over to kinda funny dot com slash your wrong will read that at the end of the show make sure we get those corrections into the show but it sounds like they've changed something with the spirit board potentially kept up the i liked the spear board because they cycle spirits on i think it's a weekly basis or something bounties basically to get these spirits really cool i think to go back to the question what can they do i expect that of a game like smash brothers i take the other side i mean i think your points valid we're like scraping at the coffin here for lack of better like what else is out there we need more like a game like smash sure we should get more out of it but like a game in this day and age that should be mandatory so to me that's not extending the life of the switch at all i mean certainly it'll help was smash brothers which should be thriving it's on its way to being the number one game i think that's maybe that's what's missing from r._e._i. card eight deluxe right like i don't know if there's been any like updates tell me there has been in fact i got twitter chat open on the side when i can't so let me know missing something on that but but they need a lot more i think going back to it all they absolutely need within the month of february give us a little bit to chew on because it's just like we don't know what's coming and they came honestly and said one of the most excited about is even farther off metro prime force hates coming out for a hot minute so we need to know more all right let's move on to our next story playstation plus expand storage to a hundred gigabytes this is a ten times increase you'll see this is actually the playstation calloway what's the saudis would you heard it kevin clip that's the sound when i get the patch i want that sound to accompany that when i install it on the playstation suite great all right so this comes from playstation it says before we get to this month's lineup we have some news to share about cloud storage for playstation plus members in early february we will be expanding our cloud storage space from ten gigabytes to one hundred gigabytes for p._s. plus members giving four owners even more space to keep all those game saves with cloud storage you can save your game progress and character profiles on one p._s. four system worded ali continuing they said and then continue the game on another cisco that's why i should read the whole sentence before a judge and then continue the game on another system without losing progress there's talking about cloud saves so be sure to check it out next month i assume since it's january thirty first they do mean february and not they're not like mincing words there i asked greg about this because i've never run out of space greg if you run out his like yeah i think he might have had an l. o. l. in there have you ever encountered running loan space no no i mean completely honest here even know this was a big issue so let me know of yeah run out of space in chat i would love ten gigs isn't that much so that was my first reaction i was like okay ten gigs for safe files yeah it is yeah it is for say it's called saves for the it's not like they might be i forget if you can save i don't think you can save your videos and poed there now i think it's all safes greg right now chattel shelter i didn't say you could go to go to kinda funny dot com slash you're wrong what it is anymore i i don't pay attention super hard so you know what's funny everybody is on the show greg's been saying it hasn't been working and he's not sure the u. r. al eight does it work cut funny dot com slash your wrong some people in chat saying patrol says why would you need that much space warped thirteen says i've been close but never had to delete anything games are taking up way more space now that's the games i five thousand sets some saves are huge like madden and w._w._e. so i think what we're seeing and zeiger in chat does say it is kinda funny dot com slash wrong so we got it right can't trust them you can't trust but my reaction was yours i was like yeah ten gigs in an era where whether you have google drive when you get like terabytes and i'm paying playstation upwards of fifty bucks a year or whatever ten gigs is it a lot so yeah my first i was like isn't it just a course correction like you should probably just have more space for the money you're paying yeah so i think they need to do a based on that and probably preparing for the future is well i don't think it's like next month and around the corner so it's five saves yeah that's what it's really about the p._s._e. that's the new gossip on the street is peace five saves are so big that you need to cloud no i don't think it's that it should just be increased because you pay pretty good amount you should have to worry even if what i would say and cares what you think but like even if it's a small percent of the audience or paying customers if you run into that problem you have to leave like saves yeah that really does suck i mean i run into that problem all the time like on woeckel local it's like okay what am i going to delete today because so many games are coming out and they're they're so large that is just a pain in the ass manage yeah for me it's like managing my volt in destiny i have so much stuff tag tell you how many times have heard andrea complain about the ball and she said you u._s. good conversations about a lot of destiny so you're gonna get full but i think people are experiencing the same type of thing on the the playstation cloud saves with their saves and stuff so good job exactly that's how you stretch a to sense of about that into some some some longer discussion but now it's time for the next thing that i forgot whatever the segues but you take it away we're gonna talk about game releases i was trying to think of sake what you could use but i don't know what the official one oh it's time for out today is that what it's called jesus i don't even kevin does you see what they provide i can't wait to see when i run out of my ten gigs base oh yeah you far away so i didn't even know what the official name of the let's go with that i'll just few it out the official lists of upcoming safra across each and every platform us listed by the kind of funny games daily show host each and every weekday yeah and all my god there is a lot i've been on that do it jalen dingle jingle dingle i'm supposed to do a jingle around in tune in your head it'll be good perfects whatever i dunno whispery all right time for today so there's a lot on this list i was gonna say have been on the show a number of times sometimes it's just a few games out certainly i've been on during the slower months we've got a lot to go over tons of stuff okay you've listen front you to awesome i might let you read some of these off too because sometimes i mispronounced everything wanted to get through the hard stuff so all right let's start with some releases confict wars phantom fest super pixel racers caverns law sky then moving on we've got bombed fast for p._c. p._s. four xbox one and game maybe you're not a stranger to as combat seven skies on known coming out on p._c. night cry as vita release seat leads still alive twenty nine thousand nine mark the date doing well and i want you to read this next one you ask ass car eighteen deal see the car series disa- feel ruta forty is now available for free for playstation for xbox via the respected digital store pages and this x. divinity original sin to definitive addition is now available on mac devices if you have not played this game and you love r._p._g.'s your yourself grand service by not playing this is very highly rated game i've always wanted to play it again one of the many songs because i think my final playthrough clock dinner on one hundred hours but yeah yeah it is so it was my game the twenty seventeen action r._p._g.'s top-down c._r._p. cheese what i would say the tactical super good really good that's why they made a second one all right also down wells coming out on switch we've got a garth s on the tend to each up on intendo switch akihabara crash one-two-three stage plus one i love the name of that one i love seeing akihabara erhard tales of broken wing also coming out on the shop in fact all the next few are on each out there is a lot coming out so i'm actually going to let brit why don't you take it away up to 'em okay arcade archives bummed jack is that where we left off yeah drinking modern i couldn't say your drinking drinking water early for whiskey balanced blocks don't tempt you kevin davis sore throat my filter i haven't here bleep bloop bomb fest krono clash fantasy tactics eg the platform kuker like there's like eighteen eighty gs in that that it is the sound of puking almost got the idea fishing star world tour forgotten tales day of the dead gubbay heli hell con six star base young police you see some tough ones you know i'm i'm glad to have year merchants of kagan monkey wall necker sphere deluxe new star manager only geary paladin perry pig jump pixel colors planetarium row both aurium the hell smuggle craft stray cat doors tangled tepe zombie nightmare and zambia panic in wonderland d._a._x. again all of that everything we just read through there all the way from garth as akiba crash etc alway down the list that is all nintendo e shop on intendo switch today i don't know i feel about this it's a lot there's so much on that store like you earlier pointed out i personally cannot keep up with it that's why you watch kind of funny games daily right here or you listen to it yeah no i mean i i don't wanna sound like i'm saying there shouldn't be games on a switch because that's not the case it's just and just don't want to get to that that shovel where're you know that we've had with the older yes i mean shelve aware is a term that we are all very familiar with your store fills up with so much junk that like my vault destiny and soon anthem that you can't sort through whereas the good stuff good stuff in there searching system right now isn't the best yeah on the shops thankfully featured system there's there's reliable places like here and what's good games fact now's the perfect time for a plug we'll do with what are we normally find you if i me what's good dot com i co-founded what's with andrea who's a regular on this show she's so cool i love her so much yes so you can find us at what's game com patriot dot com slash what's good games find me on twitter at blonde nerd i really got to change that i i started blonder dot com back in twenty ten that was my website so it made sense but now it's like i don't want to be known as blundered i'd rather be known as brumbach or you know it's just kind of that thing like your friend maria bello on twitter it makes sense bottom f._m. three underscore because you can't do three characters but i'll tell you what kevin if you just search for f._m. three on twitch please do sport me in fact they are both intrinsically tied in addition to kind of funny sporting me here i need your support as well over there to continue doing all this awesome content stuff that have been out there doing since i left but back to what's good games it's you andrea anchor scenes time strangers to kind of funny or me overnight g._m. for those many years of all you folks frigging fantastic so make sure to check out what you have a weekly show that hits you do some other stuff but we have our weekly show that launches every friday at eight a._m. and we do streams for patrons we have other crazy content plan for the future we have some fun stuff going on time so make sure to check and support her out and mister baggins in twitch jets france twitch is good best anthem coverage i've seen i all right no flags for that let's move onto a little more story about dates this is a little more interesting the giant list sell from our good friend andrew go over i love the goldie and yes this is a segment to this come with a theme song kevin no he can make one up how about you do it jump i'm sick days i actually love that those really good dates it's time for some new dates yeah these are not out now this is for future release date information so goldfarb but no surprise he's covering persona persona q two new cinema labyrinth is headed to the u._s. and europe on june fourth twenty nineteen the crossover game which includes the full cast of persona three persona four and persona five along with a female protagonists of persona three portable will be released exclusively unintended three d. s. for thirty nine ninety nine i'm rereading that is all one game that is this is just for three d. s. persona q to cinema labyrinth headed to the u._s. and europe on june fourth and we'll be released exclusively for nintendo three d. s. for thirty nine ninety nine hopefully i got that right otherwise head over to kinda funny dot com slash your own beat it the end of the show continue on with some new date information from game informer as expected q nordic has confirmed the release of dark siders warm astor addition is it warm mastered dark siders edition for the switch the company has also added a release date april second the game will be available both at retail and digitally for twenty nine ninety nine now we've got a chance to play dark siders it's one of those games that i haven't played the sears i haven't played and i really want you back in the day people are saying oh it's like zelda innocence has the flair do it and that's my trigger word and soon as someone says that might yours perk up and i so my brothers super into these types of games he loves dark souls and all that and people have brought up a couple of times on the show like why you bring up dark siders next those three and watched a lot of it has quite a bit of it's honestly a lot like dark souls but previously i think it's too and that is i forget if the war master addition let me know chat right now actually we're master too but that's feels very god awards zelda ish and it has like these big areas puzzles on honestly i think you would love it too like i love l. then when i watched that game and i love supporting games like this because an awesome studio and i feel like it's one of those franchise that does deserve to live on we need variety and gaming not everything can be got a war at takes five years not everything can be zelda takes five six years whatever right so get out there and honestly check this out it's gonna switch in fact i could carry this with me and played in bed is pretty see how this was leaked yesterday teach accidents uploaded the trailer i think to to their website or the uploaded the trailer yeah and they they merely pulled it down they put up a funny gift that said something like dispersed like nothing to see here now obviously it's been confirmed okay old jack frost in twitch chat twitch chet twitch tv slash funny game says wore mastered is one so long as jack frustrates just one but they went back and they remastered did some stuff it looks awesome but play them all they're all frigging fantastic from what i can tell all right moving on unexplored unlock addition on export unlocked edition arrives on four february nineteenth and xbox one on february twenty second that's coming up just around the corner do you know anything about the game you've played it it's more like rogue lite they say yeah i say yeah i stay down yeah you don't like the rope stuff yeah i do there they can be kind of brutal this is said i think more rogue light but it looks pretty deep get out there and support it i think it looks pretty cool moba brawler battle right battle royale is going free to play on february nineteenth also coming up around the corner just a little check in for you that dates lou hot because anthem comes out that we highs a hot date certified hot do you have certified hat kevin i'm gonna take that so so now next time i do it i would have certified hot date i like it yeah what did i say was certified hot brawler battle right there it is this one february twenty-second is certified hot f._m. three all right let's move onto the next story underscored they'll find it trust sport the f._m. three all right last up on the future date stuff is the kings bird is set to launch on all consoles february twelfth right i'll be honest i don't know it kings bird is kevin is there any obviously footage along the king it is possessive come on fran it's not it's not a plurality of kings it's the kings burns specifically i would love to know what that looks like but no worries if don't worry kevin if he can't i could probably find yeah we'll go we'll move on next up its deals of the day let's move onto that brit when you hit us with a couple of these details show okay p._s. plus for february for honor p._s. four hitman season one dive kick p._s. three cross by with p._s. vida still live twin metal gear solid four guns of the patriots yes three gun house p._s. vida across by with p._s. four rogue aces p._s. vida crossed by with p._s. four and as a reminder after march eighth twenty nineteen p._s. three n._p._s. vida games will no longer be offered as part of the p._s. plus monthly games lineup so be sure to download them while they're available all right so again those are deals of the day so get out there if you wanna take advantage of those right now because there's no guaranteed tomorrow you'll be able to to get these deals honestly some deals like these when they hit they are really good in fact i don't know if you saw this did you see the resin evil steel they had i don't think it's still active so it was on steam it was like five bucks for every resident evil or something i feel like i bought it but it was like you had total access and it was it wasn't everyone but it was like the core ones obviously it wasn't the new stuff but it was like amazing always that's why actually is much you go to places like and gamespot kotoka even like deals there's so many out there and they feel like it's just e what it's called as ecommerce but honestly like amazing kevin what's up bre just look at me you you wanna deal the day just gazing at you thinking about you just the most he's just like what that perfect hair there has danke you been telling me i should do just a mustache i'll be honest this is starting to weigh on me literally literally beard guy can i get somebody you should just go back to the generally it's like a little shadow or scruff this is the most i normally would do i normally i'm ready to take it off good most after are no my dad has a mustache senate really weird mustaches on on have you ever seen when hate your debts what's your mustache is going to be so thick that it is it's it's got gert i never seen extra girthy on television it's certified girth no i don't like that one i think it looks great what about this give me the one again cabin certified hot stash if you go there all right too much on that but i did a poll on my instagram just fran mira bella and it was actually overwhelming keep the beard so maybe off to do a little mustache that sounded weird ashfall let's move on some questions let me know a chat with youth think of the whole mustache deal yeah i was looking there's a lot of people talking mustache like yasmin i'm telling you it's hannah banana for the winstons vision there looks good maybe trim i cannot say what class cats lee said can i say that no you say that you can say it it's just gross and boettger yeah i'm not going to say it but cats lease thank you that's a heck of no to grow not going to say it's not true this this is why you need to boot up push t._v. slash kind of funny so you can enjoy in the dark like me i'm a big twitch guys i love engaging with chat so thanks everyone for participating all right let's take a question here we've got one from l. content no not doing reader mail yet oh you're not no i'm gonna do this question from our content ronin and then you're right i'm gonna move onto our sponsors right yeah yeah we'll do that and then we'll do read them okay so real fast let's take this question from alcohol ronin with the announcement of playstation plus free games for february this would appear to be the final time we get p._s. three or vita games as part of the service so how do you expect the lineup to change now we get three or four p._s. four games each month a greatly expanded the library how do you expect the overall quality of offerings to change now any greg for this one wake up if you're listening yell kevin witty are you a big playstation plus user because here let me add the context and i think brit getting plus had it don't take advantage of it i'm off on so many other platforms and i actually think it's a really good service and obviously i didn't have to read the question but i thought we take a crack added anyway i have it bookmark here yeah but but the question is you know this would appear to be the final time we get history or vita games as part of the service so the idea is it might be shrinking a little bit i think here's the thing here's the thing my p._s. three is in my closet just sitting there sad and my vita is i think the one that we use onset for the veto veto for debatable so is this going to affect me one hundred percent know if we get less games you're gonna be mad yeah but that's just because i feel like i have the right to be mad yeah might be mad it's funny yeah and that's why still i talked about it there's definitely this feeling that you were getting something not using it didn't matter i was paying for it just like if you have amazon prime you might have twitched prime which is a free sub you can give away to what's good games you have subs over there now oh that was don't you but you can if you'd like giving away three hundred score but but you do get it free but honestly it's a relevant example it's something get every month if kevin's out here and he's not using it on me i use it with kind of funny that's i want to use it with you but i was told in a meeting that we had to use it for our company see fan i think that's an ethical breakdown so break does back here completely but what the point i was getting at is just that you get something that maybe you're not using it if they take it away it's like oh i was paying for that yes so now what am i paying more for this for less amount yeah i get it exactly pain the same for free games any particular reason oh i was telling you store you kind of cut me off the timer anymore on the run a show so my last thoughts on that now we're done with my story then right what is sorry it's five let's move on cabin wish plenty of time we don't even need we don't even need you're not going to get rid of me now i'm just saying we're doing it live for the hour but hurt you hurt his feelings he's like p._s. three client weight and i worked with kevin longtime your story ended in your in a meeting where they demanded you use for the company or twitch prime sub so what oh see you're all over the place i think you were paying attention and that's okay i got buried in the room now thank you very witness not listening to me you think i won't stop the show to the story so hard for them to hire we're not going to move on kevon always saying that i am i always get my free games so much so that when the news comes just i have a tab here on this computer to do it at work p._s. n so that i can ensure that i get him do i ever play them no okay if they're always there for me actually see i love that perspective you're making sure to take advantage of it it's like in four night i load into save the world because i'm what was it called founder member so i get perks by loading into the e mode and four night i collect i have not had time to play as much as possible i'm collecting all this stuff in a game that i'm just like not playing but the perception is that it's there to finish that thought of i think there are a few people in chat saying earlier they were just like yeah but who's really using it and again i only about that's perception principal all right let's move on because we want to have time for some reader mail did you have any last thoughts on all right let's move on we're gonna move on reader mail but burst message from our sponsors helping us do it we do here at kind of funny games and all us well thank you for supporting us but first we've got quip did you know starting a healthy routine and sticking to it are two very different things inevitably we all skimp on that full night of sleep we skip a workout or two or brush our teeth with a tired old toothbrush i did two out of the three of those things recently continuing on from quip we're not perfect but we can do better and quip is the better electric toothbrush that can help built into built in two minute timer pulses every thirty seconds to remind you windass which sides and help you clean your home out evenly it's the quadrants probably how it works right up to ninety percent of us don't brush for a full two minutes don't clean evenly multi-use cover works at a stand neth even multi use a multi use cover works as a stay mouse amir's and slides over your bristles to pack and protect your quick on the go plus there are no wires 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horror fans alike where life can end in an instant cook on the link at our description and ina description or head over to w._w._w. dot d. three go dot com slash k._f. games getting that's w._w._w. dot d. three go dot com slash k._f. games and download alien blackout for the app store google play and amazon app store today all right let's get into some reader mail the first one this one's custom designed for you brett our friend blackjack new you're going to be here so here's the question says hey frame britt with an exclamation thank you fran i hope you're yeah yeah hey brit and fran i hope you're enjoying hosting kind of funny games daily and brit it's finally to great finally great to have you on the show this question is mostly for bread because she might be the biggest resin eagle fan ever pressure she is i've been following breath for a long time and that is by far the thing i've seen a little crazy blackjack continue says now that the game is finally out and she's played it extensively are there any major flaws that you've found during your time with it is there anything you wish you could change about the game or did it turn out exactly the way you're hoping it would keep up the great work and be mindful spoilers yes later today on the country cass which can catch live if you're a patriot on it silver tier kevin i believe so yes catch it live early otherwise it goes up on monday so what do you think of the game okay so personally what i would have liked to have always i love this game it's probably my game of the year but what i would like to have seen more resonable to remake would have been more documents or journals mar notes scattered throughout the level because what that does is it provides a lot of insight as to what the people who were there during at the police station during the outbreak what they were going through what was happening what they were experiencing and don't get me wrong they are in the game but there aren't as many as in the original resident evil to you and those journals are really fun i mean in the first one we got itchy tasty riley that was like iconic do you have an idiot that is okay really super weird itchy tasty four people understand what i'm talking about was this in a two original no this is an example of an iconic journal entry that you find any game and resonable too they have some new ones in there but they don't have as many as i would have liked to have seen in the original resident evil two it gives you some context that's what characters from the original resin evil arguing and rose evil to you it doesn't so much go into that and so people who play it for the first time talking to andrea about this she's like what is this g virus who is this chris guy and you know grant clearly on our two characters that don't know what's happening so you're experiencing the story through there is but it would have been nice to have some background information provided i think going into fresno evil too but i mean that's not a glaring flaw like i love you love the lore that's why lovers and evil and i mean i like being scared to you but i played resident evil to for the first time when i was nine years old and it gave me nightmares to the point where i had to go see a doctor and figure out how i can get my sleeping schedule back on track because it's one of those i didn't know how to handle being scared so i love being scared your goal to now that's what you describe do you know it was crazy i'll talks about smart up on spoiler today but no i mean i just love her able to so much and i think honestly it's everything i wanted it to be so many major flaws no i know some folks were complaining about all the backtracking inventory management but that's just a staple of refined yes it's been in the past yeah i was saying nothing nothing how do you rate games on what's good you have a rating system don't you had to though and a one to ten scale is sort of perfect for you not we're doing a different this is i'm hosting today give an a love it can i say that yeah of course island give it what i know fine i'll give it a ten don't yell at me kevin ace's in the studio this is scary stuff right here the master from malta himself johnny ace you're the after the show when the fund began debatable debatable onto the show watch it on i think i don't know they just told me to show up pay rate seventy five thousand on debatable they make sure to stay tuned for that that it's very soon as don't you have to talk the nick pence real thanks man thanks i i've never really i've been wanting to meet giannis forever that was our first time meeting but somehow he knew who i think he's on twitter now i heard is he okay maybe twitter okay cool we're all pretty pretty happy with our either it's gotten eleven from britain how can you are you with that off kevin are you happy yeah such a stick or i have rules let's you you're not going to get a moustache if you're going to be like this whatever that means yesica i'm sorry you can have an eleven i was wrong inks oh wow that's how much you want because you wanna mustache right through years thing he wants but he doesn't know it yet you know what i mean it's going to change him in the best way possible just ambushing with a razor you can't do all right all right all right let's let's move onto another reader questioned from yes yes for short everyone's been talking about the epic verse steam and the store discussions however nobody is brought up discord venture beat dot com raises a point that discord those discord store has some advantages such only taking ten percent share whereas epic will take twelve percent steamed thirty there's also the fact that discord has two hundred million users what do you think brad do you think it's that with everyone piling on epic the discourse been doing some game cells but what's your perspective yeah i mean this is when i raised my little flavor and i say i'm not active on seem on the active on aim sore or on discord so i probably don't have the industry insight or knowledge that that you that you would expect here game somewhere else he's hard to keep track of but i do think it's actually come on man i am actually should match discord partner and epic partner on both those fronts but but i'm not surprised that there's more stores other it's good point keep an eye on but i think also dischord story only takes percentage shares i think as we've seen that's just not enough to make the steam users hoppy and switch over there's no cloud savy no offline play no chat there's a long way on the store and one or two word answer days gone do you think it'd be a service oriented project destiny yes or no no no all right there it is all right let's round out the show brittany i just want to say thank you once again it's been a pleasure working they find you can find me at laundered on twitter and what's good games dot com please go support her and support me as well at which t._v. slush f._m. three underscore is been our pleasure oh squad kevin was that's right i was telling you he was we were giving i so last thing we do want to point out a little squat up that is where you can meet other best friends out there this one comes up in from josh who wants plans switch josh says i bought super smash brothers about a week ago and maybe it's because i haven't played smash since the game cube but holy bleep a suck i feel like i've been randomly pressing buttons and hoping for the best we heard this last week as well i've always believed that nobody's really good at smash and we were all just varying levels of bad but if any best friends would be willing to help fellow best friend get a little less bad really appreciate it even if they just want to kick the crap out of me sensor that that's fine too and they can help so his coat and don't worry it's going to be in chat as well and youtube scripture s. w. dash four zero four seven eight five five nine one three zero six check it out check it out in the link that's it for today show thank you wrong oh we have to read your own you gave me the wrap up early that's why it's my first time doing the great job let's move onto your wrong real fast great okay we got a little problem i don't have access to your wrong kevin so why don't you tell us it's okay greg not give you he did he did whatever the case why don't you tell what's wrong link i of course i hit the link with him all right you don't have to yell at me i'm not to communicate doc you ain't gonna pull it up right there i can read all right we've got quite a bit coming in here we've got the antibiotics read them in your head first and find out if they're dettori allies because a lot of these kids good warning orioles you know the good warning the first one nanno biologists says the last direct was september thirteenth excluding any direct and super smash brothers direct let's see on you know is that what you ask for wanna know when the k yeah playstation cloud storage is only for saves let's see what else regarding the bounty board we were talking about that with the spirit board new cycles get on their five minutes i don't know if that one is that one went off the page is why it's hard it's up here now it's up here now okay well you want to be bigger no i'm laughing at the system of a i gotta read it first and decide of muna say i rather just read them to be here we do have another one coming that these kids will just put in their thoughts i totally agree with agree well everybody put that in there so we love britain fran it's fantastic i haven't read that one that's all right let's let's keep moving here we did get one from agnosio ross says fan said you might not be able to get these deals tomorrow which only included the p._s. plus free games these games will be available that's off the page as well but those will yeah i was referencing general deals by the way but that that is a good point of correction and also there was another out today this comes from zaire says jaren and vidal had been added to dragon ball fighters z. i don't know how to pronounce it either as d._l._c. that's actually a really big one we also missed the dates it's not an official announcement but twitter is reporting the animal crossing for switch i've not heard this big don't read this it's not your lease through to look it up i lot of these kids come in here hey i'm okay full this lamer yeah i'm all right phil this claimer they're claiming and i'm looking at the link i'm like i've never heard of that before but there's sort of a rumor that it might be releasing i'll me on it's my meter on as like i don't know damn all right i think that takes care of a wad of those crushes did you see anything else in there i was looking okay well no problem we corrected clouds all right that is definitely the end of the show right kevin i didn't yesterday else that's it you gotta do a handshake in we're moving on debatable is up next right so they wanna stay alive we've johnny so make sure you stay here they just showed up in the studio debatable coming up what's it going to be with jared here no longer so make sure to tune in and check that out it has been a pleasure best friends and britney it has been a pleasure as well thank you so much yeah

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