BONUS: Too Much To Say with Kalie Shorr: Random Tweets of Kindess


Hey guys and this is too much to say do you. This past week has been so busy. And i'm really have just forgotten how to be busy. Which is interesting because you know. I just took like seven eight months to just sit around my house. And now i'm gearing up for a new album release and releasing a single this friday that i'm really really excited about but i was like so tired and i used to have days like that twenty four seven and that was just my work week and now i'm like have to get out of bed before at ten. Am and i'm like. Oh my god. My life is so hard. So i'm hoping you guys can really feeling like what it's like coming back to work and whatnot I also do this really cool. Livestream for c. Which is a festival. I've always wanted to play over in the uk. Unfortunately i had to play it from the states. But it's okay. It's all right. I was supposed to go on my first ever. Uk tour and actually my first time ever out of north america back in april with song. Suffer jets it was going to be so fun. We'd already like sold out our first night. And i was just ecstatic. I was going to go with my best friend candy carpenter and we had this trip planned to paris after it was like unreal dream. Life kind of stuff did not happen. But i think it will. They're working on reschedules. It's just hard because we don't know when we can reschedule for. I've already had. My reschedule. shows get rescheduled which obviously is not supposed to open for reo. Speedwagon until lead this past weekend. Which would have been really really fun. And a little random. But i i love. Reo speedwagon also my roommates per day. And i worked really really hard making her this cake. And it's just aggressively meticulous. And i take things like that very very seriously. And i've decorated several cakes over the past few years for people. I don't know when i got into it. I'm sure i just went down a pinterest rabbit hole and couldn't come back out but for my twenty fifth birthday party. Last year i had sex in the city themed party and it was really fun. Like basically pre made a giant carafe to call it a giant vessel that holds liquid of cosmos and how these little plastic martini glasses and it was just ridiculous. I dressed up like rajai. Everybody dressed up as their favorite characters. And i made this cake and it was like hot. Pink and black because those are like the signature colors of sex in the city. And i cut out the new york skyline in fondant and like stuck at around the side of the cake and it was so. But i am the kind of person who wants to make their birthday cake. Birthdays or weird for me. Like i want it to be very particular and i have a lot of fun doing that for myself. So when people try to step in and they're like oh. God i can take care of this. I'm like yes but like this is my present to myself is getting to be really intense about this stuff. Like i'm a big fan of the gift bag. So i always like if people gifts on my birthday i don't know i'm sure the love languages test would have something to say about that but it was a really good birthday. This year was pretty fun as well. I had a party in my backyard and My boyfriend made these masks. That said keighley's covert conscious birthday party and it was so cute and he put my astrological sign on it. And i was like okay. Maybe sometimes we can. We can let other people do small things for my birthday but actually plan most of it so that was very very fun. So i'm trying to find a groove with segments for the show like i wanna do some things where we come back to them every week and there's like you know this thing from this week and whatnot and i'm trying to find my groove so we're basically throw a bunch of spaghetti at the wall this episode and see what sticks. Let me know which ones you guys like. Let me know which ones you guys hate But this segment is going to be the funniest tweet of the week. I literally cracked up. When i read this okay. This one comes from amanda mccarthy and she's actually a country songwriter. she's from new england as well and i've actually known her for a while but she said whenever life sucks. I need to remember that. It could always be worse. I could be kaley shores x. Not only having half an album released about me but then released and then if that wasn't enough podcast as the cherry on top poor guy not really sucks to suck so. That was pretty funny. Yeah i mean. I kind of i kind of feel a little bad sometimes. But it's also like if you're going to date a songwriter. You need to know that this is on the table. And i think when he met me i was writing songs about my high school ex-boyfriend like it was definitely not a new personality trait. So if you didn't see this coming when he cheated on me with all my friends That's kind of you know. I don't know but my favorite twitter moment of the week was just the most heartwarming. Wholesome pure thing. I have seen in so long and it just brought me so much joy. This twitter user edmund o'leary at emerald nineteen ten tweeted a very vulnerable tweet. Let me read you. His twitter bio. I proud dad of twin sons strong interest in mental health issues. Trustee of epsom base mental health charity. Love me love my mind. I love aviation an olive. This man's tweets are like him tweeting about good experiences. He had an and hospital ity from like hotels restaurants. And you know it's like the reverse karen like he's just go only goes on twitter to lake complement people and put nice things out into the world. And i'm i think this might be just the sweetest man. And he tweeted something a few days ago and he said i'm not okay feeling rock-bottom please take a few seconds to say. Hello if you see this tweet. Thank you and three hundred thousand people said hello and some of the responses came from famous people. Like there's jake tapper who cnn correspondent and. He sent a picture of the kittens that he bought his mother after her cat of nineteen years passed away and he's on of video of one name blue plane which is so cute and then sophia bush from one tree hill. Said hello edmund. We don't know each other. But i know that so so many people are feeling heavy right now. The toll of this year is immense. Just remember that. It's a relay. We can all share the baton. You're not alone better. Days are coming and you deserve to see them sending love and so if you have. Bush has always been like a really big for mental health. So i thought that was really cool for her to reach out and she was one of the first people i feel like to say something and you know the editor in chief of huffpost posted the forty t mobile like people with millions of followers. And it was all people saying hey edmund. I know what you're going through. It gets better and then people responding to people like that being like wow. I really needed to read that. I hope it's okay. That i read that like it was for me and i mean it just was like so many people who like you know they were sending pictures of babies and and q. Dogs and i posted this red on my twitter account. So i would highly recommend going and checking it out. It'll just like fill your heart with so much warmth One of my personal favorites was sending eleven strength. This is from for a lump twitter handles hilarious and they have a very smelly pumpkin as their user photo but they said my sister who passed away sends me butterflies to let me know. She's still with me. This particular one showed up on my birthday and proceeded decline but my arm onto my face where it stayed for a long time while i cried just so sweet. I'm getting. I'm getting choked up. I'm a softy like my relationship with crying is kind of weird because like when something bad happens to me. And i need to cry. I literally can't but when i'm like looking at pictures of animals or like people being nice to each other. That's when i cry but i just want to send my love to edmund. He just seems like just we hurt and that one vulnerable moment that he had helped so many people and i think it made a lot of people feel less alone and i think that the beautiful thing about that was it was just people coming together and right now. Social media is so full of of anger and hatred. Some of the anger is is warranted. Some of it's just excessive and this had nothing to do with what country he was from or politics or anything and it was just like this. You know reminder that people can care about each other and they can care about strangers and it was just. It really really made my week so this week. I've been reading a book called. Maybe you should talk to someone a therapist therapist and our lives revealed and it's by lori gottlieb. I pronounced that correctly and it is so fascinating so the book is nonfiction. But it's written about her patience which is definitely like you need to tread carefully in the waters like i e. You're not supposed to talk about your patients at all. But she got written permission from several of our patients to share their stories in her novel. And it's so so good so she's going through a break up and some revelations of her own while she's still being a therapist for other people and so she makes the choice to go. See somebody and i think one of the funniest part so far just how she goes into therapy like. It's something you can get an a plus in and she has all these notes and she's like trying to prove to her therapist like well like i really know all my problems so I really just here. Just a precaution. And and she. And i really related to that. Even though i'm not a therapist but when i started therapy m there's like this weird thing that happens to some people myself included. Were you like of your therapists favorite client and be like the one who's like the most put together but like you're still bidding. You need help. And i think a lot of that comes down to using awareness as a crutch for me. I absolutely do that. Where like i say the negative thing about myself i. It hurts a lot less when somebody else doesn't and you know it's like oh yeah. I'm fully aware that i should be passed this break up. And then maybe. I'm holding onto too much resentment but I'm definitely cognizant of that and likes. Just say things like that and it's like okay but you're not doing anything about it so self-awareness really only works if you use it to change your behaviors and she really calls herself out on that in this book which i think is amazing but her therapist is like the exact opposite of her and he's like this older man named wendell and his approach to her is so funny like there's this one scene where he literally walks over and he liked kicks her and it's like well. You seem to like hurting yourself. It's a really really great book and she has a fascinating back story. She's to work on. The tv shows er and friends and then she realized that the film industry was slowly sucking the life out of her and then decide to med school and then after that realized that she had a really big passion for writing. 'cause she'd been writing a lotta articles while she was a med school about medicine. And it's just a fascinating story of somebody transforming. And i'm only about half way through but i'm very very into that book this week. Okay now i'm going to give something a negative review. But i watched this movie on net flicks the other night and it's called the devil all the time it has tom holland and robert pattinson in it and a bunch of really other actors so you would think like it would be good right. Good actors do good movies. No i cannot tell you. How much disliked this movie. And i'm just gonna. I'm gonna go full care on this movie right now because i just hated it so much. It's not branded as a horror movie. But i think that when you show a dismembered person and by dismembered. I mean like everything got dismembered using your imagination or don't on that one. Maybe it's a horror movie. I don't know it was. It started off with these two kids. Who just like had these terrible things happen to them. And that's a rough way to start off movie to begin with. Because i'm already just like my heart is hurting and then it just kept getting worse and kept getting worse and there was like no redeeming moments there only two characters that you didn't hate and they had terrible things happen to them anyway and it was just like all darkness and all evil and just there was nothing good about the movie. I mean i would argue that. Even some horror movies have happy endings. Like this was so weird. And i could not even finish it so yeah take this other. I'm giving a review to a movie that i didn't even finish but what i typically do with movies like that like there. Was that one on netflix. 'cause it was like called the platform or Something like that. It was like the one where like these prisoners all had to fight for food on pop form that grows up all the levels and i was like ooh that looks like an interesting storyline. I don't really want to watch all the lake. Gory stuff that happens. So i'm just going to go to wikipedia. And i'm gonna read the plotline so that's my typical approach door movies where i'm like interested but i don't want to spend an hour and a half of my life watching people get murdered so this movie as soon as i like there was just this one scene with one of the people you rooting for and i was just like no. I'm done i'm done. This is this is not worth anymore. Time so i just like when to bed and like read the rest of it on wikipedia and felt very confident about my decision to not finish the movie but i am going to have to say that may be my least favorite movie i've ever watched. Yeah honestly but this is coming from a girl who watched. Raise your voice. Hilary duff every single night. Before i went to bed the summer before eighth grade. So maybe you know. I'm not a film critic for the new york times but these were my opinions and you guys are here to listen to a i. Send out a tweet a few days ago. Asking some questions. Because as lacunas edmund on this episode. And i got some really really good ones. And i'm very excited about. Let's just dive right in so megs whose handle is at short good time which we love to see it. We love a good pun. We love a good pun about my name. That's very cute She said what book slash songs have changed my outlook on life. I would say two of the biggest books. I've read that really kind of felt like hitting a reset button for my soul. Which sounds dramatic. But i really do mean that. Are the alchemist by paul colo. And that book is so so cool. It's ver- it's written kind of like a parable like i don't know if any of you guys have read. Pilgrim's progress which is christian allegorical novel about the hero's journey and going through these trials and tribulations and the alchemist and it talks kind of about your journey to realising your dreams and what they refer to that as in the book is called your personal legend which is really cool. So it's talking all about this thing that we're given which is a passion which is our job to both find and pursue and there's a lot of people in the novel who give up kind of saddle into something else and they still have happy lives but they never feel that like deep deep deep fulfilment and it specifically talked a lot about how rape before you achieve your purpose and start to really find that deep fulfilment you're going to face challenges because god in the universe is going to be like well. How bad do you want it. Because what makes you different from all these other people. Why do you deserve this this fulfillment and it's just about putting in the work and perseverance and not giving up and it's written really beautifully. It's translated from another language so it's actually pretty easy to read. I mean i would say that. I probably could have read that when i was like twelve or thirteen and understood most of it but that book is amazing and then the other one that probably changed. My outlook was jitterbug perfume by tom. Robbins which is very whimsical book. That talks a lot about immortality and spirituality. But it's like really funny and the author goes off on these really long tangents about ridiculous things in the middle of the books that makes it really fun to read. Because you're you're reading about these heady concepts but who also have these random diatribes about ridiculous things and that book has aligned in my life with a lot of different things. It takes place in paris and seattle new orleans and via and so my family is from ancient bohemia like my dad's a german immigrant. And before that we go all the way. Back to the beginning of ancient bohemia and then i had to really cool experiences with you know soul-searching in finding myself in both seattle new orleans so the book is like just kind of been so relevant to my life and all of this was before even read it so vow. One is one of my favorites as well. it's a little bit longer Took me a minute to get through. But i would highly recommend that. Because that i read it during quarantine and it really Really brought some peace and love and light into my life as for songs that changed my perspective on life. I am a huge demographic and live like you were dying red ragtop. I mean they're also incredible but live like you were dying has such an important message and it just always stuck with me. I think i probably heard that. For the first time. When i was like seven or eight and as i got older understood it more and more but i love that song tim mcgraw cut some of the most incredible. Incredible songs in nashville. And i just adore him. I also really love the song in the rough by an-and alec. It's abou someone not loving you because you're flawed and not treating you the way you deserve to be treated and it's very hopeful song about finding someone who will love you like a diamond in the rough and i just adore that song. It's always the first to after a break-up when you're in the like questioning your words phase. Which is kind of necessary part of the break-up. But i have this playlist that i made for an outlet called the boot and it's called kelly. Shorts platelets august twentieth twenty eighteen. And if you search that on spotify all songs will come up. But they're all the songs. That are the reasons i write music and i'm sure i'm going to think of a million more songs that oh wait. I thought of one more cold day in july by the chicks off of their album. Fly that song. I heard it when i was seven years old and my grandfather just passed away in july. And i know the songs about a break-up but at that time in my life i really interpreted it to be about that. And that's what i think. The beauty of a song is is you. Take it what you need to. Even if it's not what the artist meant when they put on paper. And i just love that sentiment so that was another really lovely song that or the long answer. The rest will be shorter. But you're gonna ask me about books and songs. I'm going to go off on a rant. Okay be are infinity k. e. brook said. What's your craziest meet-and-greet experience. Who boy i mean. Obviously there's like the fun ones where you get like a crazy gift or like somebody's singing or like whatever. Those are fun. But i was playing a show at a casino. I didn't have as much security as i would have preferred and you wouldn't think security is necessary unless you're like taylor swift or somebody but like people get pretty weird and i changed the way i do meet and greets after this because of what happened but this man walks up to me and he is wearing a pinstripe suit and white sneakers which should have been a red flag to begin with because like that is a non non sequitur between your shoe choice and your alpha choice correct okay. You can't judge a book by its cover but like come on. How many of you guys have worn sneakers with a suit unless it was like you know in a in a brand carlisle cool and ryan and so he comes up to me and we're taking the picture and as we're taking the picture i swear to god. This man kisses me right on the mouth rate on the mountain and i was like so in shock and i think that the security guard or whoever is watching didn't really notice either and it really just was awful inside like we'll scrubbed my mouth out with my toothbrush after that but it was so weird after that my management and i set up a creeper cam as we call it which is a gopro that we keep on during the meeting line. So that if somebody does something like that we have a picture of them and we know that like they're not welcome in a meet and greet and a couple of weeks later. I believe this was. When i was touring with sara evans and rate lynn on this emt x. Country tour but after that a couple of weeks later there was two moments in the same meet-and-greet and i do not know what was in the water. Wherever i was but the creeps are out to play that night and one man went to take a picture. We went to take a picture and he put his arm around me and he like totally grabbed my boob and i was just like who and you just don't know what to do in those situations like you. Just freeze up. And that's what happens when it comes to sexual assault groping excetera. It's just like wait. People do that in like in the moment. You just don't believe it happened because it's like so out of left field and just crazy and very rude and then like literally twenty minutes later. This man like put his hand on my but when we're taking a picture and i scooted it up and he was like. Oh i'm sorry i thought that was okay and i'm like what low stranger i thought it would be. Okay if i grabbed her without asking permission like so weird so those are probably my craziest ingred experiences But the guy who kissed me on the frequent mouth probably takes the cake with that. What celebrity have i met. That has left me. The most starstruck was asked by at tiny ballerini and her. Her name is spooky. Sam happy spooky seeing everybody. Oh definitely definitely taylor swift. So i've met her a few times now. But the first time i met her i was sixteen and i was hurt Standing in the music video for her song mine off speak now. She shot at my hometown. When i booked the the the role i was also an extra. I didn't know what artists it was. Four but i had a feeling it was taylor swift and the whole drive up. I listened to fearless on repeat knowing that it was probably her. Even though no one had given me any information to confirm that and like why would dealers shoot a music video in maine. But i was like. I'm going to manifest. I'm gonna and when i got there. I went to this like holding room with a bunch of the other extras shooting like a house in cape elizabeth maine and someone goes. Oh yeah taylor is going to be in a second me taylor swift. And they're like yeah. And i was like oh cool like whatever so i like run to the bathroom and i'm like crying and i'm just like trying to get it all out so that i can only be normal and like oh. I don't know professional considering i was like working and i'm just trying to get it together and i'm like hyperventilating and so i like splash some water on my face and i was like okay. You got this walkout and taylor's right there and she's like oh my god you must be kaley and i was. It is a miracle. Did not pass our in that moment. So that was that one was pretty intense. I also met dolly parton that definitely I got to interview her. And i managed to form complete sentences which i'm very very proud of that. I also met william h as he aka frank from shameless He's played obviously so many different roles. But i got to like cheers him. We were linked drinking wine at this like fancy networking thing and talked to him for a second and that was very cool so okay brandy. H jones said. What are your favorite songs asking for a friend. Okay vibe i love my on. Repeat playlist on spotify okay. I'm like the biggest my chemical romance fan. And i've been manifesting them getting back together for the past like five years. And if you go to my twitter. I have been tweeting about wanting them to get back together for that long and when finally happened beginning of this year i lost my mind and obviously i will not see them on tour this year. But i'd like to think that they'll be able to stick it out and stay together until they can go back on tour. I love halina. But i think i'm not okay. I promise is probably my favorite. I have a pair of jeans that i wrote the lyrics on And that sounds like something. I would have done a middle school but no. It's something i did last year. I also really love swing. Swing by can rejects and cute without the by taking back sunday. Just a big fan. I think reliant k would count Be my escape. That was really cool. Because they're technically a christian man. So i was allowed to listen to them and didn't have to like hide them in another cd case. My family was strict. But look how i turned out. You never know someone said would like to know how you met. Sam and rediscovered trump. That comes from craig able three That's so sweet I met my boyfriend four times before i remembered him which is absolutely on me. We have a bunch of mutual friends. I think the first time we officially met with an a bar. So i don't i don't blame myself for not remembering because i'm sure there were things involved that make you forget things I think one of the moments that really stuck with me. When i actually remember meeting him was i was with candy carpenter and he came up to satis show and you know setting how much he liked our music news. Really nice about it and one of my closest friends will stone. Who wrote lullaby with me on my album. He produces dam. And so i went to see sam show he. We just kept running into each other and he jokes that this is like some pablo vian like reinforcement thing. But every time. I'd buy me a tequila shot. So he started to be like the guy who tequila shots. Whenever i team. I'd be like oh my god damn i'm gonna and all of this was like sub-conscious but maybe i don't know it worked. But i went and saw him play a show and he sang a cover of dear maria. Count me in by all time. Low with pedal steel on it. And i would like you. Won't that one and my roommate texas was like. Hey what are you doing. And i was like. Oh actively trying not to fall in love with san varga. Let's see how this goes. And then the next day. I was like did a terrible job at not falling in love his work so it was. It was love at first imo cover but definitely not love at first sight. Because i don't really remember the first time. But i would say like. We really became friends after we started writing songs together and then it all came out of that at its taylor. Underscore execs does said if you could do a duet with anyone dead or alive. Who would it be. And why would it be taylor swift. Okay that's very fair. I used to play these shows in a hotel Like a hotel bar. And i'd take requests all the time and people will be like okay cooling. I can play any dealers or something in there. Like what do you mean. I'm like i can like like literally play any taylor swift song including several unreleased ones that i somehow acquired the demos for when i was in high school. And i just love taylor swift. And i think probably knowing her entire catalog would be You know a good inkling as i would love to collaborate with her. But i also think somebody i would really really really like to do with is alanis morissette. I think she's just incredible. She's influenced by writing so much without jagged. Little pill open book would not exist. She's brought me so much comfort during the really tough times from breakup to the music industry. Right through you. As one of my go-to songs. When i'm starting to feel really shitty and letting it get to me and one of my biggest goals in addition to playing snl and winning a grammy are doing as the md crossroads of morissette. Okay at ck. Golding said what does it any graham number. You'd at least want to date. Okay so i am not trying to offend anybody. I just know myself and not. Everybody can be compatible with everybody. Okay that's just fair. This is no shade. And it's going to be a one verschoor i- ones are really hard. I would also say fives would be difficult as well because they're so introverted. And it's really important to me that the person i'm with is willing to be surrounded by several dozen random people at all times that's kind of But the funniest thing about that though is that seven's integrate to ones when they're unhealthy. The integrate defies when they are healthy. So maybe the reason. I don't wanna date those numbers. Because i notice things about myself in them So there's a lot to unpack there But that's the point of the grim. Also i've loved seeing what y'all's results have been seeing that you've been able to do some self reflection based on the new crime episode so that's really really cool anyway. This week's episode was very random. Thank you for bearing with me. I just wanted to try a bunch of different things. I think right now in the podcast or at the point where i'm just trying to see what works. What guys like and just be kind of adventurous with it. So if you like this episode let me know if you didn't like this episode also let me know and i'll never do it again So really exciting news. I have a song coming out on friday. It's called my voice and it is the first single off of my release of my album. Open book called open book unabridged. It's the most aggressive song i've ever released. It really calls out a lot of bullshit. And i'm really excited about it. I never thought this would see the light of day. And i am so excited so i can't wait to hear what you guys think that the song let me know anything of episode you can always tweet me at keighley shore k. l. e. s. h. o. r. And thanks for tuning into this. Too much. To say with. Short inquest do you.

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