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Daddy what are you doing. We're recording a podcast. He's listening. Islander fans are listening. Where are they the right here? Welcome to the Isles Vehicle podcast with your host Michael Shirley Line Alo- and welcome back to the Isles faithful podcast. It has been a minute you can say. I think I might have said that the last time we did this a little bit of a gap year between episodes as you know I had had a busy holiday like the rest of you was home with the kids. Did a bunch of stuff with them had a good time for Christmas. They all enjoyed everything. They're having some good times with families going back and forth and then in the middle of all that or after I should say started a new job so I I kinda trying to get caught up there and get get acclimated and it's it's been great Working with some fantastic new people a lot closer to home So just all settled in there now. So which is why we're we're here. I've said over the last couple of weeks that I've wanted get an episode out and I said I was going going to and then something else came up and regardless I'm here now that's what's important Today is January twenty six twenty twenty two new decade. Were into something new here. Something New and exciting twenty twenty. I am going to be forty this year. I can't believe it. That's just amazing. Anyway this is episode so number forty two and I am your host as always Michael Sherline. So would've what are we GONNA get ourselves into today if you follow me on twitter at Aisles Blogger Auger. I have been complaining nonstop about the same type things. I guess everybody else has really been complaining about Nazi. The aisles have been rather rather pedestrian as of late What I mean by that is since the amazing stretch of games that they had earlier in the season and The aisles were twenty seven in to the last time we spoke there now. Twenty nine fifteen and five so they still have a winning record. Haven't really played all that great. So it's a difference of nine eight and three. They're they're over five hundred which is good Nica break that down even further and say maybe they aren't five hundred over the last ten or so games. I'm not one hundred percent. Sure I did write five pages of notes here. But that's not one of the things. Of course I looked up. Unfortunately you don't I got all this paper right here. So what are we gonNA do over those twenty games. The owls have obviously been pretty pedestrian as we spoke about they've struggled in all areas Ali League against some lesser teams with lower standings in them lower in the in the standings And there's been some blowout losses Some legals against some power goals against late. I'm looking at you dark persad against your former team. No less which again could go either way. I didn't necessarily think it was a penalty I said said on twitter when guys head goes low and his feet go over his head. It's an embellishment in you know. We'll get into that in a little while as well So we got some non calls. That still continue here and we'll get into that as well. I Al- Zor currently third in the metro but just three points from not not being in a playoff spot at all Columbus one point back Carolina to in Philly three respectively. And this is going into the last game last week before the all-star break the gals are also now that the all-star break is over are going into their CBA mandated by week so we won't see another game here until February first day before super bowl which is next weekend so we have a bunch of days to sit in mill about in wonder what's going to happen on the other end of the spectrum. They are four points back of Pittsburgh who just can't seem to lose no matter. How many injuries they they have their seven back Boston in eight back of first place? Washington to the East is very tight. So if you do the quick math there there's only think eleven points between first and the last wildcard spot maybe a little more at parody for you. That's the new. NHL That's what they want. It is exciting. I love hockey. Okay I love this time of year. Granted him a little stress about a couple of different things. But you know the aisles did manage to bank all those points earlier in the year so they were riding on that it and we'll see what happens during the twenty games. The aisles have scored sixty goals in allowed sixty two so for the rest of this or for that season to this point. The goal differential is plus eleven. I don't know exactly where they were last year at this point I know it's probably a little worse because the goaltending while well it has been good. Defensively the aisles have struggled They've also struggled offensively as well so that. That number is a little tighter than maybe we have wanted edited and we saw last year so I tweeted during this stretch of poor play that the leading score is since Christmas had had five points each and that was bars Elson. It's improved a little bit and I'm GonNa go through some numbers here. Bear with me. I know it can be a little boring when I read stats. But it's it's pretty important for the whole picture So now I'm going back to the twenty seventh of December which is when I had tweeted that out On the fourteenth of January that you know the leading to scores Air Bars L. Nelson with five points so over this last A bunch of games Barzel has ten points. One goal and nine assists Nelson seven goals three assists Bailey. Eight points three goals. Five six Lee has seven points. Five goals two assists Bo. Villa has seven points. Three goals IOS four cysts broussard. Only has four cysts everyday who struggled with the combat from the injuries kind of turned it on a little bit. He has seven points. four-goal street assists. Now you got a bunch of defenseman here who are kind of outscoring most of the forwards which is kind of funny but Ryan polack has six points points. One goal five assists DEVANTE has five points one goal for cysts let has forced cysts. Zeke's has five goals Mayfield. Three three points one goal two assists boy Chuck Scott No points during that stretch. Calmer off you know. And he has played less games and some of the rest of the forwards here. Yes six points in in those games. One goal five assists. He's really looked very good. especially with clutter buck out Surprised he's playing his as well as he has. But I mean that's a veteran guy right. They're going to do whatever berry tells them. The do dow coal again played less games history assists Martin. He was out a little bit with injury. Scott three points one goal and two assists coup knuckle and now he has a bunch of less games played. He was injured there for awhile. He's come on pretty strong as as of late as well. Six points three goals three assists dopson three points. He's only played about eight games or so over the stretch here. He's scored toward his. NHL is first goal in the NHL. And he's got three points that one goal and two assists and Johnston. He's only played a bunch of games names as well but two points one goal cysts. So it's thirty eight goals thirty eight you know. And that's my math is right. It's it's hard to you know Kinda try to weed through all the different game notes and all the stats on the NFL website. But by my count. Thirty eight goals at just unacceptable You can't can't continue to win these one goal games and We're GONNA talk about exactly how they can remedy that here. Moving forward powerplays been pretty stagnant. The last first few games before the break here they did score a couple of power play goals which is good to see but they they keep deferring the puck back to the point Very little action down loan one in front the ones that they have been successful. They've moved the puck through the slot area and down low or even behind the net But they always seem that just defer back to the point and they let these point shots go that they're shooting right into blocked. Lanes shots are blocked causing turnovers. And how many times do do you hear Brendan and Bucci say that the puck goes high and door wide. I mean if you're a betting man you could probably venture to say that ninety nine percent of the shots they take they take any at all going to be blocked and that's just either trying too hard or you know being a little too slow on their decision making But I WANNA see that improve here when they come back from the break. We are a month from the trade deadline. Basically and we've been saying here this whole entire season so far you are that you know it's time to maybe address. Some of the needs of the team you had berry say at the end of last year he needed a a little more pop up front. If there was going to be anything in what had lou give him gave him every way to a new contract Nelson came back on a new. The contract Lee came back on a new contract and they swapped out PHILP four broussard. Who isn't what they wanted him to be? But not a terrible replacement. I guess you can kind of argue maybe not Arthur staple had a really good article here last week with awesome potential trade targets especially with the pellet being out with torn Achilles for the rest of the regular season. You could see him. Try to bolster the back end with That somebody with term. Who knows you know we have? Thomas is down in bridgeport. He's still injured. I believe so he would be one of the first call ups. I mean we did see our Ho- get called up and do the bridgeport shuffle without making any appearances in the NHL aside from his practice time with the team So we definitely need a first line wing. We need third line center and some of the names that Arthur brought up We're Ilya Kovalchuk Melker Karlsson. Trevor Lewis. Chris Kreider Kreider which is probably never going to happen. You're not going to see the rangers and the Islanders Hook up on a trade Connor Sheree from Buffalo Tyler. Ennis from the sends. Then you've got some other guys that are are F as like Andreas Athens see you from the wings. Kevin the blank from sharks Andy Green his name mentioned. Jj Patio which which that's a risk. He's playing first line. Minutes up there and auto honor struggling team. Would he come in to this Organization with this coaching staff and find the same success with more limited minutes on the third line. You never know. He's also in a contract year so it's curious to see what's going to happen there. I'm not saying he wouldn't help. He would definitely help tyler. Toffoli from the King's Craig Smith from the prides Brenden Dillon was his name was brought up there for another defenseman and then we go to the next page here. I got players with term like Kyle Palmer from New Jersey Andrei case from the Ducks Brandon. Saad from Chicago Alec Martinez from the Kings. I think that would be a really good fit Nick Bonino from the prides and Travis Ajax who Elliott Friedman in his thirty one thoughts last week supposedly XLII the islanders could be one of the teams that inquired about him and He declines to be traded at this time he wants to stick it out. New Jersey annoys. Close the Games played in that organization and to be honest with you. I don't really think he'd be a good fit on the island especially with his cap hit. He's more year left. So if anybody anybody is going to be brought into the team it would be a guy like Andreas ethnicities speedy player. He's doing decent on a really bad wings team as we saw a couple weeks ago or last week. I don't remember when exactly when the island is trounced them and put up a snowman So I mean remains to be seen. The reality of the situation is Lou. Lamoriello has not made a trade and over six hundred days. I know if you follow me and also Jeff Capellini on twitter. You'll you'll we'll see he constantly puts out the the amount of days that have transpired since the last time. Lose me to hockey trade and it's easy to say from this side you know now what needs to be done but you don't really know from the GM side if he's tried to do things if he's struggling to do things you know or or teams are just trying to get way too much out of the islanders in in order to help them improve. So I mean we don't really know that's part of the lore of the whole Lamour Carello way of hockey. You don't really know anything until it's going to happen. And you see some of the people who cover the sport Andrew Gross and Arthur staple and steep has said on his podcast that it's a little frustrating at times because they don't really get much to write about. Sometimes you know outside of the interviews with the players fire so it's it's kind of like a crazy thing there you know you genuinely feel though that the the lack of tinkering is hindering this team. You even even have a reluctance when they do bring up somebody who could potentially help from bridgeport. That player doesn't necessarily draw in. It's absolutely necessary. And if they do alike auto. He sees sheltered minutes and doesn't really get to play the type of game that he can play down at bridgeport. You know and it's it's one of those things I don't really understand. It's frustrating as a fan I know that I can tell you that. I'm sure you all feel the same way. So we'll see what happens here in the next month you know hopefully The at least get some sort of help beat veteran defenceman than somebody who could drean on bartels wing and make that line a little more dangerous. Get a little more goals eras pop as Berry says Back now to the powerplay our play is power. Play percentage is seventeen point seven percent good for fourteenth in the League. They have only had one hundred thirteen opportunities. Which we've spoken about at at length on twitter if you follow along That is dead last in the entire league. It is fourteen opportunities less than the next closest team in sixty st eight less than the team at the top of the list. which is the Vancouver canucks sixty eight less power play opportunities now? I I don't know if it's the style that the islanders play. It's a very defensive minded game which is why we see a lot of close. You know nail biters you venture to say but it's a little ridiculous you you've got a guy like Barzel and I know you can argue that. Sometimes he kinda maybe complained to the referees. A little too much TROTS has said to the media that you know that will come with age We have had players in the past. Like crosby is being ovechkin. Kinda complained to the wraps a little bit when earlier in their careers. It's been a thing that they had to get over as well so I guess it comes with the territory when a players is frustrated you mouth off to the rafts. You're not gonNA really get the respect that you would if you just bit your lip and you know did your thing I I know. Even as me is a non professional athlete. It could be a little frustrating when there will be a call. That's not made or you know you. You get a busted clip because they missed the high stick and you know you're like hey look. This is what happened. But you're better off sometimes just ignoring that and just going out there and continuing the play hard right now. The penalty kill little better. Eighty three point nine percent which is good for fourteenth in the League. They've been penalized one hundred and thirty seven times making them the third most disciplined team league. I know it's a little confusing when I say it like that. So they've taken over there at the top. I should say close to the top in the top five for the least amount of penalties They have six shorthanded goals for the season. Putting them in eighth spot for that category the hurricanes owned the top spot with nine right. So they're right up there with some of the best teams in the League. goaltending obviously been okay. But you can directly correlate that to the run support sports so to speak and the defensive play which they've struggled with as well Varlamov has had more playing time He's got a three five record. I believe minus splits the last eight Games Games allowing twenty seven goals is season goals against average is two fifty nine and a save percentage of point nine one five. That's right around. Found his career numbers or the expected career numbers for him so again. I've seen some folks on message boards words on Reddit on twitter. You know really. Compare him and Leonard and Leonard is playing on a less defensively sensitively sound team. I guess you can say a Chicago has had their struggles. This season for sure But still relatively close if you look up the numbers exactly exactly and I don't have them in front of me again. I probably should've I saw somebody tweeted the other day or maybe it was on H. F. Boards. I can't remember but they were very similar. To wear lender was last last year around this time you know he had a good November then he really struggled Kinda turned it on later in the year so hopefully the islanders can do the same thing behind Varlamov the second half of this season down the stretch. You know they you could say maybe. The whole entire team peaked. A little bit too early but again like I said the bank those points which is important because 'cause if they were really struggling like they have been right now without those bank points they might not be in the position that they're in which is third in the Metro. Grace been a little. Oh better obviously they. They rode Varlamov a little more over the stretch but crisis three and two in his last couple of starts allowing eleven goals bringing his season goals against the two forty-three in save percentage of nine twenty five which as you can expect de Grace as much as he struggled there for a little while still very very very very good numbers out of him defensively like we keep saying they've been less than perfect? It shows two things how valuable belic has been to this team and how how much they miss him. Being out with a season ending injury which I have to ad was from warm ups with their stupid to touch thing. Now I know teams do this throughout the League. They do it another sports. They play kind of games to warm up. They're both mentally and in other ways before the game but to be injured. I'd like that and I believe as Levski might've been hurt last season. The same thing with Tampa entirely sure. I think I read that you know. How can you do that? I get it. It's it's like a team building thing and whatnot but to lose a player like that for the season season based on a warm up. That's not hockey related. I just it's it can't happen. I mean it's unfortunate but I feel like it just can't can't happen or shouldn't happen so barry transit system just relies so heavily on these defensive games these one-goal ongole games. We've set a couple of times that we feel like they are built for playoff hockey. And and maybe they are maybe just the grind of like the full eighty two game season is a lot. It's a lot of any team. Look at Tampa Tampa destroyed. Everybody win the presidents trophy got swept in the first round by Columbus. Did anybody expect that no I didn't I still am look. I look at Tampa and they are such a dynamic team in there so balanced in their scoring and their defense. They struggled with injuries as a little bit this season to their turning it up I believe they just one ten in a row and they're gonNA roll into the playoffs the team. Everybody expected them to be so the islanders. The had a great beginning they can have a mediocre middle if they finished strong in a playoff position depending on who they match up against I could see them finding success assess in the first round again when it all hinges upon what Luma Lamb. Who does or doesn't do here as we approach the trade deadline closing things out? Obviously we just had the All Star game and festivities Matthew Barzel benched right before the All Star game in the third period. Arrange game for a over He said he understood why when he was interviewed. During the All Star Media Day Trots on the other hand when pressed for information by the local media. Here didn't really WANNA talk about. It said it was between him and Brazelle you know and then ultimately came out and said it was because of some individual plays by certain players players and and we know who they are you know you had to preside penalty which he wasn't happy about I believe Mayfield had that spearing penalty Against the Rangers as well Oh which another questionable call get it was four minutes and he spear is going to be four minutes. But why wouldn't you take them you for two for embellishing I I mean. He waved the stick Adam and the guy fell down. He was shot. So I don't get it Barzel won the fastest skater. Beat Connor mcdavid. WHO's won the last couple seasons Amazing It was good to see them all embracing and you know some of the drama that transpired fired with Kreider and declare Kinda jumping up and down on him and and being excited. I know a couple of people had said. Hey some some potential former teammates here in the future. So it's always fun to see stuff like that I didn't get to see much of the All Star game. I saw the first half of the Metro game yesterday. So I saw Kozelsk two assists I had a hockey game myself last night so I missed out on the rest. Obviously didn't really seem like I missed a whole heck of a lot because the Atlantic kind of steamrolled them the second period or second half now the aisles. As we've spoken about now are off. For the next five days for their CBA mandated break. They will not play again until February first against connects at home and have a pretty busy month rest of February with fourteen games in twenty eight days. So that's going to be a tough one here getting back. As approached deadline it will give players like clutter buck a chance to heal a little bit more paddock. Chance to heal a little bit more. Even though I don't expect to see him up until maybe if anything less couple weeks of the season if not in the playoffs like as speculated It's a good time to reset like I said good time for the players to relax kick back on the beach You instagram people out. There always seem to find all these amazing pictures of Suzuki's by the pool and like Hawaiian shorts there with a couple of drinks in his hand for his wife and their friends and stuff. So I mean I mean they're out there. They're having a good time relaxing recharging. The batteries soaking up some sun and Hopefully we'll see them as energized team. Here we're moving into the second half of the twenty twenty season all right so now that we pretty much got through all the notes that I have I opened did up to some questions on twitter and to some of the other people. That I talk about Islander's hockey too and one of my local buddies over here. Tim Tim thanks for responding had One question and it was regarding something had mentioned earlier in the episode About what Elliott Friedman had said about Travis Vizier Jack and he said Elliott Freeman said. There was a deal for Jack on the table that require him to waive his no trade. Elliott was pretty sure it was the aisles. How do you feel ZAJAC? It fits into the trot system. He thinks he'd be close. Fit or close to a perfect fit for the middle six now as I had headset previously. I think he's a little too old. For what the Islands WanNa do He's a great player in his own. Right I I know he is close nice to one thousand Career Games all with the devils and appreciate he wants to remain a devil which is why he allegedly said that he wasn't willing to waive to go anywhere Even for his former GM in in Lula morale and the islanders so Would he fit. You know there's always a potential to fit. Ah I know. He's more of a defensive player. Would definitely help round out that middle six for sure You know if the devils were to who maybe eat a little bit of his cap. Space there You know depending on what they would have to give up. I I would be more comfortable going with more of a a younger player player or somebody who is more of a true rental in this situation. he also asks if Sarokin Stays Connecticut Shell if there is a plan B Everything that I've seen personally You know even last last week you know. I tweeted at an article from one of the people who covers the K. h. l.. It seems as if you know Sarokin is poised to come to the islanders next six season you know. He's got his His really good buddy on his crosstown rival team here doing well with the Rangers so I think it would be another little extra incentive. I I wrote to come over and play in the best league in the world over here with his New York Islanders. So that's another great question and something. We'll be watching and I'm sure talking talking about here as we move forward Moving onto some twitter questions We have some good ones Sean Connors who is the guy who creates all these amazing hand-drawn pictures he sees got the MSG commercial. I had him on last season. I know him and I are trying to make some time here to sit down and talk some hockey. So we'll we'll definitely have him on over the next couple weeks but he brings up and he wants to know what's my take on the breadth Gallus oil about bars. L. Possibly being traded to the expansion Seattle Franchise I had bread on last season. I I know a lot of you in twitter. Verse do not like when he writes about the islanders qazis predominantly in New York Ranger beat writer or at least call missed and I think that's just a bunch of Malarkey. You've got a guy in Brazil for the islanders that is for all intents and purposes the face of the franchise the star. That's why the League you know gets him into the All Star game for the second season in a row here this this weekend that were currently in. I don't see him going anywhere. He's a restricted free agent Both sides are reportedly not worried about contract extension just yet it. It will be handled pulled in due time. I don't know of. It'll be a short term bridge dealer. Not I could see them. Maybe doing that or at least Barzel side conceding to to that if it gives the islanders roster flexibility to add around him and build around him do I see them trading his rights or allowing them to to take him in the expansion draft. No absolutely not you see lesser players. You know exposed like that or move like like that you know maybe a defenseman or somebody that they have down in bridgeport or or even on the NHL Roster but Matthew Barzel is not going anywhere absolutely not. He'll be locked up at minimum for eight years here or maybe even six to give him a couple more years of a restricted free agency. Who knows you saw Mitch Monir and a couple all of the other guys up there in Toronto signed for eleven million dollars a season? So that's the bar that's what's GonNa Happen here with bars l.. He wants to play on the island. You you know. And the islanders own his rights one way or the other is going to be restricted. Like I just said so I I don't I don't believe this. We've not seen it. There speculation there because he played played For the Winter Hawks I believe right so he's from Vancouver if if anything would make more sense for him to play for the conducts over Seattle. It'll just because he played there in junior. Okay it's close ish to Vancouver but if he's going to play for anybody would be Vancouver and you don't see that it's it's just is kind of stupid that we're GonNa talk about something like this because of what happened with ours. I I don't buy it for a second. So that's that Thomas Boyle Boil writes If Lou decides to make a trade who's a good player with term that could be a good fit. Now I touched upon this briefly before I really think if they're we're GONNA trade for anybody it would potentially be address ethnic from the wings Seems to be the type of player that would fit well right along Barzel. He's a speedy player He is definitely offensively gifted granted. He's struggling on that struggling wings team but I believe he is a restricted free agent with With one year left. If I'm not mistaken we could. We could look that up here in a minute So yeah someone like him Some of the players that staple had said you know maybe a two-fold even though he's a little older You got some of the sharks is players that I had spoken about earlier in the episode as well Like Dylan may be perhaps So so someone like that You know generally players with term go. It's going to be a hockey trade where you didn't see it coming. You know like the ever lay for strom deal a couple of seasons ago. Something that is kind of out of left field. Oh you know those are usually the deals. Nobody's really expecting And last season you know. Beauvilliers was rumored to be offered in a couple of trades. It didn't work out there so so I mean you might see something like that. You might lose a player you like from the current roster But sometimes in the grand scheme of things the larger picture is you gotta give you have to get we all know that and The potential to have something like that happen is Israel for sure who else we got. We Got Ryan Maroni who also always sends in some good questions. What's the actual possibility that Lou get something done? That floor is all of us. There's not a lot out there and I'm not sure we have anything. Other teams teams. Want you know except for the guys we WANNA keep nats one hundred percent true and I just touched upon that briefly. You've got guys in the organization. Like Devan Taves Ryan Pool luck You know to a lesser extent. Auto Odi Wild Then you've got some of the other offensive guys down in Bridgeport as well aqua- woah Wallstrom bellows. So if you're going to get value back the potential like I just said for the previous guy who wrote in Thomas Boyle ee. Never know what's going to happen until does that's one of the crazy things about this especially one of the weird quirks about the way Lula Morello. GM's teams right. It's either going to be big or it's going to be a little ancillary deal. That will help them along. Allah Garth Snow that we've so ooh lovingly had to deal with over the last decade I just mentioned I think that the trade that would probably eight floors the most most would be like I just said for ethnicity of from the wings. I think it makes the most sense. Some of the people. I've spoken to here over the last couple of weeks also so agree and that spans outside of the New York Islanders. You know some of my ranger fan buddies some Philly guys and New Jersey. Guys all seem to agree that that makes the most cents for the New York Islanders. All signs are pointing to some sort of trade here occurring Andrew Grosse End Arthur staple both Lean towards something something happening than not you know especially with our over six hundred days without a trade so I guess we'll have to revisit this again. If something comes comes to fruition. Now it's funny. I have a lot of family. You guys know a lot of the Maryland fans in I kind of reached out to some of my cousins here who were in a group chat with just some questions as well in the my cousin Shawn Shawn Sherwin go figure Will Dobson seen expanded role in the second half. What if any moves? The owls make prior to the deadline. So Sean you're going to have to rewind the episode a little bit here and at this point you probably already heard them so but Dobson I I thank you can see Kind of what we've seen out of him he'll he'll rotate in and out Well I mean he's not even really rotating in and out right now with pelvic out so he's he's ex- he's seeing a role. I don't know what is minutes are here Game by game but it seems like he's getting thrown out there in in different situations. I believe he was out there on some penalty. Kill you know the other night and You know ease chipping in offensively when he can he speedskating pox so much better and getting out of trouble. And you know you're seeing the type of creativity. He has on the back end with the way he skates. The puck into zone zone. Entries has been really good so as long as he continues to play Trots is system and do all the things that are asked of him. I I can see them for sure. I definitely letting him Kinda go with with everything here. If you if you struggles a little bit you know he might find himself in the press box you might see a Ho or somebody else Called the eventually maybe Hickey. If he ever determined or ever determines if he ever gets healthy here you know. It's been a shame what happened to him this year. So dopson is has been in good like like I keep saying though in You know still work in progress with a young defense when they take a little longer to marinate than some of the other guys is do. So that's GonNa about wrap it up for episode forty two of the owls faithful podcast Thanks for listening in dealing with the crazy. Break here that I I did want to taking as always you can listen to us on many streaming APPS and sites Like Apple Apple. Google spotify tune-in ANDROID stitcher Pandora and finally iheartradio believe it or not. We're finally finally approved over there so head over to iheartradio and search for the is faithful to listen there. 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