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Wade Waddell cut into the sports and fitness industry. When he got out of the Marine Corps coming up next a veteran on the move Welcome to veteran on the move if you're a veteran in transition an entrepreneur wannabe still stuck at that. GOP trying to excape. This podcast is dedicated to your success at now rain as a veteran entrepreneur. You need a domain name. That is easy to remember and accurately reflects your brand or business let dot. US serve you choose dot US domain name to standout and and get to demand name you really want reserve your dot US domain name and website bill today for just one dollar at launch with dot us with Marine veteran wade evolution fitness patriots sports nutrition and two Marines. One Mike Podcast Wade. Welcome to veteran on the move. You've got all sorts of stuff to talk to you about today with all your different ventures you get going on but before we do that take us back and tell us what you did in the Marine Corps. Yes and thank you so much. Sure have you on the show. I love the technology we have these days be able to share trials tribulations and really speak to that veteran man Orman. That's you know either just made that transition or maybe even eighteen months two years into it or has not made that transition because it's it's challenging in Super Chelsea but yes I did serve. I serve four years in the Marine Corps my primary. MLS was Oh three forty one mormon so technically infantry but the first two years here's a super blessed the station at United States Naval Academy which that unit no longer exists but as one of forty five that provide provide security at the academy. Were also ceremonial unit. So everyone there was Handpicked to be there so it's really really great bunch of guys still very connected to today in the last eighteen months you know basically play. Gi Joe Everyday training to go to war but never went three hundred infantry you made it three hundred hundred weight talk a little bit about your transition in in in the context of did you know your transition. Asian was common or was it a surprise. You really think about it ahead of time that much so I did start to prepare myself transition because I knew that that was not going arena lists. I wanted to get out and explore being out in. You know things go the way that I anticipated undergo then you could always go back in enwright as young enough so I. When we came back from Japan we had guys like oftentimes do poorly on the teas? And I've been a lifetime. I am athlete. All the way up the plane. Your College basketball and and So fitness is always been a big part of my life and so we got back from Japan like hey we need the two sergeants ahead of the remedial physical training to help. The Guy said you know did really poorly on the PF. And I started working with those guys and Kinda got hooked by you know helping other people get shaped because I know what it can do to people self confidence to how they show up for their families just really the overall quality of life and so I started to get my personal training certifications and I started to save money. That's another big one start. Start to be proactive in saving some the money. Because you're going to need some money when you get out regardless if you have terminal leave or not And so I decided to prepare myself when I got out. I got hired by Marine Corps veterans. I wore recourse shirt into bally total fitness in two thousand and He said you want a job. I said it's it's funny. Say That 'cause I'm working on my certification. That was my first job in fitness was bally total fitness corporate America like personal training. Yes so I was doing personal training there But as missing something man it just. It wasn't even though I had a couple of marines at Ron Staff. A definitely missing something you know and I got out in two thousand and so I was pre nine eleven and I'm super fortunate that I don't I haven't either the trials and tribulations of some of our men and women come home with now with the. PTSD MAY MY business partner. Who will talk about Patriot? You'll suffers from from that. Because he's a combat veteran But I was missing something you know. And you miss something whether you served in combat zone or not that camaraderie that Brotherhood that you just just miss in. So I was working at bally's and I was experiencing a lot of success there but it's also experienced in can't talk people in the civilian world like you talked to him in the military at least not book Raton and So I definitely had some some hardships there and some some transitional positional pain. But what happened was I knew I wanted to own my own facility. Day grew up in Entrepreneurial House my dad still owns ince's on business And so I was taking a business plan in writing class at the local college here and the guy said something that really resonated resonated with me. It's like if you want to open a tanning salon. Go get a job at one and find out everything they do right but more importantly find out everything. They do raw crude advisers. Is that famous quote. That says if you learn from your mistakes you're smart you can learn from other people's mistakes are brilliant. Because I will tell you since. You're speaking to an entrepreneur ignore potential veterans stepping out in that field that is really really powerful. Because every time you incur or learn from failure whether it's yours or someone else's there's money associated to it. There's absolutely money associated with the little mistake that you make along the way. So when you're a start up up you know minimize those things is is instrumental because you just don't have thousands and millions and hundreds of thousands of dollars typically when you're starting out but I heard about this small little boutique style. Boot camp and as a navy veteran owned it so I reached out to them. Said you know I'm looking. I'm excited to be maybe potentially come on staff and do some the bootcamp stuff and let's all my transition out of the Marine Corps. He said come on out and participate in the class of the Zemin. Something that you want to be a part of and let me tell you man. I took the class with these people as twenty three years old. Most these people were probably my age. Now forty four. But I thought there are ancient at the time and they're in some pretty bad ass shape and we ran and we sang in in cadence and I was like. Wow this is at the end the class this way. Discover the Marine Corps. You say a couple I ah now even in talking about that moment because it was powerful in his transformative for me and it really helped get me through that transition lousy. I found it. You know. We're wearing camouflage or we're We're doing the fitness. There's the camaraderie. Here's different valleys. Because there wasn't the same Balis was four thousand JIM members. This was like a couple of hundred in an robbery is different to kind of fill that void. That locked like athletes always talk about. They can identify with you know veterans because they missed that locker room you know. They don't necessarily miss getting their bodies rancher the ring around Sunday. You're a football player. He can't move on Monday. Missed that the Brotherhood and this kind of Really Fill my appetite on that end so now it was like okay now. What now that? Boyd's kind of that whole in your hearts filled now. What are you going to do and so I wanted to share that story about the business plan writing class because my first experience with working in fitness under a small business was completely different than corporate rights? bally's at that time was four one hundred twenty clubs across the country Now working for this two Thousand Square Foot Studio would this gym owner and it was just he has a great a guy but he has a little bit of a mess when it came to the business end of it and I wrote that journey with for five years learning a lot of what made in his Jim Super Successful in great and I learned a lot about the treat staff how not to treat members not to run a business and that really in those five years were really A solid foundation for me to go ahead and break away in old fitness in two thousand nine. How much how valuable? How many mistakes do you think you ended up not making because you got to learn from his mistakes it was it was absolutely instrumental in the fact that we moved away completely from like a boot camp mentality? You Walk into my gym. Everything's painted with orange because when you do. Research on color is orange folks like positive state of emotion. Which is why Home Depot's orange nickelodeon orange and people don't WanNa be yelled elden screamed at after a long day? So there's there's those things like aesthetically service end and then how you treat a staff you know like I hated going to our staff meetings because Same Shit every time I try and make my staff meetings fun. Sometimes we go throw axes. That's our staff meeting for the month. Low throw axes all these acts places that pop up extra stuff like that. So it's all the little things that you learn along the way like this like that I don't like the way that we're compensated. That's another big one in fitness is the house sometimes takes too aggressively of amount of money. And then the I've really good trainers and they looked go somewhere else for the splits a little more generous so finding the balance of what like I speak to my old self. What would kept me working for him? If I was compensated. They did at the level that I thought was fair but those those five years were huge to really pave the way to make some changes ages and and he eventually went out of business interesting. Well Hey wade good stuff man hole that we're going to be right back to quick break right. My goal is veteran entrepreneurs like you with the programs and resources you need to find success and whether your passion project is a business or a blog finding the right domain name is crucial in addition SEO value. It's important that your domain name is easy to remember and reflect you but it's hard to find one that's the right fit and and still available. 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Ira Arab talk with Marine veteran Wade Radic from evolution fitness. Wade before the break you were talking about all the valuable information you learn. Working at another gym navy veteran. It was for five years so eventually when you went out on your own you probably weren't mistake free so talk about some of the failures and mistakes you made when he did finally go at it on your own. It's a great question. I'm glad that you said before. We impact on recorded that something that you want brought up because is it on anyone show and just talk about all the wonderful success but a lot of the lessons are learned in those failures. So we're currently two facilities Sali's Here in Boca Raton our flagship in a have another facility up the road. Wellington Florida but at one point where five two cities to bring some context of that. So when you so I own my gym here in Boca Raton as a sole proprietorship. I'm the only owner here And I had some people working for me that thought. They're ready to take that next step and they had the work ethic to do it and so I didn't want the responsibility of completely owning two facilities so the first time we stepped out to try try and create a partnership you learn a lot about. It's the most important thing who you're getting in bed with him. MHM to create a partnership. Because just like you know divorce can be expensive. So can starting a business with a business partner That I would say someone's character. Someone's ethics are two really big things that someone would have to look at because those are really the big issues. And if you're going to do a partnership with someone the other advice would be you don't WanNa have a business partner. That has the same skill. Set that you have right. You have a lot of strength. Yeah you want to be a compliment in a like a liquid down. I'm down here in south Florida. So like Lebron Dwayne Wade those who complement one another win a couple of championships. That's super important but we open these facilities and they quickly unraveled apple because of those things that tie into like the character in the ethics and not having the same vision That you necessarily have so it did make me very apprehensive to then open to other facilities that no longer exists for more or less those who are slightly different circumstances one was kind of operating as like a hybrid in the other one. They just they wanted to leave a move back act to Brazil in. I DIDN'T WANNA buy the location so we decided to close it but valuable valuable learning lessons and absolutely a lot of money associated in in losing those businesses So I would be apprehensive about doing partnerships. Look for those things. Like look at the person's background know that they have really strong ethics. Because you you have a lot of trust in someone when there is joint bank accounts and there's taxes and things of that nature but it was definitely experience and it was really kind of inspiration from moving away from looking to do multiple gyms and then creating a brand that I have now patriots force interests. Yes so sometimes the wrong business partner they can if they go down they they may be taking you right down down with them. Even though you had nothing to do with some of the improprieties were going on. 'cause you're extremely brag to the business so rape breakpoint. Yeah you can be very good so you may have grown too quickly. You may have grown in the wrong way so you talk a little bit about you know all those things. It smack pig militate S. mission mission mission mission commander's intent all those military planning process items. You get drilled into you that you thought were a big pained to deal with. Do you find yourself going back to those ideals. Yeah Yeah and that's actually a great point. So that's the one other thing that I'd say that we did grow a little too soon too fast and within that. Because does my experience at the original Jim the The little boot camp there no systems in place right soon. My biggest weakness was is not having all those completely All the strategies and all those little systems in place before we went started opening another facilities and that was really another big thing that held back those owner operators because they needed more help than it had the direction So that was a big failure on my part heart not because the military's successful because of all those little acronyms and systems and and check points and attention to detail and mhm they teach at the same way over and over so you get the same product and that's that's super huge trying to replicate a brand and we just grew too too soon. Too fast is to have all those things in place but honestly I should have been the first thing that was completed. So it's an excellent point. Yes sometimes it's hard to turn that upside down because when when you go into a brand new brand new experience you don't you don't know the systems that need to be put into place so you just kind of shove it aside and you know you chart new territory every every day so as easy to just throw throw aside the concept of systems in automation and so you can't build it ahead of time because you've been there but you he at least needs to be building it while you go But the Entrepreneurial Paradigm the the the entrepreneur get so involved in the business. They can't really spend that time working on the business in Used to say used to say the marine curl time if if your leader and you take Karan ahead in right in your unit falls apart then you haven't done a good job being a leader your your business should operate without if your business is relying on you every day to operate properly. Then you're not doing a good job as a business leader corrected and so you can pull through those experiences and I've always worked some level of a business coach. And that's also something that I've learned a lot from because there's good coaches there's average coaches and then there's great coaches and the last coach that I was working with that was where his shrank was was a CBS. Got To really get all. These systems dialed in that way. We can start pulling you out of in the day to day grind and you could you know have more nights off more time with your family family and just like you said taking around your unit should still be able to accomplish the mission without that one individual and if you're not you're set up for especially in my business is like I. I gave up playing basketball. 'cause I tear NASC- Al and I can't teach classes Still pretty involved with the classes. Because that's really what people come here for I'm in trouble but I do have. I have great. Instructors could step in to fill those classes but you yeah you still Systems are huge. It's definitely something as you grow. And sometimes an entrepreneur could grow a little faster than on good but you definitely Wanna pay attention L. Systems. Hey so talk. We've talked a little bit about Masterminds on the show in coaching and Mentoring Gene In formalize coaching. Talk a little bit about your experience with hiring a business coach in what that was like in in what you got out the each work with different coach they all have different backgrounds and experience. I would say specifically for me not what had the biggest impact was finding someone that works specifically within the fitness in Jim Industry That was transformative for me personally. Personally how to look at things like just a completely different Lens Stuff that he brought up that the two previous coaches didn't didn't have the foresight to see because they just weren't industry experts so that was really big and then if you're out there listening you're never going to accomplish anything really really great by yourself. Exactly you need support from your family needs support from your friends and sometimes those aren't the the people who want to give you support and sometimes you know there's family members of my own family that had cut out negative about everything but we have is veterans prince we have there are platforms out there that offer free mentor ship And they're great in Amman. They're doing both sides of it because up still seeking mentor ship in the e commerce space. Because that's the space. I don't know with Patriot. Sports nutrition in business but also the personal development side. Like you need to find people that are doing things that you want to do on a big scale. And here's the beauty of it is. There's people like yourself that are putting out the podcast. Hopefully to touch that one veterans or active active duty person getting ready to make that transition in have that person on the kind of resonates with them and to reach out to those people. I mean we're all trying to help one another and human I believe in human nature that were inherently wired to do good. You know there's bad everywhere but my experience last couple years of connecting with people online. It's been unbelievable. We've been able to mastermind people in those things bring so much value to you from a personal development standpoint but from a business development too because you have people with different experiences and different lenses houses in that I keep saying different lenses because when you bring someone when you're in the trenches sometimes you get as an entrepreneur when you live in the trenches. It's really tough is to win the war. Okay you're fighting the fight every day but that's not strategy. That's not the generals and the colonels in the background. That are really doing the the shaping of where that war that battles going to go. And that's how you win in business. You can't fight in the trenches every day because you don't have the foresight foresight of where you're going to be six months down the road you know in so doing those masterminds avenue. Different people with different experiences brings in different lenses. And sometimes I've had him say stuff to me where it's like so obvious how you almost feel stupid. It's like well if you this this most successful persevered. Why aren't you doing the more that a lot? That's so obvious I don't I don't really have you make an eighty percent of your money doing this while he's been all your time. I'm trying to get this other stuff going on right like I watched a problem. Hits people up with questions like that too. They're like left there scratching their head. Like just the way we've always done it is quite common answer and that's why having Nassar minds and using the mentor ships. That are out. There for veterans are huge using all the the resources you know business loans. All that stuff's afforded to us. You gotta take advantage of that stuff. Yeah you know. So if someone's listening to this show and they were wanting to get out and start start doing Jim or get in the fitness industry. It would always tell me. Get Out Network meet people and you talk about mentoring in that kind of thing in how you learn a lot from the ginger after five years so from from somebody from your perspective somebody. That's that's there you know that's quote made made it What if some if some young veteran who just got out came to you and said hey man I'm wanting to start the gym up in Orlando or Tampa? But I don't really know what I'm doing. Would you help me out. What comes to mind when if somebody were to come to you and say something like that at absolutely helped him out and I do have people through you know some of those veteran websites amount there as a mentor and a have had a couple apple active duty members? Reach out to me in book calls to answer those questions and I think they're really smart in doing that because because he who knows everything has the most learn so I I would say to that individual. It's so important to go work within the industry before you take that leap. I mean I think that would be the best thing to do because once again you learn you learn about the business from the interior of it and also try and wear multiple hats. I would would work at one. Maybe being a service provider whether it be personal trainer group fitness instructor but also the operations. And if you really if the goals own your own facility he then you really you have to have a handle on that operations and because although the you know the fun stuff is out there you know. Having people push themselves push leads and seeing them get results like without the stuff that goes on at that front desk in behind. You know in those back offices that's really where the business lives and thrives it's all those little things so if you are interested I absolutely no you know work on the certifications so you could also hands and knowledge and understanding of what really works. And how our bodies working but also work trying work in the operations and be humble enough to know that you're probably going to be low man on the Totem Pole regardless of your staff sergeant or a second ten or she foreign officer. Yeah I mean the humble pills a little big for you guys I gotTa Sergeant But if you're a staff NCO or a former officer that might be a bigger humble till the swallow. Yeah I think The thing to remember on that point is when you get out you may have to start at the bottom guy but you're gonNA move through those wickets in up that ladder so much quicker than you know some kid coming right out of college or high school that has never been in the military so you gotTa Start Start Out may have start out low. But YOU'RE GONNA YOU'RE GONNA accelerate rapidly through the promotion chain or whatever it may be people are going to recognize your ability to leadership in responsibility and they're going to start handing anymore staff is going to happen really quick so they'll be concerned about where you start at just wrecked it'll just be more concerned about how quickly you're going to accelerate through all that because it's going to happen so and I think that's an excellent point too. I constantly speaking tomorrow around Middle School and I constantly talk about like the things that you learn in the military just the little things make a big difference when you get out because I I could tell you if you're not out right now in the civilian world five o'clock is like five ish and we do classes at five thirty in the morning joining in on the dot five more that class starts. We didn't everything we do is always punk shoulders tested detail. Just all those little things and you will move up much faster just because of your background. Your training yeah. We call it way. We talk about soft skills. All the time. Veterans have phenomenal soft skills which communication leadership disciplined showing up on time showing up modem motivation. Yeah stick to it of nece missing accomplishment Bushman. Those are all these soft skills that are hard to put on a resume. The hard skills are things like I got the a six sigma black belt. You know I'm a certified. I'm a certified trainer. You see you may have all your training certifications. But the veteran who's got those and all the soft skills totally totally different player in the game than somebody who just has a certifications so software those figures for all those little things soft skills huge huge huge really impressive Really makes veterans great. So yes so soft skills is like the the the best way I've ever heard Head on the show years ago. Who brought up the whole soft skill thing and that's all that comes up all the time with Y veterans make great employees and also the veterans make great entrepreneurs. I gotta go back. I love your analogy You can't be a successful business person. If you're always in the trenches fight in the war that is so I love that analogy because it's so true if you're you know we call it if you're working in your business business instead of working on your business then you're you're never gonNA win win the war. Yes and you'll be working in your business you're going to be out of business. It's it's so true and let's face it allows us in the military. It's so easy. What you did in the military you might have been in the trenches you might have been digging the parapets and everything and you might have been the guy getting his hands dirty all the time? And that's what he loved the military because you love being in the middle of it but if you really want to be a business owner in a business business leader you you gotta step out of the trenches indirect a battle seat so algae say Wade if so may WanNa get a hold of you talk about the fitness industry. Whatever I would get in contact with you absolutely so I am on facebook under her name? Wade Wok instagram Wade Waddell or evolution fitness or Patriot sports nutrition. I'm active way more than I want to be on all those platforms but that's all for the greater good. Yeah now. Do you WanNa talk about Patriots. Sports nutrition in your podcast. Two Marines will Mike Sheriff So I used to put on a race down here. Called a double dog five K.. A super successful Three years and you know the the workload to put on a five K.. Small Business owners tremendous and sh- loved it. Everyone loved the race But we moved away from that in created Patriot sports nutrition so now a portion of everything that we sell on our site. We give back back to vetted that are shared these that are really doing good things for our men and women that need financial assistance post service and and That's been a a completely new journey and plenty of trials and tribulations there. You're diving into sixty billion dollars space Very very competitive in the nutraceutical sport performance line. We're having a blast or make an impact. Were being able to help our men and women through that corporation and we're also connected with a lot of great people because of it so loved that and then to breeze one Mike a little different We do some entrepreneurship really. Our focus areas is talking about personal development stuff that we learned in the military and now remain kind. Addison even stuff you learn after and just try and deliver value on things that people resources books movies guests in it could improve the quality. Someone's life from a personal development standpoint. Absolutely well hey yeah we'll have check that out. You Know I. I am a fairly new CD leader for bunker. Labs here in Kansas City. We've just had our launch party on Tuesday. So you know somebody like you'd be great to get involved in bunker labs. I don't know if they've got one in uh-huh is there one of Miami because it's probably the closest to it if there is one of Miami that's about forty five minutes away from us but yeah I looked at their side but I think that the concept was awesome. Yes so somebody like you who's already made it and You could definitely have some contributions there and if you're listening and looking for for you know that that's probably the there's the the SBA and there's there's so there's so many great resources out there for anybody. The in veterans military spouses look start a business. I'm personally involved in bunker labs I would say look look up that one I but there's so many others that there's probably so many all around you just don't even realize it you just gotTa get out there and find him so I weight well First Time it's been a great interview and shared some Great Golden Nuggets in words wisdom. So appreciate you sharing your successful story and we look forward to your future success. Thank you so much. ammiano appreciate it you you bet. Oscar bike victory listening to veteran on the move pathfinder to freedom if you like to show leave us a review and I tunes reviews are always greatly appreciated so until next time. This veteran is screw Mike.

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