Barcelona Falls Again


Palo. They cut with the big east doesn't get handed out till next week. But we had a couple of domestic Cup finals. Gonna say people would big years, next to me what I wasn't saying two hundred Marino. And check his love ahead got county is with us two Cup finals a Jimmy and Spain to get to. Let's start in Spade. Really? The big story with boss Lona taking on village in the COPA. Ray final contested in Seville, boss, Lana, of course, heavy favorites coming in looking to complete the double, but omens early on this wasn't going to be they night, the era from Langley and Rodrigue shock cleared off the line. Volley why from may? He's trying to clear it somehow if I was good at yet. Declare it to the middle row then goes wide open on Philipson decides to go on the dribble. Doesn't make the clear of contact with his left foot became comes across. Hold on defensively beget, but signs early on Valencia they had more than a chance. Yeah. No signs, materialize into something meaningful. Didn't they Kevin Gamero after twenty one minutes, wonderful finished by Gamero boss oil at sees amid the position, Camaro pixie boiled up top with the buffs. I said it's one and then FIS by could do nothing. And the fat was good for the underdogs. This was simply fantastic to nil. Get us eve, Rodrigo speed on the right hand side. Go to the cannot keep up good service coming into option on defendant, in the middle and legal for my kind of range, tune up to then the question was could instill. Valverde's men, come back. Little messy tried to bring the backs. Don't we a lot about is between Messier dominate who sees it all the way in the end. It's very strong. Lapan. Two nil down at the break into the second half and more for Messi this time the post intervening this was a beautiful play by the United Nancy and Malcolm, a little hold the play modicum talked silent messes fantastic. And then a little slap with outside of the left foot makes Queen contact gets past the goalkeeper, but of the post and out on fourteen for Barcelona. Into the final twenty minutes still down to a lifeline. Finally Vass load a messy during the mopping up top in for messy of the setpiece. Questions offside? He wasn't. He was comfortably on dominance gooney plummeted his teeth deep into stump each time one last jots for Bacelona break clearance for Gabrielle wasn't h and that proved to be that the final whistle sanding defeats her messy and Bacelona unbridled joy for the Lynch yet, Las J winning the first civil way in Spain since two thousand eight the eight th time they've won the Kodaira title boscell on that. We'll have to wait for number thirty one alley. We, we have to stop with the with the vanquish, don't we not many people sold this coming Sunday, the bookmakers spousal into a heavy favorites. Did they deserve to lose this? They did any based upon the first half and the lack of intensity with which this thing play not only intensity running with the ball running with. The ball is just the movement over all of the team was so very slow and so very predictable. And so in, in Macy's star sort of as a false and well he's not getting the ball there. He started dropping back into positions where he can get touches on the both because it see, they're messy creating something or messy shooting the ball or Mesa taking chance, or it's not happening for restaurant. Certainly that was the case today. I see has been for most of the season to be quite honest with you. Defensively Varsha whenever they lost the ball, eight felt like it was going to score every time and had Valenza been more effective more efficient in their ability to counterattack this game would not have been as close as it was in the second half Barcelona. I play with a different density, a different level of energy, perhaps desperation that may they game closer by lens. I got a little scare got a little nervous. They took a step back that allowed Barcelona to again regain possession of the ball in advance series and create from there. But overall I find an inverse alone. Again, it looked a lot today. The first half like what we saw against liberal very similar in terms of the. Of energy and their inability to do something meaningful with the ball. Once they had it in the final, it was an upset it was a show checkup. But does it matter in the big picture of slow they lost this final Noah boss kinda hung the has the reputation what happens in league Champions League? So this again, maybe icing on the cake, which. This you could take to leave it. But the bigger point to, to this performance as it would if you watch nineteen minutes of this game is that Basu without leeann messy a very average team. I mean considerably average all the back and fairness it to Valencia. They got numbers behind the ball, then you wear the threat was. And then you exactly how freely Boston would on the contract and they fully deserved the win. Tonight, cloudy is also with a scap. What was your assessment of Vinson's avail? Did you see this coming? Yeah. I mean, especially once once you saw the setup and you know what two years two years of an east of vetted, and you know what you can put a look. He won the double last year. He won the league again this season but he keeps getting out coach thought in big games. And appreciate he has incomplete squad, which means that, if Louis WADA's out, then there's no center forward off the bench was then by one forum or whatever, but still you knew what was coming. I really thought Mancino actually completely blitz them in those first forty five minutes, I thought they could have even even scored more. So in the second half Barscelona came to life a little bit. But I think a little bit was also was also trying to hit on the break, maybe maybe getting a little bit uncomfortable perhaps, but, but even at two one. At the end Barcelona's still had to really good chances on the counter which he didn't take. And I think this is a case just doesn't happen against Liverpool happen against here. He runs into a guy who out coaches him out thinks tactically on the night. And I think this is the stuff that you give you caused a concern. Yeah it's inevitable isn't it? The questions will be pointed towards nest of outcoached in the games that matter is that fair think it is fair, if you consider that the games that matter are specifically champion, so he glass year specifically champion this year and then you refer this as an example, as well. I'm being saying that I would move on from where before this game, and regardless of what the score would have been hearing, there would have been here. I my opinion is very simple. There's been to Oprah -tunities for Radha, the to truly change the way, the team placing moments in which the team needs an adjustment. And he has failed to do so, and that's. The responsibility of a coach. So when he happens two years ago in a row when you have this sort of collapses that he's had. And they've had a group against Roma and against Liverpool Indiana reflect very poorly in the players, but it also reflects incredibly poorly on the coach in a messy comes out and says that he thinks very busy, right? Cool shit for for the foreseeable future. If you're sitting in Boston, a boardroom you have to take that you have to do that. What else is he going to say, check new, I agree. But at the same time give the person has been on the over the last week. And you your stop there comes out on defense as, as he does I expected more from this boss. I really did. And I understand gobs point that, yes, you can see this coming. But then the same time Lena messy picture boil up in midfield, and runs the length Phelan scores. How many times have we seen that as well, it fees as when you watch sooner that's what that's what you? That's what you hanging on you hanging on magic from Leland messy and you go to ask you've got to ask for more from your coach than just to see you've got the best player and the will let him do it. What's very giving you otherwise gap. Well, it's funny, I was listening to what you're saying Chaka, and I agree with your with your conclusion at the end. I seem to be like you were going different direction when you were talking about, you know, messy coming out and backing, visit mess. He's going to do that. Because, you know, if you sort of hums and Hawes and says, well, let's see what happens at the end of the season or whatever, then people are gonna cues them of not, not backing his manager. The reality, I think, is, if you're Barcelona, you can't let messy pick the manager because we saw what happened when in the Tino Bockel a couple years ago, you need to find somebody with the right personality that can relate to messy that can manage messy and say, listen, you're going to carry carry us when we need you, but we're going to have a framework around, you, they, you don't have to do what Ellie described earlier where he needs to shoot on goal. But then you also needs to be back in midfield to create because nobody else will do that. You need to have the courage of boardroom level to realize. That some of these players need to be moved on some of these players brought in, we thought we're going to be really good. And all of a sudden Nelson tomato was going to be the second coming. And then you realize that the guy has serious trouble defending you need a little bit of humidity there. And you need to make some strong decisions to summer and the one thing that would worry me Frankie to Young's in the way, it seems that we're getting a lot of I candy we're getting Yong. We're getting greased and we're getting sort of two, three superstars whereas I think there's a lot of surgery to be done on the everyday role players in this team as well gap, a bottom line when the new league season kicks off the end of August, whenever it is a nest of outlet, a still that on the touchline. But at the mayo came out after the game tonight and said, well he has a contract in tonight's defeat. Wasn't his fault. Labonte mayo ends up swaying with the wind. I'd be really surprised. I think even bus alone if they were gonna make a change, they're not gonna make it based on this game. They would have made the change before that. I think Raj Ingley. They think that they can reenergize team by spending some money this summer. I think about Domos state, I think about the mail. I think the stays bought the monks, definitely stay never manage. It was very much under the spotlight Niko Kovac despite winning his domestic title last week, complete the double Munich taking on ABI light sick and the big showpiece Jim and Cup final in Berlin. Robert Levin dos key, of course looking to add to his tally of goals, but there's pulsing was hoping to score both of them gets in between the fenders. Nice little header, powerful, but nor reaction time of the crossbar now, great safe and didn't they make the most of that little buying this real dangerous attack. And this happened. Kuban Inaba league, the left hand side, allow the cross in this headed from rogue eleven Belsky going back to what's his own, but was somehow gets target. Keeper wrong footed that is an incredible finish PK may make an amazing goal line clearance in the Spanish Cup final. How about this Abraham cannot? Exceptionally well. Staying with the play in an onside position recovers behind goalkeeper as he should kings. Combing takes a little wider than he would have wanted to not with a tremendous safe. This was the pivotal Cup final early in the second full spook cliff through for like sake. But no, it to the rich yet comes up trumps again, come out to strengthen cents in a delicate policy through book, should it better. But Noah exceptional that this is well Kingsley Coleman to pretty much wrapping jumped late on his up in the air kinsman already made. You know what I'm going to sell them in a shot. I'm going to take thoughts around him. Defender. Flies by, and then the nice finish the far post, and then just for good measure, long fold Levin, dusky, muscling his way for completing double. Draw the hoop for Bullen rubber eleven goski doing us. He always does get off me, somehow gets wrong side on their needs to show more strength. But creditor eleven Belsky keeps his poise. What a finish. I n Robin. And Frank river coming on late cameos as they say goodbye to bind robot had a brief moment in front of Galway. His name on the school sheet, do the right footmen. Or the Rumford. Maybe you know he doesn't do that. Minimum Neue, raising the pot as they call it for buying view. Nick at is twelve time that they double windows in Germany, and that's just in the Bundesliga era of this to that. Nineteen sixty three nobody else in German history has managed it more than once pretty good end to the first season charge for Niko Kovac watching this final gap, this could easily have gone in a different direction though. I certainly could have especially in that first half Leipzig creating tons of problems for Byron. I thought. This was a game that really exposed some of Byron's. Weaknesses molars pace on on the counter Tiago. I thought they got with him. Well life. She gambled that they pressed high up the pitch. But one ever ups and downs Byron had this season, the cardinal rule is they, they seem to stay calm, under pressure. They find a way to pass out of the press. They take the lead of us on that rattles, you opposition. And then they go out there and and they managed the game but, but certainly on balance. This was a lot closer than the scoreline suggests. And they wraps up a season that seem to be going horribly off the rails in December. They were in fifth place. Looking totally out of it. They end up as double win the Champions, League remains the big, and they Rada yes. And, and some turmoil early on in this season and some questions, and I think, rightfully so of nego kovic, and then you'll start to as a question of, you know, this team is getting older, and we didn't do anything to make this get any younger. And so when river easing rubbing his senior now you're looking in some different places to try to get that creativity. And that explosive movement and dynamic movement into final thirty or saying what were. Has the talent coming from? Well, you didn't do anything to address it, but through it all they just they just kinda got resold resold after sold eight held came back to them. I think that gave I am unique confidence to then gain run. And when he came time to have a big matchup and he was that game against at home by Munich they puff their chest out and say, you know what? You got beat us. Good luck. You're not going to do it here. And I think, right, then and there they stabbed sells the champions and continue to move forward. What should be considered successful season, you impress watching the Shangqiu? I'll be clearly. No, mugs Ali, I was impressed ones. Goo Livesey with the battery two teams up until rubber eleven. He's some ho finds the back of the net doing only as he can do it seems enough. It was by Munich and cruise control which retrieve come to see and that thing with this by team. They're not. Are they hadn't been as dominant as, as you would think? Or maybe you expect when you talk about by Munich. And you're talking about a team that's just won the double. But I thought Leipzig sure they lack of experience or maybe it was it was by just being better once once they got the goal and similarly league and Allie mentioned this, this league was dope, Mr. lose. And somehow they managed to do that. And by then new when, when others around them, them couldn't and that's been the difference between them and everybody else, not that they've been that much greater than everybody else cab the end of an era for buying with three is on the way, Robin river Phoenix, as well none, none of votes. Smaller. Apart sense. It's a big summit coming up for the Bavarians. It is. And they're really moving on that they're certainly targeting team Verner the big positive with him as he can back up live on ski and obviously do a job for you wide, obviously they extended breeze contract very high on him. They're being strongly linked in the media with a move for for LeRoy Sante as well. He's going to cost an absolute bundle. But they feel that if he comes he's, he's a game changer. You've got Corentin Toledo coming back from injury midfield younger because another season under his bell. And then at the back, you know, you brought in into guys who we hope can can can help you in Pavitt and, and Hernandez wouldn't necessarily have been my choices in terms of addressing the needs that they have. But I think they feel that they'll be stronger in every department. Now all they need to do is maybe lose couple big salaries in the form of HAMAs Rodriguez. Possibly bought Tang and there and the elephant in the room gap Niko Kovac as he done enough, as he displayed his credentials as he gonna stay. See that's the question. Right. We, we think of Byron this very rational club. It shouldn't depend on ninety minutes football whether he stays or goes, especially when they were outplayed foot by foot for long stretches. This is just a hunch. I don't know what they're gonna do. But for me the, the fact that there was still a question. Mark hanging over him going into this game. And buying aren't the kind of club where everything's going to hinge on ninety minutes that suggests to me that maybe he won't be back. We'll be fascinating to follow that we will let salute the end of the robbery era. I enrolled in Frank river. Yeah. This is the numbers they put up Rubery was twelve about being you. Although there's only room for two hours. We'll have to wait. Of course. That's the a you Brennan. Robbery was winning the Champions League get banking twenty thirteen at Wembley. Tracking the domestic dust bunny. You come to find them hiding under wardrobes next to loss socks don't to sudden, although scurry off what's utley fascinating about the money is that, although they're not actually censured creatures when they have Kyko not only saves people money, but also has ninety seven percents customer satisfaction rating. It's obvious to them. You should switch because yes. Switching to gyco is a no brainer. Oh, no. It's the dust bunnies, only natural predator on the long dust on his run along. Scottish Cup final Ediborah Celtic against hearts, showpiece occasion. It's back in the big game for the first time in a while. And that leg early in the second half in this one. Ryan Edwards, not making the. The best, I suppose, but efficient backheel that works out. I mean, not police in bud again, effective one nothing. They don't care. Unfortunately, the lead launched it eight minutes on taken down in the box. I have no choice here. Edward does well, keep commits, I mean, don't know why you protests, keepers point not. Okay warm, the penalty at want just himself down to tuck it away. Guests there. Cevdet T-rex arms. And it was Ed watts contribution that proves to be the match-winning eight minutes from time. Breaking the hearts of hearts. Goodwin. He was. That was cute age. To do this, these triple-triple. Three times in a row. They've credible. Trouble doing doesn't it? Three two as you said, I ever to do it six time in Cup history. They've, they've won a domestic treble and Thirty-nine Scottish cups. New trophy cabinet, I think very soon in Glasgow. That was even better agent. To keep shutting. That's my question. That's the end of I'm afraid that may well, let's go to France. Tobin to cool as extended his G, P, S, G country. Little bit surprising. This many thinking, he may be on his way out of it room is about max Allegra, even Josie Marino. But he's going to be there through the twenty twenty one season somebody who's not going to be where he is currently Mary about studies or von Tomasz say, on Instagram said, thanks, everyone for these amazing five months, even if we didn't achieve our objectives. A really want to say thanks, coaching staff plays presents is everyone the woods with manti supporters. Thank you. Hopefully, see you soon, or good look for ever, they all right? There's a little message. So ballot Elia free agent. We don't know where he will go next turns twenty nine this role. The latest news and rumors can always catch up with transfer tool. Cannot website, ESPN, AFC dot com. It's the segment where you get your questions onto you send them in. We unto them. It's that simple equation. Okay. Make sense. Vailable on the YouTube channel some juicy wants to jump into today tomorrow show, we'll feature the Italian job the final day of action in Syria steady, we'll have poll gab OB with us say, nothing's creams Italian job like TV. Leap to promotion game involving new Polk County and trim me Rovers deep into stoppage time this happened. Kringle now. Giddings. Two. Toback promotions to the club from the world. Back to back promotions Tranmere? Rovers done in style. But really, the story is Mike, gene the referee. In that. Of course he made it about himself. Motionless creatures, those referees, gab. I know this is a lot of tension in the UK. Do you have a problem with dean celebrating? No. I just I'm more of a general problem with, with Mike dean in general. Ordinary stuck around as long as he has think you setting himself up very nicely for, for post refereeing career when he can become a referee character and more power to them. But I'm very happy for Tranmere because, you know, this is a story club, John, Aldridge, all that, and great to see them climbing through the divisions again. Think pizza Walton was the Newport county fan, so he didn't make the cut. Oh, yeah. Pope peter. To question that felt genuine, I have no problem with my celebrates as as he did. I mean obviously no has been Jordan, and you have to be careful about his appointments, not just trying to, but any of the, you know rival clubs. But yeah, I can't you over your reference clubs as well. The humans we knew they have their favorites. They're human. They can we have come from. Have you seen Peter? Do you see congratulations of Tranmere? Oversize. He that not moving up. Wonderful trend me related questions. On extra time that's coming up next. Extratime go. And I think it may surprise you to learn that there are disgruntled busload Avantel today. They seem to jammed up this company. Right place. Injury is bursting with events. Writ through a few of the before we get into it just his personnel needs goes takes out, goalscoring mid wreckage puts in BT. Mid Elena doesn't play non season. Leaves him into stock cramping with twenty minutes to go on we go instead of author tomato. Who would you have substitute? Or do you think that was the right decision and then how can validate the name to put Sergia Roberta as a right wing when he's lowest guy on the pitch and pitch, Malcolm, decent right-wing? How does he does that change? Second half in game was much benefit bosses and are they are they not wasting messes last couple of seasons. That's kind of a summation of the disgruntlement at outlets have had a lot of luck to impact, as it is. Let's start with Coutihno. Yeah. It has to be incredibly frustrating for Barcelona fans to see what continue has become as a player in Barcelona dribble dribble dribble dribble dribble dribble. Get close to messy, give him the bowl two yards away from him. Dribble dribble gerbil dribble loose ball. And then just walked back, dribble gerbil dribble dribble straight out about. That cannot be what you were looking for. And this was supposed to be a guy that was. He would be the one to relieve some pressure from leeann because continue in theory would be good enough to create space for himself attract attention, and therefore free of messy it has not happened. And the time for continuing he doesn't help himself with the body language either, and that is not a guy if you if you're sitting in row said over there somewhere and you're watching this guy play, and you are ready. They're not feeling all too comfortable about him. And then you see them LUSA the ball and he'd that he doesn't quite have the work ethic or the willingness to go on try to recover the ball that he just lost that would drive anybody absolutely insane. That sounds like a whole lot of triple. When it comes to Cuccia take take your pick. I'm it's been frustrated to see to see continue be that, that, that he has been. But in all honesty, messy. Everybody else as trouble been huge disappointment. There's no Louis highs is sitting on the bench. But I don't think that excuses boss from the finger. Gap is with us gap. Do all these questions you file into what you brought up in the show questions about velvety and his tactics? I mean, there's the Jimmy questions about his t's. Right. Because he could say, well, if I played them Ben Juarez than we don't have the problem routine doesn't play, then we win. And then nobody's going me. But the reality is the reason you, are you have one of the biggest jobs in coaching is that you can come up with other solutions. You can come up with other ways. Hindsight is always twenty twenty obviously, somebody like Malcolm would have made things happen sooner. At least he is a genuine winger. I think there's probably painful decisions that you could have made earlier with some veteran players. You know, I know rackets concern it on. But when rackets easing condition, and it wasn't necessarily the problem tonight, then there's no reason sticking with him just because he's rocketed. We saw data creativity when they moved to what looked like sort of this variation of back three when they were when they were changing chasing the game. You know, the question is, why don't we see that more? Well, why doesn't that become a way of playing in certain situations when you options are limited these questions visited has an answered? And let's not forget he's not here because he's on Mark to he's here because supposedly he is the brilliant tactician, who does different systems and can motivate players. And you know and then can adjust. But there's no adjustments parts of loan. It really is bride. Massey's coattails as long as we can more of a wide angled lens tight question on that subject coming from I Julia attention to this name Stevie Stevie Nichols shepherd's pie. The first question white angle lens from the pie which Spanish giant allowed they scored to pay more bossa Madrid, which we'll have the big overhaul this summer. Take your pick. I think the obvious answer is that my? Who loss, if people don't know this they should know this by now eighteen times in eighteen times kind of gives you an idea how how far they dropped. Did win the league. So it's difficult to make a case that their squad has decayed further than I think we on my house. A bigger. Rebuild job than brussel on those gab one specifically for you from Nick. How'd you think salary bowl will possibly work out and you've intas and can it lead them to Champions League glory? Sorry, rumors won't go away. I don't think anything will have anything concrete, obviously, until after the euro per league final, and a lot of a lot of Domino's have to fall for this to happen. It would be tremendous tremendously. Courageous choice from event is given the recent history given Saudis, recent history, I would be really interesting, and then people already speculating about what's going to happen, where do you play because China Renaldo in saris, four three because pretty obvious they need system. You're the winger are asked to do a lot of coordinated movements. A lot of very specific jobs. You don't wanna do that, this one, we see Ciano operate purely as a centre forward. For example, you need dynamic midfielders to make it work as well as a deep lying quarterback type. Maybe that guy can be commute Ganic possibly. But then you have a dynamism in, you know. Players maturity, like marine Sean to do that. Or they different types of players to me, this Yugoslav wall all Tate better than a lot of the teams out there really doesn't. Doesn't seem suited at all to, to disarm ball for lack of a better return. And all I can think is that if they bring him in this is going to be transitioned season. And it's gonna be a longer term rebuilding projects. One thing is for certain. Your genius gonna play. Hundred percent join and figure out how renowned oh, say Daniel. Genial gene, you play, and according to the two ridden going to be pet on salary is joint event. Oh, schatz. Wow. That's what I read, sources, what I read from Mattel, Uber nineteen. Oh, I saw that. Finally, drove the Guna for alley. Where were you yesterday to say what you normally say when the news about Lukac? I was watching my my son play. What can I tell you? I got priorities. Thoughts on alleys delivering Koku line, Bill these sons if general. If Lukac your does end up into good for him. The. Right now. We don't know who the next inter manager is people are taking for granted that it's going to be on your phone. I don't think we're there yet where we can say that. So if it's a guy who wants Kaku can work. Give them that kind of that kind of service, Schori. It's a chance to, to relaunch his career. I'm not sure inter a lot to depend on the price. But Kaku doesn't come cheap. He has an enormous salary at adventus United. We'd obviously signal the end of, of mile ricotta D when a lot of people might be fine with that. But then you gotta make sure that you can sell them. Well, and get some money back. So I don't know this Lukaku thing seems to be like a lot of talk. A lot of behind the scenes stuff from the man who, despite being suspended right now, still, the great puppet master, one of the great puppet puppet masters. He's the same guy who's moving matai delivered around. He's moving Lukaku around he moved Paul, Paul around if he could. That, man, of course, is mean Araya. Mean araya? Yes. Me. No. We, we love him. Don't we he is? Well, I don't know. Someone does. Florida have suspended, well because you move pieces very well and people don't even know where you are. A head of you got things going on in different places like more like a LEGO match. I said, what's Britta's every does move to into shouli alley? I would expect nothing less volunteering you just. Nothing that I have to hang out with my. That's the case for you. Have to get to now. I'm out I've read I I'll have a thousand times over my wouldn't it. We will be concentrating tally matches tomorrow as the champions of the expense Osorio, Gavaud return, and the, the Italian boys. Stevie? We'll be easy. Yeah. So you that.

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