Hooking up on Craigslist (w/ Atsuko Okatsuka)


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You did your amazing and then also you belive show called. Let's go. Let's go that's right and then your whole name is ask. Oh okay. Oh cuts God no cuts. Oh boy I'm so sorry your names constantly. Don't be sorry the low the last part gas lights. Everybody everybody falls apart. I should make I feel like your name probably gets mispronounced all the time. Yes yeah yeah but you know that's that's. That's fine the last name in so many letters. It looks like my name backwards. You know what I mean. My Dad just just named me that way and then just did not want me to make any friends such a pretty name you were you born here. I was born born in Taiwan. Yeah certainly Taiwanese name. Its Japanese name so much. It's so tricky I should have just gone by stacy but like these explanations are part of my beginning friendships with everybody yeah see yeah. My names just real boring. Nicole Nicole is very boring. I was almost Aquilla or Priscilla and then we'll happen. My Dad intervened. It was like no. Let's make our life or just like better. Name is Nicole but I really like Priscilla or Kwa. I really willow buyer and they my very quiet sister. Priscilla Aquilla Priscilla Middle Name buyer see if my home is a quilt Priscilla. I'd be so excited. He'd be yeah you you would be a queen. I guess I just have to have my own kids and name them whatever I want. Jk I don't WanNa kid yeah. No you don't mean either. Actually that's something I recently only a recently like set out loud. Put it into the universe and so it doesn't happen. It's almost like you have to come out of the closet to be like. I don't want a child as a woman I it was like surely surely you'll hit thirty five and you'll just need a baby inside A. Oh yeah they talk about that. Clock inside then turn 'em clock. I've never felt turn. You haven't I've never felt like some of them will be like I need a baby inside of me. so. I'll see a baby and be like I need that that baby near me near and then I'll hold the baby smell the baby cuddle with that baby and then hand it right back and it's good good for a couple months. Yeah Yeah Yeah unlike dogs which I'm like. Oh I'm good for just ten minutes and I wouldn't mind another dog near me babies. I just had a lot of weird experiences with with babies. Oh my what insult you yeah. I would call them and saw have you. Have you ever had a baby. Cry At the sight of your face. Yes that's resonance because that's painful. You didn't even I didn't even say anything yet. you don't even know me my baby. We wrote a party and I truly hold my Waclaw Lemme. Hold your baby so houllier baby who's already crying. 'cause the babies out in the heat at a party with a bunch of drunk comedians. It was like like I don't belong here cry. You'll take me to where I belong in a crib. A hold of the baby and I was like I'll pay your baby to sleep at care was truly a trooper. It was like Oh baby click. You won't but I will let you hold the baby for a second I look why are you crying. Having other. She finally was like I need to take my a baby back and leave and I was like yes fair. Yeah baby cried side of me. Yes it hurts. It hurts. It's like 'cause I know. They don't know anything but I feel like they know a lot to put a put them on a pedestal. You know everyone tiptoes around babies like you gotta be quiet. The baby sleeping. Oh don't make too much noise. It'll cry. You know it's like God right. We treat them like Gods. You treat them like little John's but also their little demons like when they're fucking screaming yeah. When I was a nanny I had a sleep train. This little kid which in sleep training literally is you put the baby down for a nap closed door and let it scream itself to sleep. ooh. Yeah I couldn't do it. I had heard his mom doesn't listen to the PODCAST. I would always tell her that I was doing real good. He would start screaming. It opened the door and really hello. I'm still here so you don't have to cry and he was up crying at close the door he cry again and I'm still here and I would like sit in the crack of the adore. You went to sleep just so he knew I was there and it was like I just I can't pick you out right. I can't because if I do that and and then it's against the rules that's right. I don't know yeah yeah I had heard about actually training them but like you have to suffer a while but you just couldn't you couldn't bear the side of the baby because your sweetie pie well. It was just like you. You don't Wanna I don't WanNa be alone. Sometimes I get it. You're new to this world yeah in a literal cage. That's what a crab cage with. No Lid we create babies and we don't say that the dog going here you go here. We just don't put a little top on it. So bad yeah are you. You're married yes. I'm I married my very handsome husband. I on Instagram all my love how I ask even though I fully new you're married no. That's very thank you thank you for asking yes. I am yeah in your holes been. I met him through a shoot very. La Film Shoot I was actually producing and he was acting in The movie never came out but the director the directors out now. Oh there's that yeah what what was your first interaction like person or action was very much like you know call time. Was this time you're late. This is not the way we asked you to wear that was kind of. It was very but you know he's like you said you've seen photos of him and he's he's actually the type that I would never go for oh. I don't like easy guys. Okay not easy guys. He was just like I think the rest of the neighborhood ruined it for me live in and Silverlake sure so he has that look of just like like a quite hipster quite hipster. good-looking live must have been easy for you. There can't be anything interesting interesting underneath you know what I'm saying. Yes absolutely totally judged him like that and I was like I would. I would never just another pretty face yeah and then in who asked who out. I guess I guess we just started flirting on set that day and then I think I asked him. I actually Oh yeah yeah. I just was like I just went against my gut. And how long have you been together. We've been together now. I think four years yeah that's nice so four years that means before that you could have been on the APPS. I don't know how long apps have been around not that long actually now. It's like every day we we hear about it. We talk about it. Everyone's on the apps you know but it actually like I feel like tender just kind of became a thing when when we had met my husband maybe like four or five years ago. I might be wrong so you've never been on a APP I yeah I guess I haven't no no. Wow gotta say you are. I sound like an asshole. I feel like an asshole. We middle set eh. We don't say he was too hot for me Shit. I never had to do tender craigslist. Though you do craigslist I did CRESA. Is this okay John No. I've done okay so I did. I've done I've done craigslist. I don't know why I'm thinking about. I've definitely appointed definitely have. Did you have any success on craigslist well. So what were you doing on craigslist. Is it today or just to hook up with people to hook up with people for money. I needed to pay my rent and I was living in New York and it was hard I once let me just wearing a hello kitty sweatshirt respect and I was twenty years old and maybe that wasn't Okay Ah just like titanic style but the Hello Kitty Hello Kitty hoodie yeah this thing yeah and then. He said he would give me the drawing but he never gave it to me. Just might be a drawing of MEENU hollering a Hello Kitty Hoodie floating around on Ebay. Ooh Yes I amy and how old yeah but you got that cash money I did. I got my I think it was three hundred dollars yeah because my rent was only five hundred red so I was like I can't ask for all of my rent which is stupid in hindsight. I should just give me five hundred dollars now. You know you're worth now. I know my word naked. I will do it for free because I am desperate br. Maybe I'll ask you for five hundred dollar. That's right yeah. No I mean okay so that's like semi. That's that was services though service yeah it's good. I was giving us free services dating. I I was just hooking up. I was just like let's see you host host the ads. Are you answering ads. I was answering ads. I did post a couple but then I don't know I got kind of scared because I was like well. You have to put a you know if buren casual encounters which rip no longer really casual encounters they got rid of what you can offer ladies roses which meant money that's right. That's right yeah. No I think they got rid of it for safety reasons. I don't like the craigslist killer that craigslist killer years back was very attractive. Okay Okay See. I never even saw was he. I thought he was pretty hot. I was like you know not everyone on craigslist will be a killer but also everyone on craigslist will be as attractive as the craigslist killer okay so he's like hot for killer. I think so on craigslist Ted Bundy people are saying Ted Bundy's hot because he was a mass murderer like real killer more attractive than Ted Bundy. I'll find Ted Bundy attractive. I didn't think so either and like apparently women would like go to court just to watch him. Yes see this like a bit of a it's got to be a little bit of the Star fucking thing. It's not because he really thinks thank you know. I don't know what the lower izzy. There's so many people like wasn't what's his name. The MANSON man didn't he get like a bunch of people that like women to kill for him for sure yeah. Twenty nine knows for sure. The things that like men mediocre dude can convince people to do is why. I'm like wait hold on Nive and for money so that he would smile at you. Sometimes that face it's the middle of his fucking head no once upon a time in Hollywood or whatever I haven't seen it yet no my roommate saw and he was like there is a scene where there were like waiting to kill him a Hollywood hills and I couldn't help thinking Nicole would never be in the male family she would complain the hold time or just go home and I was like yeah. See some people are more susceptible all to join in cult and you are not because you were raised right. You have the you have good instincts and I'm lazy. If I have to walk up stairs or a hill to murder better believe I believe I'm not GonNa do it. Screw it. I agree with you. Do exercise do a crime get Outta here. Outta here for what again that crazy on my let you to be like. Hey Nicole. I value and I might fuck youtube. It's like murder with the promise that he'll fuck me. I could never ever I'm to life. It's too long letter to hang a wish murderers. I agree on a mortar. Bt Doves but the street I live on one of the Manson murders happened on really. I think it was like the second one or something the thing anyhow Peter's so many murder houses houses in la. There are a lot of murder houses in la. This one is actually up for sale recently. I think that's how we found out Muslim. Oh shoot this was. I didn't know I was living on that street. and it's having a hard time selling I think has culture back. Oh the conversation of the Zeitgeist I mean Nazis are back. Why why should in co- come back into the into the party at least saw right now I keep moving in my body hurts. Oh twerk class yesterday a class. Yes you all the time on your instagram with your granny and it's so fucking cute. Grandma is a star. She's love it. Does she live with you know she lives really really close to me like twenty minutes away and so. I try to see her as much as I can mean. She raised me and now she's she is. She's The star in the family. She's so fun and she loves you to actually I think a message that Oh maybe you did and I think I was like. Please tell her I love her because if she's not dancing. She has a smile on her face where she's like. I'm truly happy to be here. Yeah I love her. She seems like she's got like a really sunny disposition. She's very sunny. She knows what and you. She raised me. She raised my mom and two other kids all like her so this is dark but her husband was murdered. Oh Dang and then my dad wasn't in the picture victory. There's I grew up in a matriarch grandma. Mom and me and grandma never dated or anything so I think this is her coming out now as an eighty four year old woman like I just took care of people in my life. Now Yeah Yeah now. I'M GONNA I hope people comment on my torquing. You know style on Instagram on your instagram. You know I love it. It's her time yeah. It's time to shine. It's tonto sharing ever too old to fuck and Stone Don on Where did you take your talking class. How was it I took it at this place called in North Hollywood and I've taken two classes classes before the first one was a lot of white women and it was real wild to walk into a classroom yeah yeah but the the last last couple ones. I've been to have been a little bit more diverse which was nice a little bit like many different body types which I like yeah and then my teacher is this woman Veronica who I lavers. Oh much she's very supportive and a lot of people in fitness are very dismissive two different bodies and and like just fat people full but like last night she said something that really just enjoyed it and she's like it's a tort class like having a body helps to work having like a little but helps you like more of a but helps twerk so this is a class where we celebrate carbs and we're all like or just love it but my whole body is fucking sore you. I'll give you all the information because I think you might enjoy it. Yes you're very good at it. Let's go I mean I'm not I see I like to do it in the privates on my home because I don't want to due to its black women that invented it not miley Cyrus and it's this so I like to like. I just Kinda learned. You know quietly. Dan The comforts of my home so I feel weird about I don't WanNa be like me and all these becky's GonNa. Learn this Berwick and and burst west out in the next time. We're at the at the club. I think it's fine if you do it. I think it's a dance for everybody you think as as long as you you know yeah let. Miley was work and it was a little strange mile talking because Miley was it felt dangerous dangerous like she was going to attack something as long as it doesn't feel as long as it doesn't feel I don't WanNa Talk Shit about mile and we all know guy was a phase where she was working and she dragons on the stage and black people and what is this yeah and then she was like I'm going to go away for a little bit and I'm welcome back and I'm joining us in country where my white people like. You can't go through ethnic phases. We're not commodities that you can gather up only only to come back to your roots yeah. It's not how you gain in makes me upset. Look Justin Timberlake did it and then he was like you know what after all these phases. I think I'm just a man of the woods and so I respect that you know what I mean. Boy Who's the man in the woods so funny my friends. I was like reposting Jessica Biel's in she's like I'm so proud of my man and his Toro's like he's on his new albums of Cheonan Album. I have not been keeping up on Justin timberlake yeah for good reasons. What a boring man no fence just and if you are a listener come on into baby amy. Don't come in and explain explain to me why you think your interest now you're back camping. I guess that's sometimes sometimes you need to like. You're like oh my my black and my urban lover. Blah only to be like no. I'm white and I go camping. My album will be man of its. It's I love to camp. White people love. Do you like to camp. No never have I ever. I've never been like actual. Camping rose like in a fucking tent on the ground around a camp ground where there's like. I think it's called a frame. How how fucking no it wasn't for me a frame a type of it's like a out. It's a house but like Bare Minimum House. I don't really know bare minimum. See People like minimalist styles and stuff. I used to be minimal yeah. I was like minimal you mean I used to be. We've minimalist to broke Nicole. Here's the thing I was undocumented for seven years so really I lived in my uncle's garage in hiding with my grandma and my mom I do not need camping. I still don't get off on seeking thrills. You know what I'm saying. Drills found me yeah so you lived in a garage. I lived in my uncle's garage delays yeah because it was like all we could afford and then he was like it wouldn't it would it would help to keep a low profile. I'm sure I have you know some wall supporters who listen and that's great. Oh leave what you want. Did you walk here. I I hear flu God. I hate to tell you the walls useless. Most undocumented undocumented immigrants fly here overstay their visas. Yeah the what you're seeing perpetrate and the news is like everyone's walking here. These are people fleeing yeah. A lot of people who come here and stay here aren't necessarily fleeing. They just come. I have a white friend who overstayed her. IRBY's a European country and she's like M. I. consistently work. I'm the one stealing jobs nobody cares about me and I was like Ah Yeah. I guess you can't just be whiting steal from each. I don't know no yeah in a way. I'm Kinda stuck that they're obsessed about the wall now and yes. If you're wall supporter awesome please stare at the wall as it gets bill because then those fly my friends leave the people who are in talks to build the wall is a company in Mexico. Oh is that right. I that's what I read so to me is yeah hey because initially it was. Mexico will pay us to build the wall which insane that's not how anything works yeah but it's like we're GonNa Pay Mexico to build this fall and then they're gonna fly over it like we are. They got airports in Mexico. They got your door all these base airports everywhere and you like the history books will be like these are the dumb years. I say dumb flip over. It'll be like back to normal right fan these dumb years Nicole. That's why we need to find you a partner. You know just this is a good time because you can weed people out easily yes yes. Yes you know I once fucked a trump supporter because I didn't know oh heading over and he lived twenty five minutes away from me. Oh Okay I was like oh I certainly am not driving back home without something and and then I just said demos like you have to be quiet and you just you can't talk anymore and then I started thinking. I betrayed a joke about this. I fucked so many dudes. Just be quiet like you saying the dommage. Shit yeah here. You're GonNa make me dry right up if you keep. Em meringue that's true. It's a good way to shut them up because they'll be busy physical work. Yes busy yeah. Hopefully hopefully you're just laboring. Are you a monogamist or a hookup. It pissed. Oh Oh no yeah no. That's a what if my husband finds out this way that look Oh burress before you got married right well yeah. I guess guess I've kind of been a monogamist. Okay Yeah I have. I had just tiny spurts where I was just like like the whole city is mine you know and I was just go out very very risky times. You know unprotected just this and that I don't care what public restroom I don't. Oh I don't care if I'm at a dirty nightclub in New York. Oh Yeah just no protection yeah we had phase like that but then yeah I was always like a seven year relationship and then now now I'm married kind of was my life has a lot uh of women or either perpetually single or monogamous monogamous relationships relationship. I'm one of those perpetually pat truly thing but all that's GonNa Change after August twenty ninth. ooh. What's happening and for whatever the reason I feel like this year. I think I'm going to be thirty three or thirty four. I'll know this year is going to be my year. I'm going to find a partner right and maybe not forever. It's been a nice chunk of the year with them and I don't know why I think this way Nicole. I'm worried about your podcast. Won't Oh no. How do you still do it. It'll just it would be the same title you. Why won't you date me. Yes well the answer which is because you're in a relationship relationship now. No Club like I get to hear those words every week. This is good for me right but also I just like I like hearing about around relationships. I mean I think the podcasts are probably like evolve right wing. Stop doing it. I WanNa date me taken. I love Eh yeah. I said I got so long. It's July away is a July. Yeah well engineering. It's the end of July so I only have a month until my new my new day now no August twenty ninth. I'm going to send the universe so many signals lease. He's just send send the universe signals defy me partner but Aug twenty-nine also this year. I've been like doc getting better at being alone which has been exciting Do you like being alone or in your people yeah. I like. I'm both so whatever that personality psychopath. I have no idea I do love my moments alone in the car. Eat alone in the car sometimes too. Oh yeah so. How did you figure out that you like in your moments of being alone this year. I've been on tour. I've been on tour almost every weekend since January and at first I was like Oh boy what a lonely existence since because you like flying into town do show. You're still revved up from the show and then you're like. I don't really want to sit in the hotel bar. Good my room and then you're like I am alone. I don't so the learning channel my energy down after shows and then I've been trying to wake up early. I'm like maybe walk around a little bit do some work and then just like really enjoy being like by myself and then when I get in front of a crowd I feel like I can connect to them just a little bit more because I've connected with myself yeah. It's a real foofoo. Fuck in that's interesting. That's beautiful. I like they you said winding down your energy because it is true. It's after a show I WANNA hang out. I want to drink. Yes and I WANNA see people. It is about changing that energy huckabee like no I can just sit in my hotel room and watch a show or oh you know think or like listen to your said again and be like Oh. Maybe I'll do this. The next day because what I would do is I would do. Shows get wasted sleep all day. Do shows get wasted yeah and I was like well who who is good for and then like getting on a plane hungover. Are you kidding. I can't do that anymore. 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I'm sure do know if you meant like four years. I think it was four five. I don't know two years and the thing is we try not to. We will not counting okay and like even the idea of marriage. Were trying to keep it like it's not a huge deal. You know 'cause it's whatever we were just hopeless romantics. We obsessed none of us. Neither of US were in marriage was an important okay. You know and still counting it or like celebrating waiting every month. You know. How some couples celebrate every month or is there a second month anniversary. I'm glad that day that yeah. I just think that it's it's a headache and action more fights to be like to be like counting on you remember. They don't remember vice versa and you're like well. You don't care hear about me. Okay Yeah Yeah. It's just like you should be having fun and so that's why I'm I'm not sure how long Oh it's fine to I like it. Did you get married here or we got married in Highland Park in Los Angeles from La.. He's from Texas southern other white fathers televangelists how on TV really every night who got church why Berlin Church I did grow up in church but megachurches are fascinating to me how different kinds passenger seating because they have thousands thousands of followers what not we're like giving this church money so then the church has so much money. I've been the minister makes so much money right. It's is a lot of money. That's why a lot of money from that. Christian networks have a lot of money. Yes he's part of the you know the do Jimmy Swaggart ragarding no so he was a preacher before Billy Graham also like huge Evangelical Bellingham. Yes so well you know. Jimmy had to go away for a little bit because he was caught with hookers but is he was he married to Tammy Tammy big tammy trauma who I don't know I. I actually don't know who his 'cause. There's like a couple ones who like went down for like being with hookers and stuff gets so interesting thing. That makes still exist when it's like well. A lot of them are Dell. They're not walking the walk no totally yeah. They're totally like they were helping you know they were on craigslist. or wherever you know what I'm saying. Oh Yeah but yeah it's it's about like the culture and it's it's almost celebrityhood. I mean I've seen my father-in-law other. In Law preach in the Mega Church and I'm just like God he gets so much more stage time then that's one thing that bothers coming just kidding but so funny. He gets more staged an hour a night yeah. That's more stage time than anybody yeah. There's a lot of a lot of time an hour night televised regionally nights a week five nights a week nights a week yeah yeah see. He probably gets a little bit more stage time than me. That's a lot of UH clubs. Sometimes we'll do fifty minutes. Okay yeah totally but how many laps permanent permanent is he getting. You know what I'm saying but how many a men's per minute are giving more. I only anytime you do a set to be on. The cause is like laugh at the half laughs have payments. thank you yeah Can I ask as a American woman won't know I guess. Are you asian-american the American yeah. How do you become American an American no. That's that's a good question. It's something I struggle with. I feel like I recently just started calling myself Asian American MHM just because I am an American now yeah so yes you are. Yes you are Asian American yeah. Do you find that before you settled with your husband that that people would fetish rise you there was that for sure yeah and it's the stomach idea and I don't know end the banks. I have no idea bank. Thank does it bother you. I think that like it's it's it's not recommended. Don't be walking around like doing that to anybody. Ah Making a anybody you know category because that's you know being like you're different. You're an other and so even if it's like but it's a compliment. I like you because yes still like putting people outside of the box. Yes whether it's like because you like their hair a certain way or whatever it's just weird. I feel conflicted because as I know if someone's dating me obviously they're into blackness and fatness like you have to be if that's if you're gonNA eat me but it's when someone and says it aloud and I'm like Oh maybe you've thought about it more than I thought about. It and I'm living in it. Yeah like this man messaged me. He was like a it was a wild message. It was like I wanNa Lake Your Pussy. I'm into a what do you say he's like. I have jungle fever and I love a big black pussy and I was like he should've stopped that. I WANNA eat either way that was that was like a pretty forward thing to say to but so much to it and made me house just like well. That doesn't make me feel good. You know all pussies equal. I agree with you. Just say you. WanNa eat yeah so you would do. You know I've heard I've I've heard you you're openings and you joke like and I would date you. Even if you wanted to fuck my kneecap or whatever so you're saying you do have you do draw alliance. I will draw a line in the line. You cannot better cise we in a way that makes me uncomfortable. It is interesting to be like if it's more than what I like. Only I can and say it set out loud. Not You know it is a weird thing where I can be like. I I love me I. I am proud to be Asian American but if you're proud if you're more proud that I'm Asian American than I am. That's weird yeah yeah yeah. It's very weird because I've never said led to like any man. We can't wait Zach. You're white Dick. Hold on your pants so white. It's translucent so you knew what pepper is like vampire. You know that's just like translucent. Oh boy you said suck suck the blood and it reminds me of this big. Sean Song where the course is. Oh God what is it one quit my job and if I could quit my job in fuck you all day should I would you would and there's a like a wine in it where she goes the girl featuring it was like i WanNa suck the soul Achy Dick and it's my favorite Song Ooh world and I want it played at my wedding. Oh yes I wanNA suck the soul out of Oh. I see I feel I feel imagery of that's deep. It's very deep and that's just like love that I and that is that wants to quit their job and fuck you all day. That's why she wants to suck your soul. Yeah pathogen passionate love that yeah. It makes me so happy. Nothing left in that person while you were cruising craigslist looking for dates. Did you ever run into anyone. That was terrible. Have you been on any terrible dates. Well see the thing was wasn't dates. It was just like we were just. I doubt truly hooking up yeah so maybe that's where I went wrong with. My single phase was like I wasn't i. I was in China. I was like these are just hookups so. I don't think I met anyone terrible. no. I got not lucky you know I had to be careful because then the creeks the craigslist killer was on there and he was just driving up to people's randoms Ho random homes and the only only way I kinda like justified from them. I was like sure the casual encounters section can be dicey because you're showing up to some dudes house to hook up but the for sale section can be dicey to as you're showing up at a stranger's house. You wrecked by an antique stove. There is a story sorry about a pregnant woman going to buy baby clothes from someone's house. She found on craigslist. Not Knock knock on the door. Our Lady answers the door fucking stabs her cuts her baby out of disposes her body and brings the baby the hospital and was like Oh my I think maybe sick Nick God because maybe seeing a doctor since it was born because you cut it out of the mother and then I don't know how they like pieced it together. They were like this isn't your baby and she was like back. Got Me the story God and there was another insane baby story We're really just going on the yeah man. His mom died. He's thirty seven. I heard about this and then he found out that his mother was keeping his older sister who was a dead baby yeah in the freezer for thirty seven years and the mother said that it was a wedding cake topper it also. He said it was in every freezer. I remember growing up with mom. Mom is just just get transporting moving a dead baby popsicle freezer two freezers see. I didn't know all the details I had. I had only into the story once they they found the baby. It was his older sister. She died at birth. Maybe I think so I haven't gone on into the INS and outs of and she said Hell No. She will live forever. I guess in the freezer in frozen form it worked I mean the baby was still intact act or mummified so tact. Yes sure like it wasn't like dust no but it was you could tell it was a baby. Obviously imagine being my mom's dead. She was always like one in Tampere. Don't touch him yeah so they WANNA see the wedding cake topper. This is my immigrant coming out but like like what is a wedding cake topper because I saw that and I was like okay what is that it must be a thing white people who tell each other and they they believe it because what is it. Why didn't get talk you keep for seven years so you're supposed to keep your only supposed to keep it for like a year. Okay the top layer of like a traditional tiered. Wedding cake has the chew figurines. Oh the the bridegroom figurines or whatever yeah cut the top little piece of cake and then you can keep it in your freezer or anything else only supposed to keep it for like a year. Okay on your one year anniversary you like thought out and eat. It got us so that is still crazy thing to keep for thirty seven. I think so okay okay yeah so if it's like all these families are out there being like honey. That's a wedding cake topper. When we sold my dad's house. There is no wedding cake toppers. Yeah okay 'cause yeah 'cause expires. It's no longer at only keep things in the freezer for a not a short amount of time but you take make sure it's like vacuum-sealed appealed and Shit Right. My mom store not like meets she she marinate meats and put them in the freezer. Yeah yeah like a normal normal yeah yeah who boy no getting wilder and today. I saw a kid had like five hundred tooth removed from his cheek. Excuse me it's like a kid. In India. He had a bunch of teeth and his cheek five hundred something like that. It was a like a real wild number. Oh my God see and people made fun on me forgetting on craigslist. You're crazy. You're crazy. No the world is going crazy. People have cheek teeth. Yeah no fuck data. Also craigslist is very similar to tender now like I'm swiping on these people that are strain and then I'm meeting them either at their homes or in public yeah the breezing. That's why there's Araya where you can. You know what is this. Does it feel like it's actually more vetted no because has it's supposedly no riot is a false dream that people are trying to perpetuate that it's a WHO says exclusive thing. It's a real treat to be on it. It's not a treat. I don't like it yeah and do you want to be in a relationship necessarily with someone in the same industry. Maybe that might make. I go back and forth on that. I think dating an actor might be insufferable because you'd be an actor you you have to inherently be really self absorbed because you have to have a delusion that you're going to get this job out of a thousand people and then when you get there. You're GONNA be so good at it. obsessed with your looks and how you look on. Kerry love talking about yourself. I mean I love talking about myself. I will podcast. We're talking about this space for other people to talk to you know what I'm saying Terrell and their self reflection because you're comedian obviously I agree and I like comedians more like like Comedians but then I'm also in a way I'm like comedian. Not all of us are broken. Not everyone but a lot of people are broken and a little crazy something. I don't know if I want to date a comedian. I WANNA delete a producer or a director or someone like a camera op like someone who has as long days gets what I do but doesn't necessarily do what I do. Yeah like someone who works a graveyard shift around yeah in different. I'm out at the night time so you have you work at night. We can you know sleep until noon yeah and then I think thank prime time. When we've exchanged messages. It has been like three in the morning la how I communicate with most people Kim new money. Yes yes so cumin. I are working on a book together and I only text her like three. AM and she's always awake yeah. I feel like a lot of creative. People are just a weekly. We're awake late weekly and then the morning hits and Heart Man Burns Burns my skin. I won't say it to my therapist. I'd like to sleep forever and she was like I'm not worried. I understand it so hard. Yeah Mornings are hard so are just like get up and live yeah for me. Only the bad things in my life have only happen. During the day I agree and my dad used to say that that bad things happen at night and I was like yeah. Good things happen for me. I have shows people laugh. Exactly I fuck yeah. I don't think I ever fucked during the day yeah. Does it doesn't happen if it's sweatier. The suns lead staring at you yet only bad things have happened to me. During the day. My Dad left during the day. Yeah I remember in. When did he say he was leaving. He just leave. You've it was this thing where we had it was a hand off so it was me and my dad met my Momma Grandma Park. He handed me over to them and then I I never saw him again and then we were and then we got on the plane to come here during the day to a Lotta traumatic things and then that's when we became undocumented 'cause we will pursue take visas so yeah. I'm a nighttime Gal. Yeah imagine just being handed out. You don't have to imagine it happens feeling okay by buying like by by this right. I know I know because there was this thing. They weren't very there. Were like we'll planet. You know you guys go on at some going to swings and and when she turns around I'll be gone and I'm like yeah but then like how do you deal with the rest of the play spoken to your dad's or now I have. I have yeah we actually close now. it's complex. There was more than just him leaving. That was happening okay yeah. Is he over here or is he still in Indonesia. Oh so he far yeah row far away yeah yeah so. I didn't have great like relationship ship models in my life so I think you won. You're married and you seem very happy. married happy. I want to give it to other people. I feel I feel weird talking about my marriage I think because it sounds it. It sounds like I think I feel silly. I feel silly being like Oh. You know yeah were happily married again. It's going back to like we met. We clicked it. It was fine. He was hot like I know. It's a privilege to be able to. I'm a happy marriage so I mean I think you should consider yourself very lucky okay and I think you should be proud that you are in a happy relationship. I didn't do anything I just showed up but like sometimes it's all you have to do. All you have to show up and be present and I think that's I think it's a I think it's an accomplishment to be a like a fulfilling happy relationship because a lot of people want that or can't seem to find it or stay in bad situations. I don't know I think it's cool. That's respect to August twenty ninth. If you're listening Yeah Yeah Kasumi after August twenty nine whenever you still could hope and wish I'm going to be sending people on the coals away well. Does your husband have any friends he this offense yeah in fact he does remind me. He does have friends and he should hang out with them more. That's just a side note. Well no single friend French yeah. That's funny that you were like. He does have friends. He should hang out with them. I didn't ask if I have any friends because that would mean that it works is is comedians and I figured it'd probably be more it would be the same people like you know that person it would be people that you have possibly thought about vow and purposely avoided why would bring them back in your life and I'm also waiting for people to get divorced because I think that's going to be happening in Santa's a thing yeah divorces very high rate at fifty percent of marriages right and the US you know Y- waiting for those divorces to roll mine and baby and then I'll cash in. I'll give me a May yes. Are Your parents still together now. Technically technically they did okay so so my mom died. My Dad died. My Dad never remarried got oh yeah and I went to I went to a witch. MSG A not a reader. I'm medium who is like they still together was and he was like spirits and entities may flow and I was like I don't have time for this bullshit. They didn't tell you know because nobody can tell you what happens in the afterlife but yeah. I thought that's what that's what the mediums job then they tell you what happens after it's all a lie. I hope you've got a discount. If all she said was spirits favorites and floating excuse me I didn't get a discount. No I'm thinking about seeing being someone like that actually like a psychic. You don't think you should waste your time. I'm curious. Maybe I just need material but yeah you're right astrology. Jesus enough so can I ask you a question. Yes of course if you're married already did you date ain't married of course Oh yeah jump on it. I mean assuming that you'd be down to yeah. It's very in important for me. In a relationship or the person wants to be with me too yeah. That was a very sweet wholesome response sponsor. Do you have any we've come to the end yeah. Do you have anything you it like to promote well. I have my weekly podcast. Let's go OSCO which comes out every Friday and it's a live show once a month at the dynasty typewriter and by the time this comes out I think Nicole's episode that is from the live show with Andy Richter and here's a motto will be how Andy will be there and director. Yes Andy's will be there and so listen out for it. It's called. Let's go out school. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Young. Thank you so much for being here. Thank you so much for having me. It was a real treat is the real tree. You're a real treat. Thank you and if you like this of Oh I won't you date me you can subscribe on Apple podcasts or spotify or something and you can send me a nasty little. DM or you can tweet at me like this person did and I'll read it so this person said here goes nothing. I want to dress up like a giant big Dick Spider and chase down the streets of La screaming naked then. I'll squirts spider fluid onto that big velvety dark chocolate ass. I've never seen anything like this so I won't say your name but thank you very much. That was a very silly. Let's see do I have another. Ah I think I do okay this one. All I know is but stuff so I want to shove all those products lex you endorse. I E quip those vitamins those Brom excetera up your ass and maybe you'll Pusa to then use you as has a carry on install you hin over pin. What's a murderer. You'd have to really chop me up to get me an overhead there had been also. I think it would be over the weight limit like that's honestly my friend. Thank you for sending it but you better believe. That's a bad play the big you again That was a hate gum podcast hi. It's me call buyer. I have for you to buy t shirts with my face on on it. You can go to Nicole buyer was taken dot com to do that and I have tornado coming up on August eighteenth. I'm at the House of Blues in San Diego California California August thirty first the Blue Whale Comedy Festival in Tulsa Oklahoma September fifth. 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