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Live from NPR news in Washington. Korva Coleman Senate lawmakers have been sworn in by chief justice. John Roberts ahead of president trump's impeachment trial trial NPR's Scott Neuman says opening statements will get underway next week. The biggest question that needs to be resolved whether to call witnesses many conservatives opposed opposed that but some more moderate Republicans. Such as Maine's Susan Collins say they might favorite. NPR's Scott Neuman reporting president. Trump is accused of abusing power by pressuring Ukraine's President to announce an investigation into Joe Biden. And his son and for holding. US military aid to Ukraine. The President says he didn't do anything wrong on Thursday. The Government Accountability Office found the president. Did break the law by suspending the aid for fifty five days the White House rejects the GAO report the FBI is investigating a trump donor from Connecticut. This is in connection with the president and Ukraine Crane. NPR's Bobby Allen reports on Robert hinde hides named grabbed headlines this week when House Democrats released a new batch of documents showing text messages between him. Him and love Parnasse the indicted associate of Rudy Giuliani in the exchanges. Hide who used to be in the Marines claim to have been doing surveillance on former former. US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Ivanovich before trump abruptly recalled her from her post. Hide is a bombastic and pretty obscure Republican candidate for Congress even here in Connecticut. His name is widely unknown. His state's own party asked him not to run for office. After he posted some offensive and misogynistic tweets tweets now. The FBI is boring into his background Bobby Allen NPR News Simsbury Connecticut in Syria. Russia and the Syrian regime. Continue you. They're bombing campaign on. The rebel held area of at least twenty. One civilians were killed on Wednesday. That's according to the White Helmets Rescue Group Group. NPR's Lum I'll Arjan has more activists. Tell impede that the Syrian regime and its allies have dropped over one hundred fifty bombs over it live in a single day. At least two children were among those who were killed. Rescue workers say they're still pulling bodies out from under the rubble and the death. Toll could rise a new ceasefire agreements midst between Russia and Turkey which supports opposing sides in Syria. Civil war began on Sunday but violence has continued the UN says three hundred and fifty thousand. Some people have moved from it lip to areas near the Turkish border. Since December first trying to escape the bombing activists telling pr those civilians are hungry and and sleeping on the streets lemon NPR news on Wall Street. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is up more than fifty three points at twenty nine thousand three hundred fifty one. One the Nasdaq is up. Nearly Twenty one points at ninety three hundred. Seventy eight the S. and P.. Five hundred is up six this is NPR. President trump has declared a major disaster area in Puerto Rico after the island has experienced hundreds of earthquakes. This comes as the federal government separately released leased more than eight billion dollars in aid. That's supposed to be for people hurt during devastating hurricanes that hammered Puerto Rico more than two years ago the former achieve of Puerto Rico's public school system has been indicted on federal corruption charges for the second time in six months. NPR's Anya cabinets reports. Julia Keller is now charged with bribery wire fraud and conspiracy. Julia Kelleher served as Puerto Rico Secretary of Education from Twenty Sixteen to Twenty nineteen eighteen after Hurricane Maria she oversaw the closure of hundreds of public schools and pushed for charter schools and voucher programs. Now she could face decades in prison. According to a federal indictment accusing her of nine counts of fraud and bribery. The includes living in a luxury apartment for several months for just one dollar the FBI also indicted Kelleher July of last year alleging a conspiracy to misdirect federal education funds to unqualified contractors with political connections on Aena Cabinets. NPR News Gun rights. Groups are asking the Virginia Supreme Court to Block Governor. Ralph northerns temporary ban on firearms next Monday at the Virginia. State Capitol in Richmond Richmond gun rights advocates are holding a rally there nor them says the state has received several credible threats of violence that includes reports of potential militia attacks ax gun rights groups. Say temporary ban will make people less safe. I'm Korva Coleman N._P._R.. News in Washington.

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