Episode 485: Morgiana (1972)


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Two sisters who are driven apart by their father's will and the jealousy of Clara by Victoria we've talked about hurts in the past including his incredible film, The cremator and as for as subversive as that film was, it was actually more Jonah that got him into more trouble. We'll talk about that and more including spoilers as we go along. So cat when was the first time you saw Morgan and what did you think this never second run DVD. They need to stop paying me commission whenever they put this out on. DVD, which was quite a while ago now think Kinda WanNA say t finding the knowing but I'm not sure anyways total blind by and I really dislike the cover. That looks a bit trippy says everything about me I just love it obviously have gothic stuff nine of the reading wheat conducted in Gothic and this is like the perfect example of that type of Gothic which does not she end up home film alot is just being one of my favorite tack films ever since and how about you bad. When I was working with the Czech and Slovak film. Festival. Austrailia we did a year I heard active and they double fate. Should we oil lamps which obviously the perfect double because it has the same lead actress and also features epic who is also in? Mogi on now I missed that screening but several people in US went to it and then kept telling me I had to watch it sir like cat instead of saying thirty five millimeter is on the second run TV Day I wasn't quite sure what to make because I definitely appreciated the same gun elements that but it's a film you Kinda you have to really say it twice before he can start to get your head around because it is it's a unique one I remember seeing this on vhs forever ago and this was actually title that we used to sell on. Super Happy Fun Dot Com during my dark days as a bootlegger and manage to I. Think I had a Shitty vhs and then eventually a dvd of this came out before the second run one this was actually coming out in Czechoslovakia and I helped Mary the subtitles from one version to another again i. just this weird relationship with the movie where I saw it but it didn't really register with me because I was there translating all of the net translating, taking the transcribing the subtitles from the vhs onto an rt adding them to the DVD because that's what I do for fun. The thrilling world of Post. Production. It's fantastic and boy oh boy, do I get upset if whenever I see like misspellings or grammatical errors inside of subtitles. But thank goodness that the second run DVD of this looks fantastic and the subtitles pristine. You're right. This is it's so trippy in this place so much into some of the things that I'm always talking about on the podcast. I'm always about doubling and mirrors and all of this, and this film has that in spades and talk about gorgeous. It just looks so good and I think this was the first time that hurts has worked with Yaroslavsky Chetta he initially was supposed to work with him way back when they did. The pros. A yeah and he was snapped because he wasn't Fahmi because he was CR SIDA that I was hilarious to me what I found that out that the Yaroslava done all of pills not not do it hurts because he was from the WHO was the Kademi of puppetry studied pepe tree studied production design, and he won't eat you out she go to family and study film, but they would like no, you call do that make the state or wherever you call St. As part of that whole new wave, he was like always outsider and then he was a Slovakian June. So was an the whole proxy scene even though then he started to work So he goes into film we talked about this recently my can Sam Degan on transport from paradise he go in just by Hassling Zip, nick, renage to. Give him a bright. So Ish, we'd we've heard even though he wasn't didn't sink particularly better. I think he has a thing with the new waivers because they treat him really Bosley in a way kind of snapped him and then by the time he comes city Mogi Arnot and obviously he's done the cremator in these. acclaimed. Then could share is like oh? Yeah. I totally want to work on. The measure of him that he saw was the fast person for the job, and so he just dropped his ego and said, no, you know because he knew he would be the what he wanted experimental. It just goes to show you an his now sold has admittedly he did in an interview. He did say that the episode that he was meant to be in pearls of the day, the junk shop instead of being perils of the deep, which didn't get much of showering in cinemas in. Much of Czechoslovakia he's short was put before a German film that was really popular. He's actually go. So I think it does thing he was dropped from pills of the D. because they thought it was too long. So he was Kinda. Kicked out of that is wow. So you know the anyway manifesto film it does as the ego a little bit. When you know that you'll feel has been seen by more of your human than the NFL out of at I had recently seen pills the deep and I gotta say I think the junk Shop is a quite a bit better than anything in the date. So I think he probably had that on his side for feeling good as well. Watching pills a day, which is for the most part, quite a straightforward film. Visually, there's not a loss of a Yaroslava real like showing us on display. Of course, he did daisies, diamonds of the nod which two of the Mars unbelievably striking visual films, not just the Sixties but the whole twentieth century. Married. To Vera heated UVA at the time and then they kind of broke up within the seventies. So he's no, he's like. There is no agreed experimental especially varies DJ, Paradise. He did a show you saw part of that whole movement and they were married and then everything is so broken down by the time you get to me on. Hits because he's like the ultimate side, turn any into reference in which I think on the second randy. He he wasn't really political filmmaker either that he just loved Gothic in fiery tales and Hora and his closest thing that you get to chat horror director because they didn't make horror films dislike Soviet Union it's like no horror films. In Czechoslovakia no horror films in Soviet Union cinema more fantasy based, and he used fantasy use the fairytale to make his own horror will the closest thing to it so it's not like all horror although he's obviously a wire of it comes from this pace one of my passions overseas gothic and you gotta sit strain of Gothic the eastern European, and it's a bit like the French strain of gothic where it's not like our British or European gothic that sperry four more. The bram stoker the Mary shelley straight or more straight narratives. Eastern European stuff. It's surreal. Look at something body battery in a week if one does is a perfect example comes from a book from that same movement. It's very surreal that was the thing that comes up and it constantly in Russian gothic other Eastern European gothic. It's so weird and surreal. So I think if you come to Mogi honor with I understanding and he's always choice stories this is based on a story Santa Grin Jesse. Mohana. Just he's very surreal, very strange almost like mute pieces and nothing night gothic that we used to from universal in hammer from those classic books. But if you understand that this is one of the most perfect examples of that kind of Gothic on film I think John Rolando close to it as well. And chill relaxed Simonis also, really surreal. Don't. It'll of examples in film and not really upsets me. I know it's Haw is hard to translate it though because a lot of is just mute and surreally sermon, there's not really much of a narrative. So I just think this is perfect for that because I really haven't seen that many examples of it in cinema liking gossip Gothic cinema in. Horror Cinema because it like a study so hard to translate in this. Came from a background where he loved fiction, he was like a very they three person but also us into all. This brings in the influence solve Gustov Clinton you. I'd love one of my favorite painters he brings in and so he wasn't really like a lot of the new wave directors you very politically motivated. He was obsessed with what he was obsessed with literature painting music. You Sue come together Mogi honor and it's just it's Fact I think the problem is a lot of people come to it without reference. They get lucky I, love in the interview study to American they didn't realize it was the same actress. Really confused, they thought it was t different women and because they didn't know her but yet just with that frame of reference guesses, it can be slightly. Disorientating may be disciples. This is strange but I mean. Eddie. A ban before we started recording your friends saw Msakhadov. What this is I love it i. think that is the response law people have to it. They haven't seen anything like it before but they they just love it because it's so much is beautiful experimental the characters and just and the music and everything is just off my soapbox. I think it is. It is one of those difficulties way year it's almost like the. Texas chainsaw massacre person wants aiden alive annual like a will they clear that it's the same filmmaker but this surge radically different in styles that they'd totally they coming from polar opposites in how they're addressing where one is very much from remove realist and Look at them hurts as first couple of fields in the black and white stock leaving aside the limping devil but silent cancer in junk shopping chromato-. A few much more like they've come from the social veal aside black white. They feel like they've been a real lived reality, and then if you've come from the Creator to this, it's it's it's starkly different that wall still capturing that same black gothic cuma and darkness and you still looking going like. Age. will staring into an abyss but I don't know what the abyss is year. At. It is like a I in re watching this. Recently, it was the first film I watched as the then went and because i. when I saw the Creator originally, I'd never seen any other films and then I think beating the base was the next few months Jonah, and that was a big part of why I don't quite know how to process this editorial. Korean watching seven or eight of these other fumes before I came back to Mogi was like Okay I think. I get it now and I think that is part of his. It's not just that he was announced saw at because of all of the things you mentioned. But of all the Czech filmmakers, he I think is the hardest to pin down. He is definitely consistencies once you've seen enough but even he's consistencies he purchases from quite different perspectives what he has no real signature in any sort of like you say it's early films like sign cancer quite straightforward. He gets a bit experimental on the. Especially, fish-eye Lens, which he uses a lot in this. The, every single one of his films apart from perhaps be in the beast in the ninth heart because they were made back to back. They are all different because he seemed to go into every project into experiment. MMA thing that pulls them together is the starkness. Just, his fascination with very dark things because you know s Avakian J., he was in concentration camp with his mother in the wall. You know he'd seen a lot of real darkness on he also really understood vote long fairytales those original fairytales scary then look. Little. Red. Riding Hood. It's about cannibalism all the original Cinderella one of the stepsisters cuts off toews to fit into the shoe or Hansel, and Gretel cates beanie in alive. That's scary especially when you. Look at the Eastern European ones where they have like stories about you know if you mess around, you're GonNa get eaten by wolves slightly tell this to the kids and he got any any scary sense of the fairy tale not the Disney fight ones that we that we grew up on the West. These are the real deal things is Saddam he was drawn to in all of his films but if you look at them, they all look very different. All of them whereas some of the new wave directors. You could just tell that films by looking at them and hence wasn't like that this is definitely what she if he can watch the find and see sweet games of some at transitional pays for the way he said that the Creator was much more than expressed in this work, and then it's as sweet games of summer. Light summer is is based on the look of Renoir paintings and is very impressive stick, and so you can see that transition of moving away from that social realism going more into where this kind of Gothic vibe and the fairytale look. But I think one of the really interesting things that I came away from his films. especially in like the fairy tales that often the evil is kind of misplaced or misdirected it's the people don't actually recognize where the evil is coming from in the criminals does this as well that it's it's the the the beauty in the based you've got that all the based is able all the forest is evil all these. Documents and everything, but it's like, no, it's the humans. The thieves at the beginning is slaughter everyone and then the the sisters in the greedy in destroying everything in no caring for the. The, we display put al projections of what is evil onto other things in completely mistake which does happen in this film where you've got this in the projections Victoria onto a system where she's like she is very much the Gothic Quyen, he's melancholy can she has his darkness but she's projecting all of these things outwards blaming everything else for her lack is quite interesting how I think like. I think this is where the you know when you watch. I think one of the big differences is must likes funk mile is different. When you watch. US. FUNK my film because I watched the flat which you hurts axing because I know you heard actually originally wanted to be an actor. Was told that he didn't have a good enough loop to ever for anybody to ever want to hire. Did he was actor Y'all. Yeah. He did. He did do a lot of acting, but he wouldn't eat what he what he really when he was studying. He tried to go into apprenticeship in acting and they were like not nobody will. WanNa use you look. To paraphrase. And I thought he had a fantastic look. I love the way that he looks at big alkaline knows losing just he's got such striking features I. Love it when he tends up in things in the ninth when he east Cameo Yeah. So good and I always cheer if I see it he's not in all of his films but if he pops up, it's like because he is really distinctive. Yeah, he's wonderful the way this funk Myers shoots actors is the same way. He shoots his objects like in found my film everything is an object everything is objectified. It is like actually pure cinema because it's old tardily separated from any. Physical reality while everything being super physical. And hurts doesn't quite have that. But when I found out that came puppetry at made sense because. He's relation to objects is quite different and watching all of his films. It's like Ferret Vampire, which is about a vampire CAU-. It's not Christine or the car the CAA isn't evil. It's what people do with it. That is able. It's how people interact with an abuse at the table. In the Creator, the phone is designed evil. It's the people who use it again, and I feel like this is very much comes from your he's experienced. The second world will on the Holocaust and somebody ought movement grew out of the reaction to Maderna's Di was meant to be this great and wonderful utopia. The being oil lamps even starts with a New Year's and I'm saying nineteen hundred the next hundred years will fix everything for humanity. Like. Geez. But it was there was such a turn against modernity because these great utopian technologies had been turned to just apocalyptic death machines and cermony of his films either deal with this directly or indirectly, and I even find that in Mogi Ana the way that she deals with the objects in life like the bottle, the little bottle of poison when she. Poisons. People. With. That it's an a fight says, well, like the the way that the she displaces the to boil it down. It's like we have this tendency to believe that all checks structures have inherent ethical system. and. Hurts. Constantly denies that it would be like saying I will pop it is inherently evil. So it's always going to be able things is like no the puppeteer that's pulling strings is the evil one is doing this. And it's very much present in the cremator and I think in this as well because he is often Victoria's constantly displacing blaming Outta old pushing things away into gnawing at an even her act that when she's trying. Can read her destruction of the poison bottles banging destroying the evidence but you can ulcer equally see it as her trying to distance himself from the object that has caused this her father has died. He's given all of the best things to the system and then you nurse he's trying to get the attention of the young Mason. He's not interested in brass inside she blaming father's ruin this for me hall. Of. The bad guys ruined that for me and then she goes and sees the old The old Seyran is laying out Tarot cards and Tara decks are open to interpretation. Yes. It does look very negative and she takes it in a negative light but those cards aren't inherently negative or inherently evil. She chooses the take it in a negative way and therefore chooses to try and poison her sister which she. Destroys. The bottle because he's receives this thing has been something that has helped caused her to commit evil and at many times along the way as you can see this even down to the finale. So many objects involved in this house he's trying to play things out to gain sympathy and displays things away from herself and hurt again in the guy returns to this. At even inside of the crab astrology, the Tara Deck, the furnaces, these old tools is a way that we used understand that world and we bring the ethics of good or evil to them them on themselves are just something for us to use. I. Love that Victoria is so curious about things I guess because we haven't seen this yet more Jonah, the titular Morganna is a cat and we get so many things from Morgan `as Pov which I love. The Cat Cam it's wonderful isn't Victoria is kind of feline in that she is just so curious about things she is always looking to see what's GonNa, happen with this poison poisoned my sister but I really want to see how this works like she hears about the her sister having this unquenchable thirst. So what you're GonNa do she's going to poison this dog and see what happens with that old look at the dog is really thirsty. Shit the little kid is drinking out of this. Seems you see the kid in the show. She looks kind of feed linus while the doesn't. She can make up a spa more exaggerated than when she's Clara. He's Kinda sweet to insult the she looks feed I in the way she. Observes the law the time nightly cannot the window and watching people we see it just observing situations people of the time and she does have this. So feed on look about Oh already. Love I'm not Sinkat Sereda or love cops, but this is deliberate on her part because it sat at the turn of the century. To another thing, I, love about the costumes because again when it comes to the gothic films. You tend to get the more Victorian era with big crans and everything and this is ten in the century. So they've got the the different guidelines is very, very specific look and Sony. Really Joan Ron's fascination are seen not Houston as well but they didn't have that really exaggerate make like she's got crazy maker Victoria with the eyes and everything it's like she looks like she's got cat. Sorry. So that's I mean I don't think he was going I could accuracy it was like Rowlonin fascination it's just sat in a different universe where they happened to wear. Those clothes possibly the original hearst but that is the postal I said to you earlier, Mike where they the the Mogi on the cat is at the forefront foreground and has these huge blue is an above it is Victoria with matching huge blue eyes and so this very much that pairing there, and early on in the film, there's the scene where we've got Association of Victoria and the cat but we've also got Clara and the parrot in the cage. And they this is like a especially like maybe I'm reading this as a golf but. The perception that the bright happy person is less than and the dock rim person possessed reality is actually is until you get that association with the cat is free in one doesn't actually sees things that you're saying cat is watching perceives whereas the happy present leaves in the gilded cage doesn't have to worry and isn't aware of things in his just walked off. And that is part of what stirs that antagonism between the two of them. The guys spot the deputy isn't because I. Mean Athene, the gothic double let's seems to be like a big trend in the season European, Gothic full the double and I we sawyer comment the names of the authors of. Few volumes of Russian gothic tales and this one where the sky falls enough with this mannequin of the twin and he searches the world for the other twin. But then they send him out of his mind he starts to matching the they won't hinted de staff and he go so crazy over these mannequins in the twins were behind them unless another story in one of those books that a woman. World gets taken over by a reflection. So she starts to know is the her reflection in the mirror is another entity who events should he sucks her into the mirror and takes place so it seems to be The way she used in that round it seems and I'm not saying thick Judaism in doubling the mazing stunned in a more. Traditional I. Love All all those books Dr Jekyll Mister. High is the probably the biggest one? You got seventies actual to split personalities, but the way they use in eastern European one is just so imaginative. We it and. Just I think a lot darker niddle scarier I used to be scared of reflections when I was a case. About Mary. Thing when I first thought Mary Story was horrified, you know the fought you d'appel guy could be so it seems to be in that same round but uses the twins but then he uses the animals is the doubles is while so it's like working on all these different levels so much of the double in that but then again, no used in a way that we would expect in more Western gothic stood in a much. More, surreal way we've got the theme of Schizophrenia in Arizona on all the nations. It's not just doubling like I said earlier, there's a lot of mirrors and it's not just one version of somebody I a second version of somebody we have mirrors going off into infinity, and then we've got Clara's dressing table where things are split into three and I find it interesting too that it's one panel where she will see something like she sees. A reflection of Victoria putting the poison into her drink and Then she'll see a version of herself who is dressed in orange and I love the way that he's using color and here as a signifier like she's got this reddish orange hair, her double in the Mirror has this reddish warns us dress on and she actually will like you're saying hallucinate this other person than when she sees some oranges she almost goes into a faint because it reminds her of that. But yeah, it's not just two of the sisters you have these multiples when it comes to all of these mirrors, it pays in so many of those stories and I don't know why it just seems to be a trend. Mirrored to use in the same way that the doubles so used but they used in our said the surreal more fancy way where in this often when she looks in the mirror, she doesn't just say reflection not you say she sees something else almost like a premonition, a hallucination or primary nation the comes in seems to come more literary thing which had switched to. So much into literature I'm painting and I think that informs of his films because with this, we have claimed with the costumes and the and the accents of gold to never and I left claimed, and he just brings all these things in together I. Think the Caz like Ben said, his background is in design in puppetry. It's in these more physical artistic like these craftsmen. Of things where he's he's just making families making a painting salsa background must white just stands are even enhances films it stands out is. A point where each seems to be really experimenting with things and seeing how far can I go with a smoke? Can I get away with an oversea couldn't get away with all of it because the state hey, today and bombed him from making films not yet. It's 'cause they like this is a horror film which the same thing happened would be in the beast he wasn't buying them, but they will you said you were making a children's this is horrifying, but she's like seems to be what he did. Everything, they were like high on and he thought well, I thought it was romantic with is, is a really romantic film but romantic in Gothic Romance sense of dangerous but they think get they thought they were gonna get this really sweet I mean will they thought they were going to get they were horrified which I laugh I. Think it says a lot about the ineptitude of bureaucrats. by Dr Known, what they ever GonNa get the Double Ganger you know a lot of the times in London traditions the double Ganger fear of Death Oh dum site only makes sense. But the I noticed that there's one particular edit later in the film where they show the same shot three times is that there's not only doubling the that tripling as well as you said it. Also seems to be three of them in there is the the white there is the the orange red in the black and I I had like numerous Norwich ause like what does red symbolizes implies death. Symbolize, a bond may be. Just like constantly Joanna, pin it down I was like this at and pin it down and he just like not not bad but it's it's fascinating like the like you said that he's experimenting because. Hurt said that the only film ever made that was finished the way that he intended was the chromite uneven. That had the ending change from what he originally shot and this a basically the film was originally meant to pretty much end halfway third with clower discovering that these nerve Victoria. that. Inherits his wages schizophrenic fill about a split personality and I didn't find that out until after I'd seen it twice. When I found that I was like arcade. It makes more sense now because there is a certain incoherence to a lot of the films like there are a lot of things that feel like they dropped metaphors and symbols that then going nowhere that makes sense when you realize that will while they basically said, no, you can't make the film he made he had to take the original story and then continue on making it without the twists. Yeah. I woke up his court for Interior that he gave to Keno I it says. Where the film ends should've Bain, just halfway through in the middle of the original story, the Good Sister Wake Stop Ngo asks but they tell that she doesn't have won. It should have been schizophrenic story about a person who has a good and also a bad side. The administration couldn't accept that and they got rid of the whole second part of the story and heals. US. said that I didn't like the film and the shooting was very authorised Terry I. Took it as an exercise like when a pianist does finger exercises I also had the possibility to try different film tricks when act just IVA yearns, zero. Plays opposite herself. So it was really more exercise for myself than I would expect it would develop into something. Interesting. Sir. The. So much. One more way into nationally was a surprise to him bed. You're absolutely right cat he experiment and you can see. There is an excellent remind me of. The Mario Bava Film on five Dole's from August Moon, which is not a particularly great film but Bava Height that film. Sorry. Basically you can. If you know that he hated that making that film, you can see that he's just trying out tricks that he would then use too much greater effect in light of films. This definitely worked at a lot better than five dollars. are gay But there is that sense of experimentation, an incoherency which actually does feed into the film in Fade into what's going on as much as I would have loved the the split aspect now that that that's a twist that's almost it is old now. Hold Adrienne. Clearly, this film is not in semi to using that incoherency in a way. It feels like it makes the fume feel like it's missing something but it becomes kind of question sale wet leaves you at the end going like what was that what just happened like way like you? Yeah. You get the little bits of like. Little, bit of power in there and a little bit of. He said the Russian literature and is all these other different bits and pacers though. I don't even want to say mingling I wanNA say mango together like the old climbing I reach out the going. This is my main This is my meaning until the end it's like Nah actually your made a quotation mock schizophrenic film because it has just been chaos pouring out of. Yeah. It really reminded me of the I can't remember if it was a second or third chapter of trilogy of Terror. camera, his Nolan or Matheson but millicent in therese the two characters that Karen Black was playing that ended up being the same woman I was thinking that that might happen in this. I hadn't read that interview though. So that's very interesting because I was like, okay it seems like this might happen but then it carries on and that it carries on and that there's actually happy ending I really did not expect there to be a happy ending to this movie. That's actually like one of Hilarious I found that out that. Makes Perfect sense because Peter Ceplak briefly appears as the manage reading at the wheel and then tries very self-serving attempt to get a cloud at bury him. Oh? Victoria look zone. After seeing him I. Think I watched oil lamps just before I watched Mogi Ana and in oil lamps he plays a very deceitful syphilitic asshole and he doesn't sorry well that as soon as this field my repented and he started cracking on their own why go here we go again disease just can allies just once you for your money lady just as far as you can, and then in the second half he's off like to find the cloud as other suitor and you think, oh, it's on like this guy's GonNa just like only want he's going to go and fight. On she's missing I think we should go and look for and you're like, oh, he's a good guy. This is the real twist of the film. It's like at least the second biggest wish to the film the Pacific character is ethical trust me. I'm a lawyer I think we've hit so you have to remember think film school eating come up for me she seems to have despite pragmatic approach to make Him feel the satellite said he saw everything is a way of experimenting or leaning very positive attitude something was going up. He didn't have that sense of ego of how dare you touch my vision he just be like well, this is going to be limited. So actually I'm just GonNa have some fun with this. So I'm going to try accent more. Fisher is GonNa, experiment with these facts and I'm just gonNA. See sides in one of the debates he kept his hand in just to remember how to make fail me south toll basic they and so every single one of his projects will moves things can experiment in that way. So he never had this sense of you know they took my vision for me which he find out in the carnival. Type. Directors. He's kind of like, yeah. They fuck with it but you know I have nine. These ends in Coke Kocharian to do this and we yeah, we just did this. It was great. We tried to experiment with film in the actress into shorts was took ages. So just this almost playfulness that you'd find within him the he despite what happened to him he never to doubt better and had this very matter of fact pragmatic. Whereas I know people are very he till over she far, very bitter, very angry and frustration about how she falls. She'd been treated which was far enough I mean she was treated. But with never seem to affect him oversee affected him on some level, but he just kept going with this saw to try this son will you know I'll sign up for fancy phone? All she made into a horror. They so moose like cheeky. So of outlook it was seemed we say into the site amazed with done. In, watching his films than trying to think about it from no terrorist respective the only thing I could really definitively pinned down matches exactly what you're saying and it's an awareness of the cycle of life and A. We'd uncannily objective awareness of it and I think of all the films, the Mars Pin that down for me was very under say now a day for my love, which is a bad of about husband wife for have child Gets. You dies dot so sad that film, but it's bride. It's the opposite of sunlight area feels like a breath of fresh air after his other fields also sat in present time. Present time it looks like one of those other any other. So check who Soviet era late seventies drama where people leaving in A. Concrete Block of flats. So different to everything else you've made up until that point and then he goes makes fabric vampire. You can never I think the great thing about it is when people saw watching these films and this was definitely the same for me is every single one just takes you to completely different price. You never know what you can expect in that place it every single one. Is Different but then it familiar is well because he had these ongoing obsessions with certain themes. I, think it was the cyclic nature. It's like it even Ferret Vampires. There's a kind of acceptance in those final moments. At is an acceptance to people's decision to fuller their fight, and there's an acceptance to choose. I review seen the night off tape me. But no. I. Haven't. That was the film that he made in the eighties which is by experience in concentration camp is not it's not. It's not a young boy is told from a woman's perspective but it's very much about his experience things that he soul and I think if you see the film which he's says Canes that Steven Spielberg ripped-off. Similarities put it that way but he was I have no many to take Hollywood cold. So at least remind stories I think if you see that film than you, you understand him, it's The only film ready that you. You see any of her. So what happened to him? What went through because they're all really chilling scenes in that film when you were talking earlier about the lack of like I, really like traditional say what the West thinks over the traditional film I remember Longtime Guy Reading an article about. The Hindu Horace cinema at how little there was until relatively recently, one of the points they made was they thought that this was partly because the Hindus lived with Sarah. Much. fantastical. Monstrosities in God's and things in of present lives all around them that they didn't need that kind of outlet or escapism of whatever hall offered. Maybe. Couldn't. Speak to with that is true article but I think when you have even even implants gay like he he made plenty of films like your I heard that could be described as horror films but aren't necessarily horror films and I think when you when you've gone through that real, Hora than is no pointing. fantasize it. They just came from such a such a horrible lightly to seen such terrible things into the Soviet Abeer. Anyway they would never allow horror films in the driving that would have been way too fucking frivolous. They would've despacito they didn't commercial sense of cinema like we did in the West. So that was not framework for it, but they did have an obsession with fantasy and fiery titles and they had lift just terrific experiences so it comes out. As full of horrors, you ask the same Roman Polanski was saying is very eastern European thing that they wouldn't make something like Texas chainsaw massacre because they didn't need to. So what you? I think hits is the one that comes to coasties to somebody was conscious of what he was doing. He was starting conscious that he wanted to scare people he wasn't taking American and British films and using them as a model. He was using things that he knew he was using fairytales which was scary pieces of literature which was scary he didn't have. To borrow anything, and so he kinda set precedent in the Kosovo I'm Chris Badly anything that could qualifies horror but the other thing is branch in the fifth hole smoothies Fairbridge was his mentor not is something that comes coast to a horror film says also that influence is well, he seemed to be the one seeing Mustafa Wire and conscious was doing quite primed. Quite pride kids from out of the cinema crane after B. The BBC's really prior to thought which I love and he was just like oop Spain you what he was doing any even very with a wing can oh, sorry I thought it was something else and it's like, no you wanted those kids to cry in my watchings in my viewings I'm just like we missed out on one of the twentieth century's gripe pervert slaughter mast. because. In the seventy, he said like in the sign of the cancels on of the crab he's first film. There was a lot of nudity cutout ripe saying the the Limping Devil of the lame devil there was meant to be much more Arolla with people going sexually mad because of this. Mosquitoes, devil affecting them in the cremator you know there's a great deal of nudity in all these images of fiery terrorism things that just like time and again, he was the head all these extra Saxon violence that he wanted in these films and they're just like not not not not even ferret vampire as like I would it's probably doesn't exist anymore but he did shoot a lot more nacionalisme violence in Ferret Vampire, which I'm can only imagine what that is because the one scene of really graphic violence in makes anything in video germ look like really yeah that's comparable. That's comparable end four years before he was definitely like he was. Few my friends at fucked up dirt who was willing to go to really really nasty weight lights and even when he after the troubles, he had in the coming of the Russians, he went to the the Slovak television to make. Sweet Games of light summer and watching that I was like. This makes most of the erotic cinema review for like the light seven days look tame and bland like it's serve very in your face with the sexuality space by a girl, he takes five levies. And it's a such beautiful yet it is really beautiful. But the the the the eroticism is is is off the charts especially bid nowadays I mean admittedly mercy the erotic films I've been watching lately of being released American films by vinegars singer from the seventies and eighties. So they were autism levels of very minus. That no erotic. But hey the the a heard was leg. Just he was on a whole different plan I just I just wish we could have gotten all of those elements that he wanted to bring to the screen because he was clearly in arcade person but he was not our guy I wanted to seize not are as onscreen. We seem to come from the same places Baroque check day although he didn't go as far as off check and genre line acing occupy that same pace in the imagination of the weird and the erotic. And and all that is a shame that he was kind of stunted in what he could be because he's vision was different from the other. Czechoslovak filmmakers from not he will despite political, they were very angry. They won't need to make statements they wanted to kick back and hits. You know go through this terrible experience and then. Find, he was an nightside. After, this is while. He's dislike I WANNA. Do My own thing I'm just reading into this and he was awful thought at the time from doing that but he carried on each just carried on getting away with as much as he could. One of the reasons why respond to him so much he does seem to belong in that same fantasy way to robotic Hora Cam the the most surreal European directives come out of like very broad check Joel Merlin definitely. I definitely think that's why he's. He's definitely ripe for reappraisal and rediscovery even she's in the sang literature base he was referencing the same. All you know definitely comes from. Komo who hasn't Gone to college gone to film school, and then if I fail looked Lynn about images through watch him film, it didn't come from that world. He came from world of his and design and brought with the same with his painting with these automation comes not world way. It's SORTA with looking at paintings, enjoying all reading literature and comes from the Ralph within the family or out should he formally studied film had very clear political messages so they experimented this wild, but it's an cinematic way wherever's who? was wasn't really looking in cinema not way was just looking in isn't a way of expression Like in this formalized. Style wack. Necessarily aware of the meaning if things will will you should and shouldn't do I. think that's what I love about him because he would just plop something in if he thought he looked good. Know he said he hey, after the cremation, he would never have made it like that game but they up by fish shy lens and they were just like they had us to seize the fish-eye everywhere. And he's like my again I'd like. So. Good. But he's like we we did too much. As as much as the like anarchistic aquarian and wants to be like the Creator might not be as best having rewatch it after watching nine of his fails. It was just like not combative is phenomenal that just an till you watch today in the midst of what's going on in the world and you like our shit but part of me is like, I I get the Mogi GonNa even though it is. Something about the Dow's chaos the dozen quite click together as perfectly and beautifully does this or like aw but I, I'm getting more and more Y. This is almost as good as the Kamei to me and a part of it is he's earn experience of duality because as I said like China to pin him down as a filmmaker looking for perspective, it's complicated because you have this duality of the film makeup and the Communist Party. And at many times it to the the filmmaker on the oddest complicated neutered or censored by the Communist Party that you kind of have to watch the film is being what it is what it might have been what it was meant to be. It's like it's like Zulawski in on the silver with the missing Sainsbury's walking down the street writing what would have happened the APP actor was anyway. Do you have that kind of experience with the loss of hurts feeling once you look into the mini talks about what's missing, what was meant to Bay that you end up watching them. As Dabble, you've got this gang version of the film which is sort of in your mind and in front of you and it's the. That with this film like Mogi Yana which just becomes like too much like four dimensional five dimensional at exists on. So many planes across so many different ways of reading it. It almost doesn't matter what happens in a just is this jam that comes about because of all of these pressures pushing down on. Nagai Yup that is something that is unique and it is undeniable. I won't channel of Euro European like role on one of those films I've never looked into that deeply bend because. I'll see now I do do. I tall left. These teams are I'm I'm very much like I've never looked that deeply. It's really interesting. Chested I tell people like. The black tie heroin territory. Cinema I'm sorry fire off the day event. A level is your called dolphins drying. The more is a terrible The better at this is like but I I can't help and like grab at like that and when I come back and watch it multiple times and having what so many of these films compressed together Maya like slightly OCD Nigel obsessively for like those details the connected now is amazing but it says a lot about makes on just like, Hey, this is like. The schizophrenic thing and I think, yeah, that's good. You know. But like you said everyone was doing at the time it would have been more in in with the whole gothic thing to have the actual double is a modern nation like her said about that mirror story at would have made more sense for the fact that off it doesn't make sense and he seems to be giving the breadcrumbs means something. But then they don't to anything. So you often thinking you know what does this mean and you start to think he's Clara the being a an imagination Victoria like not real zero laugh certain things in just because he filmed them until bucket. But you co part of me decide. Oh Hey, without didn't eat while was fine. It looks Netflix launching this the cost I was raised by. A union. So my brain is like shedders self. Oh my God. So I dug it a Dugout, my portable union, and if I may just drop some young coach from it because they have to on regardless yet I sell young while some traits peculiar to the shadow recognized without too much difficulty as one's own personal qualities. In this case, both inside and goodwill unavailing because the coals of the emotion appeased ally beyond all possibility of doubt in the other person and the effect of projection is the. Isolate, the subject from his environment since instead of a real relation to it, there is now are in late an allusion everyone projections changed the world into the replica of ones are earned an unknown face added like that's still in the film hundred Zen Still Dan that would have worked if it had been used to the just being herself as the split between herself in his that shelf, but it also works with the way the film continues on now in its sort of mattering mystery mold that there is. Disillusion like like signed before the illusion way, she's kind of like projecting onto others a will you've made my life like this will kill you on this lad Blah Blah Blah on it's dislike but isolates the person that separates the two when it's only in those early scenes that we really get the two together and aside and that they like split out almost entirely separated and it's only the nations of the version of them in the orange asked joy together in the middle part of the film we talked about how schizophrenic the film was but we also talked about how there's. Three images and there are parts of this movie just like wait a second, this doesn't seem to really fit and it could be because of the way that the film was changed or just could be because pertz wants to fuck around with us there the whole story of a Merrick, the Joseph Brown character where he's in his own little movie for a lot of this. And it's like what is going on with this guy like he? He's kind of the love interest, but he's barely there and then he seems to be off with his boys at this brothel and their gambling there just long scenes of them playing cards together, and the we extra we thing is that the I was getting tired of Days Avenue from the William. Wilson, episode of spirits of the dead in those things it is so much like them, William Wilson Bain Grell impose double gang story, but that was afterward ripping off. This was a just because of the costumes I don't even know this is this film just piles always like things like what is this meaning should even be in this film Groups of people that exist in their own universities is like all those women the go to the highest to just walk up and down those stairs and pick flowers, and then this other group of women he read like Nymphs he just flock around and go naked swimming. One of them gets rock to stroke owner for the hell of. Victoria kind of wants to see what will happen and those people they don't none of them seem to interact they just. Walk around in a strange cried, which is great. They just it's like why all these people keep going to these highs to go down those stairs and the flowers. And then why do these other women come up who every time they see all today after Frawley, hurons 'cause David in the courtyard as well. Don't they because water represents live the this fans this is not. Your Poulsbo Yana. Again, as he says, it's like dead water and I just wanted to punch in the face right now. I was. Playing in the background, there's a sade. Really, obvious boom pole reflection, and that's that's my work Brian from doing post production going at our it's five dart looking up but also having played in the background where you're talking about random people who are like fume they in. We need to talk about the non, oh? Yeah. That none. All the people to have as a nurse and has to be done and using. Here's hoyt these men. Wow. Why does the doctor just kind of hate her? So. Shocked. This is y'all fall. Is the Italian spinoff film knock off starring her she should just have had her whole series it just walking through films and smiling with those is like I would watch like decades of that are just like play the background it's he grabs the white vers she starts the smile and some house. He Looks Boring insane and evil when she smiles when she glowers she's incredible. It's he's just his mind about it's like when this come from but it Does remind this two characters in this that remind me a lot of a character who? Characters in the creator, she's like the the young girl keeps popping up in the CHROMATO- is making out on the tomb starnes at the end, which just like this really hypnotic porcelain Chisel beauty you just comes in early in this, he has much more bazaar nuns boy Tyson flavor, but there's also the the painting I guess where you've been to serum is her mother looks a lot like the blackhead woman that the keeps saying that the one played by the actress from Valor in. Waco wonders. So this week parallel there between the two films that there's these long straight black blackhead ladies. Vary. Cheek burn heavy porcelain women who pop up. Drag the attention away from everything going on from. A painting of its Gothic is you Painting the double he have to have the gothic painting by what she has the color coordinate as you were saying, the papacy fully is. Not just people that color coordinated handmaidens nobody else has Kelly coordinated handmaidens the film, but she has these doc rich blurred. All of her handmaidens have to wear. There is the. was mentioned before about the breaking the bottle as if she's trying to disavow what she's done and trying to smash this object. Latoya's dry is immediately followed by I. Feel like her refusing that by having her creep around and throw a rock at one of these young handmaidens an almost killer and Mike you said before adage, put it. All they however was brilliant. Totally brilliant. Absolutely. Brilliant but watching these. Titled Mishmash of Associations, of course, legged for those who obsessed with two kilos. It's quite well knowing that the Soviet Union believed the American problem and could not happen in the Soviet Union which leads to lots of cereal is getting super high body gowns. To me this and the Creator aboard line serial killer films. And for me Victoria those moments where he curiosity, that's what you're saying. The curiosity of her characters, how you put it to me maybe because I listened to much loss podcast on the left, these felt like permission armaments where it's says little creeping instances where like you're just going that little bit further little bit further, little bit further closer to killing someone that's never actually league really gets to the point of killing someone but she uses these permission of like. I'll just test out this poison all just pull a little bit of this. All just rope this rock and it's old is Kinda like it's would serial killers do give themselves permission to get closer and closer to what they actually one of their which has killed someone. Like a child isn't she sought being, she's very cruel and that was one of the things his was surprised at the sense that it was a sadistic because it does have of sadism in wonderfully. So that's a classic thing. Pervert to go is like what what this thing's perverted. That, she is psychic child. He's the sole thing kicked like put off the wings overfly. She seems to be like that she's no lights the creator he is a mission like he's a GRANDPA and then he keeps notes in these poor in A, no aesthetically Roy for his vision. So we take smart she's not like that but you said she's testing she she sees skills pain and she s not moment if Jesse because she sees beautiful young in free, and so she throws the rock and reaction to it. It's. Like a KD's while a bully. Awesome. Katie's I e R. Teach you. Okay. Hope reaction to is really Charles which I love about my character because she snow completely evil in not way and I? Think that was something that his state very well. So is quite ambiguous in his characters and she's not compete evil and she kind of wants to Kim assisted but no everytime she she just keeps off in these moments of like oh It's great. Though has she does these experiments I think like a child. And you just want. Like why she never grown up and why is she like this? You do want her to get away with the end but you also want. The D want her to get caught end having the birth. The Bane, the twins design person complicates thatch because you kind of rooting for the same person. ECON allied I like her because I like her by like her because I like her. Like. He had a You know the one of them you know that somebody has to be sacrificed. You nerve this film especially a Gothic they can't all come out on top but you keep like being like and I. think that is part of that the the. That refusal of her to imbue anything with an? Inherent. Ethic. That dislike no you have to decide. You have to decide who you want to survive and win, and that is possibly like what is maybe most lost by having. It not finished the way he did that he might have been able to finish it more ambiguously with not allowing you to choose on the way but by having. To have it have a resolution and Sachi thousand eventually have which way it goes, but it is for the most part you do kind of like. Like like our Clara's fine clouds grade like she seemed like a really wonderful interesting press on. She's not a bird in a gilded cage. Victoria's finds. He's not a hunches devouring prey maybe you might WANNA be serial Killa bullet. You know lead dog nights at love that they have dolls of one another and she. Victoria Brings Clara. Victoria doll and she's like, Oh, I remember this. This was great and what happened to my dollars she's like, oh, etc torn up in the is ripped off. That is like a gain serial killer classics and that was before the term was even created like classic serial killer. I do WanNa talk about that, and and just that it's Victoria's drama that ends up getting her killed. I talked about how more yon extra the name of the cat and it's very strange that the cat quote unquote dies in the middle of this film by that's about how we have all these pov shots from her and. At. One point the cat is looking up at Victoria in Victoria, talking about the cats dead and then we freeze frame of Victoria and then we don't see the cat for the rest of the film until the very end when it's the cat and the breeze from the window, which she of course says that breeze will be the death of me. That ends up being the death of for as well as more Yana, in this whole elaborate things she has set up where she tears the string of pearls and they're pros everywhere and she gets her handmaiden her housekeeper to clean the stuff up and that she sets up this whole thing where the housekeeper will see her trying to commit suicide but then come and rescuer. But that darn breeze caused by that darn cat end up closing the door and she ends up hanging yourself and killing yourself when it was supposed to be this more dramatic look at me suffering moment. Which is wonderful I love is pretty great. Again, going back to puppetry like she ends up Marionette on a string. We didn't talk about the high ski because she's she seems to come out of some sort of Italian neo realism Phil. She's like this hot and working class made Rafi. So he's got a kid hanging around the she's always would. It's a weird thing because you wouldn't imagine Victoria to tolerate somebody having their kids around all the talk like the type of character she as she cheech. She finds everything intolerable and annoying especially if people are innocent free or having fun but she doesn't seem to mind kid being around so that high ski has just another really strange character the. Left because she you could save in secret fell might scrubbing door staff pulled to Washington in a lake and everyone else is. So the way that dressed you know so grime difficulties apart from this one heis keeper he's like the Washer, the wild washerwoman, all the things he does with carrots but then he does sign it all of his films like all of characters really eccentric. He finally strange people and you just think what is it about this person why they like this? Why is everybody greedy? Strange high scape is like I like she needed to film as well. She wasn't NFL. Yeah I. I. Think the. That that opening shot. So we really didn't talk about Granola announced when carrying the call minutes striking and just in your face immediately as will pull bear is carrying golf and like the just there's something about the the White Angle, the Kalo everything just dislike I get to into your brain. So everything in this room. In. The shadow of that coffin, which is the father's coffin. The sort of underlying narrative of this film is two sisters finding themselves in the world like the person who especially this time the president would have ruled RV them who would dictated everything they did is absence of the film is almost like occurring in vacuum. And so I, think like a character like that is you know where you can imagine the the father. Eater. Nanny or whatever kind of thing. Maybe. Because he would have been super old but that kind of thing like there was there was more of an association with her for the father of and then for some reason that's Mogi has kept her on lead like as said like the Wu as she kept to hear because this irritates. At a does human as a character gives it that more nuanced detail but also like the that are being shot, it's it's a closed world in our. We wouldn't be the look at the oil lamps and you just know that oil lamps restricted the the options and possibilities available, which is is not what this film is out but the coffin European with the coffin and there's not much more closed than that. But then immediately, after the incredible credits, you get that shot at the mirror reflecting the mirror missile rbm of the would looks like eternity but in a way, it's just as close to the coffin because it's just. A glass wall reflecting. Gospel. No mentioned sibling rivalry yet. I was the oldest of two I have this spoil Brian Horrid Greta. So kind to light, really get this Phil I'm an only child so. Yes I'm here. There you go. That's why we haven't mentioned the GATT. Breath was was Kara. Basically inaugurated fucking poisoned him if I could go and you were the Gulf quaint. HAS SO I. In a way, really site with her. Nothing Against Kara She's so good and so like and she always Poe. Victoria's like in the corner. Wants her own things they now they'll the trees down the truth coming out cat now. Why you love Reading Eight. Victoria. It's like Yeah Kill the smoke sibling get the. Stole, your attention now is your time to shine. have either. Have you given any thought to the green flute being the name of the other estate is seem so that would be something from a fairytale like that seems like the name of a fairytale, the green fluid just thinking because. Look Green. Fairy. Could be. Heard for a little bit. Also, I like it when the when they get when the the the suitor and he's soldiers go on the night of debauchery for a minute. I, thought that the they they they end up a bothell, end the the Madam of the House for a second. I thought she was also played by late actress. That she has a very local sort of somewhat between the two of them, but definitely leaning towards the Gothic. And unlike you're saying before, it's like yet is this our little mini narrative in this this many little story in the middle of it of this zone in the the bubble at night man? Yeah. This this this film is going direction. Any mentioned briefly, the opening credits those credits fucking beautiful. I wish I knew who did that artwork? tastic. Do yourself a favor you're listening just type in your I heard credits end just wants everything because I don't have as watching enemies films. Every single credit sequence was amongst the best I've ever seen ever now they are phenomenal. My. The the no no. No it's only the ninth hot, which is funk. Maya one another nine thoughts Stephan Youtube standard to about twenty people going watch this. But like the even like the day. My love and favorite fan pie they just every single credit sequence. He has sly this is wow like just. Phenomenal. It's it's it's like one that's just our K., the old SARS striking summer different just absolute like it clearly that you're saying before early cat about his passion for painting in our like they just it's just sequence of a note me and Mike Mom, talk about being the beast recent name. Yeah and the same without the paintings and I call remember to member Mica and the life me did the paintings for that. But that incredible is on the same thing here is that like a not not diesel bathroom like he was right but you you just go like hurts just found the the best of everyone. These they should absolutely bay like you had to do talk ten best ever credit sequence I'd be hard pressed not just law in up every film I've seen in the last week they've really just are. Detailed and texture and. I, think especially watching a lot of your IRA pays sixties, Gothic some things at a lot of them you know they do have that kind of art aspect to him, and even the geology is like paintings. and. You see the paintings and the artwork in them and you like A that. was. Pretty Cool Yeah. In hurts films you like that's amazing. Can Can I get that and put it on my wall place? I just random saw the cat. I. Don't think the cat. This does she she comes back. The cat comes back. I was GONNA say I was really confused sensing. Yes she thinks she's stat and then she comes out for that winter the Buddha when the when the Caterpillar is to die, show the cat and then they show the cat line there turned out looking completely dead and I think either hurl the made says that is the end ended kinda freeze frames black. So you really meant to feel like it's the end of something son did the cat come back at the end to the? Was the window. I can only. It's not very you said, it's very. It's very light post the black cash. Yeah. Absolutely. Dave is like he's like Oh you to let me have this story that I was writing screen guy they're gonNA throw in sixty dollars golf stories instead. Enough winning Wilson at the the. The, the the blackout, the Green. Fleet. which has nothing green on it from what I understand. Alexander. Grin was very Edgar Allan Poe? The Guy who wrote this it's interesting to just how we talk about the communist he had fallen out of favor here is very popular for a while he had fallen out of favor when Stalin was power and then he came back. into favour after Stalin had died and I think was there was an interview with heard swear he was talking about how grin was so poor that he was actually hunting animals in nearby park he could actually eat something he was hunting kroger's with a bow and Arrow and he just thought because I say, why did you choose the stories? We doesn't say anything about this. He doesn't say anything about the story to what it what he liked was Alexander Green thought that he was nightside been cast. He was starving. But then if that is in the film, he's just not she answer the question of what is about Jesse Mulkey. Ana. It just tells you the what to green was cheating in the park and staffing. It's like, nuff said, yeah. So I chose the story given that he said that it was an odd film to make. He might have forgotten by the end of it why he wanted to make it. The only other grin adaptation that I've ever seen is the rat savior from seventy six, which I think is is A. fucking accident film. It's savvy in net. Okay. That's what I thought. Yeah. It's just wonder fall so. Accord. Ages I, WanNa, go watch it again in invasion of the body snatchers rats sounds Rask's. Looking at the now in as. Playing in the background, the painted women aspect is in the makeup. I was a little startled gain mentioning sweet gains of light summer because one of the characters in that, his Goya on, he's of course, a painter and he literally paints the lead actress and she becomes very literal painted woman completely naked covered in paint. Being in comparison to that film which was made for. TV This is almost restrained painted women. It's fascinating why that they represented because we do learn that Victoria does have her aren kind of facade in that. Her black hair is a WIG which removes at the end before attempting to hang herself but otherwise they make up never feels like a facade it feels like Bam and it matches very closely if not exactly which is quite interesting because quite often. When makeup is used so heavily, it is uses of sod as mosque, but you never get the feeling that it's hiding anything and at the end when the WIG comes off, the only thing that this revealed is being hidden is that Victoria has red hair as well. So there is that bond between them, which is why I was thinking is red representative of bond. Because it's like the Victoria is hiding her red hair she's hot in the fact that she is exactly like assist. The has that connection tour. Alright. Well, episode over. Well, thank you so much guys began to shell. Got A NA often the representation of it's eluded to a little here as. The relationship between men and women is a really consistent part of her Tsutomu Goofy at that is it sounds dumb Zayn 'cause it's consistent pod in a lot of films and even saying like death is a really consistent pot of he's films sounds a bit films but death is really present in his films and the relationship between men and women is also really present and I watching the creator I it's not really not a lot of countries in reviews that I've saying about how much that film is about domestic violence. In the raises a hand hit anybody in your does spoiler blood kill all these family, but there's that controlling aspect that is not often. So addressed in relation to domestic violence, women are not allowed to I think no on my. The. Women I had one of the Lizardo commentary. Half, a line of Dodd as those those looks that no that then allowed to speak but is also the like oil lamps way the the relationship between men and women is complicated by all these searchable structures, requirements, duties on things that. Might actually flower or never allowed to. Actually Mogi is that actually sat in that same time period, which is interesting. So he followed one after the other and then he did the same with the ninth. On beating the beast in a very similar. The smaller traditional fairy tales you didn't Gemini do that across the Board it's just it is in that same thought tin the century. So they still have those very victorian values. You have the fact, the CLOUDERA, they don't really take seriously because the victorians that whole idea of women being hysterical and if you would middle class, she was supposed to feign everywhere and lie on Shea Sloan gympie very we can hypochondriac and so she they think she's like one of those women. When what could they cannot cancer? I could have the She thought. And she just lies in bed all the time and they just think she's hysterical because it's like a very. Victorian troposphere, not area and I never used his Kazan. She's not really but no one really takes it seriously that will just get. To sit with her. You know. Just, to start a coil when she's actually being Brady police and and that's a key thing in it off out Victorian Niche women don't get believe I suppose to be we can feeble in L. and half these complaints that can't really be explained in any scientific to said, always sent to their beds someone sent into to watch them for whatever reason paints on not. So periods in the father's gone and these women and NY harasses in the guy start coming out of the woodwork, you know this post to be independent in time. When women on that I'd be independent. So the whole idea is we have to marry you walk ny sweetest pain to that oil lamps is sat in that same will timeframe is while the end to victorian-era well, it's also fascinating opposite to sign of cancer where you have of female patient who is dying of cancer but the doctors won't tell her they don't want to freak her out and disturb with that answer even though he is clearly unwell and disturbed and worrying they are hiding this knowledge of It's the absolute opposite position. At Yeah It hurts constantly he's like he's just flipping these different positions around playing with them He's films Whiz fame the male centric and female century can will overtake me is sack. So there's children any in women's come. So as Hayes Auto Park Roxie OC was with his matter is like a woman story an old cat mate will most isn't main characters a female sauce very female centric film even though it sees most autobiographical, which is interesting I don't think he was particularly interested in gender the no I agree with that interested in Genta, but you gotta think Czechoslovakia wasn't a particularly progressive country in Communism, the social roles definitely interesting because I think there is that. Going back to sweet games of some of that this, even though this free sexually liberated sensual woman whenever the females who were given name and characterization disappear the main just immediately run to the sex workers and they kind of white in the wings. Almost vampiric like and that is that also has an echo, win this with the the scene in the brothel that it has a similar kind of feel that it's like even the good men they still move in the same circles as the sex work is even if they aren't partake and is this interesting overlapping those kind of goals and you can't even see that in in. Something like a nine tot which even though the the ninth heart breaks down those roles between because of the chaos oddness of of what is occurring the aristocracy is inviting Lewis into the circle and so I think he he is interested in that the the the search voles people play and the Times at which we let down how we present them perhaps more sorry than. The fixed position that we might believe they have. All right. Let's go ahead and take a break and play trailer for next week's episode probably more like a clip and we'll be back with that right after these brief messages. It's not easy having a good time. And it's not cheap either. 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