Creating Authenticity in Your Business Part 2


Hi, I'm Katrina Widener a life Butch for entrepreneurs. Come listen to chat with Kim. Beazley on her podcast pamper my business. I'm the host of for my business where you will learn two two n fifty that will give you the freedom to easily feel your business online, though that view can be things and then fail to your tarbey. I will be interviewing industry leaders and professionals who will share their knowledge and experience which will help you brain here business online. Get ready to take knows and learn from him in her gift because this is going to be a fun learning experience. How have you grown your business doing the things that you love to do? So I actually just route and published a block co on exactly how I grew my business in twenty eighteen and including really rod information. I'm like, this is where all my leads are coming from this is how much money I was making because I think it's very important to be that visible to people and to be that transparent and say, this is what happens like, you're not alone. If you have a months nobody's month. Exactly the same like, it's not gonna be linear. And so for me personally, a lot of the ways that I get clients, and the I grow my business. Well, as being really offensive to who I I make sure that every social media post every blog post every newsletter. I spent about everything that I say about business is all consistent all comes through the same filter of the three things. That I really focused my business on which are empowerment community and then living life of balance, basically. And so everything that I do go through the filters and that allows me to be consistent. And they're all things I'm very passionate about allows me to be offensive to who. I am. And because I am so consistent. Whether it's in person or online etcetera etcetera, it makes people feel like they know me, and they trust me before they come to work with me because the truth is if you're gonna come in and work with me, and you're gonna tell me your fears and your owner abilities, you're gonna have to trust me. It's bottom line. And so that being said, the most common places that I do get my clients are either from in person or referrals and then through social media opportunities like Facebook groups and Instagram etcetera because that's where you really get to see who I am. And what I do, and what I believe in really, and what I'm passionate about etc. Etc. And that is important as a entrepreneur we need to have goals when you be passionate about our business because like Satan goes I love what I do. I do what I love. And that's to me is important when you're running your own business. I don't want to go into business something that I'm going to hate day in day out. I wanna love what I do. And and the way that you documented how you grew your business in twenty eighteen that is an awesome thing to do. I love to document the progress on my business because those times when I'm facing something hard. I like to look back and go, okay, Kim, look what you overcame here here here is like a reminder of these assesses that you've that you face, even though you may be facing failure right now, you have had way more success and failure. And i'm. I'm failures lead to success. Eventually, yes, you can write a book about your failure high failed. This. I'll I'm I'm giving somebody ideal for book how I failed to said, what do you feel has been the keys to your success? I think like I said really that authenticity. And I know often times a hot topic in the entrepreneur world and people have mixed feelings about it. But for me, it really is saying this is what I'm here to do. And then only doing that. And making sure that that is what I'm consistent in no matter who I'm talking to. I've also realized to that my business is all about helping other people. So when it gets down to the nitty gritty or gets to the stressful time those moments when I'm when I do have an anxiety because we all do I mean, nobody is so confident every single moment of every single day. And so when I get to those moments when it is hard to be an entrepreneur, I have somebody else's relying on the and maybe it's not a life. For death situation. I'm not a surgeon. I don't work at the hospital. Excetera I'm somebody that people count on and rely on. And if I'm not there, then they're not getting that help and that in and of itself is enough for me to move forward and continue moving forward and to innovate and think of other ways that I can help others because that's really the point of what my business is is to make other people feel good about themselves at the end of the day. It's that simple. And if I'm not here doing it. Then that's not happening. So really having that is the reason why doing everything and the reason why keep moving forward has been so helpful because I know I know the direction I'm going in. And I know that that's always the goal. And then making sure that no matter what I'm doing that that is coming through and the way that I talk or the way that I write or what I post about. That means that not only do. I know why I'm doing it. But so does everybody else that is so powerful now? With this being the first of the year. I know is is not Jane where I, but it's the time of year. When people say I'm gonna make a New Year's resolution. I don't do those. I do solutions that I want. If someone is that kind of stuck in a spot, what are some things that they can do to get unstuck. If you're really feeling stuck. And you're not sure what direction to move in reevaluate yourself. I so I always do this exercise with my clients where we kind of sit down, and we were views the different areas of their life or their different values. And we write them on a scale of one to ten the you are really really interested in moving your business forward or say, you're really really interested in spending more time with your family this area, really really interested in self care this year, then I make them sit down and say, okay, no scandals at ten how much are you incorporating self-care into your life right now. And if the answer is anything less than the seven, and it's like, what are the things you can do to change that. Because normally if you're feeling stuck it's because you're doing a lot of things that are not truly aligned to what you want to be doing. And so that's I can be helpful to do. Go through the different areas of your life. So friends family finances, south Carrick cetera and say how my feeling in all these areas of my life, and then you know, which area you wanna move forward in or go through your personal values and say how much am I devoted time to my own personal values? And then you know, where you need to be devoting time. Because once you once you get that clear, and you know, where you wanna move next then it kind of releases that overwhelm in that invited. So then your brain is clear enough to move forward on whatever goes you want to accomplish or wherever you wanna move next. I think also it's important to know what your motivation is and how you're personally motivated. So if you're someone who's externally motivated, and you're struggling to get off the couch and get your work done. That means that you need to have an accountability partner. Means you need to have a coach or means you need to announce on your social media that you're going to get something done by Pacific time. Because then you're forced. Actually, do the work. It's one of those things it's just about really knowing yourself in all areas of yourself and how you are personally motivated and how you personally feel balanced in your life. If you're not balanced, then you're out of balance simple as that. You know, when when whenever I hear the word balance, I always think about a tramp ease artist that's up on the type rope. And and they're trying to walk across it, and they're trying to balance, and I think sometimes entrepreneurs fill like their type wrote, and that they are at any moment that can make a step that just caused them fall. If someone is facing the fear. What would what suggestions you have for them? I well, I think the first thing I would say which I mentioned earlier is like if you follow what literally the worst case in area. Oftentimes, entrepreneurs are so afraid of failing in their businesses. And I'm like, literally the worst case scenario is you get a job. That's the worst thing that could possibly happen. If you're at the point where you are bringing in no money because of whatever may have happened, then you get a job, and you bring in some money when you can still work on your business. While you're bringing some supplemental income, and it's one of those things that I think we kinda Vilnai's is this idea of like our businesses failing. Or if we fall off that type rope, then the world's going to end and it's going to come crashing down etcetera etcetera. But if we really verbalize, what is the worst case scenario, and whatever situation that were credit up. We're gonna realize it's not as bad as we're making. It seem out like it's not it's not as bad as or making. It seem like it will be it's something that we really focus too much on. Well, if I do one step, and I'm gonna fall off this type rope. Then the world is gonna end I'm gonna lose my house, and we'll be able to pay bills. And it's something that really it's not that dramatic. It's as simple as all get a job. Or if this product doesn't sell then I'll create a new product or if I don't get any clients, then I'll switch up my marketing tactics. Whatever it is. There's a. Simple solution. And the worst case scenario isn't really that worst case scenario, I think if we can just get past a fear of failure. I think a lot of people would see that on the other side is success. And and that's that's very important where close to in. So I want you to share a product or something the two would like to share with on listeners that you have available. Sure. So right now, I am offering one on one coaching for entrepreneur to really feeling that little bit of south out or that need for some support. And whether that's a port is on your mind, set, or your money mindset, which we all struggle with also marketing like clarity on what direction you wanna go forward in confidence, empowerment, accountability, etc. Etc. The list always goes on and on and on. Then I do have packages available for that right now. And we can do in person if your local virtual if you aren't the other thing that I'm really excited about is. I am in the process right now of creating a workbook for those people who might not be one hundred percent ready to start one on coaching yet. Maybe they aren't there financially or aren't in the mindset where they feel like they can tackle that. This is going to be as close to what I can offer in my coaching sessions as possible and a simple online product for him. And so that will be releasing probably in either February or March and will be available for people to purchase them. So it's it's a way for those who aren't quite in the mindset or in the place to really commit to one on coaching to try to do it on their own and really get that empowerment mindset and gear thank you so much this. It's great news to hear because if you're at the point here in the begin. Ginning of year. You're having all this stuff. Dousing you help please contact Catrine Katrina, did she share your website, please share your website? Yeah. I can do that don't know where where you were to go. Yes, you can come and find me at WWW dot Katrina, Weidner dot com, or you can also come and find me on Instagram, and my handle is at Katrina dot Widener. So very simple, but come and join the party, and we will get your mindset in gear. I love that get your mind sitting gear. I've had a really frayed podcast with Katrina Widener. I'm so excited that she joined us and thank you so much, Katrina. Thank you. Listening to my business. And I am your host can't be joined the temper my visits community by visiting hamper. My business dot com where you'll find our free training along with our masterclass. So the to continue your learning journey about building your brand online. Doing good work that matters. 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