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Personal Journal #8 January 7, 2019


Jured morning everyone. It is the seventh of January. And I am backing out of my driveway on a Monday morning. I'll tell you two things have got this Monday a little more hype. He and good energy feeling than. Then just any money because it's pretty warm out. First of all. It's like fifty and in sunny, blue skies, sunny and. I'll take man. Yeah. Just pretty good. I did not sleep. Well at all, Jeff. What did you do? Why is there a reason? There's usually a reason when I don't sleep. Well. I'm gonna. Sas this that. I. Ate and drank. At this lovely restaurant. It's an Italian restaurant. I had a lovely meal, but it was very rich Italian food. And I had two of red wine excuse me, and. It's just too much rich food, and I guess I didn't it wasn't even that late. But it gets worse. I came home, and I took a lot of cough tablet medicine. That had like over the counter stuff in it. It was just over the counter biz. But. I just tossed and turned in woke up on night and felt those those combinations of things. Did not serve me in a horizontal position. I know what you're you're dying to know. Jeff. How's the coughing? You cough yourself awake? No. I was already awake. It didn't matter. There is some good news. I was not coughing generally speaking, I was not coughing. So I am coughing now. So you're not going to be deprived of that. Joyous. Sound this week? I have a few things that feel stressed stress. But nothing feels overwhelming this point I will because my wife is Alabama university of Alabama graduate. I will watch the football championship tonight on television. Her parents are huge fans. They may be attending. I don't think they are. But in very recent years, including last year, her parents have attended my wife is attended the national championship because Alabama has been in a bunch the last four or five six years. I have visited the stadium there. Tuscaloosa man, annum varying myself, I do know the name it's tucked away in my brain folds somewhere. It's a heck of a great stadium. And. The name of the coach of Alabama is Nick Sabin. Who's not exactly when you see him. He's not exactly archetypal coach guys smaller. He's a little older than you might expect. But he's like genius. He's like the iota of college football. Apparently, he's always he's always very modest excuse me very modest in his words, use his. Has this kind of old school off shocks way of talking about the mammoth Munster's success of the football program that he is. Incredibly famous for coaching. And. The joke is that Nick Sabin loves coaching football winning football games. But as I love is scouting scouting for new talent and meeting with new talent across the United States. And I I don't know for sure that that's true. But I gotta be a joke for a reason. And there are stories of Nick savings scouting around here and there so the game will be a good one. It's against Clemson. And. I'll gather with some friends and. I always close. I'm trying to think of other pertinent things. I spent too much time probably put it last episode together. But I'm proud of the year in review. I listened to some of it. It's far from perfect. It doesn't even have. It's not even mistake free. I had a few. I had if you things that I said wrong, and but it's okay, we're in a season friends of better done than finished. And I'm gonna go with that for today better done than finished. I have work that needs to be pretty pretty damn close to perfect by the time. I turn it in. But I need to not be hindered by its need for perfection, the work that I'm thinking of goes through a couple of colleagues proofing. So I need to just be cool with that. I need to let that process. Do. It does. I'm gonna make some lists. Some lists at my desk either. In software in my little planner journal book making lists always helps me too. Excuse me. Excuse me. Making lists reduces anxiety, and increases clarity imagine that making a list. What one must do for the day in my case is absolutely. My personality is very much get bored. Quickly get distracted quickly. A list has a way of keeping the baby rattle in front of my face. So I can stay on task. And I'm gonna be doing that today. It's my promise to my to me and your just witnessing it. Okay. It's also promised to you. I'm gonna be selling barris if I break the promise. Cheers to a great Monday. Let's see what it holds check. And soon audios?

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