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We've got this kan. Asked to come to the small town. Murder mystery sifi. Doctors romney earth needs now stars and resident alien landing january twenty seven onsite by thursday's ted danson and holly hunter star in a hilarious new comedy from previous tina fey and robert. Kerr lock mr mayor. Please don't try to speak spanish again. Paul payroll means dog and bust mr mayor thursdays on nbc. The bravo clubhouse for the podcast addition. Watch what happens. Live with me. Andy cohen. She always serves fashion heartaches and when he's with martha he bakes. It's watch what happens. Live with bevy smith and snoop dogg now. The hey everybody. Welcome to on your host. Andy cohen with two goats. One of whom loves ago. T my first guest is just a queen. She's a queen mother her new book beverly lessons from a mother. Auntie best is out now. It is so great. You guys gotta get it. Say hi to bevy smith there. She is way to see you baby. Hey baby i see you. And i love this book. Y'all it is great. My next guest is a man whose talent comes in many flavors and most of them are garnished with herb. He's currently a judge on go. Big show thursday on tbs. It's snoop dogg. Hey snoop many theme songs off the hook. I liked it all right. That's what i'm talking about. Thank you thank you. I'm going to tell jenny lows. All right thank you snoop. Wow i'm high compliment. you know. celebrities have not been walking the red carpet lately. But that's hold on before. I get into this snoop. What was your reaction to anderson in hysterics on new year's eve i mean i was like i wanted. I wanted whatever he had I wanted i wanted. Some of what what he was on because he was another lab yes. Celebrities have not been walking the red carpet lately but that shouldn't stop bevy from giving them a push in the right direction or shove if they need it. It's time for new year's resolutions round to bevy. I'm going to present you with celebrities. You tell us what they're 2021 resolution should be starting with laurie laughlin. I'll she needs to be back in. The big has not the full house. Okay what about prince. Harry and meghan markle you not all of the reinvention in the remakes like that. They are now in the united states. Get rid of the royals. Vp elect comma harris. I love communist. She is the iconic covergirl kudos. A vote on the cover What should kim cottrell. What's your her resolution be. I'm so glad that she just gave up sex in the city. Because i'm hoping they'll recast a busty round lane. Him bevy is throwing her hat in the ring. Okay i'm calling shape now. What should gail kings resolution be gale grow. Had a not you. It's never enough galloping arlene. Keep doing what you're doing okay. What about Melania trump who cares not me. Okay for new first lady. Doctor joe biden. What should her resolution be. Is the doctor in the house. Yes indeed the white right. Thank you very much. Some new year's resolutions down since nukes men. All around the doggy dog world. I want to drop a couple pins like they're hot with the round of snoop there it is. It's new by of questions. I want to find out where some of your major milestones in your life occurred. Where were you when you had your first kiss snoop mar. I is was in the alley. Nineteen eighty two girls relate. I think i think it was sharma leak to in the alley. Where were you when you. I did actually put it in. Yeah i thought you said you wouldn't put it in a is in there now. Nineteen eighty five. And and where were you snoop was at a at a friend's house who you had a girl that like me and i liked her. We just so happen to get you know a little private space and a bedroom a little mattress in lewisham real quick and fabs. Okay where were you. The first time wasn't doggy style. But i had no clue. Well you share learn. Were you the first time you wrote a song time. Border sorrow is probably in the sixth grade. And where were you the first time you heard a song of yours on the radio at my cousin's house simple cordless league honors college and it was a show called the box and nothing but a jeep game on tv screen. Wow how about the first time. You told your wife that you loved her. Where were you then you remember. She was my wife when she yeah. Nineteen ninety three. Where were you do you remember. I think i would take an out of her. Mother's house moved into my apartment. That is very sweet all right. Thank you for. Playing snoop took us there You know snoop has unleashed some notable fashion statements through the years. I wanna play fashion or trashing doggy. style edition. I'm going to run through some of his past ensembles bevy and snoop tell us if you like it or if you bag it up like doggie doodoo okay. Fashion or trashing tight curls and oversized plaid at the ninety four. Vm as bash nash. Sean has came up in that in just a swing ear. One that stage everyone. Roy bit breezy upper. Okay ain't no. Yeah that's it ain't no friday and extension that that's me okay. How about this black paisley-print at the source awards in ninety nine. S guys bash. That's one thing promised threw the rag. It's okay what about rock and blue factors for and a gold tooth right here. What do we think this bevy. Waste as big jaffe breaking implicitly. Not far from me my life. I think jeopardy showing big enough jeffrey. Right what about giving off strong lives if the second bt awards in oh to i as it is. This is park. Homage to max julien. That's easy but the show is funny. Here we are at the third annual bt awards. O-3 bevy how you feel about this. Sporting yes that's like sport teams on their mind to the sports snoops. I'm at the bass on this women hook. What did they only thing. I like is pork chops side of my face like okay. You're you are gorgeous and green plaid suit and cape at the grammys in two thousand four. This i've read for the money. Goal is for the honeys. That's what i look. Air may make all right. Thank you very much. Replay invastion or trash. Bevy sophie l. Wants known what. Did you think of ebony k williams getting getting cast on rony. I know that you've known her a bit. Yeah advocate williams. That's my girl. I think she's going to hold up on. I think she's going to class up the joint issue certainly gonna let goes ladies note that Black magic is a real thing. It's not it's not just slogan. Is the real deal. Happy my ebony. I just don't wind up in the nomex because she's very well respected so stay ebony. Okay donna p wants in on facebook. Snoop if you've spoken to dr dre. If so how's he doing anything you can tell us. Yes spoken to dr above four or five times via facetime. He definitely doing better getting better as stays in the hospital and he wants guys another. He loves you guys. Thanks you guys all the prayers and other goodbyes visit until all right. Thank you very much. I want to go to the virtual audience dion as a question for betty. I wanted to know. What did you think of. The of pregnant elect vice-president an analyst to volk covers in conversations around him while a lot of controversy around their personal. I like the sky blue soup for more than unlike the cover shot right was. I felt like the cover. Shot looked a little haphazard thrown together. But i like the on paid homage to her being aka so they had the failed read and the pill pink in the background and the controversy. I mean it's really not the the woman that is one step away from being the president. We have big fish to fry. She's on the cover of world. That's nice but let's move along unless let her run the country that does i do believe this. She got next. All right sir. Yes surely as question for snoop shirley. What's your question highs new. This is so crazy we love you. So much we've been with us since dpd What was the response on. 'em and dissing new on that new track as zeus. Do you think it's because he wasn't included in your list of best rappers. The game has ever seen. Because i know you guys were friends. We're still friends. i think. That's s family business. And i don't want to make it more than what it is. I mean he's saying what he said. I respect that and we just keep right. there is family business there. You go snoop amari k. Wants to know who you honestly think was the victor in your versus battle against max and who would you like to see battle it out next. I think the victor in my battlefield diem experts. Everybody they have one in the culture. Want because you got two great rappers. Who loved each other and was never in competition with each other. We actually inspire each other. What i'm saying. We doll doll. The word united what was just a beautiful combination of celebration coach. Who would you like to see. Next on verses is q. ll cool j. j. z. One of those guys. All right Bevy did you guys meet when bevy was at vibe magazine. Did you guys ever did you guys meet them. Mets no couple of i one time when he was in town for the bma's on he was whipped like jimmy. Irene and there was the olden days of demand with the s k initials. We won't even mentioned his name. How yes Name is my mother's name. Is beverly too much more. That's why i love you. Youtube snow snoop wants the craziest stunt. You've seen on the go big show. Oh my god. I don't want to give it away but it's i mean if you don't already seen somebody swallow was swore but it even gets more intense than that i mean i don't wanna give it away. 'cause i want you guys watch it but that's show is one of the most crazy shows i've ever seen in my life. I can't believe eyewitness. Hey what did you think. Snoopy them of martha stewarts thirst trap photo. She posted in the pool over the summer. I mean what do you mean. S martha stewart. What i mean. She's the boss lady she's acquaintances. You know she know how to get what she needed life. You understand me. She'd been doing this jaws goldfish. Oh my god daddy yearbook beverley lessons from a mother. Auntie best is so rich with wisdom. I hope you can still find two cents to spare. Give us some advice from the book of beverly bev. Elation in here it gets greater later is about squashing. The idea that you've wasted time or pasture prime. What's your advice to people who feel they've spent too long going down one career path to change course especially later in life while it's breadth in your body you can always make change so it's never too late look it snoop he has had how many incarnations i mean you know if he had stopped reading eighty really began. We would never have snoop the entrepreneur within naps new the shaft. We wouldn't have snoop the gospel artist. We wouldn't have all these variations in my for myself and my book. I run it down. I'm lou gram bevy mc ski. I'm big bet from uptown. I'm beverly smith fashion these days now bevy sniffs of all these incarnations that so you have reverend your body if you wanna make a change make. The change is not always going to be easy but it can be done strategy. That's why you need to buy the book and you were broke badly for a minute when you made that change you right. The you're right about that in the book cafe but you say you went through that and you've been you knew where you were going and you you you push forward yes and you can't be daunted by the fact that maybe your cockles a little lower than you would like it. I'm sure snoop. It's experienced financial difficulties throughout his career. You know one every now and again but that's just a part of the game and not just also pushing yourself the on nothing ventured in game. You also go outside of as i say that. If there's anything that you're passionate about you love it you do it. You don't do it for money for the love of the love and pay what is right. The and you know the you also say that becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable is the hallmark for every successful persons trajectory. Back to talk about that. I mean because you can't wrestling whose real winners people that you look up to in july on my gosh presidents iconic this number a time those people just say oh i did and they just sit down and they just take it all in now. You're always pushing yourself. You're always being uncomfortable with being uncommon. You're always been comfortable with being uncomfortable and casually. Would you get that kind of feeling it's an adrenaline rush. You like. i'll go. What the heck i'm doing here. And that's why you know you're onto something really good in the sight status quo. No mind allergy. My knowledge that is somebody always asked me. They say was smokey. Been doing this since nineteen ninety-one ninety-two why why you won't why you won't quit. Do other like you know what i can't because i can't watch my highlights while still playing the game so i can never reflect back on what i've done because i'm too busy trying to do some there. You go snoop. Wendy wants to know what you thought of. What do you think of the rumors. Swirling about kim in konya. Did you see a divorce coming. I've got my own relationship. So i can't be worried about nobody else but everybody. That's that in a relationship during this colby. Because i stayed in a lot of people have been going through some things you know what i'm saying. Finally figured out that they really loved the person that they would just call. Things been real tough on relationships. So i just prayed it everybody can stay together play together and make sure that they pray together by the way also just wanna plug snoop has formed a hip hop supergroup during the pandemic with ice cube and e forty so short short end too short and too short. Sorry do you guys have a name for your group yet. No west more now west. Our our right On that note it is time for watch. What happens a five guys. These days for all of us dressing. Nice means putting on our least hideous sweatpants but are resident fashion expert. Bevy smith is here to remind us that until recently the stars were bringing it and they will bring it again tonight. Bevy is sharing her top five gag worthy celebs. Go ahead bevy. Okay number five jane fonda. She is an octogenarian and she's still brings a sex appeal to the pocket. They she goes. I loved her. Stop okay number okay. Number four now name. From the first time he saw off to object out in only black lights and now where she has really progressed the be a red carpet staple she never goes wrong number three on that one. The of it graven. Latest sicily types in ninety six and still slaying. The game fashion wise. Way the queen you've got about them changes which she's always down and being a tour cheap rings everything time and always looks delightful. And if you've ever had in the whipper the way she keeps us next bigger she drinks hot weather with limited eat bitch. That's how she snagged like them now. And then i'll number two the all the italian so i ended up. You know that really kind of set. The red carpet emotion to when she was just performing on new year's eve jalen always brain's really great loss and of course the body ideology is insane so they have number one number number one last night. Lease the young girl in the game. This mix all of us. You're boring dustin. Day of love. Her style she stopped by law coach. Who's a friend of mine. But she nails it so many times people can look like they're being stop as they away as close so well even tell. She's very comfortable in his skin. So who else can take. That's bad these watch what happens five and snoop agrees with all your facts off new audience. Thank you bobby. Smith is here. The book is bev relations lessons from a mother. Auntie best out now. Snoop show is the big show. Thursdays on tb ass. Snoop daryl hughes wants to know what your monthly budget as. You probably don't have one because you own your own company right. I mean you and the answer is thing. Mimi meaning doesn't have a budget bevy nicole. I loved your interview with chris harry harrison earlier. This year about the lack of diversity and the bachelor franchise. How are you watching the new season with matt james and if so what do you think on. I watched a couple of little clips of the matt. James in the annual to say i wish picked up a little more flavorful bachelor. If they're gonna events he batter you go to the grooming. The physical snoop dogg and just pick up alleged. let me getting with backlit deputy. Yes okay room. Snoop pete l. said. I love your new tattoos. Celebrating the lakers seventeenth championship win and honoring the incredible kobe bryant. What made you decide to get the tattoo. And what's your favorite memory with kobe. Or a game. You watched him play What made me get it was. I wanted to do something that could represent the championship. And coby bryant. So combining the two with his initials made our excess. And the best moment i'd have to say is when he flew to come and see me and hang out with me for a dan. I picked him up in my low rider and brought him back to my studio and when he left i gave them all right and then became a part of his collection. Wow i mean. I'm like okay right now. Just thinking about it like that was the greatest moment and he was so hospitable to everybody at my bill. And i'm talking about the people who take the trash out to the rappers to the everybody they all. They're saying that this is a great gun. I'm happy i met him and real like sorry about that. Yeah yeah well. Speaking of gone too soon we got a brat s emailed and said since you both with him do each of you have a favorite memory about the late. Great pock bevy right about two-pack in your book this mentally into to back is like i said when when i connected with park we let down bravado and we really connect it s like sensitive creative types. So we've been talking about our literature lack history and things like that even though we will pop in the tunnel whatever. We always like just abbott. We'll quality moment in. Does the quiet. Since the pockets of one that i loved. And that's the one that i really connected with. I love that you said that because a lot of people know that it was more of a funny guy than a bad guy so he would crack jokes all the time and talk about people and let you talk about him. Back and wouldn't get offended. Was one time when we were on a vacation in a it was him and thank because parasail and we were just up in the sky. We were just having a good conversation. We just kept getting dropped in. The water kept getting lifted on moves like little kids. That was like a moment to lead to wear a homing. It really be cheers and not have to put on a gangster persona will have to be nothing but really what exactly well speaking about you. Being a kid chris an emailed and said snoop. I love the video you posted on instagram of. You just listened to let it go from frozen in your parked car to help you. Decompress during the pandemic. What other music have you been listening to to get you through. Twenty twenty wow. I've been listening to a variety of music. And i've also been making new music too so with that particular song snow. What's that go. Yeah i love s song. I went to go see that movie who my grandkids. You know what i'm saying. I was gonna fall asleep. But i stayed up the whole movie when they started singing. I just i was crying and i just battlements. I'm sorry i'm sorry for that you don't have to. It's it's it's an earworm to ride. I love great music. Music still any sold matter who you are absolutely And so do great books. And that's why. I'm telling all y'all to get bevill asians by beverly. I need to buy those books. Because i got fifty female friends that definitely want to read it and know about an intro to better themselves fifty all right snoop better so beautiful thank you. Will you seriously like at. The people connected. I'm serious because you got twenty in the background right now. That need to be possessed watching. That's that's right down one time. Well thank you. So much bevy snoop. This was a winning combination and really fun night for more. Click around garoppolo dot goodnight. Everybody thanks for listening to the podcast. Everybody hope you enjoyed the show. Remember new episodes. Go live monday through friday at four pm eastern time. Make sure your subscribe to have a great rusty or night.

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