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Jesse James


As a teenager who wrote off to fight union militiamen with confederate guerrillas. Jesse James was never able to give up the outlaw life. Thanks to the attention. He got from his crimes. But do you know why one of his own men turned against him in the end? Welcome to killer knowledge the daily True Crime Trivia show. I'm Corduroy. It's time to play along with your friends family or fellow. True crime fans. You'll have the chance to answer five trivia questions with six seconds to make your guests so let's play killer. Knowledge Jesse James was too young to fight with the confederacy in the civil war but after union militiamen roughed up his family. A sixteen year. Old Blue Eyed Jesse joined a group of pro confederate guerrillas to take out his revenge and his life is a criminal. Outlaw was set in motion question number one who is the leader of the pro confederate guerrillas. Jesse joined a Benjamin Sims. Be Reuben Samuel C. Bill Anderson. The correct answer is C. Bloody Bill Anderson. After the war ended many guerrillas return to civilian life but Jesse chose to continue fighting because of bloody bill. Anderson's death Jesse targeted a bank in Missouri. He thought was run. By Samuel P Cox. The man who had killed bill this would be the first time. Newspapers mentioned Jesse's name and he was hooked question number two in what Missouri City was the bank robbery. That got Jesse James his first taste of publicity a Kansas City be gallatin see Lexington. The correct answer is B. Gallatin Missouri. You got away with very little money. But his escape is what caught the newspapers attention. But not all the bank robberies involving Jesse James and friends were that successful in fact the one in Northfield Minnesota is historically a disaster where some robbers died and only Jesse and his brother. Frank escaped question number three. Where DID JESSE IN FRANK ESCAPE TO? After the Northfield disaster a Tennessee be Kentucky see Wyoming. The correct answer is a Tennessee. After that frank settled down but Jesse wanted back into his criminal ways. The problem became Jesse's new gang. Were IN IT. Just for the money not ideology. So when Missouri's governor offered a bounty on Jesse one of his men Robert Ford took up the offer question number four. How much was the bounty on? Jesse James A five thousand dollars be ten thousand dollars. See Twenty thousand dollars. The correct answer is be ten thousand dollars. There are versions of the story that say Jesse New Robert and his brother were planning to betray him. On April third eighteen. Eighty to Jesse James was shot in the back of the head while in his rented home in Saint Joseph Missouri. Question number five to this episode. What was Jesse James? Doing when he was killed a eating dinner. Be Looking out the window C. dusting a picture. The correct answer is see. He was dusting a picture. Just like his own crimes. Jesse James Death was a public spectacle and Robert Ford and his brother took full credit after they surrendered. They were charged with first degree murder sentenced to be hanged and then fully pardoned by the governor to everyone listening. Thank you for playing killer knowledge with us. Don't forget to check us out on facebook and Instagram at podcast and on twitter at Park ass network and you can also listen to more episodes of killer. Knowledge and other park cast originals on spotify. Or wherever you listen to podcasts. I'm corduroy join us again to find out if you can call yourself a true crime. Experts killer knowledge was created by Max Cutler and is a par cast studios original. It is executive produced by Max Cutler produced by Kristen Osservato John Cohen key to Mira and Jonathan ratliff sound designed by kristen killer knowledge. Stars Carter Roy.

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