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Episode 243: No Such Thing As Jean-Paul Sartre's Crabs


Hey, guys, we have a few exciting bits of news before we start today's show. One is next week. We have a special guest on the show. Do you wanna say, Dan? It's Stephen Fry. Yeah. Stephen Fry he brought a fact and he sat with us for a couple of hours to just choose over the best Fakty stuff. We could think it's great. It's next Friday. Don't miss it. And to celebrate that actually next Friday at five pm GMT. We're going to be doing a read it air may. So that's read it already double d I t we're going to be answering questions for all over the world about everything that you might want to know about us and also everything else in the world. So if you go to no such thing as a fish dot com slash read. It we will be that check it out. That's right. We'll be there for an hour just answering every single question you have. And lastly, just to remind you in case you haven't been listening to the episodes for the last few weeks. We have a book out such book. It's such a I mean, it's the book of the year is the book of the two thousand eighteen people have been going at that. That's the title. We've not given them much option. But that's that's what they've been calling it. Anyway, it's a fabulous book. It contains all the weirdest most bizarre. Wonderful and funny things that have happened around the entire world this year. And honestly guys if you want to do one thing to support the podcast. This is a perfect thing to do. It's on Amazon. It's in Waterstones is in all good. Indie bookshops, it's called the book of the two thousand eighteen please. Do get yourself a copy. It makes a perfect Christmas present outside of that. Comeback friday. Stephen FRY's gonna be on Stephen Friday. I love it. Stephen friday. I love it. Even more the second time, you said it, okay? On with the show. Hurdle. And welcome to another episode of no such thing as a fish a weekly podcast this week coming to you from our book of the year twenty eighteen talk live at the union chapel in London. Is Dan Schreiber. And I am sitting here with Anna in ski Andrew Hunter Murray and James Harkin. And once again, we have gathered around the microphones with our four favourite facts from the last seven days, and in no particular order here, we go starting with you chosen sqi. My this week is that when you went into the toilet on a world to u boat you to summon a specially trained member of the crew to flush it after you've been. This is one of the jobs on Germany boats in the second World War. I would just never go ever. Yeah. There must have been a lot of people going. I didn't actually use just came. And someone's not. Wow. Zirs us disgusting. It's quite complicated thing to do because the pressure outside in a submarine is locks abortion or new oven. And so it's quite hard to full something out into that water. And so for London and the German u boats had no storage tanks, it straight out into the ocean. So for a long time, you could only use the toilets on them when they were right on the surface. And then as soon as you went down it was like hold in. Must have been really really desperate people going. We need to go up. Now. You need to fire a torpedo. But then they developed this system, which meant the lose could be flushed to debt to a low depth, but it was very complex to do. So so there was a series of levers to pull you have to do it in the right order and these things were called thunder boxes. These new toilets. They designed if you pulled the room leave. You literally got drenched in sewage all something was could happen. You know, you could open a hole in the submarine and the whole thing goes down. So people specially trained to use them. And when you do go to someone one of those people, I think is still quite dangerous, isn't it? Well, not dangerous so much as like you might get a face full of poop because I read the current ones you dislike big slot machine. Like, a big lever, and you pull down the lever and the pool might go down or you might face full of it. No. I mean worse. She can have in the slot machine. Is you lose your pound? Isn't it? Yeah. It's pretty. Do they know? For the toilet. We miss my toilet lid. Right. So let's do all right for these. Podcast money. Roy. Did you see actual disasters that happen when people screwed this up? So in nineteen forty five. There was a particularly bad moment. The cops in the U one zero two six submarine tried to use the doing because he was Compton he thought I'm sure I can flush this myself. So he tried to interpret the flushing manual next to it. He missed it up. He failed. It started flooding had to cool the specialist in who opened a valve in a panic which started letting water in from outside and just flooding all the batteries this release chlorine gas into the submarine they had to surface they all got spotted by the enemy. They were off the coast of Scotland nutshell, I think and so they will either killed or taken prisoner. Good that can happen. If you screw up into the having having the flushing manual beside the toilets bit of a conundrum when you run out of the toilet paper. I looked into submarine tortoise in general. So I didn't know this submarines German u bows in the second one bowl. They had two toilets generally. But they had fifty men on them. So that's a really, you know, twenty toilet. Well. Oh, no. So you've got twenty five men sharing each small toilet. And the program was in the early days of a cruise. There was there was so little space. They were all in an area about the size of a double decker bus. So one of the toilets at the beginning of a cruise will be used to store fresh food. So all the fresh foodstuffs would be in the toilet. So you'd have fifty men sharing the other small toilet. Then went moldy in that. Because it's so damp all the time. And you wouldn't allow them one change of Pennzoil and all the other close you only had one of. But you can do inside out as many times as you light. Right. You would have fit in really well. That twelve pairs of pants effectively. Also couldn't use the Louis when you anywhere near the enemy. So he was stalking. The enemy. It was feared that using the toilet. And would make such a loud noise clanking metal. And then it would cause floating debris to appear outside of the submarine. And so it was they could sport you. And so you soon as you were actually finding you couldn't go, and I would have thought the time you're going to really need the Louis when they go. Okay. We're talking now. What? So an enemy ship would spot just a popping. What kind of Benach, Liz? What could happen is? And this happens with current submarines is they fire out the waste, and then loads of fish and crabs and stuff like that all kind of flock to Arctic because they all want the nutrients. Segel's coming down sweet that one solitary Todd. Yes. Submarines fun. They did have fun. Sometimes they have a thing called angles and tangles. Okay. They go in a twenty five degree angle when the kind of going down into the water and what they do is. They put the slippy slippery est thing they can find all over the ship. And then just slide down all the corridors. That sounds amazing. Yeah. Credible. Yeah. They used to play good games as well. I think it was quite boring like war. You know, you did nothing for a long time. Then you died and so. That's life. But yeah, it was reading some logs of the games. They used to play the captain of one new vote organized a guest a number of peas in the bag game, which sounds very fun or guests the number for a -tations that propeller would make in a certain amount of time. And then if you won that if you wanted to go closest and the captain would take over your rolls your duties for the day. So if the toilet Flusher, the captain would have to do to do that they had frequent singing Limerick ING and lying competitions. Apparently. Lying doesn't tell him lies. I guess so. Yeah. Just being prostrate. Is. Yeah. The hit to share that bunks with beneath a bunks with torpedoes at the beginning of the voyage because there was just no space. Did they? Yes, it would just be lying next to torpedo. Yeah. Yeah. I do like how makeshift some some of the adventures at submarines have as a result of things like a toilet breaking or or just as so many things can go wrong on a submarine. I read this amazing story that was the are fourteen. It was a submarine back in nineteen twenty one. And basically what happened is it's engine died at it didn't have enough battery in order to propel it back to to land. And they were off the coast of Hawaii. And so they were stuck they were they were above surface. And they didn't know how to move were at a standstill. And so the captain ordered poor them to go down and get all of the hammocks and all the all the material from bunks and come back up, and they put them up all the bedsheets came up, and they set these huge sales. They they manufacture these. And within sixty four hours, they managed to sail to the coastline of Hawaii. They picked up enough wind go at like an hour. Awesome. That's all that practice. They done as kind of seven year old boys on their beds when you made your bed into into boat. Came in handy. It's very hard with a fitted sheet. I find. So this is at least partly about toilets. Yes. So in order to find out about a searched online, and I found a website called toilet. Guru dot com. I recommend highly enough is so good. It's just a guy could Bob Cromwell who has a website about toilets, and he has an FAQ page about why he's doing because he photographs toy it's all over the world. And then I'll brilliant photos. Good that good, and the website is very informative and interesting. So I just want to say, I'm pro toilet grew dot com. But the FAQ. It's so clear that he's written the questions like a guru, really? He says it's purely a self appointed title. There is no formal sanctioning body. Next question. I'm gonna obsessed with toilets. No on just willing to admit, I find the topic somewhat. Interesting. So why a site just on toilets? He says why not put a site about toilets? I'm must be obsessed. Right. And hey, really goes for it says, I don't see it that way on just the guy with a silly side, this spun off a collection of travel pictures, I regularly get messages from people saying I have spent the last four hours reading about toilets on your website. And I would like to know why you so obsessed excuse me. You've spent how long thinking about toilets, and you think I am six eight. Oh the. I love the spun off from just his holiday photos. No holiday pictures show the album GIO family. So true. This is the number two. I left in Tokyo. I two is looking into toilets. But specifically because the Java this person was to avoid disaster. So I looked into dangerous toilets, and I found one this goes back to ten sixteen ten sixteen and this is the death of king Edmund king Edmund died on the toilet. And so he sat on the toilet. And he died in the way he died was at the time of Denmark. He was trying to extend empire into the into Britain. And so he he sent someone one of his Vikings who broke into the bathroom of king Edmund hid inside the toilet underneath it. And when he sat down he raised a sword right through right through the bum hole. All the way up. And killed him. Yes. The Vikings access to his toilet. Why does he have to hide under the toilet? So the king. How you get into the bum hole. Most easy. Yeah. Yeah. Being on top of a cupboard. It's perfect vantage point, but you can you can you don't have to kill someone. Yeah. He might have got into the toilet. And so I'll hide somewhere else. And there were no cupboards or anything, you know, Edmund kind of walking down the corridor. The B Dave moon big enough. And there's no one in that audience. Oh, if I got he's got a toilet cover hose doing all right for himself. What could be more dangerous? Speaking of dangerous toilets Hitler's toilet. Yeah. I'm so hitless highlight hitless ships toilet is a Taurus attraction in New Jersey at the moment. So at the end of the war Hitler how to yacht, and he was going to sail up the Thames kind of law dinner over the British. And what happened was the British took it off him. And then dismantle their and sold it for scrap and the toilet happen to end up in a shop in New Jersey. And there's a guy called Greg cough. Elt? If you go down to his shelf and say can I see Hitler's toilet, please? He'll just show you round here. It is. And he says it's not something to be proud of this exists. Apparently it wasn't in his shelf for a while. Because he took it to the u k in an attempt to sell it on a TV game show. We don't know all I could think is bugging. That doesn't sound like. Antiques roadshow. Stately home Gazan, really low run edition eventing throw. I'm we need to move on to our next fact Jimmy doing submarine. I I didn't know this. I thought it was incredible. So did you know that the Brits not to find a way in World War Two of defeating the German u boats, they were a massive danger? And so they plan to make an aircraft carrier that was more effective because our Achraf didn't have the range to hit the u boats from land and so a guy called Geoffrey Pyke working for the government proposed. And this is the thing operation cook. It was approved by Churchill he proposed that we build an aircraft carrier made completely of ice. So this massive ice ship. And yes, we went to church took this actually said can I do this make this ice thing? And then after researching further pike realized it was unsuitable because it would melt. I was thinking that was the around. But then so I remember the story. And what happened was he then started putting stuff in the ice? Didn't he little bits of sawdust or something words, and then that stopped it from melting it did and is it right? This is probably a myth. But did he go and see Churchhill again? And who was in the bath is untrue on didn't. Yeah. It was called pint Crete named after him. And yeah, he convinced Lord Mountbatten that it was a good idea and Mountbatten really likes it. So he said, I'll go and talk to Churchill and mount about needs to tell this story after dinner parties, he said, he went into checkers to show Churchill this special pint Crete that was so good a floating, and he was told the church was in the bath. So he'd have to wait and said good. That's exactly where I wanted him to be and he might to straight up into his boss through pushed the door open and said, hey, do you mind if I put this thing in the bath with you and show, you how it will be as an aircraft carrier? What he did on? That was the last ever ridiculous plans to come out of checkers, wasn't it. This is just the this week's episode of fish is sponsored by ship station. Now. That's all right ship station is America's number one e commerce shipping software, and is now come to the UK. Yes. 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Just go to ship station dot com. Click on the microphone at the top of the homepage and type in the word fish. That is correct ship station dot com, and there's a microphone the top of the homepage. You click on that you type in fish and you'll get a free thirty day trial and a secret bonus. Yeah. All right on with the show. Okay. It is time for fact, number two. And that is James. Okay. This week is that Alexander Graham Bell taught his dog to say, how are you? Greg, mama. I'm going out on a limb and saying no he didn't. He's so dead. He's absolutely did kind of. If anyone could recall the evidence he could. Where is it? Well, this was before all of the telephone stuff that he did it was when he was quite young. So when he was really young his father, devise a system of transcribing words by just the shape that you make of your mouth. So he would save you make your mouth like this like this like this. It will make these kind of sounds if you make someone's face go wider. It goes more of an e sound if you make it go narrow is more of an sound. And so once he kind of learned this when he got older he decided to try on his Doug. And so first of all he organized so that the dog would growl on command by giving them treats and things like that. And then as the dog would growl, he would kind of move his face and managed to get the dog to say, mama, mama. So he made the lips go down like that. And then he got to say guy. When you put it all together, it sounded a bit like how. God, mama. And this was his potty trick. And he did it all the time and patient dog. He then tried to get the dog to do it without any kind of movements of the lips that just see if he could do it by himself. And he said, even though he took kind of an interest in the experiments. He was never able alone to do anything book growl. Taking an interest in the experiment. Beleza? Boy. Okay. So he was bored Alexander bell. Okay. He didn't have a middle name until he was ten years old. And then he got jealous of his brothers who did have middle names, and the father cannot have a middle name. And it's one of the said, yes, which one would you like he said Graham, and that was his eleventh birthday present. The middle name. I did that when I was twelve I asked for a new middle name because I didn't really have one properly. So my name is Daniel Craig Schreiber, and my everyone else in my family, including my sister has Craig is her middle name, and we'd moved to a stray from Hong Kong said when I go to school I want to have a new middle name. And no one will know that it was never there before. And they said, yes. And I did it. What was it goes full name Daniel, Indiana, Craig Schreiber? I swear to God. That's true. It was on my opening school reports Daniel, Indiana, Craig Schreiber, and then someone pointed out that that was really on cool. And also it spells out decks. No wonder they called me. There are many reasons. There was a kid. He used to help his dad, so he came from a long line of people who experimented with middle middle names. Yeah. With sound. And with how we speak and with speech, and so his phone invented kind of a system of notating. The different sounds that humans can make and rising on a board. And he said, you could make any sound in any language, and he could write the notation for it. And this could be a universal language and he used to deploy his son to help him. So he'd be giving a lecture to a big lecture of people, and he'd say someone in the audience perfectly someone who's from a different country Russian person. When you give me one of your words in Russian, and this Russian person will give them the word, and then Alex Saunders. Died would write on the board his special notation for that word. And then he'd cool isn't it will ten year old son in who Troughton and look at the board, and he'd be able to make that sound and it was like. Magic trick. So he he did do a lot of work with the death. He's a controversial figure because he. Eugenics, and he was president of the second international eugenics congress. But he also came from his mother was deaf is field. So it was deaf. And he taught deaf children a lot. He almost missed the big debut of the telephone because he wanted to teach a class of deaf children. Really? Yeah. So he was kind of sort of very mixed opinions. Yeah. Also, he's controversial will just because I think as semi well accepted. Now, he didn't invent the telephone. And so that's no I hate to break it to you this bullets. Yeah. You're thinking of a different guy, the US house of representatives actually voted on this in two thousand and two which I didn't realize actually it turns out to the people invented it before him. So you cheat wasn't Italian who invented the telephone. But then you couldn't afford to keep. Wow. And he's in tonight. But yeah, the house of representatives in the US voted on whether or not he invented the telephone. They voted for the fact that bell actually didn't invent it. It was mute. She and then she ten days later, kind of voted and unanimously said bell did invent it and that is the cause of all tensions between. Belted half the patients in America. Didn't he? Yes, he couldn't afford to keep up the patient. But yes, he did he tried to sell the patriots a Western Union for one hundred thousand dollars and his thinking behind that was that one day. There will be a telephone in every American city. A Western Union rejected the idea as Eddie Olczyk. I like as well that he he Oviously he may have invented it. But he definitely knew that the technology. He understood how it worked and he built his own versions and there stories of him where he was passing someone using the telephone and it wasn't working. He would just go up to them take the phone off them and fix it for them. So there's a there's a case of town that he retired to called baddeck. And when he was living there, he passed someone who couldn't make it work. He unscrewed a bit of the phone, and there was a fly trapped on the inside. That was you know. Somehow it was messing it up took the fly out put the phone back on and the guy went. Wow. How'd you how did you know that he went invented this? I guess that's why he did it just for the punchline. But yeah. Steve Jobs walking out to you and fixing your MAC. It'd be amazing and extremely impressive. Now. Belt didn't have a phone study towards the end of his life. Yeah. He he completely changed. Cool. So you've been to other things as well. But I think we've briefly mentioned this key. Why he did won't be able to answer the phone ahoy pain, and he said the phone until the end of his life. So Mr. burns is the only one doing it correctly. The other thing is voice was on ending a cool. So the first ever phonebook, it wasn't really a book actually because there need fifty numbers because almost no one how to fund, but it said that uses should begin with a firm and jury polo. The voice for ending a cool is to end the call by saying firmly that is all. I'm going to start doing it. Okay. You love you love you. He would experiments before the whole phone seeding the phone idea. So he won't still in of a corpse. And this is actually one of the most important things. He did he's stolen off a cool. Is we actually go as do? I think still in good Denver, and it was to create a phonograph. So he then linked this air up to Steiner's recruiting stylus, and then he got it to inscribe loins glass plate, and he showed into this dead person as air, whoever that person was and the Steiner's sort of right? Well, he was shouting. Oh, you know, right. The way he was shown seem because it was using the bones of the air to do that. And this is the thing he had in his house that you kept. This guy's in. Did it work? I mean, the dead going couldn't hear anything. Said like on the other side. I'm going to get the mouse back. Trim number two to the moon. We're gonna have to move on shortly. So we're next facts. Oh, some things on clever ducks. So there's amazing, but by John all about really clever dogs, and he says in the nineteen twenties. Germany how the load of animals psychologists who thought the dogs with nearly as intelligent as humans on Hitler believed. This Hitler believed that he had these kind of schools where the dogs could go in and hopefully learn how to speak and communicate. I mean, he was hitless. Wasn't entirely saying we know that much, but he thought that they'd be able to communicate with the musters and become more effective soldiers. It was claimed. And I don't believe any of these things. I do believe the thing. I don't think any of these are true. But it was claimed that they could write poetry. One apparently could reply mine Fuhrer when asked who Hitler was. And another one mustard, the alphabet using a different number of bucks for each letter and announced that he would be voting for Hindenburg in the next election. Here's another weird thing. There's a place in Portland, which is near Folkston, and they have this beautiful zoo. And none of the boons we're responding to what they were saying every time they spoke to them. They just. Not following that command. And it turns out it's because these balloons were from France. So the port limb zoo people to learn French in order to speak to the baboons with the commands that they were used to in the previous zoo lazy if they're gonna come here, they can bloody. Well, learn. This is one question. I've always wanted to do. Okay. Back number three. And that is Andy is not to stop being eaten by predators. Some crustaceans were disgusting tasting snails as backpacks. This is in the Southern Ocean around and talk Takata these tiny little crustacean like creatures. They are called amphibians and these guys are called dilatot. Pronounced if you're one of these listening. Wow. And so founded, but they found over a number of decades. They've observed this. They've got these mullets though, these little creatures that could see butterflies we'll see angels sometimes sweet little things on their backs like a backpack and they're being held in position. The the report is spending two pairs of legs just holding his back back on. So there's a big expenditure of energy to keep this thing on you. And it turns out that these little molluscs easing chemicals have chemicals inside them, which taste horrible to fish. And so the fish will approach. Snail backpack on it will say, no, I knew that taste is gusting. I will not sit they swept away survives, and it's so bad for the little snails. Because usually when there's a partnership like that, usually they both slightly benefit in this case, the snails actually trapped and it starves while it's their, unfortunately, and it starves to death, even so yeah. Yeah. It's no fun and games. Andy. Those those guys see angels. They are quite cute little animals. They get the name because shape resembles a snow angel. When you do that. When you do that. When they find when you see angels find each other, and they want to have little baby. See angels, they stub each other with suckers. To stick together leaving scars on their bodies. So you can tell how many sexual partners angel is hired by the number of physical scars on the buddy. Not just the mental scars. The slut shaming in world is probably rife. I would imagine maybe. You can see how promiscuous someone is real feminist issues with them in the cross station who old. I think if he mentioned before then the only undersea creatures to create backpacks for themselves. So we so sponge crabs cool dot because they west bunches. They wear sea sponges, and it's going to similar reason evading predators. So they actually wear them as hats, but it looks so cool. Well, we'll sort of on their back and shoulders had come rucksack, and is a disguise, but also sponges readies chemicals, and so it's often chemicals. Protect them from predators because they taste grows poison them. And if you look them up they looked so weird because they often replaced their hats if they find a better one. So if colorful fun looking sponge, then they will take that back off and put back. They'll take it back. They'll get a refund. They'll put the new sponge on. Yeah. And as many to find the best fishing sponge? So they need to find a sponge that exactly fits the shape of that back as you do actually. He was the defense mechanisms when you read about it. I was reading one. This one's pretty exciting. This is across station called the ostracods and the Ulster called does this thing where it doesn't use its defense mechanism until it's actually in the mouth of the predator. That's trying to kill it. Yeah. So wait for it. Really? Not sure about this. So what happens is there's a cardinal fish, which eat these these particular crustaceans Yasser called. So they eat them there in the mouth, and they closed the close up the mouth, they realized that they've been eaten. And so what these little crustaceans do is they shake up like crazy, and they go by luminescent. Now, the the cardinal fish is transparent. So the one thing you don't want when you're in the deep is to be spotted by other predators by this huge light. So suddenly from inside their body glowing orb, and they immediately vomit up these little crustaceans who then swim away, and the cuddle the cardinal fish, swims the hell out of there because he doesn't want to be near any of the other predators. How amazing is that? So good. Yeah. Light bulbs lit up in them. Same on food. It'd be so good to see your food off duty inside you then going to attract something to make you food. But no, yeah. It would it would be cool. So some crustaceans. Yup. And it's because of that they are the color. They are so salmon wild salmon pink and lots of different shades of pink. And that's all about the crustaceans. They eat it's the same. With filming goes, some salmon will eat like lots and lots of a certain type of problem that CEO bit of krill, and that will make them very pink. So for instance, I think the Alaskan sockeye salmon is the registered all the coho salmon is a lighter pink 'cause they eat slightly different stuff, but foam summoned does any any of this because that just fed like Fahmi pellets of apparently ground up feathers, and soybeans and chicken fat and weird stuff like that. But obviously people that used to seeing Simon being pink so farmed salmon that you buy would normally be gray. But the foam is add pigment to their food to make them the right color that people expect them to be and they have a thing called a summon fan, which was invented by a pharmaceutical company, and it's basically the was the paint, the it's like lots of paint range, but for some in color. So if you'll sell them, filming you go to the salmon fan, and you pick the exact shade of pink that you want your salmon to be and then they can send you the matching food for it. Good is amazing. You think everyone would just go for the same color, wouldn't they? But it depends. If you want if you wanna be selling your Alaskan expensive SAMA nauseam cheaper, more mass produce, someone is amazing. If someone goes beyond a certain lightness, people just would ace it, regardless of what type it is. Because it is any food that I expect to be a different color is grey. Lease. Just on color and crustaceans. Do you know that the meant is from do, you know, how many colors mantis shrimp can see? Oh, so how many do you? I can we can see. Oh. Loss ten thousand ten thousand. Okay. The mantis shrimp that was just a complete guess to say more than that. I'll say eleven thousand. Okay. Anna do you want to get in on this? I couldn't name all of them, by the way. I don't want to be put on the spot later. Richard of you gave battle in find seven in the rainbow with seven seven ten thousand eleven thousand. So the mentors shrimp is able to perceive one hundred Tillerson different types of color. That's ten to the power twenty six. Fame every single one. Let's go to Q with that guy. Pretty crazy than than us. Nobody did say. Many. We can see what. Not fight means nothing to us. So it's very this. This a kind of terror pods, which is the same as this. Let let him call the file fish, and they eat Carl on living coral, and they get the smell of the coral from the coral stops predators from being able to find them because they smell like the house. Yeah. It's like if you like nothing, but onions, and you lived in a bag of onions. I would I would question the life choices. Also, are you going the onions haven't noticed to me? Who's spotting you? There is the people who want to eat, you know, that the cruel wants to eat them thing. But if you went to fromm, so it'd be a desert. They love to read you the most bizarre thing about cross stations. This type of crustacean, which is a crab. I found out about crabs. The church on. I'm sure you'll read his complete works. He took masculine in nine hundred twenty nine so it masculine like a hallucinogenic drug, and he was as a result of that fully around by team of crabs for years. Okay. Very strict rules about Glendow their special Craig list division. They said to observing. Yeah, they do. So you say in which I think you are that he thought he was being followed by crops. He said he gave it into you. I come to you get I interviewed you. But he said he took masculine and he suddenly realized that they will just cramps all around him. And then the interviewer said what lows of them he said. Yeah. Well, like four zero five so four or five grams, and they Fullerton everywhere, and he would say when he was ROY saying sometimes he'd be able to get rid of them. But soon as he got up to go anywhere they'd follow him. So he would go to university. He would give lectures get up in the morning, and he'd walk and they'd walk with him. And this is years, and he says he did how many seats would you like for the film's six? Know each other's laps. I think. But yeah, he had to he said he got really used to them. He would wake up every morning and say good morning. My little ones. How did you sleep today? Talk back. Yeah. They jumped to the way, but then when he went to clause, he knew the to be quiet. So he said he used to tell them to be quiet and lectures. And they would be but actually ended and then they start asking away again. And for years he had some therapy in the end. They went away. So everybody we sponsored today by the economists. The economist is one of our very favorite magazines. We get every week and the office. In fact, I think we've got a few copies every week. So we don't fight over it. And it's basically a magazine which covers the full range of things you might ever be interested in so frauds? A big bug is. It's fact. Yeah. From. So it covers kind of politics and business if you're into that. But then it's gonna mazing science section technology. It covers the arts very well. It's just an excellent excellent rate. So I read it school this week about dogs in Japan on a partly they have like gyms for ducks. Wow. And so if you're a dog, and you can find someone with four thousand yen, then they can pay for you to thirty minute session on a balanced ball. Two thousand. Yeah. That's pretty good. Isn't it? Do you think is the kind of thing though, Dokes pay four thousand yen, and then they pay every month, and then they just stopped going after the first session. Yeah. That's pretty interesting. I was actually reading an all school this week about moments. So we're not allowed to cool moments moments anymore. No, this is a really good article about the lead of the moment church is just said, it's very bad to not include the lame Jesus Christ in the name. So we have to give the full name. You know, the show today say that's right name. So does that mean it has to be the book of the church of Jesus Christ latter-day saints? I think as long as you slip Jesus Christ in the somewhere. Yeah. The book of Jesus Christ moment musical something or other. Yeah. But yeah, if you want to get a free copy of the economist and give it a try yourself to see what we're talking about. You can do so simply by texting fish FISHER to engage. It not spell fish. The thing about the letters OT supposedly spell. In some words is an F again. It's not that you should try and texting is about. But just in case, but then also text fish with a conventional spelling to double nine triple zero. Yes, you definitely should do that. I promise you. If you read the economist every week, you will learn something new every single week so texts fish to double nine triple zero. Okay. Goes, okay. It is time for our final fact to the show. And that is my fact, my fact this week is that there is a rock band made up entirely of NASA, astronauts called max, q the band has constantly rotating lineup as they can't be sure that all members will be on earth at the same time. To so many of them, and it does extend beyond going up into space. Sometimes they're in training to go into space. Sometimes they're retired. Sometimes just they're doing other busy. But yeah. So this is this is the fact that I stumbled on in fact, it was while we were researching the book this year because we have a fact about one of its members one of MAC's cues members, and it's Andrew foist all and he was the captain of the international space station this year, and he's in the band, and the fact about him. That's in the book is that NASA sent him up to space, despite the fact that he has a fear of heights. He, but he made that it's fine. Once he gets to space the fear of heights. It's it's the way up and even ladders. He's just like, whoa. When you say NASA, send him up just point. It sounds like they forced him to go up. He was saying, please, really. I just want to be in the live just going up the ladder. It'll be fine. Eventually. Because if I don't really like spiders, but if you presented me with this by the size of a house. I would like it even less. I wouldn't peace with a right? But if you're in space, it would look so tiny, you wouldn't even see it. And then that's not the same logic. Because. On a bad analogy to start with so people play music in space. Sometimes these guys mostly on these guys are on a yeah. Yeah. This is. Yeah. They're banned. People do play music in space, Chris Hatfield famously did it. There was an astronaut called Ellen show who plays the flute in space, but she has to keep her feet in the foot loops because even the tiny amount of blowing on the flutes wolf move her around. It's amazing. Isn't it? What a great way to sort of exit a conversation. Fluted my way out of. What's the flute flute? He did he do the clarinet all my God. I would have flowed into you. Worst getaway. To bike pipes on the international space station. That have been there. I think of something you're very confined space. Oh. Be good for everyone's mental health. Do you want to hear so many even worse ages ago instead of an instrument being played in order to get the astronauts to calm down? They would play in the international space station, just to calm them elevator music. I used to just be played. Imagine being stuck in an elevator. That's what it would have been still. They still play the music sometimes. So the music wakes up in the building is. Picked by the council communicate. So also is the Capcom who's an astronaut who's on the ground. So they don't have responsibility for the music that they pick to wake people up. Surely, I think they do pick things they like. And they do the ask, you know. It's going to be a Paul McCartney song. They might ask Paul McCartney to record a Hulu wake up here in space. And then they wake up and. Good. Yeah. And it would be songs sometimes relevant to certain missions. So when Chris Hadfield had to do his first spacewalk he was the first Canadian believe to do that his wife was able to pick that morning song. And she picked song was dear to him in the lyrics suggested going out into the frontiers. And so it's it's quite a cool tradition voice. Still actually started another band while he was in space max, q he had on earth and up in space. He had Astro Hawaii. That was the name of the man and it had five of the astronauts as well as cosmonauts and so the instruments included to Qatar two flutes, which I now know what that is. And an improvised drum which was played using metallic unit that usually stores Russian cosmonauts feces. So that was there drama. They've had so many out in space. They're all kind of music lovers on even from really early flight. So nine hundred sixty five was a classic. You know back before Nassar Sunday clamping down on smuggling stuff into space. Everyone just took loads of shell there. And we'll share a junior and Thomas Stafford snuck bells in a hormone occur up and they'd practice what they were going to do before. So they met together for secret rehearsals? And they thought we'll we'll prank ground control on the way down and tell them that we can hear something with and then crack into. And they did it. And I just never know whether hiding these things surely. Very easily. Is he where I think every time you fought it. They'd notice. It is a big part of their culture. Apparently to the point where there's an inside thing that said that whenever astronauts are being interviewed potential astronauts are being interviewed by NASA. One of the questions that comes up is do you play a musical instruments? It's it's not much of a hitting thing. Again. Yeah. Not. Does the organ and I'd love went up. Cool. Yeah. Anything opens up? There's no like buzz buzz older. We would have let you go on. I but Neil plays the banjo. It's just more qualified to step out. I. It's it's quite nice story about how max q came about to begin with because the band was set up after the disaster of the challenger when the challenger rocket exploded on the way to space, and actually there was a an astronaut on board who was going to be the first person to record music up in space for an album. So he was on board the challenger, and he had his saxophone with him in that obviously exploded. So unfortunately that never happened. And so what they ended up deciding to do what didn't they throw a big funday to get morale up and throw a big party, and they will have acts come on stage, and they'll do stuff and max q was formed in that moment. I was looking at some other things astronauts due to relax. So here's one thing. They do. They play scrabble, but only must be trouble scrabble, right? We'll a micro gravity environment. So they have vote crowed onto the back of every single piece. On attached to the ceiling of the dining road. So you. So you can look up. The next move wisdom the micro gravity thing. I was reading an interview with Samantha Christopher who broke the record for the longest time that women has spent in space if you years ago, it was two hundred days, and she was talking about when you come back after being in zero gravity environment. And how it feels and she did say I step out of the the module, and it feels like there's some kind of evil giant trying to press me into the ground and for weeks and weeks you'll like that. And I think it took her a couple of years to get back to normal when she said walking is like lifting tree trunks. But also, you have trouble speaking because your tongue is so used to being weightless that lifting up off the bottom of your mouth is too much effort. There's a lot of things that you have to rea- custom to you when they come back down. So a lot of astronauts who return are known to just drop their Cup of tea. Just have it. Yeah. Smash everywhere you've been real Arsehole. Space. You mentioned the moon, astronauts, they pull eleven astronauts, go back. I didn't realize they filled in a customs declaration form. It's so great. When you look at it. It's basically a customs activation. This the origin and the destination. So the origin is Cape. Kennedy. The destination was Honolulu which they actually missed by a few hundred miles but not important, and then it has to stop off. So it says stop of moon. So great on this late normal little bit of paper on Lulu moon. And then it says anything to declare declare anything you're carrying and they've just had to write moonwalking moon dust samples and these. That we found up. I'm sorry. Was home only Carajas. I find this amazing about when you're in the us. So you're always kind of you're weightless. You always pushing yourself things. But one of the rooms is so big that sometimes you could get stuck in the middle of. Oh, my into push. Just like, basically, you'll ride the wave for someone to get you. Well, you kind of I guess you could blow your emergency flute on you at all. The what you're saying about playing the flute and the having to rip your feet under the one of the harder instruments to play the keyboard? Because every time you press, one of the keys you push the instrument away from you so often when they're playing it there if they haven't got proper grip they just have to chase the keyboard? As they're playing those song the other thing they do to kind of wind down that they do love this exercise because keep your muscles. Okay. Because otherwise a lot trophy atrophy. Sorry. The problem is if you're doing your excise and you're sweating but sweat hangs around your body because he's got nowhere to go. There's no gravity pulling it down, and you could end up with a big blob of sweat around there. And if you move your head really quickly, the sweat blob, just slowly move. It could smash show friend in the face a big like a water balloon of sweat. Oh, that's awesome. We're going to have to wrap up shortly. Okay. Some stuff on buns. In unusual places. The institute Mark has had a concert quite recently, featuring Alex Bego, Sharon, call from the calls on they had the youngest ever audience because it was a life concept for embryos. What? Yeah. Apparently, apparently, it helps the development of the embryos lots of music called into Sharon. Call from the calls. Sorry. Sharon, call from the coast. Did they applaud? The. No. Yup. Vitro steph. Oh, that's the that's the way it gig. How to be weird? I'm saying on the puck. I'm not going to say, hey, the cause was did a gig doublet. So a load of noble humans. No, you're right. It's sort of like house since the break-up. How's your solo career going actually some exciting gigs coming? Playing to unborn embryos. Actually that is exciting. When you think about it? Defined one space boned thing. So this was in two thousand ten it was a London synth pop band called monarchy, and they announced that they were going to play that debuted gig debut gig in Cape Canaveral. Embiid into space and the golden it. They said all all that really means is sending a signal out with the atmosphere without it being bounced back by satellite. So because they weren't allowed into the society. So the guardian reported that it was not interstellar communication. It was simply a gig broadcast to no one. Not long after key with dropped by mercury records before the album had been released. Oh, can I just say my affects that I really like, and is about people unexpected people being inbounds people. You didn't expect to be on my nose. If someone in the audience, who's our colleague James other James, we call him, which is good. I go. But we're also transmits MacAulay Kokin plays in a band played in a band, and it's called the pizza underground. And what they do is. They do covers a velvet underground. But instead of the velvet underground lyrics that all about pizza. This reading about the inspiration for and the Glock play in the band explained. Kind of pistol. It's a very very very dangerous gig. To attend the Glock player in the bond, she explained that actually all velvet underground songs were originally written about pizza, but they had to be reworded to accommodate the standards of their day. Macaulay culkin. Is that righting that wrong is amazing? These NASA people they need all of that people's on earth. Otherwise, they call it a gig. So I thought I'd look at a few reasons that people couldn't do gigs. Neil young ones had to cancel a an entire toll after cutting this finger while making somewhere. On the kings of Leon abundance show, halfway through July twenty ten after pigeons begun shitting Jared's mouth. I'm with the pigeons. Okay. That's it. That is all of our facts. Like you so much for listening. If you'd like to get in contact with any of us about the things that we have said over the course of this podcast. We can be found on our Twitter accounts. I'm on at Schreiber land Andy under one hundred James, James hocken. And she's Inskeep. You can Email poke cost I dot com or you can go to our group account at no such thing. You can go to our website. No such thing as a fish dot com. We have everything up there linked to this book that everyone in the audience has you don't need that anymore. We have a future tour dates, and we have all of our previous episodes and just quickly. We are now going to give away a book to the best fact all our audience here tonight. This is Daniel Simon. And the fact is this in two thousand fifteen fronts cooled on his allies for more help in Mali Luxembourg agreed to double the military presence in the country and probably added one more soldier. Okay. We'll be back again next week with more facts. We'll see you then good.

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