#1455 - SPECIAL Q&A: Caller from Finland Requests Help with Global Present Delivery


You decided to upgrade your outdoor deck. So you order the essentials. A power washer a set of patio chairs and shiny new grill. And you used your bank of america. Cash rewards credit card choosing to earn three percent cashback on online shopping or up to five point two five percent as a preferred rewards member which you put towards the cost of your most essential deck addition a bird feeder apply for yours at bank of america dot com slash more rewarding copyright two thousand twenty bank of america corporation so i received an kind of an unusual message on hustle hotline. The day got all kinds of calls about all kinds of stuff. You know people asking for advice about things people wanting to sell something people who have the wrong number such as the phone is just ringing off the hook and other days looking at it hoping that somebody will remember that i exist but to the point a listener. I guess he's a listener. I'm not sure someone from finland called in and had a question about his longstanding seasonal side-hustle. He's very busy one month of the year. I wasn't sure if he wanted to remain anonymous or not but he's got a problem to solve. So i thought i'd just you know present you with this lightly edited version and we'll see what we can do for him so i want to say thanks to our sponsor got from them always appreciate them allowing us to bring all this content to you our listeners completely free and then here's a special episode caller from finland requests. Help with global present delivery. What you see what this is all about so do stay tuned. You finally decided to learn how to ice skate. So order the essentials. Every ice skater needs a pair of blades. A new helmet hand. Good set of kneepads and your used. Your bank of america cash rewards credit card choosing to earn three percent cashback on online shopping rewards that you put towards the cost of an essential piece of post skating recovery heating pad visit bank of america dot com slash more rewarding to apply now copyright two thousand twenty bank of america corporation. Hi chris my name is chris. boswell. I'm calling from my warehouse in the northern part of finland for the past several hundred years. I've been going around the world of redistribute delivered gifts to children but this year has presented some serious challenges. Unfortunately kids just aren't excited about getting hand sanitizer for their stockings and the adults aren't comfortable with having strange men in their homes. Especially since i tend to spend a lot of time with a lot of people who not only that but logistics tough too. Many parts of the world have mandatory quarantine periods. Which makes it difficult to get to every house in what evening new zealand won't let me in at all. I think i need a new side hustle for at least a better distribution blad. Chris which should i do. But how can we save christmas. Well of of all the challenges faced you know. This is a tough one. I i get callers. You know basketball kinds of things but But chris thank you for your call. So let's see what's possible here. I agree kids really. Don't want hand sanitizer bottles or clorox wipes in their stockings. Could've given that to them. In march or april they could have turned around and resold them right. So that could have been very valuable. But we're late for that. I'm also not sure everybody wants to have a zoom call with the north pole. Virtual christmas morning just seems a little depressing Of course many of us will be making some zoom calls today. So here's what it comes down to. I think you know we are all embracing change this year right so even iconic figures from finland perhaps have to acknowledge that some things are outside our control. You know maybe the best way to save. Christmas is for all of us to show up however we can for those. We love As well as those who might be less fortunate okay. So that's what. I'm trying to do trying to show it for people. I love as was help out. However i can s for new zealand man. I guess they'll just have to wait for christmas since they won't let anyone in. But maybe that's okay because it's summertime there so you know it's always confusing anyway so twenty twenty one. We're going to fix all kinds of things you know from christmas to like you know seasonal differences between hemispheres. And whatever else is going on in your life but for now. Let's let's just all do what we can to save christmas together. Those we love as well as anybody else out there who might be less fortunate. Thank you to our caller from finland and thank you listeners. I am so grateful for you up. You have a wonderful day. Wonderful rest of the holiday season. My name is christie although not the one from finland but the one who produces this podcast side at school From the onward project.

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