The Browns are dead & the Ravens are deader


Welcome to episode thirty two of the snapback sports pot on this episode. We're talking Ravens get smacked by the rounds a full week for NFL RECAP and we're a quarter of the way through the season. We'll hand out some awards. Let's get it they feel rose wide open to the end zone Ricky Seals Jones with the touchdown turn for the in Cleveland up snapback FAM. I'm your host Jackson from snapback sports on snapchat with me as my fellow to and to co-host Abe able to go on you can call me too and to all you want but I'm GonNa way better spot than you are right now. Mr Browns are dead of victim number. One of I guess that's where you can call the Zombie Apocalypse Yeah so let's just address it head on the Ravens had beaten the dolphins in cardinals and we've lost two now the chiefs chiefs and the browns. My initial gut reaction was we're not very good. The defense is embarrassing. We Baltimore has been in their history only a defensive team. we got absolutely absolutely embarrassed today. Leading forty points the one bright spot Marlin Humphry really good corner. I saw the club him Marlon Marlon Humphrey really good a potentially convicted felon for attempted. He held Lovie J. cashless through three quarters he also he also held him by his neck. He obviously that clips tough to watch not knowing the whole situation lovie Jay did throw a punch earlier. Please go for a guy's neck if I got punched in the face that reasonable thing so you choke me out what would you want me to do. I don't know maybe throw a left. Hook doc right hope not dumb. He's not throwing punches at at people with helmets on anyways. Maybe some frustration there from the Ravens. Yeah got embarrassed like I'm saying I just think were probably not that good. The one thing we do have talent so there's a potential I turn around. I don't no no if I agree with that. The defense has a lot of town on that side of the ball. They're just plain horrible. The offense was fine today obviously Lamar and the Bolivar a couple times they were in garbage time. I'm not too concerned with that. Ingram fumble when we were looking to turn the momentum Lamar Stat Line looks looks really a lot better than it would have if he didn't get that garbage shine fifty yard touchdown to willies then you're looking at odds twenty four for thirty four one nine seven three or two touchdowns to interceptions. I didn't even say a thing about Lamar said our offense I know but I I know I know. Lavar didn't play okay well. Lamar hasn't played while two straight weeks by here's the thing we're going to the Owen three or four depending when when you're listening on this steelers and then we're home against the bengals will we probably be the worst foreign to team in. NFL history potentially but right we just gotTA turn around the same way. We don't really want to overreact week by week and that's what I was word for word. We adult WANNA react week by but you are. We learned on Mike. You are on the microphone a couple after week one after week one and declaring the Cleveland browns dead but no now we don't. We don't want to overreact because because we learned our lesson it's just week by the browns thing they won the Sorority also yes. They do any brown fan online it is. They think they want thinking that you won. The super bowl is like how the giants into reacted last week to beating the buccaneers. The giants are also tone to lumped in with the eagles. There's a lot of teams out there. That's why four weeks in let's just take it easy. Let's say let's get right into this week four recap and why don't we start at the top at the top of week four. Okay go for it. You got you. You got thirty so no no no one really cares the people in my Sherpa me all week did but hey you guys down to the Philadelphia Eagles so we came out. What did I tell you? I was never ever nervous about this game. Halfway through the first quarter were down. What was it fourteen? That's a lie that's a lie. I got multiple about let me finish my sentence. You had your time about the Ravens. Let me finish my sentence because I'm getting there halfway. The third volume will not about to tell the truth. You let me speak halfway through the first quarter was I thinking Wa is might be the saints game from last year sure was I figured we're GONNA lose. Forty six to ten sure was gonNA find a way to spend one in three eagles in the US making the playoffs sure but it just takes one plight every time miles miles booby sanders the big runback Carson though we didn't throw for the big yards that's this is probably his most impressive regular season. What will he doesn't have a playoff win so we'll call it his most impressive win of his career my opinion this in two years ago on the Road Against Carolina on Thursday night but hey there is a huge difference between two into one and three and now you go into Lambeau? I mean I mean I think the I think the the blueprint is out on how to it'd be Green Bay right. They can't stop the run. We learned that Jordan Howard of miles sanders toward the part the eagles ran for nearly two hundred rushing and they can't stop the run and they can't run the ball so that is a huge negative for their team it just I dunno Green Bay that whole. NFC North is a team of just a bunch of you know we call on this podcast. Check cuties. That's ridiculous. I said that on the last five cast and you're like no they're they're a legit division. They Jack Jack Stop. Stop Stop and I said all of them are able to compete for what it takes to to go to a roar win a superbowl but the car listening right that's definite Kaiser of most competitive division and on any given week anyone can beat anyone anyone in that division. You wouldn't be surprised that makes them the best division in football like look at the lines so we can we can start our recap after the Eagles too oh into now by the way have planned the just sex in good shape cowboys. You'RE GONNA lose tonight currently downtown nine but anyway look at the line today there are I think a lot of us are overlooking the lines lines now do you and I think that there are team that can win two playoff games on the road and went up playoff game obviously not but they gave it the chiefs today a great run for their money and I think they're surprising a lot of people this year especially I mean it didn't look so today but I duNNo. I watched that game start to a Finnish. Should I and I've never been the least impressed that I've had with mahomes today. He was missing throws all over the place granted a bad game for him is he threw for three hundred fifteen yards and didn't throw interception but he also didn't throw them but he was missing throws all over the place today and Kirk Lyons the they were all over him all game applying pressure all over them in the secondary and that's what I'm saying about the NFC north right there. None of them are GonNa go to the Super Bowl. We both agree on that because we have Trubisky who will get to I feel so bad for the kid we have Kirk my guy and we have the lions but none of them are going to go to the Super Bowl but they can be any given team the NFL on any given Sunday cool I mean I guess that's cool. Theoretically anyone anyone can beat anyone except for free I mean the the bucks went into Allah one so look like you're saying in Detroit Limited Kansas City like mahomes played horrible. They went on the road beat an undefeated team so funny. That's so funny to say you. You say mahomes play horrible. He didn't turn the ball over any at three hundred yards but that's because it's Patrick mahomes he played. That's my point. He said he did not look good and the one hundred percent agree with you and it's just funny. That's the reality that we live in best. When a guy throws it's wild and that's what I'm saying? He put up thirty four leads a game winning drive arrive on the road beats and undefeated team. Look this could have been potentially a turning point for the lions like they can never really get over the hump. Stafford's pretty much been a losers whole career and it's the same old story they fall short in a game. They definitely should have one not even probably they should have won this game. I know there was like some bad call. Maybe potentially but like now that call was so the Kennedys go. I think you're referring to the calorie touchdown so there was is a play earlier in the game. Maybe the second quarter the back of the end zone where off they called it out of bounds on the field but like to me and a bunch of people I was watching the game with he was very clearly and then there was another player in the game towards the end where it was also Kenny Doggett can golladay again and it definitely seemed like a makeup call so many consider those awash but the officiating was questioned go for sure but I mean Mahomes uh-huh your different mahomes is crazy. That's why I think the best team league because this this is where I know New England like their defense is just insanity but that's that's the difference that's fights but I know the bills have a good defense in case the bills probably have one of the top three yards brady. The Brady has shown that if he goes on the road or even like just the past couple of years he'll have bad games and whether or not the Patriots events is the best in the League mahomes will put a point so like Brady's GonNa have to match that and I think that he should be able to he has the weapons and all of that but like the chiefs cannot be solved. They literally cannot be stopped but can they stop is the question is I mean they're on the record you're on the record saying that the bottom three defense in the NFL I think I think they're more middle of the pack. Obviously they're not elite but I don't think they're go teddy goff up on its head on Teddy. Sorry I'm watching the cowboys. Hopefully blow this game but anyway yeah I mean that's the difference between the Patriots. Chiesa me is is the defense I think they both have weapons on the offense of side of the ball that can get the job done. Can the Patriots put up thirty five on you on any given day. Just it's like the chiefs of course but the Patriots are way more likely to hold you to under twenty one then the chiefs are but I guess this this is more of a conversation for our updated power rankings on Thursday. Yeah I mean another game. We're going to get to is your number five team. the colts lost at home to the raiders. Even though we both kind of predicted it would happen. They're they're like decent and that division is now. Now I believe all four teams which is pretty crazy. Yeah Houston loss at home to Carolina the Shawn Watson Struggle Allen now to yeah. No that's wild the jags combat like flacco leads another game winning drive and then the jags comeback kicked field goal Menchu magic as well alive live that divisions pretty crazy. Yeah I mean you kind of keep the titans out of the loop right now just because like every division game them in that division is going to be like a must must win like you got the tight end that Owen to right now and the Texans and cultural one hour in the Jacksonville Jaguars at one on one on so like I said before somehow the titans will find a way to be eight at the end of the year we I don't know they wing games. They went to Atlanta today and like I know Atlanta's echo they'll win. Don't beat Atlanta on the road and then they'll lose to the fricken reckon redskins at home or something like that. Just Kinda see Titans Tennessee titans in a nutshell for you. You can never bet on one of their games because it's just a great day always as do the reverse of what to expect. You're going to lose. They're GONNA win and if you think they're gonNA win. They're going to lose its clockwork. Yeah I mean you're you're you're so we started conversation talking about the raiders in the colts. I think that I actually I think you did as well. We both predicted the raiders game today. Eh I think it mostly had to do with a lot of injuries on the defensive side of the ball and specially and also the number one weapon for the colts to you I I was out but like they had believe hooker was out Darius under their banged up so this was a tough game for them in general. I'M NOT GONNA look too much do wouldn't I wouldn't say like wow trouble trouble Indianapolis because of this Jacoby percent is still looking good. He he added a lot incompletions. They still throwing for two hundred sixty sixty five yards and three touchdowns I get it. It's the raiders day the really bad Belykh they have something with perset and as long as he can consistently manage teams I think they can crawl their way to the division privy wacky like as much as I enjoy overreacting a big reason why I'm I'm stressing not to think about this so the eagles obviously trending upwards huge Thursday night when Jack I didn't hear you on that potentially gone audio three and two but then like look at all the teams across the League better now to into you have the jags makes you have the buccaneers you had. The raiders are two into like that's so weird to think about. I mean it's so early exactly I mean that's my boy. They were quarter of the way yeah. No I agree. I mean it's crazy. How you switch off two weeks later from the browser dead there? There's still don't get it twisted there the Samba apocalypse underway but yeah I mean there's a lot of middle tier teams in the NFL. I mean is there a case right now that the NFC NFC West is the best division in football. We have three three win teams in the niners the rams and the hawks no I would actually say that it potentially could it be the NFC south well. I guess the Falcons kind of thing Allen's been balling the McCaffrey's. He's crazy. Rats offals did use point to a running back to you out of all people you just pointed to running back to make a point why the NFC south breath might be the best division in football you MR running back shouldn't even be on an NFL. Shouldn't it's actually a great day for my running back should not be an NFL team saquon Barkley the best running back in all the wind Wayne Gaughman steps into touchdowns like it's Redskins Redskins Day redskins coming from a guy who said for weeks that residents had a good defense cause they signed they do sneak governor. Daniel Jones now to know giants two and tied with the Eagles and the Ravens and the raiders they are at home against against the Vikings. They're going to be three into right like Kirk. Cousins Kirk cousins on the road is the craziest thing in the world kirk cousins on on the road. I love that just as much as I love my own mother I something about watching Kirk cousins uh-huh play on the road. I WANNA get into this game. Why don't we go? The trajectory of this podcast is going from Kirk cousins on the road to Mitch Asia and then we're headed to the West so let me go beating Minnesota sixteen to six start manning was could that game could that game have been more scripted than it was may the bears defense the bears defense shows up no offense shows up unfortunately our Guy Mitch went out early Chase Daniel's filled in Jack. I'm nervous. I can't do a lot of weeks football without Mitchell trubisky. Take take it for granted worth I need and I love twitter and this is why so one of the guys that follow follow like a really random person said she suffered a very similar injury like he fell on it in that way immediately knew and it was a torn labrum. Mitch obviously was in the sling like immediately. They ruled them out so I am nervous that it could be like nagging Nagy. I just all before we hit record Ford. Nagy said he doesn't think it's season ending but he'll find out more bright so like even two to three months or so. Here's the deal like I'm gonNA keep stressing this. Yes we don't hate the bears we actually we actually think the bears are actually yes. A Matter of fact I love the bears given incredible content and they've given me life. They're hilarious but their defense is insanity. It's the best it's not even close. It could be one of the best in the past decade not even not not even like tapping them up but Mitch Trubisky is in good which is why we're always down on them but the answer like some someone asked me okay now the now that Mitch is out like is chase daniels a better fit like can they wing no Mitchell job as bad as he is chase. Daniels is behind him for a reason now. I think there are actually the same person just the different number I think I think you're still GonNa get the Chicago bears that average like fifteen and a half points a game but but you don't think that they're the like trubisky's better whether or not it's by a large gap. He's not trubisky as a player is better solely because of what he adds on the ground right like he has that he has that threat right where he keeps the middle linebacker guessing like they have to stay on their toes double reverse for the cowboys cowboys lose escaped. Sorry bad radio radio anyway. Trubisky keeps defense guessing but if you're asking me to compare Mitchell trubisky arms at chase Daniel's Jack Chase Daniel was twenty to thirty today for one hundred ninety five yards no touch one touchdown and no interceptions like are you telling me trubisky puts up those numbers. I don't know what a good day on a good or when he gets the Redskins Look Chicago. I mean there's three in one and they're gonNa be good this year. They're just not like they're not what what does that mean what is good. They're not going anywhere you love the sit. all right now to the West Coast Surfer Mitch had air for Mitch Rich Babe and Incredible Server Mitch Game career-high passing yards out surfer Mitch so the buccaneers one fifty five to forty as if this was a the PAC twelve game. Let me let me cut you off so Surfer Mitch's is a new little thing. We've got going on this pot and I think we're going to run with it so while jacket I the other week we're both in agreement. I know that may come surprise to allow listeners but we're both in agreement that Jared Goff it just isn't that good as a quarterback plain and simple you put jared Goff team that doesn't have Sean McVeigh. He's like not good at also we call him surfer Mitch Trubisky just because he's in La but oh my God he threw they threw the ball sixty eight time third-most third-most third-most attempts in league history today five hundred seventeen yards but jared surfer Mitch Goff Two touchdowns and three interceptions against the Tampa Bay buccaneers defense that just got hung. What a thirty piece by the giants yes so here's is the deal with the rams yeah they don't have that insane offensive line that they have the last year and they can't run the ball quite as well and like when Goth gets exposed years like ten touchdown so like eleven interceptions or something over his pass? What's whatsoever us? Oh that's nice. That's a nice thing. I just realized that gough also lost a fumble. That's good for the brand yes he. He turn the ball over four times not going to get it done. The boxer to and to Jameis Winston is winning games implying decent. Obviously he had thorough pick six just to keep it interesting today like there was no way they were going to run away with but in dime consumer returned a fumble against his former team which must been nice for him I did. was there any takeaways from these three games. I'm curious about rams they they lost bills and lions like I guess we didn't get the bill's enough attention all right so the deal with the takeaway from the lines game is that you should you should not sleep on the lions on any given week and I think they could. They got to win a few division games to upon the tiebreaker but I think they're I think they can compete for the division that crazy easy for me I it's not crazy. I'm disagreement. I don't think I don't think they'll win. The division inevitably think Green Bay will get it done but I don't think it's crazy to rule them out of it like we do in past years. They really do look like a different team than they have in years past so that's it might take away from that game. It's just you can't walk pass Detroit whatsoever in the New England Buffalo game take away. It's the bills L. Stu like what do you want me to take away from that. Josh Allen was a believe one nine one for with sue picks before he got absolutely smoke in the head obviously guy well not obvious I've seen different angles where maybe he shouldn't have been objective. Maybe should have but a fair point was made that if the a flip it happened in that game and Brady got hit like that he whoever did it is blackballed from the League is getting the capital treatment. They're done Tom. You can just add Josh Allen to another injury on my fence. Hey take away is Bills Defense Unreal Josh Allen obviously to face the tough day. They still won the game. They're going to be a playoff team because they still have so many easy games in their schedule speaking of much. I need to address the elephant nor Jack. I don't understand how they get away with this murder of a schedule The frigging New England patriots. It's crazy crazy there okay so they six the first of all they get six division wins every year. Not I mean I mean I'm I'm usually they moved to Miami to Miami this year. Now that the one in buffalo it's literally six months like me and a bunch of my buddies today at work. We're talking about like all right. The Patriots just put the jets than they put the bills like they've got to play someone suit right now. They're playing the redskins next week. The the following week they play the giants the following week they play the jets. Are you kidding me. We knew they were going to be seven or eight. No coming into Ravens Eagles back to back and this is the thing right so they go through a stretch. They go through a stretch after that where they play the browns the ravens the eagles the cowboys the Texans in the chiefs. That's tough okay. That's it's a tough stretch but then going into the playoffs we can assume they'll be clinched by then. You'll probably need to win one to clinch a first round bye they eat either way into the playoffs with the bengals the bills and the dolphin like what took how do they get away with this. It's bullshit. Yeah I mean and honestly in a few few weeks we might look at the Ravens and throw lump them in to the dolphins category. I will say the your wishes by command. The one thing I will say is that if the Ravens do have ambitions of making the playoffs this is how I request we do it. We go nine and seven we get swept by. The browns Brown's like we look to you as you're about six now. I thought we could have but then. I realized we're not that good so this. This is what I'm requesting we get swept by the browns I hope they smashes in Cleveland and then reuniting seven there the three seed and we face them in Cleveland and then we're we would just smack them like they're not going to beat US sure high after the break we'll talk a few more of the Games quarter order won awards on Monday night football but first let me take Jack Jack Jack Jack. Let me I need. I've been waiting. I haven't had my ship station station while go for gopher she no these are my guys. Go flow that's right. We're back shift stationed DOT COM when you're selling online getting your orders out can be a real pain and time consuming expensive so many carriers choose from. How do you know you're making the best choice? That's why you need ship station DOT com. It's the fastest easiest and most affordable way to manage in ship orders ship station helps you get your orders up quickly. Save money on shipping costs and keep your customers happy. 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You're right now about his quote baby goat and company so I just thought we should add that and I should shah ah saw Lamar has not been playing well Brown's Macktaz your MVP pay now what mb per exactly no. I seven Mahomes won. MVP and week to that I made that was that was that takes still stands he will win. Mvp He's insanity quarter won awards were through four weeks twenty five percent. The season is done by calcat. Could Math Texas quarter want awards best team. I'm giving it to the chiefs. Best Best and EP is Patrick Mahomes. There's only one MVP Jack so there can't be I kinda stuttered what we gotta give a shout at the defensive player of the year to this point. Jack Baird on the buccaneers has eight sacks through four games might've actually more than that has a pick he's fallen out and then obviously Khalil Mack and Aaron Donald are monsters in themselves sleep on myles Garrett knobs hops for myles Garrett exact already one phone bill news good of my opinion in my opinion myles Garrett is the second best lyman football behind Donald's like Khalil Mack died would even ah but amy's play. He's got the better numbers and Garin out but I think we all know that defensive lineman it goes deeper than the numbers you gotTa Watch that played under understood. Ill Neck was getting tripling today. Guarantee Great Player don't get don't get me wrong but he's not. He's not getting triple team at this point as Kerr Double Double Oh for sure for sure offensive rookie of the year Gardner men show is that is that hunter bro We got a month. We're approaching October and a few days and then we got a few days until minhsiu Movember your mustache we might have to. I can't think I'm all in on the Jackpot. These over eight wins very impulsively placed after the end to make the playoffs. They're my squad so I'm all in on the Mentio- obviously we had to take down a lead joe today which was tough because I thought they were going to have a good season it time for hanging out it's been time brother. It's been in each inverness. He's led to game winning drives and the defense didn't hold one with thirty seconds left against Mitch trubisky which is like that honestly should get you relegated from the NFL. Go plan like you see for a little to me to me and you Joe FLACCO won that game right. We ended the pocket and he took us. It's twenty five minutes after we stopped recording that we realizing it was like how far how badly we're like our in trouble but Danny Dan. He didn't play great today but he's too so he's definitely up there. He's showing he's really showing a lot of promise like he's thrown very accurate ball. Obviously he's making rookie mistakes with the turnovers but what about the Wayne Hassans getting thrown into the fire has asking the redskins kept saying Haskins ready. It's not at time he it's unfair to me right and then they throw them in there and he looked horrible which it wasn't necessarily his fault but he stepped in the D. two percent one hundred yards. It's hard it's hard. It's hard to defend saying it's not your fault when you throw a three pants. You know what I mean. Okay we'll get one for one. We give forgive have you for one. We can spend two three three stuff so yeah. He wasn't ready. I assume he's going to start next week like there's no going back. ACTA keenum really the the one where you're throwing. You're throwing Haskins out there against the Patriots next week. That's brutal. What if I think you I think I think you play Keno next week? Hopefully hope I mean obviously keenum will put up shitty numbers the Patriots and you can just say it was asphalt and then you throw out Haskins against Josh Rosen the next week against the dolphins yeah. That's a maybe Haskins gets his. He gets his first touch. Actually he had his first touchdown tonight but it was too Paul parking thank pull perkins's of rotting that Turkey pepper. It was Michigan's first win over Ohio state in the Harbaugh era our that's a little line yeah you even thinking about that. You can save in that one John Y sold on twitter original content. The Quality Charlie cut that part out we speak in which Charlie Charlie our producer die hard cleveland browns. I would be in the wrongheaded shout him out today. around four thirty he was blowing up our group which Act Jack was bitter ship rightfully so I understand Dan I was pretty respectful to you have to admit right like if the Ravens lose. I'm usually in your ear but I was pretty respectful. I did bad on the browns but I think I was I. I think I deserved a pat on the back for for being a nice guy you know you you were definitely respectful. 'cause the browns were not respectful to think I was just riding his vibe since Thursday good vibes the the last team we didn't really talk about is the dolphins and the chargers. You said they were GonNa around with Melvin Gordon. Obviously he made an unbelievable unbelievable instant impact now fuck this. No let me Talk Anthony Land Anthony Lynn head coach of the Los Angeles chargers chargers if you're listening to podcasts tweet him. Dm Him I'll know what Social Anthony Lynn shut up well listen anthony ones probably not listen to him his DM's children DM him tweet him. I've got a bone of take with Anthony Lynn right so I have a very very injured fantasy team to the point where not a single person on my bench. Today was active. I had two people buys and six people that are out from anywhere from two to eight weeks so Melvin Gordon ends hold out. I'm hype is Shit. I come on the POD. Uh I'm just going to rejuvenate the chargers Justin Jackson the chargers backup running back to Ecuador while was out gets put in a walking boot so so this asshole Anthony Lynn step to the podium on Thursday has the God damn nerve to say that Melvin is still there number one back which you will be going forward. He's GonNa play on Sunday. He's getting a limited snack out. So I'm like aren't Bet I text my boy josh a fantasy partner. I'm like y'all. We need a win this week. I think we start Melvin. He's playing the dolphins. He's GonNa get a goal on carrying get the end zone only to find out that this motherfucker motherfucker cut that out Charlie is sitting in a God damn hat on the sidelines. All game didn't get a single carry. Put up a Goddamn goose egg thankfully in my fantasy Li. It was the battle of the two worst teams in the League right now. I'm actually GonNa live looking right now. Oh Shit Jack so I came into this game up fifteen and he had Dallas Day Dallas has has eleven right now. I'm I'm up three point eight. Oh my God I'm outside how close it was but anyway Anthony Lend Euro my shit list. I stopped doing you. Don't you're not cool. 'cause you lied to the media about what your game plan is playing the Goddamn Miami Dolphins you hear me like no no. I'm Gel. I get a notification that next week that Melvin is going to have a limited role against the broncos because as today how the hell am I supposed to interpret this. How do I trust this guy? What do I do? I have to play right what next week start we can talk about Melvin on Thursday looking a week five preview but anthony land we got ta Fantasy Z. Performers Not Melvin Gordon James Wilson Winston balled out obviously put up four touchdown out who say they top performer was Nick Chubb Dub area now running back for the browns. I was actually quite shocked. He had the fastest touchdown this year. One miles an hour or so only one point point nine five and he didn't even look at fast in person which I I was Kinda surprised when they showed that and he's not a person but I watched it on television live and I turned to my boy and I said well it's made it look ten times worse by hobbling and coming up short. He's been a bum. I'm beef with Alzheimer's but I'm going to keep relaxed. It's you know we have a long weekend of us. Chris Godwin who I preached would be a baller solar put on our put up two sides pam baby. Yes who else balled out offset Aria some people all over the place letter for neck career-high running yards. I think he topped off a what two twenty five I actually had this conversation this week so it's actually no shit he went off me and my roommate were talking about Leonard. Fournette is just life Kinda just like a slightly better version version and this might be a little too old for some of our younger listeners slightly better version of what Richardson was re point six yards per carry carrie guy at best but hey and then the alive for Jacksonville's coming together whatever net went for like two twenty five against the one of the best defensive fronts and football actually last year was this year I don't know did they get a sack today coming into coming into week coming into this week the Denver the Broncos were the first team history without a sack or a takeaway in the first three weeks this season and that's coming from the that's coming from duo in Bradley Chubb and Von Miller von Miller got his hundred sacks so yes they did get a sack okay so they got their first of the year today. Congratulations Denver for Net Chubb James Godwin Cooper Cup and Robert Woods both had huge Davante Adams tortuous didn't get in the end zone reception machine until he went to he's GonNa be fine apparently with the turf toe Arizona Stinks Seattle beat them because I know people are GonNa say I hate the Seahawks I don't I think they're good but I had at least mentioned that they played a game. I I think they're good. We're recording during New Orleans Dallas. I don't think the outcome of this game game kind of changes are thoughts on anything about the two teams correct me if I'm wrong like we kind of knew what they were. The saints a really good with brees Dallas's Dow dowd this agree or disagree you think depending on who wins it changes like I don't even think it matters to win. Look at this. That's what I'm looking. I'm looking at this metric metric right now weeks one through three douses averaging thirty plus points and four hundred plus yards right who they play the first three weeks this season wash they. They played Washington the giants and Miami and now they get their tax you before this game. I I love the under because I think Dallas getting their first real test and Callum more has to call a game. It's a real defense and now you're seeing the true colors of Dallas where are is their offense actually as potent as we think it is granted that Michael Gallup is out and I think that's actually a huge part of their offense Dacca shown that he likes loves him the first season but I think that New Orleans New Orleans and the Eagles in my opinion are battling for top teams in the NFC right now. We're just GONNA act like you didn't say that because it I'd spot on Thursday we'll get through on Thursday. My point was I don't think it changes our outlook on the teams. yeah well yeah well. If if New Orleans holds onto the scam not only will I be a slightly richer man but my my power rankings will be change up on Thursday. I sure all right right last thing we're GONNA do and you're not. We're not actually going more than a minute on this game if we got a minute it's actually a little too long in my opinion. cincy see Pittsburgh Monday night football battle of Owen threes and that's all we got on the Monday night football game. I'm going to say the steelers dealers when Mason Rudolph looks fine their defense looked better with Minka and the bangles or high garbage I don't who's going to I agree. Let's move on well. That's all we got our week four. NFL RECAP and money wake yeah either. We have to address the parlay right yeah the point I lost so it was fine so parlay repeat again. I had the giants who won by twenty one and then Denver are who didn't cover you had the rams who lost outright and you pick them. Minus ten went to ten to for four guys. You know what this means. Essentially sorry Bryant Gumbel but this means means that we're now yeah. You're a better better what you shouldn't be getting close. It feels like we're going in the right direction approach. I do need to give a shout out to my boy in. He said he's a he's a big listener the pods thank you guys for always listen to you know. Do you know who what team Ian Rich for yet. It's not one of my very close friends. He's real. He might be my. DM's after the shadow week for recap number thirty two Jamal Lewis ex-raven. I don't know any really we'll fell bro. I how about this five that he kind of this five minute bonus is content. NBA Obscure. Let's get it if you're lucky enough to have listened this far. We're lucky enough I guess right five minute bonus. NBA Content so we're twenty three days away and I am going to be such an annoying asshole about the NBA season an my Philadelphia Seventy sixers hit subscribe or unsubscribe. If you've got the balls to hit subscribe Dr you're GonNa have to listen to me ooh Jack. I'm ready to go. I'm ready to go We're definitely not going into the sixers tonight. We're going into one ending one thing. Only I thought the Lakers we're GonNa win the NBA title because Lebron and a D is a deadly Combo. We're not even GONNA get into that. ESPN SPAM ranking because they don't deserve it was disgusting putting Adm Staff disgusting put but then I realized like the rest of the Lakers team Rondo Devel- McGee geico's out and Danny Green is like not compared to what the clippers have to offer Hawaii PG. Lou Will Beverly Mantra Zal. Your boy shamet damage. The covers of the better team and the best team in California is the Golden State Warriors. I'll hang up listen. I'm GonNa Forget that you just said that but let me let me ask you this. Let me tell you this matter of fact. I'm going to ask you you just said row. Let's assume that going into the playoffs the the LAKER starting five is going to be Rondo Lebron. Who's Ma Danny Green in a day? Obviously I just did no particular order. That is a very very experienced. Starting Five Rondo playoff Rondo is very experienced notably one of the smartest Deanna Rondo stuff. Why a playoff Rhonda that was a few years ago? He's a different guy and the both not going to be in playoff. rondos hand can control the pace of a game to the point where you have Danny Green who just went through a championship with the Raptors can obviously he's GonNa to be just sitting in the corner waiting for the ball with Lebron a day like I understand why you have your reservations about that starting five especially with coups Mount indefinitely going into the regular season but if they're all healthy obviously no rotation shorten in the playoffs right so you're gonNA see the clippers rotation short nearly the Lakers rotation shorten and these rousers won't look the same. I'm sure both teams will make moves at the deadline to impact it but I'm telling you you gotTa Stop Sleeping on this lake or starting five come playoff time I actually disagree. I don't think you do fives. Is that good. I think the one thing being slept on his if the worst actually keep below. They're going to be nasty and we're going to see a big year. You're out of Steph curry you'll be did you did you get a good four or five see that absolutely nobody wants to see in the first round. Did you know that with clay clay and durant off the floor and Draymond and Steph on per thirty six minutes seth curry average forty five points per game last year birther to Meena I mean we'll with so versus getting the best the six according to ESPN best player Maxwell Aswell just absolutely hooping. I cannot wait yeah I mean I think we'll get into it more in were twenty three days away from the tips off. I guess we'll do our previewing a few weeks but twenty three days away the best twenty-three in NBA history on three three two one Michael the Williams. What are we doing? MJ Verse Lebron debate you want that smoke. You have to come up up to New York for because we gotta get it video style. I going to wear jumpsuit or mile broad jump man jumpsuit. We'll have to figure out what side taking I actually have to do. Research I mean I'm obviously taking hookah. That's enough. Nba I five MBA minutes NBA coming soon more MBA. Come to thank you guys for listening episode to the snap exports pies if you made it this far Brown's sort that ravens are sadder. the Eagles are alive today tomorrow. Let's Moonen Nick

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