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Hour 1: Hall Pass Denied


What's going on? I take Sam listening to the podcast. Check us out live and Atlanta for Super Bowl week where at the Atlanta convention center, special guests giveaways catches January thirtieth thirty first and February first doors open at eight thirty am local time, it is all free. Lots of head today. Marian Rivera leads the whole fame class while Barry Bonds, and Roger Clemens get denied less a-rod. If he and other players linked to steroids will ever get in the hall, plus build running back with John McCoy's and studio whole addresses domestic violence allegations and his NFL future and can the Rams defensive line shutdown Tom Brady and the Super Bowl. Let's get started. Tom day. Let's go not everybody. I still have not not as good as the Campbell's commercials, Stephen Smith, Mexico Herman. I'm Molly Carrim welcome into. I take. Thank you for hanging with us, fellows, how we feel in on this Wednesday. All right. Let's do it ABC always be closing the greatest closer of all time. Maryono Rivera became the first player ever to be unanimously elected to the hall of fame. The late ROY holiday at grimmer tina's and Mike Mussina Olso revoted in huge congrats to everybody -ducted much deserved. This though to players who didn't get in Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens who both received fifty nine percent. Sixteen percent short of the seventy five needed for induction Steve Knight. Starring with you here should Roger Clemens at Barry Bonds, be voted into the hall of fame. Roger Clements should not Barry Bonds, should and I don't take this position. Max do statistics Thisiis statistically speaking in terms of their level of production on the field. There is no question in my mind that both a hall of things I think that Roger Clemens is. You know is is shaky and Tom's in know because obviously the drug use it or what have you that? We allude to PD's we get all of that. I think that he's not is sure fire as Barry Bonds. But I think when you talk about seven Cy Young awards, it's undeniable, and plus he's a champion. So we gotta give credit what credit is doing. That regard. To mean. It's comes out to this situation. Just personal has nothing to do with. What what what? Anybody else wants to bring up about baseball. I think about dairy bombs, and I think about how Mark Maguire was so celebrated and the whole whole run chase and the game of shadows. And and how Mark than Rwanda and and Williams and those boys alluded to an excerpts the Sports Illustrated. If I remember correctly how? Bob was essentially jealous because he was in route to all of fame until he saw these guys getting the alkaloids that they receive and said, oh, so it doesn't matter. You know, that I'm a thirty for thirty guy doesn't matter that I still basis that you know, that I hit percentage wise that I sit up there and I hit home runs. I hit doubles I hit singles. I it doesn't matter that I'm a gold glove at none of that matters. Because I'm smacking roads. So he started doing supposedly purportedly he started doing what ultimately he was doing with the cream and the clear and all of that stuff. All right to me that is entirely different than a guy like Roger Clements who was into retirement, nobody was bothering you. You would ever they were. They were preoccupied with other stuff, and you and your idiotic self sat up there and dared dead these people to subpoena. You dare these people to bring you the Capitol Hill, Dan, these people that want to have some kind of investigation to find out whether or not you were. BDU's? I think Roger Clements should be banned from the hall of fame for shifts bidding that has been my position for years. I have held onto the years, and I will never change in that regard. Because unlike others nobody was bothering Roger Clements he brought that on himself. And that is my position with him with with Barry Bonds, obviously, I feel differently before I get into them. I just want to say about Mariana Rivera. Congratulations E R A plus adjusted ERA just for ballpark in Arizona to kind of level it to your as a consistent stat of all pitchers in the history of baseball with over one thousand innings pitched he has the lowest meaning inning fronting is the best of all time. Right. Was it like point seven it? No. It was it's in the low twos. Postseason ERA over one hundred forty innings pitched is one third that's point seven. That's just regular. So the best ever inning fronting in the history of baseball. When you needed him most got three times better. Even though he was only pitching an inning or two at a time. There's a very good argument. He's the greatest. Pitcher who ever lived, congratulations. Tomorrow. Honor Rivera the first unanimously selected hall of Famer and his well deserved. I'm so glad it's him now, bonds and McGuire. I know you have a certain point to make about that. So let me just say this, Molly, Stephen a lot of people seem to struggle with this topic of bonds in McGuire. And it's it's sorry bonds and Clemens gonna get them of wiring Sosa in the second bonds and Clements a lot of people struggle with this issue. And I this is so clear cut to me. It's so obvious that I think the only way to handle this is to make me in charge. I will make all the decisions about this. Because apparently everyone else in the world that's a hard time. This is so simple. It is totally obvious. When these guys started juicing, oh, you can't say started using its allegedly report. Let me physical evidence. In other words, the guy puts on thirty pounds of lean muscle mass in too short, a time his forehead expands and then his home run to at bat ratio. Doubles at an age where everyone else in history has declined physical evidence is much more compelling than. Direct evidence sometimes over seat from belco. You can forge a receipt from Vacco. You can't forge thirty pounds of lean muscle mass and doubling your home run rate. Okay. We know exactly. When these guys started using Clements was in the Klein was still -ffective pitcher. But no longer the dominant great pitcher of the American League after he'd won three Cy youngs. When he signed a deal in Toronto. And then one back toback pitching triple crowns wins ERA and strikeouts. He was the dominant pitcher in the American League in maybe better than he'd ever been in Toronto. All of a sudden his fastball. The everything's back for Roger Clements. How did that happen duck? Right. Barry bonds. You're right. Stephen, Brian Kenny, and I who now does MLB network have Brian Kenny can Friday night fights on ESPN two. And during commercial breaks at time too. Big baseball fans, we think geeking out we like damn isn't it a shame that bonds missed the steroids era. Look at what these other guys are doing. He's still is good as there. But he's not hitting the home runs bonds, and as usual. He got hurt. And then coming back from injury. You start to see him put up on base percentages guys. Not in the high source because he was one of the greatest in the fives. He wants had an on base percentage. Once he started using over sixty percent of the six hundred slugging over eight hundred hit. Okay. So how does this all out up to whether or not they belong in the hall of fame? It's very clear since you know, exactly when they started juicing you'd have to you have to be a fool not to see it were they hall of famers when they started juicing. Yes. Or no with bonds. It is clear. He was a first ballot. No doubt one of the three or four greatest left fielders in history hall of Famer, Ted Williams. Stan Musial Rickey Henderson Barry Bonds. He's in. It's a joke. Not the put them in. Once he started juicing. He became the greatest hitter who ever lived better even than Babe Ruth. He didn't need that to be in the hall of fame. Roger Clemens was a borderline hall of Famer once he got to Toronto. So that's your judgment, call take what he did until Toronto and say is that hall of Famer I would actually say, yes. In the way, ROY Ray ROY halladay as a hall of Famer he won three side. He was always up there and Cy Young voting. It wasn't a very long career at that point. But it was dominant borderline on Clements. I would lean toward yes. On him based on what he'd already accomplished guys, this ain't that hord. Well, well, listen, it's never been hard for me. But my position is very very clearly has she in Boston. Roger Clemens was ten to thirteen RA live around three six, but he let me to strike out very next year in Toronto twenty one and seven ERA of to you just sit there looking at it when this happened. So obviously the timetable that your point now absolutely accurate right on point. Because that's what we were looking at Roger Clemens is saying what the hell is going on. We have never looked at Barry Bonds at any point in his career and questioned whether or not he was a future hall of fame. Never we've never looked at it from day one. We watched this brother perform, and we knew eat I'm talking about before. Like, you said the terms of the time, you know, Tom. I wanna hold of famous does. A time when it came to him as a home run hitter, which obviously has taken about PD's, but clearly was no issue with him as a hall of fame talent. So I'll look at it from that. But in the end, I'm also looking at a guy that ever that they will in what other people doing, etc. Etc. And they didn't sit there. And excel this by us, and I'm also looking at the fact that again, this guy is running from it and you harassing him Roger Clements, literally defiant. Everybody went up on Capitol Hill with elected officials, embarrassing us as Americans doing everything they can get a photo op within for crying. He's on Capitol Hill going office to offer that and they were sitting there pursuant him. Now, I want to take pictures with. I wanted to do when they went out to quite wanted to get into this before we get out. So I said I was gonna talk about McGwire and Sosa people who would say and Dan Shaughnessy who does who worked with on around the horn love, Dan. But he and he said, basically, if you've cheated you're disqualified, I really disagree with that lots of players have cheated throughout the history of baseball corking. Pat's throwing spitballs and they're in the hall of fame. Right. It's not just about whether you not you cheated made the wrong ethical choice. Many people have it's what's the efficacy of the cheating. How effective was it? Did it turn you fundamentally into something you weren't McGuire and soci- you could see exactly when it started? It turn them into things. They could have never otherwise been the answer is no on them. And they weren't hall of famers. When it started battery bonds got turned into something fundamentally he wasn't the greatest hitter by far of all time, even better than Ruth or anyone else. But he was already clearly a hall of Famer for everyone on us questions. Well, it just because it's not just hire cheating. It's what did the do? We got a commercial break in Alex Rodriguez. A rod will be here later. We'll get into this with him. Ask him a lot of questions. It'll be interesting conversation both Clements and bonds have three years left of eligibility on their hall of fame. Ballot. With your sports center right now, I'm Trevor skills as much as folks wanna talk about change in overtime rules after the chiefs lost in the AFC championship. Casey looked at one area that they could control to make a change that defense two days after the championship game. The AFC runner-up fired the defensive coordinator, Bob Sutton after six seasons in that role. Now Sutton side of the ball gave up five hundred twenty four yards in Sunday's including a pair of go ahead. Touchdown for the pats with under four minutes left and regulations. But this move was made up of much more than just a one game sample under sun. The chiefs defense ranked near the bottom in most the typical categories last two seasons on top of that they ranked twenty fifth in defensively in two thousand eighteen as far as where Kansas City's looking. That's well, he's a colleague about Rex Ryan is on the watch this. According to our Adam Schefter, the former bills and jets had has had six seasons where his defense ranked top five and yards allowed. During his entire NFL team tobacco over the first take to discuss. Trevor thank you kindly. All right. Here's the deal. Folks, Rex Ryan currently a member of our team here DSP and attention to the GPS as a defensive coordinator, according to our Adam Schefter Damien Woody in the house sweater. I'm Steven A. What would Rex do they focus? It looks good focused. I like, okay. Well, wreck stick one. You did. Again, you want. He wants. You looking on bass everyone settled down. I do feel like a teacher with my glasses. What would wreck sue for Casey the he'd make them the favorites to come out of the AFC next year is just that simple. To me. Rex Ryan is a defensive coordinator in Baltimore never ranked less than six defensively. Two years. He was topped one year. He was five another year. He was six Baltimore as a defensive coordinator as the head coach for the New York Jets in the six years that he was there. I mean at least four times he was ranked in the top in the top eight three times in the top. Bob demand knows thing too. About defense we've seen and be Bill Bill to check in a playoff game in New England on a road is head coach of the New York Jets because of how he coaches defense we've seen the jets. Contribute. A lot of things. Do a lot of things positively on the defensive side of the ball in his tenure the problem with Rex Ryan. And the jets was him as a head coach because offense he appeared to be challenged. But as a defensive mind, he's considered nothing short of brilliant throughout NFL circles. And when you consider what we've seen from Kansas City this year knowing what a damn good coach. Andy Reid is how high power that off. That's the fact that Eric b enemy ain't gonna get a head coaching job. I'm so surprised with that. Okay. The fact that he's going to still be there next year in all probability that Andy Reid is going to be there there. Patrick, Mahomes is going to be there that tyreek hill is going to be the Travis Kelsey is going to be there on the authentic side of the ball. You expect the Kansas City Chiefs to be just as potent as they were this year. The question is what do you do? What do they look like if they have any kind of defense and the answer would be they would probably be the favorites. And that's the way I'm looking at it. And that's why I would I would bring Rex Ron on board. In a heartbeat. I think there's a good chance. Rex Ryan improves the defense. I'm not positive though has he kept up with the new NFL. You know, you have to be able to coach against these new offenses and the kind of big twelve concepts that are all over the league. And Rex Ryan was an excellent defensive coordinator. He was not an excellent head coach. That's the way it goes sometimes, but he's not being asked to be a head coach in this case. He's asked to be to do the thing that he has done. Well in the past the thing that got him a hit. Right. Although this is not like two or three years ago. We're going back already some ways last time. He was a D coordinator. The fact is the case defense, Lou underrated. They had at least a typically speaking the best pass rusher in the league. People know that they could get to the quarterback. They couldn't stop the run to save their lives. But you know, what they had one of the hardest ofensive schedules of any team in the NFL. But when you look at the other playoff teams understand they all had like, the easiest, offense or schedules. Meaning the how how efficient the offenses word that they played against the chiefs were like seventh or eighth or fifth or sixth hardest in the NFL. So stopping the run against teams who are going to do those things well as a little harder than you know, when you have an easier schedule nevertheless by playoff time, they seem to do that. Well, again, now, I think a lot of what we saw the problem against the patriots is they didn't blitz. Tom Brady on a lot of teams haven't blitz. Tom brady. It's a big mistake because they're so afraid of what he's done in the past picking you apart. But this year he was like dead last against the blitz. That was a mistake. So but overall the chiefs defense, I think Stephen A, you are underrating them. And I do think there's a good chance. Rex Ryan could make them better than they were. I'm not one hundred percent sure yet his to show that he can still do it in this NFL. But based on his track record, you'd have to think it's an upgrade. Rex Ryan is a defensive survive that make no question about it. This man knows defense and the added experience of coaching in the AFC against Bill Belichick led team at CNN twice a year. I think hit his him even more appeal for the Kansas City Chiefs. I think the to me the biggest question the with the candidate. If you make a move like this p you handle the personality that regimen that restaurant is going to bring do you want all of that? But as far as far as bringing Rex Ryan in as a coach to me, it's a it's a no brainer. You're talking about Kansas City Chiefs team that was literally one drive in overtime away from being in the Super Bowl defense. That was quite honestly, they would almost historically bad. I mean, this was a lopsided the one. This was a one-sided team head. Early on the side of the football. Rex Ryan would come in with a team that personnel is exactly the type of personnel that he's used to coaching which is what which is a three four. That's Bob side in the form of defense coordinator coast under Rex Ryan with the New York Jets. So it wouldn't be much of a transition. As far as personnel is concerned. Rex Ron would bring bring the scheme in that. Those guys hit the ground running a couple of things that need to be said number one. I don't want to hand anything about Rex Ryan's personality. Because that's as a head coach is a defensive coordinator. Nobody ever said a word about his personality Nobu. Here's. No. Here's what I'm saying. Sometimes sometimes, hey coaches, don't like big personalities as a Sistan coaches. That's the point. I was got you. Okay. That's fair. I guess what? I'm saying is if you're Andy Reid, desperate towns. Call for desperate measures you held onto Bob site. And they have no doubt that don't want to chip play the role in Andy Regan Ridha, Bob Sutton, because there was a lot of heat on on read last year after last season to get rid of Sutton, and he held onto him. Secondly, when you look at the defense, I don't wanna hit it. I'm under rating them hell, no twenty-seventh against a run thirty first against the past thirty first in yards allowed to offer. I said it before because stop a cold. Now, they showed up and did something against Indianapolis. And then they couldn't make any stops. When they really really counted. To get the New England Patriots. I'm saying to you obviously Rex Ryan arrives that would put incredible and tremendous heat on Andy Reid. But I'm only saying that because I'm assuming that the defense would be so significantly upgraded that now there is no excuse me. Because clearly this year you can look at. At the defense as the achilles heel for the. You're going to be on your your grossly underrating the chiefs defense. I've talked about it all year. They couldn't stop the run to save their lives. However, not only did they stop Indianapolis dead in their tracks in the playoffs. They actually they actually got to the Super Bowl with their third. Interception of Tom Brady before it was negated by a neutral zone infraction of pre snap penalty. So even there you're sleeping on them. A little bit Matthew. Here's what I'm going to say. This is no slight against Bob sudden. But by not in the same area code is Rex I understand. Rex Ryan is is one of the premier defense. What makes you think? He's still could do it gives you the way the NFL has changed since two thousand. Okay. What you mean? Because def- because coaches never truly leave the game. Even though he's sitting on our said, they are still heavily involved watching tendencies talking other coaches rod guarantee Rex Ryan is still up on all the tendencies that's going on again team. Clinches call Rex Ron ask him about by the way, here's a fencer. As we always bring up, buddy. Ryan when the bears won the Super Bowl and eighty five he was carried off the field too. You know, like that's how import every Monday we got right here in the green room Chapman up with the guys. He's breaking it all down. He's watching all that much. Denver lows Vic Fangio last year that drew defensive coordinator that was two thousand eight his team allowed the third fewest points and force the most turnovers pretty darn good Damian back with us a little bit. Wasn't a right now. I'm Trevor scales. Even that nineteen twenty eight the grizzlies ain't exactly taking with their current roster construction so Memphis breasts decided to open up trade talks with their franchise cornerstones. Adrian Watson and housing is telling us that for the first time Arkansas and Mike Conley are available via trade between now and the February seventh deadline, but that could extend into the off season was also saying that the organization is keeping you the buck with all the parties involved. Organization, you know, has talked to Conley and Gosol about this. And they wanted it, you know, out in the open. They wanted the players to know. And they wanted the rest of the league to know that they are willing to listen now to offers on both players leading into February seven trade deadline, and this is organization that is getting ready to rebuild around their excellent rookie forward. Jaren Jackson junior combined. Conley and are owed over ninety two million dollars over the next few seasons. Some of that money includes good twenty five point six million dollar player option for next season. But based on how he's playing this year might be holding onto that back over the first thing. But the trades big in people the grids will listen to offers for both Mike Conley junior and Marcus all that according to our Adrian woods neuro ski Stephen Lakers. They could use some help. Right. Should they pursue Conley or Saul calmly? Yes, gazelle. No. I don't think that would develop McGee with this kid soo-bok soup. How like a lot of a long with Tyson Chandler. I don't think you need a good soul. Obviously, he's more skilled he's better. But in the same time, he's he's gaining. He's getting up there in age. And I look at Consol who's thirty four years of age not the most let a guy in the world he can shoot shots from the perimeter. He skilled please don't get me wrong. But I just think that's where the biggest need lot. There's biggest need lives. You look at point guard comic looking at Mike. Conley. He's not a star. He's not a superstar. But he's a really damn good player. He's consistent. He's professional. He could hit for women shots. He's if we only play twelve games last year. He hasn't missed a game. Really the. Really this year. He's been playing every game Vitiaz averaging twenty six. He's shooting about forty two percent from the he's improved three point field go percentage shooting as well this season compared to last season a few games that he played, but he's a model of consistency. He's reliable. He knows how to run a show he can defend he's tough. He doesn't shrink beneath the pressure. And I know you can look at some of the guys at the Lakers have and say, why do you need them? I'm proposing get rid of those guys to bring in my colleague because it doesn't compromise what you wanna do in free agency. So if you can have him along with LeBron you keep coups and a heart, for example, and you can still go out there and free agency. I would say you should target calmly. If you to Los Angeles, Lakers, but Nakazawa? I'm a big Mike Conley and Markelle all fan. I think they're the kind of players that you can win championships with how ever under certain circumstances. If here's the issue. Here's who should pursue my com. They I'm going to say no to the Lakers on both noted assault because the league has changed to the point where if you can't defend out in space, and you're a twenty five million dollar player at the five that's difficult and not Conley. Because I believe in Magic Johnson and the Lakers and LeBron being able to attract other high priced talent to LA who was Mike. Conley. Totally excellent. Right. But if he's going to take off twenty five percent of your cap space. He can only do so under certain circumstances. For example, you have an ascendant team with great young talent. It's already kind of like a super team you want to keep them on the roster because you can grandfather and his contract is not like you're taking him on. And now, he's stopping you from signing other free agents, you already have the team you want you just need to pay him. Then you can pay my Conley. If you are a small market team that or an undesirable market for many free agents who said, okay, we got this guy or this is under contract for another year after this year. We're after next year. Let's get them because we can have this good piece in place. You can make a deal for Mike. Conley. Under those circumstances. Yes. But if you're the Lakers, you have all this cap space, and you're hoping to get to at least one, but maybe two top flight free agents that maybe you don't wanna pay Conley. Because that stops you from getting something else. I'll tell you who should go f-. He's at thirty two point five million four million over the next two. That's a third of your capsized, basically. So I'll tell you who should go after my calmly in my opinion. I'll give you one team from the east one team from the west team like Portland in the west why Portland is he an upgrade over Lillard. No. Although he's far better defender. But Stephen has brought up what kind of tradable assets Portland have to get out of this second round purgatory type team that they are. Well, if you could replace Lillard with Conley. And now, you could free up Willard as a trade -able asset. Now, all of a sudden Portland can take a jump because they'd have calmly McCollum. And then they could get someone else for Lillard who would or a lot of value for Lillard a team like that in the east team like Milwaukee if you could turn the job that Bledsoe does if Conley could do that job. Oh, and also he can't go anywhere next year o- or the year after all the sudden, it's like, whoa. You gotta watch out for Milwaukee teams that are on the brink. Who would otherwise have a hard time getting free agents trade for Mike Conley? Otherwise, I don't think that's LA. I don't think LA's right on the brink of a championship as currently as currently constituted. And I also think that Magic Johnson will be able to get a player even better than my calmly and free a couple of things number one. I don't disagree about Milwaukee. I like suggestion. No, no question about it. Because I like Conley with the Greek freak and Middleton and those boys that they have in Milwaukee, particularly being coached by a guy like booting oser who could utilize effectively. So there's no denying that. What I would say, however. Is that when I'm thinking about trade, if you talk to me about getting collie at those numbers, for example, let's use a free agent. He was looking for X amount of dollars. And you were talking about it along those lines. I would definitely dismiss that. I would want that. But if you're talking about trading somebody that means you have to you ridge itself of certain assets to a quiet return. So I'm not looking at the cap affect from that perspective understand where you're coming from. But I'm not looking at, but you have to Stephen because those contracts are getting rid of or like expect it contagious call Whipple. That's expiring. You know, what I'm gonna be on your book? I do understand that. But what I'm saying to you is that ultimately, you're going to have to get players, and you're going to have to spend that money anyway, whether it's on a multitude of assets or the exact trade that you do all I'm trying to say is that when I'm looking at a championship squad as being formulated. He you know, what they might not be the ones that the liver. You a championship evidence about what lack of success they've had a Memphis, even though they've been a couple of conference titles. What I'm saying is they don't cost you a conference championship. I think commonly helps you alone that line. Now, we get to Magic Johnson. And what he's going to do in free agency that happens to be my biggest worry, whether it's whether it's Kevin Durant. Whether it's clay Tom de had what it is. Whether it's Kemba Walker is plausible that Magic Johnson. And rob Pelinka of all people can end up empty hand. If that's the case, then I'm wondering on that make sense, I'll give you one more team. And this is more kind of out there because Kyle Larry's played very well on offense. I wouldn't I don't know if there'd be enough time to get. It together. If you could just press though, change Kyle Lowry into Mike Conley and keep the kind of integrity of the team together going forward. I think Toronto could win at all this year.

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