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Doug Clifford Drummer for Creedence Clearwater Revival


We've been using the anchor for about two years now and it's been wonderful. It's a free APP. In case you've been looking into getting into podcasting lot of companies charge you for their use of their platform but anchor let you do it all for free and you can do everything anchor you can create your pine task. Meaning you can record it you can edit right on anchor and then anchor will upload it for you to all the other podcast platforms because anger does all the work for us and the best thing about it is. It's free so you can download the free anchor APP or go to Geico Dot M. to get started the Hallway Day our view. How's IT Goin'? As well as can possibly be about you soon okay so quarantine so still doing these zoom calls and still but seeing with the audio we're talking with Doug Cosmo Clifford of CCR renamed COSMO Clifford. Yes a member of the rock and Roll Hall of fame. Band creedence clearwater revival. The audio is Sketchy a little bit. So we're going to. We're going to play with it please. tolerate and tried to boost it up as much as possible and I. It was actually really good. Fit Talk With Doug so. Let's get started another legend it. Fun To talk to alleged. This was our first rock and Roll Hall of Fame Guests Right. I believe it was okay. So what the Cam Sherry perfect. So let's get started with. Doug so are you have you holding up? How you faring? A real busy time. You know just in history and the well-being planet and everybody in it been hanging onto that pretty well I think a little of that just caught me off guard and when that happens in these times I want exactly backwards on my so. We're here now though worries amyloid ago. Can we call you? Cosmo you can nice love it. You know him as he's he's. Drummer of CREEDENCE clearwater revival To Ban he started with his friends. Stu Cook Tom Fogerty and John Fogarty ever since junior high you guys were in this band junior high amazing four years older than we were so that was awkward. There must have been awkward for a while when you. You're a high school or playing with these junior high kids well. It came out of necessity really on had a plan to Teach he was in a band called Spider Web and the insects. She was the lead singer. Nice title reading. They were really good but they're prototypical musicians. Unfortunately as Thomas Plan was to learn a couple of songs which she had record them and then get in his car to L. A. And try and shop for a deal. That's pretty way ahead and thank you for a guide from the town. We grew up in and there was only eighteen years of age and it was overwhelming for his band. Because they send a well. Are we getting paid and Thompson? No I'm paying for everything. The session DASS food when I go down there any expenses. It's on me. The this is a beauty is going to be any chicks. Their checks no recording session. And that's our future and this beauty. They said we'd rather work on our cars. Enter the blue velvets this little. A trio instrumental trio that we had and quite honestly. Thomaz a big supporter of us. When we're doing saw cops in the gym and that sort of thing. He would come by our gigs when he could and and giving US support and and since nobody singing he would sing a song or to give you know. It was a genuine Cool I wish my my brother was anywhere near this guy. The Vance said no and Tom comes to us. And would you guys back me up in the studio? We should make a record and he said Yeah. Are you kidding me? We're into it? We were about fourteen and we had a pact. We had as the trio and that was the Sunday. Have our our songs played on the radio? That was our goal right when we're thirteen fifty two years later. They're still plan our songs. So that's another story. So anyway we started the process of going in learning play our instruments together and then going in to the studio and being a recording unit. So we were. That's what gives credence unique. Sound Information and growth. All those things took us ten years going into and recording and doing getting a little better each time that it took us a ten years before we had our first yet so a perseverance was also in our resume. Then it hit with a vengeance. That's unique in that you were interested in recording. Not playing shows is that is that the case. You didn't necessarily WANNA play your high school or clubs or what was what was going on. They want to record like it songs that true we we really did. And we were driven by and when we regressed a little further and decided we'd better us. You know man like the Beatles so stu switched from piano to bass and Tom Picked up the rhythm guitar one of the Best Rhythm Guitar players that either way either by with her when he was gone. You're saying he covered the cost of that whole first recording. You were thirteen. He was set for fourteen in eighteen and he paid for this out for this recording for the Milan. Derby would do that when he had to. And signed funky bales were companies. That had maybe a four track machine or something and would give us a chance to make a record and they had the rights to put it on. We started early on down that trail famous fall. I alluded to earlier. Yeah I'm very impressive and part. Tom was really hard and all the band singer. Right RIGHT UP. The boss could count on him with a big brother who had chins and I was taunting like brother. Father a friend Tom in their life. Yes so yeah so this was. This was Tom's vision. I am initially. John was how many a few years younger we were all four years younger. The three of you were the same age in the same same grade seventh grade. Well was it. You grew up else. Well I I know where actually because I haven't I haven't grown up yet but did silly growing up humor there El Cerrito a little a bedroom community in East Bay of the San Francisco Bay area and Nothing faster there was the cash system. Islanders were the multiple folks. Slot lenders were much pail. Sure we have that here in the San Fernando Valley. There's the south side the rich side and then there's the north side so we're the north siders here. What was the saw was one song usually? There's a moment when you realize. Oh we we actually have something here mean. I'm sure it wasn't a hit. Maybe it wasn't a hit song. Maybe you were jamming sometime. Maybe it was something in the studio. Was there a time where it's like things? Are Clicking here. This this might be something. Well most of that change from the recording side and I thought we had we did have a regional hit Paul Brown eyed girl not the The the one by Van Morrison but it was written by John and Tom. It went to number one in San Jose number. One Sacremento an-and around the the burbs area and someplace in Florida was number one anyway. We we had a taste of hearing our song on the radio to and I at the time we're going to San Jose State University warn. Were in San Jose and got the number one record and boombox gridlock them around in between class and this long had a huge one pretty cool. I'm living wage slaying because of on the radio station. And that's our city will and that just went to number one so. I came up to him. And that's My van that's zones I said. No that's really US Jimmy Nevarez. Oh man you know there's there we finally make it and people are GonNa think that I'm telling a reinvested every time we didn't go work on our fires. Not a fun is it. What when if did a couple of things that gave us source energy and believes in came? We came really close. We were number one hits the you know thousands tens of thousands of people and we heard on the radio so the Pity on them back to the original question. You didn't do a Lotta Jamming. Because we didn't have tom how to job and family. We all have what we had to plan. Our timing wasn't a lot of jams. I Guess The Sun. We would have song where learn time? Erickson for for the studio so it was kind of like you said this is the Golliwog phase. I was curious who who came up with that name in West their son and did it. Did it need anything? Where did he come from the trip? the was stupid reason for what you wear. Uniforms were absolutely ridiculous. Song Weiss balance records found beaten beating when he always. You can always tell us when you come before on their three track mission. You've gotTA drive. Traffic never worked. He shouldn't have to have women you have to have. Given Song Goshen argument only reason. They had a rock and roll. Band is the of Jasmine Shall Rahkamo Loic. We can make money so rare all plan just to make money off than nothing. Spare pointing their idiocy. These uniforms white Cossack adds amazing SHERVE BRINGING SWAIN. Patchwork Hands Juno were at South Dolls Alternative Century in England. I don't think there too many English. Stop Freedom to ask him what can tell you. It didn't last too long. The name of fortunately any anything was wrong. Even today but We won that battle and never never left that. Who came up with the idea? Okay we have to Change Our Name. And then I'll send you come up with credence. Clearwater revival those. Three words mean anything when you put them together. What you're there and you endo involved always innuendo. We we were. We had Jenner. And now is the time Armand's indifferent because what without some airplane in then messing and also the longer name will more Trent without a smart but anyways so that you bring up a number of bands and they as we talked but you weren't really jamming all these other San Francisco Bands. Were jam bands. You guys were tight. I mean you you were. You wrote these three minutes POPs rock and roll but it was. I think you guys were. Yeah you're as rock as any as the dad if not more but but it was a different I. I don't know it seems like it was not a San Francisco. Sound for sure right. Oh no no. It was learn new caller Sam looted on the blues. Your have Richmond. California earlier of black population more with a huge shipyard brought a lot of people from the South Bay area and worse on the ships in World War Two until when the chain from the Shaath they likely in California and they decided to stay cool contribution in Zimbabwe music so we were hearing real blues. N- not not the Bano usually Jimmy Reed and Alan. Wall meeting robbing the data's share and leave the country. We like a buck on and this happened down in Baker swore that had to be doing that more Wyoming have had been seen so now all part of the on the blue print made us so we have rural and urban bruise were listening to it on the radio in places certain were big cities of Birch radio. It's a point at David. Tecate such a great combination because it was was rock. It was off it. Was You know sing along? You know just all those great elements together. Were just like Them listening without forty radio and it was a it was a wire that they had or you could hear Percy faith and his orchestra and then on the next track it's James Brown and then after out of the flying or singing a I mean. That's a pretty why Brian issue but the but the one thing they did have in common was there were three and a half minutes on match what we like the what we want. Jonathan on your the worst of the time before the Times on Reset everything you're GONNA say Sean. You go take okay so we're Join our talk with Stugotz COSMO CLIFFORD OF CCR. We're GONNA take a break right now. We'll be right back today. Show is brought to you by audible. Audible is offering our listeners. A free audiobook with a thirty day. Trial membership just go to audible. Trial Dot Com backslash. W D D I M podcast and browse the unmatched election of audio programs. Download a title. Free Start Listening. It's that easy good audible. Trial Dot Com backslash. Wd I am podcast. For what difference does it make? Welcome back to the. What difference does it make podcast with Doug Colorado Clifford from a legendary creedence clearwater? Revival Practice as recording band. But you turning eventually. When had one of girl all another thing? That benefited us was the big money was about four times forty five times more than before that enabled us to continue the dads that we needed a big Gash. Tom Scar and we did have getting on the California Delta so that that really us you know when we decided to be time musicians me played in. It's in that area before it's too we're news times credit cards when the faithful second jurist one little my on and then go to the next scarred. Were Sherwin live? You've gotTa Make Him. But you know you look back at it and you forget about the reality of being broken. What that can you tell you were in? A lot of people are finding that out right now with what's going on in the real world but anyway That was helpful for us and there were bands. We're we're playing six nights a week. Five seven tonight and so our competition was band called Sparrow and another one of the new breed. We became friends with those guys that it was a friendly competition. Only we'll we all knew we were good. They were so we were competing bar situation spiral once John. K and Steph will and the new in the most imaging been shared on the basic meals out of guys you know but okay so we're the magic happen. I guess maybe it was Tom who had this disciplined for teaching guys studio tricks or pump out these hits because was five albums in like what was it three five albums and three years or something like from from sixty eight to seventy lot of critics like the site the the five album cycle. Like if if you put out five classic albums you're one of the top bands of all time and I don't even think yeah. I mean the stones weren't able to do this. You know. I don't you know Bob Dylan possibly for four great albums in a row but credence in three the Beatles obviously did this and you know a lot of others. What was it like in the studio during those three years? Was it just like get in? Get out there. Let's let's let one take to how many we had more one extending band. I I know guys on the Eighty five percent. Maybe more than that. I very rare worked on S- theory was that if we're ever off the charts will be forgotten moving backwards. I ask why the thanks wrong. I don't know about that but every man that I know that is popular will put out a record and the song and then well tour and they're off the charts for the year. Come back on the album charts when anyway. I was just trying to make sense right. That was the feeling at the time especially of a lot of partis is especially and even now like you gone out of sight out of mind. I completely understand the thinking but I mean it was good that you guys were doing this because every these albums are all if every album sounds like a greatest hits album you know another thing that use a single out in front of your album but so people want to buy the album. Shingle outweigh you. Lose off the in the market. We and you know we will. Well rehearsed winning Going with fifteen songs and can thus we went in with the album. Every song was under the song that is going to be in the record sleeve in the stores. That's how we did it when we rehearse rehearse rehearse when we went. You had a chance to finally. You're for real. But we get out of the sparked live on Nixon to any of those songs it's GonNa come out it did. This is the fiftieth anniversary of. Cosmo's factory the for the first song is is rambled hamble not a big hit but about possibly creases best effort. I mean just musically. It is is phenomenal. I have listening to yesterday on just like this is so amazing. What what a great sounds like a band. That's been together forever and they're just loving this creating this the sound. Well you know it. It's it's like a book in the sense. Nothing should music houses. A chapter not a lot of one of Apple Music China. Nothing had to be just perfect. Nothing bound and back in those days. If the drums you made a mistake recruiting punch will back in front punch. The gums dismissed technically not feasible. I always had that out fresher. Were no no law zero not a beer room? We did drink a lot of coffee. Was Your drug of choice. Coffee was your drug of choice. We like. We like oldest alternator that that's seven minutes long epic for credence and also maybe on Johnson the songwriter. Maybe you know winning us. Check out or eight nuns. That's action either won't be as wild pressure pretty fast anyway. There's Ain't magic nice music that we can be our But with absolutely no intention being single one single I was part of it. You know we. We didn't wander cuts. We don't all you got time because we got singles last last Gab. Besides John's classic songs there's a few. There's a number of cover songs on here. What was the process on? How did Credence decide what songs to cover. We did eleven or twelve. Most of it was being on her people that helped us in our career whether we had ever met them all the press which they were chosen. When we were looking for we would. Jim Jam two hours a day. Most periods more than likely would come up and hands all right so now your house cleaning one day and what what what are you. Discover as we all discover like discovered In my studio mashing real of the quarter inch tape wants war. Master Will Mex- down from multi-track Lynch track. That's the finished part of Ovid record so I found the one that I are not. I have a lot of finish. The song That I when I write some songs are usually till I have announced increase. No less than four than Reported them would of recording. Were GONNA be massive? You had actually forgotten about this music and you came across again. I read. I read that it was a hundred songs about many third now. What happened once I discovered this upstairs of a will. There's a locker in garage when I have music. And so on beccles reels inert added feeling or even maybe a distant memory of. There's more food rehab in that. One of the best miserable in the songwriter would change my jazz. How do you decide of all these songs? What you want to end up on this album things something who listen to where you have all all the songs and ball and just so random order you play. Those are company fines and live foam our a week. Maybe even to as we don't WanNa be right and did you always want to call it. Magic window was that. Was it obvious to you that this was going to be the title of the album when you heard this song again? Well you know I wasn't even thinking about sitting down by nearly goes right. Well that's the other thing. This was so long ago you know must be. It's like looking through a diary. I would imagine. Well I just the song the song but not the longest on her are loaded lobby right now. Won The world do Sarah I loved the idea. Magic window I liked the title. Got FORM AGREEMENT CRUEL. Santa mentioned interesting pitcher or many. And you know it's it's all good Saul our not hijab but none of grinding Somalian. Recently said of like trump. I thought lyrically. There's some things in there that adds of them to it and also read that you had recorded it in like Tahoe. We'll go that's why the the name I though is. That's that's what I pictured. Nece one of my favorite places are altruism thousand feet above the lakes. We had magney sending miles direction. And then the Lakers in the center of it so Yeah that's that's that's the magic window a good one to sit out gazing at an end sort of recharging. Your your battery sometimes apparently you. This is promoting this through podcast. Normally you would promote it. By by touring and playing. But I I've heard that you were possibly retiring. This true are you. Are you leaving the stage? I mean not not not this mortal plane but you're leaving the the Now who knows how long that's been a last? That's true GonNa go out and my body's embiid surgeries that are affected. Might seem you got. Parkinson's creep into the picture. So we can g play for fun regularly. Sure I do. It's just part of my routine. What do you think you're gonNA miss most about not being on stage anymore that the audience the interaction with musicians rush you get them. I mean that's that's that's a legal guardian. That's the best of all using the with the guys that are making happen at that moment. You know it's time to move on seventy five Watkins with with blasting is insurer down little An album rated proud of and a lot of positive out of it right now. I've on Saturday will has some embargo on. It's been fun for us to listen to. That's for sure visceral really nice to hear this baby for releasing it. Thank you so much for for your time. This was really wonderful and the album is magic. Window it's available. It's streaming. You could can. We actually buy a physical copy of this. I thought any anywhere can Amazon are always outlets and we can. We can get it at my website. Guys know dot from Vinyl. Can we get a vinyl copy? Not yet I'm GonNa wait and see me this. Als kept the business part of it performed at a certain level and Intrigued and seeing. That's great all right. Well thanks so much died. Cosmo wonderful thank you. Thanks for spending the time with us. Spends I'm sorry about the former. Ask within that's all right. You're doing great looking good. Stay healthy please. We need you. Yes there you go is there. There's a promotional bronchial bringing the gun. Show good job okay. So that was our talk with Doug. Cosmo CLIFFORD is album. Magic window is out. Now we're GONNA posted on our website. Wd Im PODCAST DOT COM. We will posted on facebook instagram twitter. What's the what's the code? What's the initials? W just what difference does it make so until next time this is dave later.

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