The Great Gildersleeve 48-05-12 (290) Gildy Stays Home Sick


Kraft Foods Company presents. Herald Perry as the great gilders lead. The Great Gildersleeve is brought to you by the Kraft Foods company makers of Parque Margarine every day. Millions of women all over America serve parque margarine because it tastes so good. To Own again home again. Like it, you love. Are K. A. Y. Parque margarine made by kraft. Well, it's early morning. Summerfield of the little town is stirred itself awake ready to greet another day. And what is the Great Gildersleeve doing? Better get up I guess. Looks like a beautiful day outside. Too Nice to go to work. lillerod than out there. is to say hello. You. Have to go to the office. Just spend the whole day looking for big fat. Worms. You'd be nice to just around the house. No use wishing. Time I get to stay home from work when I'm sick. So, what's the use with? Could call up and tell it mayor I'm sick. I wouldn't be telling the truth. Do have a little headache. Could lead to a cold. Cold could lead to the MONJA. Maybe I better stay. Home wouldn't WANNA catching ammonia. Slag Ellerslie. Verdy well I. Hope he hurry up already decided to say, go ahead. Cut Them Bernie. Alley I know you would leroy, but you had enough. Children. For Heaven's sake. What are you wearing your bathroom for? Me Off no not GonNa work today I'm going to stay home and low I. Mean Wrist. Rest. They're all doesn't feel very well today, children. I'm sorry, nothing serious. Just feel the call coming on. Just thought I. Just thought I wouldn't take any chances. Really feel sick have. Do my boy. Eggs No. Maybe I should force myself. Eat Them. Must Keep my strength up, you know. He hadn't you better call the mayor and telling your sick well. I'll have birdie call him after awhile. I'll have a little breakfast now. Thatcher. You wearing your badge rolled. Yes, Betty I'm not going to the office today. You see I don't feel very well. Oh, I'm sorry to hear that Mr. Gillislee us just a little cold where you stay right here at home. At Buddy take care you thank you. I'll have eggs now MR guilty. You have no eggs. With a coal back bird is not going to let you have any now what you can have little grapefruit juice. That's all but Brady. You know what they say. The Avocado and Brady. Isn't that the other way around vehicle in the old fashioned? I just read the other day. You start a cold and feed a fever, but I don't what they used to say. Days. You feel a cold. You start to death. Brutally. All you get is great sued cartoon style. Why didn't I say I had a fever? This is the life all right staying home just sitting here in my Dan taking it easy. I've see what's in the paper. Cotton. Comics. What are you doing here? You're going to be late for school. Don't any school today school. Why not rehearsing for the graduation exercise? ooh. I can keep the company here all day. That's what you think. You going outside and play Leroy. Can I read the comics. I know you can't go on. I'll go play with Craig or something. That kid to. Guess. I'll read the comics myself. Did. A! Man. He got away from accidentally again. Week. Presents. Falls. Life Story of. ood Much goodness. We have to have that radio on. The radio all. One program that. I hear. Over Here the kitchen when I'm doing addition. Couldn't you just? I certainly can't. Story! Martin suddenly appears I can go the past. See. At the time. Don. With Martin. Matt. Not Me. says. Who Cares I'm going in the backyard on? Goodbye, that's what I say goodbye. Nice time all right. Looks Pretty. Might, lie down for laughs. Better get a new hammock. This year. Getting Pretty. Ropes look weather beacon to. Finally get in these things. made it. This is comfortable. Everybody else at work here I am. Sky! Blue Today. Just a few clouds. Funny how clouds looked like different things. There's one that's shaped like a goat reminds me a judge, Hooker. Remember. that. Bumblebee. Coming around me for. Flower! Go Away Go, away. which likely circling. Trapped in this hammock. Move The wall. Stay here. I, real? Still! coming closer. We're you? Probably thinks it's a gladiolas. landed. Walking up my new. Just who still? Now. He's gone. DARNED, be? Almost made me fall out of the HAMMOCK. Get settled down again, Warm out here in the Sun. Takes Me Drowsy? My Goodness Leroy. Craig. Shoot border. You don't get out of here. Roy I. Want you to stop. This could go play over at Craig's house. Over there, his kicked us out. I don't blame her. Go play someplace else. What's that? Here Craig. Sunday. Oh, I don't feel. I'm a little sick. Well Look I. Don't have to explain it to you Outta here. What is it Leroy? You better get out of that Hammock. That GONNA break. My boy won't break. Fat All. Little Squirt I'M GONNA go. I. Never get any rest out. Here I'm going back. To be quiet here. What a morning! FELL DOWN That's too bad. We'll be back with the great. Gildersleeve in just a minute. You know friends. Birdie is certainly right when she says that game margarine shoot does taste it and millions of women agree they buy Parque Margarine. Just because it tastes good my sentiments exactly they know park is a top quality product because it's made by kraft, they know it's nourishing, because it's made from only carefully selected farm products, and because each delicious pound is enriched with fifteen thousand units of important vitamin, A. Bad vitamins, but I know what tastes good women have learned that this delicious fresh flavored spread is economical to yes. Parque margarine is a real money saver. Ensure helps the old budget. I know tasty parque. Margarine is the perfect topic for bread. Rolls Muffins pancakes waffles. It's nourishing. It's economical and like I said it tastes so good, right? Verdy parking is the better by both brand and budget. Try appetizing parque margarine one time, and you'll serve it from then on. That's P. A. R. K.. A. Y. Parque Margarine made by craft. Well the Great Gildersleeve little scheme of playing sick isn't working out very well. It's afternoon now, and the great man is in the living room. He's had no rest. No food except grapefruit juice to now you drink that miss guilty rudy. Glasses already running out of my ears. You're at thick man Mr Gill even I'm doing this for your good. Yes, but if I don't eat thirty, I'm liable to waste away. I wouldn't worry guilty. You got a lot to waste away on A. Birdie good night, just have a tiny little sandwich and time to kill sleep, but you know what they say. You'VE GOT TO START A. This is. Going to work at least i. Can. Seek out kitchen. Fridge! Wasn't a pretty. Obvious quiet is a little miles. Floor sneaks. Just made kitchen. Door. Leroy, what are you doing in that refrigerator? Cake. You know you're not supposed to be taken. We've meals, not glass and play. Out in kicking. I lost my way I thought this was. Here boy. Well I guess one piece of cake long early growing boy, thank you. And your so. Darn, kids getting through smart. Let's see here. Food. SLAM SHOCKS Just. They would really good raw. This wrapped up wax paper. Fried Chicken legs. Kraft cheese. Let's the. Laugh I? Over! What are you doing? Is. My head felt a little hot. Just, thought I'd stick it in there and cooling-off. Right back on that. You have nothing score Birdie. One time I pretty. TV chicken legs. My pocket here. Pretty Smooth guiltlessly. Food at last. WHO's that? Cooker, who asked him over the with bag? Slightly under the weather today. I got I got by. Coming! Down A little league! Get rid of. Bad. Pretty good. I'm sorry to hear that old brand in case just. Want you to catch my cool. Airedale. Let me check you in. There must be draft. Picks. Chicken It is. Guilty you were planning. Me I could need a chicken leg in my condition. Case Alley all. Just down here beside. Tasting. Yes sir, it's really delicious. If you have to smack your lips like that. I'm sorry. Too Bad. You're sick. You'd really enjoy this chicken. They're all finished our guest deposits of bone in this ashtray. Really could be going. Just Goodbye Goodbye Fan I hope tomorrow. You. Could get more arrests than this at the office. People let me alone. Goodness. Love. I don't think. Pillow. At. And clarity. Your health pack left the dumpster care of Mississippi well coming over I, suppose you're hurry to get back to Mississippi. When? Feeding any betterment guilty right? Now I feel horrible. Here that. If you feel so bad. who think you ought to call? The doctor all I needed to be left alone. You shouldn't take any chances over. Your druggist simple you. Take Part look here. It but I. Don't know Atwood Ethical I'm not an MD I'm fifty climate that we can't refuse to help a friend and he's our need. To put it that way. Finger on Israel's. I may have your. Thank you. Like. I know. Everybody has a pulse. Do to hit it. Now. As. Gods wait a minute. I get my watch. We have time when I give you the signal. You Start Current. Look for on your mark. Get set! Go. No No, no, no, no count. One. For Fans, whole thing is ridiculous. Quiet guilty. You're sickening I am not. I mean yes and. that. Another visit. When you're ill Gal! That's when you learn. Who Your true friends! Everyone flatters. The is no famed in misery. Anyone into words are easy like the wine. Are Hard to find. Being sick. You Call My. Good afternoon this bad guy. had. I am. Doing. Mischief is taking gill this with my. Well is that he'll youtube? Well I'm glad you came over at line. What I thought you'd be here all alone, so I wanted to come over, and he'd be comfortable. I will be alone in just a minute judge in TV. LEARNT YOU Now. and. That is a nice to us. Your friends off like they're. and. Don't look so grouchy. Never get well that way. Our? Would you like little land? Out, here on the radio get. To. Splendid idea as landed idea. while. We could go. To bed. Funny I feel better now. Maybe I could. Lie Back, day you're sick. You know what yours fat child I was quite a Walser in my youth. Fed a measure with me. Love to that line came over to see me. Fine friends. I'M GONNA party well I'm sick. Well could be sick. Now. Might. Just fly. Not a bad idea. Full shut up. More. Are you in pain? Why we ought to be ashamed of ourselves. Danton and having a good time when also Yulon? Ono It is. Shouldn't be having a party. Right here in front of you. I'm going to see all these people out of he. Him over to my house. We can carry on the potty over there where we won't disturb reports why that split Fairchild I am in rather a festive. and. Really right now th- rathmell. Pickup dinner. We can invite all afraid to stay with me like. You said you WANNA. Be Alot. Only thing. What is it natural PD reporting? You have approachable seventy five. Oh! On the doorstep. Kissing up pretty. Argue Fan guilty. I've just everything. That'd be getting headlines. Party kinda surprising my yoga. I? Guess A. Grapefruit juice juice. Our graduates this. Yes, you! Get. Somebody daughter again. Wait a minute brady. WHO IT IS I! Just Hear. God is the mayor. I'm supposed to be sick. I do ally down on the SOFA here. We put a blanket over me quick. Thought wow I was I just had a relapse. Nobre get the door, yes. Blanket. I'll. Get rid of him. By. Saving. Gildersleeve! How do you feel? ME. I knew you stay home from the office today, but I didn't realize you were so sick. I've got pretty bad. Usually have your hat on. At, keep head warm, pretty happy. Oh. Come through close Mr. Mayor I wouldn't want to catch where. It's fact it's dangerous. Be In the same room. Well maybe you're right. Perhaps is better goal. Yes, good idea. Good night! Go Sleep I hope you'll be up on your feet various. The. Right soon as you get out of here. Beyond my way. Fairchild is expecting. She's having little tonight. She was kind enough to invite me. You're going to why yes? I'm sure you be able to join us well. Take care of yourself and don't forget your shake Matt. Will be right back folks. The best things that can be said about parque margarine are said by the millions of homemakers who serve it every day. They say it's delicious, fresh wholesome. They say it tastes so good. Yes, millions of women all over America say parque margarine is their favourite spread for roles. Muffins pancakes waffles as well as breath. Next time you shop, ask Parque Margarine. You'll love tasty fresh flavor deal like the fact that Parque is a real money saver. Try Parque the margarine craft quality. It's the better by for both Brennan and budget that P. A. R. K. A.. Y. Parque Margarine. Get. At the SNIFFLES. A headache to. His time, I'm really getting a cool. It'd. You had better stay home today. No, I'll never do that again. I'm going to work good morning I mean goodnight folks. Play by Harold Perry Ataman. Fairchild Universal was written by Gene's GonNa. Jack Marvin Lewis Music by Jack Nicholson sound effects by Monte Fraser. Included in the Castro Wilder Tat Lee Louise Eric's Lillian Randolph Earl Ross and Richard Legrand. This is John Wall saying good night for the kraft foods. Company makers with the famous line of craft quality. Food products. Tomorrow night? Don't forget how jolts on the craft us. A call heard over most of these MDC stations. Don't Miss It I. Remember Tomorrow Night for exact time. See your local paper and be sure to listen to the next Wednesday and every Wednesday for the further adventures of the Great Gildersleeve. Listen to this amazing offer, a stainless steel pipe with a gleaming sixteenth serret blade in the handle of beautiful. An honest dot on the quarter value and it's yours for just thirty five cents and one label from a package of tabs set the delicious Cheddar cheese food. That's right. The perfect cake and pie knife for kitchen table us. It's yours for less than half its regular price, then thirty five cents plus one step package label to the Phoenix. PAB Step Company box one seven, three Chicago seventy seven that address again. The Phoenix P. H. E. N. I.. X. PAB steps company box one seven to three Chicago seventy seven. Yet your knife today. This is NBC the National Broadcasting Company.

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